Strongest Men VS Strongest Fish
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Strongest Men VS Strongest Fish

August 14, 2019

so guys we got three of the strongest men on earth got Devon Larrick ex-special forces armwrestling champion the world juji mu food the only guy in the world I know that can do this right here and we got Lane Norden powerlifting champion and the amberjack champion as well yes so our goal today is push the winners we’re going to try to catch Goliath Reapers in a way of no number four strongest men versus strongest fish you guys ready yeah [Music] the rules of this competition are simple biggest fish wins obviously but here is the catch the rod can never touch the gun if the rod touches the gun oh it’s strike one if you get three strikes you’re out juji’s gonna go first he’s ready I didn’t even warm up yet me into a thousand-pound squad fine right okay I’m fine I mean you got compression sleeves on yeah ready hey nervous yeah because everyone else around me is nervous to smile even bleed through to me all right here we go I’d be super nervous if I was you Jersey yeah just like catching a car right that’s the bait right there Devin you’re gonna be back here if the line snaps I want you to grab him to make sure he doesn’t hit his head yeah now if we’re getting pulled forward and we’re getting pulled in I need you to grab his shoulders yeah hold on tight okay so it’s kinda like a seesaw all right so either piece we’re gonna go in or he’s gonna fall back we got you Jersey scared buddy yeah because you’re talking about how many people are it’s gonna take to keep you from flying into the water all right let’s go come on all right all right come on oh yeah all right explain to us how it felt when he actually pulled you to the gunnel this is nothing you could do about it it’s just your viewing pulled in the water and the only thing you’re hoping for is that the people holding you so much lactic acid in my hand right now right yeah my my wrist is just yeah from just holding on pass the torch to ya man I’m so excited to try now now that I see kind of what we’re dealing with dude you didn’t die that’s a good thing I see that it can pull you right over the boat so I hope I got a spotter but I think really the main thing is surviving that initial minute right I didn’t survive it I guess that is the main thing I mean if I how long do I gotta go to like get ahead of you how long what’s your longest armwrestling match you’ve ever done probably like one of my good ones is like probably Marcia Barbosa like probably up around two minutes two minutes and then that turned my lips purple no yeah yeah like anything over twenty seconds is an eternity okay and what what would it tell anything it will take the real this bad boy five minutes all right there you go more than twice as much as a match with Marcia yeah okay well let’s do it let’s do it [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] it’s like we had him and we had a bit and then he decided to really push explain now you both stop full power voice it wasn’t stoppable for me you know it’s hard to gate when something stronger than you it’s hard to know exactly how much stronger is it like for me it’s taken me over like if we weren’t here would you’ve gone in the water yeah yeah no I that would it would it would win right so I can’t really count it I would like like I feel like I’ve already learned something like I got to get the plate lower I gotta get more lean like early because if you’re like not set and it’s done here it’s like you can’t recover yeah you’re right yeah so it’s I feel like I have anticipated it’s so much fun so guess what it’s lanes turn now that’s pretty confident over there look at that gonna be tough be real tough but you know me I like a challenge guys it’s lame norden’s turn he’s pretty confident I would say he’s got confidence with them freedom fight him beat him you beat them you beat dude dude you’re doing [Music] oh boy strike one for everybody it’s juji’s turn now and we’re gonna move to the bent foot so we’re gonna switch this this was really cool with this rodrigo check this out for this so this winter operator but press this button right here and goes to bat but just gonna give up them a little bit more power so we’ll see how the combos get ready Oh [Music] [Music] it was slipping way up he took the rudder my didn’t spear your stomach did it no I got the ready I’m ready are you ready throw him back you ready to sign yeah yeah bring a little room over here no no that’s the problem that’s why you have the wrong you need you need to be centered right here okay I need to let you need to be centered [Applause] thank you [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] he was heavy like my hand was underneath and I’m like he’s crushing my arm okay wow that’s a big animal I was like I gotta my god are you sure yeah why not I almost got dragged in with you I know I almost broke my arm yeah let’s do it let’s do it I got it I got a prevent earlier it’s like you don’t know what you’re messing with and you have to assume it’s a really bad thing because you can’t see it [Music] learn a lot of comments over the years people are like hey the rods never supposed to touch the gunnel you need to fight in a harness or play you don’t know what you’re doing I go look I’ve been used for a long time okay and when you push that much pressure this guy my size not possible you want to catch the fish your Roger Stefano that’s where you put this tubing on the rod right here this vinyl tubing that protects the rod from getting scratches rock from breaking and the boat from being scratched and it looks weird but that’s a mandatory requirement so the rod stay in the boat stay safe and you’ll see after Alain does this vent over here and switches and do my technique I’m gonna catch on real quick for you guys and it’s a lot easier but you got a gun on the rod I’m gonna see if they can do it don’t cut on the raw but it’s nice I got to tell you I’m a little stressed out spotting you actually really you’re like one of those bench pressors that if we just touch the bar they’re gonna freak out okay because it didn’t count they can fit come on this is all you bro this is your year [Music] the plates up get the plate down real real whirlpool it’s just he’s done he’s done for his belly up bro oh I’m jumping in there we go yeah I’m really bummed because I felt like I had him in a really good spot I had the rod in the right spot I was getting some line and then just my feet just went right from under me no I totally slick yeah really yeah my just my left foot with and it was gone and then that rah hit the cuddle and it moved the plate on me yeah and then what’s that plate got it over here I mean that it’s like you can’t do anything yeah you’re help you know so thankfully good spotters Devin and Juji they help me out this comes back on target there’s no solo fishing out here you can’t do it by yourself I mean these guys are monsters I’m a little guy and I can tell you I can’t do by myself and ask them and can you guys do it by yourself no no I mean you know three of us together it’s my turn we’re gonna do it the way you vote me see me doing on my show [Applause] oh yeah you made it look so easy man I was tryna be the bait up because I wanted to see cuz they said this Wonder Adolphus everyone else could see stuff but I was real enough he smoked it taught me off guard [Applause] [Music] [Applause] what a day sick saying thank you insane thanks Josh they probably wanted me most intense fishing experience I’ve ever had the opportunity to be part of win rods went in the water keeping global school the water it was insane I’m ready take a nap I’ve already taken in that really okay go to bed upon sleep the policy my feet is well I’m not gonna lie I was on the water could be that was that’s the best fishing day of my life I got no complaints that was you you went you went down and I was just I was this close to falling on the boat that was crazy we’re all exhausted guys give all these guys a file fall lame Shuji Devin their links are in the description go there follow them they are super cool guys lameness your nutrition expert and basically everything about science you want to learn about weightlifting power thing that’s your guy juji can do things that no other man can do upstairs you want to come and do the splits I’ll hold me I don’t know how much honey pounds the weight on this over his head this is feeling good I this guy’s crazy Devin if you ever want to get arm wrestle Devin you keep McCall I’ll come over there in any place any time any place any time anywhere freedom special thanks to everyone that made this video possible Penn Blackfin rods win crop Folsom we thank you guys so much and also a captain Rob you’re the best thank you guys you guys enjoyed watching this video hit that like button subscribe and we’ll see you next time [Music] [Music]


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