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SailAway 10 | Sailboat DENIED, Stymied By The Sea | Sailboat Living Sailing Vlog

August 13, 2019

Well its about 2 days before we are leaving
and the boat, she is pretty much ready to go. Gotta few minor projects left. We put a new head in, and I need to replace
the water feed line because its looked kinda old and kinda got bent in a weird direction
when I put the new filter on. That and we also today I brought a dock cart
full of goodies and its got our life raft in it which ways about roughly 888lbs. Totally ripped my bi-s yo.This week on sailing sv layla we set out with an
end goal of reaching the bahamas. The first step of which is an ocean leg from
Charleston South Carolina to St. Augustine Florida. So I’m out here doing boat projects while
Loren and her parents get our food together. Then on Wednesday morning we are off to Sarasota
and we will take the ICW down to Fort Pierce which will be our jumping off point to get
to the Bahamas, the Abacos. And onward from there. We were trying to leave at high tide instead. Wasting Time. This is what we’re doing. Because your husband decided to cut out wires
that were useful for our chart plotter. We think we have identified it, which one
is the power. I added some stuff, we put in an electric
head and a wifi extender so I was re assigning things in the circuit breaker. One of which was the chart plotter. And I kind of forgot that last step. Yeah its beer thirty. What is it like 9 oclock, if that? 8:51. 8:51. Moral of the
story is dont remove wires your not certain are usless. and check everything to make sure
it works after you mess with the electrical system. Done and done. Working. Putting everything back together. Bye Charleston. Say buh bye. Looks like we’re loosing half a knot to current. We shouldnt be yet, shouldn’t be in the gulf
stream yet. I would say its more due to wind and waves. So we are headed into St. Simons island? Yeah, we are heading into the ICW, probably
take it all the way down to Fort Pierce because we know south of St. Augustine the gulf stream
is really close to shore so you fight it pretty hard. So we were thinking it was going to be about
30 hours, a little bit more to Fort Pierce. No st. Augustine, St. Augustine and instead
we made it to Georgia in about 36 hours. Pretty rough southerly seas fighting us. No matter what we did we just couldn’t seem
make more then 2-3 knots of progress in the direction we wanted to go. So we kept trying to like, we went out farther
to see if it was smoother ocean but then I think we got tied up in a little bit of the
edge of the Gulf Stream and maybe some eddies. Because no matter what we did we had current
fighting us. So we got really frusterated. So yeah its been an interesting start. It’ll get better. Yeah. But you know people do it all different ways. our way was to sail in multiple different
directions kicking our own ass all night. So essentially we changed our plan and headed
inland to St. Simons Georgia. From there we would take the ICW down to St.
Augustine, and then hopefully on down to Fort Pierce and over to the Bahamas. So we are fleeing St. Simmons, Don’t say the
name. Its fine. So we kind of stayed some place we weren’t
real technically 100% supposed to stay last night, because the Yatch Club Marina apparently
closed for liability reasons due to the hurricane damage. But a lot of the docks are fine and the marina
was completely full, transient docks were packed, I think a lot of the tenants from
the yatch club are over there. It was really, we were really tired, it was
late, and it was dark and we didn’t feel like anchoring in 3 know current. Sometimes youve just got to tie up where you
can tie up, and we just did. And a very nice man who will remain nameless
I think he was about to chase us off and he finally was like you know what I didn’t see
you, you don’t know me. We got up early and we were going to try to
get fuel but the fuel dock and the courtesy dock, transient dock are the same thing and
its justpacked. So we decided to just cruise on out silently,
without having to speak to anybody. There’s a lot of marinas down the ICW, we’ll
fill up someplace else. Now we’re going down the ICW, which was our
plan originally but not this much of it. This is kind of what it felt like times 10
on the last 2 days of our trip. With 20 knot winds. Who knows how long it will take us to get
where we’re going. Awhile. But we’re on a boat. I like sailing again, which is good. Nobody was happy for a good day there. Yea I kept going oh its only going to be 30
hours, and then we hit 30 hours and its like we’re no where near where we thought we were
going to be. Ok our day today we are currently anchored
on the ICW south of, where the heck were we, Fernandina Beach area. Just hanging out, Rivers getting a little
water off the stern, trying not to be shark bait. We did see a family of little sharks out there. Thats the sound of our engine over heating,
annoying right? Trust us we know that was a big part of our
problem out in the Atlantic and it didn’t let up once we came inside. We are a slow boat to the bahamas, if we ever
get to the bahamas. And it is a distinct possiblitity we might
not. Not make it. We need to seriously address our motoring
capabilities. We could try to take that strainer apart too. Strainer or the heat exchanger? Heat exchanger I mean, sorry, strainers fine. This guy is barrelling along down wind with
the current, pushing a bow wake. look at the land next to us thats how fast
we’re moving. So there’s the bridge that we just tried to
go through. Tried. Our engine keeps over heating and so the current
through there is so strong that we were litterally just sitting in the middle of it. And we usually cruise at 2500 rpm when our
motor is not over heating so we were trying to go through there at like 2300, and we saw
pretty soon that we weren’t going to get it. So I’m like hell with it put it down to like
27 2800 and we got to right at the very opening at the middle there and we just sat still
and its jerking me back and forth and like jerking the boat all over the place. And the motor starts overheating and we think
we can push through but it wouldn’t go. We hit 0 on our speed over ground. Didn’t have room to turn around in there so
I had to slow down in forward and steer in forward while moving backward. So the current was moving over our rudder
and thats what i was trying to steer keep the boat straight by while we were being pushed
backwards. And luckily we just cleared the edge of that
wall before it was pushing us side ways. so then i popped it in neutral, threw it in
reverse and put the hammer down and started to spin it around. There were like 2 boats behind us almost ran
into each other, sorry, nothing we could do they had to see it happening like we were
going in reverse, sorry boats, under a freaking bridge. So we are going to wait here for the current
to slow down a little bit. Now the baby’s getting a diaper change and
I’m next. Give her all she’s got, try it again. What’s your rpm? About 27 5, those white caps in the middle
are what we are trying to go through. We’ll see if this works. Did you do that? Do what? It just backed down by itself. It throttled down by itself. Oh really, yeah… So abort. Yeah. There’s a boat behind us. It just throttled back by itself? Yeah, I thought you did it. Nope. You heard it though right? Yeah, I didn’t do that. We’ll try again bridge. Hopefully, I mean we have to because at somepoint
we have to get through there. Our adventures continue with the bridge. I bailed because the motor decided to throttle
back on itself and it freaked me out because we were fighting a 2 knot difference. Third times a charm. Lets hope. Whats the difference? It doesn’t look at crazy though. Doesn’t have the white caps coming through,
yea cuz we looked it up and so low tides supposed to be at 5 but back in here its not until
6:40. Those two boats coming up on us. If they stop behind us wave them on. They have the ability to go other ways? No, this is the only way. Alright there is still a bunch of current
coming through. Wind and waves. Yey! We made it, I hate you bridge. So what that took us an hour and a half? But its the bridge straight south of Pablo
Escabar. Its got a really narrow cut through. Yeah so dont hit that at anything other then
the tide flowing the same direction you want to be going and with any type of wind at your
nose, is going to mess you us. We are waiting to get into a marina. We called them and said we wanted a transcient
dock and their like yeah come on in no problem We’ve got some 40 to a fuel dock. Ran aground the second we turned in to the
marina. And the baby fell at the same time, and the
baby fell down, and our bilge pump, and as we detirmend later when we rocked to the side
a little bit our bilge pump kicked on and shot a bunch of water out to the side of the
boat. And they were calling us all at the same time. And they were calling us on the radio. And I’m like what the hell is that water? So we backed out and hes like oh yeah by the
way we’re only four feet in here, yeah we’ve got a super low tide , you guys are goign
to have to wait about an hour to come in. I’m like ok fine. So we are anchored again. Waiting. and this is after beating our brains
out trying to get under that god damn bridge back there. Because the current was funneling in so fast
that the first time we could not get through, like our boat hit zero speed over ground and
we were sitting there with the throttle kicked up higher then we normally can because it
over heats. And it over heated. Atlantic Blvd bridge. So I had to steer in slow forward while the
current took us backwards til we just made it outside of the little cross through plylings
and through it into reverse and powered out of there and spun it around in all this current. It was rather exciting. Two boats behind us almost hit eachother becuase
they were watching us. So then we just basically did laps back and
forth the same stretch of river waiting for the current to ease up enough for us to get
under. And then when we finally just gunned it and
barreled our way through there and the second we got through on the other side the engine
over heated again. So we’ve got somehting to figure out. Because its doing it now on weird times and
when we are only running at like 2300. The engine over heating has kinda been the
route of all our evils. We just don’t have any powering ability so
when we were out in the Atlantic and had all that wind and waves coming right at us we
couldn’t just put the hammer down and just motor into it and get where we needed to go. And so that caused us to try to find a better
route to sail, try to go out off shore more which we found a bunch of current out there,
I think part of it was actually an edge of the gulf stream and part of it was maybe an
eddy or whatever. Because no matter what we did we wond up with
current going against us. and so we made the right decision after that and bailed out and
decided to come in at St. Simons Island but then we were late getting in to that Marina
so there weren’t any transient docks so we wound up parking some place we really weren’t
supposed to . And then in the morning the fuel dock was full and we kinda didn’t really
want to talk to people that much so we took off. But that was headless of what the current
was doing, we’re like we’re going. And we just found ourselves, except for one
short glorious brief amount of time when we actually had the current going with us, we
were just fighting it all the time. Because everytime you come down the mouth
out to the ocean. You may be riding down witht the current but
as soon as you cross that mouth and go back into the ICW again your fighting that same
current. So unless you time everything up perfectly
your really bucking the current. And then because we are limited on engine
horse power we can’t just power through that either. So we’re just going slow. So we’ve got to figure out our motoring issues,
hopefully tomorrow. Maybe we’ll eat out when we get up there. Whatever I’m going to the bar. Don’t put him on camera looking like that. You’ve got a binky ring from all the grossness
on your face. Look at these guys. That dudes got a cape on. Thats how you party in Jacksonville Florida. Some of those dudes have got some sun burn. Please take a moment to like and subscribe. And be sure to follow us on social media. Thanks for watching! Cheers!


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    Thanks for sharing the unexpected adventure of trying to get somewhere

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    The one thing that beats a sailing channel pet – a cute baby !!!!!!!!!!

  • Reply pate allan January 8, 2018 at 8:36 pm

    Finally, someone else had my luck. We just happen to live in SC as well. I think I would be worried about that over heating issue. I heard the marinas are full with people going South. We are in Titusville with our Pearson. It seems full too.

  • Reply Ed Hespen February 17, 2018 at 6:29 pm

    Perhaps clean heat exchanger and check impellers. I bought a boat that had the engine raw water intake on backwards. Worked fine until you got up to speed then it would over heat. Took a while to figure that out.

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    Oh god, it's a hunter, wtf.

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    Love it so far a year behind LOL

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    I'm new to your channel. Nice seeing a family with a baby, he will be hooked for life…..i know it worked for my kids. My oldest raced laser class for years and almost made the olympic team.

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