Manhattan Beach Sand Section Video Tour with Greg Geilman |
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Manhattan Beach Sand Section Video Tour with Greg Geilman |

January 15, 2020

Hi, welcome the famous Sand Section
in Manhattan Beach California, best known for spectacular ocean views,
proximity to the beach, and an abundance of outdoor activities. Located in the westernmost part in Manhattan Beach. The Manhattan Beach Sand Section gets its name for well being so close to the sand. The Manhattan Beach Sand Section is very walkable. Day or night you’ll see folks walking their dogs taking a jog down the Strand or
strolling through downtown. The Sand Section has a very European
feel to it, with cafes, restaurants and exciting nightlife within walking distance from the quiet
residential streets. Properties West of Highland Avenue are closer to the beach and usually priced a bit higher. One compromise to living in the Sand
Section is their homes are built with only a three foot setback so you’re very close to your next-door
neighbors likely to have no yard at all. Most homes are two or three stories with
the entertaining area upstairs to maximize for the stunning ocean views. I’m in addition, Manhattan Beach has some
of the best schools in the entire country. Children living in the Sand Section
usually go to Grand View Elementary in the north, or Robinson Elementary in the south end,
both boasting high API scores. The Manhattan Beach Sand Section as many distinct neighborhoods each with its own personality. the strand, a wide cement walkway
along the beach popular with joggers bikers and dog
walkers has the most expensive luxury real
estate in Manhattan Beach with prices ranging up to $50 million plus. Most properties can boast unblockable ocean view is that can see
the whitewater breaking on the shore. East-west slots on the Strand are
usually 33 by 100 feet The El Porto neighborhood in North
Manhattan Beach is a mix of businesses and multi-family unit properties. It has the highest residential density
in Manhattan Beach so lots are small and many are duplexes or triplexes. A walk street is a pedestrian-only street, no through traffic. Walk streets foster a sense of community
among neighbors encouraging interaction and enjoyment of the outdoors. First
built in 1913, walk streets in the Sand Section are quiet, charming and perfect for family outings. Homes on the North Walk streets are on sloped lots with big views of the ocean, while South walk streets are often on flat
lots without ocean views. The downtown area which runs along
the main drag in Manhattan Beach Boulevard has great shops restaurants and more. The Green Belt, which divides Valley and Ardmore Avenue is called Veterans Parkway which is the eastern boundary of the Sand Section. In
addition to the Green Belt the Sand Section has three other parks: Live Oak Park, Sand Dune Park and Bruce’s Beach that are open to the public year-round for picnics and outdoor fun. One fun fact about our beaches is that in
the nineteen twenties and thirties the soft sand from Manhattan Beach was
sent to Hawaii to line the tropical shores of Waikiki’s resorts. For these reasons and so much more,
that’s why the Sand sections is such a desirable place to live. If you have any questions or would
like to receive more information about the Sand Section or Manhattan Beach in
general feel free to give us a call. Don’t forget
to check out the rest of Manhattan Beach neighborhood videos. I’m Greg Geilman thanks for watching


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