Norfolk Broads: Chilling & The Rigging – Boat Vlog Ep 74
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Norfolk Broads: Chilling & The Rigging – Boat Vlog Ep 74

September 10, 2019

try to do some work here this birds
getting in the way doesn’t speak English as it’s so quiet at the moment and the
weather’s really quite nice well not nice but it’s not cold I thought I have
a night out on the broad because it’s just so it’s just so peaceful and quiet
it’s wonderful I mean there’s not really much to look at especially this term
here because it’s all of it barren let’s eat alcohol 4G on my phone
batteries are charged up boats washed got food got wood well winter boating at
its best bit late getting up this morning it was such a beautiful night
last night and so relaxing peaceful though I just so snug I can get up but
even though I’ve got up late look how beautiful this is around here now just
so misty beautiful in a winter way if you wonder why we’re out on a boat in
the middle of the winter it’s because of David like this this is fantastic this
is beautiful and there are high boat in sight we have a queue for the showers this
morning being on a boat in the winter people think you’re mad trust me
being mad got nothing to do with it it’s awesome what do you need is heating and
days like this beautiful beautiful you just don’t get winters now you used to
when I was a boy I remember it’s just crap look it’s you can still get cold
you can still free it’s April can be a bit cold but the point I’m trying to
make is if you’re on a boat especially if you’re in a marina and you have
heating and electric perhaps it’s just like being anywhere else it’s wonderful
it’s only what do you have to move around well it’s only a few days now
until you start doing the rigging on the boat which I’m quite excited about to be
quite honest the only thing that frustrates me is I can’t
swage the copper Ferrell’s myself I’m very hands-on I like to do everything
myself you know for a couple of reasons one it’s obviously cheaper and two you
get the satisfaction of doing it self so I got to pay somebody to
swage the ferals but apart from that most of its gonna be done by me the
whole furlings gonna be rewired new shrouds and got a rig up all the
lighting again make sure that’s checked over I’ll have to check the no I have to
change the steaming light and have lights to our lights and all that but
that can wait till 8:00 let’s just get it up and at least we’ll be able to
finish off painting the top of the boat because you can’t do jack when the mast
down but it’d give me a bit of a nuisance with the bridges obviously so
I’m not going to be putting the mouse up and down
down up and down every day it’s just crazy so I’m gonna go down towards
what’s known as part of broad area that’s where Nelson how she learnt to
sell case any of you wondering about that and I’ll kill the next ten weeks or
so down there because the boat can come out then and the mass is up so so it’s
all very exciting at the moment and things are starting to come together now
and I’m just really chapped about well good morning good afternoon or good
evening wherever you may be we’re about to go get all these replaced
there’s two shrouds and one stay in there and I have no idea how much it’s
gonna cost that’s the ferals I was talking about the swaging I’ve no no
idea how much this is gonna cost it’s probably gonna be it was surprised about
50 quid actually it’s gotta be done and I’m looking for to doing it so this I
got and go back up again and the boat can start looking like saleable really
whether it’s going to shit as usual I honestly don’t know where the English
get their reserve from because I’m days like this so it’s bollocks basically but
it won’t last and we just got to do what we can do on a day like this it’s get me
indoors today and I can’t even get in the trunk Kevin there’s so much wood in
there something like about 60 70 feet in that’d be just fine right was very
strange this week we’ve gone from floods to water is literally dropping much
though I see still water is just this is gone all that over there that was all flooded
only a few days ago the clearance under the bridge is unheard of
that’s almost like somebody’s pulled the plug out it’s a frosty January morning it’s a frosty icy January morning and it’s a toasty I see beautiful cold
January morning today we’re going to be going down that way Colter shawl which
is probably the last time I could be going down that way probably go pick the
rigging up well some of the rigging I say it’s the last time because once we
get the rigging down we’re gonna be going through that bridge there wherever
it is sorry four hours down the river your masters gonna be going yeah we’re
gonna be spending the next few weeks till the end of the season down there
and then we’re gonna be bringing the boat out and well I can’t see all the
Broads forever so this may be the last time I got do this trip and it’s
beautiful River beautiful stretch of river spey an hour and I’m going to
share some clips with you about that so I’m trying to fall over here it’s all
I see and it’s such a beautiful day so that’s gonna be really cool that’s the
plan for today so I want to go up there in a few hours time and see about
picking up his rigging well good morning folks from Coulter
shelf and the Norfolk Broads in Norfolk England I have no idea what cultural
means I will look into it I like to find out what these or these words mean this
place here isn’t really Norfolk to me it kind of reminds me a bit like
London and also Sussex and I say that because you’ve got this great big common
which anybody familiar with London will know are very very common common and
also this huge house is up here it’s absolutely prosperous it’s very affluent
normally in the summertime this place is heaving as two pubs here right next to
each other but you’ll never see on the broad side shows how busy it gets the
last year I was checking chap in there and you said you had layoffs 18 staff so
I go someone extremes the other like a seasonal face I’ve never quite
understood that because life doesn’t stop in the winter so why should all the
tourism and all that this common here unfortunately is very very mud buggy
buggy buggy buggy buggy baby buggy and it’s flooded which is a bummer apart
from that I love this place now last night it was exceptionally cold it
really was temperatures plummeted and I’m really feeling it today you looked
at the key heading here you can see the white it’s not paint that’s ice
so it is really really nippy I’m up here wait for my rigging to get delivered it
should have got delivered yesterday but at the courier delivered it to the wrong
address like you do if you’re an idiot so hopefully that’s gonna come today I
used to be in the logistics industry myself so I know when it comes to
courious you need to get good weather you get babb on there’s no ifs most
common ground it’s at all what’s it gonna do a boating you
might ask everything because I’m waiting for my boat a bit so it’s just trying to
catch a comment so still a bit early in the morning
won’t the email to come and once that comes I can take a nice little wander up
here cuz there’s nice little village up there and this is the end of the
navigation as well there’s a lock around the corner I haven’t been there but I’m
gonna have to see if I can find it later on today so it’s over now for the time
being from coal to shore and hopefully later on today I’ll have my rigging you
know I woke it up this morning what I can smell is this beautiful smell well
good morning folks it is a absolutely freezing Sunday morning on the Norfolk
Broads I am still in coal to show I’m having to wait a few more days so my
rigging which is a bit of a bomb oh but that’s just where it goes and I
absolutely freezing but loving every moment of it
so as I’m gonna have to stay here for a few more days and I’m trying to get a
video up every week I might as well put up what I’ve got now I was gonna do the
rigging and the masts going up but I can do that next week now that’s fine so I’m
gonna upload a video today but I just wanted to say a big thank you to the new
patrons on patreon we’ve got a John another journal we’ve got a tux tiger
thank you very very much and to anybody else who wants to become
a patron on patreon the link is in the description and it’s a big THANK YOU
what I’m going to do is I’m going to put your name in credits and if you don’t
want your name in credits I can I can not do that if you like you should refer
or I can just put your first name in to let me know if you would like your name
in the credits so I’m gonna leave you today now from a very coal
old but scenic Coulter shawl on the Norfolk Broads and I’ve had a really
great week really enjoyed it but it is a little bit too cold for me at the moment
but luckily I’ve got my burn and I’ve got plenty of wood so I’m just gonna do
some jobs on the boat today which involves epoxy so it’s gonna smell like
crap basically so anyway I better get cracking on that and I better upload
this video so thanks again to the new patrons and thank you very much for
watching the videos if you liked be subscribed and you’ll get notified when
there’s some more videos coming up and as I say I’m gonna try and do it every
week now because it’s all gonna stock in busy now thank you very much for all the
pleasant comments and I’ll get from people it’s makes it more worthwhile and
I must admit I really do enjoy making the videos it’s all the best and see you
next week you


  • Reply mark Lawrence January 22, 2018 at 6:16 pm

    Great video hopefully you will be able to get all the boat work done .I have posted your video to my group ?

  • Reply Andrew & Jacqui January 22, 2018 at 7:47 pm

    We lived in Kelmscott very near the Thames, hardly had any freezing weather, apart from a rare freak storm once. Would love to know more about why you chose to live on a boat. Look forward to your videos.

  • Reply Danny B January 22, 2018 at 7:55 pm

    Nice video Miles, great to see you enjoying the peace and nature. Hope you will get your rigging soon!

  • Reply Mr Polite Polite January 22, 2018 at 9:30 pm

    amazing place to wake up in. looking forward to viewing your big sailing adventure later this year. let's have another q&a live video soon.

  • Reply Jonny Jones January 22, 2018 at 9:53 pm

    After watching all the vlogs from the start again waiting for this one was torture ? miles did you replace the plexiglass windows with the thicker set or are you planning to get that done when she's out of the water?

  • Reply John Brookes January 23, 2018 at 7:18 am

    Will be good to see her back as a sailing yacht. Nice video

  • Reply Paul Rosebud Cooper January 23, 2018 at 8:35 am

    Couldn’t find the link to patrons ? Maybe it’s my fault…

  • Reply Radio Illuminati January 23, 2018 at 3:54 pm

    I don't get it. I want to live on a boat too. But I would not stay in North Europe in the winter time. Why are you not sailing to another country?

    You can make money with Steemit and Look it up.

    Just read your comment under the youtube. It was about time you are heading for France! Looking forward to see you enjoy life there.

    If you want to teach about how to live a board or boat tricks, then you can make money at Udemy

  • Reply Dave P January 23, 2018 at 6:54 pm

    The bit up to Coltishall is one of my favourite parts of the broads, albeit not very good for sailing. There used to be a very good Thai restaurant there, but I believe it's closed down now.

  • Reply LAS January 24, 2018 at 4:22 am

    Beautiful location! Harbor was frozen here last week, now reaching 60+ degrees F for a tease. Then back to the crisp cold air.

  • Reply Steve Green January 24, 2018 at 11:57 am

    Great video as usual Miles…. was up at Stalham last Sunday checking on my boat … yep bloody freezing lol… May bump into you if you are up that end over the next coming weeks ….

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