Our Journey through the Famous Corinth Canal! (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 118
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Our Journey through the Famous Corinth Canal! (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 118

August 14, 2019

We’ll get Kala up there when she’s finished sun baking. Kayla! back to work! This is so funny, the dogs are like going crazy, they’re grabbing the ropes, they’re not letting the boat in front leave Good morning everyone We are currently nearing the Corinthian Canal the canal that connects the Ionian and the Aegean Sea so we are about to go island hopping The Cyclades Islands the place where Riley and I first met So a few days ago we sailed from Catalonia to the third-largest city in Greece called Patra We’ve been in touch with a guy called Giorgio. Say hello Giorgio hello! A Local from Patra, and he took us to his house and his wife made us an amazing traditional Greek dinner Im getting very excited for this Cos I made a s**tload of food They’re ‘fake’ doll mothers they’re not with meat This is Saganaki These are olives
I love olives ya This look amazing Thank you very much, we really appreciate it. Last minute we asked these guys to put on a traditional meal for us and they knocked it up in about 5 seconds Love it, Thankyou Our pleasure to have you guys After we ate our friends told tales of ancient Greece, there was also some Greek dancing lessons before we headed home Its embarrassing either way ..and the men go down So this morning we left the city and headed east towards the canal after an absolute… I can’t say s**t fight can I? It was an absolute nightmare The wind blew up so we were getting pushed against the dock. Riley were we expecting these winds? where did they come from? It wasn’t wasn’t supposed to be this serious, but anyway. There’s a hardcore blow right now and Things are just really bad. I’ve got this engine on flat out, because were dragging, as the winds picking up, were getting pushed back onto the wall As the winds picking up, we’re getting pushed back onto the wall. both of our cleats are full of large diameter rope and We need to take another one to pull us off the wall so I’m going to use, I’m going to tie another one of our ropes to one of their ropes and Take it to the windlass to pull us forward a bit, and we better do that now Elayna. i’ll turn them in the Sunroom Yeah Keep goin’ im just struggling with one hand, hold on Now That’s not perfect, but it’ll hold us we’re not creeping back now, i think we’re ok That’s the sort of thing that always happens when you’re away from the boat. We weren’t like we were on board fortunately. Elayna was editing flat-out, but yeah Just heard a little creak at the back But it was all fine because one of my really good friends Kayla had just flown 25 hours from Australia to come and join us here on the water, so.. hello! very excited is that the jet-star Pointed toes? I just realised my boobs are bouncing everywhere, probably not the best.. thats alright How are you this morning Riles? yea good whats going on? We’re about to head to the Corinthian Canal. Well, we are heading there. It’s just there so you’ve already radioed ahead? Yeah, they weren’t particularly helpful. they just said radio when you get closer, and I said well What time is everyone goin’ through and he said radio when you’re closer. I said, okay. Mr. Troyer is on GoPro Tree-mount duties.. Yo, GoPro, if you’re hearing this, make something from you that does the same thing.. because it took us forever to find this I think it was a one-of-a-kind We swam and battled in chess before we received a radio update It would be another three hours until we could get through We had enough time to tie off to a random jetty nearby and get a few quick jobs done one of which we’d been postponing for a while now What is your name? Eleni Eleni.. thats very similar to Elayna’s,
Yes you’ve been helping me find some tools and stuff today. Haven’t you. Hi nice to meet you, have a nice travel around the world. I am so jealous Came down here the other day and because of the glue between the fiberglass and the wood probably because of the fibre glass being a bit crooked and we’re right up against this bit here It come loose so the roof was basically collapsing so ive just pulled it down it’s under warranty, but it would just be quicker if I do it myself so, pull it down scrape the glue off it, put an epoxy on, then I’m gonna put a stronger glue on then stick it back up Hopefully all these little things here line up with the bits of roof, and then they just clip back in place And it’s taking a lot longer than I thought It’s hard because you got it. I’ve got to sand all this off, and it’s been annoying and hot, but we’re getting there Good job guys Carpenters We arrived at the canal which didn’t look too exciting all we could see was a long break wall We were told to anchor outside it and wait for their okay to start moving through It could be another hour for all we knew, we decided to give the hull scrape, mostly Riley, the girls are swam The Corinth canal is eight meters deep and excavated at sea-level So it doesn’t need any locks it took them 12 years to make it, and it was first opened in 1893 The canal shaves off a 700 kilometer journey around the Peloponnese Peninsula and around 11,000 ships pass through each year Mostly small vessels that can handle the narrowness and are able to dodge the result of landslides that sit under the surface We’re already halfway through the canal its only half an hour to get through unlike the Panama Canal that took about two days But there’s no wind you could just imagine how hard it would be going through here as you can imagine, with the prevailing winds from down here That every now and then it just absolutely hammers through here, I guess they’d shut it down I don’t know, ive only just heard rumors from other sailors. Hey Kala, do you want to do a quick tell me of who are you and where are you from? Hello, Im Kala Elayna and I met at dancing when we were about Year 9 or 10 I think? Have been friends ever since and we’ve been separated pretty much since end of high school because I moved to Perth But we’ve always made time to see each other so I decided I’d fly over and come see her and visit Riley as well Awesome, yeah, cool, well, Thank you for coming all of this way And just like that we’d made it through to the Aegean Sea so thats it.. easy wasn’t it! Thought we’d get a bit more current and turbulence in the water, but nope. didn’t seem to be an issue All we had to do was dock on the other side to pay and we were free Okay, who do we pay? The people inside Going through the canal was worth the trip for us because it meant we could sail the Meltemi wind south through the islands Rather than having to be into it if we had gone around the mainland of Greece and up The Meltemi wind blows from the north and in the middle of summer which is right now. It is at its peak Try out the dog whisperer ah look at ’em all lining up say hello to me! love me This is so funny. The dogs are like going crazy. They’re grabbing the ropes are not letting the boat in front leave Wow I would not run over there if i was that guy. they’re gonna do the same with our boat I think. out from here We’ll just go spinning off Alright I need someone out the front with the fender We’ll get Kala out there, when she’s finished sun baking. Kala, back to work! Four years ago before I met Elayna I sailed the boat across I didn’t sail I motored From Italy to Croatia down the coast single-handed down the coast of Albania Did you sail at all? yes, but I was learning so you know I definitely had to rely on the motor because I had Zero idea what I was doing. I was anchoring all wrong and made a lot of mistakes But came all the way down I let my mate borrow the boat and go through the Corinth canal, which is what we’ve just done I was at work and flew back And then me and my mate Sammy Liston who’s a helicopter pilot, We sailed down this channel here similar Yeah, and so I was getting to be teary-eyed before and then we stayed at Poros and then it was when we left In the morning it was so foggy And I didn’t even realize that that was dangerous and my mate who is the helicopter pilot is like “this is extremely dangerous” Can you hear any ferries and I’m and then we were searching around for my honker I couldn’t find it so we were, I was, yelling out honk every now and then because I knew it was annoying him He was like it’s this is dangerous, and we were playing chess, and we started drinking pretty early in the day, but Yeah, and then I went from this island to one or two others all into one or two others, and then I met Elayna in Ios And thats all she wrote The rest is history nah But it is it’s pretty Certainly in this part of the trip Because I’ve done this before just four years earlier this exact route so its pretty… I’ve been a long way.. We cruise past cliff faces until we reached our first stop for the night, poor us It’s pretty crowded, so we’re just trying to find a spot We’re not sure exactly where we can and can’t go. There’s no anchor inside and they’ve cut the cleats off I’m not sure exactly what’s going on there I know we’re not going to be moored up there tonight We are cruising into town past the cute little fishing boat. It’s actually we had to park a long way away from Like Center because there weren’t any spots, quite a busy place We’re actually in a charter place We’re not supposed to be where we are but the the guy said that it was okay for now, for tonight Can’t be too, okay Na Troyer do you want a beer? sure So either please The beautiful town of Poros is perched on a hill Unfortunately we wouldn’t be doing much sightseeing as we were only here for one night And it’d been a year since I’d seen my pal Kala boobie Make that booty as big as it can be Shake that booty Shake that booty shake that booty shake that booty booty booty booty booty Please give the video a thumbs-up if you liked it and join us next week for the worst day of my life


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    I remember collecting three different types of peculiar little two-colored stones with an angled stripe in the middle on the beach that day.I kept picking out smaller & smaller versions of these smooth stones until my boyfriend, Geoff, approached me with his hands behind his back. "I found the perfect one for you."He said. I was touched, and held out my hand.
    He placed his out, palm up. "Here" he said. In his hand was one tiny grain of sand. Very funny! I guess I WAS getting a bit obsessive.🙄 what an adorable guy…making fun of me was his favorite passtime, which further endeared me to him. Later on, before returning to London, I decided to sort my duffle bag, and get rid of some things. It had become quite heavy. Instead of discarding the books, rocks, postcards, magazines & journals I had accumulated, I left a stack of clothes and a pair of shoes on a chair in our hotel room, in Athens, with a note for the maid. I suggested she take what she wanted, and share the rest with friends or family. It was some pretty cute stuff, but I just couldn't part with my collections…plus the 3 books a Greek fellow had asked his wife to gift wrap for me…which turned out to be two Reader's Digest CONDENSED BOOKS, and a bizarre PORN novel translated from Russian, which I read aloud to Geoff and Fred& Arawana, our traveling companions, on the beach. It had very large print, and we each read chapters aloud, finishing in an afternoon, laughing in fits.Oh god we just howled, as this fellow had presented himself as the "most intellectual man in Nafplion". He had studied "Hospitality" in Italy & Switzerland for 3 months, for his job at the Board of Tourism in the Peloponnesus. It was hilarious.
    It's great to see this canal again after all these years, and recall that trip where we stayed above Nafplion for weeks, sleeping in a cave under the Roman ruins of a fortress high above the Mediterranean. We would venture into town, where a tiny hotel manager let us shower & wash our clothes in a room for free, then hang them to dry in the courtyard while we had breakfast. The residents of that little fishing village were all so friendly and welcoming…inviting us into their homes & once out to a taverna where they danced & flung plates on the floor. Once, in my effort to speak Greek, I ordered Metaxa for us all. It took FOREVER to arrive. When the waiter brought a platter of POTATOES to us, they all laughed at me and my failed language abilities.
    I'm loving your videos, kids! I've been bingeing on them for a week now…out of sequence…and have enjoyed every one so far. It's a pleasure to witness such a lovely relationship between two people under some stressful times…and even a BABY added! You are an inspiration to the world with your positivity & kindness…and mutual respect. It's good medicine to witness in these troubled times. Sending love from San Francisco from a former East Coast sailor, now an aging landlubber who occasionally takes a sail on the YachtRuby around Alcatraz, heeled over, listening to loud music, or to some hilarious tales told by the outrageous Captain Josh…an eccentric old salt who designed & built the Ruby, then sailed it around the world himself. You can see him at RubySailing.com.
    Stay smooth, kiddos! I'll keep watching!💗💕Lorraine

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