Pouring a 4.5 ton lead keel -Acorn to Arabella

September 2, 2019

figuring out how to pour our own keel
has been a trying part of this project with so much leading up to it. But with much planning and setup it was finally time from the smelter to the mold we have spent countless hours figuring out the details for this important piece but let’s focus
on the setup in another video oh god I hope this works Now we’re off to the races So that’s open. This is your on off valve. just like that And I’m gonna go get you a old welding glove actually I’m gonna get new welding gloves Here are the old welding gloves You can put one on one hand and then fold the other up and if it catches on fire just move the torch and the other guys can just do
that and should be able to smother the fire Be careful you don’t get the line It’ll melt a hole in it in a second And then we’ll have a flaming line And same thing, be aware of what’s around you. Oh, and don’t burn each other. good good good! mark! I’m gonna have you go over to Ian and you guys are going to get ready on the lifting arm. And I’ll let you know when you need to start to lift. You can just let go. We’re committed at this point. How full is it Steve? Getting there! Is it half way? Lot more than that! Three quarters? Ok! Start trying to lift. Gently if you can! Ready? There you go! how much? yeah. Ok hold on a second I gotta clear out the fire… Keep it… hold it there though What’s up? Thank you! oh wow perfect. There you go Ok higher! Ok guys watch out As soon as the lead is out, we need to very, very Carefully douse the fire. Cus I can’t have water running towards the mold So really slow… really dribbly And we can slowly put that fire out you can probably rake it out this way it ain’t over yet! But we’re gettin there That’s at least 9000 lbs of lead Can you tip more? Trying to tell if it’s just bubbling or if it’s still coming out Should be able to pick it up to like, chest height Yeah, there you go Woohoo Do you know how many things haven’t gone wrong so far? You shut your mouth! haha There’s nothing coming out anymore, Steve And… good! Set her back down Great! Haha That’s not good! Is that part of the mold? that’s part of the plywood liner yeah the corner pieces are coming up too this is why we made it heavier than it needed to be Hooo! That was scary! I would say don’t use plywood that’s what… Pardey made his whole mold out of plywood yeah I would say no plywood I would
say no plywood This is a learning on the job kind of thing well do it matter better
the second time what second time?! When we build your boat!
Alright despite the bottom plywood liner and the
trim pieces coming up the pour went verysmoothly with the day winding down and the lead
starting to cool there was one last thing to try to mitigate Void’s forming inside the keel we’ll go over this in more detail in the next video but we basically spent the rest of the day heating up the top of the keel to keep it from hardening And adding a couple few pieces yeah Alix is getting video and a couple volunteers there through the haze And that to me looks like a mold full of lead! Woo! Hoo!!

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