Stock Trading Quick Tip: Are You a Puppet Trader?
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Stock Trading Quick Tip: Are You a Puppet Trader?

August 14, 2019

(swift echoes) – Hey it’s Clay Trader at In this quick tip video I
want to ask you the question, “Are you a puppet trader?” So, what I have here is one of my daughter’s toys and it’s a puppet. I think its name is Stomper. So here’s a puppet, right? I hope everybody understands
how a puppet works. But I wanna quickly just go over the logistics of it in case you’re not sure. Where do I shove my hand when I want to take
control of this puppet? Nope, kinda gotta, nope, work my way up at the backside. And now, look: I have full control of the puppet. So my question to you: “Are you a puppet trader?” I want to go over this
list; then you know, depending on how you answer these, you’re gonna know whether or not you’re letting somebody else
kind of shove their hands. Well, you know where I’m going with that. So, let’s break it down
into two categories. First we have: (chalk writing) Puppet and on the next we actually have traders. ‘Cause as you will soon find out, puppets are not traders. They’re just puppets. And now I want to break things down into a couple separate categories. The first is when it comes to stocks, you know you gotta find ’em right? (chalk writing) So the find. As a puppet trader, or as really, I should
stop saying puppet trader. Just as a puppet, when you’re in this stage of finding, those people want (chalk writing) hot stock picks You know, that’s what they’re looking for hot stock picks. (chalk writing) They’re looking for all
those free newsletters, all that stuff. And they just want to be told, “Hey, what’s the hot
stock pick out there?” And the key thing here is, they want to be told what to play. It may seem like an
insignificant word but, it’s actually a very crucial word. They just want to be told, “Hey, what to play.” So they want hot stock
picks, what to play. Now a real trader, they’re gonna be looking for
just simply broad alerts. “Hey, you got any sort of
broad stuff out there?”. You know, very general, very broad. And the reason for that is, they just want to know what is in play. (chalk writing) So they don’t want to
be told what to play, they don’t want to be told what to do. They just want, you know what’s in play, what could possibly make
something worthwhile for me as a trader. So there’s the first difference. When it comes to the finding stage, puppets, you know, because, you know think about it. When you’re going to
somebody else and saying, “Hey, tell me what to play
I need a hot stock pick.” You are letting them shove their hands. You get the point. And you are becoming a puppet. Where as a trader is just saying, “Hey, shoot me some over broad ideas, broad alerts.” And you know what may be in play, and you know I’ll take it from there. Which transitions to the next section: the action stage. (chalk writing) So during the action stage, puppets just wanna know, “Hey, tell me a buy price.
What price should I buy?” So, they don’t want to try to figure out an entry point. They’re just, “Hey I need a buy price. I need to know when to get in.” Again, so letting another trader kinda shove. Yeah, a puppet. Being told when to buy,
that’s what they want. Whereas a trader, they don’t need to be told that because they have a strategy. They have a strategy, they have rules and all that stuff is going to tell them when they should buy, or heck, even if they should buy. They’re gonna know all that, because they have a strategy. They know what’s going on and remember, the difference. What’s in play, just because something is in play, doesn’t mean you have to play it. But the puppet, they wanna be told what to play. So that’s just the only
thing that they know is okay, I’m being told to play this. So now I just need to know, “Tell me when to buy.” Whereas one of these alerts, because they’re broad, you know, yeah it’s in play. You know, no that doesn’t
really fit my strategy, doesn’t fit my rules so
I’m gonna pass on it. I’m not gonna buy. Huge difference here between a trader and a puppet. Next section. Is going to be managing. Once you get in a trade,
you need to manage it. Now when it comes to puppets, you’re going to see this all the time. “Should I sell?”. They run around asking everybody that. Usually whoever gave them the
hot stock pick or whatever, they’re bombarding them. “Hey should I sell? Should
I hold? What’s going on?” They’re running around like a chicken with their head cut off
or they’re being a puppet. They have no idea what’s going on. And whatever this person says, usually this person is gonna say “Hold, hold, hold”, because this person is
usually selling stock to them. But that’s a whole different video. But regardless, “Should I sell?” that’s a very good clue that you’re just a frickin’ puppet if you get into a stock and then have no idea, “Should I sell? Should I
hold? What should I do?” However, when it comes to a trader, (chalk writing) they just relax. Because again, they have a strategy in place. That strategy has rules. And the rules and strategies
are going to tell them when they should sell. “Should they lock in profits now?, Should they wait to lock in profits? Do they need to get out ASAP? Do they need to let it ride?” All that stuff, is taken care of because
they have a strategy. And that’s why, you know
I’m always preachin’. Have a strategy, get educated. Because it’s very relaxing. It’s not stress-free
when you know what to do. This person, pretty stressful. If you’re in a stock and
don’t know what you should do, that is a very stressful situation. But that’s why they have to go back to their puppet master up here and say, “Hey tell me what to do?”. And then at the end of the day, maybe you’re new. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But it boils down to
this question right here. I like to always use the proverb of fishing. So, if you have the attitude of (chalk writing) “Give me fish”. Well, I’ll give you, you know I’ll let you know what you should really probably be doing. ‘Cause really, in all honesty, there’s nothing wrong with that. And most people in the world do this. Just give me fish. And so I’m not gonna degrade that. But I’ll get to that in a second. However, the trader, and keep in mind this isn’t, you know if you’re somebody that’s new and just getting into things. They wanna say, (chalk writing) “Teach me to fish”. Hopefully you can see the difference. You know, the proverb. “Give a man to fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, he
you know, eats forever”. So that’s their attitude. New person, they wanna be taught. Now, give? If this is you and
you’re saying, you know, “Give me fish.” I just, “Give me a hot stock
pick. Tell me when to buy. Tell me when to sell.” Go and get (chalk writing) a licensed financial advisor. I mean, you’re not.
You’re not doing anything. You’re simply going to
strangers on the internet and asking them, “What should I play? When should I buy? When should I sell?” That’s what a financial advisor does. Except, key word here. Licensed. These people, highly doubt they’re licensed. So for you to put your money, put your trust into somebody that’s Who, who knows? I don’t know, you might as well put it with somebody that’s licensed. That’s actually gone to school. That has a degree in this sort of stuff. My parents are right here. They don’t wanna trade. They just want, they say: “You know what, just give me fish. Tell me what’s best to do with my money to build wealth.” And there’s no shame in that, whatever. Like I said, most Americans are in “Give me fish.” They don’t want to bother
with all this stuff. And that’s fine. But don’t trick yourself and say, with this attitude, “Yeah, I’m a trader.” No, you are a puppet. You are letting somebody else, you know I should probably put on a plastic glove. But, right here. Puppet. All these things. This is you. Whoever is giving you this, and whoever is telling you to do that, and whoever is telling you to do that is just controlling you. So don’t, don’t tell yourself
that you’re a trader. Don’t run around calling
yourself a trader. ‘Cause you’re not. You’re just, you know, you’re trying. You’re a puppet. I guess that’s the best way to put it. But, if you just are following the things in this category, then you are a trader. And again, if you’re getting started, it falls down to what’s
your attitude right now? Just give me fish? Or do you wanna be taught how to fish? So, well if I insulted
some people with this one I think I did my job. That’s what I was going for. But be honest with yourself. Are you a puppet? Or are you an actual trader? Or are you striving to
be an actual trader? Or are you just striving
to be, you know a puppet? Are you kind of you know, letting somebody snap their rubber glove and getting ready to take control of you? I don’t know, that’s up for you to answer. I’ll be the first to admit, I was a puppet when I first got started. I was looking for hot stock picks. You know, “What should
I play? What to play?” And you know then I’d get in, and “Okay, well they told me to buy here, They said that was a good entry point. And you know they said
that was the buy price.” And then all of a sudden, I didn’t know what to sell. So I’m trying to ask that per- I mean it was a disaster. And I realized that being in
the puppet position is kinda. (exhales) It’s not very comfortable. So, I tried to get myself over here. And that’s what is gonna be sustaining. If, think about it. If stock trading was as
easy as this category, there’d be all sorts of
successful traders out there. It’d be a lot higher than 10 percent. But when you follower, or when you follow, you’re gonna get slaughtered. Sure it may work out on a couple trades, but in the long term. Again. If it was as easy as
just becoming a puppet, going through all these steps, the success rate of traders would be much higher than 10 percent. So keep that in mind. Alright, I gotta be honest, I had a lot of fun making this one. But it is also a huge pet peeve of mine. And I just wanna hit myself in the face. ‘Cause like I said, when
I first got started, I was in the puppet category but I’d tell friends and family, “Yeah I’m into trading, I’m a trader now.” Gimme a break. But. You know, so I did have fun. But as much fun as I had, it’s a very serious thing. I mean, I’m gonna go back to it. And I’m gonna repeat it again, ’cause it’s so crucial. If it’s, if trading was as easy
as becoming a puppet, there’d be a lot more
successful people out there. If you enjoyed this video, wanting you to do a couple things: First off, I’d click the like button if you’re watching this on YouTube. If you’re watching this on my site,, please click
that share button up above. And also, leave your comments. There’s gotta be some comments
out there for this one. So, maybe share some stories
about when you were a puppet or maybe you think I’m
full of crap right now and whatever, I mean if you wanna. Just, you know leave some comments. I wanna get a little
discussion going on this one. Your thoughts in terms of
puppets or actual traders. So thank you for watching. Remember, trade without emotion. Don’t be a puppet. (swift echoes)


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