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Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated movie | Alien world | Wow Kidz

August 13, 2019

Haha! Papa. Motu, my baby!! Haha! Papa!!! Haha!! Catch me. Haha. I’ll catch you now. Haha. Mango!! Try son. Try. Careful son! Try, try again. Those who try; they never lose. Very good! Aah! Saw that? Those who try never lose. Hey!! Motu, what are you doing? Patlu, what are you doing down there? I am sleeping down here and you are jumping on top of me!!! Aaah! I was dreaming. Sorry, very sorry.Haha. You want to dream then do it on your bed!! Why are you jumping on me?!!! Sorry Patlu. Catch me, catch me.Come. I will catch you. Come with us! Papa! Papa!!! What are you doing? Where are you taking me? Motu. Leave me. What is the matter with you?!! Oh! Ouch! Let go of my leg! If you are hungry eat some food; why are you eating my foot? Motu! Oh! Sorry, Sorry Patlu.Very sorry. What is the matter, Motu? Why are you looking so sad? I don’t know Patlu.These days my father is coming in my dreams every day. In the dreams, he calls me and then some aliens come and take him away. Every day I’m getting the same dream; today I’m missing my father very much Patlu. Motu, one day, when you were very small, your father had disappeared suddenly. But why are you dreaming of him after so many years? That is exactly what I am thinking? Why am I getting the same dream everyday? Is there a meaning behind it? We’ll go and ask Dr. Jhatka in the morning, but you keep awake till then. Don’t sleep! Hey! What do you mean by that? You should be telling me “now go to sleep” but you are telling me to keep awake? If I tell you to go to sleep then you will see the dream again and bite me or jump on top of me. That is why I’m telling you. Keep awake! Haha. Here it is, have this, nice hot tea. Dr. Jhatka, why are you silent? Oh, my brother, my friend, Motu. I too am getting similar messages for the last few days. Where your father is calling you for help? Message? What message? Come here. Look at this. Look my friends. I had made this piano to contact the aliens. We can play this and send code words to the aliens. The aliens have figured that out and now they are sending code words on it. Look friend! They are sending a message again! Don’t listen to the tune friends; look there at the monitor. The tune is being decoded and the message is being typed there. This means that Motus’ father is alive and in some trouble on planet AXAR! Oh, my lord!! This is a miracle! But where was he for so many years and what was he doing? No one knows that. Motus’ father was a very famous scientist and he was doing a research on aliens. He wanted the aliens and earth habitats to be friends. Then one day he suddenly disappeared. Maybe the aliens on planet AXAR captured him. Papa. Where are you? I want to meet you, papa. Oh, Motu, this is a computer, not your father. I want to meet my father. Papa. Oh, Motu, my brother, my friend, to meet your father we will have to go to planet AXAR. There is planet AXAR! Papa!! I’m coming!! Where are you? Where are you, papa? Why can’t I see you? Ohh Motu, this is only a satellite image. Calm down, relax.You will definitely meet him. Let this planet AXAR be wherever it is. We will get your father back from there. Give me a cold drink please Ok. Bye. All the time you’ll are sifting through garbage. It has become your life now. Oh, how long will you continue like this? Think about your future. But what else can we do? The Czar has thrown us down here. We cannot go up. And what other option do we have besides sifting through their garbage? Hey, this jam is good. Have some. Ew, you only eat at that jam! Looks like you people have forgotten the days when we too were living in the towers above and we were free. Those were the days. We remember everything; but what can we do? Eat it. Today’s lot is very tasty. Zumi, we’ll have to think of a way to end the Czars’ rule soon!! Hahaha.Welcome to Axar, Czar. How was your tour of the galaxy? Make me meet Mohan Sinha How are you, Mohan Sinha? My friend, my brother. How are you? Just once open the bindings on my eyes and I’ll show you exactly how I am!! You know I don’t lie. If you lie, then your nose grows. Remember Pinocchio? So. I promise you, we’ll free you. We’ll definitely free you. But first, you have to teach me how you connect your eyes and brain to your mind control machine. How do you read other people’s mind by just wearing this machine and looking into their eyes? How do you get control over their minds? How do you enter their dreams? I have worn this machine a number of times but I can’t do anything!! If I teach you that then you will make not only all the earth inhabitants but also all the aliens your slaves. And I will never let that happen! My mission was to create a friendship between the earth inhabitants and the aliens So that they can coexist and if not today then tomorrow I will finish that mission. This machine is rubbish!! Nothing is happening with it. Attach it to someone else who has a brilliant mind and make his mind blank. Quick. I want to see if this machine works or not!! Robot one, take the one with the most brilliant mind and hang him up in the experiment lab. What are you doing?!! Let me go. I said leave me. It is an order!! Sorry boss. You are the one with the most brilliant mind. I am telling you. Let me go!!!!! Or I will finish all of you!!!! Aaah!!! Sir. Sorry. Yours is the most brilliant mind that is why robot one attached everything to your mind. Sorry. I have an army of fools!! And you are their Major. I would have tried this machine on your mind but your mind is already blank. Haha. Haha. Right Lapatu. Hehe. You are right Czar. My mind is already blank. Haha. Czar, you just wait and watch. My son will come here one day and burn down your city of sins to ashes!! Hahha. Your son will come. That too after so many years?! Haha. Minni, increase the power to all the instruments; increase it. Pull out every grain of information from his mind; make his mind blank. Czar, there is danger in increasing the power of the machines. Don’t put any more load on it. He will not be able to take it. He won’t be able to take it? Then make him understand. Ask him to tell me all the secrets or he himself will be responsible for what happens to him. There is no need for you to show any sympathy towards him. Sorry Czar Minni, you’ll see, my son will definitely come. He never refuses me. I remember even today; he was around five or six years old. Is there a message from any alien world? No sir. I think you should give up trying to contact the alien world. They will never be friends with us. Keep trying, people who try never loose. Keep sending messages. It is my wish that all living beings in this universe; those we call “Aliens”. They can mix about with the earth inhabitants and live like friends. We should not need to call them “aliens” at all. We can all live like one big family in the universe. Just think; if with their science we can help humans then we can do so much good. Motu, how did you get here? Where is the driver? You called me to play; the driver didn’t come so I came on my own. What??!! You walked five kilometers?!! That too all alone!! My son. Shhh.Talk softly; I am sending messages in all direction of the earth to look for your son. If anyone gets to know about that then Czar will finish me. Ok. I’m going now. Thank you, Minni.Thank you.Now I’m only waiting for my son Motu. Oh, my god!! Where is this you’ll are taking me? If your father was lost then you should have filed a police complaint. You are just taking away the policeman! Oh, my god! Chingam sir, we may need you. That is why we are taking you. Attack! Attack! The enemies are attacking us. Look at that. The enemies are throwing stones at us with some huge Catapult!! Oh, Motu, my brother, my friend that is not stone being thrown by enemies, those are meteoroids! If even one of them hits our spaceship then we’ll have to go walking. Oh, my lord! How will we walk in the sky??? Oh my, lord! Save me!!!! Yay!!!! We’re safe!!! Oh, my god! We’re not safe!! Safety first. First. Oh, no!! We’ll have to turn back immediately because that damage will only keep increasing. And the spaceship can blast at any time. No! We will not turn back. I will not go back without getting my father. No matter what happens. Dr. Jhatka, there must be some way of repairing that damage. There is a way, there is. But it is a very dangerous way. Someone will have to go outside the spaceship and weld the metal plate above the damaged spot. But while doing that if more meteoroids come from ahead then his life could be at risk. I will go. I will go! Today, no amount of danger can prevent me from meeting my father!! Motu, be careful. Motu, look out!! Aaaha! Aahaa! Motu, come inside quickly!!!! Motu!!!!! Dr. Jhatka, take the space ship and follow Motu! Quick!! Motu, catch this! Oh my, lord!! People run away from meteoroids and we are going in the middle of them!! Ghasitaram, stop this “Mamma mamma”!!! Dr. Jhatka take the space ship closer to Motu! Please. Patlu, my brother, my friend, sorry. I can’t go any closer. If I bang into any of the meteoroids, then there is a danger of blasting! Dr. Jhatka, you cannot go closer but I can. If my friend cannot be with me, then what will I do staying in this spaceship! Ee.Help me!! Ok Pappa, Mamma, Idli dosa, sambar.Come on. Thank you Patlu! I thought I was done for good!! If we had to live you like that, then how would we face your father? Dr. Jhatka, full speed.Let’s go!! Wow, this is nice. Here everything seems to be happening in mid-air! Who stays on the ground? I have read about it, my friend; the ruler of this planet is a heartless and dangerous alien called Czar. Those who dare to fight against him, he throws them down in another place. And that place is covered up by a laser net, so that no one can come up. Oh, my god! Then where will we land our spaceship? The space ship will remain suspended in air; we will go down. I have fully prepared for that. Come. Wow, big brother, you got your flying car!! Now starts the fun. Haha. Haha. What a sight to see! Huh.What is this? Hello. Hello. All security, this is X001 here. Red alert. Red alert. Some unidentified car has entered our city; there are five people sitting in it. See image on your monitors. Catch them Catch them!! Hello, security 1, this is X75. That car is in front of me. I am going to catch it. It is going from zone 5 towards zone 7. Zone 7 alert! Zone 7 alert! Hello I am ready. This is X 101.I’m ready. Ok brothers, here comes our welcoming committee. Welcoming committee? Why are they welcoming? Who is welcoming? Look behind Motu, look behind! The police are coming to catch us!! Let alone the police, today even the army cannot catch us!! Big brother. Let me drive. Patlu, you come in the front. Ohh! Ohh!!! Ohh! Careful. Motu! May all the bitter medicines of the world fall on you!! Stop, stop or I will blast your car. Hey!! The name is Chingam. It is impossible to escape from Chingam’s web. Motu, you drive the car. I will take care of him. Take care, take care, and take care. Ohh!!!!!! Mamma!! Help!!!!… Now we are surrounded from all four sides. Mamma!!! Ohh! Ghasitaram, be quiet! Keep quiet!! Friends, let’s see who is stronger!! Motu, my friend, my brother, what are you doing? The car will fall down if you switch off the engine!! Looks like someone has spoken up against the Czar. Look at that. The security is after them. If only we could open the door of this net for them!! The day we are successful in opening the door of this net we will go back up and start out fight! Motu, my brother if you touch that laser net then we will all burn!! We are all safe! Welcome. Who are you and why did you help us? I know your father and I’m the one who was leaving messages everywhere for you to call you. I am happy you’ll have come. You are Motu. Right? Yes, I am. I am Motu. You are exactly like your father. This is my friend Patlu, this is Dr. Jhatka, Inspector Chingam and this is Ghasitaram Hello I understood when you said that you were sending messages again and again to call Motu. But how was Motus’ father coming in his dreams? He has the power which allows him to get into anyone’s dreams. He can even read a person’s mind by just looking into his eyes and even control that person. To take this power away from him Czar has kept him a prisoner. But how did he remember Motu after so many years? At that time you were small, very small. He didn’t contact you for so many years to keep you safe from Czar. Now he has become old and his tolerance for pain has also become less. And you are all grown up now. He firmly believes that you are going to free him and take him from here. Take me quickly; take me quickly to my father. I will take him from here. Don’t be in such a hurry; Czar is not only dangerous but clever too. We will have to be very careful. Now, you all must be hungry.Eat something. After that, I will take you with me over there. All right? All right Hello Ma’am Hurry up and come out. Let’s go. Papa!! Papa!! Motu? Motu you’ve come? How are you? Motu. Son, how are you? Motu. I have come to take you back papa. I have come to take you. Why have you covered your eyes? Remove it. Motu. No. Aahh!!! Aah!! Sorry, sorry, I forgot to tell you. The minute you touch those glasses you get a shock so that no one can take it off. There is a code to open it which only Czar and Lapatu have. You are meeting me after so many years and I can’t even see you. Minni, how does my son look? He looks just like you. You will see; you will definitely papa, definitely, you’ll see me; but first let us see that Czar! Mohan Sinha, you were telling the truth; you do have a son. You too don’t lie because if you lie, then your nose grows. Remember Pinocchio? Haha. Looks like you also don’t want a long nose. Let me go.Let me go! Let me go!!!! Welcome Motu, welcome to Axar planet. Thank you Minni; you worked smartly. It was not a very difficult job to earn Motu’s father’s trust. So all this helpfulness was a trick?? To trap us here!!! Ohh, you’re very intelligent; you got it right. Mr. Mohan Sinha, my friend, my brother. You know that I don’t lie because if you lie, then your nose grows. Remember Pinocchio? Haha! If you did not give us the secret to your power. I am telling the truth. Motu’s mind will be made blank!! After that forget about you, he won’t even be able to recognize himself. Right now he is hanging right next to you. Start the machines. Oo!! Aah!!!! Let go of my friend!!!!! No!! You will not do anything to my son. No!! Let him go.Let him go. I’ll tell you everything. Everything. Papa!! Papa!! Don’t tell them anything. Sorry Motu, all my life I tried to keep you safe. And now when my life has no value, I have got you trapped here. Sorry son. Enough, enough don’t get so emotional that I too start crying. Mohan Sinha, quickly, quickly tell us what all you want to say. Czar is listening, right boss? Oh, my mamma!! The fighting has begun. I don’t even have twenty minutes of experience fighting with that!!!! What do I do now? Oh! What is the big deal friend? Just run!! Come on!! Oh! May all the bitter medicines of the world fall on them!! These octopus robots don’t seem to end ever!! Come on, let’s run out friends.Run out!
No, we cannot leave my father and run out. If you don’t remain then how will you save your father? Right now let’s go from here; we’ll come back again fully prepared. Papa!! I’ll be back; wait for me!! You will not escape from here. Hands up! Hey! The name is Chingam and it is impossible to escape from Chingam’s web!! I say, impossible!! Will I get an umbrella here? It’s going to rain. Haha! It’s going to rain. Huh. Haha. Hey! How did you do that?!! Now point this up and fire once. Oh, my god! Aaah! Quick, jump into this garbage duct; you will come out directly in the garbage truck. I will get you out. Quick!! I am trying to save you; why are you beating me up? First, it was Minni who helped us and got us trapped here! Say. Say it!! Where do you want to trap us? I have been licking Czar’s feet all my life! He calls my mind a blank mind. He does not value me at all. Today I will show him what this “bank mind” can do! Did you not see in the lab how I freed you in style? He is telling the truth. I too felt that he pulled the lever purposely. Come, come with me. There is no other option. Ready? Yes, yes. Ready. Stop that truck!! Idea! Oh, my mamma!! Today I have realized for the first time how the worms and insects in the trash feel!! Lapatu, my brother, my friend, you are a fantastic person! Haha! To escape from Czar once is difficult; you people have managed to do so twice! Now, either you’ll are very lucky or very brave. We are both! But who are you? Friends, my name is Zumba and this is Zumi, these are all our friends. There was a time when we too used to live above in Axar city in the towers. But we protested against the atrocities committed by Czar. And he got us thrown down into the lowers here. Now there is no way of going up. Ohh just cut the laser net and go back up my friend. By the way, this is all very tasty. Have you made it at home or is it from a restaurant? Oh, we’ve just picked it from the garbage and given you. It’s absolutely fresh that is why you like it so much. Look at that. That is my lab; where I’m trying to make a weapon which will cut through the laser net And let us go up. Oh, Zumba, my brother, swear on my patients, that I will soon make something like that. Don’t worry my friend. Don’t worry. I too have twenty years of experience in making something like that! Is there any garbage or any such thing in this? Don’t be scared. There is nothing like that.Try it. Take this. And you too. I swear on my patients; No wall can hold us back now! All the cars have a laser cutter now; we can cut through the laser net and go up. Long live!!! Let’s go!! Spin the rays and the net will break. Oh my, Lord!! Everything is going round and round. Help!! Mr. Ghasitaram!! We will soon save my father and go back then you can go to meet your Mamma. Motu, now follow me. I will take you from a way where there is no CCTV coverage. And even the police are scared to drive their crafts there. Net break, net break, the people from the lowers have cut the laser net. Red Alert, Red Alert! They cannot be seen on any of the monitors! Where are they? Find them! Find them. Search. All police force search!! Ok sir. Czar, there has been a security breach in the laser net! The people from the lowers have cut the net and probably come above. Aaah!! Increase the security in the palace. It must be Motu, Patlu coming to save Mohan Sinha. Make sure they don’t get away this time! Keep the Octopus robots ready!! Ok Sir Stop everyone. I will check for the lab where they are holding Motus’ father. Found it! Here is the lab where Motus’ father is; let’s go! Huh. What is this? Everyone be alert. Breach in palace! Security breach in palace!! Guards reach the research lab immediately; get to the research lab quick!!! No!!! Czar, security breach in palace! Go, now and send guards there and release the Octopus robots immediately! Yes sir. Papa, we’re here! Motu? Motu you came back? Where are you? Motu, where are you son? Motu. Stand up papa. Patlu, you take papa and go down; I’ll deal with these guards and join you’ll. Now you cannot escape Motu. Aarghh!! Hey, stop! Stop in the name of the law. Please, can I get an umbrella? It’s going to rain here. No, no, don’t give him an umbrella; he will escape but coconuts will fall on us. Here. Take this umbrella. Oh, my god!! I have been fooled! Fooling the law!! Give me that umbrella! Ya. Haha. This is what is called, Chingam’s web is impossible to escape from. As I said, impossible. Come, come. Let’s get out of here quickly. If the octopus robots come then it will be difficult to escape. May all the bitter medicines of the world fall into your mouth!!!!! Oh, my lord!!!!!!! Quick, come on! Quick take these bandages off my fathers’ eyes! No. Wait. Wait! I’ll feed in a code so that no one gets an electric shock while removing the bandage. Just keep driving right now. Take this Patlu, hit them with this. They will evaporate with this or else they will multiply into how many pieces they break into! They will become double in numbers. Double. Hey! These seem to be never ending!! Zumba takes my father and go to some safe place. We’ll follow. Oh, my lord!! Now our time has come!! Motu, have some snacks. This is no time for snacks Patlu. Fight. Fight!! At least see what the snacks are. I got them from Furfuri Nagar in the case of such an emergency. Aahh. Aroma. Haha. Eat the samosas and start off!! Come, come on. Let’s see who is stronger!! No!!!!! I will finish him!!!! Patlu, are there any more samosas? No, they are all over. Never mind. I alone am enough for Czar!! Aaaah! It is not so easy to get away from me Motu. Czar, your reign of terror is over! Now, you will stay in jail and people like Zumba will rule. Haha. If you lie, then your nose grows. Remember Pinocchio? And I don’t lie. If Czar does not rule then no one does!! Now everything is over! Oh, my lord!! This is a countdown for a time bomb!! Someone stop it!!!!!! Haha. Haha. Only ten seconds are left; start the countdown. Countdown begins. Haha. Czar!!!!!!! Czar, put off the Bomb. You have done enough work; now you are a child. These are your days to enjoy and have fun; Go and have fun. Very good Motu Uncle, uncle, play with me please, we’ll have fun. We’ll play together. Uncle please. Oh!! I swear on my patients. I cannot babysit my friends. Someone, look after him. Come papa, let’s go home. No child, I had set up on a mission to make the earth inhabitants friends with aliens. And I want to go & complete that mission. Motu Patlu!! I am happy that your friendship has remained strong since childhood. I hope your friendship remains strong forever. You both are lucky to have friends like Chingam, Dr. Jhatka & Ghasitaram. God bless you all!! Papa!! Motu! Patlu! Children, I will come back only after completing my mission. Bye. Look after yourself papa! You too! Zumba you people helped us a lot. Thank you, thank you. Now you take care of Axar planet. We will go back to home. I will now work with Zumba. Thanks, Lapatu, thanks; without your help, I would never have managed to free my father. Byebye. We’ll meet again. Let’s go now big brother!!!!! Mamma, we saved Motu’s father now I’m coming to meet you!!


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    Top 10 anime movies

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