[OSRS] In-Depth 1-99 FISHING Guide (2018 Best Methods)
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[OSRS] In-Depth 1-99 FISHING Guide (2018 Best Methods)

January 13, 2020

Hey, what’s up guys welcome to my 1-99 fishing guide. I’ve jam-packed this video with so much info You know covering minnow fishing lava eels dark crabs the fishing trawler Which will actually need to do to get this outfit for some increased fishing XP, so let’s get right into it And I also just posted every single 1-99 guide for 2018 so if you do enjoy this video make sure you check out every other 99 I have posted and I’m also doing a huge giveaway with every single video roughly 10 mil per video So it’s 200 mil total if you guys do want to enter the giveaway make sure you call me rsn And I’ll keep your private on so I can message you if you have one be subscribed if you’re not and like the video Means a lot boys, so let’s get right into it. Hope you enjoy So first off covering the quest list I would highly suggest doing fishing contests. It’s only level 10 fishing. It’s gonna Take you literally two minutes help like a vampire or something. That’s very easy. I would also do rum Deal It’s at fifty fishing and of course you want to do fremmenik trials for that Berserker helmet And you know there’s some good quests on here. I see sea slug menace as well I guess it’s sea slug, and then the next quest is sea slug Menace, but you actually unlock the Proselyte armor Which is that white gold armor you see people using from Slayer it gives a really good prayer bonus, so yeah I would highly suggest doing that and we can see at the bottom of the quest swan song giving 10,000 XP although You will need a good amount of requirements, but this quest actually grants you access to fish monkfish Which is one of the best fish in the game, and i’ll show you guys later on in the video So let’s get right into it I Do want to cover the bonus increases real quick. There’s actually the full angler outfit Which I’ll show you in just a second how to get there’s a dragon harpoon which is 20% faster than any other harpoon and Gives you a three level boost with a special attack kind of like the dragon pickaxe And if you guys do happen to fish in the fishing guild you’ll get an invisible level seven boosts Which is definitely gonna help? Whether you notice it or not if you’re actually trying to get 99 fishing, and you know you’re serious about it I would recommend getting a smoldering stone. They’re about 1.8. Million you want to attach it to your dragon harpoon It actually has a one-third chance to incinerate your fish which of course You know gives you the cooking XP so if you’re trying to get a 99 cooking as well. This is a big bonus Alright so getting this outfit It’s gonna take about two to six hours could even be more could be less Depending on how lucky you get but you’ll actually need you know the top The the legs the boots and the hat it gives you a 2.5% fishing bonus XP wise Primary fish you catch to get this set you’ll actually have to do the minigame called fishing trawler You could go to your mini game like Next to the quest list little thingy and teleport that way or you could actually go to port khazard somehow, and yeah You just wait around for 12 minutes and once everyone shows up. If you’re in the right world of course trust me you’ll know You’re gonna want to bring a bailing bucket I’m not sure if you can buy from the GE But you actually buy from the general store just north of this little bank area And you can actually buy you know swamp tar or swamp paste my about it is definitely paste you can buy that from the GE As well they’re about a hundred and twenty each I do believe and you’re gonna use about forty each game probably maybe fifty I’m not sure, but yeah all you do you just sit here, and I don’t even know you guys watch a movie Have a wank. I’m not sure what you what you’re really gonna Do you basically just afk and spam click for 12 minutes and keep your activity bar in the green after this is finished You’ll actually click on the net, and you could have a chance to get the angler outfit Or you’re just gonna get a whole bunch of sea turtles and manta rays all that good stuff Which you could sell for some awesome profit Now maybe some of you guys are just coming back to OSRS or you know runescape in general But they’ve actually added like 50-plus pets mainly bossing you know pvm type of pets But there is a couple skilling pets and of course fishing has one which is the hair on and I was lucky enough to get It while catching monkfish, and I’m not even 99 yet I’m very close But I think I got it when I was like 89 fishing and you’re actually predicted to not get a pet all the way to 99 like it’s post 99 its that rare but we can see it’s 138 thousand for monkfish, and yeah, you can just skim the chart some of these things are insane some of the numbers yeah All right, so if you didn’t happen to do any of those quests You’re actually gonna be wanting to start it off at the shrimp 1 to 20 You could just do this a you know south of lumbridge or you could actually go to draynor village They should only take you about 15 20 minutes, and you will unlock anchovies at level 15 as well Which will speed up the process just a bit you could even light a fire, and you know start start cooking your shrimp So at level 20 you’re gonna want to head over and find a fly-fishing spot. There’s one on Lumbridge barbarian village Gnome there There’s quite a bit of places also You can go to shilo village if you know know you don’t like the scenery right here I’m not sure once you unlock salmon at level 30 your XP is definitely gonna spike up you’re gonna be looking about 25 to 35 k XP an hour below 70 and you of course you’re gonna get higher after 70 But I would not recommend this after level 70 although a good amount of people just keep doing this, but definitely the other methods I’m about to show you are much better. I Level 45 you could catch lobsters until level 70 in love raw lobsters only what 130 each nowadays It used to be you know 250 So it’s not too much gold you’re gonna make about 2 million gold from 40 to 70 You might as well do something like salmon which will be much better XP And then you can actually move on to sharks or monkfish and make much more gold and than lobsters alright so one of the best methods in the game by far catching the leaping salmon and sturgeon and Trout’s I do believe as well at the Barbarian outpost this can be found on the game’s necklace you just you know teleport the Barbarian outpost And you run directly south you will actually have to complete a quick minigame, which will take you about 15 minutes I guess it’s a mini quest you’ll actually want to talk to the you know lead barbarian in his house after Completing the mini quest he’ll actually give you a barbarian fishing rod Which you can then you know fish out the fishing spots that you’ve just unlocked It’s roughly 30 K to 45 k XP an hour below 70 and you can be getting about 60 k XP an hour after level 70 But what makes this method so good is that you actually get strength and agility? XP along with the fishing XP it’s only a small Percentage like if you got like a 70 XP drop and be a 12 12. What is it you get 72 strength and 72 agility if you were to get 99 fishing here, so it’s like it’s roughly like 1/12 or something now moving on to monkfish This is like the best of both worlds a little bit of afk a little bit of gold a little bit of XP It’s just right in the middle of everything. I’ve actually gotten from like what 75 all the way to 97 fishing I’m almost 98 I do a lot of a you know video afk editing there, and yeah, it’s a hundred K Gold an hour about 30 to 40 K XP will have to do the swansong quest as well though, which takes you 30 minutes And you get some good fishing XP from that as well now to get to pisco ileus where the monkfish actually are it’s um It’s quite a bit of a trek so what you want to do well You could actually unlock the Diaries and unlock the banner, which gives you a free daily teleport But I mean that’s only gonna go so far I mean if you have to go to the GE or maybe do a farm run It’s done for so you could get there by fairings or just buy a Piscatoris teleport They’re only like five to six K Very cheap, and I use them all the time probably like ten a day if I’m on you know doing some hardcore fishing Coming up at 85 we’re gonna be fishing sharks, and I will be covering minnows now This is a pretty controversial topic like are you guys just gonna go to the fishing guild to use a harpoon? Are you gonna bear hand catch? I think you actually get a little bit of strength XP You know using that barbarian fishing method? I just told you about that you do unlock after that minigame Or are you guys gonna catch the new minnows which just came out you actually gonna be training your minnows for sharks So if you were to normally catch sharks is about 15k xp an hour. It’s so slow If anyone’s you know I ever caught them, but if you do do minnows It’s about 40 k XP an hour and roughly 500 sharks an hour plus 300 K plus gold an hour, and yeah basically It’s the most afk method or the highest attention rate because the minnows change every like five seconds, and yeah It’s I believe it’s 20 minnows per every one shark, so if I caught you know twenty thousand minnows. That’s a 1000 sharks So that was the main, chunk of the basic you know fishing methods that most people do But I do want to cover the unique fishing methods. There’s you know Karambwans of course which is roughly 500 K gold an hour although It’s not as good as I was just making this video within the last week or two karambwans are just Crashing so hard, but it is still pretty good XP I would definitely check out a separate guide if you are curious But next up at the infernal eels these things are pretty cool 35 K Gold an hour only 320 K and of course these are found just below the Karamja volcano you will actually need a sacrifice a fire keep to get Inside this area, and I would say you could actually get more gold than 320 K if you’re lucky because you can actually use a hammer on the eels and you get onyx bolt tips a whole bunch of gems and Tokkul and with the tokkul you can actually Eventually buy an armor piece like an obsidian plate body or something like that which is 1 million gold There’s also sacred eels at level 87 which is 22 k XP an hour and roughly 20 for cooking XP an hour you get you know half and half And it’s 185 k GP an hour all those scales are just skyrocketing so it could be about 250 K But you will need the regicide quest, which is it’s a pretty hard quest is is where you actually kill Zulrah It’s literally ten squares from the dock Next up at level 85 in the wilderness dark crabs you’re gonna have to venture all the way to the wilderness resource area It’s 54 you know wildy and yeah, you’re gonna have to bring probably a Serp helm black D hide I like to bring as ZGS so if anyone tries to attack me I can just freeze them and stand under and log out roughly 42 K XP an hour and 380 K Gold, but if you do um do the wildy elite diary? You know you’re getting so much more XP and gold and if you don’t have that you can still catch them It’s just not as good and don’t forget guys actually posted every single one to 99 video And I cover this resource area very well in the smithing guide, and you know a few other ones so check them out now One more fish. I actually don’t have the requirements to catch you need a hundred percent on Zeah But shout out to Michael RS man this guy has done multiple like um How should I say a ten account videos at once where he’s catching fish? He’s doing this killing things and this guy went hard on nine accounts with ninety fishing for one hour And we can see Michael made about 1.7 million an hour, but of course he was using nine accounts So that’s only like 200k. It shows fishing should be better, man. You know you go kill green dragons 700k an hour you go boss It’s two mil. I do wish skilling was a bit better Another meant that I actually found after completing this video his dragon harpoon who takes sword fishing, and this guys getting 123 K fishing XP an hour Just watch this man. It’s insane people are getting so good at runescape in 2018 although He does have a max cape so you know I can’t blame him, but yeah guys there. It is the 1-99 fishing guide Hopefully you did enjoy you found informative definitely check out my other 99 guides And if you don’t want to support the channel check out seers village this websites gonna get you know a full redone Revamp within the week so check it out guys. Have a good one. See you


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