REAL LIFE PRISON ESCAPE CHALLENGE!! Escaping The Hacker (24 Hour Challenge)
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REAL LIFE PRISON ESCAPE CHALLENGE!! Escaping The Hacker (24 Hour Challenge)

August 15, 2019

that’s camera perfect gues guess I’m
gonna pee didn’t hear me right now currently I’m locked up somewhere I I
don’t know where we were knocked out and brought here look after we tried to
escape on the 24-hour box port we heard a radio call we left and headed towards
an abandoned tree house after making it halfway there there was a massive CEO
chase which finally we’re able to escape from and led us to the treehouse itself
after the night came though they came for us we’re getting more and more
information from you guys we’re piecing it together the phone what’s once we
caught the phone they followed us my memory is a bit blurry but the video the
video of someone I Carter shares house look good looking you good – Logan wake
up who can read some sort of prison what cheek this isn’t good
they’ve captured us they brought us somewhere I have no idea where we are on
the files ooh look at you remember anything do you remember what we were
searching for there’s a phone on my head it’s so much the last thing I remember
we were in the fort trying to solve this mystery and then I know I fell asleep
looking this one of the creepers Hey what is this place hey don’t walk away
from me what’s going on no I don’t know where we are
wait the phone look look at the phone we had one of their phones the map looking
where one of the prison’s of the map this is this is where they’re trying to
lock up youtubers guys what do you think they want with us
it’s more of them please go hey hey come back here
what’s your name who are you she’s gonna talk to us they’re not even
not even looking at us I hope we’ll be able to get out with all of them here I
don’t even know if there’s a way out where’s fine you put your phone away
guys if you see anything leave a comment down below we need all of your help the entire facility’s covered in barbed
wire – get down yes look I do tell this isn’t a real prison
so I swear soaring the youtubers he’s coming this way there’s bunch of abandoned vehicles here
might be able to hear some supplies might’ve escaped maybe we can get one of
them working I don’t know guys those cars look pretty done to me all right
I’ve got a rudimentary knowledge of mechanics I think I might be able to get
one working if we can but I gotta I can’t better look at them I think right
now guys what we do is been play along okay we don’t want to raise any
suspicions fantastic what’s coming this way for now we’re just gonna play along with
our games so we have to start collecting everything that we find every item that
we can use to escape I guess we definitely might be able to use this to
escape in some way Mike you’ve been hidden in here though in case they check
ourselves guys what do you think this place used to be able to use this pad if
we can figure out a plan could you write it down on here all right guys I’m gonna
draw a rough map of the prison Shh okay so this is a rough idea of what the
prison looks like essentially we’re here what I’ve been able to figure out the
prison is a c-shape with this knowledge we know that the cars are on the
left-hand side of the prison and the courtyard here looks like it’s fairly
low security finally we’ve got guards in both of these towers here we are located
here we’ve seen one guard at the back of the prison one guard at the front of the
prison so far we’ve counted four different
people I think the first thing we can do is for garters scheme method we can
always find a way to gather these cuffs we know it’s finding a way to distract
the guards but guys we don’t have a proper way of transport there’s no way
we’re getting more than over that hill I need to check those cars look I need to
get a visual on them all right look we play around until we find a break once
we find that I take you guys with me when we go check out those vehicles see
if we can figure out if one of them can be worked maybe I can distract the
guards yes but what what do you want what do
you want what does he want because what does he want where are we going thank
you yes what what do you wants to do what do you want our butts did you say it’s recreation time all
right I’m just gonna play basketball now just uh enjoying the prison life of
playing basketball looking up having fun are you having fun
having a lot of fun G yeah that’s the ball
all right three-pointer good job Logan did you just need to count to the cars
that was me man yes right now so give me your honor for
only shots all these guys are doing okay do something do you hear that guy has
the keys you can hear them I’m gonna go distract it okay I really have a few minutes
I don’t need this car speaker but I could see it’s a golf golf cart I might
go get me started come on come on looks like it’s dead I’m
I need a new battery adorable all I’ve got for too long I gotta get back
I couldn’t find anything else in the other cars at least we know there’s one
working a golf cart but it definitely needs a battery gonna hide the camera
now gasp nice dude figured out a way we could get out of here
it’s a golf cart but it’s missing its battery if you see anything that uses a
battery let me know okay yeah what’s going on back yeah okay we’re going
we’re going we’re going back in ourselves it’s gonna sit here not doing
anything he’s got okay guys so what we figured
out as of now is that our only way out of here’s a golf cart problem with a
golf cart is it’s missing a battery guys if you have any ideas comment them down
below I can smash that like button we need every leg on this video to help us
escape I’m gonna put down some more information okay let’s check this out
this is the map of escutcheon over the place as you know we have a base of
idiots the map here that’s what the golf cart is all the gears where you have the
extra guard this guard here has the key if we’re gonna get out of these
handcuffs actually drive ourselves out of here
more importantly than getting this golf cart just getting out of these cuffs not
only that but when I haven’t I made a list of everyone that was there that
night at Carter’s party at least the Lizzie sheriff Stephen chair Carter cher
Marlon Chad wild clay and V now these were the only youtubers that there were
multiple other people that were their family and friends but out of these
people one of them could be whoever’s behind all this someone there is part of
this and if it wasn’t one of the family or friends it was one of these youtubers
right now we’ve got to figure out our escape plan yes you want to you wants to
come just just me okay okay we sit what are you gonna do it’s going
on what is this contraption what’s this for once for the camera
look rebuilding is for what is going on tell me what are you don’t do what are
you doing right but you’re stealing my pots
let me take away from you I know what they have us here for a
bokken slogan I think they’re trying to steal our thoughts you’re trying to
steal hope it youtubers thought search the trying to suck them out of our
brains and how use them I don’t know one for if you know why they might want our
youtuber ideas let us know in the comments down below but Logan I know one
thing if we don’t get out of here and get out of here soon skip began to Poppa
Jake we’ve got to get out of here tonight


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