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    PAPA JAKE HAS BEEN CAPTURED!! He Won’t Escape The Hacker
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    PAPA JAKE HAS BEEN CAPTURED!! He Won’t Escape The Hacker

    October 19, 2019

    hey yo what’s going on guys it’s Papa
    Jake here and as you know we are currently on the run from what we
    believe are either hackers spies or potentially worse we were able to make
    it back to our house after the last video we had to escape the haunted woods
    at 3 a.m. we used camera setup in those woods to track the movements of these
    creepers and were able to escape just in time we’re now back home but we are
    still on the run from them we don’t know who they are or what they want but guys
    get this we were able to find one of their iPhones that’s right this fell out
    of one of their pockets after they tripped and we’re gonna be using this
    today to hack into it and try and get some more information on who is
    following us as of right now all we know is that they’re coming after youtubers
    and they have a list of youtubers including me
    the sheriff family Chad wild play and a bunch of other youtubers we don’t know
    why they want us and we don’t know how dangerous these guys are right now I’m
    feeling pretty safe as you can see we’re back home after spending the last almost
    week in the woods it’s nice to be back here but look and I was just pulling
    them in on everything we’re still definitely not out of the clear no these
    cats could be anywhere I think our first priority today is gonna be hacking into
    this phone and figure out as much information as we can on these guys
    anything we can get from them it’s gonna be extremely important but guys one of
    the most important things is all of your support through this you guys have been
    amazing all these comments all of your likes sharing the videos getting the
    word out there and most importantly alerting other youtubers of the
    information we’re finding we’re putting together a case using all of your guys
    information and you’re helping us solve this mystery together so yeah guys as of
    right now there’s a few different theories but it goes from anywhere to
    this being the government to being someone trying to get rid of YouTube
    vloggers which is why they haven’t been attacking gamers I mean all the way to
    this being some sort of evil corporation trying to stop youtubers as you can see
    everyone’s helping out but we need your help as well wait guys I think I hear
    something downstairs I heard that too this house is so big
    there’s no way we’re gonna cover every entrance check the back check back something there look gia that it’s a
    security alarm one of the doors is opening let’s read
    answers quickly great if you think we’ve gone in the basement it’s the only door
    we didn’t check it’s closed to be in any Spock’s words there’s no way we’re gonna
    check all of this yeah check in here no the windows are open Shh you guys have
    to get here something in the front window come on Logan come on this way
    oh this isn’t good guys you seen this one in the window
    Lupe’s right there is the door I saw behind the door it’s one behind the door
    look he’s right there he’s right there guys this isn’t good when you hacked
    into this phone and figure it out they must know we have their phone that’s why
    they’re coming after us at our house look and what are we gonna do we have to
    get out of here man they’re literally surrounding the house get out of here we
    have to go down all right guys I’m ideal let’s grab my
    car and head out the garage because it’s Cape with the car and find a place to
    hack into this phone I’ve got my keys on me let’s go let’s go head to the cross
    come on guys we got to go we gotta get out of here and find a place where we
    can hack into this phone Hey look and get in get in
    look at this one coming get it get it get it really quickly let’s go let’s go
    let’s go she’s coming he’s coming
    get this out of you man we’re getting out of here all right let’s get out of
    here Logan we gotta get out of here and fast Jake where are we gonna go
    all right have an idea guys if we’re gonna hide out somewhere I think we can
    go to our old fort if you guys remember our previous box for video we made an
    awesome fallout shelter I think we head back there there’s no way we’ll find us
    there it’s a little bit of a drive but once we get there we should be able to
    get inside and use it as a base of operations the definitely be on our
    trail to Logan hi I’ve got an idea I’m gonna put the car in launch control and
    send this out it’s just really fast once we’re around the corner
    I’ll put it into electric mode and we’ll cruise around that way they won’t be
    able to hear us and we’ll be able to escape back to the fort
    once we’re there we can hack into the phone all right putting in wash control
    all right ready guys cheek that was so fast all right we got
    around the corner quickly by putting into electric mode now there’s no way
    they can be able to hear us hi this is perfect let’s head back to
    the Ford and a key to this phone shouldn’t be too far of a drive but
    we’ll keep an eye out and see if they’re following us
    come on guys – should be out this way oh wow guys the fort what is Roy I don’t
    think I’ve ever seen this happen to a box store this thing has been rushed
    supposed to been from all the storms we had lately guys wow the entire canopy
    that we had above it securing it from the water just fell on it well this this
    part of the floor it still looks good yeah the back looks like it’s an
    operation oh yeah do the lights are still on
    I should be able to pull off the back door here seems perfect for us to hide
    out and there’s no way they’re gonna look here so who’s going first in case there’s
    raccoons all right looks like Logan’s gonna go first hopefully there’s no
    animals in here let me get it set up whoa god this is crazy the whole four
    days like collapse dude check this out
    you can literally see like the line where the fort just collapsed this is
    raisi I mean at least we did a really good job
    on this side this part held up very well but yeah it looks like we’re not getting
    any farther than that way is there even a way through that look no this is this
    is a dead end to the fort all right well we can use the second story of the four
    to set up shop and hack into the cycle okay guys let’s do this and see we can
    find on this phone I’m gonna plug it in here there we go and see if we can hack
    into it first things first if we can get past the phone’s password hi hold on you
    in it Jake are you sure we’re even safe here
    they were just on our tail I mean it’s the least likely place for them to look
    we’d see enough time to get in your figure out what’s going on okay hold on
    a monster just around the program here basically brute-forcing the password
    dude I got it we’re in all perfect okay here we go downloading the data see what we have no
    although again what looks like they remotely cleared the phone they like the
    phone you try to remove all the data from it no no no no no mostly
    everything’s missing hold on cheek what does that mean I’m easily deleted
    everything off the phone once they knew we had it I’m gonna try and run a
    recovery software see what I can get from it
    look and check this out what is it look it’s some sort of map that they have on
    here so must be how they’re tracking us youtubers check out
    hold on I’m pulling some other stuff the recovery software is gonna try and pull
    everything off of this phone and put it into one folder so we can look what was
    on it and should be almost done I’ve got
    access to the files in the iPhone whoa guys it’s a text message someone owns
    the leader he says is the job done person’s phone that we took says yes
    well Papa Jake has escaped but we are tracking him guys it’s definitely make
    sense this is from the tracker this is who was tracking us your replies find
    him and what about the other sets that must be the other youtubers the other
    youtubers are slowly being captured soon our plan will be complete
    like great one nice is go forth Logan whoever this phone is texting they have
    a leader it doesn’t mean that these people are random there there’s some
    sort of organization I mean this could be an organization a spy to be an
    organization of hackers beep we just don’t know pray let’s see what else we
    got on here that’s the sharers house they have a satellite image of the
    Sherry’s house Logan guys this isn’t good they’re slowly using some some way
    to track it I don’t know what it could be
    however they’re doing it they’re tracking us and they have imagery of
    Carters house oh no this isn’t good this is good let’s do it officers dude what
    is this that it’s like a compound of some sort looks almost like a prison
    looks like it’s in the mists being built it’s just a wider view of the shop Oh
    what bad dude I have no idea it’s like graffiti or something yeah
    this is weird guys let me know in the comments if you have any idea what that
    could be all right looks like there’s two more
    files on here it’s a smaller weight Jake that’s the
    school that’s the Chad was in guys this means that that we are correct this this
    means that this is linked to Chad wild clay
    this means that whoever is doing this they’re all linked together maybe you
    can help us to KO some the information here maybe you can use what you’ve seen
    here to give us some more information : there’s one more file here let me bring
    it up seems like it’s a video Gus I know what this is from I can hear Carter
    share is voicing this look and you were there this is from Carter shares fourth
    of July party guys that means whoever this phone belonged to was that Carter
    share his house on the fourth of July that means that this could be narrowed
    down to as small as 50 to 60 people more importantly guys Carter’s in trouble I
    need to call him right now I’m gonna grab my phone call Carter Carter is that
    you can you hear me guys I need to warn you okay I don’t know if you know what’s
    going on right now but there is someone after us they’ve been tracking us down I
    don’t know if they’re hackers or spies or something were some sort of
    organization but we’ve already had multiple men show up at our house
    there’s been someone tracking us even so far as the forest I’ve been on the run
    for the pain I don’t know I don’t know how dangerous they are but I don’t know
    right now guys we’re hiding out in a box port but there’s something I need to
    tell you something extremely important you need to know about them you can’t
    trust anyone not even any of the other youtubers you can’t trust anyone
    Carter we found a video on the phone we can what I think someone’s here what if
    would it what do you mean we’re gonna just cut up the screen smoking look
    what’s going on it’s getting smoking when you smoke coming from is there fire
    near everyone ladies Ygritte there whoa whoa yeah watch out watch out thirty
    thirty we gotta go we gotta go now guys if you see this tell Carter share what
    we know give him the infrared Logan what is that
    there’s a crow we’re gonna cool abort okay

    I just bought a CHEAP catamaran SAILBOAT and prepare to move it up the ICW with NO EXPERIENCE-PART 1
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    I just bought a CHEAP catamaran SAILBOAT and prepare to move it up the ICW with NO EXPERIENCE-PART 1

    October 19, 2019

    hey guys we had to take a quick break
    from the houseboat because I bought a catamaran so shortly after I bought the
    houseboat I realized the adventure was limited on it I can only take it but so far
    just gonna leave it on a lake I really wanted something that would take me to
    Florida for the winter so I started looking and I really like catamarans
    and after doing some research and checking out prices I realized how
    expensive they are so finally I came across in 1976 Iroquois mark 2 it is 30
    feet long and it’s gutted and it’s in my price range two days later we drove down
    in North Carolina and I purchased this catamaran and the guy we bought it from
    it was super cool he gave me 30 days to leave it there until I can arrange to
    come pick it up fast forward two months and he texted me he was like hey you
    should probably come and get this boat now so off we go to North Carolina to
    motor this boat all the way up to the James River and then ride bicycles back
    unfortunately we chose the hottest week of the year to do this so we’re gonna
    just power through it and make it happen what’s up guys we finally made it to
    Kittyhawk we got in really late so we dropped some of the stuff off here at
    the boat and then we slept at a campground went to bed at probably five
    in the morning and now it’s it’s around 11 a.m. but the boats floating it looks
    good James is here he’s been getting some
    stuff out for us so we’re gonna attach some cleats and then guess we’ll figure
    out how this thing works James is gonna show us how to drive the boat because I’ve
    never driven a boat before and then we’re off to the James River
    this is James hey guys feel a little tired right now a little sweaty I’m
    gonna get this thing going yes so how long have you had the boat I got it on
    my 40th birthday nice and March so a little over a year yes yep then you want
    something bigger and better now yeah time to let you take my dream and me to
    upgrade mmmm wasp there are more wasps hello it’s spinning but yea it’s pulling the wood up I was told that this is your emergency
    leak kit you take a little bit of a wax toilet ring and throw it on right now
    the boat doesn’t have any leaks so you should be good but this is a case of
    emergency only probably works better on a cooler day instead of a hot day where it’s just gonna melt first thing you want to do to start it take this bulb right here and you just squeeze it until you feel pressure and I feel pressure and that moves your fuel
    down into the line after that it’ll siphen automatically okay alright you have your choke here pull your choke in alright this is your cutoff switch right here if you have it like this they’ll kill it
    won’t start your oil is right here pop it out and check the level push it back in oh man all right so now your cowl’s back on
    you’re running you got fuel this stick i added to it just to give it a bit more height all right okay right now you’re in neutral okay “r” is reverse so this works great for like steering but you got to kind of
    come down here to get it out okay then you’re neutral again neutral is lined up here
    uh-huh reverse is the other way all right crazy we’re gonna cast off alright you’ll hear it click and go into neutral and you know it won’t really turn at all easy slow and easy yeah is that as much as it turns? yea it takes a little bit to turn it Oh no am i getting close? a little bit yeah Oh we’re okay maybe I’ll take it a little wide there okay I’d
    start it kinda like right now okay I’d straighten out a little bit at least i have a mast to kinda point where i’m going yea Leaving the canal and entering the albermarle sound the largest lagoon on the east coast oh really you’re fine let’s talk about juice that’s the stuff i like we are giving it some juice We’re moving along alright now yea i like it what does that mean? how fast does it burn
    through gas you got a ton of gas? yeah we’ll just get back and we’ll try it again okay we’re still good alright tell me if we’re gonna clear that piling do you want to be to the right of the green or the left? oh yeah you’re good you’re good less now you’re going straight for it you’re headed directly at it do you see the other piling? yeah it’s to the left up there uh oh there should be a nut somewhere around here it fell off see how i’m reversing now uh huh that’s a good idea kinda like drifting in see that stream shooting out the back? yea that’s important that’s your engine coolant ah ok we loaded everything onto the
    boat and got ready to take off but then noticed a pretty big storm coming in just installing a skylight beautiful wait it out you don’t like this storm? no i don’t like it either it doesn’t sound good it doesn’t sound good you wanna go for a boat ride? no get me outta here what’s the weather like tomorrow? hopefully good have you looked? no i haven’t. Trevor. if you want i could get you into the office at the campground i got some cots so. oh ok. a little air conditioning. something better. sick. shower. that would be awesome ok that might be.. i don’t want my first boat ride to be with any of that let’s check the weather for tomorrow what’s the weather for Kill Devil Hills
    tomorrow? tomorrow’s forecast for Kill Devil Hills is 90 degrees and mostly
    sunny it’s good three miles an hour from the southwest. that’s actually pushing you the right way. I’ll take it yeah how’s it feel Jess? much better than that over there that looks scary oh my gosh you guys that lighting is close nothing to see here just playing with gasoline in a lightning storm wanna rig that up? yea oh my
    gosh you guys that lightning strike was like really really close I think the hair on my neck is standing up. I don’t love that what’s going on? it’s gonna be too tight. Oh to be
    able to spin? the whole thing okay yeah I can just try and do it right here turn the whole thing. oh ok yea. you can give that a go that’s that’s what we’ll do. this is redneck
    right here I can’t believe you’re recording this hey it’s all part of the
    adventure right? time to go in Can we go inside? I really think we should It shouldn’t last long we’re gonna be alright we’re getting a lot of leaking water
    dripping right here we plugged the hole up with plastic bags and same over there there’s a lot of a lot of water leaking in I mean
    there is water leaking back here the I mean there is water leaking back here same same kind of hole over here that hole is not plugged and I think that’s nope there’s water leaking.. okay there’s
    water leaking out of the roof and then there’s water leaking from the front
    hatch you know what I say when I see a double rainbow all the way across the
    sky I say would you look at this just look at it there’s squares I forgot why that
    was so funny but we were really tired so we got some wood to make a new hatch for
    the front of the boat the window didn’t work out so well because it’s made of
    glass and so while we were making it James proposed that we take the boat out
    for the sunset and I agreed without hesitation but as we’re taking it out we
    realized the wooden dowel is not going to cut it so we’ll have to figure that
    out later but we’re gonna enjoy the sunset
    I grabbed my drone and let’s go ahead and get some shots tomorrow we head out will we
    successfully complete the nearly 200 mile journey up the ICW through the
    Albemarle Sound Great Dismal Swamp Chesapeake Bay and the James River now
    is definitely the time to subscribe and hit the bell notification to come with
    us as we learn to drive a boat navigate waterways I just realized we forgot to
    buy a radio We ain’t got no radio

    087 – Narrowboating in London. Paddington Basin to Kings Cross and how it all began.
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    087 – Narrowboating in London. Paddington Basin to Kings Cross and how it all began.

    October 18, 2019

    So we’ve just had a week… we didn’t mean to have a week. we’ve just had a week in Paddington Basin We got comfortable. We got comfortable. We came in, we moored up beside a boat that was already here. And they, it turned out, were selling their boat. So all they were doing was just taking stuff on and off. Which meant that we could just basically stay beside them for several days. And then when then moved off, we got the spot that they were at. And we’ve been there for the last two nights, and now its time to move on. We’ve done lots of socialising, we’ve had friends over, we’ve had family over, we’ve had… dogs over. We haven’t had…. Also we’ve looked at a small dog that might need, you know, a prosthetic. Oh yeah, we’re moored next to…. Oh, we need to say goodbye, we’re moored next to Ben and Emilee. Yep. Who we need to say goodbye to if they are there but they might not be there Umm, Yeah, So… its been… Interesting. Good time, social time. lots of stuff to see, I went to the Imperial War Museum. and saw the Nazi symbol, it was bizaar. The um, the pros of being in Paddington Basin is; its really central, theres lots to see and do, lots of facilities. But the cons… is the noise. You can probably hear the noise, that buzz has been there constantly. Yeah. You’re moored up against other boats who like to run their engines at seven in the morning, and then again at nine at night. Yeah. There is also these little tourist… their called Go Boats. And they’re quite expensive but people rent them out for an hour or two hours or three hours. Didn’t you say they are sixty pounds a night, sixty pounds an… An hour…. An hour. Yeah. And actually they got better, but to start with they’ed like… they’d launch from the wharf. And bash into us. And just drive straight into us. And then that were paddle boarders that… Would also bash into us. And they would push off, from our boat, with their hand on our window And there were canoeists and there were those big inflatable… things that people would climb inside. They would climb inside and roll around inside of them. So its all go here So yeah, I got to go to the Imperial War Museum which is pretty cool Its down at Lambeth North. And there was… Well its an old hospital which is kind of weird, but there was these huge cannons, And you go inside and theres V2 rocket, V1 Rocket. Its a little bit weird because there’s like Some stuff that seems to be kind of jingoistic and other parts that are more like anti-war I’ve done some talking while you were there just incase you want to cut away to something about the Imperial War Museum. And so yeah, now we are pushing on up the Regents Canal. Through Camden, through the Islington tunnel We don’t want to go too far because we want to be back in Little Venice tomorrow. Yeah. Um, but, yeah. Don’t really want to go through when there is lots of gongoozlers. We’ll see if we even make it through today It’s possible there is a mooring on the other side of the zoo but I kind of doubt it. So we’ll see what happens. So first thing, is up against the wind. Turn Right, up through the bubble tunnel, find ourselves in the little basin of Little Venice. where we need to stop and possibly take on water, but definitely get rid of garbage and recycling But before that we need to… this boat is tied onto us, and that boat is also tied onto us. We need to untie everybody. And probably pull backwards out. I think pull forwards because he’s tied on… It’s the wind. Oh Okay. Im not going to be able to go into the wind. Alright well that is that decided. It’s going to be fun. Wish us luck Do you ever get the feeling some people have too much money. Like way, way too much money So for me at least, this is kind of where it all began. That bridge there, is where I was standing when I was watching somebody come through these locks here. And it was that boat that inspired me to mention the idea to Jo, that inspired her to get on the idea, Of convincing me to buy a boat. So that bridge is responsible. That’s the bridge I was standing on, right there. Watching somebody going through this lock Basically where that tall guy is, I was standing there, watching this. And I was like, that’s pretty cool. Then a few years later I’m living on a boat. So here we are. We are double moored in Kings Cross Like directly across from platform nine and three quarters. Apparently, its like that way… ish. It’s really nice here. It’s gentrified industrial. Reclaimed industrial land. I wouldn’t really call it gentrified as such. I would. I mean maybe. I don’t know. It depends on the sort of history. There is some amazing apartment blocks up there that have been made inside, built inside these old… what are they called? Gas… Gas tanks? Yeah. Big, big, big, big, big tanks of fuel. Kind of a cool idea. Interesting sort of reclamation of old industrial history It was an interesting cruise down here. It’s quite funny cruising that bit that we have walked quite a few times before between Little Venice and Camden. Because so many times we walked… well not so many. A couple of times we walked down there thinking, one day we might come down there in our boat. And then to cruise it in your boat is really weird. I had sort of forgotten some bits, like, the African Wild Dogs at the side of the canal. Until the last second. I was like, Oh Yeah, the Zoo does encroach right down here. and then, I only got a very quick shot of them, but they came running down. Did they? To look and George and everything. and so it was kind of neat. And you can actually moor outside of the zoo if you want to visit the Zoo. Apparently yeah. Can you hold this. The signage there did say that there was like a trip boat or something And it also said that um… A water taxi. It said um If the lights are… Oh yeah. If the lights are flashing do not… Yeah, do not more here if the the yellow lights are flashing. Animal escape protocol in progress There is hardly any moorings between Little Venice and Kings Cross There is a couple but they were full. But there is a lot of places where there is obviously no mooring allowed. and I just wondered what the reason for that was. And you seemed to think it was probably just like historical president. Yeah. Yeah, it was probably all just private property. at various points. Like, especially on the Regents section, there is a bunch of kind off.. my guess is there were some rich people there who were like; yes okay, the canal is being allowed through and i’m going to make a lot of money on it but I don’t want them stopping in front of me. Those two really big houses in Regents Park were unreal. Yeah. That is what got me thinking about the ruling class. But we don’t know why there… So really they need to be overthrown. We don’t know why, really, there is not more moorings. No, but it’s probably got something to do with the Regents, and their canal. So yeah, there is not a lot of moorings but its a nice area And then you turn down past the really big, kind of, Chinese inspired restaurant type thing. Like a floating restaurant. Urm, hard 90 degree turn and then up into Camden proper. Where a couple of extremely drunk people sitting at the side of the canal were wishing us love and happiness So then we got to Camden Lock, which isn’t called Camden Lock. It’s called something else lock. But everyone calls it Camden Lock. And there was three lovely. It’s Camden Locks There were three lovely lock keepers. And it’s all fenced off and I didn’t have my British Waterways key so I couldn’t get in. And they were off getting coffee and then I was just chatting to some other people that were watching and I was floating back and forth and trying not to run into anything and make a fool of myself in front of hundreds of tourists. It wasn’t that bad, It’s a Tuesday morning, like if we had gone through on like a Sunday afternoon. It would have been worse. Yeah And then the next two locks, the towpath is closed. So luckily the Lock Keeper told be to get on the boat otherwise there is no way I could have got to the locks to help you through. So George wasn’t happy because he had to stay on the boat. It was really nice going into Camden, sitting in Camden waiting for the water to rise. I was like Oh, this is going to be great. Yes there is a lot of people. Oh I’ll smile and wave at some kids and stuff. And there is all these food stalls, you wanted me to go and get some haloumi fries. I totally did. We didn’t have any cash. I want my fiver back. The whole thing just seemed really pleasant and nice and then all of a sudden it was just into the construction zone. So when that is all finished it will probably be really nice too. Oh it will be really nice, yeah. Anyway, we got through it and we came down and we made it to Kings Cross Oh there is St. Pancras Lock we went to. Oh yes. That had lock keepers as well, and that the first time I think, we have both just sat on the boat. And let lock keepers do it. Usually if there is lock keepers, we’ll be out helping as well but, Yeah, but we just ended up. And they were really nice. And then we just found this mooring right here. Where these nice people on the boat beside us, they’ve got a little, well i’d call it a little wide beam A medium beam. Yeah, its a medium beam. It’s one of the not so hugely wide wide beams so And they, and there was room for us to come up beside them. They’re here of a couple of days so we can stay for a couple of days. It’s funny being, because we’re so close to St Pancras now. And the number of times in the last year, that we’ve got a train into St.Pancras. Yeah, its weird because, St. Pancras, Euston is just over there. All these places we’ve been struggling to take the dog through and having him poo on the ground. and now its like, we are right here. And like obviously we knew the canal existed. But we’ve never been down to see it, Its just that same old thing of. when you arrive by water you see a completely different side of it. So we’re not planning to stay here long. At least one night, maybe two. I don’t want to get stuck for a week like we did in… Right, so, um… Thanks for watching Like, click, comment, urr, you know. Bell thing. Dooblydoo. All that sort of stuff. Words. Yeah. Yeah. Words, words, words, and err, scene. sixty pounds an… An hour… An hour… George is doing a poo. That’s crazy. Umm. Alone once more in the dark zee adventurer zee explorer zee caver zee man with beard. [Singing Bohemian Rhapsody] The trip boat pursues me. It’s err, Jason Boats. And he’s right behind me He is hungry to get to Camden and take on another load of passengers. must keep moving We are going for a walkies stop saying that word We are not going for a… Stop So here we are. He is looking so sad that dog. Is that recording? Yes Well think so. yes Well you might get to Hogwards so its worth the… Yeah, I ain’t going to Hogwarts. Do you have any idea of what the sorting hat would do to me? It’s really nice here. Its kind of… regenerated. Not regenerated. Whats the.. gentrified. Wasn’t the last time we walked it the whole thing was… Camera go down I cant even Minor technical difficulty. Camera has decided to discombobulate itself. Swanies. And… there it goes. well, we got a blooper. Uh, Oh, Oh my god. what? see how it has gone all fuzzy? Yeah. Yeah, that was Georges nose. So your looking at the world and I’m all fuzzy right. Aw look at that, I’m clean. Yes, I’ve just wiped dog slobber off the lens. Much better She’s like, is that your wife, and I’m like yes. And she’s like, well she’s gorgeous, and I’m like, well thank you. I guess. I, I, I, not I guess. It’s very true. [Gasp] No, I mean, I guess for the thank you. portion, you know what I mean.

    Delivering Sailboat sv Dodi sailing at night in storm The Boat Life Adventure Travel Vlog S1E15
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    Delivering Sailboat sv Dodi sailing at night in storm The Boat Life Adventure Travel Vlog S1E15

    October 18, 2019

    This is The Boat Life. Wooo! we almost
    died yesterday. I don’t know about well I guess we could have anything could have happened
    there’s a lot of distress calls and whatever not the smoothest boat delivery
    tell you that right now we did go sailing that was great
    downhill from there this is the boat life we had a dream
    sailing in the Caribbean and living on a sailboat so we sold our stuff, quit our
    jobs, and now we’re doing just that Cruising at, cruising at? We’re sailing!
    Four knots. solid four knots. What happened? It was just five. Well we’re back down to four. Back down
    to four. Three five Well we’re sailing. Not very fast but we’re
    sailing. There’s not a lot of wind even though we had kind of a rough storm
    this morning but we weren’t sailing in it we were just trying to get out to where we were
    going to sail. But, pretty sweet What? I said I don’t feel like being at the helm. You don’t feel good? and then then where we had planned to
    come in to the the ICW was not passable and it just was not something I was
    gonna try and do so we had to figure out do we go north we go south but both of
    them were like three hours, right? yeah. and the Sun was starting
    to set at that point. Not a wise move. But we made it after after bumping the old ground. Six
    or seven times. Man I was just white knuckling it cuz it wasn’t it wasn’t horrible
    weather per se but I really wasn’t prepared to navigate at night or with
    such a chop. The boat was going back and forth, side to side. that and then and then also to somewhere
    that I’m not familiar with I had actually planned to be navigating things
    that I was familiar with during the day but we made it and it was so funny. FUNNY? As soon as we got here no, no, no. as soon as we got here it was
    like night and day I mean you can see the water behind us that’s how it was
    last night. it was just super smooth. Here? Yeah. Not on the journey. Once we got out of the Gulf. The Gulf was crazy. Like I said it wasn’t terrible it was more like we weren’t sure where we were going and trying to find the markers and
    things like that which are all normal boating things I suppose except that we
    hadn’t plan to do any of that, for a while. We got a taste of it. Sorry
    about that, sorry. Six to ten hour day that
    was 19 hours. It was a quick 19 hours though. I was seasick for 18 of the
    19 hours. That actually I think made it worse. I really felt bad. I wanted
    Melissa to just have a great time especially because it was the first trip
    and like the first leg That was fantastic. Yeah and then we anchored in Pelican Bay which it all went just to plan. The second day which I
    think was… I’ll take the blame here Lack of planning there so, lesson learned.
    I cried, a lot. I don’t know if I have any video of that. I hope not. What did it look like? *Nic fake crying face* no it really wasn’t that bad it was just
    now overwhelming emotion. That’s true. That’s The Boat Life! Overall I felt really good about everything this morning because we were able to get where we need to be at
    night using the channel markers and our chart plotter and then anchor in the
    dark on a nice safe anchorage. So overall I would say I was really
    impressed with our ability to do that on our brand new boat second day out in
    addition to all of the craziness that was happening to us like night
    navigation and not really having a plan and where to anchor and then we heard the story unfold on the radio. Haulin’ass everybody’s out on a Monday, nobody out
    on the weekend but yeah so as night began to fall I can’t remember if the
    call came in shortly before 9:00 or shortly after 9:00 basically around dark
    there was a call in to the Coast Guard that we heard. Yeah it was about 9. 9 o’clock. There’s this vessel that was in Tampa Bay 100 to 150 nautical miles out and
    they hadn’t they were supposed to be back by dark they had left the day
    before I think there shows me back by dark and they hadn’t arrived yet so that
    was fine we didn’t hear much about it and then we’re in this crazy waves the
    boats rolling hitting the bottom we’re freaking out I’m trembling and crying
    and then they come on the radio Coast Guard searching for this vessel six
    persons missing it just kept repeating that like every
    15 minutes I’m crying I think I’m gonna die and Coast Guard’s not helping. I
    probably should’ve just turned the radio down at that point but I didn’t. I don’t
    know it wasn’t on my mind. It kept going. In hindsight I should’ve turned that down.
    That was terrifying. It added to the tension and the nerves. That was not what I wanted to hear when I I’m like ahh yeah not good. Today is gonna be easy-peasy because we’re just gonna
    deliver it or finished the journey to where we’re gonna keep the boat for a
    bit. Yeah let’s do it! Can we talk about that school of
    stingrays I saw. Nic was sleeping the camera wasn’t working them it was the
    best part of the day yesterday in my opinion How many were there? I bet
    that’s true. That was a good part. Well I I didn’t feel sick at that part and it
    was like holy cow what is in the water and it was like 30, 40 stingrays and they
    were all evenly spaced so they were like there was like two pods or schools of
    them I don’t really know what they’re called I’m on google it and they were
    like in diamond formation and they all were like this far away from each other
    just swimming at the same pace it was wild, yeah so mad I didn’t get any video. I’m upset I didn’t see it. Nic was sleeping, I was like Nic, stingrays!!! Didn’t even move. I was passed out. First night on anchor I didn’t sleep real well just cuz setting the anchor and hanging out there and then you know just nerves really it was hot too but just nerves.
    Have anything else that we did or experienced yesterday? No I mean we did a lot of sailing. We sailed for like six hours or something I was asleep for most of it
    I had my eyes closed in a corner and and it sailed well, I’m really impressed
    with the boat every time every time we do something else I’m really impressed
    with the boat and with the previous owner
    left as equipment and was on it as a setup. Minus the dinghy, minus the dinghy. That was like a four hour ordeal that we have yet to figure out. Yeah the dinghy motor isn’t working so we’ll go over that. To the marina! To the marina! Captain Nic, pull the anchor up! You know how easy it is to take the anchor up. Like it doesn’t seem that hard. But to get it unstuck. The leverage your pulling it straight up. Oh. That’s how the anchor works. If it pulls this way. Which that is why you want out so much scope. Because the boat, even if it goes up it only goes up to here. so that way, yeah. But still for keeping you secure all through the night. That one is awesome, it is so easy to set that anchor. They are much easier to see during the day. Oh my god, look at the birds. This is sailing vessel Dodi, just wondering when your next scheduled opening is after 11:00 okay Anna Maria Island Bridge to s/v Dodi we are on a 20 minute schedule
    so we are on the hour, twenty after, and twenty till. Do you copy? Copy that, thank you very much. ***BOAT speeding through no wake zone and crossing 10 feet from our bow and no one noticed**** WHAT THE HELL A$$HOLE! I’m like I don’t know my nerves I
    haven’t done so many things especially like consecutive like navigating at
    night anchoring at night anchoring in general on my own boat.
    Sailing? Yeah. Sailing. Hailing the bridge *phew* It’s weird. Don’t forget about the lock.
    and the lock yeah. So it’s all it’s really interesting because I just haven’t had
    so many high pressure but controlled experiences I don’t know is
    that even the right word? Yeah. While trying to catch them on camera.
    Yeah. Time Check! Let’s go through the bridge! One minute, one minute! I’m
    gonna go out. What was that? Just wait until it is fully raised. That is basically their warning. Got it! Woooo! We did it! That was easy. That wasn’t so bad. Woohoo it’s like you’re a real captain. ha ha! Where’s my captains hat. Successful bridge hailing. YES! Cortez Bridge this is sailing vessel
    Dodi from the North requesting a bridge opening. This is the Cortez Bridge next scheduled opening is going to be at
    11:40 coming up in about three minutes captain. Thank you very much. Haul-a$$. We are haulin’a$$. HAHA
    oh yeah about 24 RPM’s I might bump it up a little bit that’s up Cortez bridge operator thank you very much
    for the bridge opening You can walk to the pier from there
    interesting oohh look at that sailboat. It gets caught in the wind if it unravels itself. yeah a lot of Effing jet skiers you’re doing great dear, you’re doing
    great That happens to be all that’s in it. Huh? Nothing. What did you say?
    That is all that happened to be in the shot. It zoomed in. NICEEEE
    That’s how we sail, I mean motor. hey So I just realized that this is the longest
    I’ve ever been off of land for. I never took a cruise. Oh nice! I’ve never been out to sea for that
    many days. That’s intense. How do you feel about it? Besides being seasick yesterday, the other parts of it were fun. I just thought about that. Well, way to go! MOTORING! [sung] [inaudible singing] About to pull up to our new home we’re gonna live
    over there Longboat Key Moorings this is s/v
    Dodi Is it turned all the way up?
    Welcome Dodi, you entering the channel? This is Longboat Key Club Moorings.
    We are entering the channel we will be there in about 15 minutes or so. Roger that captain. When you start
    coming in you’ll see our fuel dock straight ahead you’re going to turn to
    port and turn down the fairway we have
    you on m9 which will be the 6th dock on your
    port side Great! Will you have someone there to
    assist us? Absolutely I’m gonna send him out there about ten minutes okay. Sounds
    great thank you. yeah make sure you don’t have any loops in it.
    coil it up and then give yourself some line so when you throw it
    doesn’t have to uncoil that part. Make sense? Good? Like this? Yeah yeah. So this is one? Holy $hit that’s a big boat. hehe yep. so this will be our home for a
    little while while we learn to sail Are you going to be able to make the turn into this? yeah. You might have to backup. No? No, it should be fine. I would hit it in reverse. wooo. reverse, reverse. Hi, how’s it going? It’s going! We’re going the wrong way. I know. Do you want me to throw you my line?
    I’d rather that bow line. Ok. You can set your stern line while your there. How do I set the stern line? You got to watch over there. Grab that. Grab what? yeah Is it in reverse? No. It’s in neutral. Dockhand: Is it in reverse? Melissa: He says it’s not. He can just put it in neutral or shut it off.
    I’m gonna shut it down That’s The Boat Life! We live on a boat,
    in a marina. We even sailed here all by ourselves. Thanks for watching, we really
    appreciate it. If you liked it share it tell your friends, give us a thumbs up,
    check us out on Instagram and the Facebook for real-time updates. See you
    next time. That’s The Boat Life!

    21. Narrowboat Medical Emergency, First Aid & Accident GPS Spot
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    21. Narrowboat Medical Emergency, First Aid & Accident GPS Spot

    October 18, 2019

    So in this episode I was going to talk
    about how I had completed the plumbing and I had fitted one side of the kitchen
    together but unfortunately on day 2 of my project this week, it all came to an
    abrupt halt, as I had a bit of an incident! I was kneeling down, I had just
    finished fitting some clips onto a batten. There was a angle that you
    would hang a radiator on, now they’re quite sharp, fixed to the wall. I
    wasn’t using any tools, I stood up and sliced the front of my knee open on one
    of the angles from the radiator brackets. So as soon as I realised that the cut
    was a bit deeper and a bit bigger than just a scratch and a plaster, and the
    fact that I knew that I would actually have to go to hospital. I thought, right,
    okay I need to dress it because I need to get in the car and drive myself there
    and I didn’t want blood all over the car. So I cleansed the wound.
    I have got a number of saline tubes in my emergency kit and I cleaned the wound
    out. I then dried it off, I put a gauze patch on top of the cut and then I had a
    roll plaster, wrapped it around the leg around the back of the knee round, round
    and round and then I sealed it off with a bit of sticky plaster, to sort of fix it in
    place. I took a number of gauzes
    that soak up blood with me, just in case it started leaking in the car.
    I am off to A&E because I definitely need stitches. I’ve patched it up
    but it’s bleeding and you can see right the way through to this the kneecap,
    which is lovely! It doesn’t really hurt but it’s about a good, one and a half
    inches to two inch slice, so anyway, off to QMC. I got into A&E, I signed
    myself in and a nurse quickly came out and put a pad on the floor so I could
    put my foot on it. We laughed and sort of, because we didn’t want to get
    blood all over the floor and it would put the other customers off we laughed
    at. Quite quickly I went in to see a triage nurse and he indicated that I had
    patched up quite nicely. I had done myself a lot of favors by cleaning the
    wound and patching it up in the way that I did. He redressed it and verified that
    yes, I would need stitches, which was done by different nurse. I went out into the
    waiting room only a couple of minutes, this was normally about three or four
    minutes between each one of these. Now A&E waiting times can be sort of hours,
    sometimes like three or four hours before you get seen but because I think,
    I think it was because I was leaving blood everywhere I went, they sort of
    speeded up the process for me. Now of course because it is an open wound
    and because it is a bit gory, I’m going to give a bit of a warning now. So if you
    don’t like blood, or gore, or needles going through skin, then look away now
    and I’ll tell you again when it’s safe to look. So you can look back again now. They
    re-dressed the wound and they explained that in about half an hour, an hour the
    anaesthetic that they had pumped in around the knee, was going to wear off
    and the pain would start. So it was important for me to get some ibuprofen
    to stop the swelling and some paracetamol to aid the pain. Well I’ve got my
    painkillers and I’m now back to the car and now I’ve got to get through this
    rush hour in Nottingham before it wears off and I need to get back on my boat.
    What a day! How to stop doing the plumbing. I was going really well but still anyway,
    these things happen but I’m pleased I had a good first aid kit on board, and
    I’m pleased I had my car next to the boat. So I’ve got to go back in ten days,
    to a local doctors and to get the stitches removed and so they can have a
    look at it, but it’ll be fine, it’s just a slice wound, but it’s just quite deep and
    right on the knee, which is a real pain, but anyway. I also wanted to restock the
    things that I had used in my first-aid kit, because you never know when the next
    incident is going to happen. I’m not particularly accident-prone, there’s some
    people that go to A&E or cut themselves every week but,
    it doesn’t happen very often for me. But when it does happen, it usually does
    happen on a catastrophic scale, shall we say but anyway. I got back to the boat
    as quickly as I could, I took some paracetamol and I just took
    it easy and for the last couple of days, I haven’t really done that much. Bending
    the knee has been a bit difficult because the skin stretches on the knee
    but I’ve let it, I’ve opened it up, I’ve taken the plaster off the top and let it
    breathe and it’s healing quite nicely. Meanwhile life on the River Soar
    carried on as normal. When I returned from the hospital,
    Molly clearly knew that something had happened, as she barked at cows on the
    other side of the water. Now she very rarely barks, this was unusual for her
    and showed she knew something wasn’t right. There’s probably different levels
    of first-aid kit that most people have in their home. There’ll be the very, very
    basic, which will probably be a five-year out-of-date tube of Savlon, and a box
    of half used plasters, and that’s probably about it! Then you have like a
    family kit or a traditional green or red bag kit, which will have quite a lot of
    necessities, or like me I have quite an advanced first aid kit. I always have
    done, I went around the world backpacking when I was 20 and I thought it was
    important because I went on my own, to have a good first-aid kit. So it stemmed
    from then. Since then, I have worked for 999, the emergency services, in the
    British Telecom call centres, so taking the 999 calls and dealing with those, and
    then of course whilst working for BBC News I’ve been out with many fire engine
    crews, ambulance crews, police crews and air ambulance. I was with them for two
    weeks and I got to see a lot of different surgical scenarios, where
    people have impaled themselves, they’ve cut themselves
    and all sorts of different levels. So I’ve always kept a good first-aid kit.
    With my first-aid kit, I have four main areas. The front pocket has things
    like scissors, gloves, wipes, antiseptic wipes, the sorts of things that you would
    need first of all. The middle larger pocket, top left has saline solution.
    They’re in tubes, so I can quickly get them out and flush out either an eye if I’ve
    got something in my eye, or flush out a wound. Clean it, much better to use saline
    solution than water for example. On the right hand side of the first-aid kit
    I have melolin wound dressing, I’ve got eye patches. I’ve got PFA dressings which
    would go directly on a wound, all different sizes, from quite small to
    medium to large. I’ve also got a an emergency bandage. At the back of the
    main section, I have a good first aid manual. It’s from St. Johns Ambulance and
    it’s the tenth edition and it’s quite detailed in all sorts of different areas.
    In the left pocket I have all of my sterile bandages and fabric dressing and
    triangular bandage for arms and that sort of thing. And then the final pocket
    is not for me, final pocket on the right hand side is
    actually a first aid kit for Molly. You never know when dogs are going to get
    injured. I had a previous Labrador called Sash,
    and we were just out for a walk and she obviously trod on some glass or
    something sharp and she sliced one of her pads on her foot, clean in
    half, limping away, when I got her back to home and I got out my
    dog first aid kit and we sealed up the pad, I cleaned it all out and I put a
    bandage on and it healed up really nicely. Of
    course injuries with humans and dogs are very similar, but the bandages have to be
    a little bit more robust because dogs have a habit of wanting to bite them off.
    So that’s in the right hand side. Now, I also have a small first aid kit for when
    I go out walking. Really tiny, fits into a pocket or hangs off a belt. It’s got all
    main essential so, scissors, antiseptic, melolin dressing, a bandage, a bit of
    antiseptic cream, some tweezers, plasters, all sorts of things that you would need
    if you were out walking across the field or out in the woods. Nice and simple. If I
    was out in the middle of nowhere and this incident occurred, I would have
    to deal with it myself. Part of my first-aid kit I do have some
    sutra stitches, which are basically very, very sticky, tacky strips. You
    would, I would wash out the wound, pull the wound closer together and sutra
    stitch over the wound and that would enable me, a bit longer to either move
    the boat to an area where I could go to an emergency ward, or to an area where I
    could get to a road and call a taxi or get on a bus. It’s exactly the same as
    other stitches but it would just take longer to heal. All of those sorts of
    things I do have in my first-aid kit because you just don’t know what’s going
    to happen, with me on my own, I could be out in the wilderness. I like traveling
    out & mooring up in rolling countryside, my mum always takes the mickey out of me,
    because I say rolling countryside, so that’s for you mum! But I like mooring up
    in areas where there’s no one around, where there’s no vehicles, where it’s
    lovely and quiet. However those areas, when you have an
    incident away and you have an emergency, are a little bit more tricky to deal
    with. Now, a mobile phone, when you dial 999,
    which is the UK emergency number or 112 which is the pan-european
    emergency number, both of those go through to the same call centre. I know
    that because I used to work in that call centre. Neither has preferential
    treatment over others, it’s a bit of a myth that if you ring 112, you
    get through quicker, it doesn’t, it goes through exactly the same. If you looked
    at your phone and I’m with EE and I could see there was absolutely no
    reception, there is a system within the United Kingdom called ‘camped on’. That
    means whenever you dial 112 or 999, it will use other services mobile phone
    reception. So for example, if I had nothing on EE, I could dial 999 and if
    there was a neighbouring network available, for example Vodafone, it would
    use that service and that’s called a ‘camped on’ service. They can’t phone you,
    you can’t phone anyone else but it’s purely there for 112 or 999 emergency
    calls. Now a couple of years ago, I took my previous dog Sash for a walk, I was miles
    and miles and miles away, I like going on sort of quite rural walks with with the
    dog. Sometimes I camp out overnight, get a
    little Jerry stove and all that sort of thing. I went for a walk,
    fell down this bank. It was almost like sliding down the bank into like a
    scruff area, where there was some woods and I thought to myself, as I sat in a
    bit of a heap at the bottom, I wonder what would actually happen here if I had
    broken my leg, or I had broken my femur or I’d broken my arm, or something quite
    drastic. I had no mobile phone reception and it was probably quite likely that
    there was no other coverage there, so how on earth would I get out of that
    scenario? Yes I could drag myself up the bank but then what do I do? I can’t drag
    myself for miles and miles, especially if I’ve got a broken femur or
    an open wound somewhere and it occurred to me,
    what on earth would I do? Exactly the same scenario if I fell in the engine
    bay or I fell over something in the boat or I fell down on the towpath, but
    miles and miles from anywhere. I have one final emergency get-out bit of kit, and
    that is my SPOT. The device is battery-powered and there
    are five different buttons on it. You can enable the GPS tracking and it’ll update a
    Google map of my position at set intervals. The OK button can be used as a
    check-in, to say you’re about to set off and here is my map location for example. The
    custom message button could be for arrival info. If there was a non
    life-threatening situation but I needed help, I can use the help button. I could
    press this and it could let my contacts know I needed help and give my exact
    location via GPS satellite. In the event of a life-or-death emergency, I can lift
    the right flap and press the red SOS button. The GEOS International Emergency
    Coordination Centre provides my GPS coordinates and information to local
    response teams. It’s for emergencies only. But does give me and my family that
    final peace of mind that I can get help if nothing else works. I’m not saying you
    need all or any of the items if you plan to live afloat. I’m just indicating what
    I have and why I feel it’s important to be prepared when navigating on my own, in
    rural locations. All the items I’ve discussed are detailed in the
    description below. So if I have an accident again, let’s hope I don’t, but if
    I do I’m pretty sure I have all my bases covered. I either have a very good
    emergency kit, I’ve got a mobile phone that can ring or if worst case scenario,
    I’ve got my SPOT. So let’s hope it doesn’t happen again and let’s just
    crack on with getting the rest of the episodes out. My knee is
    fixing up quite nicely, I let it breathe and it’s healing, doesn’t really hurt
    anymore but it has stopped me from bending over and doing quite as much, but
    that shouldn’t be for too long and hopefully the next episode will be back
    to normal.


    Ep. 2.8: Big Things coming + New Series! [Adventure Log June 2019]

    October 15, 2019

    Hi, it’s Clark and Emily and we’re on sailing vessel Temptress. This is our June 2019 Adventure Log. ♫ Over the last 30 days, we’ve been traveling. We took the northern route back from
    Georgetown, so we went to Cat Island, Eleuthera, and the Abacos. A lot happened during that trip but we’re not gonna go into a lot of detail here because we’re
    doing a whole series on the actual travel. It kind of fits in better that way. We’re now in Port St. Lucie, FL, and, my god, is Florida hot and humid!
    We’re trying to get used to this. We’re currently anchored in Port Saint Lucie. We have a deal with a local marina that
    we can use their dinghy dock and their showers and their restrooms and
    get some AC every once in a while so there’s a pretty good deal, for this month anyway.
    We’re still looking for another place to go next month. Please subscribe so that you get updates about the travel we did this month and also stay tuned and make sure you subscribe because we have trips coming up to New
    York and Michigan and Wisconsin to visit our families and then of course in September we’re going to Africa
    so that’s gonna be really exciting . So stay tuned. This Adventure Log will probably be a little bit shorter because we’re not
    gonna go through all the detail of everything that happened this month.
    There was just too much stuff! As I’ve said, we’ve been traveling so we don’t spend as much money when we’re traveling. There’s just not the opportunities,
    well, until we got here because Florida’s expensive. What did we spend this month, Emily? Our total spending was $560 for the trip this month. That included about $400 for food. We had wine and alcohol that I think
    we restocked before we left. We spent about $50 at restaurants, got a
    couple souvenirs had some trash disposal fees, But but total was $560, so not too bad. When we got back to Florida we took a trip to the grocery store and got a few other things. That brought us up to $743 for the month . But we wanted to separate it out so you see the cruising life really wasn’t too expensive this month, and then when we got back
    we restocked to for things for July. And we got ice cream!
    Yes, we got ice cream. I think we probably spent $30 on ice cream. We have a freezer that isn’t cold enough for ice cream so when we get to civilization sometimes we splurge. We’ve been like years without ice cream.
    Also we don’t eat that much, it’s just splurging now. Also I’ve started some big spending
    but that’ll be in another video. That’s all the projects we’re doing on the boat. I keep a log every month
    of our ongoing living expenses . We’re also gonna keep track of all our
    big expenses while we’re refitting and restocking the boat for the next trip, so
    at the end of this year you’ll have a full year of what it cost us to live this life and prep for a big trip and all that sort of stuff. In terms of projects and activities… There were some big projects.
    Lots of varnishing. Emily varnished the whole boat again.
    It looks absolutely perfect now, at least varnish-wise. We had a windlass break
    when we were in the Abacos, I think. Yeah, and a washdown pump, both when we really needed them but I had spare parts on board so it didn’t take very long at all to fix them.
    We had to clean the bottom again a few times. So we’ve been busy with projects
    and so many activities. Again, stay tuned because we’re gonna go into way more detail on all those things. In terms of the best and worst for this month? One of the worst is the Florida weather.
    Every summer you have to get used to this. It’s just hot and sticky, and the Bahamas are so much cooler, so much more pleasant. You just come across that Gulf Stream
    and the world changes. Florida’s a swamp.
    Yeah, it’s very hot here. We also had a lot of dragging
    in the last leg of our trip in the Abacos. Our anchor dragged lot. We had a lot of squally weather
    especially in Manjack Cay, so that was a little bit frustrating.
    I’ve had that anchor for a long time and I had good confidence in and it worked well.
    I’m replacing it for the next trip. And I think it knows. I think it’s decided that it was putting an extra effort, and now it’s slacking off. So we’ll have a new anchor before we go off–
    something modern. What about the best part? Well, seeing the northern Bahamas was pretty cool. I’ve never gone up there. It’s very different.
    It’s a little more…touristy? It was nice to see a lot of new places
    that we hadn’t seen before. We’ve done the Exumas and some other places, but this was our first time through the Abacos.
    We didn’t do everything. We certainly skipped over some stuff,
    but I think when we might go through the Abacos on the way back down to Georgetown next year. We had some time limitations.
    We had an issue with immigration, so we only had two weeks to get out. We rushed.
    And then we went to another immigration officer, and they said, “you got another two weeks.”
    So we took our time, but at the end. There are places we want to see and things we want to do a little differently on the way back down. Intentional living is something that
    we want to talk about every month. Intentional living is kind of the reason
    that we’re out here doing this. It’s knowing and understanding and being connected to all the things that we’re doing
    and the choices that we’re making. I think now that we’re in the States again,
    it is a little bit different. It’s so easy to have lifestyle inflation. We’re buying a lot of stuff. We’ll be spending quite a bit of money on the boat
    because it’s gonna be the next five years of our life. We’re buying things to make our life better.
    So we really thought these through, and made a huge list, and we’re gonna buy those things. But it’s just so easy to, say, I don’t know.
    I can’t think of an example. I’m trying not to be able to figure out
    examples of money to waste. You know, get used to being in the AC inside,
    and just…life can get a lot more comfortable, but in a way that detracts from us getting the
    work done that we need to get done before we go out. So we’re trying trying to keep that cruising mentality
    and the money-saving mentality, even though we’re here in the states
    where we have all these things accessible. One of the problems I’m having is the only place where we can get cool at, like, 3:00pm when it’s really hot is this lounge at the marina, and there’s always a TV running. And it’s always running absolutely inane crap. And you just can’t help it, you look at the TV.
    I don’t want to get addicted to TV again. So I guess the only thing left is to say thank you. We’d like to thank AventureMan Dan.
    We met him in Georgetown and we’ve kind of been buddy boating a bit. We keep running into each other anyway, and we’ve decided to come to the same bay. So he’s anchored right over there. We’re gonna be helping each other with a refit this summer. And we want to thank John D, one of our patrons.
    He turned us on to this place and it’s a pretty good deal. it was a great to have a place we knew we could land,
    and we didn’t have to go searching around while we were tired from the crossing. thank you also to Andrew and Linda and Trekker and Jay who are coming this weekend to pick us up and bring us back to our house so we can get our cars registered and get back on the road and start running errands and getting things done. And thank you to all of our patrons and everybody who’s been watching and commenting on our videos. This month, as you probably know from last month, we put all your names on a coconut
    and as we were crossing the Gulf Stream, about halfway we threw that coconut overboard
    and it’s off to become a coconut tree. I expect it’s gonna find the perfect beach.
    So it will grow into better things, as we hope our YouTube channel also will.
    Yep, since Saturday it’s been traveling 3 knots due north. Stay tuned. Subscribe so that you are up-to-date with our adventure series that we’re launching on August 1st, and for all these travels and all the
    great travels coming up. We appreciate you and we’ll talk to you again soon. Bye!


    Everything You Need To Know About Llamas! | Minecraft 1.11 Gameplay Tutorial

    October 13, 2019

    what is up guys move here back with another minecraft video and today we’re going to be looking at the newest mob in Minecraft 1.7 and that is the llama so these are the four different kinds of llamas and we’re going to look at everything you could need to know that’s been added about them so first thing over here they are a passive mob but will attack a player if they are hit so let’s test this out really quick i’m going to go into survival mode and just going to give all these guys a quick little love tap and as you can see hey they will attack you back so there are four different skins of the wool color depends on which by him there in at the moment they spawn naturally in extreme Hills and Savannah biomes so these again are the four different looks so they have 22 health which is 11 hearts and they do one damage which is half a heart and use the spinning attack what you saw earlier we’re going to show you one more time so you can see him actually do with the projectile yeah so that’s actually the infamous llama spit that you can see right there so they also drop 02 leather and any other items that were they were holding a planned out so let’s kill these guys quickly and see how much we got them so that one drop some weather there that looks like oops get these guys first name account the loot afterwards one more that’s putting up a fight there we go so 20 1 and 1 so this pretty much is a good representative value all right next up wolves are afraid of llamas and will run away from them llamas leaves are spinning attack on them as well let me go actual stay in a stay in survival mode so let’s take a walk over here and a couple llamas so let’s put him down right over here wolf LA and you see here will start running away and the level approaches you get spit attack off looks like the wolf is a little bit too far away you guys get the idea they are not friends all right next up llamas can be tamed with hay bales and melted a player can control movement when riding them even when tamed right so let’s grab alarm over here and some pay bills so let’s put one down right over here head let’s give them some hay and you can see he’s taking it but let’s try to write them you’ll see he won’t let me guide them anywhere i can’t really do anything even if he was fully tamed it does give me up please give me that backwards over just kind of funny actually all right let’s get to the next part they will follow a player with the lead attached and they can form a caravan of up to ten llamas following this is actually really cool so let’s put down a whole tunnel was over here alright let’s grab one with the lead so can I put down like 21 but let me just go in a circle so i can get as many as possible and you’ll see the village they’re going to form a perfect line i think it behind me so let’s see how many i got here let’s go back a little bit further 123 even the babies follow kate 123456789 10 and you see these other ones over here they want problems coming just wandering around but i do have a caravan of 10 let me just only this guy there we go all right let’s get back to the next part alright they can Juan mess that one up they can be equipped with team Blom’s can be equipped with different of 16 different carpet colors alright so I’m going to grab a bunch of them actually go into creating more once again let’s get rid of all this stuff over here and grab some of these carpet colors you can see all the different types there are 16 and there we go so here’s just a generic problem oops get out always make sure to shift and then right-click them so now i can see it has an inventory space over here let’s put the sign competent and you can see he now has a different look let’s go to them again let’s put the purple carpet instead there we go you see once again he has a different look so i put a bunch of llamas over here with the no way I tag and you can see there is a different variety for every single different type of wall as well as carpet and i’m going to go over some of them in specifics because some of them have really unique looks that I think are worth mentioning again the orange no nothing too fancy the white nothing too fancy purple is kind of interesting you’ll also notice that some of them have different up these looks like they have scarfs while there were some of them might have like a looks like a big balls and blue is kinda cool yellow is this see where the call this one has some polka dots I’ll show you some of my favorites over here so this one over here at the at the dark grey wool he has like a like a bandit mask which is really cool and also this one over here the the light Grable it has like things around his ankles one of the only one that hasn’t I think there’s one other mistaken or this might be the only one actually looks like that is the only one see how this one has the purple and has an Enderman on it on it’s a back really cool and the green one has a creeper again really really cool and there’s a lot of variety without what you can do so if you want to design your base for like a certain color aesthetic you can definitely pull some cool stuff off all right next up if given an item they don’t like if given item they don’t accept they’ll make a funny noise let’s put these carpets away and let’s grab some some Lana is over here let’s get an oak sapling and a lab is block so let’s put this down over here so I don’t keep hearing all that noise over there alright so let me just make sure I get an adult 30 i’m going to try to get a little sapling and listen to what happens it makes a really funny doors and again not to be withholding right click down it doesn’t every single time you click else i’ll do a little bit slowly against avery with lapis block so yeah they don’t respond well to things they don’t like all right next up they can be equipped with the chest and function as a beast of burden so this is their main function so let’s grab against some more spontaneous get rid of that stuff let’s put these in a pile of some chest and a lead alright so let’s put down a one over here let’s put down an adult and I think I have to get the team first let’s grab some hay bales so there we go see how much you can take all right let’s see if we can put one on yet no he’s not responding well your instructor more i’m gonna go to this one over here since these are automatic contain but let’s try to put a chest on them see there we go so you can see it just like that you can now use HSN if I right click on the file right-click on him again he has three inventory spaces so there’s a little bit of there’s some specifics about how that actually functions were to set the time today very quickly so each Lama has a strength value between 1 and 5 they can hold three items for every point they have in strength so each llama head so each Lama has between three to fifteen inventory space when chested so this one I showed you over here that has three inventory spaces has a strength value of one that’s why it’s only one times three so a full-time llama caravan can have a maximum inventory of a hundred and fifty can wall a full ten mama caravan can have a maximum of 150 inventory slots that’s because with a maximum strength of five can have 15 inventory spaces 15 times 10 is 150 also when breeding there is a three percent chance that the offspring will have a strength score one higher than the stronger parent that still means that there’s a maximum of five so it’s going to take awhile to breathe maximum strength llamas but it is possible again it’s going to just take a lot of repetition anyway guys that’s just this video this is pretty much everything that you need to know about Mama’s i’ll throw in a couple extra commands of the description so if you guys want to spawn some of them add that are here you can do that as well anyway guys I hope you enjoyed the video please leave a like if you did as it does help me out a lot and subscribe if you wanna see video similar to this one in the future my name is smooth and I’ll see you later take it easy guys


    Real Explosives! Treasure Hunt Search For The Bandits Cash With That YouTub3 Family The Beach House

    October 13, 2019

    Previously on The Beach House. Instead of running from them. We’re gonna try and find them. It’s a receipt. Maybe they’re still there. Do you think we should go check the same campsite we were hanging at? That’s them for sure. I think he’s holding a map. You can see his cowboy boots. Go around the other side. Guys, I think the bandits see you. Okay, they’re gone. Be quiet though. Hey there Bill. See where they went? This is That YouTub3 Family’s treasure you guys. We got the map back. I think this might be the tracking device. We’re gonna go and return the treasure chest and the map back to that YouTube family and make sure that they have Everything that they’ve lost from the bandits. That’s right. Let’s do it. ♫ ♫ (THE BEACH HOUSE THEME ‘WHEN ADVENTURE CALLS’ BY CODY CRABB) ♫ ♫ Last night was a crazy night. We were seriously so scared We were hiding all night and just afraid of what we might see and what might happen. That was really scary. I was worried that we might have like bandits actually like trying to break into our house. I was paranoid that they might break our windows or come inside. But they didn’t actually come in like after that bang on the door. We didn’t hear or see anything else. So this morning we are back at it. We’re trying to decide what we need to do. I think we need to bring this to that YouTube family. Yeah, I think we should give them a call and see if we can get ahold of them. See where they’re at. See if maybe they can get together with us. Because I don’t want to have this on our on us anymore. I don’t want the bandits chasing us all the time. So let’s give them their treasure chest. Let’s give them the map. Do you guys have the map? So we’ll give them the map and the treasure chest just as soon as we can find them. Soon as we can get a hold of them. Again?! Is that the bandit? I think they’re back. Wait! I think that might be the bandits actually. Oh its The YouTube Family!!! Really? Oh my gosh, we thought you guys were the bandits. They’ve been chasing us! I’m glad you guys are here. So we got caught by the bandits. Audrey helped us escape and we heard that you guys are getting chased by bandits too And I don’t know if they’re following us. We got your treasure chest. So that’s why banged on the door so hard. Okay, well we have something for you guys actually. We actually snuck into the bandits camp and we found the map that they stole from us But we also found the original bandits cash treasure. We were able to escape from them and we have it here and all the cash is still inside. This is the map that you dropped when we met with you guys. I told you we dropped it. We had it make our getaway Guess what? We found another map too that we need help with so do you guys want to hang on to that map and help us solve this map? So we can have this map? It’s the least we could do to help for which you guys have done. Wow. Thank you so much! We can totally keep this and see where it goes. And that will be the next adventure we’re going to go on. That’ll be really fun. Let’s see what you guys have So we went into bandits camp too. I think there must be multiple camps. I don’t know you guys are staying but we got caught. I was the only one that got out and i had to find them. Guys, we have to be careful when we’re searching for these treasures. I feel like they’re getting more brave and more daring and… We would have never brought you into this if we thought that they were going to chase you. We don’t want you guys to have be chased by bandits. And now they’re following you?! Yeah, that’s crazy. Maybe they have a big big group of them. Yeah. And i think they’re building it up and I think we should not split up so we can be able to get out. That’s a good idea. Do you want to help us find this treasure then? I think the bandits are up to something sneaking cause why would they want to gather seven treasures? What would they be doing? I don’t trust bandits. Let’s stop them guys. Let’s stop the bandits. Let’s get the money so we can buy some cool stuff. Charlie did you take any of that treasure out? Yeah. Charlie are you working with the bandits? Yeah. I’ve been doing a little bit research on some of these symbols from the video that you guys showed us and this one Specifically I found is tied a lot to like mythology. Mythical something. So we can. I don’t know what that means if maybe that’s what the treasure is related to like mythology or myth. What that would be really really cool. So, do you guys hear something? My goodness guys, we just got in the car. That YouTube family is also running away from the bandits They were at our house. The bandits were at our house! They were banging on the…you saw them. They were hitting the window Just trying to get in. Right when we were talking to that YouTube family. Oh my goodness. I think that YouTube family must have been being chased with..maybe they’re being tracked and then they got tracked right to our house. Now they’re at our house. So we just left. So we got in our car just as quick as we could. That YouTube family’s in their car and We’re just going to where I think the map is taking us. So yeah, we just decided to follow the map at this point. But we got to lose the bandits. We have to lose the bandits and then we’re going to just try and get to the treasure before the bandits do. I don’t want to get caught. Because that YouTube family got caught. They actually got taken by the bandits. They got taken by the bandits and they just barely got away from them and they couldn’t go home. They had to come to our house because they didn’t want to be. They didn’t want to show the bandits where their house was and now the bandits are at our house. This is getting really intense. This is getting really really scary. I think we’re gonna be okay, but we just have to try to see if we can get away. Yes. Let’s let’s try and get them away from us. They’re right behind us guys. Look! Guys look behind us. I think they’re right there. I think that’s the bandits you guys They’ve been following us from our house and I think that’s them. And they sometimes they drive a truck Sometimes it’s an SUV, but I know that there’s multiple bandits. I don’t know who it was That was at our house, but I think he’s right behind us in that white car. I’m glad we took our car. Maybe we can shake them. I think we’re following that YouTube family right now. And I think that they might have a tracker on them So even though they’re not necessarily tracking us. I think that just because we’re in between them and that YouTube family We’re actually being tracked. We totally forgot to explain to you guys. Charlie is with Jessica We sent him off to a different place because we don’t know if he can keep up with us We didn’t want him to be in danger So we sent him into a safe place. We ran away hoping that the bandits would chase us and it looks like it works. So I think he’s gonna be okay He’ll be totally fine. He’s in a safe place. Oh my goodness. We just made a turn. We are literally behind the building of an old store right now. I think that it’s kind of secluded if you look around. There’s like nobody here. It’s all like abandoned and old and Nobody’s here. This road doesn’t get used. I think we’re gonna be tucking out here for a minute We’re just kind of hiding. I just want to give them some space to Go away somewhere else. Yeah, we’re just gonna hide here until they’re gone and watch our backs Hide right behind all those plants, that’s perfect. That’s a great idea We’re actually backing in behind all these plants then we’ll just hide our car I think we’ll be safe here for just a few minutes. Okay, we’re tucked behind these weeds I don’t think they could see us even if they drove past at this point. Oh my goodness. So we just barely lost the white car. The bandits that were following us in the white car They were following us now in a white truck. Check this out. They’re right behind us. Oh they’re coming up they’re right next to us You think that he noticed that it was us? I don’t know. Maybe he didn’t. I wonder if that YouTube family got rid of their tracker. I hope so. We told him about it. So hopefully they found it and got rid of it That might have explained why they just went right past us. Oh, that would be so nice. Okay, so we just arrived. This is the place where I think the map is telling us to go. So this is up on the mountainside so that YouTube family’s treasure map that they found in the genie bottle We took a look at it and we’ve determined that it looks like there’s An X right on the side of a mountain and I recognize kind of the shape of a mountain nearby. So we’re here now We’re going to try to look around and see what we can find. That YouTube family. just got here too. And I it looks like we’re safe from the bandits just for now Hopefully they weren’t able to find us or follow us. But it doesn’t look like any of the bandits are around. So I think we’re gonna be okay. Okay, you guys ready? All right, let’s go. This place is pretty cool. Wow, look at these rocks, this kind of almost looks like the same markings that we found on the rocks of the bandits camp. I almost wonder if maybe they like mark their territory mark their space or something. That YouTube family keeps finding hidden cameras around. And I think that there might be one up inside that birdhouse right there in the top of those trees. So we need to be careful for spy cameras. They might be watching or listening to us. Another one? Another one. This is definitely i think close to the bandits camp. I think we are getting close to the bandits camp. But this is where the treasure map is telling us to go. So we we need to come this way. Like, if you move it like that there’s a skull right there. And a skull right there. We’re getting close. Which means..that means that the treasure is gonna be up around that way somewhere. I think we’re going the right direction Let’s go. All right, I’m just climbing down these rocks. I think we might have found the area that it spoke. It’s pointing to on the map. It’s kind of a Rocky place that’s tricky to get down. Sit down and scoot on your butt. Keep going James, keep going. Think this is where we’re supposed to be going. James, once you get down to the bottom just wait for us. Okay All right, we just reached the other side Everybody else still coming down the hillside, but I think we’re in the right spot. There’s a river here. That’s really really beautiful. When we were looking at the map, it looks like there’s a river. That kind of winds right around the side of the mountain and I think that’s the same river that we’re at right now. That means that this hillside over here. This is the mountainside over here where the X is marked on the map. So I think we’re in the right spot right now. You guys getting down okay? Good No one tripped or got hurt or anything right? Think we might need to go across. Yeah, be very careful. You know I was watching on a show one time, you have to link arms and that will help everybody not fall in the water. Yeah, if you hold arms or like link elbows or arms or hands you can kind of get across a little bit better. I just have sandals on I wasn’t prepared for hiking. Good job Michael. Good job. You should just carry everybody across. Get your workout in for the day. Okay. We got all the kids across. You okay? You need to help balance. You got it? I can help you across. Just take a step on that rock right there. Here you go. You got it. You’re welcome. Let me grab the treasure box and then I think we’re all set. Be careful guys. Be careful. So we split up from that YouTube family We’re gonna go kind of look around this side of the waterfall here. Hopefully, maybe we can find something in here. Wet in here. Okay, let me know if you see anything, okay? You okay dude? Are you all right? Okay. James did you hear that? Did you hear that? I thought I heard something, it sounded like it might have been someone talking. I could have swore I just heard someone talking. That wasn’t us. It sounded like a man’s voice. Have you guys seen anything strange? No. Hey Becca, did you hear anything strange? I thought I heard something. Something muffled. It sounded like somebody was talking. I thought I heard someone talking too. I hope that YouTube family’s okay. We’ve been hiking for quite a ways now. I still haven’t seen anything. I hope we still have a connection to that YouTube family. James, you have the walkie-talkie, right? Ask them if they’re doing okay. And if they’ve heard anything. Are you okay? Okay good I thought i heard the water wushing. Like as if someone was in the water. Yeah. Oh like someone was in the water? Whoa, did you hear that? I think they’ve just heard them say go. They just yelled “they’re coming!” I just heard yelling. We got to get out of here. Who has Ellie? Ellie…good. Quick! Quick! He’s coming! Okay now I think the coast is clear. Gotta show you guys what we found. We found something that you guys are not gonna believe inside this box. I think what why it was so heavy. Look at this Got to be very careful. It was underneath all the money, so I kind of tucked it on the side, but there is dynamite. And the ability to detonate the dynamite. Yeah, exactly. So that, they weren’t joking. Oh my goodness. Do you know how big of an explosion that’ll make. That is crazy. Let me see the map. Where are we right now? What is this place anyway? So I think we’re like right above it because these are ridges right? Right. If you look at the map this way, but this is the right orientation Looking around this place. I think this is actually where the X is. Right up in this hillside. It does look like it’s been covered up. So what if maybe what we’re looking for is inside the mountainside. That would make sense why this is in here. That would be perfect to be able to use the dynamite. To get in into the mountainside. Do you ever use dynamite? I haven’t. Guess there’s a first for everything. Yeah Let’s try it. I’ll hold the money. Okay, let’s see if we can get this setup right without getting ourselves blown up in the rock. I’ll be very very careful. Oh my gosh, it even says dynamite right outside here. All right, James, Elllie, Corbin you guys have to stay here and be safe. In fact hide behind these rocks and we’re gonna go set up the dynamite. This is gonna probably cause a really big explosion. A lot of rocks are gonna come piling down on top of us. So make sure you guys are tucked behind these barrier. That way when the rocks come down, they’re not going to hurt anyone. All right, we’ve got the detonator. We’ve got some dynamite here. We’re heading up to set it all up. So this looks like the optimal place to be putting the dynamite right above this rock. That’s where it says on the map is where we need to do it. Okay, I think we’re about ready to set this thing up. All right, we have all the family down there. They’re hiding behind the rocks. They’re all protected and out of the way. Ready? 3 2 1 [Massive explosion] I think we found it guys. So shiny. It’s there. That’s it though. That was really loud. I think there might be more to this map Yeah than just what we found. Be super careful. If you see a bandit yell bandit, we’ve got to explore this I can’t wait to get in these caves and see if what we might be able to find. Can’t get my leg out! It’s stuck in the mud!

    “Philosophy of Sailing”: Solo to Hawaii and Return, 2017
    Articles, Blog

    “Philosophy of Sailing”: Solo to Hawaii and Return, 2017

    October 9, 2019

    The first thing everybody asked was, why
    are you doing this again? Or, you’re doing it again? I guess I just
    wasn’t finished yet. On shore we see the world through filters. We put things in
    categories, and that’s how we get through the day. But sailing is phenomenological, it
    puts you right there, there are no filters. It puts you right in contact
    with the world around you, the fish, the birds and the wind on your face. It
    teaches you what living is in the same way a violin teaches the player what
    music is. This is a new boat for me, a 1984
    Ericson 38 which I spent a year preparing for this voyage because it’s
    2,300 nautical miles from Los Angeles to Oahu. Funny how I didn’t remember the
    seasickness on the second day. Well, you’re the one who wanted to come. How do you like it? Let’s go on deck and put in another reef. We’ll be doing this four or
    five times a day, I’ll take you through the steps. First, we need to slack off on
    the main sheet to relieve pressure on the sail. Now we can lower the main
    halyard — see the sail coming down? and take up some tension on the luff downhaul that will keep it there, and then we can crank the main halyard back up Now let’s take the main sheet off of its
    winch and replace it with the reef line. When we crank the reef line tight you
    can see the sail drawn out toward the end of the boom, we’re just making a
    smaller sail out of a bigger sail. And now we can take the reef line off of
    the winch and replace it with the main sheet again, crank the main sheet in– Wind vane’s doing fine. And we’re riding
    better, wouldn’t you say? One thing about sailing–you don’t just sit there, you take
    some action. So how’s it look out there? Water temperature 66, I guess we’re not in Hawaii yet. Why look–the sun almost came out. After four days in my long johns I’d forgotten about the sun. So I can stroll around the deck and try not
    to think about home, where there’s a
    holiday today. I’m just not good at this. Well that’s very exciting. Happy Fourth of July. Oh– a message. How many people were living in the
    United States in 1776? Hmmm. Three million. Two point five million people lived in the USA in 1776. What year did the movie “Independence Day” come out? That was one of the stupidest… Human beings are busy little balls of
    energy who always have to have something to do and I’m one of them. But 500 miles offshore you’re not the
    world anymore, you’re in the world, and you know it because you can feel the
    rain on the end of your nose and the cold in your fingers. You don’t have to
    do anything, you just hold on. You’re not it, you’re part of it–a small part of it,
    and paradoxically as the world gets bigger so do you. You can see by the
    amount of dirty dishes how much I’ve eaten in a week. This is a salt water
    pump, all the water you want just with your foot. Is a rainbow the diffusion and
    refraction of sunlight by water droplets, or is it a rapturous arc across the
    heavenly sky? Well, you can’t Google it out here, so it is what it is. But you can
    look upon the works of man and despair, because my wonderfully designed deck top
    fuel jug racks have shifted during the night as a result of the leeward shrouds
    becoming slack. But I think that if I just pull them up and jam them into a
    new position so that they’re outboard of the grab rails, they’ll sit more
    vertically and be just fine. I think that’ll work. Why wouldn’t it work? Looks fine to me. We carry 75 gallons of diesel–55 gallons in the main fuel tank and 20 gallons on deck and we’ve used six or seven gallons, so
    let’s put one of the five-gallon jugs in using a 15 dollar rattle siphon, the best
    invention since bubble gum. Sleeping on a boat going seven knots in
    a seaway is a learned skill. You learn to wake up every hour or two to
    make sure nobody’s going to run you down, and since the bunk boards turn your bed
    into a sort of a coffin, sleeping at all can feel like a journey to the other side… [music] Hey! Hey! Your watch, count. And if anybody’s wondering who steers the boat while we’re biting the bridesmaids, it’s
    a self steering vane on the stern. Couldn’t be a singlehander without one. This is Day 10, it’s my birthday. I’m 74. It feels great. And I just saw the biggest flying fish I’ve ever seen, and if one of those lands on deck tonight we’ll have flying fish with our eggs for breakfast tomorrow. [teapot whistling] [wind and wave sounds] A carbon-fiber whisker pole is a marvel.
    I believe this whole rig weighs only 12 pounds, compared to 20 pounds for an
    all-aluminum non-adjustable version and for me this really makes things easy up
    here. The length of the pole is adjusted by this line here. They need to have
    something to hold them up — I’m using a spinnaker halyard, and then to keep
    it down you just run the genoa sheet back
    through that block, and you always need a downhaul as well. Well, I did bring that
    flying fish down below and I held it over the frying pan and then I had
    second thoughts. The idea of a flying fish along with my pancakes and eggs and bacon, the idea of a fish covered with maple syrup just didn’t have much appeal.
    After 10 days I was very relaxed. All the gear was working well. The boat was
    sailing her course– -Oh give me a break, that’s a brand new expandable whisker pole which just collapsed without any warning at all. “Replacing the line…Untie…You’ll have one chance at this…Push and twist the line… …do not pull all the way…you will need a
    20 inch hook to grab…do not pull the messenger out of the pole on the new
    line…” A long whisker pole let’s me me balance the sails, and that makes the self-steering
    gear work better. It falls into the category of annoyance, or irritation, and
    I can just hear the boat saying Please carry on — or, stop carrying on? Well, this ain’t good. Looks like we’ve sailed into a hole in the trade winds With a diesel running for 24 hours a day,
    every sailor starts an immediate hunt for everything that buzzes or rattles
    from the vibration. I got every single one, except [buzzing] [buzzing] yes! [buzzing] No. [buzzing] [ohhhh] [buzzing] Ha ha ha… The wind always comes back, I’d just like
    to know where it goes. All right, we’re sailing again, you can come out now. No, I don’t think there are too many rules on this boat. Listen, nobody likes an engine running
    but you didn’t hear me rattling about it. You’re a valuable member of the crew. Many a cold night in Los Angeles you’ve warmed this cabin. No, I don’t think it’s too hot here. This is Hawaii, it’s supposed to be like this. You’re doing fine. I just wish you could be… more like your sister. Fruit is very healthy on a boat and we
    should have some several times a day. Day 16. What a good nap that was. Well,
    another really pretty sunset. Well, it’s over the back of the boat so I guess actually it’s a sunrise. So, ah, let’s forget the spaghetti and just get some hash and eggs going. This is a world where a bucket over the side brings up the Fountain of Youth. The water’s 85 degrees now, crystal
    clear, the sailing is as good as it ever gets on planet earth and all yours for
    the taking, day and night. A shower is just that — do
    rinse off with some fresh water, though, so you don’t sleep with salt crystals in
    your ears. There aren’t many surprises out here but here’s one of them — what is that? You know, we passed some Transpac boats yesterday. you don’t see this on the ocean at all It–it’s a lifeboat. We’d better get over there. If it isn’t a life
    boat–what is it? It’s a very uneasy feeling to come upon
    something like this with nothing for a thousand miles. It looks like — I think
    it’s probably a fishing boat, lost months or years before from some factory ship. If it had been a lifeboat we would have
    had to attempt a rescue. Now we attempt a cocktail. Here’s a toast to them that ain’t us. In fact, we’ve made really good progress. We should make a landfall sometime tomorrow morning The last 24 hours nobody sleeps much. You have to be alert. Things might change. Gear might fail — and you just sort of welcome that fuzzy feeling and settle in for a long night. Make some coffee and put some cookies out. I think it’s one of the most exciting parts of any voyage. The idea
    now is not to screw it up, make a silly mistake. Not to fall overboard, or fall
    asleep, To sit out the night with your binoculars. There are some lights. They can only be
    the lights of Oahu, in the pre-dawn. There’s our waypoint on the chart —
    30 miles down the side of the island of Oahu, where we’ll make our turn. We’re
    going fast, surfing at 10 knots. What a great time for breakfast — sunlight — and first sight of the island itself, ten miles off the port beam. And then the turn, and then that final channel marker that
    you’ve been looking for for eighteen days, the entrance to the harbor at Ko Olina on the leeward side of the island. Everything changes now. The big seas stop, the water’s protected. That’s “Runaway,” she did very well in the Transpac . For the first time in a long time the boat will be steady underfoot, we’ll be tied by lines in a slip. We’ll have to meet people again, and try not to be
    weird, or see them as sense data, because they fall into the category of people you love. So true… …great idea…very accurate Hey, it’s stopping, right on cue… But now never mind all the lessons of offshore — suddenly the universe is broken, it needs to be repaired and examined and checked off.
    The Zerk fitting needs to be greased so the steering wheel on the way home will
    turn freely. Oh, there must be lots of other things to do. Let’s work on the
    self-steering gear before the family arrives, we can re-rig everything if we
    want to, we have time, and what about that whisker pole that broke, how’re we going to fix that? I think I’ll call Forespar on the phone and spend a
    couple of days shopping for tools… But I did manage to get the line rerun and to make the hole bigger and to have a pole that would work for the way home. In fact, it felt very powerful to once again be able to fix the universe with my toolbox. And on every island in the deep blue sea–it’s 5 o’clock somewhere. Tom Hatcher, “Sequence.” Simon Engler,
    “Adventuress,” rafiki cutter. Jobeth Mary H I am on the “Naughty Girl,” and she’s a 47-foot Catalina sailboat. Keegan Conway, I’m lucky enough
    to be aboard the “Big Buzzard,” one day I’ll have a boat of my own, Cheers.
    Olivia Oliver, I am aboard “Big Buzzard” and I love the universe ,okay, take care of it.
    My name is George, and “Big Buzzard.” My name is Tim Knopf I’m on “Moondrop,” which is a 36-foot Union Polaris. I’m Eric gold, my boat is “Liliana,” an Ericson 32-3 at the Ala Wai. Hi, I’m Carol, I live on “Kuleana,” which
    talks about responsibilities, personal, spiritual, kind of my philosophy,and
    happiness. Hi, I’m Izzy, I’m also on “Big Buzzard” and
    she’s a 52-foot sloop, racer-cruiser, and I’m Melissa, another one
    of these people on “Big Buzzard.” Aloha, I’m Octavia on “Bella Marina,” a 44- foot hunter and I love Hawaii.
    I’m Petter I’m also on “Bella Marina”, I also love Hawaii but I’ll soon to be loving Tahiti. After a great week with my family and
    friends on the North Shore of Oahu I put them all on an airplane, where they
    lowered their seatbackg tables, and I got back on “Thelonious II” and headed offshore again. I hoped that the universe was still there. it was. In a few days I had my sea legs back. I could eat again. I was relaxed,
    ready for anything, which was a good thing. When the line on the self-furling headsail breaks violently, the whole sail immediately deploys. So, up and at’em. [muffled] Now…if this is long enough… [sound of loud luffing, banging] Insult to injury. We’ll get this done. So I reeved the new…the end of the old genoa reel…went back in there and wrapped it up, and now, in the seas we lost we lost our genoa pre-feeder so I”ll have to hand feed it, and since the halyard is on the mast …this will be fun. Wait till this squall dies down… It looks all right! Four hours, start to finish. I’ve been reading [Nigel Calder] on this
    topic of roller furlers so I didn’t put it back together backwards I should like to say what he writes: “Taking down roller furling headsails can be tough but setting the new sail is even worse. It has to be fed into the luff groove just right and eased up with the
    halyard. The portion of sail set will be banging around. The sail still to be set will be billowing all over the deck no matter what claims are made for various
    pre-feeders.Headsail changes on roller furlers are no fun, especially for the
    short-handed.” Well, maybe a little fun. Right now we have a flapping genoa leech, but there’s an easy fix for that, too. Here’s a question: Am I fixing the
    boat, or is the boat fixing me? The sail home from Hawaii to the mainland is always longer than the sail there because of weather patterns — the North
    Pacific High. It brings rain, it brings squalls, it brings a sea that’s as flat as a Mill Pond in Maine. It lets you know your boat, and you come to believe a boat is a living thing. [Whale songs] We’ve been motoring a lot, so the
    question is how much fuel do we actually have left? The best way to find out is
    measure with a stick. Look at that–lots of fuel left. [music montage, 00:01:00] Good morning. Well here’s a change for the better — we’ve had 25 knots over the deck for the last couple of days and now weʻre down to 20. The Grib files show that the wind has diminished some for the next week and so our slant back to Los Angeles which is about 700 miles away will be easier than I thought it was going to be. And I have found that — [ducks] — I have found that wearing foul weather gear out here is a good Idea– –I found that keeping the third reef in under these conditions is very useful because of the squalls that come through I can adjust the sail area of the boat using the roller-furling genoa. I use a satellite telephone hooked up to a laptop to send my noon position report
    home every day. I learned to type using Mario Teaches Typing, and he never said the keyboard would be moving around like this. In fact, dining at sea with elegance can
    be a challenge for some people. As my own sommelier, I’ve learned to accept about 80% of the Chianti making it into the glass at table, and there are no
    complaints so far. That, believe it or not, is Dinty Moore Beef Stew. Hold the plate so it doesn’t pour on the floor. That was not just a ship alarm, that was
    a collision alarm — which said that a 1,000-foot-long containership going 20
    knots was going to come within .10 miles of my position. The answer to that is a quick course away, away, away. Thirty miles from land and completely becalmed. Hey– haven;t we met somewhere before? Whatʻs your plan? Umm. You know, I think you could
    make it home from here. Really. Uh, the whisker pole will be up there, you know. That’s the self-steering gear, we’re gonna need that. And in an hour he did fly off, and I
    did what I do when becalmed offshore, which is to turn on the engine and make
    spaghetti Land ho — the Channel Islands of Southern
    California. And we had arrived on a doubly fortuitous day — a scheduled
    seventy percent eclipse of the sun to begin at 10:15 Shield your eyes now because here we are
    at the height of the eclipse, the sea has changed from miles around from the way
    it used to look to the way it still looks. All the sea life has risen up in
    celebration and the land is boiling and fuming like it was a prehistoric times
    and we’re going 17 knots now instead of four and a half because of the effect of
    of this remarkable lunar and solar experience. If it doesn’t look any
    different to you, well, eclipses are about imagination. With only a hundred miles to
    go I could already feel the old wiseguy returning, that’s how we live in the
    world. I was back to the future again. Offshore it was always the present I lived
    in, but I knew that the present is really a construction of memory and that
    it would take me weeks or months or years to find out what I had seen and
    understand what I had learned. We’d sailed more than 5,000 miles.
    We’d circumnavigated the North Pacific High. We’d seen wind and rain and reefs
    and calms, and now home again. The education continues. “You’ve been here 30 seconds, how is it?
    Let’s go home and have a drink. It’s — what time is it? Itʻs midnight, right?
    No, not quite. You came down and saw the boat
    come in, that’s the first time anybody’s done that. And I’m very proud of us both
    for getting through this. 11:25. 11:25. [Music]

    7 Sailing Tips For Blue Water Sailboats (How to STOP LEAKS on Sailboats)Patrick Childress Sailing#25
    Articles, Blog

    7 Sailing Tips For Blue Water Sailboats (How to STOP LEAKS on Sailboats)Patrick Childress Sailing#25

    October 9, 2019

    Finally we had some waves hopefully the
    wind will follow so we can stop this motoring and put up some sails hello my name is Patrick Childress on
    Brick House and today I have seven very important sailing tips for the
    long-range Cruiser and certainly number seven is the most valuable I think even
    the most experienced Cruiser will find from good use than tip number seven and
    at the end of this video I put together some segments on the large wooden
    sailboats in Madagascar and the tremendous amount of weight that they
    can carry and about the hard-working men who
    those quotes it’s they have all my admiration in the world for how much
    work they put in for very little money in Madagascar is way past the horizon
    and somewhere well over the horizon is Tanzania Africa and the island of
    Zanzibar I love the sound of those names but first we’ll be stopping at the
    island of Myatt out here in the Mozambique Channel so right now let’s
    get to tip number one when we are hard on the wind slamming it
    to big waves swimming into this port light and also sometimes on the windward
    side of the boat those port lights will also have a little drip and even though
    I’ve taken silicone grease and you can also use Vaseline I’ve rejuvenated the
    seal but we can still get small drips though an anticipation of extreme
    weather now I found it’s really best just to take out the screen and install
    a storm window this plastic is quarter-inch thick six millimeters and
    it’s just some smoked plastic that I found in a trash pile at a marina so
    it’s really easy to take out the screen and put in the storm window no more leaks tip number two how to keep
    the water out of the chained pipe for the windlass it’s pretty easy actually a
    nice wad of modeling clay will do the trick you just squeeze it in around the
    chain and have it overlap the base of the windlass and that’ll keep 99% of the
    water out the only problem is and very cold weather the clay will become very
    stiff then small rags we’ll have to do tip number three the hatch on the
    foredeck how to help that seal on the inside do its job to keep from big waves
    slamming up here and water dripping on the inside and it’s called chinking a
    little bit of line to help fill in this gap slows down the waves so that the
    seal can do its job it just goes around the edge and it’s
    tied in the back with a simple knot this is our 4 year old shits cat Lily we
    picked her up at the island nation of pullout when she was just a little
    kitten you know how when a lot whis is always
    being put in the lion with each coil but this is pretty much the standard way of
    doing it and stowing a line the problem is then when you release a line and it
    goes through quickly it’s all hung up because the twists are trying to come
    out faster than they can untwist so it gets hung up inside of whatever fitting
    it’s going through in this case a break so it’s much better to rather than coil
    a line to hand a line H a nd hand bring it over and back and over that way you
    don’t put those twists in the line when it runs out they’ll run out nice and
    clean nice and fair very quickly without any snags two-five catching rainwater you don’t
    need a big area to catch a lot of rainwater this bimini the water runs
    down to the hard Dodger and then downhill into this gutter which is made
    from thin walled PVC cut lengthwise and attached to the hard Dodger with four
    screws and some sealant along the top edge this line just sits in here has a
    knot to help hold it in place and the water runs downhill
    while angled aft and then through surface tension the water adheres to the
    rope and runs right into the bucket you number six hard to imagine sitting in a
    nice calm anchorage like this big ocean waves that can come over the side of the
    boat and fill the cockpit with water or even smaller waves they can come over
    the side of the boat these were solid and fixed permanently with twist locks
    there could be all kinds of damage these would have been destroyed long ago but
    when big ocean waves come crashing over the side
    they just don’t cause any damage they just get us wet on the inside these side
    curtains are held in place with just little snaps they’re of an oval shape so
    if you want to pull them apart by hand pull them up from the bottom oval not
    from the side through the top but from this bottom oval and they come right off it’s probably the most important tip of
    all in this whole video because it contains hundreds and hundreds of other
    tips and this is one very important book that I think every long-range cruising
    boat should have onboard offshore sailing 200 essential passage making
    tips by Bill Seaford bill Seaford has been in the boating business most of his
    life he’s quite the expert and I don’t care who you are no matter how
    experienced you are you read this book you’re going to find something very
    unique that’s going to help you out in any long-range cruising situation this
    was edited by Daniel spur he actually all these information into a book format
    daniel spirt was an editor at cruising world for many years and then he became
    the big man at practical sailor in r and practical sailor for many years and
    spurs guide to upgrading your cruising sailboat is another very important book
    to have on your long-range cruising sail boat full of expert information offshore
    sailing and spurs guide upgrading your cruising boat to excellent books to
    always keep on your boat here is the part about the wooden ships. Please SUBSCRIBE for More videos like this when they come out!