Moving Aboard our Sailboat & Freedom Party | Sailing Soulianis – Ep. 7
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Moving Aboard our Sailboat & Freedom Party | Sailing Soulianis – Ep. 7

August 12, 2019

Last time on Sailing Soulianis We’re buying a boat in a half hour Alright, congratulations you guys How official can this get we’ve been waiting so long for this whatcha standing on there our boat That’s what you wanted me to say, right yeah it’s our home I could actually fit in here. it is that
big! you know think about maybe putting some more insulation in it. So
what are you gonna cook me at the stove I have no idea we gotta figure out I’ll
work at first Just chillin in our boat Look at all these chives! Mmm they smell so good Would you like a mojito? Yeah we gotta get some rum so now we’re gonna get some
lunch it’s very beautiful day we could go sail the boat instead of just look at it. We could. You’re nervous. Yeah I’m nervous. Cause its OUR boat Because it’s our boat and it’s a giant beast We just got a thumbs up from that lady we drove past I think she was trying to hitchhike. I don’t think she was telling us “you’re cool” I think she was like “gimme a ride” Probably I like that that was your first reaction though “Oh that lady thinks we’re cool!” But it was this type of thumbs up not that type of thumbs up So it’s like, which… “you’re cool, gimme a ride, you’re cool, gimme a ride…” I don’t know yeah I’m nervous to take that thing out
of this slip too. when we were out on it with Jeff and Linda last week the gravity of the situation hit me. specifically how much weight is actually in this boat how large the mode actually is and how we us two tiny people are now going to be
responsible for this 15,000 pound… don’t think about it that way. it’s so
light and beautiful just a tiny puff of air can send it gliding through the water. sure yeah when it’s not in the middle of a 50-foot wide river right next to a drawbridge that
sometimes doesn’t open. I’m glad you know how to drive boats. yeah I know how to drive boats. it makes me very nervous as well. but I think we just need
to go do it a few times and we’ll get better at it and yeah yeah I would say
it is definitely one of the most difficult docking situations. The first one. Mango our sellers are so lovely and put
together a to-do list of sorts for day-to-day procedures, and what you do when
you haul it out in the fall which we probably won’t be doing, but it’s nice to have. The first section is “Do not lose” The wire hook and fiberglass rod in the drawer on the side of the navigation table needed for taking out the battens in the main sail and then, the wire rod under the pilot berth used to clean out hole for water to drain into bilge from engine area. alright. do you know where all those things are? we’ve already lost them. why thank you. we go anywhere in the world, from here. as long as its… on the water. the world is our Rocky Mountain oyster. Oh look it there’s that whole storage area below there think I can put that coconut water in here? sure Oh man, what a day. We went sailing for the second time. and Kirk docked the boat perfectly and it was a beautiful day. It was like 10 knot winds and we were just on a beam reach straight out into Lake Michigan and then straight back and we’re sitting on the floor. or on
the cabins sole. is that right? this is our freedom party. 4th of July. [Kirk’s mom: freedom from what?] [Kirk’s dad: freedom from land!] Freedom from ordinary life ordinary life [Lauren’s dad: never gonna see you landlubbers again] ready? here we go… to freedom! Wooooooo! Yewwwww! Cameraman [Kirk’s mom: Did you pay $5 for that bottle?] [Lauren: yeah] Mmm ahh, sweet. Sweet taste of freedom! Mmm delicious the first week after moving board was
full of firsts. everything was moving, there were new sounds the front doorstep was moving up and down as the river levels rose and fell even the seemingly simple things required extra thought like how to move around the boat without bumping your shins or elbows how to start the stove and where we’re gonna set up and work during the day with so much to learn about living on a
boat we were really happy to be living right in downtown Racine where we had
everything we needed right within walking distance this is our alcohol stove puck. it’s very large hockey puck. so we put denatured alcohol into there and then we put it back in here, turn it all the way on light the stove and then turn it down.
basically what we’re doing here is we are burning the fumes of this as it
evaporates. all we’re doing with this control is opening that. it’s kind of how
it works [or we think] We think. [we’re trying to
make eggs] Eggs with legs coming up bring in ZE EGGS! There’s people sleeping around here I got carried away. I think they’re probably awake now. Sorry Ty. Oh he’s awake. Alright good. So what do you got there Toasted ciabatta bread. Sliced tomato, sliced avocado, fried egg with some sliced onion fried into it and mixed berries. and where did we make that we made it on our boat. but I think the answer you were looking for was our alcohol stove. it worked! yay! it was actually it was a lot hotter than I thought it was going to be. I mean everyone was making fun about how alcohol stoves don’t get very hot and how it takes forever to warm your food to “room temperature” but we had fried eggs in like 3 minutes. I’ve got a bit of a mess on my hands we’ve been living out of our suitcases
out of the back of our car even though we’ve been staying in the boat because
we actually didn’t really have anywhere to put our clothes. we’ve got these tall
hanging lockers in the vberth and they don’t have any shelves or anything in
them so we were kind of waiting to figure out how we’re gonna organize
everything. We got this thing. Should work for now. it was a cheap easy fix. it doesn’t really utilize all the space in the locker. So maybe we’ll build shelves in the future but in an effort to start sailing and get all of our stuff stowed away, this was a quick fix. it’s hard to see the mess from that angle the chart table is full of hard drives
that we need to consolidate because there’s no way we can take like twelve
hard drives which i think is what we have right now in the boat. a lot of this
stuff is my clothes, to be honest. there’s electronic equipment, cameras and stuff
that hasn’t found a home yet so gonna try to figure that out.
kitchen’s not terrible but we’ve got a bunch more stuff in boxes that still
needs to be stowed. so that’s my job today. so Kirk and I just finished a little
workout on the dock right next to the boat and it’s about eight o’clock and
I’m on my way to there’s a little liquor store right across the bridge from where
the marina is so I’m going to get some white wine and Kirk’s cooking dinner right now I decided to get a little bit better view you can kind of see the boat over there she’s not the blue one, not that white one, but she’s behind that big white one we’ve been on the boat for 4 days now and so far so awesome it’s it’s finally feeling real after years of dreaming about this and probably I don’t know three or four
false starts with other boats we finally are living on our boat which is so cool We’ve moved all of our stuff pretty
much on to the boat we weathered a storm last night and
there was no leaks Kirk and I have been working all day We spent the whole weekend putting stuff away on the boat and this morning we
were back to our official jobs which is photography and video editing for me and
for Kirk it’s project managing website design okay I’m going to go buy this bottle of wine and go enjoy dinner What did you cook us for dinner? I cooked quinoa… quinoa with kale and a
cucumber mint salad wow and we’re going to have hummus and pita chips Cheers We’re going to Milwaukee today


  • Reply William Dykes February 16, 2018 at 2:57 am

    If I can leave you with one thing, it is this:   Learn to use the signal mirror that you have in your hand at 1:26.  Other than your radio, that mirror, in skilled hands,  is the best day-time signaling device you have on your boat.   As an attack jet aviator, I could see mirror flashes from Forward Air Controllers miles away.  I could then guide on the signal mirror flash until the ground guys could use something else to communicate with me.  I was always impressed just how great the mirror is as a tool to get someone's attention miles away.  It is not tricky to use, but it does require some practice.  I'd make sure every personal flotation device on your boat has one attached.   Great boat.  Have fun.  Be safe.  Been there; done that…too old to do it again.  I'm envious of your upcoming adventures and the experiences waiting for you just around the corner.

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    One day about 10 NM from Catalina on a foggy early morning I could hear them calling out. I poured 3 shots of Rum, set them out on the swim platform and they disappeared, set 3 more out there and they also disappeared. Of course the Captain had to keep up with the shots being served. For some reason they like Rum. You think Neptune is a problem, damn mermaids won't quit till they get RUM. I also have a theme song as I leave port, Gilligans Island theme song turned up full blast…certain islands in the Caribbean tend to be more troublesome then others, thus the 2 gallons of Rum. I've tried vodka, it does not work, only Rum will work on mermaids. 2 to 3 shots seems to be the offering to the mermaids, but more then that and they play with the hull, knocking and such. The need for Rum is essential on a SV, Maybe not in the great lakes, but in the open ocean you need lots of Rum. I heard rumors of the Mermen also and apparently they can be rather aggressive, they don't want a shot, but the whole bottle with beer chasers. Apparently a 6 pack of coke and some ice work for the merman as they just mix their own drinks. 1 can of coke per half gallon of RUM seems to be the ratio. 2 gallons minimum of Rum, especially in and around the Bermuda Triangle. The south Pacific is also a hot zone for mermaids. I could post pictures and video of this, but its on another laptop. 2 gallons of Rum to appease the Mermaids.

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