Narrowboat at night time Staffordshire and Worcestershire canal  | day time Tixall wide
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Narrowboat at night time Staffordshire and Worcestershire canal | day time Tixall wide

August 23, 2019

we start our cruise on the Staffordshire
and Worcestershire Canal at 9 p.m. very excited on a new canal but were
equally exhausted after a long day of cruising it was our intention to moor
on the Trent and Mersey canal and tackle the start of the Staffordshire in
Worcestershire canal in the morning but they’re simply just weren’t any mooring
spots for us so we pressed on on the bright side we did have the junction all
to ourselves and we could do as many 360s as we
wanted we have turned unto the Staffordshire and Worcestershire canal it is one of the first canals we’re doing from beginning to end
not counting the Ashby because we have to do a u-turn and it is quarter past 9:00
at night we cannot find a mooring so we’re literally just coming up a little
bit further trying to find somewhere safe to moor and just probably going to
bed now this looks promising Welcome to the Staffordshire and Worcestershire canal. again another early morning for us
we’ve just left the mooring spot that was
the first mooring spot that we came to after great Hayward Junction
it’s probably about five minutes away from the junction. we haven’t had very much sleep because
we had a tiny bit of Armco last night when we moored up
we didn’t pin in because we thought we’ll get up really early and just move the boat unfortunately what’s happened is
somebody else got up at 5 a.m. and five unchained. The armco wasn’t great so the chains came off. people decided to move
at those times and ripped us around. Because we were moored badly. yeah it’s completely our fault we were moored badly. Is that Narrowboat girl? Other boat tubers are still asleep If you are interested in a different
style of blogging check out Narrowboat girl. we had a lovely cup of tea with her and
her mum narrowboat mum. interestingly we came for a walk down
here the other day in this part the Staffordshire and Worcestershire canal now is a
little bit wider and we were like oh it looks a wide yeah I guess it does look
a little bit like a lake and there’s a house on the hill and yeah I guess so I
can I can see that the guidebook describes it as
a really wide area that your boat would be so happy it will do
kind of boat cartwheel spin ‘Wheelies’ And I thought how you get a spin in that
area I guess we’re right happy I’ll show you when we get to the real Tixall wide. The clue you’re approaching Tixall wide is- see if you can spot the clue Four dogs. Love your cats, we have 12. On a farm- oh not on the boat. that boat is actually so happy it’s doing a 360. Do you reckon people use this as a winding circle then? I think
possibly they do and also it’s also some people only have side hatches
on one side of their boat and they’d like it to be on the view side so would
turn their boats around also what Fran Rich did. we have side hatches on both sides so it
doesn’t matter minimalist Tixall wide is a lovely spot to moor
if you’ve just joined the canal at Great Hayward Junction the wideness of the
canal is either because there was a natural water
they’re already natural area of water and they just put the canal through it
or because they were trying to placate the owners of Tixall house and giving
them a nice lakeside view from their property I prefer the second one placating the
rich really why this canal so
I think it does get a lot more narrow though yeah even not on the way
the homebrew boat said this is one of their favorite canals were Barry said
and it gets narrow we just went through the first of 43
locks that we’ll be doing and what’s the share canal it was tips
along we love tunnels and we have a beat
through one of this broken thanks for joining us on the
Staffordshire Worcestershire Canal today we were aiming to get a little further
along but the rain stopped us in our tracks at Milton if you have enjoyed
this cruise please like the video and click the subscribe button so that
you’re notified when we release future blogs thanks for watching bye

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