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Symphony of the Seas Cruise Ship Tour – Royal Caribbean International Cruise Line

January 16, 2020

At 228,081 gross register tons, Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas is the largest cruise ship ever built. Symphony of the Seas is a larger version of Royal Caribbean’s 22-month-old Harmony of the Seas, the previous size leader in the cruise world. It surpasses Harmony in size by more than 1,000 tons. Like Harmony of the Seas, Symphony of the Seas features a massive water slide complex on its top deck called Perfect Storm. Royal Caribbean just began adding water slides to its ships in 2016. Symphony of the Seas’ water slide area features three separate slides, two of which wrap around each other as they descend from a launch area on Deck 18. The Perfect Storm water slide area is just one of many attractions along the open-air top decks of Symphony of the Seas. Symphony of the Seas boasts three separate pool areas along its top deck, including what’s billed as the Main Pool (shown here). The Main Pool is located on Deck 15 just off the Perfect Storm water slide area. The Main Pool is lined with rows of lounge chairs for sunning. A large, shaded hot tub is among the allures of Symphony of the Seas’ Main Pool area. On the same side of Symphony of the Seas as the Main Pool is another watery escape called the Sports Pool. Across from the Sports Pool on Symphony of the Seas is Splashaway Bay, a kiddie aqua park that is among the largest of its kind at sea. Splashaway Bay offers slides, water cannons and waterfalls as well as a dump bucket. More deck chairs on located one deck up from Symphony of the Seas’ pool areas along promenades that extend outward from the ship. The outdoor decks of Symphony of the Seas also include the Pool and Sports Zone, which includes a miniature golf course, zip line, basketball court and FlowRider surfing simulators. Adirondack-style chairs painted blue and red offer passengers a place to lounge between rounds of miniature golf at the Pool and Sports Zone. Like sister ship Harmony of the Seas, Symphony of the Seas is home to a nine-deck-high slide called Ultimate Abyss. Passengers enter the attraction through the giant jaws of an angler fish. Symphony of the Seas has two FlowRider surfing simulators, an iconic feature of Royal Caribbean’s biggest ships. They’re located at the back of the vessel on Deck 16. The Pool and Sports Zone at the back of Symphony of the Seas also features a basketball court. The hub of Symphony of the Seas’ interior is the Royal Promenade, a three-deck-high, mall-like space lined with shops, eateries and bars. In a nod to longstanding Royal Caribbean tradition, the Royal Promenade on Symphony of the Seas features a car on display. But in a twist on that tradition, the “car” is actually a sculpture. Called Beetle Sphere, it’s by artist Ichwan Noor and was made using original parts from a 1953 Volkswagon Beetle. The Beetle Sphere sculpture is located just in front of Cafe Promenade, a coffee bar along the Royal Promenade. As is the case on other Royal Caribbean ships, Symphony of the Seas’ Royal Promenade is home to a British-style pub. On Symphony, it’s called Copper & Kettle. The Copper & Kettle serves up a wide range of beers and offers live music nightly. Across from Copper & Kettle is a Sorrento’s pizza outlet. It’s a venue found on many Royal Caribbean ships. Also located on the Royal Promenade, Boleros is a Latin-themed bar and lounge that serves up Latin-inspired drinks like mojitos and caipirinha. Featuring a sleek, oval bar, lounge area and dance floor, Boleros is a lively venue at night. Just outside Boleros along Symphony of the Seas’ Royal Promenade is a massive, 18-foot-high metallic sculpture by artist Gregor Kregar. Called Paradox Void, it was created by 1,200 laser-cut mirrored stainless steel triangles and 200 sections of LED lights, and it weighs three tons. The Royal Promenade on Symphony of the Seas also is home to a free-standing Starbucks. Royal Caribbean was the first cruise line to feature Starbucks on ships. Shops along the Royal Promenade on Symphony of the Seas include Regalia Watches, which sells high-end watches. Another shopping venue along Symphony of the Seas’ Royal Promenade is The Shop, which sells Symphony of the Seas-branded items. It takes the place of the Kate Spade shop that is located in the same location on sister ship Harmony of the Seas. While Symphony of the Seas doesn’t have a standalone Kate Spade store, it has another shop called The Collection that carries Kate Spade handbags and other branded items. The Collection shop on the Royal Promenade also carries Michael Kors merchandise. Another shopping venue along Symphony of the Seas’ Royal Promenade is Port Merchants, which sells Royal Caribbean-branded merchandise. Royal Caribbean logo items also are for sale from kiosks along the Royal Promenade. Other venues along Symphony of the Seas include the On Air Club, a karaoke bar. The On Air Club features a small stage and screens that are used during karaoke-themed evenings. The bar at the On Air Club, with chairs arrayed facing the karaoke stage. The Royal Promenade also is home to a Next Cruise office where passengers can research and book future sailings. Like other Oasis Class ships, Symphony of the Seas features a Rising Tide that rises between the Royal Promenade on Deck 5 and the Central Park area on Deck 8. Symphony of the Seas also is home to a Bionic Bar where a robot bartender serves the drinks, a concept that made its debut in 2014 on Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas. Two robotic arms sit at the ready to mix drinks at Symphony of the Seas’ Bionic Bar. Located on Deck 5 near one of the entrances to the Royal Promenade, the Bionic Bar is a sleek, contemporary space. The nautically-themed Schooner Bar, an icon of Royal Caribbean ships, is located on Deck 6 overlooking the Royal Promenade. The Schooner Bar is a popular gathering point for passengers in the evenings. Featuring a grand piano in a prominent position, the Schooner Bar often is the site of live piano music in the evenings. Tucked in a corner at Symphony of the Seas’ Schooner Bar is a Loyalty Desk for frequent Royal Caribbean cruisers. An elegant stairway on one end of the Royal Promenade leads up to the Schooner Bar on Deck 6. Symphony of the Seas offers more than a dozen restaurants and snack outlets, the biggest of which is its three-deck-high main dining room. The three-deck-high main dining room on Symphony of the Seas offers a different decor on every level. A seating area on the top level of Symphony of the Seas’ main dining room. The main dining room on Symphony of the Seas is one of several complimentary eateries on the ship. The Dazzles lounge on Symphony of the Seas overlooks the ship’s Boardwalk amusement area. Dazzles is a two-deck-high venue with a bar, lounge seating and a dance floor. Among the notable features on Symphony of the Seas is Central Park, a tree-lined area of eateries, bars and shops that runs down the center of the ship. Found on each of Royal Caribbean’s four Oasis Class ships, Central Park is landscape with thousands of trees, shrubs and smaller plants. Among the eateries along Central Park is Chops Grill, Royal Caribbean’s signature steak house. Chops Grill has a cozy, clubby decor. Dinner at Chops Grill comes with an extra charge. Also found along Central Park on Symphony of the Seas is 150 Central Park, the ship’s most elegant restaurant. The elegant interior of 150 Central Park. Located in Central Park, the Trellis Bar is an outdoor venue for an drink before dinner. Among the features of Symphony of the Seas’ Central Park is a wall of live plants rising several decks. Park Cafe is a casual eatery along Central Park that’s open for light fare during the day. Park Cafe offers a quick and casual alternative for breakfast and lunch. Complimentary coffee is available during the day at Park Cafe. The Central Park area on Symphony of the Seas also is home to Jamie’s Italian, an Italian eatery by British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. Jamie’s Italian serves up handmade pasta and other Italian dishes including Fried Garlicky Prawns and Lamb Chops Scottaditta. The old-fashioned prosciutto-cutting machine at Jamie’s Italian is for display only. Another venue along Central Park is Vintages, a wine bar. The Central Park area on Symphony of the Seas features a high-end shopping area with Bvlgari, Hublot and Cartier. Symphony of the Seas is home to one of the largest casinos at sea, the Casino Royale. Located on Deck 4, Casino Royale features dozens of slot machines and table games. Symphony of the Seas’ Casino Royale opens when the ship is at sea. One deck down from the Royal Promenade on Deck 4 is music venue Jazz on 4. Jazz on 4 is home to live jazz and blues nightly. Symphony is the second of Royal Caribbean’s Oasis Class ships to debut with one of the fanciful Wonderland restaurants that first appeared on the line’s Quantum Class vessels. Symphony of the Seas’ Wonderland restaurant spreads over two decks and overlooks the ship’s Boardwalk area. Wonderland is located on Decks 11 and 12. Symphony’s spa and fitness center, dubbed Vitality at Sea, is one of the largest ever on a cruise ship. Nail stations in the salon at the Vitality at Sea spa. Hair stations in the salon at the Vitality at Sea spa. Pedicure stations in the salon at the Vitality at Sea spa. A cozy waiting area awaits spagoers at Symphony of the Seas’ Vitality at Sea spa. Life Fitness equipment fills the Vitality at Sea fitness center. The Vitality at Sea fitness center also has a wide range of free weights. Symphony of the Seas features a large kid zone called Adventure Ocean. Sprawling across one end of Deck 12, Symphony of the Seas’ Adventure Ocean kids zone includes Explorers, a play room for children ages six to eight. The Aquanauts area of Adventure Ocean is for children ages three to five. A general play zone within the Adventure Ocean area. A view of the Royal Promenade on Symphony of the Seas as seen from an overlook one deck above its main floor. More of the shops along the Royal Promenade. Perfumes and cosmetics from Chanel, Dior and other brands also are for sale in shops along the Royal Promenade. A Guest Services desk is located on Deck 5 along the Royal Promenade. A shore excursions desk on Deck 5 features interactive screens where passengers can book tours off the ship. Symphony of the Seas’ water slides soar high above the ship’s pool decks and tree-lined Central Park area. A life buoy sits at the ready along one of the top decks of Symphony of the Seas.


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