SpongeBob’s Boating Bash Walkthrough Part 1 (Wii) Tutorial + D Lesson

September 8, 2019

Ah mes amis (my friends), we meet again in the sleepy
town of bikini bottom it is a most important day for spongebob not only is
it the day of his boating school exam it is also the last test of the year should
he fail spongebob will face another whole year of boating school and the
turn signal very good spongebob you passed the oral exam of course yes and
if we can only get you to put your knowledge to practical use
you might just pass this test oh no that’s what I always have trouble this
time spongebob we’re going to go through it slowly together to calm your nerves
and then you can try it on your own how does that sound
as long as these pants are square and this sponge is Bob I won’t let you down
we’ll just see about that the first thing you need to do is to
slowly go forward slowly use the B button to give your boat mobile some gas
and use your control stick to steer that wasn’t so hard now was it let’s see
what happens if we go just a little faster when you’re ready continue to
hold down the gas and then press the a button to Florida great now that you have that figured out
try flooring it a couple times on your own and get it out of your system give
it one more good one that was splendid spongebob
let’s practice stopping now we’re going to stop up ahead
use the Z button to apply the brake inside the stop area if you hold it for
a long time you’ll go in Reverse so you can use the handbrake located on the C
button to hold your position that was wonderful now try it a couple
of times on your own drive forward and break twice so that I can be sure you’ve
got the idea you’re doing so well spongebob you’re
making real progress here excellent work you’ve used your brakes
to stop but you can also use your handbrake alone to help you maneuver a
tight corner while you are driving holding the gas you can also tap or hold
the C button to help slide your boat mobile around a tight corner why don’t
we give that a try go ahead and give it some gas and then hold the handbrake you
can steer the boat mobile to slide in either direction you’re doing fine now take two more
turns using the handbrake to show me you’ve got it this is splendid spongebob
you’re showing the most improvement of any student I’ve had in years let’s see
how much you’ve been paying attention drive up the ramp through the hoop and
then hit the brake on the other side if you want you can floor it to get a
really good jump splendid just wonderful you’re doing so
well now go ahead and drive around to the finish line and we’ll start your
test when you get there let’s try that again well spongebob I am so pleased you did
that very well now it’s time for you to do it all by yourself by myself
well yes you need to be able to drive the course by yourself in order to get
your license I don’t know do you think I’ll do okay mrs. puff I’m sure you’ll
do just fine just fine okay so what’s the first thing you do I they Florence
Florence no no spongebob don’t fall down why so did I pass this time mrs. puff no
spongebob not this time what seems to be the problem son I
failed my driving test again well you shouldn’t let that get you down you can
always take it again oh my where I’m sure they’ll have another test you can
take soon it was the last one of the year uh-huh I see I do anything to get
my license well you’re in luck son how am I in luck
you’re lucky that you filled your test right is I was pulling up to this bus
stop I’m afraid I haven’t had the chance to introduce myself
Seymour scales is the name pleased to meet you pleased to meet you and what’s
your name son spongebob well hello spongebob my boy you’re gonna
get your license to drive this year or my name is in seymour scales I am yes
you are there’s fate would have it I am a certified driving instructor who can
teach you to drive with my special patented learn to drive system you can
yes sir with my learn to drive system I can teach anyone to drive in only five
short classes you can teach me how to drive absolutely drive is a very simple
system that teaches the five key things that every drivers should know
destruction recklessness impairment velocity and escape are you saying I
should destroy things and drive recklessly
absolutely not why Drive we’ll teach you what a poor driver is so that you can
use that knowledge to help become a better driver
all right then spongebob are you ready to sign up young man yes I am there are a couple of basics which most
regular driving instructors leave out that you need to know before we get to
our main lessons I’ve set up a couple of targets to get you used to the idea of
smashing into other cars give it a try son just ramp each of
those vehicles and we’ll move on all right here we go three two one it’s I went to buy some square camouflage
pants the other day but I couldn’t find any I can that was great spongebob you’ll get the
hang of this really quickly you did a nice job with that best part
but now you need to learn how to make your vehicle last longer than the others
your vehicle is divided into parts with the center of the vehicle being the most
important as you smash other vehicles of projects your vehicle will take damage
too if your vehicle becomes too damaged you’ll break down and the lesson will be
over so you want to learn to protect your book the boat your ear is heavily
damaged in the front so I want you to drive and reverse and use the back of
your vehicle to knock out each of the target buh-buh-buh Beals hope you’re
ready three two move until I can hit you tartar sauce here in my line of fire your toes that was just tremendous son you’re
doing great this level is surrounded on all sides by
a pit any vehicle that falls into the pit will be knocked out I’ve set up
targets for you to nudge off the edge but be careful not to fall in yourself
the other cars are spread about so look around for other vehicles or use the
trick map to help you locate them go ahead son give it a try all right here
we go 3 do because I’m ugly and party where did we go since this is a training event I’ve
moved your boat back onto the field of play get an actual event you would have
just been eliminated nothing gonna stand in the way of my
Drive license that was great spongebob you’re getting
the hang of this really quickly how now well spongebob now that you’ve got the
basic idea are you ready to start your lessons your destruction lessons will be
graded on how many car parts you can collect before the time runs out
also knocking into other cars and wrecking stuff on the track will give
you a chance to floor it more often I do that three two be knocked out that was great spongebob you’re getting
the hang of this really quickly go ahead and pick another lesson dream dude yeah and natural one down make fish oil by squeezing a fish you if you tried fantastic job sir just fantastic all right here we go Jerome like fish tonight that’ll be good enough you did great son now for the next class
I’m gonna need you to bring a friend to help well I could see if Patrick wants
to help fantastic I’ll see you and Patrick at your next class is this where
I got to wreck SpongeBob’s car well I was just about to say it’s time for you
boys to get reckless reckless I thought you wanted me to write more you’ll be
reckless is to be careless and that’s exactly what you’re going to do now
but you Patrick it’ll be an awful lot like bumper cars no bumper cars
what are bumper cars yeah never mind it’s only 15 clams for you to sign up
what do I have to do just help Spongebob by smashing and crashing the more he
smashes the more Parts I can collect and a more Drive points he earns to pay for
his lessons so what do you say come in

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