PAW PATROL TOY REVIEW Rocky’s TugBoat Rescues Rubble Air Patroller and PAW Patroller
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PAW PATROL TOY REVIEW Rocky’s TugBoat Rescues Rubble Air Patroller and PAW Patroller

September 3, 2019

– [Mr. Hands] Hey Kids, it’s Mr. Hands! Today on Toy Time TV,
we’ve got the Paw Patrol! We love the Paw Patrol
here on Toy Time TV! We love the air patroller,
the paw patroller, Chases’ vehicles, Marshall’s firetrucks, we love the jungle patrol! We love all of the jungle rescue toys and today on Toy Time TV we’ve got another fun Paw Patrol toy here
on our toy channel! Hey, Rocky! – [Rocky] Hi Mr. Hands! – [Mr. Hands] Rocky,
we’ve got a really fun toy that we’re gonna do a review here on our channel today! – [Rocky] We are? We’ve got a really fun toy? – [Mr. Hands] Yeah, a
really fun toy, Rocky! It’s your tug boat! – [Rocky] Wow! I get a tug boat! But that means I get in the water! – [Mr. Hands] Don’t worry Rocky, because are no baths in your tug boat! – Wow! Rocky has a tug boat! – [Mr. Hands] Hey Bobby! I was talking to Rocky,
and we were talking about this brand new toy from Spinmaster! Rocky’s tug boat! – Wow, Rocky’s tug boat looks really cool! – [Mr. Hands] Yes it
does, it’s another fun toy to add to our toy collection
here on our toy channel. We’ve got the air patroller,
the paw patroller, the air rescue pups, the super pups, and now we’ve got Rocky’s tug boat! Isn’t that really neat? It’s Rocky’s recycling
truck, which his color is green, and Rocky, can you tell me what you say all the time? – [Rocky] Green means go! Don’t lose it, reuse it! – [Mr. Hands] That’s right, Rocky! Oh, that’s really awesome. The Paw Patrol is on a
roll here on Toy Time TV and I think what we need to do now is we need to open up Rocky’s tug boat and look at it and play with it and have a fun pretend time. You wanna do that guys? – Yeah! I wanna do that Mr. Hands. I wanna do that really bad. – [Mr. Hands] I do too! Well let’s take our paw patroller and our air rescue pups and our air patroller and go ahead and use
some Toy Time TV magic and unbox Rocky’s tug boat! (harp strum) [Rocky’s Tugboat magically unboxes] – [Mr. Hands] Whoa! Toy Time TV magic to
unbox Rocky’s tug boat! A cool Paw Patrol toy here on Toy Time TV. – Yeah! I love the Paw Patrol. – [Mr. Hands] Yeah, we go
the paw patroller right here, Rocky’s tug boat, and the air rescue! The air patroller! – Yeah! – [Mr. Hands] This is a
neat new toy from Spinmaster and hey kids, don’t go
anywhere, because we’re gonna do a fun pretend time
with this, and we’re gonna do some other fun stuff
toward the end of the video. Don’t go anywhere or you’ll miss it. Now, let me ask you a question, kids. What do you think about
Rocky’s tug boat so far? You can answer the question right now. Do you think that it’s an excellent toy? It’s a good toy? It’s a poor toy? Or a bad toy? You can put your answer in
the question on the poll. – Yeah, I think it’s really excellent. – [Mr. Hands] Yeah, I do too. I love any new Paw Patrol
toy from Spinmaster, and Rocky is one of
our favorite characters because “green means go,” and
“don’t lose it, reuse it.” Now this is a neat one, and I can’t wait to have more fun with it. We’re gonna tell you more about the toy here after the pretend time, but that’s what we need your help
with right now kids. We need you to use your imagination and think with us really hard so that we can go do pretend
time here on Toy Time TV. – Yeah! – [Mr. Hands] Okay, let’s do this with the Paw Patrol pups
from Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. – Yeah, I love Nick Jr. – [Mr. Hands] I love Nick Jr. too, and Nickelodeon is awesome. All right, I’m gonna start using my imagination Bobby, okay? Are you gonna start
using your imagination? He’s starting to use his imagination! Okay, you kids at home do the
same and let’s go pretend! – Dun-Dun-Dun-Dun! The Paw Patrol epic journey of Rubble! Rubble was out one day on his hoverboard when he went on the water
and he didn’t realize that hoverboards don’t work on water unless you have power! He got stuck and started calling the other paw patrol pups to help him.
(splashing) – [Rubble] Rubble on the double! Oh no, I’m trapped on the lake and my hoverboard won’t
move, what can I do? Oh no, I don’t wanna
swim in the water, yuck! Okay, Ryder, Ryder, I need some help! Help me! – [Ryder] We read you Rubble! Oh no, you’re stuck on the lake! Okay, we’ll be there in a
minute in the air patroller! – [Rubble] Rubble on the double. Oh boy I hope they get here soon. – [Bobby] And just then the air patroller came flying in towards the lake. And it landed down next
to the side of the lake and Chase and Ryder both hopped out of the air patroller. – [Ryder] We see you Rubble! Oh no, we’ve got to get
you out of that water. Just hang on! Paw patrol pups, to the air patroller! – [Chase] Chase is on the case, Ryder! Here comes Rocky and
he’s got his new vehicle. (imitating car sounds) – [Rocky] Don’t lose it, reuse it! – [Ryder] Rocky, I’m glad
you’re here, we need your tools. I need you to transform
your recycling truck into your tug boat, and go out there with a crane and save Rubble! – [Rocky] Green means go, Ryder! I’m on it! Recycling truck, transform! – [Ryder] Rocky, go save Rubble! (engine noise) – [Rubble] Rubble, Rubble, on the double! Oh boy I’m never taking my hoverboard out on the water again
unless I have power. – [Rocky] Don’t worry
Rubble, I’m gonna use my claw and we’ll have
us back on shore here really soon with my
Rocky’s recycling tug boat. (metallic ringing)
I’ve got you Rubble! Here we go! – [Rubble] Rubble, Rubble, on the double! I’m never doing that again. – [Ryder] Well that’s okay Rubble. Rocky was able to save you
with his Rocky’s tug boat. It’s really neat and nifty and I think we can have lots of fun
and adventures with it. – [Rubble] Oh, maybe we can. – [Ryder] Okay, Paw Patrol pups, let’s head back to the lookout! We’re on a roll, Paw
Patrol, we’re on a roll! Yay! (harp strum) – [Mr. Hands] That was
a really fun adventure wasn’t it, Bobby? – Yeah, it was Mr. Hands! – [Mr. Hands] Yes, Paw Patrol! Paw Patrol! We’ll be there on the double! Whenever there’s a problem,
around Adventure Bay Ryder and his team of pups
will come and save the day! Marshall, Rubble, Chase,
Rocky, Zuma, Skye, yay! They’re on the way,
Paw Patrol! Paw Patrol! Whenever you’re in trouble,
Paw Patrol, Paw Patrol! We’ll be there on the double! No job too big, no pups
too small, Paw Patrol! We’re on a roll! So here we go! Paw Patrol, whoa-oh-oh-oh! – Yay! I love the Paw Patrol! – [Mr. Hands] I do too Bobbie! Were you at home dancing too? Were you dancing like us? I surprised you right there by singing the Paw Patrol theme song! – Yeah Mr. Hands, I wasn’t expecting that. – [Mr. Hands] I wasn’t expecting it too but this toy made me so excited I just had to sing about the paw patrol. We’ve got our air patroller over here too. Oh! – Yeah, go rescue them Jace! – [Mr. Hands] Oh boy,
that was lots of fun. Pretend time was great,
Bobbie had fun, I did too. Now let’s actually look at the toy even closer and tell you
some more stuff about it. Now, what comes in the package
is you get this right here. You get Rocky. Now, Rocky looks a little bit different and you also get Rocky’s tug boat. Let’s take a look at Rocky first, okay? – Yeah, let’s look at Rocky. – [Mr. Hands] Rocky is awesome! – [Bobbie] Yes, he is! He is awesome! – [Mr. Hands] Well this Rocky looks noticeably different
with Rocky’s tug boat. This Paw Patrol puppy has on a helmet. This is something that he has
on because he’s in the water. Whenever you go boating
or you’re in the ocean you want to make sure
you wear a life vest, well he’s got on his life
vest, and he’s also wearing a little helmet to help him just in case if he falls off of his tug boat. He’s got goggles on
too, to protect his eyes when he’s going really
fast in his tug boat. This little Rocky is
not an action pack pup. He is just got his normal pack there, but his front paws and
his rear paws do move and they are articulated, see? Rocky can lay down on the
floor if he wanted to. He’s a cute puppy. I really like this edition of Rocky and how they did him. He’s very detailed, very
nice, his head does move even though when we first
started moving his head it wasn’t quite wanting
to turn but that’s just the newness of the toy
but I like Rocky in this. He’s got his little symbol in the front and he is ready to recycle. Let’s look at Rocky’s tug boat. – I like the tug boat Mr. Hands. – [Mr. Hands] I do too, Bobbie. Rocky’s recycling tug boat is actually his recycling vehicle, his truck. It’s just been converted and
transformed into a tug boat. The tires on the side
rotate, and they don’t move in and out. You can see on the bottom there’re little itty-bitty tires on the bottom
that allow them to move. This is not a water toy, you don’t want to get this in the water because if you do some of it will probably rust. But he can be played with on the ground. Something unique about
Rocky’s tug boat on this one is this little crane on the back, see it? See that kids? – Yeah! – [Mr. Hands] You can say yeah too. Bobbie says yeah when I say kids or children, right Bobbie? – Yeah! – [Mr. Hands] Okay, you
at home can do that too! Well the crane on the back is for picking up things in the ocean. It does move back and forth but the little piece of string here
doesn’t go up and down so he’s kind of stationary. Something else kind of
cool is in the back. Hold that for me, Bobbie. – Yeah! – [Mr. Hands] Okay, Bobbie’s got that. We can open it up and we
can see in the back of Rocky’s recycling truck and we can store things in there if we wanted to. I don’t know if Rocky’d fit. He’s a little big. I don’t think he’s gonna
fit but we could put some other things back there
I guess if we wanted to. But Rocky’s recycling truck in the back, has a little recycling
image, these little tongs in the front do go up
and down so that he can put stuff in the back and it has a little operation zone right here with little doggie emblems so that
Rocky can sit in there. Let me get his paw down, there he goes. So he can sit in there
and drive his tug boat. – What if Rocky hits a wave? – [Mr. Hands] Oh no, it’s a wave! Whoa! Rocky fell over, no he didn’t. Rocky’s another fine vehicle,
this one’s pretty neat. I like it, I think it’s
a great addition to any Paw Patrol collection
that you might have. If you’re a collector or if
you just love the Paw Patrol, this new Rocky’s tug boat
toy is definitely one you want to check out. – I love watching the Paw Patrol. – [Mr. Hands] I love
watching the Paw Patrol too. Hey kids, I know you love watching the Paw Patrol on Nick Jr also. It’s so fun, really really fun! We love the Paw Patrol here on Toy Time TV and we love it a lot and we love making Paw Patrol videos, but we would like you to help us find out if you like the Paw Patrol videos or not. There’s a little like below on this, a little thumbs up thing. If you love our Paw Patrol videos, give us a thumbs up
because the more thumbs ups we get, the more Paw
Patrol videos we’ll make. – Yeah! – [Mr. Hands] Also, you can
leave us a comment below. Bobbie and I respond to all the comments that you guys leave because you’re some great fans out
there, and thank you for leaving comments on our videos. – Yeah, I love when
you’re leaving comments. I go up to the keyboard
and go (gibberish). – [Mr. Hands] You okay, Bobbie? – Yeah, I’m okay. (gibberish) – [Mr. Hands] Bobbie is a silly monster. Well this has been lots of fun. I’ve really enjoyed this
new toy from Spinmaster and I hope you’ve enjoyed this review here on our toy channel
here on Toy Time TV. You can wait until the end of this video and there’ll be a way that
you can subscribe to us and by subscribing to us, you’ll see our videos all week long. Well guys, we’ll see you next time! – Bye! – [Mr. Hands] Bye! Well that was lots of fun! You can subscribe to
Toy Time TV by touching the little photo of Bobbie in the middle of your screen and you can also touch the other photos to watch
more videos right now! (upbeat music)


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