POKHARA Food Tour in NEPAL – HUGE Cheli Set Thali + Fish Thali + BUTTER Tea
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POKHARA Food Tour in NEPAL – HUGE Cheli Set Thali + Fish Thali + BUTTER Tea

January 15, 2020

What are these two? Its coconut roll and cinnamon roll Cinnamon roll. Wow! Here they make good pancake Where did you learn to make it? She is telling that it is made in Nepal by Nepali mother You have made this? How many years have you been selling this here? Since 7 years. Do you come every morning? At what time? From 6 am to… How long you are here? This is good.
-Yes it will taste good with coffee very nice As you walk around the Phewa lake You will notice hawkers Selling cinnamon rolls and other bakery items. Oh it is very fresh. Put Gud Pak on it. Then it will be of Nepali style Nepali croissant Very nice. It is crunchy, spongy and fluffy. Nice and fresh We are Mount Kailash restaurant We have ordered three dishes A chicken steam momo, Kothey Momo and Shabhaley For me the identifying feature of a good momo is I think it is three things First is its covering It should be thin and not at all thick Second it should be juicy Third what amount of meat or chicken is filled inside So three factors are necessary to identify a good momo. The round shaped momo that is the dumpling momo. Its head, its shell and the meat inside. and the soup or juice.
-How much juice is there. So if you eat this the first flavour that should come in your mouth is that of the soup You should get the flavour of the juice, the fat first More flavours are in it only Then you will get the taste of the chicken, the shell, chutney and spices So these factors are the identifying character of a good momo. The style of folding the Tibetan momo is different as well It is of this shape. The ones we tried in Kathmandu were mostly round ones Ya those were Newari or dumpling style very nice I quite liked this one On one side it is pan fried and is slightly crisp On this side it is soft and steamed Very juicy momos Let us try one more piece Let’s try this. See how shiny it is from one side. And this side it is crunchy This has the same chicken momo stuffing which has been filled into this all purpose flour sheet and then fried I call the Shabhaley as Chicken Samosa It is like a big samosa Like there is the all purpose flour covering and inside there is minced chicken And then the same momo stuffing And with the chutney it seems that you are having a chicken samosa I think…there is this sweet like the “khajuri” Which has coconut and semolina. It looks like that. After the momo we will try the Tibetan bread and Tibetan tea. Come let’s go. Can you speak Punjabi? Yes.
– She perhaps watches Bollywood. No I have stayed at Punjab At Chandigarh, Pinjor district We want to try Tibetan bread and Tibetan tea Yes please sit This is called Bhaklep. It is a Tibetan bread. The texture is very similar to the Naan. This has been baked on a griddle The curry too is very mildly spiced It is the mixed curry that has potato, chicken… This is ridged gourd And it has been made with salt and turmeric Let’s try the tea It has milk, Tibetan tea Yak butter and salt. It is made with these things. It is savoury tea. It is an acquired taste We are used to drinking sweet tea. So this is an acquired taste But in the high altitude, it is very cold So to stay protected from the cold they add butter in this. At many places like we have seen Himachal, they add ghee. Okay
-Yes to the tea as you need some fat to beat the cold. Here they have added butter What is your name sister? My name is Mona What are you making? It is small fish fries These fishes are tiny Little bit of all purpose flour This will make it crisp What is this oil? Is this soyabean oil?
-Yes How many of these are there in plate?
-Four This one has come out well This is the head portion of the big head fish that you have fried You will make a soup out of it? This is Khursani( local chilli paste) Turmeric cumin powder How old is your restaurant? Its is 14- 15 years. All the dishes here are fish and chicken based. This are is famous for fishes So we mostly focus on fishes Like if you go to Dharan it is famous for wild boar. Since this area is near the lake hence there is more consumption of fishes Are these fishes from the lake itself? How many varieties of fishes are available here? Currently we use 10-15 varieties of fishes. The one that you are making here is called the Big Head And the smaller one is…
-Bhitte In Nepalese language, Bhitte means shore So they are the fishes that comes to the shore The shore in Nepalese is Bhitte Hence the fishes that swim up to the shores are called Bhitte Dry chilli and Ginger paste Is this only ginger?
-No it is garlic. Coriander, chili and ginger paste It is basically dried leaf plate made with sal leaves And this is called Duna This one is called Tapri. That’s why the name of this restaurant is Duna Tapari The main dishes here are fish based. The different varieties of fish dishes that are available here like the Fish head soup this is pan fried fish This is Bhitte It is Hans Ka Choila This is buckwheat pancake curd, cauliflower and potato pickles fish curry very nice. It is crunchy. and most importantly it is fresh Next Try this barbecue This one It is the same big head fish And I saw how very little spices are used in this In fact in all the thing here have been made using only basic spices. Cumin powder, turmeric, salt and ginger garlic paste. That is it and Khursani So as a result the masala didn’t mask the taste of the fish If there is more masala then it will strike the mouth first and the flavour of the fish will go away that is why less spices have been used Masala is used to just enhance the taste of the chicken, mutton etc. Masala is required but then to support the taste of what we are eating It doesn’t have too much fat Else the duck meat is quite fatty This is the local duck that runs a lot hence it doesn’t have much fat Yes since the duck is physically active and doesn’t rest much that’s why it has less fat content The soup is like a proper broth The oil in it the fish oil that is what makes is tasty otherwise there is nothing much than bones The carps that are more than 6-7 kg have more oil(fat) content in the head portion And it is quite healthy I think people prefer it during winters Many guests come here to have this head soup in order to beat the chill Is winters chilly here? Not much but normal It is not as chilly as the Mustang region This fish curry is my favourite of the lot It has a homely taste Buckwheat is mostly consumed here We have tried three things made with buckwheat One that is made by mixing it with hot water.
-It is called Dhido Other one was its fritters which is small and deep fried and is eaten along with Timur The third one is this buckwheat pancake Wow On eating it the first taste that came through is that of ghee(clarified butter) And it is so tasty on its own Everything was nice It is difficult to pick a favourite My personal favourite was the pancake or maybe the full set Thank You. It was delicious On coming here I feel the vibe of Goa As there are hotels back to back And there are small cafes as well People prefer it to Kathmandu It is quite easy to make Use any vegetables And little cornflour to thicken it Among the spices there is salt, momo masala, chicken cube then fresh noodles or pasta Flat noodle. Add whatever you please What are the local specialities in this region Mostly momo, chowmein, Thukpa
-Thenthuk Since this place is near the mountains hence these kind of dishes are popular Is she from the Sherpa community.
-Yes It is quite healthy It has vegetable stock, chicken, potatoes carrot and beans yes it is fun to have it in winters This one and the Thukpa as well Thukpa has a soupy texture. this one is thicker It has noodles. The pasta here has been thoroughly cooked.
-Yes And it was prepared fresh as we saw It was easy to make I really like this Timur It is a brilliant seasoning that has a lemony taste If you eat much of this then the tongue becomes numb It has a minty taste as well It is like sweet Lassi It is called Mohi. Mohi is buttermilk right? Since you are in Pokhara, it is sweet This is a special dish called mutton Sukuti Basically it is dried meat which is sun dried for two three days and then it is deep fried and eaten with dry chutney and salad This set is called the cheli set. ‘Cheli’ refers to aunt or sister It is a special menu dedicated to them There are nearly 15 items. There is rice three kinds of curry, dal, chicken curry and pumpkin curry along with this there are dried items like Aloo Sareko Aloo Tarecko mutton fry fish fry and vegetables It is just plain boiled potatoes that have been fried. With little chilli and turmeric.
-It is Timur Unlike the sukuti that is dried and then fried , this one is fresh meat. It is good right.
-Ya but slightly chewy Yes it is chewy but not very spicy People in the mountains dry the meat and store and they keep using this dried meat all through the year. Like the meat is dried in regions where it rains a lot where there is o regular supply of meat so they dry it and store it for future use sir in your country I am in love with potatoes like so tasty it is A potato dish taste so good out here It is just fried potatoes with salt and how tasty it is. Is it aromatic?
-Very much Is this the Rohu fish? Yes You know it better. Rohu is my favourite fish Rohu fried in mustard oil with just salt, turmeric and little garlic Wow it is crunchy Bitter Gourd I didn’t try this chutney This has Timur to.
-Yes Jetha Budha.
-Yes Bada Budha The word Tarkari is used in Bihar as well Sabzi is called Tarkari This is potato and cabbage It is Aloo Bandhako Tarkari The taste was amazing All the dishes that we tried have a unique flavour. Mustard oil have been used in the preparation Even ghee has been used too. The potato has been fried in ghee The bitter gourd fritters and the fish fry has been cooked in mustard oil. All the flavours were balanced My favourite of the lot was the rice Jetha Budha rice Such a flavourful rice You don’t need any sabzi or gravy with the rice. You can have it alone. The pumpkin with its sweet taste was nice as well The dried meat was slightly chewy It was amazing. So thank you Thank you kamal. Our eperience of exploring the local food in Nepal was very amazing Lot many things have been left behind so we will come again to explore those with you Thank you for coming here and exploring the food of Kathmandu, Pokhara I had a great experience with you. I also learnt many things from you So thank you and Delhi Food Walks


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