Sailing to King’s Landing: Dubrovnik, Croatia

October 9, 2019

Dubrovnik, Croatia. The ancient walled
city, a relic, lying in the southernmost part of Croatia and our final
destination in the Adriatic Sea. Yet we are about a hundred and thirty nautical
miles northwest heading north up the freshwater Krka River to the
magnificent Skradinski Buk. Leaving Sibenik, we had north directly into the gusty wind being funneled down the river. It’s only nine nautical miles to Skradin but with a strong headwind and a current it
will take us two hours before we reach the protected harbor of the village. We are in fresh water! Woo! Yeah, definitely. We got into Skradin, Croatia yesterday.
We Med moored at the City Harbour. It’s free: free electricity, free water. That’s
only in the winter, but good to know. We’re moored in freshwater, which is
awesome as well. We are walking to Krka National Park to check out some
waterfalls and the beautiful scenery. It is a five kilometer walk and there’s a car. Tara, give me a bridge size comparison. Jump up and down. You’re now entering Krka National Park! Scradinski Buk. Not one, not two, but a
series of 17 cascades. The fresh water tumbles for near 800 meters in glorious
display of raw energy. Giving life to the surrounding area and
striking awe into all who behold. We’re leaving Scranton, Pennsylvania…Skradin, Croatia today. We’re headed to an island called
Krknjas. I have no idea how you say it in Croatian. It’s K-R-K-N-J-A-S. It’s
35 nautical miles away. I don’t think, we weren’t planning on having any wind, but
right now we’ve got a northwesterly wind as we cross this lake here so we’re
gonna sail on the Genoa. We wave as we pass Sibenik, heading south to our
next anchorage. And we wake off the island of Krknjas for a marvelous sunrise. With a bit of haste we pop on to Vis, where Mama Mia was filmed, and where we film Zdenka’s 300 year old renovated stone
house. After which we head out towards Hvar. Injury from the drone. It lifted off and
flew back into the dodger and so I had to catch it. Otherwise it was going to just
fly off the boat, and yeah, caught my finger in the propeller and there’s a
little bit of blood on the drone. We’re sailing. With our sights set on King’s Landin g we
quickly admire Hvar and we set sail once again to head south. Day after day of sailing, we are covering
a lot of distance. Being low season in Croatia we enjoy the solitude that comes
with being, seemingly, the only sailboat cruising in the entire country. 8.6 knots is the max speed of the day so far. Oh my gosh! *laughter* The island of Lopud. That’s where we’re headed. We got a lotta wind,
probably 18 knots maybe, just about…16 17 knots. It’s about as much wind as we want when we’re running under full sail so it’s
nice. After a short stay on mooring in Lopud, full of a true sense of
accomplishment, we see the great city of Dubrovnik. Subscribe for next week’s episode where
we explore the awe -inspiring historic town of Dubrovnik and discover many of
the locations where the masterpiece Game of Thrones was filmed. Thanks for watching. Big Love.

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