Pencil Cases You Have to Try in 2020
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Pencil Cases You Have to Try in 2020

January 14, 2020

We don’t want you to miss any of the amazing pencil cases released in 2019, so here’s our list the top eight you have to try in 2020. Keep watching until the end to see our bonus pick. Let’s get started. The Concise Bellows might look like a regular pen case, but don’t be fooled. A flap inside unfolds to display your pens! The elastic bands hold pens securely and the inside mesh pocket has a velcro closure to keep small items from getting lost. You can slip pens you reach for the most into the outside pocket. Named after the Japanese term for free address offices, the King Jim Frio is slim enough to bring with you no matter where you go. It unrolls to show all of the items inside. And the top flap has two magnets so you can fold it back, converting the case into a pen stand! The Nakabayashi Lifestyle Tool Box is an adorable, space-saving way to store everyday essentials. It opens to reveal four compartments that can hold pens and small accessories. The tool box uses magnets to hold the box open while you work, and keeps the box securely shut when closed. Organize your pens and pencils in the Nomadic PN-21. This book-style pen case opens flat, so you can see all of your supplies at once. A flap in the middle has five elastic loops to keep your favorite pens at your fingertips. A special pocket in the main compartment can hold small items like erasers, or you can tuck it down to fit long items like scissors. The spacious Nomadic PW-11 can fit up to twenty-five pens! The case unzips and folds down into a tray, so you can easily pick through the contents. The top flap has space for three of your favorite pens and pencils, while small pockets on the sides hold index tabs, washi tapes, and more. The unique Raymay Totteoki Style Pen Case turns into a toolbox-like pen tray! The flaps on top of the case attach to each other with magnets, forming a comfortable handle. The two compartments are deep enough to hold plenty of pens, while small pouches sewn onto the handle flaps hold erasers and other accessories. Inspired by French macarons, the Sun-Star Delde Flat Pouch looks good enough to eat! The pouch is slim when closed, but opens wide to reveal a large pen tray. Magnets on the compartment’s side flaps
attach to the top of the pouch to keep it open. The Sun-Star Guardian Pen Case is sure to protect your most treasured supplies. The outer shell is made from impact-resistant polycarbonate, the same material used in many hard suitcases. The removable divider inside has elastic loops to hold slim pens and pencils. Bonus Pick Carry your favorite slim notebooks and pens with this classy Yamamoto Ro-Biki Notebook Cover. It has two front pockets and a zipped pouch to hold all of your travel essentials. The notebook cover pairs perfectly with the gorgeous Yamamoto Ro-Biki notebooks. Which of these pencil cases do you want to try? Let us know in the comments below. Be sure to like this video and subscribe if you want to see more pencil case videos. Thanks for watching!


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    Which pencil case caught your eye? If you're interested in seeing how these videos are made, check out our Day in the Life of a JetPens videographer video:

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