Norfolk Broads: Trees, Leaks & Epoxy – Boat Vlog Ep 75
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Norfolk Broads: Trees, Leaks & Epoxy – Boat Vlog Ep 75

September 11, 2019

well what do you know it’s snowing yes
cold tonight oh how exciting winter boating snowing
freezing your nuts off this is fantastic got a parcel how’s that shop frontage
hey we gotta get out of there now some frozen and muddy and last time you saw
one of those tree what they say about life having no mercy moment I need
moment I leave Sun comes out it’s lovely and more I’ve just been freezing since
Friday there you go got the good east so we’re gonna have a little trip down to buxom get showered up and then we’re
going down to Barton broad put my mouse tough thing that’s why they call it
cracked Miller so I’ve been told I mentioned in one of my videos I’m
stuck on the other side of the bridges floods about trees coming down so you
can see this one here it’s quite a common sight actually but you really
wouldn’t want to be in your eye when that happens not at all not at all some ol bucket is more up down there oh you gotta watch out for these cheese
man I don’t know I pawned the water that goes to find out hey have you gone
through one problem that’s how I changed them with the very sound of water not
the middle of the winter I can assure you not good it was so windy the other
night every night unaware he came for just sunny turned up a tow and
knew like crazy and then it’s gone and even myself down in the town I pulled
out blue tarp a tree there’s no real solution for it really because these
trees up here I forget most of our now but did you see they grow like weeds and the ground just lifts up like carpet so
it’s not going thing I mean if it wasn’t for brought authority and the
Environment Agency or whoever is responsible for digging them how this
river would come to a standstill put it down quickly and once the river stopped flowing then
it starts flooding everywhere so it’s a crucial it should brew shall bit of
river this to keep clear and it’s not only about navigation when flooding if
you can see that little Robin dispensary I want to beautiful day to be on the
roads but you often wild Lauren’s but as a
perfect example that’s a big-ass tree as well perfect
example of why Maureen excellent sweets there’s not such a great idea there’s another one there all of their
aware if you you learn be careful sure awesome vehicle pump
these out there okay here is your urgent report there
isn’t there’s enough loss bone snapping the
tree see I’ve never seen this anywhere before mmm that looks a bit more like it
that’s going in the furling the further these are the compression fittings the
wedges no sorry let me start that again these are the wedges that go in the
compression fittings someone called stay lock so I’m gonna
called Norseman and this son called hi Maude which I like because they separate
the strands better but there seem to be a lot more expensive this is 20 quid
worth here believe it or not so you know bursting certainly isn’t cheap but once
these are done if they’re done properly they’re supposed to be stronger than the
actual rope itself can’t quite figure how that works from the ego so we’re
getting there and now we just need a day like today
now we can start get it all put back together yeah if you look familiar with
these it’s pronounced stay on the right side of winter now I wonder if you can
see their rainbow one of those lovely winter days today
and it’s come right after very wet previous day so I know I’ve got a leak
so I’ve got my hatch apart take the wood off I’m gonna get a brand new piece in
there I’m gonna pops you the hell out of it make sure this baby is there’s
nothing more irritating and having a leak on a boat especially in the winter
one is tricky to fix you know nothing will go off and set misses a day like
this but also the fact that I’ve come to realize that when you have a leak on the
boat it can actually ruin your boat you can do so much damage you can destroy
your bulkheads ultimately so we’re quite anal when it comes to leaks now that’s
just a tip and I’m gonna get it fixed so lovely sunny day we’re busy I’m working
on the boat I wonder if you can see that seeing on the hatch that’s right where’s
gonna drop down done what we can do cordelia rigging at the moment so we’re
going the library work on the forum so over today and I hope it’s nice and
sunny where you are this hatch is in the process of being restored that’s why it
looks like it’s all being bleached and you know it does it’s actually beatboxing up in nice and sexy it’s
windy as hell folks the weather but it’s not all doom and gloom because if you
hadn’t chucked down I wouldn’t have discovered a leak here looking a bit
messy at the moment but this is the early stages here I built up some layers
of marine fly here and there all the process of being a pop seed and the idea
is and the water comes down here to stop it from getting too far down years ago a
hole in the to the wood that’s in here all right
keepers trouble for tonight I think nearly there
almost water type very pleased with that it’s nice for job comes together right
come in the market for a new jib or a couple of spare ones I’ve had a quote
for new jib and it ranges anywhere from about 800 to
1,200 pounds so costly that happening for a while I can see online you can buy
secondhand ones I thought might be best to go online and ask us somebody watch
it might know somewhere what’s got to be 13 what’s the longest bit enough with
the leech I think the laugh is 35 inches 28 30 yes
the foot is 13 the Meech is 28 and the left/right interested and it makes perfect sense
almost well it’s very moral early evening but I decided because it’s the
end of the week I want to go out on the broad have some peace and serenity
tonight find it a little bit difficult trying to get stuff done on the boat
when I’m on the war into this high temperatures all day the people walking
past and the minute sunny turn into hours of the next thing you know you
spent about three hours talking to people and I do a lot of in the summer
thing is I’m doing so I thought maybe if I come out here I live here to get
something down but we’re making progress we’re getting some stuff done so I’m
quite chuffed and yeah we have a nice night on the corner and shut up so happy
days I will say there’s some chap who watches these videos I think he said
he’s an appellate of Australia and I’m pretty sure he saves in the forties out
there at the moment that’s really nice to hear because before the booze in my
cabin last night so thanks for those comments they really help
but seriously this is great this is wonderful it’s nobody a peaceful anybody
wants me Wow broad tonight over now good week tonight you can see do the tight squeeze
getting in here how’s that so let’s get the Kevlar its upload a video okay so
I’m gonna sign out for this week because I’m really not gonna get anything done
today however stay tuned thank you for
watching and thanks again to my viewers subscribers patrons on patreon and if
you like the videos make sure you subscribe like and all that sort of jazz
and if you don’t what I like to subscribe just turn them on when you’re
ready cuz they’ll be going up every week so that’s me for today so I’m gonna sign
out and see you next week


  • Reply mark Lawrence January 28, 2018 at 8:07 pm

    Interesting video always enjoy them posted on my group 🤠

  • Reply chriscox35 January 28, 2018 at 8:30 pm

    Did you say you have some anal leakage? 😮

  • Reply Cold Start Daily January 28, 2018 at 8:59 pm

    very interesting about port and starboard.

  • Reply LAS January 28, 2018 at 10:07 pm

    Love the winter shots. Beautiful. At 2:40 min mark….what is the church? do you have any history to it? always like your commentary on local history. Happy sailing!

  • Reply Asphalt Ricky January 29, 2018 at 1:37 am

    Charming and enjoyable vlog as usual old chap.
    I remember stumbling upon you by chance and proceeding to natterto you for hours, also, at Stalham one time.

  • Reply Andy Eversden January 29, 2018 at 9:41 am

    Great video , I'm at my property near Bungay and agree with the changeable weather and that storm was crazy. I lost my power for 2 days and lots of trees down everywhere!

  • Reply Paul Rosebud Cooper January 29, 2018 at 1:41 pm

    “A bit Anal about leakage”… LoL you owe me a newspaper… i spat my coffee over it!

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