Scott Pauley on Crappie Fishing in Missouri
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Scott Pauley on Crappie Fishing in Missouri

November 8, 2019

Croppie fishing is an incredibly popular sport
in the state of Missouri. There are thousands and thousands of people who crappie fish in
our state and we are so fortunate to have great crappie fishing opportunities throughout
the whole state, from one end of the state to the other. The crappie destinations are
everywhere in our state. There’s small bodies of water, from private
ponds to a little larger, several-hundred-acre to 1,000-acre lakes. There are 700 lakes managed
by the Department of Conservation throughout the state. You can get that information about
where those lakes are located from the Conservation website.
Then we have the huge reservoirs, streams, creeks, rivers. The crappie are everywhere
throughout our state. Crappie are probably the most popular fish
to eat in the state of Missouri. They are very white meat. It’s a very mild meat that
doesn’t have a lot of fishy taste. That’s why it’s so popular with all kinds of anglers
and all kinds of family eaters. Crappie love minnows. They love to eat minnows.
So typically, we fish a minnow, which you can buy at your local bait store. Just a minnow
on a hook or a minnow on jig. And then, the other thing we do is use a small tube jig
that imitates a minnow. Keep it simple. Make it fun. Have a great
outdoor experience.

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