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    Aluminum Boat For Sale – Mission Marine 21′  – Binnacle
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    Aluminum Boat For Sale – Mission Marine 21′ – Binnacle

    October 10, 2019

    In this conversation, I would like to share a little bit about the console with you. The first thing I want you to notice is that the hard top is all-welded aluminum, and there’s lots of handrails. The big deal about welded aluminum is it is not going to rot, tear, fall apart the way traditional fabric hardtops do. The next thing we should look at it is handrailings. Lots of places to hold on. Also consider that the navigation light is up here. It is certainly easier to see there then down here when the water is rough. This is the door access to go underneath the console … to go in and work on any of the electronics or service any of the electrical. What we see in here are three battery boxes, master shut-offs for those battery boxes, and then all of our wiring. And if you notice, the wiring is actually all well-strapped and tied down. This is an emergency box that has special gear for an emergency. This is the main binnacle; there’s lots of interesting things to see. The first is that there are many removable panels; so in the future when you have a new GPS or a radio or computer, and you need a place to mount it, you can remove this panel or this panel and you can mount it out on the bench and bring it back in. And if you think about it, from where we were underneath, there was access to it right here. You don’t have to stand on your head to work on these components. That’s a big advantage. Another thing you should see here is that there’s lots of room. Even though we are only in a 21 footer, we have a lot of access here, and then we could also yoke mount electronics right above. So there’s a little bit about the 21 footer and its console: lots of room to work, lots of places to hold on, a good stable working platform.

    Godfrey Pontoon Boats | Aqua Patio 240 Sun Lounge SL | Rough & Salt Water Pontoon
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    Godfrey Pontoon Boats | Aqua Patio 240 Sun Lounge SL | Rough & Salt Water Pontoon

    September 22, 2019

    Aqua Patio Pontoon boat by godfrey pontoons The Aqua Patio 240 Sun Lounge or SL will rule roper this is the apple patio forty excel but the coastal commission twenty-seven
    actions because of the industry largest those homes in the industry’s
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    would bring trim greatest stereo on your show me a chance
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    greatest feature of this boat susan huge someone who’s been every last one
    thousand palestinians because of the social problem intelligently refurbished unit family and blank beverages back here washington’s plan uh… extended platform but that doesn’t
    really have a great speech for workaround ratings manner wasn’t some corporations pool secretary to five oh five three zero
    zero zero gorlok dot sanjay outburst dot com thank you very much

    Godfrey Pontoon Boats | Sweetwater Premium 220 SL | Rough Water Pontoon
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    Godfrey Pontoon Boats | Sweetwater Premium 220 SL | Rough Water Pontoon

    September 12, 2019

    here is the sweetwater premium two
    twenty SL or split lounge Pontoon Boat which the at first but now how the option of the mahogany ivory mardel it’s problematic trip last abril terms from and we have to postpone vision of the
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    important parts of why didn’t really lay down on the street fiberglass hell an elevated platform in sweden premium
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    one-sixteenth which you want to know uh… rough of any more about you won’t
    be from workflow making kids four seven three to five
    o’clock please return it to him or log on to entail works dot com

    Aluminum Boat For Sale – Mission Marine 288 – Seating on the Biggest, Baddest 25′
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    Aluminum Boat For Sale – Mission Marine 288 – Seating on the Biggest, Baddest 25′

    September 7, 2019

    I want to talk just a moment about the bow. The bow is a pretty critical place on a boat, and if you notice on this twenty five footer, it’s a large working area; there is lots that can be done out there. It’s high … that keeps the thing out of the water, less
    spray coming up over the bow and hitting you in the face in a terrible storm, and
    so on. This bow is covered with non-skid and yet
    below it, it has storage. All these are a big advantage. If we look at the bow of this boat [Mission Marine] and
    compared it with the bow of these [competitor boat], these are much lower. So when you’re out in heavy seas, this [competitor boat] is more likely to go underwater than this [Mission Marine] one is. Also you’re walking on it [competitor boat]; whereas in this boat [Mission Marine] you can stand a little bit behind the forepeak bow area, and you’re still well-down inside of the safety area of the boat. … as opposed to being fully exposed like on these [competitor boat]. Now back to the Mission Marine boat. This is the area I talked about that we could walk across and stay down in the boat. To get up onto the forepeak, onto the deck, we have steps to do it; you don’t have to take one giant leap. And then we would put a seat across here which is probably the most incredible place to sit. It is the smoothest ride; it is an amazing place to be. In law enforcement they use it to separate guys from the bow to the Stern. In fishing, it’s oftentimes guys are sitting up here fishing off each side of the boat. And when you’re just out for a boat ride, this is where everybody wants to be. It’s a great place. Here’s again a picture of these steps going up onto the bow, and back to the beginning … the bow very important!

    Aluminum Boat For Sale – Mission Marine 288 (25′) – GREAT HANDLING IN HEAVY SEAS
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    Aluminum Boat For Sale – Mission Marine 288 (25′) – GREAT HANDLING IN HEAVY SEAS

    August 30, 2019

    The Mission 25 is no ordinary twenty five footer here we see it out in some small seas
    five to six footers everything is fine But what I want you to think about is freeboard And never forget freeboard When these waves get big you need a little
    extra insurance around your boat And that’s what freeboard provides look at these Three twenty five-footers think about hitting a big wave On the nose with this versus all this this is where the lift comes it brings
    you up over Some say this might be a torpedo going
    through i want to be here also consider when you’re working the
    boat on this boat you can stay inside of the
    hull with all this extra freeboard working safely On this you’re standing outside on this deck You can see that this boat has just hit a wave and
    she’s down and she’s getting ready to hit the Next one freeboard is what keeps that thing up and proud here she is launching you can see the waves in the background
    the boat is still stable Fellows holding on but freeboard A great thing in heavy seas stability and free board make for great handling
    in heavy seas look at this boat twenty five feet long
    and we have one, two, three, four, five Six, seven, eight nine people standing on one side of a twenty five
    footer at one time and it just lists a little bit that’s what really makes a difference
    when you’re out in heavy seas whether you got caught you’re going out to save somebody
    or man we’re just catching fish again this is one of our twenty-nine footers
    but it’s compared to the Safe boat look at the height of their bow compared
    to this and imagine a very large wave coming imagine having to work forward on this verses this and this is all you have for protection When the days are nasty and you’re the only one going out But the fishing is good you want to be a Mission Marine Look at these fellows they just got back in And they look ready to go again The Mission twenty five

    Aluminum Boat For Sale – Mission Marine 338 – Custom Myco Trailer
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    Aluminum Boat For Sale – Mission Marine 338 – Custom Myco Trailer

    August 29, 2019

    Mission Marine 338. In this video we’re going to focus on the trailer. This trailer was built by both Myco and by Mission Marine. Notice: three axels; aluminum channel; serious stops; a ladder; aluminum storage boxes; equipment, equipment, equipment; solid; long; strong. That’s the Mission 338 on the Myco, Mission Marine trailer! Mission Marine.

    Aluminum Boat For Sale – Mission Marine 21′ – the Best Bow For a 21′ EVER BUILT
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    Aluminum Boat For Sale – Mission Marine 21′ – the Best Bow For a 21′ EVER BUILT

    August 23, 2019

    In this segment I want to talk about the 21 footer and access to the bow. What you’re looking at here is this is the console, here’s your outer topside, look at the room we have to walk as we go forward up into the bow area. This is the underwing of the boat; we’ve placed steps on it. You can use this if you pull up next to a tall dock, or wall, or whatever; it makes it much easier to step up off the boat. Good access to your bow cleat … another one on the other side. Even a railing. As we look here, we put access, we’ve put in a little ice chest, more railings. Again, imagine a boat that you can walk that far forward in and still be down inside the hull. What a great place to fish or to work the area. Once again our high-low fender system and another cleat. Probably the best bow on a 21 footer for a work boat ever built.

    Aluminum Boat For Sale – Mission Marine 21′ – Cockpit on the Biggest, Baddest 21′
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    Aluminum Boat For Sale – Mission Marine 21′ – Cockpit on the Biggest, Baddest 21′

    August 21, 2019

    I’d like to show you now a little about the cockpit on the 21 footer. This is a real working area. We see lots of space for only being 21 feet. Our leaning post is designed so that you can operate the boat from the front, you can lean on it from the back, and it’s still a big open area. Again note, we have a large side door. We look in this picture, [at cockpit] lots of structurals. Look at the size of these freeing ports! Boy, that means if you get water in there – for whatever reason – it can sure get out in a hurry. [The cockpit has] Access panels, we can see our engines, some nonskid over the deck, our corner cleats and so on. Look again at the size of that freeing port! That means you can really move water if you ever had to … the leaves are not going to pile up behind that!

    Aluminum Boat For Sale – Mission Marine 338 –  ROCK, SOLID MACHINERY
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    Aluminum Boat For Sale – Mission Marine 338 – ROCK, SOLID MACHINERY

    August 19, 2019

    Ladies and gentlemen Allow me to introduce you to the Mission 338. This is rock-solid machinery. Heavy water boat, lots of freeboard forward, lots of hull, all-aluminum Catamaran, built to go where the others are afraid to even leave the dock. This boat is on a Myco trailer that was custom built just for it: triple axles, all-welded aluminum, just top, top shelf in every regard. This is another Mission 29 compared to some little boat; this I think is a Safe Boat. It is a 29 footer also. You may be able to see a little difference between the two. uh… If you hit a wave and the wave is this tall, gives you something to think about. You can see these fellows walking around the side of the Mission boat and really [there’s] no place to walk on the Safe boat. I don’t know how you get to the bow if you don’t walk out here on this collar or crawl on your hands and knees and come up through a little hatch. This is the bow area of the Mission 29 and one thing that you see here is when you want to go up on that bow, we walk-up steps. And we’ve got handrailings there, you can see that we have on this boat the same
    kind of deal, and that makes it safe and easy to get to that area and then a large seat that’s almost the full beam except this is a walk around boat. Lots of workspace. Also notice these are Freeman watertight hatches; you don’t see that on a pleasure boat, that’s for sure. Here’s another picture this seat; great place to sit up and run the boat from – not run the boat – but great place to sit and enjoy the boat. Moving forward from the cockpit where the control station, you can see there’s plenty of room. Keep in mind that very different from what we saw on that last little Safe Boat that has an area that is about that wide for you to walk on and go forward. We’re back. The Mission 29. Second to none.