Pirates on Sailboats-FLARES as Self Defense?(Reefing Hooks+Scuppers too!)Patrick Childress Sailing28
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Pirates on Sailboats-FLARES as Self Defense?(Reefing Hooks+Scuppers too!)Patrick Childress Sailing28

August 12, 2019

today on Brick House, Reef hooks, Scare the
hell out of those pirates, scuppers to drain the deck Years ago people would ask Patrick would
you ever go sail around the world again and I would say no, not really I I didn’t
have the enthusiasm to I had enough adventures I didn’t need anymore
in fact even my enthusiasm for sailing was waning I had done a lot of boat
deliveries between New England and the Caribbean and the only exception to that
world cruising idea would have been if I had met the right lady if she just
happened to come along who had the sailing skills and she was the motivator
and didn’t mind dragging me along I would not be the motivator at all on a
world trip or any kind of cruising in fact all that boat deliveries that I did
even the enthusiasm for that was waning and I only had one more trip in me and I
used to do a lot of work for OPO Offshore Passage Opportunities which is
a crew networking organization and they also have a what they call a Swan
sailing program that’s where crew would sign up to sail on a Swan sailboat
whether it’s a 46 48 52 or whatever from Newport Rhode Island to Bermuda to St.
Maarten so that they can get offshore sailing experience with an experienced
captain before taking their own family’s offshore so I had at my head I would do
one word trip and we left Rhode Island and had one of the stormiest passages
you can imagine it was a lot of fun the crew was fantastic and that’s the
trip that Rebecca had signed up for Hank Schmitt always the owner of Opio
always put the women on my boat trying to keep my motivation up which it helped
but I had a lady friend for five years the sweetest person in the whole world
and I was not looking but at the end of that stormy passage and once we got down
to st. Maarten there was a little connection between Rebecca and myself
but two more years went by and we finally got together
and turned out not only was she good looking and a good sailor
this was her boat a Valiant 40 I couldn’t pass up that field so Rebecca
has been dragging me across oceans ever since I mean we first met God how long
ago was that we’ve been on this boat now for 12 years it’s 2018 right now
that’s almost going on 15 years that we first met amazing how time goes by when
you’re out cruising and having fun with the right person so let’s get on to the
how to do it videos come on over and take a look at this reefing hook this
part of this sail is called the dog bone and these are the dog bone rings for
reefing purposes I like to use two rings on the reefing hook because it holds the
tack of the sail closer to the boom and it just gives me a little better shape I
don’t think it really matters I could go with just one ring but it raises it much
higher but the problem has always been I would hang on have to hold on to these
rings try to raise the sail with my left hand then all of a sudden a lurch of
the boat makes me drop my hand from these rings because I have to hang on to
the mast and continue to hoist the sail and the whole time these things are
falling off and I’m right back to where I started if I’m lucky just one ring
stays on and I can go ahead and hoist and I just let it go at that
so I finally took a spear gun head like this one ground down the rivet
that holds the two barbs on to free up the barbs and then I came back to the
reef hook and ground flat spots in the reef hook so I could attach the Barb and
use a stainless steel rivet to hold the barb on so now it’s impossible for these
dog bone rings to come off and I can use one, i can use two and no problem so
what’s nice about this is that now when I go in to put a second reef this will
not come off it’ll always be ready to use
in the first reef position so let me show you this starboard side and how I
set up the second reef so here we are on the starboard side of
the gooseneck I don’t have a solid reef hook on the starboard side that would
fit underneath this bolt like we have on the port side because you have specific
port side and starboard side reef hooks you can’t swap them and I haven’t come
across a starboard side reefing hook yet that I can modify and mount underneath
this bolt if I took the port side reef hook and put it over here it would smash
up against the mast so on this side I just have a carabiner that’s been tied
on to the gooseneck and I used this for the number-two reef I don’t like this
system so much because it wobbles around way too much it it allows the tack of
the reef to come out in a direction I don’t really care for but it is adequate
enough for the number-two reef certainly there’s other ways of securing the
dog-bone rings the reef tack to the gooseneck so if you care to share some
good ideas with everybody just leave it in the comments down below this article about pirates accosting
Brickhouse first came out in the Australian sailing publication cruising
helmsman in January 2017 and then it appeared in Blue Water Sailing magazine
the American publication in May of 2017 and it’s about how we were accosted by
pirates as Rebecca and I were sailing south in the Gulf of Thailand about 90
95 miles to the west of the Vietnam Coast it’s a long story if you can’t get
a hold of those magazines you can also go to our blog site www.WhereIsBrickhouse.com then search for pirates and it’ll come up and read all about it but how we
were able to to discourage these pirates and stop their approach was to shoot off
a flare in their direction when Rebecca and I were sailing south in
the Gulf of Thailand about ninety some miles west of Vietnam that is when I
shot off one of these Pains-Wessex flares the other Huawei flare was just a
malfunction dud even though it was far newer than the Pains-Wessex but the I
held the Pains Wessex just about maybe 10 degrees above horizontal
pulled the pin, the safety pin, flipped the lever over and it shot out it’s
amazing how fast of a drop rate the flare had, it only went about maybe 60
feet before it plowed into the sea water but that loud bang, the smoke the billowed
out, and that projectile that flew out even 60 feet was enough to scare those
pirates away they stopped their engine dead the boat turned off to port away
from us and that was the last of the trouble we had with those guys so I
wanted to see what would happen now because I’ve always thought I need to
set this up at 45 degrees and see what kind of a trajectory that would give as a
ranging method for next time that might happen and if I have to scare somebody
away so that’s what this experiment is all about
so this Huawei flare was manufactured in 2013 and expired in 2016 this experiment
was done in 2018 the Pains Wessex is far older it was manufactured in 1993
and expired in 1996 who would ever expect a 22 year out-of-date flare to
ever launched properly setting up the cameras I wanted to make sure that I had
full coverage on the launch of these flares I just really wasn’t sure which
direction they’re gonna go how far they’re going to go if they’re going to
go anywhere at all so I set up several different cameras and set those to run
at 60 frames per second with the head mounted camera on my head running at 30
frames per second first up was the Huawei flare only two
years out of date before in absolutely nothing a total dud this
is exactly what happened during the situation with the Pirates
I had a Huawei flare then and pulled the cord and nothing happened and all the
while these guys are getting closer and closer and we’re just about ready to
have a collision and fortunately Rebekah was able to get me another flare of
pains and wessex and at that point though I would say we had some distance
on these guys and I was able to shoot off the pains and wessex and scare these
guys away but so let’s see what happens now with the Pains Wessex if we hold
it up and had a 45 degree angle and shoot it all I never would have guessed
that the flare would have gone that far and that high very impressive for a 22
year old out-of-date flare I’m not surprised at all that the flare itself
underneath the parachute did not ignite but if it had and if it had landed on
somebody’s boat there’s no way in the world they would have put the fire out
when these flares hit the water they continued to burn for their full
duration underwater if you have one of those little plastic orange orion flare
launchers don’t ever call it a flare pistol because they’re very illegal in
many foreign countries but if you ever shoot one of those flare launchers into
the water the same thing the projectile will continue to burn for its full
duration so you’d never ever want to shoot an intruder on your own boat with
one of those because your boat will eventually go up in flames
Hang on to all of your old flares they’re very good protection from the
bad guys. When I got involved with Brick House which was built in 1976 the only
drainage on the side decks were one little drain on the port and one small
drain on the starboard side of the deck hardly enough to get rid of water fast
enough when we’re out in stormy conditions I mean what if there
is a leak in any of the bolts holding on the stanchions or leak at the chain
plates I don’t need a pool of water just running over all of these areas causing
problems I want to get all that water off the side deck just as quickly as
possible so so we needed to cut scuppers through the tow rail which was a fairly
easy project we actually had this done in Cartagena Colombia and there is a man
there named Flavit if you ever go to Cartagena, look up Flavit and he’ll
do a great job for you. It was very simple to cut holes through the toe
rail and then he made little plates of fiberglass and glued those in place and
then sealed up all of the exterior joins the problem is half of them did
leak on the inside just a little drip but it was extremely difficult to get to
those areas and what I did was able to clean up the joins and then used 3m 5200
all around the joins and the seals where it meets the outside of the hull and
that took care of all the leaks so I actually patch it up from inside of the
boat so we have three scuppers and that seems like that’s enough in number that
we have one here another one farther aft back here and then another one much
farther aft ,as far back as we could make it. When we’re hard on the wind and
waves are washing over the side deck they’ll slam all the way back here even
the scuppers up forward are not enough to drain everything right away
so all that water who washes all the way to the very back of the boat on the side
deck gets caught up in this corner and before it would just come splashing up
and half of it would come into the cockpit it was a real mess so we cut
this scupper in here and now a lot of that water rather than coming into the
cockpit, disappears over the side Every two weeks I try to put out a new
video on Friday and the next video though it may not have that much to do with Sailing
because Rebecca and I did real National Geographic experience going way up
inland in Tanzania to a National Park and did a safari but also just getting there
it was a grueling eight and a half hour bus ride and that was not an American Trailways Scenic Cruisers bus. It was a Tanzanian bus very crowded very
smelly and it even broke down along the way which was a good thing because
everybody needed a break out in the middle of the highway so we had a half
hour to get off the bus and walk around till they cooled the engine down and got
more water in it but that’ll be a fun video to put together. These videos take
about two to three hours of production time for every minute of airtime so it’s
a tremendous amount of work Rebecca doesn’t understand why I do it sometimes
I don’t understand myself it’s just something fun to do maybe when we’re if
we ever monetize these videos then she might get a little more excited about it
and I can understand that. hey but thanks a lot for watching if this video was
good for you please down below click on the thumbs up and if you haven’t already
to subscribe hey thanks a lot for watching and we will see you soon! you


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    The same holds for flare pistols with cartridge charges, a small amount of moisture(not uncommon at sea) may seep into the igniter/propellant and cause a delayed fuse action. You cannot afford to be this careless in such conditions, you don't want to further compound the issues you are facing.

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