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September 10, 2019

there’s my truck bed now mix it back
rotate this around push that little button there there you are hey good
afternoon everybody end of the week I hope you had a beautiful week and you
know prosperous and productive and everything here you are
Friday and you’re probably still at the office it’s time to quit work and start
watching some videos let’s look forward to getting out in your shop this weekend
I hope I have pretty much elated to be where I am today I tell you what a lot
of things that happen here a lot of work a lot of solo will work but I had some
good people in to that to help me out oh thanks and so I want to show you that
talking about that let’s see dink you could comment I could see if I’m gonna
get up got Bessie she’s in the house and she’ll be looking at comments too if you
got a question you want to ask go ahead and do that I want to put a video up
right after this I want to show you nice to have you here thanks everybody for
joining us appreciate that what you’re looking at behind me is a seeker and she
is okay there’s a few spots I gotta go back in and touch way down to a single
source this morning picked up another gallon of the pink primer one more gal
of that stuff and cuz I got the place like it’s just not right I got a grind
did a little big isn’t Wells back down and we did a little more work up on the
the bow rollers there Joe Kopp crew from Norman came in a little bit yesterday I
put him up there it’s been raining nothing non-stop all morning but yeah
watch this when are you gonna wash the boat yeah I know and that you know I
think I addressed that in this video that I’m gonna release right now so I
mean well after this so yeah what are you gonna watch the boat like the
question of the century but let me show you that
which way you’re looking for you’re looking this way okay and you should be
able hear me better this time too because I got a new fancy dancy mic on
there so let me turn the camera around and see if you bitch about the there we
go there’s a bark tape you bitch about the the sound on the mic well see if I
flip it around it’s always facing this way oh it’s when I do this so testing
one two three let me know how the mic sounds out there when it’s like yeah
okay then this is the other way so I’ll do it like this anyway there it is she
is now the color differentiate that you see up there is cuz this paint actually
has a different shade based on the temperature that you spray it on with
and that’s just the nature of the dink paint and then the other thing is
there’s a lot of sand up there’s still some got my I got all the decks washed
off and I have started setting up my scaffold one last time probably not to
wash off the side of the boat because they see you can see there’s our last
bag of sand Marcus’s come over here a little later and he’s supposed to pick
that up put it drop it in the back of this pickup truck you can see there’s a
lot of sand just adhered to the boat so I’m gonna pressure wash all that off
it’ll get pressure wash one more time before we start putting our next coat of
paint on and this is again where I say thank you to your hand Doug where I say
thank you to to blank over a single source because I went over there this
morning got my paint we started talking about the rest of the paint to put on
the boat it’s gonna be better what it is that’s I have to say thank you to
everybody here to the supported us there’s any way you can and purchase our
overpriced merchandise be they’ve made it we’re painting this boat is breweries
and especially thank you to single-source industrial coatings
because they have painted a sense to use the top quality stuff on this boat so
that’s what we’re gonna be doing otherwise I’d be slapping man if I had
to I would put household’s enamel off that plate know that boat to get in the
water but I don’t have to it’s cool look at that 30,000 pounds
that’s ten of these bags the sand was laying out here and it’s all gone
okay sholde up hauled off actually we didn’t haul it very far I took my fence
down and I for all you that have driven out in this field when it’s too wet and
left ruts okay you know who you are you have filled in the ruts they came to
mote it just the next day after I spread the sand out out there and art helped me
out with that too we got in this thing is perfectly flat and they loved it
because no bouncing around to through the ruts Oh
Thank You diox appreciate that um I see was there something else I wanted to
show you I was out here I don’t think so Oh Oh the compressor is now for sale I
have done with sand weaker so but me go in I’ll show you
something else Oh now if you are a built rat build rest
we refer to the bilge rats are the people who watch our videos look at this
I got my shit in my awning off finally the dogs barking okay hello
here you are you see yourself yeah guard dogs air conditioned guard ugh so
I put my shade up it really makes a difference if you have the opportunity
to do this to your hat morning Sun cooks the snot out of this wall and just
putting down lighting up it is really maybe air conditioner working a lot less
on the inside there um see ya okay there’s a couple other things I want you
to you about too I’m gonna kick my feet off you know I’m
not carrying tells the sand on them this morning nineteen car you doing yes hello
oh just boat went back to immediately let me show you what school I was
talking about those paints we’re gonna use I’ve used this in the engine room
and i mereloc to and it has worked out real well for us it’s a very high solids
high quality epoxy paint to part to pack I think is what you guys call it down
there in Australia and then we’re gonna use this on top it’s a polyurethane
americo t’ 450 high it’s a and it’s it’s it comes in they can tent both of these
paints actually and they come in an array of color so we’re gonna go with
all gray for the hull and everything just like over the so everything zinc
right now so that’s gonna go over the zinc and then this will put on as our
color coat on the boat and a special announcement a lot of you guys watch a
lot of other boat video makers on youtube and if you do you know we
support a lot of them through the sale of challenge coins but if you don’t
watch this guy real practical alright and this is Stu from dagger marine I saw
it was danger for me but I can’t read so it’s dagger marine and in Australia Stu
has that channel and he is a very knowledgeable person
when it comes to outboard engines watch his videos it’s not mine I’ll show you
how to break them he’ll show you how to fix them but he is coming through the
United States so he is going to be here what’s the date on that let me back out
of this green thing here and 21st I think don’t write a name ah September
21st yeah he’s gonna be here on September 21st here at the boat
all right there’s there’s where we weren’t even we weren’t even sandblasted
the whole way right there oh it’s done now but anyway come by and see Stu on
that day I think it’s in the afternoon yeah 1 2 4 p.m. here so if you happen to
be moving through the United States or if you’re in the Tulsa Broken Arrow bit
you know Tulsa regional area that are even Oklahoma City I mean he’s worth
coming up and seeing his shaking his hand it’s not a lecture thing it’s just
a meet-and-greet but we’ll have some refreshments here
what yes yes we’ll have punch and cookies
punchy pack I love times in pack it comes from South Park you know she
didn’t walk South Park so punch it pie she’ll make pie I like what no I have a
high school reunion that we cannot not on this 2013 you do know the big party
is it well yes she’ll bake stuff for us and she can go to her high score you
you’re so funny thank you so do it or I’ll tear down her
room you will not touch my room I will tear it down if you got a big pie you
can’t because it’s just ok ok it’s a mess if she’s working probably I’m doing
a research I’m gonna tell you know I tell a little bit about you what you’re
working on ok sorry Nessie’s dad did a lot of work on the Tulsa Race Riot yeah
so see that’s not too bad now I know what that is those are those are that’s
not and I see look that Cheers wonderful you’re not sitting in it
what’s this little lion thing here I made that you did oh this is lovely
oh yeah I need one like this no there’s just room for one yeah she has it she
even has a TV set in here I use my computer so I can watch you live sighs
that’s right now what Bessie is working on is terribly interesting to me her dad
started this in a race riot commission if you don’t know when most people don’t
Tulsa is the site of a horrendous race riot race Massacre killing spree you
call it what you like it was racial oriented and then we killed it’s not
weezing white crackers went insane one day and probably murdered somewhere in
the range of we know 39 but the epic numbers go up to something it probably
logically around 150 maybe even 300 median more but the thing is they
haven’t found the graves for this now this is back in 1921 this is the years
where the the KKK had a pretty tight hold on you know it’s like joining the
Elks Club if you weren’t a member of the KKK you weren’t anybody and those
attitudes prevailed at that time that here and this is Tulsa so you know it
said is it’s an interesting place but the thing is they haven’t found is they
haven’t found graves right no no serious grave lies no so they
don’t know where not for the ones for the unknown for the unknown which is
primarily black Snow White’s died in this thing too because this wasn’t all
out yeah 37 known dead yeah and we knows the whites we know that certificate
probably about 13 there’s ten ten so we know ten of those are White’s
which totally deserved it in this case because it was a date wind the the the
white group invaded the northern anyways interesting story and there’s some and
there’s some lies about it – there’s just likely anything of historical
there’s some stuff is like oh that’s bullshit but in the end it is a tragedy
and so what’s been found is a link so the Betsy is doing research she’s
looking for every connection she can to find a clear line the grave sites and
she found what we think might be a really good
place well they left me look so it gets passed on up the chain though be an
archaeologist and so forth involvement what I like about it it’s kind of the
work that I wouldn’t be doing what about the seeker is you know finding the truth
about things whatever that truth may be it’s horrible than maybe because I think
by remembering these things we remember that we are capable this is humans to do
grave justices on to other people and maybe when we keep it an hour for
thoughts or less likely to do that make sure you one other thing no product you
got probably sugar we have new items yes yes one is we could we couldn’t get
anymore Billy’s in red yeah so Billy the build rat that’s the in red
I didn’t finish explaining what a villager it is a build wrap is if you
you got this you got this you got somebody I don’t know where that came
from anyway a bilge rat is a is an animal
that rides along on the boat and doesn’t pay anything or do any work right so if
you’re not a supporter but you’re a viewer of se seeker you get plastic
build wrap now some people take hi offense to that and that’s okay think of
the offended someplace else cuz that’s really not the the type of viewership
we’re looking to get anyway so if you you’re you know don’t have ability to
laugh at yourself by come back when you do but you’re the first ones that are
gonna let you know when you think that’s right they’re US Coast guard-approved
Billy the bilge rat he’s made with transparent beans if you check his tag
from China and he will get off the boat before it went before it sinks so if you
don’t have your girlfriend aboard you’re not but fortunately we now have Billy’s
Irish cousin yes and none of us can do an Irish accent Seamus Seamus
we tried I can’t do it I can’t I said I aim is down like the guy with Lucky
Charms with Seamus is now the Irish version of Billy okay and he’s pretty
cute too and then I’ve had people that that that want my girls
you can’t assist Regina of course the headmaster this is Fiona what I’ve done
on the website on the page the product page in the joke store is I put a video
on there of a woman on you two that taught me how to make the hair so
you two can make hair you can make your own you can use restroom or whatever you
want that’s the other thing too is his Regina the name that rhymes with fun
she’s wearing her costume which is actually some perfumers so those of you
that really get into the doll thing Hey here you go all right there you go
yeah that’s a whole wardrobe shit has a ballgown and bikinis and they got pirate
suits now do they really all right now the other item is we have we have shot
glasses why don’t I have fluid ounces they’re nice they’re heavily weighted on
the bottom so it’s not gonna just fall over you’ll be able to see it on one
side there it is says stolen from SVU seeker on the other side it’s got our
blueprint logo Chinese junk rig logo on there anyway these should show up on
Amazon any day now but on Amazon they’re they’re decidedly more expensive than
they are if you buy them from our junk store because Amazon sucks up so much of
the profit that you know I had to make it worse well you want cheaper bit
slower you buy them from our store if you want them fast and more expensive
than you Bob necessarily faster on priorities if you’re at your people that
are buying them in sets of four yeah you get so you give a discount for them um
no not right now but I’ve got him I’ve got these marked down right now only
five bucks a piece in the store so 20 bucks you get a set of four and all at
some point I’ll probably up the buy alone price yeah and keep the set at
that okay also on you can’t get the green rats right now on Amazon you can
only get what’s left of the red rats but on the junk store you have a choice now
between green and red yes absolutely that’ll work for Irish whiskey okay now
here’s the ears the other deal too you’re gonna see a video that one post
right now in fact I’m gonna do that that is one that we had up for a couple
weeks down I actually have another one up there now that’s kind of a summary of
everything about the sandblaster so if you’re looking at sandblasters it’s
everything I would have would have loved known about sandblasting before I
started those videos are for our patrons and supporters and that sort of thing
but it’s really easy to get on that list if you and if you have bought something
from the store you didn’t list all you got to do take a picture of yourself
with your SV secret product you don’t have to be the one that bought the
product I don’t care send email that to me at SV seeker at y not G Anki
SP secret why mail comes to me an email send me your photo with your SD r sv
seeker product and i’ll take your email sticky in an email list and as soon as I
post videos up it’ll go out to you and those videos are ad free until they go
public so the one that you’re getting ready to see now
well that ads on it because you haven’t sent me your photo with your SP secret
product yet and if all that offends you once again
okay go be offended I didn’t have bottom a bit for everybody who’s not offended
and has supported us Thank You Man we’re putting together a really nice
boat out there with some really lovely paint on it so I appreciate it very much
okay turn the volume off there the only other thing is yes we have some openings
this fall yeah we do there’s just an opening on the Kal sure you go to the
website and look at about us and welcome aboard to learn about coming to help
Doug work on the boat yes okay you gotta go read that page first
don’t just don’t just show up bad and you’ll get in trouble with my watchdog
that’s me not that one down there no no no they’re still sleeping okay so there
you are let me take and if you’re in this bill how come you wait – what Oh
cuz you’re messing with like no it just hits a button there and so I’m going to
post a link to the video there and there you go I can see there you go guys
let me go back through of your questions real quick here and see if I can answer
anything oh there’s not questions here there’s comments okay do you left a
comment cool thank you very much let me scroll back
up what about super chat donations now cuz I don’t know your who you are
yeah there’s no way for me you to message me from YouTube anymore so don’t
do the super chat donation and get anything off of that unless I can figure
out a way of telling who you are yeah maybe I can look you posted your email
address they’d be kind of dating you know most people don’t like doing that
if you post your email address like Dax if you’re not around my supporter and in
there this you could put it on this list you do that I’ll you know what I think
if you post your email address just super check it actually doesn’t show the
comment it hides it but I can see it so take a risk on that if you like so yeah
you could we could do it to you super chat like that way I don’t care how much
money you have to and you make a donation or what kind of product you buy
it didn’t have to be anything that’s not really the purpose here we’re happy to
have your support whether it be a you know a dollar monster okay look for
question marks through this thing real quick where’s there’s a question mark
there’s Jesus she’s on guard duty holding down the cushion up couch you
must say hello you know see though know you know hide yourself man this dog has
insanely big ears okay just in case you it’s a basset hound do you want to know
um Missy hey hey howdy I don’t see any real questions in here which is okay
okay I’ll look down through it a little bit more but you’ve already got our
other one it’s already going premier so I’m going to go over and join the
premier um let’s see yeah okay yeah buzz is this running already now let me see
oh yeah I’m getting that ad on the premiere wish I will skip here there you
go okay the premiere video is right go over
there and join that with me alright we’ll chat with you then once again
thanks everybody for your support you’re great


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    I admit, i've ruined my hearing with guns, guitars and funny cars, but that was my licivious living behaviours from decades ago.
    All these years i've had no problem hearing your videos. But on these live videos i can't hear a fuggin' thing. You can blame it on my hearing, but that's naught the whole problem.
    I'm guessing you're using a fuggin' phone… that does everything but phone… just like mine.

  • Reply Jasonsenipor August 16, 2019 at 2:20 am

    Found your channel a few days ago and cant stop watching, great work.

  • Reply Na'Roon Starrider August 18, 2019 at 6:48 pm

    I don't know if you guys know but if you look at your lactation on google maps is has a pin SV Seeker… thought that was pretty coool 🙂

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