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January 14, 2020

Hello friends, I hope you are well. I welcome you on the Myvacation YouTube channel! Today, we are going to make you a short video to introduce you the cruise ship MSC Fantasia. The boat is right here. We’ll finish boarding and I’ll meet you on the boat afterwards. We’re on the fifteenth floor, there is a jacuzzi on either side of the central pool. A jacuzzi on the left, the central swimming pool in the middle, and a jacuzzi on the right. So there at level 15 So, here’s the central swimming pool, with jacuzzis on each side: on the left, and right. We have a screen, in fact, right in front
with music and information, concerning the boat, excursions so also here, right here a bar and it’s the same on the other side, mirror effect, a bar on the right, a bar on the left we have little spaces for children, right here, on each side of the pool a bit like wading pools. So there are also lifeguards on the boat. Showers on each side: here, and over there. So, we are at level 15 as I said earlier. There is a section in fact, dedicated to
children I don’t know if it’s open, A playground for children. a ball park, there are even parks for toddlers. We arrive here at the back of the boat So we have a bar on the left side, tables on the right. A swimming pool at the back of the boat with showers two jacuzzis on the right and on the left. We are completely at the back of the boat. So here we go up one level. We arrive at level 16. So here we have a playground with the
possibility of playing football, handball. So all the equipment is available, you just have to ask for it. and what to do a basketball game A slide also for children And here we come to the Yacht club So it’s a bit of a VIP space Shower spaces So, we’re on top of the boat there is also a jacuzzi the toboggan. Virtual world it’s a dedicated space for children, There are a lot of video games It must be the 4D cinema that is there There is a bar here. There is a Jean-Louis David hair salon. We have the bar. On the other side it’s the same. This one is closed for the moment. On the same level there is the buffet, it is the Zanzibar Café. And that actually you will see on another video Here we are on the fifth floor. On the left, we have the Red Velvet restaurant You will see it on the dedicated video. Here we are at the Reception level. We have a central bar. The lifts. Here we are in the sixth. I believe they are not allowed to sell when the boat is actually stopped. They don’t have the right like the casino. Here we arrive at the level of the galleries. So there are shops, it’s
piazza san giorgio There is a bar, So here we come to the casino. We at the performance hall,
the Avanguardia theater Here we return to the casino. There is a bar of course at the Casino level. We’re going to go up one floor. We arrive at another bar. So the second part is the performance hall. We arrive at the Manhattan Café. A cafe on the right and
perfume shops right across the street. A store of MSC products, to bring back memories. So we are two floors above the reception. at the seventh level. La Cantina Toscana. This is a paying restaurant It’s an art gallery everywhere. Another wine bar here. Then we have a corner which is reserved for photos; people who want to buy the photos will find them here. You can even buy devices. The Butcher’s cut is a restaurant grill steakhouse, in fact, this is a
restaurant on which you have to pay. I am surprised at the number of bars. Here we arrive at the Insolito Lounge. We have a huge bar, and a dance floor. There are couches; it’s pretty cozy with velvet. here
here we are at the back; completely aft of the boat. So there is an exterior too. Here we go back to the reception. There is also the Cigar Lounge: a corner dedicated to smokers for cigar lovers. There are refined spirits, there are good bottles too. Here, friends, this little visit ends I hope you liked it Don’t hesitate to subscribe to the channel to put a comment in the space below; and then activate the notification bell to be notified as soon as we post new videos. Come on, I’ll tell you very quickly on the channel: Myvacation Ciaociao😜👍.

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    I lost count on how many bars are on this ship. Wow!

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