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    December 1, 2019

    guys check this out we’re underneath the ship now oh there’s a lot of spiders in there guys I do not want to be under there looks like this is the way I’m gonna be going in it is it’s looking freaky and I gotta make sure I do not pop this boat hey what’s gonna pop it Jake family Papa Jake here and we are back with a brand-new video and guys if you are following along in our series things are getting intense okay we escaped from prison in our previous videos and made it to well as you can see in the background this abandoned pirate ship that’s right guys we found out that the person who locked us up the gamemaster is evil because of something that happened on this ship and we need to put a stop to this mystery if you guys don’t know the gamemaster has been hunting down and capturing youtubers and we were at the cusp of solving this mystery all right Papa Jake is going full Sherlock Holmes on this and we asked you guys in our last video do you want us to board the ship because I mean Logan is it’s a freaky pirate ship it is really freaky guys it’s abandoned too which makes it even freakier because there could be pirate ghosts but you guys absolutely like button and that is exactly why today we are gonna be boarding the abandoned pirate ship and searching for clues to put an end to the gamemaster in our last video we did have some weird like electromagnetic stuff happen to the drone that we are flying over it as you can see I don’t know what caused that but it makes me even more believe that this ship could be haunted and whatever is linking it to the gamemaster might be evil this is gonna be one of the most dangerous missions we have ever gone on but we’re bringing you guys along alright guys so check this out we’ve got two of our inflatables here that we’re gonna use to get across and over to the ship now if you guys remember in our drone footage there’s actually an opening that we found on the way far side of the abandoned pirate ship which means well we got a paddle all the way around and then hopefully we can figure out a way to get in like I said guys we need to be extremely careful this thing is not only falling apart so we got to be careful using gloves and long pants but it might be haunted so we got to keep that in mind Logan this make our paddles alright guys so we have our rafts and we have our paddles and we’re ready to go out to the ship let’s set out and sail over there I’ve got everything ready in mine so stay close and hopefully we don’t run into any issues but like I said guys this is gonna be pretty scary looking these are gonna work for us right dude I really hope so yeah be careful and don’t tip okay I’ll try my best I think I’m good uh Jake that doesn’t look too sturdy we’re not going too far I think I’ll get us there all right guys we’re making our way over to the ghost ship got our little dinghy here it’s a little hard to control definitely not as inflated as I would have wanted it to be as you guys can see it’s kind of buckling but like I said the ship isn’t too far away look at all this flow cause with all the seaweed here it makes it so creepy this is definitely a go ship so we got to get around to the other side and that’s where we’ll actually be able to get in okay guys so far so good dude check that out this thing is massive and guys as we get close to the water is actually changing color it’s like a darkish blue now I know if you guys can see that on the camera but that is really freaky Logan how you doing oh man hi we’ve got to get up and inside this thing guys and from the looks of it work it’s up there we’re down here let’s hope the other side is a lot better I mean on the drone it definitely look like there’s a spot to get up but from here this is gonna be difficulty all right let’s keep moving around the ship that way I think that’s our best bet to get inside guys the thing is huge when you get up close yeah guys check it out and it’s so rusted we got to be careful we don’t get too close to it because we do not want to pop this guys check this out we’re underneath the ship now oh there’s a lot of spiders in there guys I do not want to be under there we’re making our way around though to the other side we’re getting close to the entrance or slash where we think we’ll be able to enter so once we get over there we’ll update you guys but as you can see this thing is just absolutely massive look at all the places we could search in here there’s got to be some clues in here hi guys looks like this is the way I’m gonna be going in it is it’s looking freaky and I got to make sure I do not pop this boat on this rusty metal or else we’re gonna have a really bad day / no way to get off this thing so whoo that was a trip hi Jake this looks really freaky yeah man it’s it’s uh this is interesting all right get up you’re dead all right guys Logan’s getting up here nice there we go guys so far the mission is well 20% successful we’ve made it onto the boat now it’s time to start exploring but already guys this place is creepy not only the fact that it is an abandoned pirate ship but it is a dangerous hazard being on here and I also don’t know exactly where we can walk because there are holes all throughout here and I mean it’s rusted metal so parts of this could break at any time guys I’ve never seen so many spiders in my life yeah there’s a lot of weird stuff on this so let’s uh let’s start exploring into we can find whoa guys this is uh this is really freaky you do not want to fall down there that is a that is a dangerous place to fall down guys you have to be so careful there is a ton of random holes here look at this not somewhere you want to fall down so we’ve made it onto the ship it’s been quite the journey to get on here guys I can say I’m a little spooked to be honest with you I move at nighttime it’s a over the middle of the day but that doesn’t take away from the fact that this was once like a pirate ship in a way pretty cool but it doesn’t take away from the freaky factor dude look at this this is crazy spider webs guys this is really creepy I don’t know if you can see what’s back here guys but tell me if you can see anything behind that corner it looks like this ground is like not stable enough to actually go over there cuz the grounds moving beneath me but let me know what you uh let me know what you see and look at this dude there’s like a machine here guys I don’t know what this used to be but check this out this might be they’re gonna look stairwell or something but there’s like a gauge over there and there is a ton of bird’s nest and other nasty here this freaky man that’s it right now nothing too spooky is happening but this place is definitely really freaky freaking me out to being on here there’s like a weird feeling being on here especially knowing this was an old pirate ship you see anything Logan this looks like it was a staircase that went to the basement and now it’s full of water guys by the look of it it looks like there may have been a fire yeah you’re right guys there’s a lot of markings here that indicate that this could have been a fire I mean obviously the ships sunk but if you look around there’s a lot of charred wood here like look at this was definitely on fire I didn’t notice that until Logan pointed it out but even when I was looking in here guys look at the wood all down there that looks like that was on fire at one point perhaps there was more to this shipwreck maybe it wasn’t an accident maybe someone looked this ship on fire you got to be very careful when walking though guys the ground here is definitely not stable I’m trying to vlog as best I can but I also need to be very careful looks like this at one point look up even here guys look at this there’s another hole here that is freaky it would be awesome to go and explore down there but it is just too dangerous this is one of the most dangerous things we’ve ever done and I cannot stress it enough guys do not try this at home if you have an abandoned ship or even an abandoned building near you do not try it at home because it is dangerous and you could get extremely hurt okay whoa okay what’d you find it’s kind of weird but I found a lens cap to a camera what’s what some kind of camera lens dude that is weird I mean considering that this game masters after youtubers and we know he’s been trying to make his own youtube videos that makes this thing even weirder so as of right now what we do know is that the game master was turned evil after this ship will crashed or had a shipwreck and whatever happened on this pirate ship happened over 200 years ago which means either the game master is well a ghost or there’s something else to this story and I think Logan might be uncovering it with that camera cover let me know the comments down below guys what you think that could be from I’m also noticing here guys look it looks like this might have been like a kitchen or a room or something on the old pirate ship this is like tile for the floor it’s like nice tile it almost looks like it hasn’t been here for 200 years like this wipe all the dirt off and it’s fine but obviously the rest of the ship is burned you guys can see down there the water is actually really clear you can kinda get a good view of what it looks like it looks like down there there’s some more machinery oh dude I don’t know if you guys can see or if we can zoom in but there’s an actual door down there look at you see that yeah it’s like an old door an old window that is crazy if you notice anything or recognize anything from this pirate ship you know maybe an old weapon or something in the video let us know in the comments down below let us know what you guys see ok guys I’m gonna check out the front of the ship guys it’s really freaky the ship keeps making these like all rusty ship noises it’s really weird what I think I just saw something move in there no yes in the room we just came from it was like a figure so he was black all black like I don’t know like something like that something’s going on I saw something move did you get on can she get the footage oh keep filming that way something’s moving in there I wants to want to go back over there I’m freaking out guys let’s kind of avoid that section for now there’s a box it’s like a chest or a box of some sort walk through the chain yo check that out does it have anything on it you could have been left by the pirates I have no idea yo that is crazy okay we should definitely bring this with us this could have a ton of really important clues in it there it is the sound Jake I think I saw what you’re talking about something moved back there guys something’s there I don’t know it’s like a pirate ghost or or or some creepers following us but there is something that keeps making a noise and moving back there we’re trying to get it on camera but dude I almost want to go back that way I’m really freaked out right now look maybe we should get back on our boats and go back to shore right okay well we documented everything we could with this camera so we can review the footage when we can get home and also have you guys help us review the footage but on top of that we found this and whatever information on the gamemaster we can find has to be on this all right come on let’s get back in her ships and get home chiku is that from inside room inside something’s in there come on we gotta go gotta go all right guys we’re getting out of here we guys take what we have back and try and open this and figure out where it came from guys make sure this act I couldn’t hit the subscribe button we’re putting a stop to this mystery the game master Thomas from Papaji

    Find out YOUR Star Wars SHIP! – Star Wars Quiz
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    Find out YOUR Star Wars SHIP! – Star Wars Quiz

    December 1, 2019

    Hey everybody and welcome to Leia’s Lair. In this episode I have prepared a quiz to
    determine which space ship you would pilot in the Star Wars universe. If you are enjoying the videos please give
    them a like, share, and subscribe to the channel so I can continue making them for you! Now before we begin, grab a pen and paper
    or something to keep track of your answers and scores. After each question, select one response that
    aligns with how you’d choose to be in the Star Wars universe. It will then reveal how many points each response
    is worth, add that number to your tally. At the end we will add up all the points from
    the questions to determine which result you got. Alright, let’s begin! Question 1. You are facing your nemesis in a podrace. Do you? A. Sabotage their podracer. You want any advantage you can get. B. Pay no attention to them. They will distract you from what’s important. C. Wish them luck. If you win, you want to win fair. D. During the race try to ram them into a
    wall. They should not have messed with you. E. Try to throw them off by insulting them. They are bantha poodoo compared to you. Question 2. Your neighbours come to you, the leader of
    your people, seeking help in their war. Do you? A. Refuse to take part in any war. You must look after your people. B. Take advantage of their weak state and
    slaughter them. This is your chance to rule the planet yourself. C. Send them away with a small battalion of
    soldiers. That is the best you can do without compromising
    yourself. D. Conditionally agree, you will only help
    them for the right price. E. Agree to help them in any way possible. It is the right thing to do. Question 3. You are chasing down an assassin, who just
    tried to kill a senator. Do you? A. Crash your speeder into theirs to stop
    the pursuit. Leave them to burn in their wreckage. B. Let them get away. They are not THAT important. C. Call in the authorities to assist you. You could use all the help you can get. D. Continue blindly pursuing them until you
    catch them. When you do, end them. E. Set a trap to capture them yourselves. Then try to get to the bottom of who they
    are working for. Question 4. You find out your companion’s dad is the
    mastermind behind the Death Star. Do you? A. Ignore that fact and abandon your mission. It is too complicated. B. Complete your mission, pull the trigger
    and end him. C. Sell your companion out to the Empire. Surely they would pay you well. D. Stop and realize you cannot do this. You are not a murderer. E. Rescue their father and reunite them together. They both deserve a happy ending. Question 5. You are tasked with the job of destroying
    the Death Star. Do you? A. Radio the Rebel base. You need a lot of money if you are going to
    stay in this battle. B. Get out of there quickly. This job is too convoluted for you. C. Switch sides. Take out the rebels and go with the side with
    the massive space station. D. Do what you can to help, but realize it
    is not worth your life. E. Follow through with the plan to the end,
    no matter what the cost. Question 6. You and your companions are trying to get
    through the enemy’s deflector shield using old codes. Do you? A. I don’t know, fly casual. B. Keep your distance, but don’t look like
    you’re trying to keep your distance. C. Start firing on them. Do whatever it takes to get through the shield. D. Get outta there pretty quick. They’re not going for it. E. Stay calm. It’ll work, it’ll work. Question 7. You come across a droid that needs to deliver
    a message, but it’s extremely valuable. Do you? A. Decline but let the droid go free without
    helping him. B. Sell him to the junk dealer for parts and
    take your 60 portions. You’ll be eating well tonight. C. Offer to help the droid, but only if you
    get something in return. D. Help the droid. His mission is more important. E. Destroy the droid and its message. Being associated with it will only get you
    in trouble. Question 8. The one you love wants to sacrifice themselves
    for no reason. Do you? A. Save them the trouble and shoot down their
    ship. B. Do nothing, you will let them decide for
    themselves. C. Try to convince them otherwise. D. Tell them good riddance. They are not your problem if they are stupid
    enough to do that. E. Risk your own life to save theirs. Question 9. What would be the most important aspect in
    your life? A. Health B. Security C. Happiness D. Money E. Power Question 10. Your ship would mainly be used for? A. Smuggling B. Commuting C. Recreation D. Battling E. Housing Alright that was the last question, good job
    on finishing the quiz. Now just add up all the points from the questions
    and we’ll find out which result you have in the Star Wars universe. Between 10 and 18: You got the Jedi Starfighter The Eta-2 Actis-class light interceptor, also
    known as the Jedi starfighter or the Jedi interceptor, was the standard fighter used
    by the Jedi during the Clone Wars. This starfighter class ship was manufactured
    by Kuat Systems Engineering. It would be 5.47 meters in length, and had
    a maximum atmospheric speed of 1,500 kph. It could hold only 1 passenger comfortably,
    and would cost around 300,000 credits. Between 19 and 25: You got the X-Wing The T-65B X-Wing starfighter was the standard
    fighter used by the Rebel Alliance during the Galactic Civil War. This starfighter class ship was manufactured
    by Incom Corporation. It would be 12.5 meters in length, and had
    a maximum atmospheric speed of 1,050 kph. It could hold only 1 passenger comfortably,
    and would cost around 150,000 credits. Between 26 and 31: You got the Ghost The Ghost was a modified VCX-100 light freighter
    used famously by the Spectres of the Rebel Alliance during the Imperial Era. This light freighter class ship was manufactured
    by Corellian Engineering Corporation. It would be 43.9 meters in length, and had
    a maximum atmospheric speed of 1,025 kph. It could hold up to 6 passengers comfortably,
    and would cost around 150,000 credits for a new unmodified version. Between 32 and 37: You got the Tantive IV The Tantive IV was a CR90 corvette used famously
    by Princess Leia Organa of the Rebel Alliance during the Galactic Civil War. This corvette class ship was manufactured
    by the Corellian Engineering Corporation. It would be 150 meters in length, and had
    a maximum atmospheric speed of 950 kph. It could hold more than 100 passengers comfortably,
    and would cost between 2.7 million to 3.5 million credits. Between 38 and 42: You got the Naboo Royal
    Starship The Naboo Royal Starship was a J-type 327
    Nubian starship used famously by Queen Padme Amidala of the Galactic Republic during the
    Invasion of Naboo. This yacht class ship was manufactured by
    both Theed Palace Space Vessel Engineering Corps and Nubian Design Collective. It would be 76 meters in length, and had a
    maximum atmospheric speed of 920 kph. It could hold up to 8 passengers comfortably,
    and would cost around 1.4 million credits. Between 43 and 48: You got the Millennium
    Falcon The Millennium Falcon was a specially modified
    YT-1300f light freighter used famously by Han Solo and Chewbacca during the Galactic
    Civil War. This light freighter class ship was manufactured
    by Corellian Engineering Corporation. It would be 34.75 meters in length, and had
    a maximum atmospheric speed of 1,050 kph. It could hold up to 6 passengers comfortably,
    and would cost around 100,000 credits for a new unmodified version. Between 49 and 54: You got the Slave I The Slave I was a modified Firespray-31-class
    patrol and attack craft used famously by Jango Fett before the Clone Wars, and by his son,
    Boba Fett, during the Galactic Civil War. This space transport class ship was manufactured
    by Kuat Systems Engineering. It would be 21.5 meters in length, and had
    a maximum atmospheric speed of 1,000 kph. It could hold up to 6 passengers comfortably,
    and would cost around 120,000 credits for a new unmodified version. Between 55 and 61: You got the TIE Fighter The TIE/In starfighter was the standard fighter
    used by the Galactic Empire during the Galactic Civil War. This starfighter class ship was manufactured
    by Sienar Fleet Systems. It would be 7.24 meters in length, and had
    a maximum atmospheric speed of 1,200 kph. It could hold only 1 passenger comfortably,
    and would cost around 60,000 credits. Between 62 and 70: You got the Scimitar Sith
    Infiltrator The Scimitar, also known as the Sith Infiltrator,
    was a heavily modified prototype star courier used famously by Darth Maul during the Invasion
    of Naboo. This space transport class ship was manufactured
    by Republic Sienar Systems. It would be 26.5 meters in length, and had
    a maximum atmospheric speed of 1,180 kph. It could hold up to 6 passengers comfortably,
    and as a prototype it would cost around 55 million credits. Interested in finding out more about who you’d
    be in the Star Wars Universe. Check out my other quizzes. Anyways, I hope you had fun completing the
    quiz. So which one did you get? Let me know down below in the comment section. And remember to like, share, and subscribe
    to the channel for more great videos to come. I hope to see you all again in Leia’s Lair.

    LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle review ⚓ 21313
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    LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle review ⚓ 21313

    November 27, 2019

    hello everyone this is the very classy
    looking lego ideas ship-in-a-bottle set and it is significantly noticeably
    smaller than the original ideas submission from a fan but I think that’s
    actually a very good thing this is practically one-to-one scale to many
    real ships in a bottle and especially the bottle part itself it actually ends
    up being a little bit larger than many liquor bottles are and so I think this
    is a great scale in fact a perfect scale thing is very visible from a distance
    looks kind of realistic from a distance yet it doesn’t take up too much space
    and very unfortunately it was not too difficult to put together with the kind
    of eggshell construction of the bottle with those non-abs hard transparent
    pieces the pieces have extraordinarily high clutch power due to the surface of
    the material which makes them more difficult to put together however they
    are also very springy so if you’re dealing with a bunch of pieces in a
    fairly hollow assembly and you use too much force you can very quickly be
    punished by a very sudden and violent disassembly this set the way it’s
    designed in its final form here though is not too bad there are a couple of
    hairy moments as you attach these large curved pieces near the the shoulders or
    that form the shoulders and also when you’re putting in just the last couple
    of panels on the top that go just over the mass and actually their rear one
    touches and compresses it ever so slightly that definitely requires some
    finesse and it helps if you have small fingers I do not have particularly small
    fingers so I got none of that help but it was able to work out in the end I
    said definitely requires some finesse and patience patience is definitely your
    friend it could have been a lot worse though I’ll tell you that for sure I
    love this cap and cork it’s easily one of my favourite things to look at on the
    entire model the whole model is basically three assemblies you have the
    bottle you know the ship in the bottle and you
    have to stand oh yeah there’s also the water which consists of 284 trans light
    blue stud pieces that you just pour in fortunately you don’t need to sort them
    out from any other bags they just have three bags labeled number three and you
    just pour their full contents out and then try to kind of level them out from
    front to back before you start to close the bottle up the ship is attached
    fairly securely there’s not a lot of worry about it falling over in there if
    you pick up the bottle or something like this there the ship is attached with
    some jumper pieces which ultimately are held in place with a bunch of headlight
    bricks that are used on the base here and they also use a lot of headlight
    bricks on what is truly the bottom of the bottle so yes there’s a lot of prism
    effect that goes throughout here I think it looks pretty good I’m glad that it’s
    a little bit more clear in the center with the large panel pieces but overall
    again it’s very sturdy and not too frustrating to actually put together
    well this is a very nice small ship build it’s surprisingly sturdy and dense
    for its size it has a good level of detail and it features building in every
    major direction plus some including upside down they got little
    representations of the cannons and the gun ports on the sides I really like the
    kind of banister style railing done around the rear quarter deck with the
    new color I believe for those relatively new round 1 by 1 plates with the little
    bar extension I think that’s a new color for those look forward to collecting a
    bunch of those you know if they use some offset construction throughout this
    going from odd width to even width with the numbers of studs these masts are
    attached pretty securely they will stay exactly where you want them to be the
    level of detail on the main deck is really good they’ve even got the the
    cover for the hold there with texture with the grill piece they used
    the half plate thickness design and level of texture and and placement for
    the the bulwarks going around the edges you got some extended plates up towards
    the front just a lot of really good stuff going on here it almost looks like
    it has a wheel at there area as well almost you just just practically imagine
    it and I mean I can’t appreciate enough what they’ve done
    with the mass just how sturdy sturdy they are you can angle them wherever you
    want them to be you can change the angles of the sails just a little bit
    and yeah they think they look great you don’t have a little sea serpent prints
    for the center portions of the the main sails there and those have a little bit
    of gold on them so they have a little bit shimmer it’s it’s good it’s good all
    around the faux wooden stand is also legit it is very sturdy has a minimum
    number of unintended studs that appear on any of its sides really like the
    compass in here you can actually rotate this around it would be cool to come up
    with a little conversion for the interior to possibly make that actually
    work notice that this dish is printed on the opposite side so you’re actually
    looking at the underside of it very good technique there exclusive print also for
    the panel on the front for the name of the ship they give you a couple of these
    little globes that can be spun around and oriented however you want and
    interestingly this has a lot of teal pieces inside of it the recently
    re-released old classic color not able to see them from the outside whatsoever
    but there’s a lot of teal used inside of here there’s actually a fair amount of
    teal used there we go I can pop up one of these bits there’s a lot more than
    you can see here but it’s just a little little teaser of it there are a lot of
    teal pieces used or some teal pieces used inside of the ship as well
    nice to see that kind of given to us you know for folks who want to start
    stocking up on that color again yeah if you get extra pieces or you start to
    disassemble existing things it would be nice to get more of the more desirable
    rarer colors used in places where you don’t even see them in the first place
    one wonderful hidden though static feature of the stand is that it actually
    keys in or rather the bottle keys in with a couple of the 1 by 2 plates that
    just barely stick out on the sides those just slot right in there and the
    stand actually holds the boat and keeps it from sliding forward to back so this
    is even more secure than it appears the the bottle really wants to stay exactly
    where you place it and that’s on all axes so again nice and sturdy even
    though it’s not directly connected with any studs oh one thing that does kind of
    rub me the wrong way about this set I should have pointed it out earlier is
    the kind of maker’s mark here the the faux wax seal at the top I forgot to
    mention that that’s a printed piece but it actually has the the initials of the
    Lego designer who worked on making this into a real product and not the initials
    of the original fan designer now I do have to acknowledge that this really is
    the Lego designers design and product it is very significantly different from the
    original winning Lego ideas fan submission but I think that it would
    have been a nicer nod to put the fan designers initials there because
    ultimately the fan designer was responsible for us having a primarily
    responsible for us having this set at all to be able to get so yeah I think
    that was a little bit a little bit off it’s also funny that the kind of mirror
    the thing depending upon which side of the box you’re looking at this is the
    way that it was built in the instructions but you can just flip this
    around it it’s pretty easy it’s also not that easy to get the boat out so
    kind of decide upfront if you want the boat in or not and this whole thing they
    have on the on the box of all of the studs being right-side up nah no way
    never gonna happen you will lose your mind if you try to make that happen I do
    not recommend it maybe they could have used rounded tiles instead that might
    have looked a little bit more consistent at least with the ones that are right
    side up and upside down nevertheless this is a beautiful set I think that it
    is great to have something like this produced through the Lego ideas system
    it is not licensed it is not corporately backed it is not about politics it’s not
    about space again we’ve got a lot of space stuff I love space stuff but I
    really want to see more more variety and this I think is a perfect example of
    just Lego fans doing stuff with the product with the bricks with the pieces
    coming up coming up with something that’s cool and that hasn’t been done by
    Lego and making it happen and making it real so I’m very happy that this this
    one if you will I think that it was a great idea to begin with and I think
    that the Lego designer has made it a much better product than the original
    fan submission was on top of that and finally I think the value in terms of
    price you pay to volume of stuff that you get is reasonable here you know it
    does have a ton 284 of those individual stud pieces used for water but even if
    you subtract those completely ignore their existence and then just look at
    the price part ratio after they are removed it still looks really good and
    that’s in spite of the fact that this has some pretty large and four of those
    particularly rare and expensive and valuable corner rounded panel pieces so
    yeah value is good build is good display value is excellent easily one of my
    favorite Lego ideas sets today that does it for my thoughts on this set
    though hope that I showed you everything decently well I’m gonna continue working
    on other review videos as well as my own custom built and my big lego city so
    I’ll talk to you again soon thanks for watching

    Boom Beach: Announcing… WARSHIPS! (Developer Update)
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    Boom Beach: Announcing… WARSHIPS! (Developer Update)

    November 25, 2019

    Welcome to the Boom Beach
    developer update. In this video, we’ll announce
    a brand-new feature for Boom Beach. It will be called… Warships! What exactly is Warships? It will be a brand-new experience
    for our players. It’ll be a second base
    nestled atop your warship. It will introduce real-time
    competitive PvP combat, a brand-new ranked league system, a huge matchmaking overhaul, and an entirely new way
    to play Boom Beach. It will be available for everybody. Whether you are new or experienced,
    you’ll be able to play. Before we go any further, we want to be
    very open and transparent with you. Because Warships will take the team’s
    entire focus, and requires a lot of time, we won’t be releasing any updates
    until Warships is out. Warships is going to be out
    sometime in early 2019. But don’t worry,
    it’ll still be business as usual. You’ll get your monthly Mega Crab, Gunboat abilities and Troop Manias. So, why Warships? As a team, we are really happy
    with the concept we’ve put out so far. We love Heroes,
    we love the Prototroops, we love Tribes, but it didn’t really address
    the core problem that affected our max-level players, which is, when you hit level 65, you still have Task Forces and PvP,
    but as far as base building goes, when you hit HQ 22
    and upgrade your buildings, there’s nowhere else really to expand. With Warships, we want to address
    the key concern among high-level players, which is the lack of content
    at the endgame. We’ll make
    regular developer update videos, that will explain the development cycle and let you see exactly
    how this new feature is being created. The next video will be
    with our designer Ayushman. He’ll show you how he came up
    with the ideas for Warships, how the PvP elements will work, and some really in-depth cool stuff. As these videos are a work in progress
    on the development, some stuff may change
    in the final version. If you enjoyed the video
    and are excited about Warships, subscribe to the channel
    for more developer update videos. I’ve been Drew. See you next time!

    Battlestar Galactica: Mercury Class Battlestar – Ship Breakdown
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    Battlestar Galactica: Mercury Class Battlestar – Ship Breakdown

    November 24, 2019

    Brought into service long after the conclusion
    of the First Cylon War, the Mercury Class Battlestar is one of the largest and most
    sophisticated warships ever deployed by the Colonial Fleet, representing the cutting edge
    of colonial military engineering, and the apex of naval development before the fall
    of the Twelve Colonies. At a length of 1789 Meters, the Mercury dwarfs
    it’s Jupiter and Minerva Class predecessors, presenting a thickly armoured and sturdy spaceframe,
    flanked by double-stacked flight pods, and propelled by a vast assembly of 8 capital-grade
    sublight engines. The Mercury carries a standard crew complement of 2,500 Personnel, with space
    to comfortably house a sizeable contingent of Colonial Marines and a number of passengers.
    As a product of its post-war development, the Mercury Class is built to incorporate
    a number of networked computer systems, drastically improving shipboard processing speed and electronic
    countermeasures, but presenting a vulnerability should the Battlestar’s firewalls be defeated.
    The weapons complement of the Mercury Class is extensive, including 30 automated twin-barrel
    artillery turrets, four fixed high-yield forward gun batteries, a number of guided missile
    hardpoints and a ship-wide CIWS defence gird concealed between the plates of the ship’s
    hull. The greatest concentration of weapons are spread across the vessel’s broadsides,
    but the most powerful individual batteries are fixed at the ship’s prow, for this reason,
    Mercury Class vessels will often charge head first into close quarters combat, in the hope
    of quickly cutting down at least one enemy vessel using its main guns, after which the
    ship will turn side-face to its enemy, bringing the bulk of its automated batteries to bear,
    while allowing more of its point defence positions to contribute to a defensive flak barrier.
    Perhaps the most distinctive features of the Mercury Class are the ship’s inverted ventral
    landing bays, stacked beneath the conventional bays on each flight pod. This simple yet elegant
    design provides the Mercury with storage space for a vast complement of strike craft, including
    hundreds of cutting-edge Mark VII Vipers, and dozens of Scout Raptors. The ship’s
    flight pods also include exposed loading docks on their dorsal flanks, allowing logistics
    craft to quickly deliver or retrieve supplies and personnel while keeping the primary landing
    bays clear for approach. The Mercury carries a number of onboard foundries
    and processing facilities, that allow the ship to construct replacement strike craft
    and other useful equipment using raw materials harvested from natural sources such as asteroid
    belts. This drastically increases the self-sufficiency and tactical range of the Mercury Class, allowing
    the ship to operate alone for extended periods without resupply, and to support a larger
    battlegroup by augmenting or replenishing their supply of auxiliary craft.
    The last of the Mercury Class vessels, and one of only two Colonial Warships to survive
    the Cylon Holocaust, was the Battlestar Pegasus – BSG-62. Under the command of Rear Admiral
    Helena Cain, the Pegasus escaped the Cylon’s brutal attack on Scorpia Fleet Shipyards by
    performing a blind FTL jump, far beyond the Red Line. Fortunately, the extensive computer
    networks of the Pegasus had been temporarily disabled for a ship-wide refit, allowing the
    vessel to escape without being disabled by Cylon Cyberwarfare attacks. Long after it’s
    departure from Cyrannus, the Pegasus eventually rendezvoused with the Battlestar Galactica,
    where it spent almost 17 months helping to protect and resupply the Fleet until the vessel
    was tragically lost in the Battle of New Caprica. As one of the final warship designs produced
    by the Colonial Fleet, the Mercury Class represents the pinnacle of human accomplishment in military
    shipbuilding, confidently embracing technologies once feared under the threat of the Cylons,
    and enduring even after the return of humanity’s long-absent enemy. Though the class saw little
    action in peace-time, her legacy was carried beyond the fall of the twelve colonies by
    the last of her kind, whose sacrifice ensured the survival of the human species for countless
    millennia to come.

    Stargate: Wraith Hive Ship – Spacedock
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    Stargate: Wraith Hive Ship – Spacedock

    November 22, 2019

    Wraith Hive Ships are colossal biomechanical
    warships that serve as the central support structure of Wraith Society. As well as hosting
    Wraith Queens and serving as miniature nations within the Wraith Dominion, Hive Ships are
    also the means by which human settlements are attacked and culled to provide a continuous
    food supply for the Wraith. At approximately 6,750 meters in length, Hive
    Ships are unshielded, but layered with nearly impenetrable organic armor, able to briefly
    resist even Asgard Plasma weapons. Each ship carries tens of thousands of Wraith, but can
    be operated by as little as a single individual should the situation demand it. Wraith vessels
    use neural interface systems for fine control in combat, and make use of advanced jamming
    codes to disable enemy missiles and Asgard transport systems.
    The primary armament of a Wraith Hive Ship consists of many single-fire ship-to-ship
    particle cannons. These weapons are able to sustain a high firing rate, creating a cone
    of fire that can overwhelm almost any target. The cannons are also valuable as orbital bombardment
    weapons and have been known to pierce even Lantean shield systems given sufficient time.
    Though the hive’s regenerative hull plating is impressive, the ship’s lack of true energy
    shields does result in a vulnerability to sustained fire, railgun barrages targeted
    at sensitive areas have been known to cause critical damage, and attacks by Lantean drone
    weapons are practically impossible for the Hive to endure.
    Each Hive carries an extensive complement of auxiliary craft, useful for planetary cullings
    and fleet escort assignments. A single hive is able to moor three full-sized Wraith Cruisers
    to its hull, as well as carrying hundreds of Wraith Darts inside cavernous hanger bays.
    Hyperdrive-equipped scout ships are also carried by most hives, and are often used to perform
    reconnaissance or to serve as executive shuttlecraft. A Hive’s contingent of Darts is perhaps
    its most lethal attribute, drastically increasing the speed of most planetary cullings through
    the use of fighter-mounted culling beams, and providing a lethal defensive swarm in
    heavy combat. Unlike Asgard and Lantean FTL systems, Wraith
    hyperdrives are incapable of intergalactic travel, and suffer from certain deficiencies
    even during interstellar flight. The organic hull structure of a Wraith Hive is vulnerable
    to critical damage from radiation, and continuous use of hyperdrive engines can place the ship
    in serious jeopardy. As a result of this, Wraith vessels are limited to 50-lightyear
    hyperspace jumps, punctuated by fifteen-hour break periods between jumps to allow for hull
    regeneration. The predictable nature of these breaks has often placed Wraith fleets at risk
    of ambush, and allowed their course to be more easily calculated by hostile observers.
    In spite of their vulnerabilities and limitations, the sheer scale and firepower of Wraith Hive
    Ships has made them into one of the most fearsome vessels encountered by the Tau’ri. The strength
    and resilience of these vessels has allowed the Wraith to drive even the ancient Lanteans
    to defeat, and to maintain a cycle of unchallenged cullings across the Pegasus Galaxy for millennia.

    We are a Fly Fishing Academy | INDIE ALASKA
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    We are a Fly Fishing Academy | INDIE ALASKA

    November 19, 2019

    Alaska is not always easy to access so
    you can still get a feeling of being the first person to place your foot on that
    piece of tundra or the first person to cradle that fish in your hand. That’s
    really what the sport fishing industry is about, giving people a taste of
    something that they can’t have full time. I’m Nancy Morris Lyon and I’m the lead
    instructor for the Bristol Bay Fly Fishing and Guide Academy. I’m gonna put up
    assignments for tomorrow. This Academy takes local young adults
    who are interested in getting into the sport fishing industry in some form and
    allows them to have a week experience learning how to fly fish, tie flies, cast
    a fly line, as well as learn customer service skills and conservation skills
    and basically the mentality that surrounds the sport fishing industry. If it
    applies to fly-fishing they learn it. If you need any dry flies, mice patterns,
    leeches, smolts. Then we let them put what they’ve got to work. So client day is
    essentially the final exam of the guide Academy. So all week we’ve been teaching
    them how to fly fish, we’ve taught them about customer service,
    safety and today they’ll put all those new skills to the test and they’ll be
    expected to guide a member of the community that they’ve never met before
    for a safe and fun day out on the water. It’s a good day out, we’re gonna be
    catching some rainbows. It’s all free to the students, yep it is, and it’s well
    paid off the minute I see one of them out on the river fishing while I’m out there guiding
    during the summer it’s awesome. They are absolutely uniquely qualified to be the
    next generation of guides. They were born and raised here, they know the stories
    from their ancestors, they can tell you why the caribou migrate, where they
    migrate, when they migrate. When the seals are going to be coming through.
    Those are all things that take a lifetime of living here to learn and,
    you know, when you have guides coming from the lower 48 even though they’re
    marvelous and very knowledgeable about fly fishing, they have a whole lot to
    learn about the area. The thing is I never had that idea of becoming a
    fly fishing guide when I was a child. You know, I grew up commercial fishing, I
    mean everyone commercial fishes and it’s not it’s not even a question. So once I
    was introduced to the Academy it kind of created that dream of, oh, you know
    there’s something different, you know, this is awesome! I want to come out here
    and be able to fish every day with new people. So now that it’s actually
    happening it’s incredible. Yeah after I came here, I fell in love with fishing
    and everything that goes into a lodge like the management, hospitality,
    everything like that. I wouldn’t want to be in an office or anything. Being
    one of the three girls in the Academy, it was kind of cool because you
    could just try to keep up with the boys too and it wasn’t that hard. Learning
    that I get to fly out to all these remote places in a place I love and being able
    to help people catch trophy fish that a lot of people in the world don’t get to
    do is just something I find amazing. This class, this particular one, the 10th
    anniversary class is just an example of how incredibly well trained these guys
    are. These are remarkable young people. At first I just wanted everybody to share
    my passion for the sport, but then I realized very very quickly what I was
    actually teaching the kids and the knowledge I was giving them was giving
    them multiple opportunities in an industry that’s growing everywhere in
    the world. I would say there’s another element that
    is important as well and it’s the cultural shift that has occurred to
    allow or embrace the notion of catch and release fishing. Catch and release
    fishing was a concept that was foreign to people as little as two
    generations ago. I mean, but it was an incredibly courageous move on the part
    of some of the leaders to recognize that and bless it, and say it’s okay. And the caveat that they placed upon us and the challenge they laid down for the
    instructors and the students is to make sure we do it right.
    Fly fishing guides have been the ones to really lead conservation movements.
    Bristol Bay’s is going to have a lot of tough management choices both when it
    comes to habitat and fish and, you know, I think the more we can have these kids
    thinking creatively and thinking about how to solve problems together, that’s
    going to be best for the future of Bristol Bay. I love doing it here because
    this is my home water. Obviously the Naknek River is my home River, and it
    gives me the opportunity to share it with the kids. I don’t know I fell in
    love with it and I learned why everyone’s so passionate about it. You
    know, over the past couple of years I’ve worked with people from Washington,
    from just places down south and you know, they come up here and, you know,
    catching 12 grayling a day, a couple rainbows is pretty normal
    over in Dillingham, and they’re like ‘how many fish do you catch?!’ ‘What?!’ and they’re looking at all the salmon. I’m like oh yeah, it’s a really special place, you
    know? Alaska to me has always been
    the stuff that’s off the road system and how those communities are sustained and what diverse opportunities they have, we need to make the most of what is
    available, and certainly entry into the sport fishery is one of them. In my mind
    that keeps it here, you know, it helps the economy here and it helps sustain the
    people here. And you’ve got to consider what Alaska would be… if we didn’t have
    rural villages, Alaska wouldn’t be Alaska