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SMG4: World War Mario

September 24, 2019

Glitch Productions Intro Wait is the intro whooshing us? [エスエムジー4] Okie dokie… T Y P I N G (oh no its the we- i mean ANIME island) Mario: LALALAHMHMHM! This is lots of fun! (r u sur about dat?) (100%R: lol yes) Tari: Ummmm… Boopkins: *sobbing fish noises* Swagmaster: let me at them! i’ll kick their Kawaii ass (R.I.P Tari’s lifeforce: Lost in vietnam) *japanese stuff* *asgagadgde* *Luigi crying because ww3* Luigi: NO GOD! (Weegee is having a mental breakdown) Mario Captian: Luigi! *Italian gibberish* Mammamia! Yippie! Yummy! Soldier: You’re f***ed! Haha! oh yeah! *the sr pelo scream of holyness* Ok guys, 30 seconds! (why am I typing this when the subtitles are in the video?) (We must praise the god of the Teletubbie Sun, Chris said) YOU SPIN ME RIGHT ROUND- BABY RIGHT ROUND- LIKE A RECORD BABY- (Fuzzy: STOP IT….Get some help.) RIGHT ROUND ROUND ROUND ROUND ROUND ROUND ROUND ROUND ROUND ROUND- (Fuzzy: SHUT UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUP) *stops* (Fuzzy: …Thank you! ;w;) *soldiers get shot, play despacito alexa* [Everyone screaming in terror] *Saiko saying a Japanese impression of Link* *Anime Language* Tari: AAH! Boopkins: AHHH! (Me: SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE) [Memorial to all of the people who died] Mario: LALALALLALALHMHMHM ๐Ÿ˜€ last guest OOFZ last guest OOFZ “My leg!” Mario: Haha! *Italian gibberish* (ITS NOT THE TIME FOR THAT, MARIO!) SMG4: WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!!!!!! Boopkins: War… War never changes… Bob: YoU gOdDaMn WaIfUs Go BaCk To YoUr MaNgAs AnD aNiMe! *a fucking waifu comes with a fucking gun* NICONII Oh GoD, mY oVaRiEs! (its like the Millionth time he said that Phrase…) *luigi crying* Luigi: WAAH! x2 Oh no! HRMMMMM *scream* Anime Soldier #69: Wave good-bye to your head, wankah! ? *fart* (100%R: she’s fucked, lol) gnome *angry anime talking* *battle scream* (The appropriate way on winning WW3) Mario: That’s-a so nice! Okey-dokey! SMG4: God Damnit, Mario! Mario: RNGH! Hey stinky! MAMAF**KER! Tari: HELP! AHHH! SMG4: AHH! OhH, this is bad! Boopkins: None of us can get past this point! It’s too heavily armed and there’s barbed wire everywhere! Mario: Hmmm… Ohohohoh! SMG4: OH WAIT, WAIT, WAIT, WAIT! WHERE ARE YOU GOING?! Hmmmm??? [A WILD MINE APPEARS!] Oh no! Hmmmmm…. Uhh…. Mario’s gonna die! ๐Ÿ˜€ [Wow. You’re dumber than I thought.] SMG4: You’re gonna die! T H E R E ! *🅱oom* *🅱oom x2* *🅱oom x3* (Super Mario 🅱ros. (1985) Live Lost) Mario! So good! [I take it back.] Boopkins: Good job, Mario! Sonic Forces Narrator: ROCKET LAUNCHER! *🅱oom x4* AAAA Pokemon Rocket Launcher: Coming 3019 W O W W H A T A N E P I C B A T T L E ! Top 10 Sad Anime Death: #2 (I am sad Alexa again ;_;) (What a slowmo :0) Oof *More Anime Stuff* (I SENSE A JOJO REFERENCE IN HERE!!) YOU STUPID…. (Well there’s Bob, Mario, Saiko, Boopkin, SMG-) (He’s alive and sometimes dead…) (Here comes a new anime called Angry Swag.) (Here comes a new anime called Angry Swag (also featuring Sanic anime music).) 怒っている盗品 ROLLING AROUND AT THE SPEED OF SOUNDWERTYHSGFRTYAUHGSDYUIJKHGSFYUSJAHGFDGYTDUIDSAHJGFTYUJASD NBVCFGSAHYDTSYUJADNBVGSYUAJKSBH (Fuzzy: *Grabs Chainsaw* Like-a sambody–! *bang* *bang X2* DYONGDONG Y E E T *Doing the Melee Fox dance* (No but I would love a croissant thank you.) *Stop killing Anime weebs* Anime Soldier #666: SHIIIIIIII *Anime oof* *Persona 5 style* Anime Soldier #21: ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Anime Soldier #87: :0 Anime Soldier #B*tch: :O Get the f**k outta here! WHOHEHAHAHAHAHAHA Anime Soldier #309763: Omae wa mou shi- OW MY A** Swag: Huh? (Oh hey bob) BoB: nEeD sOmE hElP? BoB: bRuH, yOu’Re NoT sO bAd YoUrSeLf. 🅱rUh bOb and Swag: BoB wIlL Do AnYtHiNg. BoB wIlL Do AnYtHiNg. L0L0L0L0L0L Luigi: Wow! Yuh! *italian gibberish* Tari: I believe in you! Keep going! Alright, let’s do this! Okay! Let’s do this thing! Mario: Bruh, Mario’s gonna kick some 🅱itches! (Bootcamp Flashbacks) (Kick their weeaboo asses Mario) [Meggy being ANNIHIALATED] (This pains me ;_;) NYES! (Shuddup you’re not Inkling Boy) MISTER! x3 *Gibberish* *Marx Soul screech* SIR, YES, SIR!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Not when I shift into maximum overdrive! (oh no) HAIYA! (doriyah!) *Intense Woomy heart attack* [How can anyone so ruthless would do this?] Axol: Francis! Stop this at once! WOMYWOMTWOOOOOOMY (wait aren’t you a veemo-) Naaaah! That’s probably nothing! (wait the speed tho) *Filthy frank laugh* Mario: Take-a that! Luigi: Oh yeah! Francis: gOd DaMN iT! GOD DAMN IT! Francis:You wanna know the meaning of life? Then I’ll show you the meaning of life! (Oh no! We gotta problem )=) Otchy-gotchy! Mario: Here we go! Tati: Meggy! HYUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU Mario: F**k off! (Pwnd) *Mario rated MVP of this TF2 capture the flag match* Top 10 hottest anime characters *and wtf is that music* (This music is like shit) ((I like it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )) SMG4: This is.. Kinda Hot. (luigi smack smg4 please) Steve: Hey angel! You da sexi! (Wait when did Steve get here..) *Angry anime noises* Anime Soldier #GetRidOfFortnite: *dies* *poor steve :(* (i would feel that way if i lost my waifu marina from off the hook) Francis: Colours colours colours. [Google Translate went wrong] Mario: WAAH! Oh no! Mammamia! Luigi as Patrick: He’s just standing there… Menacingly! Boopkins: Francis?! Why are you here? Francis: What is wrong with you? SMG4: What? What?! W-WHAT?!? Tari: Oh no! Axol? *Tari crying* (poor her tho) You just got… PRANK’D, BRO! HAHA! Francis: EEEHEHEHE! MEEEHEHE! HEHE! *Angry anime shits* Francis: Oh my god, I’m so scared! *fucking gibbers like an idiot* *Angry mario noises* Mario: No! Francis: eh Eh EHHHH! Francis: *sends out a piece of paper* Kazoo Kid: Wait a minute. YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!! *woomy heart attack* [SOMEONE DO SOMETHING!!!] *sigh* *sigh again* * Marina Gibberish* *again with waifu talk* *s i g h* (desti is getting really f * * k e d up) Axol: No… I can’t… (A classic case of an ally being the one responsible ) Axol: It’s… Axol: It’s all my fault. HOLY CRAP MORE MARINA NOISES Axol: *feather things that axolotls have pops up* Huh? *More marina noises* (ARE YOU A OCTOPUS OR A SQUID DESTI??) (Never mind, let’s listen to the woomy/ octoshit talk. Oh other splatoon fans, the reason its not veemo is because its the splatoon 1 octo noises) *Determined Woomy/octoshit* *pearl noises* Axol: You’re wise, emo fish girl! (I’ve seen many emo fish girls in Splatoon 2 already) Desti: *boi* Axol: HEY MEWTWO! Mewtwo: U WOT Axol: Magikarp is better than you! (100000 IQ AXOL) TAKETHATBACKYOUFIEND (Oh boy Mewtwo Strike Back Evolution is looking great :D) Who’s That Pokemon? It’s a dumbass! (he’s havin’ way too much fun with this. I blame you for this, Desti.) Motherf*cking guy, what the hell you say to me?! LEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOY JE– oh Axol: Uhhhhh… *Microsoft Error Noise* *BOOM BOOM BISH* *Woomy has been saved :D* Yoink! ๐Ÿ˜€ (Thank god, she’s freed.) *octoshit* *Woomy crying* (OH COME ON! NOT THIS AGAIN! I CRIED IN MEGGY’S BOOTCAMP!!!) *woomy gibberish* Axol: We got you, beanie fish girl! *the bitches screamin’* *more woomy gibberish* Axol: B-but! *Angry Splatoon 1 octoshit* *More Splatoon 1 octoshit* (The good, the bad and the weeby) (Estuans interius – Burning inside) (Ira vehementi – WIth violent anger) Don’t you know, that killing is never the answer?! (Ira vehementi – WIth violent anger) Don’t you know, that killing is never the answer?! (Estuans interius – Burning inside) Soldier: You should face up to the consequences! (Ira vehementi – With violent anger) (Sephiroth) OH GOD! Soldier: That wasn’t very nice! AHH! (Sephiroth) YOU’LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE!!!! *Squeak* (Estuans interius – Burning inside) (Ira vehementi – With violent anger) Piss. (Ira vehementi – With violent anger) (f*ck me mario is definitly dead) (Estuans interius – Burning inside) (nevermind hes pinnochio) (Estuans interius – Burning inside) (Ira vehementi – With violent anger) (Sephiroth) *Mario laughs* SMG4: Hey! (Sephiroth) SMG4: I’m talkin’ to you. SMG4 posted on Twitter: Sephiroth sucks ass. Oh damn! (Hey SMG4 there you lost a good computer) (to anime…) (I’ll feel the same when I lost all my woomy data) (Estuans interius – Burning inside) (Ira vehementi – With violent anger) (Estuans interius – Burning inside) SMG4: Pls don’t hurt me ;-; (Estuans interius – Burning inside) (Ira vehementi – WIth violent anger) *intense Boopkins crying* (Ira vehementi – With violent anger) Boopkins: You’re so mean! (Sephiroth) (Wow Boopkins hasn’t said anything this entire episode) ((But the last sentence though)) (Sephiroth) Tari: *cry for help* (Sephiroth) Tari: HALP!! Tari: AAAA!! Tari: AAAA!! (Estuans interius – Burning Inside) (Estuans interius – Burning Inside) Francis: NOOO!! NO NO NO!!! Axol: Eh! Eh! Give my pen back! why r u so meen 2 m3 *Angry octoshit* *Smash KO noise* Francis: OH MY GOD! *only one word of octoshit thank god* Luigi: Oh hahaha! Oh yeah! Yahoo! *Japanese noises* Boopkins: Yay! ๐Ÿ˜€ SMG4: *crying of his loss* *Kidnapping in progress, child molestation to come* Axol: EMO FISH GIRL!!! (wait what his eyes are his glasses?!) Mario: Get That motherf*cker! *Sr Pelo gasp* You can’t stop me! *pew sword bang smash fortnite gay* (Another editor: I have no idea what this is but ok..) *Desti slowly backing up toward the Ink Zuccer* 𝐵 𝒪 𝐼 𝒩 𝒢 PWNED Weeeeeh! (Fuzzy: *Grabs popcorn*) E E E E E E E E e e e e e e e e [PSSSH] Francis: YAAAAAA~nan~AAAAAA Tari: AAAAH! AAAAH! Oh No! Saiko uses Hammer Thwack! Sephiroth: 𝙉𝙤𝙩𝙝𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙥𝙚𝙧𝙨𝙤𝙣𝙖𝙡❟ 𝙠𝙞𝙙. MISS Meggy: [Inkling language] Saiko: [Japanese] [Francis is satisfied] Desti: [Octoling language] Saiko: Uuuuh! Oooooo…. [IDEA] [Does anyone speak Japanese? Anyone?] Francis: WAT? Tari: Huh? Tari: Huh? What? [More Japanese] Tari uses Throw! Francis is shocked! [It’s a duck, Francis.You didn’t make it.] [It’s not very effective…] Francis: Wut? Desti: GET OVER HERE! [IT’S SUPER EFFECTIVE!] [PSSSH] [Octoling language] Axol uses Axol Kick! Mario and SMG4 use Football 101! SMG4: Ha! Mario: Whoo! SMG4: Whoo! Mario: Whooo! SMG4: Yeah! Mario: Huh! SMG4: Piss off! Boopkins: [Eats rock] Luigi and Boopkins use Throw-up Launcher! Luigi and Boopkins use Throw-up Launcher! Luigi: Go Weegee! Luigi and Boopkins use Throw-up Launcher! Boopkins: Ptootey! [IT’S SUPER EFFECTIVE!] Yaaaaaay copyrighted music [Wait, where the heck is Axol’s pe-] (Alexa play Final Fantasy Victory theme*) *the octopus was the stabbed* *first Aerith, and now Desti (wasn’t she dead?! We saw her get KO’d) ((I mean, it’s SMG4 logic..)) … -insert Irene dimension theme/aphmau death music/Aerith’s theme here- (Can the silence end now??) *Extremely sad woomy* (Wow. One of the best foes on the channel has been brutally murdered by an anime character.) [Death Note Laughter] (Oi Francis there’s such thing as Inkling/Veemo Spawner) (Fuzzy: YOU [email protected] #!?) (Another person: Woah Calm down 0.0) ..Desti…No… )’: *Francis The B**tch Still Laughing* D-DESTI..? *Desti’s last words* (Me: DESTI NO!!!) ((Another Editor: *pat pat* She’ll respawn.) (me: SHE WAS STABBED! SHE ONLY RESPAWNS IF SHE IS SPLATTED! …Let’s face it… she’s not gonna respawn…) (Ded. Not a big surprise.) (Fuzzy: *Sniffle*) つづく… Subs and Edit: Orbit Gaming, Poddee, hamed and all the other people who helped ^-^ sub to smg4 (Poddee: They don’t have to..) [Hamed: I’ll give you a notification bell so you won’t miss out on the finale…..] right now (Poddee: Uh.. ma’am..?) why not (Poddee: That’s a nice fanart there ^) supporters (Poddee: Thanks to all of you Patreon! I’m a broke person.) Fuzzy In the Backround: *Super Loud Crying noises* (Poddee: I’m sad ;-;) In memories of every single soldier who fought bravely as well as desti…… (Poddee: Guess we all have to wait for the finale, right?) (Poddee: See you next time!) (Poddee: *inkling sobbing noises*) (Fuzzy: *Still crying Loudly* [Anyone wanted a tissue? 🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧] (me, but i will keep this tissue for the funeral of desti)


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    Shotgun from Half-Life 2
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