Rigging Multi Species Boats with New Technologies for Fishing

August 23, 2019

If you like catching all species of fish,
having your boat rigged properly will make all the difference in the world. Multi-Species
boats are designed to support several different rigging configurations. The casting angler
controls the bow with a powerful 24-36 volt trolling motor and is complemented with a
wide screen sonar. Shallow water anchors are often deployed from the bow as well. The console
is used to search, so it need s to be well equipped with a sonar and chart-plotter. Mercury
Smart Craft allow for precise RPM adjustment for speed refinement when trolling. The transom
can be rigged for stationary, forward, and backward movement. Shallow water anchors provide
immediate anchoring ability in up to 12 feet of water. Kicker motors are used trolling
and can reach speeds under 1 MPH. Lastly, transom mount trolling motors present jigs
and rigs with precision along key structures.

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