PortMate: Most Risky Situations in Boating (4/5): Boat fire
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PortMate: Most Risky Situations in Boating (4/5): Boat fire

October 20, 2019

Fire at sea At sea always, wear life jackets At any time keep your fire extinguishers in good order This can happen to you Exercise to fight the fire In case of fire, turn your boat to the most favorable direction to the wind Try to restrict and reduce the fire by closing doors, portholes and other openings Extinguish the fire by using appropriate means If fire is in the engine room, do not open the hatch or door leading to engine room before turning off the engine, shutting down fuel supply and remove electrical fuses If fire is in the galley, shut down gas, if any,
DO NOT USE WATER INTO GREASE FIRE! If fire is in the cabin, do not enter without proper extinguisher Many different synthetic materials used in the boats cause toxic smoke when burning if time permits, activate distress call – “FIRE” As a last action prepare to abandon the boat Exercise for these! This is fire fighting exercise area is in Pori You can join these courses to rehears to use extinguishers We strongly recommend that

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