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August 30, 2019

What’s going on Liz? Hey, Milli got a haircut today. Oh Milli, it looks so good. She still smells though. Oh. Oh hey, Carter, what’s going on? Baby Otter’s so stinky. – Oh Otter you’re so stinky.
– They’re both stinky, I think it’s contagious. – They need bathes.
– Hey check out my hair today. Sharers, I got, uhm, I took a nap today. – What happened?
– So my hair, it’s just like crazy but comment
if you guys get like bed head like this and you just go to school like this,
and just have crazy hair. Yeah Sharers, my hair’s
looking good today for once. Um, okay so the last time
I went down to the pond, the monster wasn’t there, but we remember how, as we saw on
the security footage, that the monster look like it crawled over the pond. Well it was hard to see in that – It was kind of hard to see.
– security footage. It was super dark and
it was stormy that night. But Sharers, we’re gonna head back
to the spot where I found eggs. Look at this thing. Look at that. What is that? Look at this. And I’m wondering if the
eggs hatched, if they’re still there. I don’t know if I want to go
to the like, the nest. I know but I have to, have to show
Carter and Liz because it’s actually crazy. But where is it? Uhm, it’s just across the street. Okay, let’s go. – Alright. Let’s get going.
– Let’s check it out. This is crazy. Again Sharers, this is another vlog where
we don’t know what’s gonna happen because this monster,
I don’t think it’s in the p– – Actually, it could be in the pond.
– Look. Look. Look. Look. Look. Look. I think I see it. Look at that, look at that.
It actually could be in the pond. Oh my gosh. There’s motion in the pond. Okay, let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go. I know this camera doesn’t
zoom very far but Sharers, if you’re new here,
I’m Stephen Sharer. This is my brother Carter. Hi guys! That is Lizzy Liz. That’s baby Otter. That’s Milli. There goes Otter. He’s growling. I think Otter knows
there’s a monster down there. I think Otter knows there’s a monster. And Sharers, if you want to be a part
of the best family on YouTube, hit that subscribe button
and join the Sharer fam. Okay, but let’s go. We got to kind of go quiet but quick
to the pond because we gotta see if that’s the monster back there, or not. And Otter and Millie, don’t get too
close to the edge, okay? Milli’s so little. Milli is little. Did you see that? Oh, they’re playing.
They’re playing. Look in the water. – Oh my god!
– Okay, do you see it? Do you see something? Yeah, I see stuff. Look. Oh there is. – Something like right under the water mat.
– Oh you’re right, – there is something under the water mat.
– Something went right under there! Oh my gosh. You’re right. It’s underneath. Look, you can see the ripples. Oh my gosh. You can see the ripples.
Alright, is it in the pond today? Or you think it’s back in its habitat thing? It looks like, it looks like it might be
around here scaring the fish. Yeah. Oh my goodness. Who’s gonna lift up the water mat? Oh, shot not! Uh, what? What? If you do shot not,
that means that you don’t have to do it. What are you saying? And you tap your nose. Shot not? Shot not. That means no not me. – I never heard that.
– It’s definitely not… I never heard that. It’s a thing. Comment #LIZ if you know what that is? Shot not? I’ve never heard of that. It’s called not it. Yeah, it’s called not it. No. What do you mean shot not? Alright, alright doggy
stay away from the edge. Stay away from the edge. Be careful. They don’t seem too scared of the monster. I don’t think they know. Otter, watch out. Oh, he’s not even scared. Otter’s not scared. Alright Liz, you’re the closest so I
think you’re gonna have to– Wait, but I did this. You’re just gonna lift it.
Just real quick. I don’t think it’s in the pond today. I’m pretty sure it’s not in the pond today. What is that? Oh, I thought that was it. What is that? It’s a hula hoop. It’s a hula hoop. – Why is that–
– How did that get in here? I don’t know. I don’t think the monsters in the pond today. Do you want to go to the
place where it is Carter? Where I think it is? I hope it’s not over there. Like, the nest. – Let’s go to the nest.
– I think it’s in the pond, cause I thought I saw it. I want to see the eggs you found. Yeah we gotta go check out the eggs. See if any of the eggs, you
think any of the eggs hatched? – I don’t know. I’m an egg specialist.
– One was, one was cracking open. I don’t know if it was because it was broken
or something actually hatched out of it it. Maybe it’s gonna be a
little baby monster. Okay. Let’s go. We just have to go over this way through
the woods, and down that river. There was some movement by the drain
and the drain is where everything– That pole right there was wiggling. That was definitely moving. Alright. Milli get back here. Milli’s going down into the nest. That’s the nest. That’s the nest. Milli! Come back. Come back. Get out of there, Milli. That is not good. We gotta, we gotta watch the dog. Okay. I don’t, It’s not moving anymore. You think it’s in the pond today? I don’t know. There’s a lot of movement in the pond. We came down here the other day
and there was like no movement at all so, but now, I see all kinds of stuff moving. Okay let’s check clarity You ready? Yeah. So the, I don’t think the pond
is very clear today either. I’m gonna put this in. It’s a little more clear, it looks like. Basically once it gets to here, so you can only see this far down. Yeah, half a foot. Half a foot. That’s not very good so that means
the thing could probably see us. Wait, Stephen we have to
show you something. What? Remember that thing
that Milli picked up, it was like a reptile or something? Oh yeah. I don’t know where it is. I think this might have been like,
it’s like a dead baby monster we found it on the livestream Sharers on my channel. We found this crazy thing. So you gotta check this out. Where? Where? Where? Is it here? Yeah, it’s over here. It had like webbed– It had feet. It’s like a skeleton. Maybe Millie can find it again. Millie, where is it? Look, she’s like looking for it. Well, maybe it’s over this way. Oh she might have found it.
Looks like she’s eating it. What is it Mill? Milli, where is it? I thought I saw it. Oh come on, where is it? Did it move? Was it alive? – No, it’s like a fossil.
– It’s was a dead fossil. No way. Well it was on my livestream,
maybe if we can’t find it, we’ll flashback to the
footage of my live stream. Yeah. ‘Cause that was really weird. Yeah this thing was super crazy. We came down here doing a live stream to
show you the pond, and there was like no movement at all. I don’t know if it was in there
or not but then we came over here, and Milli found this like dead creature. It was like squashed and it
had like a leg sticking out, and it had like a webbed foot,
it looked like a little monster. I couldn’t tell what it was because
it was so like squashed, but it was like a corpse of something. So we don’t know if the monsters
in the pond today or not, but we still, regardless, we gotta show Carter and Liz
this monster’s nest. Yeah, let’s go to the nest. This thing is gonna be crazy. There’s well I saw two eggs there last time. This is crazy and actually someone
pointed out that there was a third egg. I didn’t even see it so there’s
at least three eggs there. What do we do with the eggs? What if they’re hatching? Let’s go find them, come on. Are the eggs gonna be hatched? But if that dry pond has no water in it, I don’t think the monsters can get over here. The way they get over here is
through this creek here. They slither up and down this stream
and if there’s no water in these streams, I don’t think they can make it to the pond. Well there’s water in there now. There’s a lot of water in there. Okay. Let’s go. It’s just down here. We just gotta cross this
little creek river thing. Oh my goodness, this is a far drop. Okay, jump Steve go, jump. That was crazy. Okay Liz. Otter’s trying it. Uh oh. No Otter, don’t do it. Here, come here. Wait. Otter come here. I’m gonna go this way. Come on baby. – Come on baby. I got him, I got him.
– There he is. Yeah bring Milli. Come here Milli. Milli come here. Milli come on. Steve catch! Whoa, Liz get that foot out of there. Liz. My heart is like racing so fast. Alright. Come on we gotta go,
we gotta find these eggs. Okay Steve ready, catch. I’m throwing the Sharer family. Go Sharers. Oh, I got you. Alright. Millie, Carter come on. We gotta go. We gotta go. Oh no. Carter. Here, give me Milli. And here she goes. Oh good girl. And I’m coming in like a flying
squirrel ready to do a tail grab, ready? You ready? Go. Okay. Almost there. This is the part where there
can be like fossils. So keep an eye out for
footprints, fossils, anything. Last time, I saw — Oh look. Look at this look. Our first thing. That is something, look at that. It’s a footprint. So there’s one there. It looks like there’s another one there
so something came in and out through here, and clearly because there’s
no plants or anything, so we’re definitely on the right track. No way, Oh, Sharers it’s comment on if
you saw those deer. Oh that was crazy. There’s a lot of stuff back — Yeah, there’s a lot of stuff — Woah, what happened to this log? I don’t know. That log just got wrecked. – wrecked that log.
– Steven isn’t this where you got lost? No, those woods are a little bit down
there but this is actually, last time I was here there was a fox, and Sharers, a lot of your commented
that you did see the Fox. I think the Fox might eat some
of the these monsters eggs. I think that’s why some of the, I think that’s
why the Fox was back here in the first place. Something’s in the bamboo, Steve. Hang on Sharers, we’re close to the habitat. There’s definitely something back there. Okay hold on. There’s something back there,
I hear like an animal. You hear something? I hear something. – Oh my gosh.
– What is that? – I told there was something.
– Something just fell! What? Where? Into the creek from the top. Where? Okay. So Sharers, the monsters home is
right in that shrubbery right there. What is that noise? What is that noise? Whatever it is, it’s moving back. Alright, let’s keep going. Let’s keep going. Let’s find out. Oh, Milli’s sniffing around. Otter and Milli are trying to look,
find any clues for us. See if they could find anything. Uh, this creek looks so creepy. Oh my gosh Sharers, there’s definitely
something living in these creeks because there are fish in here. So if there is fish and there’s sign
of any kind of aquatic life. There’s definitely predators. Check it out. Comment right now if you could see them. They’re right over there. There are so many fish. Do you guys see them? Comment #fish if you guys see them. Did you guys see them? Oh my gosh. There are actually so many of them,
and they’re all under this big tree. So let me try to scare them out again. Comment if you see them
’cause there are so many. Look at them. Steve so I think I see the,
the pond, the swamp over here. Yeah so we’re getting close. This is where the swamp is,
and then that’s the bamboo habitat. We’re on the other side now. So keep an eye out because this is
where I started seeing the fox. And we got to keep an eye out for
Otter and Milli not to go near the fox. Okay, so Sharers, we are getting close. This, Carter, to your left, You, there, you see something? I see something out there. Oh my gosh, there actually is something out there. Is that it floating? Alright hang on, Otter. Otter, otter. Otter, otter. Stay back. Stay back. – There’s something in the water.
– Yeah there is definitely something. Look there’s something out there. Look at that. It’s either a turtle or it’s like the head. I think it’s the head. Check it out. Okay, hold on. No, I don’t know. It’s not moving. It’s sitting really still but
that’s what it did in our pond too. Hang on. Otter, come back. Otter. Otter, come here. Stay back. Stay back. Otter, stay back. I, all I see is that thing right there. Sharers, comment if you see that thing. Oh look something’s moving out there. Something’s moving out there. – Where? Where? Where? Where?
– You see? Something was moving. Something out there yeah. – Something was moving.
– There’s something in here, Steve. So that looks like a rock there, that– Milli’s, I think Milli’s senses something. – Milli! Stay back. Stay back. Stay back.
– Milli, what did you see? Milli, stay back. Milli, come on. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. Okay Sharers, I don’t think there’s
anything in this dry pond right now. So let’s go check on the eggs,
see if the eggs are still there. I think something’s in there. I don’t– Well, Otter and Milli, I feel like, I feel like they
were like seeing something in there. I don’t know. Let’s just go
see if the eggs are there. This is the bamboo section. Check this out. It’s crazy. This bamboo is so tall. Okay. So Liz right where Milli’s heading
is where I saw the eggs, right back in here. Just be careful because we don’t
know what is gonna happen. Yeah, right back there. Oh my gosh, I think Milli found something. – Oh, those are the eggs. Those are the eggs.
– Steve I think she found the eggs. Check it out. Milli, stay back. Stay back. Wait, hold on. Those eggs moved from last time. Wait, one is broken. I think a bird got into it. Oh my gosh. One’s cracked. You’re right, one is cracked. Ew, there’s like spider webs. They moved from last time. Last time they were down there so something or someone moved these eggs. Otter, be careful. We don’t know what’s in that hole. Should I grab it? – Yeah, grab it. Grab it. Grab it.
– Grab the broken one. This one? Yeah, is it in the — oh! Ew, it’s like oozing. What happened? Something must have pecked at it. Ew, that’s so gross. Ew. Leave it okay. I don’t know what happened. Oh, nasty. What kind of eggs are those? Yeah Sharers, comment what kind of eggs
these things are. Otter, stay back. Otter, no, no, no. Don’t eat them. We don’t want
to eat the egg. He can smell it. He can smell that there’s
an animal in there. So Sharers, let’s just do a close-up
of these eggs real quick. Check it out. That’s what the eggs look like. Comment if you know what kind of eggs
these things are. That one already cracked or hatched. I don’t know what happened with that one. I hope the mom doesn’t like come after me
because she, I have like all that – ooze on me so maybe it’ll smell.
– Yeah, okay. She’s gonna have your scent on the egg. Liz, you touched the egg,
she’s gonna have your scent. Oh shoot. Do you think she’s gonna come after me? Liz, what’s behind you? Here here here here here okay. – Okay, so. Okay.
– I’m just kidding. I’m just kidding. – It’s fine. I don’t think anything is back there.
– I’m just kidding. I’m just kidding. I think it might be in that… Let’s go, yeah, let’s go back to that pond because this is definitely a sure sign that
there’s something laying those eggs and it commutes inside that
River there out to this pond here. And this pond is normally dry like,
I said last vlog, Sharers. The only reason it’s wet is because
it’s been raining so much and that’s the only reason I think
the monster ended up in our pond. Okay, so let’s check out over here. This is where it’s gotta be. Oh my gosh, what was that? Something moved. Carter, something moved. Something’s definitely in the water. I think something’s over there. Hang on. Stay back. Stay back. Stay back. Okay. Hang on. All dogs stay back. Something’s definitely in the water. That was definitely some huge splash. Look at that, the water’s still rippling from over there,
so something splashed right there. I see it. Carter, look right, I don’t see it. Look, right, literally right there in the grass. I see it. I see it. Okay, step back. Otter come on,
come on, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. Let’s get out of here. Let’s get out of here.
Let’s go. Come on. Go go go go go. Okay, Sharers real quick. That’s a [inaudible] and it’s moving. Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go. Okay. Carter, we now know where it is.
Now it’s up to you. You got to figure out how
we’re gonna catch this thing. Okay, yeah. Okay, we found it again.
That’s another sighting of this thing. It was in the pond for a few days. Maybe it came back to its original like habitat. I don’t know. We got to figure out how we’re
gonna catch this thing. Sharers, if you have any ideas,
comment them down below. Yeah we gotta end, we gotta end this thing. We gotta catch it, and we gotta just — — make sure it doesn’t come back to the pond. Make sure it doesn’t come back to the pond
because that thing is huge. Yeah and then we can’t go on the pond
if it’s the monster’s in there. Yeah, definitely. So until next time Sharers,
you know what to do. Stay awesome and share the love, peace. Whoa! [Music]


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