Norwegian Jade Cruise Ship Tour
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Norwegian Jade Cruise Ship Tour

December 3, 2019

Ahoy cruisers, welcome aboard the recently
refurbished Norwegian Jade. Let’s start in the Maltings Whisky Bar. Just next to that is the Mixers Cocktail and
Martini Bar. Heading down the ship we arrive at the Jade
Club Casino… …which has stuck to its original theme with
the lanterns on the roof. There are plenty of machines and games so you
will not get bored. Right next-door is the Stardust theatre. I love this Vancian inspired hallway. There is ample seating in the theatre and
it has tiered seating all around. Let’s follow David up a few flights of the
newly decorated hallways. The Bliss lounge has had a big transformation
with new modern décor. Here you can dance the night away. Next up we have three Asian inspired venues. Sake, Jasmine and the Sushi Bar. Jasmine is a complementary Asian fusion restaurant. And next door is Teppanyaki. The speciality
Japanese restaurant where the chefs put on a fun show and cook right at your table. Looking down now to the Magnum Champagne Bar. Right ahead is the cigar lounge… …and next to that is Le Bistro – the speciality
French restaurant on-board. Oh, la la! Veuve Clicquot is on tap in this
beautifully decorated, elaborate restaurant. It centennially has a certain “je ne sais
quoi”. “Ah Oui… arc de triomphe… au revoir….” Okay now you can see the new carpeting and
new décor in the hallways It looks very fresh and modern This brings us to two of the speciality restaurants. Moderno and Cagney’s. Cagney’s is an American steak speciality
restaurant. Here you can enjoy dinner for two in front
of your own fireplace. This is Moderno Charrascaria – The Brazilian
Restaurant. It has great panoramic windows all around
the restaurant. Now we are heading down to one of the main
dining rooms… The Grand Pacific. And indeed “grand” it is. It’s very lavish
and beautifully decorated here. Okay our favourite part of any cruise ship
is the buffet. And on the Norwegian Jade, it’s the Garden
Café. Here you can find a selection of… well…
just about anything. Next up… O’sheehan’s Bar and Grill. This is a new addition to the Jade. O’sheehan’s serves some great pub food
all complementary. And it looks down on the atrium including
the atrium bar and café. So, this is my Titanic moment. Where is Leonardo Dicaprio? Coming up on your left is Tides Shipping. And ahead is the restaurant reservations desk,
guest services and shore excursions desk. Yes… that really is real marble. The atrium is a casual space with music throughout
the day. Next up we have the photo gallery. Which has had a complete overhaul with digital
screens. Here you can “Snap Up” all you “Snaps”
… Get it? … No And right though is the Art Gallery and Internet
Café. Now let’s look at the Spinnaker Lounge.
Which has also had a great refresh. There are some rally comfortable seats where
you can sit back and relax. Enjoy the entertainment with a nice drink. I will have a martini please… shaken not
stared. And if you are planning on getting hitched.
There is also a chapel on-board. And a place we don’t see often… the fitness
centre. Go on and treat yourself at the Mandara Spa
and Salon. And a place to pick up a book or just a quiet
space to read is the Library. Oooh… Stephen King. Let start the cabin tours. First an inside stateroom. Which you can see has had a few updates with
a new television. Next, look at an ocean view stateroom. And another ocean view stateroom. This is the standard bathroom for ocean view,
inside and balcony staterooms. Next is a balcony stateroom. And here is a mini-suite balcony stateroom. Which is larger than a standard stateroom
with a larger seating area. The bathroom is also bigger enjoying a bath tub. Next is the big boy of staterooms. This is the three-bedroom garden villa. This is just the entrance. Its bigger than
an inside cabin! I can see myself twinkling away on the ivories. … You are always twinkling away. And look at that view, these mirrored windows
allow you to see outside. But no one can see you inside. You also have your own private courtyard area
with a hot tub. This area is massive and spans over two whole decks. This is the master bathroom that I think is
bigger than my first flat. The master bedroom is just as beautiful with
plenty of room… …. and panoramic views all around. The other bedrooms are just as grand and just
as comfortable. All with their own en suite bathrooms. Wow! This is
your own personal staircase up to the Haven Owners Suite. This suite sleeps 4 and has some great panoramic
views. As well as two balconies’. And a large bathroom where you can take a
bath with a view of the ocean. Next is the Haven Courtyard which is exclusive
to guests staying in Haven Suites. The Haven Courtyard has a retractable roof so you can enjoy these facilities whatever the
weather. This is the Haven sundeck which is exclusive
to Haven guests. Now let’s look at the main pool area. Here you find 2 large pools and 4 hot
tubs. Here is the Pit Stop bar. There is so much room so you can sit back
and relax. Or grab a bite to eat. And you can grab a bite from the Topsider’s
Bar and Grill. Are you feeling healthy? … No I will just grab a burger and a cake
please. Thank you for joining us on this tour of the
recently refurbished Norwegian Jade. You can find us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. That’s all for this time… ~~~~ Happy Cruising ~~~~


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