National Safe Boating Week starts today

September 8, 2019

With more than a thousand privately-owned recreational boats in Hawaiian Waters, boating safety is priority for the Coast Guard, which kicked off National Safe Boating Week. KITV4’s Roger Mari has more on events in Hawaii. At the Marine Expo at Pier 38, there were boating safety displays, demonstrations and at Maunalua Bay there was a rescue involving a vessel, all on this first day of National Safe Boating Week in Hawaii. These keiki enjoy an emergency raft at the marine Expo but it’s this type of apparatus that could be the difference in a survival situation when out at sea. “IS A NEAT WAY TO INTRODUCE SOME OF THE SAFETY THINGS THAT GO ON THESE LARGER MARINE VESSELS.” The latest fishing reels were also on display but more important than fishing gear is safety gear. “WE WANT TO MAKE SURE EVERY FISHERMAN GETS HOME SAFE, HAVE YOUR PROPER SAFETY GEAR CHECKED REGULARLY.” At Maunalua Bay, coast guard volunteers were offering free vessel inspections.” “IS YOUR REGESTRATION CURRENT, ARE YOUR FLARES NOT EXPIRED, WE’RE CHECKING FOR VARIOUS THINGS TO PREVENT EQUIPMENT FAILURE AND OTHER THINGS THAT WOYULD CAUSE SAFETY CONCERNS WHILE ON THE WATER.” New to canoeing, Robert Harris is more than happy to have his vessesl inspected. He believes every boater should help the coast guard by being responsible, especially when launching at this popular spot. “AND THEY’VE GOT THERE HANDS FULL HERE BECAUSE THIS MAUNALUA BAY IT’S A WONDERFUL GEM BUT THERE ARE SITUATIONS, CHANNEL, BIG BOATS, WAKE.” Aboard this boat, Kanoa Bettencourt found himself in a situation where he could experience what it’s like to help in a rescue. ‘HIS CANOE FLIPPED OVER AND HE TOOK OFF HIS LEASH TO CAPSIZE IT BACK OVER AND THE CANOE DRIFTED AWAY.” “WE PICKED HIM UP AND BROUGHT HIM BACK TO HIS KAYAK HE WAS I N LIKE 50 FEET OF WATER SO IT WAS A BLESSING KANOA SAW HIM.” With recent rescues in hawaiian waters, the coast guard encourages boat operators to be vigilant in their efforts to stay safe. This starts with making sure all safety gear is checked at least once a year. Education courses will be offered throughout National Safe Boating Week. For information on how to register, visit the as seen on section of our website 808-

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