NEW Thinking Tackle OD Season 2 Ep5: Danny Fairbrass & Team Korda | Korda Carp Fishing 201
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NEW Thinking Tackle OD Season 2 Ep5: Danny Fairbrass & Team Korda | Korda Carp Fishing 201

November 14, 2019

The battle was won out there.
I’ve just got to take my time now. A nice one as well. Get in that net, get in that net. Bosh! Get in! 20, 21… Get it back out there
with a fresh stick on it. Get that hook out of that other fish
as quickly as possible. Get that one wrapped up, get that out,
put some more bait out and see if we can snare another one. This is my last morning in the swim
so it’s action stations. There we go. Check that one out. Now when you see pictures
of Parco fish on Instagram, it’s always the big ‘uns. These ones never ever get a look in. Look at that, mate.
Absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful colouring,
beautiful scaling, 28½lbs, fought like a demon,
just an absolute result. I’m too old for this ****. Get in that net, get in that net. Yes! Get in! Yes! Okay, ladies and gents,
are you ready for this? Look at this creature. Look at that. Absolutely awesome. 35.10lbs, probably my last fish
out of swim 17. I’m going to move out now.
Marco’s going to move in. He’s a great guy,
puts a load of effort into the business. Has done some brilliant food
while we’ve been here as well. I’ve had my time now,
I’ve had loads of fish. Really, really, really enjoyed it. I’m going to move round to swim 15. So I can still fish the same spots
as I’ve been fishing in here at night and Marco’s going to go over towards
the trees where this beauty came from. So, give it a little kissy, I think. Thank you, my darling. Lovely to make your acquaintance.
See you when you’re bigger. While we were enjoying beautiful,
delicious Italian pizza, I got a violent take
on my left-hand rod, had to leg it but was on time on the rod
to have a carp. Oh! Who’s that? I think that’s on. And then everybody joined in
and while they were having their pizza, I was catching a beautiful mirror.
So what a moment for me, having all the friends,
all the colleagues together and catching a beautiful carp.
What else can you ask for? Oh, it’s only a 40-pounder. It is, it’s a 40-pounder. I was lucky enough
to get in the bailiff’s swim and leave my rods out in the dark – one of only two people
allowed to do it – and this amazing capture came as a result of that excellent
bit of angling from my part. Well done, mate. Bye. We’re here in peg 22 and I’m going to
show you what I’ve been catching on over the last couple of days. It’s very simple. You can mould pellet
or anything that sticks around it. You fish it
with a piece of Dark Matter tubing and a short rig. In this case I’ve opted for a 4½ inch,
25lb Supernatural hooklink, Wide Gape X size 6 hook
and a plastic pop-up maize. So the maize pops up but the weight
of the hook keeps it down so it sits like that on the lake bed. So this part is heavier than that,
so when it sinks, it will always sink like that
to the bottom. So keep that in mind
when we’re setting up our feeder. Mould some pellet around it. I like to mould it
fairly hard around it. The lake here is deep. It’s six metres. What’s that in feet? 24 foot, I guess. So it takes a long time
before the method feeder gets down and you don’t want the pellets
to be washed off during the sinking. So now I look where the heavy part is. The heavy part is here. So I keep that to the bottom
of the method feeder and now I push the hookbait
on this side in. Bury it a little
so it doesn’t come off when it sinks. But you don’t want to be burying it
too deep in the pellet either or it will take ages before it pops up and a carp is able to take it. So, this is it. I’m ready, just ready to cast in. Top tips for this time of year:
listen to the bailiffs. It’s always good
to listen to what they say. As a fisherman, we always,
most of us, they know what to do but the bailiff knows how a pay lake
or the fish act on fishing. In the beginning of the week
I was thinking no PVA bags, no need, I will do it
Chod-wise or whatever. But now I stick to the PVA bags
and I catch on PVA bags. I’m into my eighth fish now
all on the solid PVA bags. Size 6 Wide Gape Xs
and small Wafter hookbaits. And this one feels good. Oh, my goodness. Get in this net. Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! That’s only 59lbs. Get in! Yes! Well done, mate. **** Well done, buddy. Well, mate, we were saying earlier that some people think that solid bags
are for little fish. What do we tell them? Yes, it’s only 59, as you told me, so… Mate, another PB. Three PBs.
You know what they say? Three PBs in a week,
you have to jump in the lake. Mate, I’m buzzing for you.
Absolutely buzzing for you. – I’m buzzing as well.
– Well done. I’ll let them take some snaps.
I’ll get out of your way. Well done. I’ve caught 10 fish this week, which four of those fish were personal
bests at the time where I caught them. Sorry, mate, is that you? Sorry. It’s a PB, mate. Come on! Right, you find me sat round in peg 7 with none other
than Frank the Tank Sekula. He is the territory manager
for northern Germany but more importantly
he’s catching big carp for fun. So we’re going to have a little look
at exactly how he’s doing it. So, Frank, well done
on your fish so far, mate. Thank you, mate. Talk me through
exactly what you’re doing. Starting from the hookbait,
it was actually a little 15mm Wafter, Essential Cell
soaked in Bumbleberry Goo. I’ve trimmed it down to give it
a little bit of a dumbbell shape. And that just sinks, does it,
or does it pop up? – No, it just sort of hovers like that.
– Nice. Then we have size 6 Wide Gape X,
hand-sharpened, with a little bit of silicone
just to help the hook. Yeah, and to hold the hair in place,
yeah, nice. Roughly I would say
four inches of Supernatural. And then onto the lead system.
So you’ve got a length of leadcore there but I can see your leadcore’s
coming around the outside of the lead. Why is that? That helps the lead to drop off
after the take because that’s one thing
with using a short hooklink like this, I don’t want a big 3½oz lead bouncing
around near the head of the fish. Totally agree. So that pulls from that end and once
you put pressure on from the rod it straightens up perfect. Hangs on the tail rubber,
any shake of the fish, – the lead’s off.
– Lovely. Then you’re in straight control. Yeah, and then it’s like
if you have no lead on, it doesn’t matter
that it’s a short hooklink. Softer. The first part of the session’s
gone brilliantly for quite a few of us but I wanted somebody to move into
my swim, get a chance of a few bites. So Marco’s gone in there because he was in a swim
that didn’t have a lot of fish in it, and, as you can see, I’m frantically
racing against the light to find three spots in this swim. We’re going to go off to dinner
in a couple of hours’ time and have some more beautiful Italian
food and chew the fat with the boys, find out who’s caught what
during the day and then get the rods back out again
about 8 o’clock in the pitch black. So you’ll have to excuse me
while I marker up. Basically I’m going to go on to the same
bar that I caught from in swim 17. Marco’s kindly agreed to fish
the right-hand side of the swim where I got all the bites
during the day. That leaves me this corner because
no-one’s fished this swim all week so basically
I’m going to fish out on the bar, or certainly put some bait out
on the bar where I had the bites before. I didn’t catch anything last night
which is not a god sign really. But we did hear fish over here and I’m wondering if the fish
are backed up right into the corner. So it might be a mistake to commit
all three rods out onto that bar. So I’m going to put some bait out
before it gets dark. That can sit there and
be fished or not. Come back round here in the dark
and I’m sure you’ll join me when I’m just sitting here
waiting for something to happen. If the fish are nutting out really
close in, that is where I’ll fish. If it’s all very quiet, I’ll just go out
into the bar where I’ve had the bites and stagger them from the top of the bar
to the hump really. There’s a map here, an underwater map,
and it clearly shows a hump out there. Basically I’ll just be fishing
on the top of it, down the back of it and further down the back of it as well
if nothing else materialises. But the amount we heard
showing over here and the fact there’s been nobody here
for the first four days of the session means they could be tucked up
right in the corners and in that case, solid bag, couple
of catapults of 10-mil’ers over the top will be good enough. This is what I caught
some of the fish on. It’s a Bait-Up method feeder
with leadcore leader and a hooklink of 10 inches with a fantastic, slow-sinking
Fruity Squid dumbell 12mm. The hook size is a six
and is a Wide Gape X. I sharpened it a little bit to be sure that it penetrates quickly
in the mouth of the fish. This gave me quick attraction
and it melted down very quickly and I’m really sure that my hooklink
is presented in the right way. If I can give you one tip
it will be the precision. So in a lake like Parco,
you must be really precise and you have to figure out
the good spot and try to fish every time
in the same place. Well, good morning. It’s 3.30. I’m attached to something that feels
reasonable, not a monster but it doesn’t matter. First fish from the new swim. There’s so many fish showing
as it got darker. Didn’t know what to do,
where to put the rigs. But after leaving them short
for a little while and nothing happened, I put them back out on the bar and this is fish number two. Nice 26-pounder earlier on,
super clean one. This one
feels a little bit bigger than that. Come on… This time. Bosh! Got him. There he is. Proper deep-bodied, Italian mirror. 25½lbs. Well chuffed to get a couple of fish
from a new swim. I know I’m fishing the same spot
as the old swim but it still needed pinpointing. This one actually came in the deeper
water at the back of the bar as it sort of breaks away and
goes down towards the far bank. A slightly softer thud, exactly the same
range, 18 rod lengths and a few feet and this was taken on the Garlic. Love, love, love the Garlic Goo. Got some hookbaits
that have been infused in it as well. Didn’t really get to use it
in the first session because I was just sticking
on the Buttercorn. But I thought now I’ve got a few days
in the new swim, I can try some new stuff
and it is certainly working. It seems a strong fish. Come on, baby. It’s in! 39lbs. Wicked. Look at this fantastic leather carp. It’s the first one in my life. I’m really, really happy.
I have not many words to say because it’s the first time in my life. It fell down in another method lead
with soaking pellet. Buzzing. Look at that. Really, really happy. She wants to go. Yes! Man, you’re mine! Come on! Come on… Yah! Yes! Well, I doubt very much if there’s going
to be any bites in open water today which is where I was fishing last night. So I’m going to wind in.
I’ve just heard on the walkie that RJ’s had a really big common and I’ve not really looked
at his swim all week because I’ve been in 17
and catching them. So it’s a good opportunity
to meet up with the boys, see a big carp at the same time. It’s the feeling that we’re after
if we’re fishing on a lake like this, an Italian… We’re just over here for the big fish. Well, here she is. After a night of fishing, lost one. I was thinking it was a good one
but in the end it was a sturgeon. It’s one spot
that’s producing all my bites. Fake maize on a far out 23 wraps. The fish is sucking the pellets in
and I’m catching straight away with the fake maize on it. It doesn’t get any more
or better than this. Got a night to go again. I catch all my fish on one spot,
fishing two rods on the spot and one in the margin. But all the fish are from the spots
in the middle, sort of in the middle. Just on fake maize, slow-sinking
with a Wide Gape hook and Supernatural,
all wrapped up in a PVA bag. Pretty simple. I’ve had a lovely time
at Parco del Brenta. First night, 45-pounder. Had another one as well
and on the second night I caught a 50-pounder. At that point
what happens thereon in, it’s always nice to come away
and catch a 50-pounder, so to get one on the second night,
I was really happy. The action’s been pretty consistent.
I’ve caught some lovely fish. But last night I’ve had the cherry. I had a 58lb leather
and that’s come on my left-hand rod on a little margin spot. I’ve been seeing fish top down there
but until now I’ve struggled to catch. But now having caught,
I think there’s every chance that that area
could produce a few more fish. So here’s my rig
for the session at Parco del Brenta. Very, very basic as always with me. Very simple.
Any of you could tie this at home. There’s nothing complicated at all. Starting from the top, 15lb Carp Line. I’d say you’ll need a 15
or a 20, really. Casting quite heavy PVA bags,
you do run the risk of cracking off if you’re going quite far,
so, yeah, 15 or 20lb line. I’ve gone for a square pear in 3½ozs. Two reasons for that. One, it gives
a very good instant bolt effect. That compact shape is very good
for maximising the force when the fish impacts the lead but also
it takes up less room in the bag. Very small, compact, like I say,
and you use the stem at the back to tie your PVA tape round
when you’re finished. The hooklink itself,
that’s 25lb Supernatural. It’s very strong, very soft and I bet when the fish
have got that in their mouth, they’ve got no idea
they’ve got it there. The hook, a size 6 Kamakura,
Wide Gape. I’ve used Wide Gapes for so long now, I just trust them,
particularly in a size 6. I’ve caught hundreds and hundreds
and hundreds of fish of all sizes in every country I’ve ever fished. And when I fished that
with a 14-turn knotless knot, that enables the hair to exit
exactly level with the point and you’ll see
that I’ve got a little dumbell on there. This one’s a Fruity Squid that’s been
soaked in Scopex Supreme Goo. Obviously to start with,
I imagine, I’ve checked it, it sits on the point and then
when it takes on a little bit of water, it sits on its side like that,
but either way, none of that matters. What really matters is it goes
in the bag, all compact like that. The pellet is what the fish
are coming for. The fish have been reared on that
pellet, they really, really want it. They come in, that’s a balanced bait. Big fish, big mouth,
really strong suction. Filtration system, that mouth,
that’s what it is. Sucks on that,
that hooklink flies into the mouth and at that point with a 3½oz lead on
and a very short hooklink like that and an absolutely razor sharp hook,
they are in a whole world of trouble. The things I do for this company. I was just about to do a little message
to our Italian fans and all the Italian team,
so they’ve got me in this garb, and it’s only roared off, hasn’t it?
It’s only roared off. One fired right under the trees,
a little Garlic Supreme-infused stick. A little Garlic Wafter. Chunky little common. John? Are you on the naughty list
or the nice list? No, you can’t be on the naughty list.
You’re too… You’re too nice. Sorry, my beard’s
getting the way, sorry. I love carp fishing. Yes, I do. Carp fishing is good for your elf. Get it? Good for your elf. I’ve not even had a beer today either.
Must be that lasagne. Come on, chunkster. Come on. We’ll call you Santa. No, we won’t. Getting tired, now, bruv, aren’t you?
Getting tired. Come on, Santa one, carp nil.
Get in the net! Bosh! Ho ho ho. Right, can I take this off now?
Is that all right? Have I done my job now? I’ve done a ho ho ho. What’s in Santa’s sack? Wouldn’t you like to know, gorgeous? Keep talking like that,
I’ll show you the North Pole. And there it is, the Christmas common. I’m well chuffed to get this one.
I’ve been in meetings all day today. I’ve had some brilliant times
round in RJ’s swim talking about what we’re going to do
for next year. It’s such a great environment
and it’s so fertile. Loads of people
putting their ideas into the hat and we’ve come up
with some really, really good stuff. But I was itching
to get back to the rods. I knew that margin would produce.
Fired the rod right under the trees, little tiny Garlic stick and a little
Garlic Wafter over the top on my favourite little Combi Rig
and we were away just at the time when we were doing that
little message for the Italian fans. So it couldn’t have worked out better. Out you go. Perfect. Well, as you can see,
the light is dropping. Getting towards the end of
our time now at Parco. Got two nights left to go. Been a good day today.
I’ve had a brilliant meeting today about marketing
and just general fishing tactics, chewing the fat for 2019. It’s a really good bunch of blokes
that we’re working with and the ideas are absolutely brilliant. Fishing-wise, RJ had an amazing
48lb common earlier on. It was lovely
to go round there and see that. I’ve been sort of welded into swim 17
the first part of the week because there was so much
daytime action. But even though it’s good
for a day bite in here in 15, I thought I’d go
and do a bit of a tour of the lake and spend some time with the guys
which was really good fun. Then when that was over,
rushed back here to get my rods out. I’d seen the fish show
against that margin before I left so I fired one right under the tree,
got it in there absolutely perfectly. You’ve got to get the angle of the cast
right so that it fires in low and just hits the clip,
you still feel the lead hit the bottom. That one was away when I was doing
something silly for the Italian team. So that was good
for it all to happen like that. Since then the left-hand rod’s
gone back out there sweet as well and I’m starting to get liners
on that rod. When I was Spombing, sometimes
I got it caught in the tree and the Spomb sort of opens
and sprays the bait everywhere. Yes! No… Yep. How about that? I’ve only just finished Spombing,
for God’s sake. Just going to keep doing what
I’m doing hoping that it’s underneath
this left-hand rod. But that is so mad. They’re responding to this pellet.
It’s natural food to them. Getting the Spombing super accurate,
getting the cast super accurate as well, that’s the key. Work, work, work
and you should be rewarded on here. We went out and had a look
with the GoPro at swim 17 and the amount of carp milling about
in all these marginal snags was just ridiculous
and it just sort of taught me, every time you see underwater footage,
it just sort of opens your eyes to another dimension of fishing. You just realise
how much bait you can put in with the amount of fish
that are in here. One’s just showing out there,
just on top of the bar. Bodes well for tonight. As I was saying
before I got interrupted, I’m going to fish up until dinner
which is at 7 o’clock. The left-hand rod, if it goes,
I can’t get it back out there. It’s so far under the trees,
it’s a joke. But this rod is 20½ wraps
up to the red buoy and just off the bank a bit because there’s a load of reeds
sticking out from the bank which I’ve hooked up on
a couple of times on the cast. What I’m basically doing
is aiming at the tips of the trees rather than aiming at
the water’s edge. I know that if that certain part
of the tip of the tree, if I aim in that direction,
is going to land right. Just follow the rig in if you can. Go towards it a bit
so it drops straight. He’s properly going for it, this carp. Oh, **** it! Gutted. Did all that ******* hard work. When you’ve just lost one,
which you can see I take really well, you really, really, really
want to get the next one in. There he is. There he is. It’s no monster
but it doesn’t matter. It’s all about winning,
not about the weight. Come on, big fella, get in. Get in, get in, get in. Yes! Get in! That feels so good when
you’ve lost one. And there he is.
33lbs of muscle-packed Parco mirror. The jury’s out at the moment as to why
the big girls are not showing up. I know that sounds crazy when there’s
been multiple 50-pounders caught, but Parco is famous
for its 60 and 70-pounders and there’s definitely one 80 in here. It is November,
we have to remember that. Also the moon phase this week
isn’t brilliant. Also the air pressure’s
going up and up and up and on a deep lake that could be
affecting the bigger fish. But for now, I don’t care.
I’m super happy to keep getting bites. I’m pleased I’ve worked out
this new swim quite quickly. I’m sure the night
has got more in store. Lovely. Get in. Left-hand rod again. It’s now 3.05. Making a bid for freedom. Get in that net. Bosh, got him. Wicked. Yeah. There you go. 27½lb Garlic muncher. So nice to be getting loads of bites. As I’ve probably said before,
I’ve had a real lean season this year so to have a mega session like this
feels so, so sweet but I’m already thinking
about tomorrow night. It’s our last night and if I’m getting
bites just on one rod, I need to bring
the other rods into action. So I think it does seem to be
all about that margin. So I think I’m going to
bring one closer in tomorrow night, fish it towards the margin, not super tight because I don’t want to
hang up in the trees in the dark but see if I can get two rods going
and snare one of those Parco monsters. But for now I’m well happy. The last and the biggest fish
of last night. 44½lbs. Came just before first light. And I see on the group
there’s been another couple of fish caught last night
around the lake as well. But for me, I am over the moon. Left-hand rod keeps going, 18.3 wraps,
loads of bait over the top and that all-important Garlic hookbait. Swim 15 is situated up in the top corner
of the lake in the same bay as swim 17. It’s got loads
of really good spots to cast out and over the couple of nights I’ve been
in here, where I’m fishing has evolved. I started fishing out on the bar
that I was fishing from swim 17, caught a couple of fish there
the first night but felt like I needed
to change the next day and the fish were showing
against the trees. I had a meeting to go to
so I couldn’t fish in the day but when I got back to the swim I fired
them up really close to the trees and caught fish straight away. In the night-time
I decided to still fish on the bar but go down the back of the bar
towards that tree line bank over there but no so close that I might
potentially lose fish in the dark, not getting to the rods as quickly. That really paid off but all the bites
came on the rod closest to the trees. So the bar rod
that had been doing the bites for me just stopped happening completely
and I think what was going on, the fish were coming down that margin,
they’d get to that rod first, even though it wasn’t tight, and they
would never even get up onto the bar and start feeding on the bait up there. So for tonight I’m going to slot
two rods really close together down that margin but I’m going to put
another rod really close to the banks, closer in to me,
almost right in the corner because fish are showing there as well. On the first night when I got here,
a lot of fish showed really close in, about 40 yards out. I found from one of the local heroes,
a guy called Nicholas Holzer, that I’ve known for a few years,
that 40 yards out in front of this swim is apparently the spot. Now there it’s just deep, it’s just
22 foot, firm bottom but not gravel. It’s short of that gravel bar that
comes up out at probably 18 wraps. So just over 70 yards. It’s just a big basin. I think the fish turn up there
and can be caught there at night. If I’d known that, if I’d spoken
to Nicholas before I’d started I probably would have fished two rods
in that area from the word go. Although it’s been
really productive for me, I’ve not caught any proper big ‘uns and you think that tree line down there
is a great place to intercept fish and get loads of bites
but maybe it’s not such a great place for the huge fish that are in here. But I love getting a bite,
I don’t mind doing that, so if I have to wade through a few more
to get another 50-pounder, I’ll be more than happy. Those 30s
are absolutely pulling my arm off. If you do come in at 15 at any point, then definitely you want to be fishing
up against the bank nice and tight and then in the night-time out in open
water, probably short of the bar. Cheese nice. Lovely. Here you go. Just before the sun came up, it roared
off. Really happy with this fish. It’s the biggest fish up until now. We’re going to put it back and see
if we can catch an even bigger one. Yes. Another one up tight. 20¼ wraps. Looks like a good fish, this one,
actually. I just recast it.
I had a few bleeps earlier on which didn’t develop
and I just thought I’d recast. When you’re fishing that tight, it’s always a good idea if you feel like
something’s gone wrong out there, the rig’s been interfered with,
always just redo it. Oh no, he’s going round there. No, he’s passed it, thank God. High energy fishing, this.
You’ve really got to work at it. There’s loads of fish
when we’ve sent the drone up, there’s loads of fish
charging up and down that margin in-between me and Marco
which is no surprise. Just keeping out of the way
of the angling pressure. Just by baiting heavy,
another 15 big Spombs. A nice common. 15 big Spombs out there. Getting them super accurate. I’m just fishing two rods because if
that other rod goes now I’m in trouble. So just two rods out there,
concentrate more on two rods. Get it all super accurate and just work at it. Nice common. Just tipping over the dorsal there. Good common, this one. A good 30.
Don’t want to lose him. And just a few little tips for when
you’re fishing up tight like that. You want the same size lead
on every rod. I know that sounds silly
but it makes a difference. I’m using 3½oz flat pear swivels. Nice and condensed shape.
They punch into the wind well and they’re perfectly suited
to these 12 foot 3.75 Infinity DFs. People always say,
‘Why do they use such heavy rods when they’re only fishing
at short distances?’ Well, when you’re trying to drop it in
literally a foot square in a crosswind with 15lb line on,
which is 0.40 diameter which you have to have because
it’s snaggy and you’re pulling so hard, you need a stiff rod
that’s really accurate like these to drop it like that. You’ve got a stick on as well. If I had a softer rod, 12 foot 2¾,
it’d just be going all over the place. So punching it hard and low
into the wind, hitting the clip just short
of the branches is getting me… I’m walking towards it. As I hit
the clip, I’m walking towards the rig to let the lead drop
as straight as possible so it doesn’t swing back towards me
away from the shallow water. All that together with the work rate
is getting the bites. The water’s so clear here. It’s lovely seeing him twisting
and turning in the edge. Look at that. Yeah. Come on. Net in the water at the last minute.
Go on, get in there. Yes, get in that net! Wicked, absolutely wicked. 35 and a couple of ounces. Get in. Check out the length on that baby. Yeah, man. One night to go
and these ones keep on coming. Hopefully a monster’s
going to follow it. But if it doesn’t, I really don’t care. I’ve already had
the session of a lifetime. Awesome. These are the stick mixes that form an essential part
of my fishing here at Parco. They’re both made exactly
the same way. So to start off with I’ll show you
that lovely crumbly, carpy mix. So we’ve got Cell boilies in there,
crushed up in the Krusha real small. I’ll put them through two or three times
just to get all the big bits out of there. That’s mixed with the Parco pellet which
you have to have in a PVA bag here. They see so much of it,
they are absolutely addicted to it and you’d be mad not to use it. So I mix the two together
in equal quantities and then I put loads of Goo
over the top of it but not as it comes
straight out of the bottle. So on this one
I’m using the Buttercorn and I’m mixing a little bit of it
with water to thin it right down so that it gets absorbed by the pellets
and absorbed by the boilie crumb in there. If you put it on
in a thick gloopy stuff, it sits on top
and doesn’t draw right in. The reason for drawing right in is you get better attraction
over a longer period of time. If it’s just sitting on top,
it washes away and then it’s gone. This stuff is bleeding off
the whole time. So I’m using
the Long Chuck Funnel Web System, the thinnest one that we do. I developed this many years ago for fishing
at real extreme range with a PVA bag. And this sort of fishing,
although it’s at closer range, it reminds me of those old days
at Mercers Park when we were winter fishing. One little bag of boilie crumb
and a little bit of pellet and that was getting us the bites.
No bait in the swim whatsoever. That is the power of this thing. Then that’s the bag itself. Or the stick as we call it. Little, tiny, tiny, little stick. And the reason I’m using them
over solid bags on here is, one, I’ve only just started using solid
bags and I’m not the best at tying them. Fishing in open water’s fine but when
you’re trying to fire it under the trees if the bag wanders at all, you end up
dropping into the trees or onto a snag rather than dropping it
in the little hole in-between. With these and a 3½oz lead, it’s flying
straight as an arrow every single time. The only time I have to wind it in
is if I’ve miscast. There’s nothing about the rig
that’s pulling it off course. So I have a load of these tied in advance,
if I get it wrong, wind it back in again, put another one straight on
and out she goes. The hooklinks with this
are very, very short. The same as the solid bags, I thought if the fish are conditioned
to feeding right on top of a solid bag and they’re getting caught
on short hooklinks, then use a short hooklink
through one of these. So it’s just a little tiny Combi Rig. It’s got boom for probably
about three or four inches and then an inch of soft stuff
and a little tiny Wafter, as we call it. Kev at Mainline has put the effort in
and made some little tiny barrels for us, 8mm and 10mm in diameter. They’re perfect with these. I just use a little white Buttercorn one
to complement that. And that has probably got me
the most takes. But the second mix is something
that you’re probably not going to… I bet a carp’s never been caught on this
in this lake. It’s the Garlic Goo
and I’ve done the same thing. So I’ve crumbed up the Cell,
put the Garlic Goo on top of it and that’s turned it from that creamy
colour to the orange colour. Put the pellets in as well, bit more
Garlic Goo and it’s the Supreme. This one’s really thin,
you don’t need to water it down. Put it over the top of it,
mix it around with a fork, give it a few minutes, let it all soak in and
then you’re ready to start making a bag. I’m using a little tiny
Squid dumbell over the top with the Garlic Goo on top
so they’ve gone orange as well. I started using that more
in this session and it seems to be at night
when the visibility side of it isn’t such an important part,
this is really winning. It’s such a pungent smell. We don’t sell much of this Goo at all
because people don’t like the smell. You have to catch the angler
before you catch the fish. And it’s so pungent,
it gets in the back of your throat almost like a sharp sort of smell. But everywhere I’ve taken this,
all the syndicates I’ve fished in the UK and in Europe,
I’ve always tried the Garlic and it’s always done
really, really well. So the same size stick. Making the sticks is really easy. Basically you want a bait box or one
of the Compacs, like I’m using now, and with the inner tube
of the Long Chuck Funnel Web, you’re just scraping some up. You’re not picking it up and
trying to pour it down the hole. Scraping it up
against the side of the bait box, just three or four scoops into it,
then turn it round the other way. Then use the plunger,
push it down under loads of pressure, have your thumb at the end of the funnel
web so you can really compress it down, then push it out the end
with the plunger and then pull a load of PVA off. That’s the thing
a lot of people do wrong as they’re trying to tie the bag
with almost no PVA off the funnel web. Pull a load off, big overhand knot,
pinch up tight at the top of the bag and just pull the knot down
on to the top of the bag. Do a second one, get them
as close together as you can so you waste no PVA, cut between
the two and your bag is done and then your system is ready
for another go. Like you see here, I’ve probably got
10 or 12 done up already so if I miscast in the night
I’m not thinking I can’t be bothered to do another bag,
I’ll just put a single out. They’re already there, just slide
another on with a stick needle and out it goes. One of the other things I’ve been doing
is using one of the Chod It tools to make a massive hole
through the middle of the bag. It looks really ugly
and it doesn’t fly as well, so I wouldn’t do it
at really extreme range. But what it stops is anything on the rig
getting crumpled up. I’ve noticed where these are so
compressed, when I’m pulling them in you’ve got a little kicker
on the end of the hook, sometimes it’s pushing the kicker
further up the hook and it’s not angling in as much. So by making a big hole, sometimes
you can do it with a needle, just keep putting it backwards
and forwards through the stick and it just makes a bigger hole,
stops anything catching and it all sits on there perfectly. So the rig never ever tangles. You get a lovely little pile of food
around it, casts mega accurately and now I’ve used it on this session,
I’ve got the winter coming in the UK, I cannot wait to use this on the
syndicates I’m going to fish in the UK because I’ve become
a bit of a lazy boilie angler in the last couple of years because
I’m always fishing for bigger fish and when you’ve got nuisances around
you can’t use sticks. But the lakes I’m fishing this winter
have got no nuisances and loads of carp. And that is miles more attractive
than one boilie on its own. So for somewhere like Parco
and anywhere with no nuisances, get on the sticks. A 30-pounder by the look of him. Get in that net. Kaboom! Yes. 30lb and ounces. Literally within seconds
of finishing Spombing, they’re back on the bait
and it’s away again. This one on a little
white Buttercorn dumbell and a mix of a little bit of Cell,
a little bit of their pellet, a bit of Buttercorn over the top
in the stick, that’s what’s doing it. If I get the accuracy right on the cast
and the Spombing, the bites just keep on coming. I’ve got a fish on. Everybody’s having a meeting.
I was thinking I’ll leave my rods in. So you see, no lines in the water
and the fish is free to go. It’s just before dusk.
I was just preparing for baiting up and I have a take, so let’s see
what’s on the end of the line. Could be the biggest one of my trip. Oh, yeah. A lovely common. They look all so massive over here. Come on. It’s not the biggest one but… I’m happy with it. Yeah! You’re mine. Lovely. I’ve fished all week with PVA bags. It was totally new for me and
I will, for sure, take it with me and fish next year or maybe
this winter again with PVA bags. It’s easy and I learned fishing with it
so it’s good. I’ve passed four nights
on the swim on my left. This is a point where normally
the fish are passing your way but this week the fish don’t move. They are not moving a lot, they are
staying in the corner of the lakes. The swim on my right was free and RJ caught so many fish
on the corner on the right. So I decided to make the two last night
on this swim to try to catch a carp, just get out of this corner. And that’s it. 20 hours after moving,
I was biting. And she tried to get to the corner
and after a long fight, very slow, very heavy
but not very hard. And after a long fight
she came in to the surface and I saw the ******* big head,
so I was crazy. It’s a good one. In the net. Very good one. In a point I’m very happy
because this is a very big carp, the only one, but very big. In another point,
it’s very difficult to catch one and it’s a nice result. Zero… Zero… Andalay, andalay. It’s big, man. – 59½.
– Yay! Come on, back to my swim! I want to cast out. Someone said it was
a big ‘un. Who said it was a big ‘un? C’est cool. We passed five nights at the moment and nothing during these
five nights and six days, only two sturgeon. This is the first bite I get
and this is the one. 59… crazy. This is an English company, Harry.
We don’t deal in kilos. We talk in pounds and ounces, all right? When it becomes illegal,
we’ll start talking kilos. – But we’re in Europe.
– Yeah, but we’re on tour in Europe. – Brits on tour.
– Brits on tour. Was that Brits or pricks? This is a 59lb. Yeah, man! This is what it’s all about. I saw a fish jumping
during the afternoon and just cast a PVA bag on it
and I caught it. So, keep your eyes on the water and try to catch everything you see
moving on the water. – And never give up.
– And never give up. Yeah, man. Right, who are we looking at? Pecky? Smile. Come on, give it to me. And Mathieu Baert. When you see
all of the very good anglers, it’s very difficult this week
to catch carp and it’s like we said yesterday
in the car, it’s never over until it’s over. So I guess 12 hours left. We will see. Right, gentlemen, raise your glasses
to our host of the week, Antonio, from Parco del Brenta.
An amazing week. We salute you. – An amazing place.
– Thank you very much. Thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Cheers, mate. Thank you very much.
A brilliant place. Can we have the present for mama? We have a present for mama as well. So we want to say thank you very much
for giving birth to Antonio and also giving birth to Ricardo because if you didn’t have them,
then we wouldn’t have this lovely lake. – Thank you very much.
– Thank you very much. This is from us to you
to say thank you. To mama! Right, gentlemen, before you start
I just want to say it is an honour to work and to fish with such a bunch
of misfits, throwback rejects, ex-cons, lunatics and everything else. It’s been an absolute pleasure,
gentlemen. I’ve had the best week of my life.
Thank you so much for being here. Thank you for doing all the things
that you do for Korda. – I salute you.
– Cheers, gaffer. Right, let’s *******. Come on! Without doubt my three favourite
memories from this week at Parco first of all is the banter. We’ve had so many laughs getting
together in the evening at dinner. It’s just been brilliant
every single time. The buzz around the boys
is just amazing. Particularly being around for when
Mathieu caught that lovely 40-pounder and we were all there to witness it.
That was absolutely awesome. Secondly, it’s got to be the fish. What a place. I’m using this as a model
for Gigantica for the future. It shows how many massive carp
you can fit into one lake. It’s about the same size as Gigantica and
it’s got 2,500 to 3,000 monsters in it. Gigantica’s got 600,
so we’ve got a long way to go. The fish have surpassed
my expectations massively although there’s been no monsters
for Parco out, the quality of the fish has just been
like nothing I’ve ever seen. I think their Instagram normally
is just full of the big ones and, to be honest,
they’re not the prettiest ones. And following on from that,
my other lasting memory, the last fish I caught out of swim 17
was an absolute stunner and it wasn’t the biggest I’ve had
by far, being a mid-30, but what a common, just chestnut
brown, perfectly proportioned, fought like a demon, and to get a bite right at the death
in that swim before I moved, that will stay with me. This week was once again very nice
to see all the guys back. They live all far from each other
so I don’t see them very often. But that’s for me very important. I had five fish in total this week. If there’s one fish that sticks out,
then it’s definitely the pizza carp. That was just a brilliant experience. The fishing got off
to an absolutely perfect start for me. First evening before midnight I managed
to slip the net under two carp including a new personal best… …common of 56lb. It kind of went downhill from there. No more bites were forthcoming
but, do you know what, I got to spend a week with all
of my colleagues from across Europe and we’ve just proved once again
we are just one, big, happy family. I really enjoyed this week because my family came here and my highlight is all the guys
of our team. And the fact that we’re all together,
that is the best highlight I can ask. Well, I have caught
12 fish, 11, 12 fish. And I am really buzzing because
I caught my first leather carp. So 39lbs, not the biggest one,
but for me it was a dream because I never in my life
caught a fish like that. So, top. Well, absolute last knockings. Last bite of my session
and it turns out to be the biggest one. 61½lbs. This place is amazing. So what a week it’s been.
Loads of fish caught. My swim’s been pretty good,
to be honest. There’s been fish in it most nights.
I think I caught every night bar one. Although I did catch a 60
on the last morning which really is the icing on the cake. My favourite one had to be that leather,
it was so clean. Just a really,
really nice fish to look at. 58lb leather carp,
you don’t catch them every day. It’s just a special lake, this,
and I look forward to coming back again.


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