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Michigan DNR Fish Hatcheries

December 4, 2019

Michigan state fish hatcheries have been
around for decades hatching eggs and rearing juvenile fish so they can be
stocked in public water bodies throughout the state why does the
Department of Natural Resources do this for a variety of reasons 1. to restore
ecosystem balance especially for fisheries affected by invasive species 2.
to provide diverse fishing opportunities folks of all ages can enjoy 3. to
rehabilitate fish populations that are below desired levels and 4. to
reintroduce species that have gone absent from Michigan Michigan’s fish
production system helps anglers with increasing angling opportunity by put
grow and take efforts and what that means is here at the hatcheries were
growing fish to put out in the wild hoping that they will then grow and so
that anglers can take them either with catch and release or to bring them home
for table fare the hatcheries produce millions of fish annually for
distribution all across the state the value there has been estimated at
anywhere from 5 to 11 billion dollars annually we’ve got six diverse fish
hatcheries located all across the state each one has staff dedicated to those
efforts two of Michigan’s state fish hatcheries are
in the Upper Peninsula and the other four are located below the bridge each
location puts a lot of time and care into rearing their respective species
let’s break it down Harrietta State Fish Hatchery is Michigan’s oldest facility
of this kind having opened in 1901 it’s located in the northwest Lower Peninsula
and where’s rainbow and brown trout and Atlantic salmon Marquette State Fish
Hatchery is where the DNR rears brook and lake trout as well as splake a hybrid
cross between these two species Oden State Fish Hatchery is located near
Petoskey and as the place where brown and rainbow trout are reared Platte
River State Fish Hatchery is just southwest of Traverse City and is
Michigan’s main salmon hatchery they rear atlantic chinook and coho
salmon here Thompson State Fish Hatchery located in Manistique is where the DNR
rear chinook salmon steelhead and walleye
lastly Wolf Lake State Fish Hatchery in Mattawan currently produces steelhead
chinook salmon walleye and Great Lakes muskellunge our hatcheries have a lot to
offer for visitors they can see fish at different stages of development it’s
very informative there’s a lot of information in our visitor centers they
could potentially come to a weir when we have adult salmon returning or to
other facilities that have show ponds where they can see adult fish check out
the DNR’s fish rearing efforts up close and plan a visit to one or more of
Michigan State fish hatcheries learn all about the steps we take to safely and
effectively rear more than 20 million fish to stock in Michigan waters each
year for more information visit Michigan.gov/Hatcheries

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    Do you need any specific degree or education to work in a fish hatchery in Michigan?

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