Message to Queen Najia and Her Mother | Trader Joe’s Salad & Chicken Breast Mukbang
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Message to Queen Najia and Her Mother | Trader Joe’s Salad & Chicken Breast Mukbang

August 18, 2019

if you have somebody living with you and
they’re your child even if they’re grown even if they’re grown and they still
live with you I don’t care how child you’re growing your hot grown your child
if their child still live with you you got the right to tell them what they can
and cannot do in your house the minute they don’t want to listen to you they
get out and that’s the end of the story ain’t no child too long to still be
living with a parent and a parent can’t tell them what to do hi everybody and
welcome to tasty mud mine tasty mukbang tasty mukbang tasty muck back tasty must
bad baby see y’all hi everybody and welcome welcome welcome
to tasty mukbang tasty McBaine tasting my thing tasting one thing tasty
look Bane eats yeah I am here today with a food fridge with a fridge freezer and
pantry mukbang video and also this is a Trader Joe’s video everything in this
this is a Trader Joe’s my thing everything in this meal is from Trader
Joe’s this is one of their pre packaged salads this is like a beet or Apple and
kale and carrot salad I got some broccoli and I have their lemon chicken
that is already precooked let me give you guys a close-up of this and if it’s
anything you see on this plate that you won’t yeah better get it right now cuz
you know I don’t be feeding ya so anyway you guys let me say my grace before we
get started Christmas Heavenly Father I thank you
for this food we’re about to receive but thank you for your blessings your love
your kindness your mercy and your grace thank you for your protection over our
lives and your provisions that you have made for us in Jesus name we pray a man
so today how I got my water this is I’m doing the gallon of water challenge
30-day gallon of water challenge and beyond to try to drink a gallon of water
a day don’t be defeated by trying to think you
could drink a gallon of water a day it’s the challenge is actually to drink more
water than what you’re drinking now by giving yourself the challenge of
drinking a gallon of water a day you will probably end up drinking more water
than you then you normally do so you guys today I don’t know if like any of
my subscribers or aware of Queen 9 and her mother and her sister and her
brother maybe you’re not but I want to talk about Queen Naja and the stuff
that’s going on with her family today Queen Naja actually put out a video the
other day in response to some things that have been said in the media about
her from her family and just to give you a background story of who Queen Naja is
if you do not know she is a youtuber that started YouTube sort of like a rags
to riches story start at YouTube with her boyfriend husband Chris sales they
started YouTube together and they both got very successful YouTube channels and
eventually they end up moving to here to Houston and then Chris sales cheated on
her a whole bunch of times and she left him and then she wrote the song medicine
in retaliation to her relationship and with Christie your hair dear to her so I think Queen Naja has over like
three million followers right now and any channel that she’s associated or
affiliated with gangs followers and popularity really fast so right now I’m
just giving out the background story so after her and Chris sale broke up not
only do they go they both separate ways but because YouTube is how they maintain
money they both have their separate channels now and the bulk of the
material that they did on their channels worth was with each other so now so Chris Sale got a little crew
he got a little crew that he can continue to film with and make youtube
videos I want to use my fuck for this but it’s gonna be unstable on the
surface that I’m on so actually when Queen nauseum splits up with him even
though she got friends she still don’t have like the crew like she had before
so I guess she’s in a search which is gonna call it a replacement see see in search of a replacement in
reference to someone to record within family she had millions of followers on
Instagram and YouTube so she can pretty much pick let me tell you something a
woman that’s gone you don’t want this with her so like she said in her video
medicine she gonna give him a taste of his own medicine and a woman that’s gone whatever a man could do she could do it
better so Chris was not faithful to her in their relationship he wasn’t
appreciating her or treating her right but when she got out their relationship
with him she could show him better than she could tell him he thought he was
getting upgrade but she decided to get upgrade phone she contacted clearance NYC who she had
a crush on to stop collabing with him I mind you when a woman got a crush on the
man and plus she got a little success fame and fortune
she’ll make whatever suit won’t happen and a lot of people think that Clarence
is using Queen a lot of people think that Clarence is using Queen but I think their queen is a very smart
woman even though I do think queen is still young and naive what you guys need
to look at is the Queen and clamorous relationship started off as a business
venture and I can’t say if Queen did this or not but if she didn’t do it she
should have did it any channel that she appears on I’ll
collab with it’s gonna get it on the popper so
automatically upfront from a business perspective she should be charging fees
for the potential grope that she’s gonna get from that channel or enter into a
contract agreement with their channel for a certain amount of time to receive
a percentage of the portions of the income from the channel based on her
collabing with the channel so you guys are looking at Queen Nigel’s
relationship with clowns and saying he’s just using her well actually I hate to
use the word use it wasn’t climates using queen or queen
using clambulance it was a benefit to them both when they collab together because now she has someone to see him
with and not only do she have somebody to film with that person didn’t seek her
out she sought them out and from a business perspective both parties needed
to sit down from the beginning which they probably did and see how they could
capitalize monetarily speaking from their collaboration and that’s what they
did they milk the Carl his channel groom Patti’s tranel groom her channel group
and then from there they opened up a new channel that has over a million
followers almost in less than a month I can’t remember how quick they did it but
it was astonishing so right now I’m just speaking from a
business perspective from a business perspective Queen Nasser and Clarence
boat capitalized on what you guys wanted to see because of what cruise sales had
did to her I cheated on her everybody went to see her with another
man everybody wants to see her be happy everybody wants to see her get either
she selected I could say more than what I’m saying because I see farther than
the average I could see Queen Niger selected the next man that she wants to
move on with she’s infatuated with Clarence she finds him attractive and from the get-go she know what she
wanted from there man so moving forward they eventually gets into a relationship
with each other she eventually gets pregnant they recently had a baby
together and then like I said they chopped they started the channel royal
family so yeah Kassim all of them together so from a business perspective still I’m
talking from a business perspective what woman that has the power excuse me to make her man’s life and his
family life better not gonna do that and help put him in the position what he
will never owe anybody anything well he will have all the financial success that
he ever dreamed up what woman wouldn’t make that possible for her mania if she
tenure because if she truly see a fruit of future with him whatever she does to
help him she’s helping herself so when y’all say that Clarence is using
clinging like they don’t even make sense because they’re gonna be together in the
future and they’re building a future together
and y’all don’t know everything to go on behind the scenes maybe they’re married
already or maybe they plan to get married so
whatever is he is this hers and whatever is hers is he is and when a woman comes into a
relationship with more than a man usually that can be an intimidation so
why wouldn’t a woman help Hermia become just as successful as she is or more so
that way they can be equal okay it’s not that you know maybe before Queen mitten
Clarence he had a goal that he wanted to reach by the time he was 25 or 30 in
order for him to venture out on his own and be ready to get married and start a
family when he met Queen maybe Queen helped him to accomplish what it would
have took him five to ten years to accomplish financially
maybe she helped him accomplish that in less than a year and so now he’s able to
take care of his family help his mom with what he wanted to help her with and
do for his family so that now he can move forward in the relationship with
her because that’s what she wants so the more successful she helps him to
become the sooner she can get what she wants and what she wants is Clarence
she won Clarence queen won it Clarence she went after what she want she seemed
a nice little snack and a nice little treat she had the money to go get that
snack in that tree and that’s what she did now obviously she didn’t do everything
on her own Clemens had to participate in that and he had to reciprocate what she
wanted and he did because now they’re together and they got a baby she didn’t
make no baby about herself y’all so another thing I want to talk about with
clean najuk that I see that most people are probably overlooking Queen Nasser is
a very beautiful person I think like most young women her age that she has
been trying to fill the void and you can’t just look at the situation and say
this is what I think about this situation without looking at everything
there are things that are gonna make a person do this and that
and if you don’t acknowledge that then you’re not gonna understand why they’re
doing what they’re doing there are things about this situation
that I see that maybe even Queen don’t even realize that she’s doing but I see
the Queen is searching for something that has been a void in her life her
whole life and that’s her father even though her mother did the best that she
could and when you are mother and you are a daughter and you were a daughter
and you’re older and you’re in the age that Queen’s mother is you have more
experience and more knowledge Queen’s mother have more experience and more
knowledge based on her experiences through life but at the same time her
daughter’s experience is different than her experience so even though she wants
to protect her daughter from this and that only a good mother would want to do
that and that’s what she wants to do she can’t really live her mistakes through
her daughter’s life so you have to let her daughter make her
own mistakes because their situations are totally different Queen is searching
for something and she’s been searching for it for a very long time she was
searching for her dad and that was a void and emptiness in her life not
knowing who he was not having him there for her to teach
her anything wondering how does he look do I look like him wanting to be close to his family and
even though she had her mom’s family she still didn’t have her dad’s family so
there was a void and queen is looking to feel their whole way and when you guys
say she’s disrespecting her mother and her sisters and brothers and her family
members and making Clarence’s family be her everything that’s because Clarence
represents in this story Clarence represents the father and the
family that Queen Naja has never had because he is close to his family she
gets an automatic family that she never had and why you guys are beating
Clarence and his family up for being there for Queen because I think there’s
some good people too I think they are good people I think Clarence and his family
represents the family the Queen always wanted from her dad and because his
family does embrace her and is getting involved in what you got to realize is
that stay brother they don’t want the best for him
and if they want the best for him the best for him is wanting the best for her so you should actually be happy that she
have a man by his family that is embracing her because what you got to
realize is it don’t matter that she’s with Clarence or with somebody else she’s gonna steal because she want that
family niche that she never had with her dad she’s gonna still give that man and
his family the majority of her time and her attention so what you rather for her
to be with someone like Chris Sales who was mistreating her
and abusing her but what you rather her be with somebody like Clarence who is
putting her first and his family is doing the same to help her accomplish
and succeed at the things that she is trying to accomplish isn’t it every
woman’s dream and every mother’s dream for her daughters to have a me and that
is gonna be there and support her like everything that y’all are complaining
about it’s like it’s like so mister because first of all the woman was
pregnant and going on tour he’s the father other child why would you have a
problem with him being everywhere she went she was pregnant and didn’t even
let anybody know so what y’all see is him following her around she was
pregnant she wanted the man that fathered her child to be there because
of what they do and the type of business that they do it has a forth in the
lifestyle where he can travel with her and she could travel with him wherever
they need to go so if they want to be together 24 hours a day what is wrong
with that absolutely nothing y’all make problems
where there’s no problems and y’all see things as being a problem when there’s
not a problem it’s nothing wrong with him being there his sister was his manager and then he
became her manager she became her manager now is that a mistake probably
so because there is a conflict of interest whether she wants to see it or
not especially before they became a couple it was a conflict of interest for Clarence’s sister to be her manager
because Clarence’s sister is his manager and ultimately we all want to think when
it comes to business businesses business but that’s not necessarily true when you
mix business with pleasure and from my personal perspective even
though I like Clarence’s sister even though I like Lannister sister and
I know the Queen said the Clarence’s sister helped her out with some things
in the beginning that she really needed help with but to Queen you could have
paid anybody to do that and because you are paying someone it’s better for you
to pay someone that it’s not a conflict of interest it’s better for you to pay
someone there even though we would love to hire our family members and our
friends when we become successful that is one of the biggest mistakes that we
can make because when you hire people as your employer you’re the employee and
they’re the employer I mean you’re the employee employer and they’re the
employee for both of you you might feel like you can talk to them in kind of way
because you’re their friend or their family member first way is if you just
have somebody straight up working for you you wouldn’t take things personal
and you wouldn’t say anything personal to them it would be strictly business so
from that perspective it’s not good to help our family members and friends because sometimes just the thin line
between love and hate when your family member or your friend do something that
you would have fired a regular person for you don’t want to fire them because
they’re related to you Oh they think they can do certain things
and get away with it because they are related to you so there’s never gonna be
no matter how you try to tell yourself from the beginning we’re gonna be able
to separate friendship from business you’re not gonna be able to so it’s
really not good unless there are some relationships that you can hire a friend
or family member because that person really has their head all the way
straight on the shoulder but they’re – like when you get ready to go off on him
as a boss they’re gonna take it personal so it’s better to just hire somebody
from the outside like I said I like Clarence’s sister but as far as be her
being queen Naja’s manager I think it’s a conflict of interest and I don’t think
that she should have hired her as her manager and even now that she signed a
contract to a major record label I think she should consider getting another
manager because that too brings problems into the relationship with her family
because you do have Clarence’s sister and family being everything to you let
them just be see people have too many titles and when people have too many
titles that brings about committee that’s
Clarence’s sister and that’s Clarence’s manager and that’s your manager so from
your mom’s perspective and your other family members perspective they are too
involved whereas if you had a separate manager there wasn’t Clarence’s sister the your mama wouldn’t be calling your
manager because she would have no business with your manager but because
Clarence’s sister is his sister and your manager she had business with her as him
being as she being his sister and the lines get crossed over and get blurry
because she’s your manager as well so to avoid all of that you need another
manager and you need another bodyguard even though you think it’s a good thing
to keep the money in the family and hire someone that you know already that’s
capable of the job it’s really really really not a good idea it’s really not a
good idea that’s my personal opinion and perspective disclaimer and again I’m not
coming from it coming for anybody I’m just from a business perspective I’m
speaking my opinion now let’s talk about all this stuff it’s
gonna be a part 1 and part 2 yo talk about all this stuff going on let’s talk
about the video that Queen Ida made the other day I seen in that video someone
who was nervous I seen in that video someone who was hurt
I seen in that video someone who was being pulled a tug of war and because
that person is being pulled when you pull when you play tug of war eventually
someone is going to win because that person can’t be torn into two pieces and
make both parties happy that person it the stronger person that is pulling that
person is the one that is going to end up winning that person so it’s not good when family members and lovers and
boyfriends and husbands play tug of war with one person that’s not good
because one person it’s gonna seem like they’re they’ve won and one person
that’s gonna seem like they lost but if both of you love that person neither one
of you should put that person in the middle to have to choose and see
a part of that has to do with respect if you respect a person and you truly love
a person even if you disagree with their opinion or their choices because you
love them and you don’t want to lose them at some
point you’re gonna let the Rope go and stop playing tug of war with them
because you don’t want to split them in half you don’t want to cause more chaos
in their life and because this has happened to me before
I have been tact attacked before on social media by family member and that’s
not a good feeling and were queen najin’s sisters and
brothers and family member and mother need to realize is queen Naja is not the
little girl she’s not a regular person anymore number one she’s an adult number
two whether you see her as dead or not she’s a public figure now she’s a role
model she’s semi-famous and she has different
obligations than a queen Naja that you knew just a year ago not only did she
have obligations to her first child firstborn CJ she also have obligations
to her newborn she also had obligations to the relationship that she’s trying to
build and establish and you guys don’t know if marriage is in the future for
Queen and Clarence but the Bible says for this reason you leave your mother
and father and you shall cleave to one another and so you cannot be mad at a
woman and you should not put her in a position where she’s already if you
believe in the Bible and you believe in the Word of God then you should already
respect the fact even though they may have not done everything in the order
that you want them to do it in they have a child now and they are planning a
future together and you can’t expect that woman to choose between you and the
man that she just had a baby for because if you put her in that position you’re
gonna make her cleave to you I feel bad that she’s making that
decision but even the Bible tells her if that is going to be a husband
the Bible says cleave to one another and that is what they are supposed to be
doing they’re supposed to be cleaving what
mother would want her child to be married to a man that doesn’t defend her
and take up for her even against you if he sees another thing people don’t
realize he is people I heard some people saying well Clarence should have never
said anything to her mother I disagree because you don’t know the relationship
between Queen and Clarence there are things that queen is gonna tell Clarence
about the way that she feels that she’s not telling anyone else so when she
tells Clarence how the situation with her mother and her sisters and her
brothers make her feel he is privy to knowledge that you don’t have and nobody
else has he is sitting there at home with her crying with her when she cries
when she expresses her feelings about how they hurt her no one else knows that
but him so when he sees someone doing something to her
that he already knows is hurtful to her because she has already told him that
then it’s his job and his responsibility to protect her from continuing to be
hurt even if it’s her mama that’s my opinion even if it’s her mother that is
doing something to hurt her that she has expressed to him that is hurting her and
because she has expressed it to him and haven’t talked to her mother about it
means that she don’t feel that she can so he gets in defense mode and
protecting his woman because he is a lion of his family that’s his job that
is his job so when you say well it wasn’t his place to speak to her mother
yes it was his place it was his place if she relinquished that responsibility to
her man because she wants a man to speak up for her and protect her because again
she’s looking for that emptiness that she had with her dad she didn’t have a
man in her life to protect her so now she wants one so Clarence is the is
being exactly who Queen wants him to be so didn’t you didn’t say well how do you
remedy this situation number one I see things from both perspectives
I see things from the perspective of her mother and I see things from her
perspective Queen’s mother loves her Queen Queen’s mother loved her and of
course she has expectations of her daughter because she’s her mom what mom
wouldn’t want the best for her daughter but high insight again is 20/20 and we
cannot keep our children from making the same mistakes that we made even though
we want to we can give them a knowledge in their wisdom but ultimately it’s
their choice to use it and Queen’s mother see things that Queen Casey
Queen’s mother has desires for Queen that Queen don’t have for herself and
because queen mother lived a life of not being a Christian and now she is a
Christian she sees things from a different perspective then you are gonna
see it and then Queen is gonna see it and but at the same time in that she
cannot force what she foresees as being mistakes on Queen because I for see I
for seen stuff from the beginning that I knew it was gonna happen based on Queens
actions I knew what’s gonna happen in the end of happening but at the same
time if anybody would have told her that she still probably would have made the
same decisions so that’s for her to make and the only thing a mother can do for
her child after their child wants to be rebellious is to keep them uplifted in
prayer and to get back on social media theme as far as her sister is concerned
going to social media and in sports her mom is concerned making videos with her
name in it I know I heard her mom say that’s my child and I could speak on my
child if I want to yes you can but at the same time you have to realize is
your daughter is not an average person anymore
and anything that you do say any any even if you’re defending yourself or
explaining yourself you’re adding fuel to the fire for people like myself who
are gonna make a video about it and there are other people out there who are
greedy for attention and they’re not gonna make a video a positive video an
encouraging video or a motivational video concerning your daughter so the
more things that you guys put out there as a family the more initiative you give
other people to continue to slander lies the name of your daughter and that is
the most hurtful thing because it has happened to me before
somebody kept my name in their mouth on social media and I asked them not to do
it and they kept doing it and they kept doing it and they kept doing it but if
that person actually loved me ultimately they wouldn’t had minded my name in your
mouth period and even after I asked them to take my name out of their mouth they
still had my name in their mouth so when you as a mother and as a sister to her
sister when you choose to make a video about your sister it doesn’t matter it
wasn’t a video about congratulations it wasn’t a video about I love my sister it
was a video that could be construed in a negative light and when you choose to
make a video like that about your sister and about your daughter you are driving
a wedge in between you and her so when you say that someone is taking your
sister or your daughter away from you that’s actually not true you’re still
playing tug-of-war with that person by continuing to put content out there
about them and using their name and you’re actually losing the tug-of-war
because you’re driving that person closer and you’re not only just pulling
at them now but you’re pushing him you’re pushing them into the direction
that you don’t want them to go and now you’re putting a wall up if you already
thought it was a wall of communication now it’s gonna be a bigger wall up if
people were saying that uh Tina Queen mentioned in her video to her sister
asked her to host a party or something for her and she wasn’t able to do it and
my whole thing about that is you made a video about your sister talking about
her attacking what she loves right now you guys need to respect the fact that
she loves Clarence and you cannot attack what she love
because when you take what she loves you’re drawing a wedge between you and
her and so when you go make a video about
her and then you turn around and ask her to do something for you it’s gonna be
your no go it’s gonna be a no go like you just got to making a video about me
five minutes ago and then you’re gonna turn around and ask me to do something
for you uh dancer is no no and like Queen said she has given her mother and
her sisters and brothers a platform to get paid it is what you know how many
people would kill for somebody to just be able to give them an automatic
hundred thousand subscribers Queen can you please collab with me honey girl cuz
I will take whatever comes from that collaboration I will be so grateful and
appreciative if a person gives you that kind of start the rest you have a bigger
start than most people have the rest is gonna come from dedication and hard work
what Queen has accomplished in a short amount of time that she’s has
accomplished on YouTube to open up doors for her to be able to have a music
career it took dedication and hard work for her
to do that no one handed her that and for her to be able to hand off to you
automatic benefit from her success to be able to help you to establish a channel
that can take you just as far as it took her and now you think you continue to
continually need to have her opinion videos for you that’s not showing that
you have any dedication to it yourself like you got to make the risk that this
happened for yourself okay you can’t ride on the kotel or your
sister you got to make the Rashid did her part and she didn’t have to just cuz
she is your sister she didn’t have to do that
she didn’t have to do anything but she did which shows you her heart towards
you she tried to set you up for success and not failure but she really don’t owe
you that and for you to make video slander slandering her and talking about
her and leaving accusations toward her shows that you’re a very bitter you’re
very angry and you don’t even care anything about her my opinion once again
and for her mother who may feel like she don’t have control over what her
daughter does Tina does I disagree with that because not only is Queen put you
in the house it might not have been house you wanted in the neighborhood she
wanted and the car might not be what you want it but again she did more for you
than most people are able most children are able to do for their kids I mean
their parents so whatever she gave you a deal for you I will be 100% grateful who
cares about the name-brand of a car your child bought you a car who cares about
your child puts you in the house and not only is that house housing you that
house is housing her sisters and brothers that are attacking her and so
yes you have control over whether or not that child if you have somebody living
with you and they’re your child even if they’re grown even if they’re grown and
they still live with you I don’t care how high you’re growing your high ground
your child if their child still live with you you got the right to tell them
what they can and cannot do in your house the minute they don’t want to
listen to you they get out and that’s the end of the story ain’t no child too
grown to still be living with a parent and a parent can’t tell them what to do
so – miss Tina that’s living in the house where Queen night
is paying the bills how dare you attack your own sister that’s providing the
roof over your head and you’re riding in the very car that she is providing
transportation to her mother that is very disrespectful like she doesn’t owe
you anything she’s done like she said if she don’t do nothing else for y’all ever
again in life she has helped you on a platform to be able to provide for
yourself just like she got over three million subscribers you can continue to
get over three million subscribers why use your sister’s name in a bad light to
give other people fuel to attack her like why would you want to add the
Indian on top of that you’re attacking her and giving other people fuel to
attack her but then you wanna talk you want her to turn around and do something
for you and help you like I said before that’s a no-go you can’t attack me and
then expect for me to help you with nothing like the minute you’ve made up
your mind that you wanted to attack me was the minute you was on your own
forever henceforth and forevermore end the story
because you have shown me your character and you show me that you will do it
again any time you don’t get what you want now
you’re going to attack me no I can’t host no birthday party for you I can’t
do nothing for you okay so I just think that there are different perspectives in
different sides of the story who’s right and who’s wrong at this point if I had
to pick a side even though I know Queens mother Queens mother loved her
and I know she wants the best for her child and I know from a mother’s
perspective that she sees and foresees things that Queen is not able to foresee
but at the same time Queen is a grown woman cream has more
obligations and responsibilities now that she has a record deal and she’s
gonna be in the public eye she has more responsibilities than she just had
before when she was just your regular daughter doing YouTube she has more
responsibilities now and now in addition to having those more responsibilities
she has more responsibilities to her new child and if she gets married then she’s
gonna have more responsibilities to her new husband and she’s still trying to
step up to the plate to be a mother to CJ she has a lot a lot on her plate and
anybody that is not helping her with all of that stuff on her plate is causing
her more frustration more burdens more insanity to go on in her life like if
you are a family member or friend close to her you would not even want to ever
put on a topic of conversation where another media source can go out there
and blast her like she don’t need that she don’t need that additional publicity
to her career like don’t you want her to be successful because the more
successful she becomes the more she’s going to be able to help you with you
already see her heart you already see that she’s a giver and
that she’s going to give to you and take care of you so you would want her to be
successful and I put any stumbling blocks or hinders in her way
like that’s my thought on the Queen Nigel situation if I had to pick a side
right now I would pick Queen I decide because I see things from her
perspective even though I think that she has made a few mistakes but we all have
we all have made mistakes and we all live and learn from our mistakes and she
has to be allowed the freedom to make her own mistakes unfortunately
we can’t live our children’s lives for them we have to let them make their own
mistakes and if we love them we’re just gonna uphold them and keep them up in
prayer so basically my remedy to this situation ending is Queen I love you
girl I’m constantly praying for you and your family and I don’t think you should
make another video in response to anyone don’t do it that’s beneath you and you
were better than that and to Queen dowager’s mother and her sister and her
friends I would not make another video about Queen Nyjah unless it was a good
positive video thanking her encouraging her I would make another video to give
anybody else anything to say or to attack her or to cause her any
additional stress in her life I just wouldn’t do it so you guys that is my
video for today I hope you enjoyed this video don’t forget to give this video a
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banger look a bang one of my subscribers saying my Cobain taste my Cobain eats
y’all thanks for watching bye now


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