Protect your Boat from Sunscreen Staining as seen on SSTV
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Protect your Boat from Sunscreen Staining as seen on SSTV

September 3, 2019

Hey guys, Barry Berhoff
for Shurhold Industries, and we’ve got a clean
and simple tip for you today that has to
do with safety gear. We’re getting ready for
our family summer trip, and we’re going to be
crossing over to the Bahamas on the boat. And I’ve got my wife here
with me today, Tiann. And Ti, what’s important to
me is keeping the family safe for the crossing
over to the Bahamas and, obviously, whenever
we’re out on the ocean. So we’ve got our
ditch bag, which has spare water and
first aid it, our VHF, our EPIRB for emergencies,
our flare kit, all the life jackets you could need. I even have a life
raft on the boat. But I know that you
have some safety gear that you always like you
take on a boat, so what’s that? For me, it’s sunblock. I know that’s crazy. But we’re in the
Bahamas for three weeks. And safety, for me, means
keeping my kids safe, keeping you safe. We live in Florida, and we’re
in the sun all the time. So sunblock is definitely
high on my safety list. Now, you know sunblock– I’m very, very careful about
what you buy for the boat. It stains. It can stain. It can stain. And we want to keep
the boat clean. So I know you’ve done a
bunch of research looking into the different sun blocks. Tell me a little bit
about the staining, and where it comes from,
and why it happens. So I found that– looking up different kinds
of chemicals in sun blocks– that there is a chemical
called avobenzone. And it’s what causes that
staining on your shirts and staining on the vinyl
when we go on the boat. So when I look at
sun blocks, I try to avoid any sunblock–
sprays mostly have it, but I can avoid those sun
blocks on the ingredients when I buy them. OK, so you’re always checking
the label for that avobenzone. Now I know because I
looked at this with you. And in the cleaning videos
we looked into this. The avobenzone binds with
the iron in the water and causes that rust
staining, similar to what you get from your
sprinklers around the house. And so some people may
see it more or less, depending on the iron
levels of their water. What we want to do is
prevent this from happening. First foremost, you said– Well, I always put sunblock
on the kids and myself before I get on the boat,
especially if I’m spraying. Because the spray gets
into the vinyl and all that kind of stuff. So that’s number one
if you want to keep the boat safe from sun block. And it’s hard to do
that with guests. You can’t always
tell the guests, hey, don’t bring the sun block
with avobenzone on it. So you just try and maybe
make them spray off the boat or put it on. But then they sit on the vinyl. And it can get in the
vinyl and everything. So if that happens,
then you’re going to have to want to clean
it as soon as possible. Right, so before
you add the water that has iron to
it on the boat, we want to clean those seats down. And so what we recommend is
our Serious Marine Cleaner. Now, there is going to be
very little to no reaction with avobenzone with this. And this is going
to cleanse the seat. We’re going to
wash it with this. Then we’re going to
come back, since we’ve stripped the seat down
and got it nice and clean, and protect it with
our Serious Shine. And spray it and wipe
it down, and that’s going to provide a
nice clean protection. Now, what I want you
guys to do at home when you get a chance is
visit us at And as usual, I’ve got all
of our training tips, tricks, videos, and articles there. And we’re going to have an
article on this specific topic in relation to the sunblock. I’ll list all my favorites
that don’t stain. Perfect. And until next time,
I’m Barry Berhoff. I’m Tiann Beroff. And we want you to keep
your boat clean and simple.

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