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    Kylo Ren’s New Ship, The Last Jedi Cast at D23, & Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge!
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    Kylo Ren’s New Ship, The Last Jedi Cast at D23, & Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge!

    December 9, 2019

    We’ve got the first details on Kylo Ren’s
    new ship from The Last Jedi So if you are spoiler-phobic click ahead to
    this time stamp…NOW. This week, on The Star Wars Show! Andi talks with the cast and filmmakers of
    Star Wars: The Last Jedi! We take a closer look at Star Wars: Galaxy’s
    Edge And much, much more. Now from the Lucasfilm Headquarters it’s
    The Star Wars Show! Hey I’m Andi Gutierrez, welcome to The Star
    Wars Show, the only Star Wars Show on the internet that is nominated for a prime time
    Emmy award. I’d celebrate with Anthony but he’s not
    here this week, which we’ll explain why later on in the episode, but first! Let’s go to the news! Star Wars: The Last Jedi is only a few months
    away and with a new movie, comes a whole new ship for Kylo Ren to take control of. And wouldn’t you know it, we have the first
    images of it. Also, SPOILER WARNING. If you don’t want any more about this, this
    is your last chance to skip ahead. We good? Good. Kylo’s new ship is called the TIE Silencer,
    whose full technical name is the Sienar Jaemus TIE/VN Space Superiority Fighter. The Silencer features laser cannons and a
    missile launcher, and looks an awful lot like a darker, sharper edged TIE Interceptor. And speaking of new Star Wars things, there
    was a TON of new Star Wars reveals last weekend at the D23 Expo in Anaheim. The cast of The Last Jedi debuted an INCREDIBLE
    behind the scenes reel showing off all the new creatures, aliens, and locations from
    the new movie. Also debuting new behind the scenes action
    was Battlefront II, which showed off a new trailer giving fans a glimpse behind the scenes
    of the making of the new single player campaign. But the big talk of the weekend was the newly
    unveiled Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, the brand new Star Wars themed land coming to Disneyland
    and Walt Disney World in 2019. Aside from the unveiling of the model, we
    also got a few more details on the 2 Star Wars themed rides coming to the park. One lets you actually pilot the Millennium
    Falcon, where apparently all of your moves will have consequences that follow you throughout
    the park, as well as ride that puts you inside a Star Destroyer hangar bay plopping you in
    the middle of a battle between the First Order and the Resistance. And for those of you visiting Galaxy’s Edge
    in Florida in the months after it’s opened, you can have the option to stay in a fully
    immersive Star Wars themed hotel filled with the aliens, droids, and creatures you’d
    find in a galaxy far far away. Plus! Every window has a view into space. And we’ll have a ton more from D23 later
    in the show. As we mentioned earlier THE STAR WARS SHOW
    this week, Star Wars Rebels also picked up it’s much deserved first Emmy nomination for Outstanding Children’s Program. Congratulations to all of the nominees and
    their hard working crews who made this possible. Looking at you Frank, Kyle and Dana! Finally this week
    WOW! Anyone Else? (Ewok Noises)
    That’s amazing Kevin. Are you in the game too? (SAD EWOK NOISE)
    Is it because you’re not Canon? Aww bummer. Wait, you have a trailer? Can you show it to us?! Roll it. You are watching The Star Wars Show. Guys I am so bummed that I can’t be there
    this week with all this insane news coming out of D23 but it is all for a good cause. I’m in LA right now shooting our new show:
    Science and Star Wars which is going to come out this Fall. It’s going to be absolutely amazing. We’ve got huge experiments and huge guests
    and I’m having such a wonderful time and I will be back next week and in the meantime
    Andi, I need you to kick down all the doors and crack all the skulls in the office till
    you find out who this perfect boy is for me. Find out for me Andi. I love him. I think he’s heading for that small moon. That’s no moon. You know what, I’ve got cards for you but
    whatever Let’s just riff it. We’re friends. I love your dress it’s amazing. Thank you! I love yours! We’re both very Star Wars-is. Yeah you know a little bit of Star Wars fashion. Having fun? I’m, gee having a lot of fun. Star Wars is lahhh! So where can I get a lobster sweater like
    that? That lobster sweater I’m going to hold on
    to tight, I’m gonna not let that go. Or I’ll Ebay it and we’ll pay for the
    effects budget. So how’s Phasma different this time around? What I can tell you, is that Phasma is in
    the film. Now has it been easier this time around? What has changed coming into The Last Jedi? I’ve found nothing easier. And I still felt like oh my God I shouldn’t
    be here. What’s going on this is so weird. After 40 years of Luke Skywalker be you, do
    you know him intimately yet? Well I thought I did, but I like the unexpected. This film is really unique and that’s all
    due to Rian Johnson. We see Finn in a Rebel pilot outfit, where’s
    he at right now? I think Finn just came across some wardrobe. He’s a bit of a jacket stealer. Yeah he is, Finn is a big jacket stealer. And big spoiler alert, she gets out of that
    trash compactor. So Canto Bight. What’s it like showing that different side
    of society? It was a really interesting journey kind of
    finding the look of that place. I’ve never been on a set that opulent in
    my life. They would have all the creatures in like
    a dramatic situation with all the puppeteers working them and so they would have the casino
    set up and all the creatures working the table and playing bets
    That’s gotta be so cool. And I would just walk through it and experience
    it as a living environment. With all those creatures in there, did you
    get Millie a cameo or anything? I flat out asked, are there dogs in the Star
    Wars universe? And the answer was NO. We’ve got everything else, you think they
    could fit in a dog. So this time around it seems that Rey is a
    lot more of a physical role. It’s funny what people take from seeing
    something but also like I watched that was thinking that oh my God they give away so
    much. And everyone has been “so physical?” and
    I’m like oh yeah I guess it is! So between the Force Awakens to now, would
    you say there is more or less running at full speed in this one? There’s way more. I thought there was going to be way less. After 7 I thought I’d be in a floating chair
    just saying, “Rey, go get Luke.” But I’d be sleeping off everything really. So more of like a sleeping syndrome thing. Where’s your John Boyega sweatshirt? I know!! It’s not here. I actually have a SPOILER, I have a Rian Johnson
    t-shirt that I was going to wear today and I forgot it. Does she have a bit of a score to settle with
    Finn? Do you want to ask me something else like
    who my suit’s by, or do I like having longer hair because I would start having a better
    chance of answering those questions than anything you are wonderfully presenting to me right
    now. Hey guys I’m on the floor of the D23 Expo
    right now standing in front of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts: Galaxy of Stories. Let’s go check it out. Now Rex here is someone we all know and love
    from the history of Star Wars so that’s exciting. And he has a new job. We might head over to the Cantina and we might
    find a little droid DJing in the background there. What we love, is the opportunity opt share
    with everyone what we have been working on the past 2 years. You are the adventure. You are the rogue explorer going off to the
    edge of wild space and crafting your own adventure. It gives us an opportunity to experience Star
    Wars in all new ways. The food, the drink, the smells, what it feels
    like to walk down that street. That’s what makes Star Wars, Star Wars. You’re walking down a path or alley or street
    and droids going by, you might see an Ithorian or a couple X-Wings hidden over there in the
    forest. The Resistance has a history for some reason
    of hiding out in old ancient ruins. And one thing I’ve noticed walking around
    here is that the First Order presence is pretty strong. Whenever you have the First Order and the
    Resistance nearby, something is bound to happen. But this time, we’re going to be right in
    the middle of it.. If you look deep in to the village, the heart
    of our hangar bays, there’s a ship that is very very familiar. The Millennium Falcon. That is really a life long dream to be able
    to climb aboard that cockpit, sit down and take the controls of the Falcon and fly across
    the galaxy? We’re gonna let you do it. This model itself is massive. How big is the area going to be? We’re 14 acres so it’s the largest land
    expansion in the history of our company. It’s Star Wars, it’s gotta be big! Go big or go home. You can’t do things small in Star Wars. Last week we asked you to tell us where you
    thought CH33Z was hiding for 4 months. And a lot of you had some pretty clever theories. Dead Eyed Clown said Cheese was roaming the
    halls declaring independence and letting us know that he’s Nacho Cheeze now! Odd Person XD added his own Cheeze/Snoke theory. WHICH MAY OR MAY NOT BE TRUE. But the biggest theory was that he was off
    filming another cameo ala Chopper in Rogue One…which we can now officially confirm
    is NOT TRUE. The real story is, well less dramatic than
    that. Watch. Oh I’ll leave this for safe keeping no one
    ever comes in here. Ahhh been looking for this. Well that was super anticlimactic. And that’s our show for the week, thanks
    for watching, and as always, May the Force be with you! Kyle, gotta keep the area neater. We’ll lose him again.


    How to Clean the Bottom of a Sailboat Underwater! (Tips from the Pros #4 /Patrick Childress #54)

    December 9, 2019

    your boat doesn’t have to come out of
    the water looking like this on sailboat ‘Brick House’ we’ll show you how we clean
    our bottom and then we’ll go to Hank Schmitt from Offshore Passage Opportunities to give his tips from the pros number four how to keep your bottom
    clean. Hello I’m Patrick Childress in over twelve years of living on our
    sailboat Brick house Rebecca and I have never found a bottom paint that does
    what it’s supposed to do what the advertising says that it will do
    we’ve always ended up having to scrub the bottom much sooner than ever expected so we
    normally use a hookah and up here we’ll put a link to video number 12 which
    shows how we use the hookah for scrubbing the bottom especially after
    we’ve been sitting for several months in one harbor and the marine growth really
    does accumulate and at the end of this video will show you some underwater
    scenes from that video but Hank Schmitt from offshore passage opportunities has
    a very good system for using a scuba tank which you don’t have to strap to
    your back and be so encumbered under the water so he’s going to show us how to
    start with scrubbing the waterline and then go deeper using the scuba tank and
    not wear it into the water okay so we’re getting set up to go ahead and clean the
    bottom of the boat I’ve been cleaning bottoms for about the last 25 or 30 years
    and at first we’d set up like most divers with a BC jacket and and
    regulator and all the weight belts and everything but I found it was much
    easier just to have a tank and a long 25-30 foot hose which I’ll set up right
    here in the middle of the boat and if you have a dinghy you could also put it
    in your dinghy but this keeps you from having to get a BC jacket and the weight
    belt when it’s time to clean your bottom and you’ll see how we can actually clean
    most of the bottom and we’ll demonstrate that in a little bit just by
    having the tank set up in the middle of the boat. we open it up so it’s
    ready for us we all the way open and back a little bit and I’ll just leave it
    right here in the middle I’ll go ahead and get set up to enter the water and as
    you’ll see I can clean most of the boat without having to use the tank and I
    just have that ready for me when I need it so I’ll go in the water and it’s all
    set to go when I need that for cleaning the prop for the bottom of the keel
    maybe the bottom of the rudder we’re gonna go ahead and get in the water now
    and we’ll show you how you can clean your boat pretty much about as big as
    forty forty five feet without using a tank if you didn’t have a tank if you
    weren’t certified but of course having a tank makes it certainly easier for
    cleaning off your prop or the bottom of your keel but really to clean the bottom of your boat
    the water isn’t that cold you don’t need a wetsuit or anything you just need a
    few things so we’re gonna go in with our swim fins
    a scraper of course for getting any barnacles or anything if you have
    barnacles on the bottom of your boat or anything then you really should you just
    be hauling the boat out and painting it a diver is not to keep from having to
    paint your boat once a year or once every two years for scrubbies they’re
    actually three different grades of scrubby’s one is like a sponge almost
    and that’s when you’re racing or you keep it clean a lot then the red want a
    little bit more abrasive and then you might be familiar with the black ones
    which are really for cleaning your barbeque grill and if you have to use a
    black one again I would usually just tell the owner of the boat save the
    money that I would charge you for diving and putting it towards a short haul so
    you shouldn’t have to be taking barnacles off the bottom of your boat if
    you have barnacles on the bottom you vote you need to paint but I know our
    bottom is not that bad so I’ll be able to use the lightest grade scrubby you
    can you don’t want to use anything more abrasive because then you’re taking the
    bottom paint off and again bottom paint as you know is very expensive 250 to 400
    dollars a gallon so the idea isn’t to put it on and then scrape it all off so
    again you want to use the the lightest scrub you can also very important are
    the suction cups because again imagine you’re in the water and as you’re
    cleaning the boat you’re pushing yourself away so they sell these at your
    marine supply stores also any glazier windows they also have suction cups for
    moving big pieces of glass so you want suction cups I put a line on there so I
    don’t lose that and then I’ll just have the scrubby on the other side I do use
    gloves again for barnacles you don’t want to scrape your hands if it’s really
    cold water you’d want to use a wetsuit but it’s not too cold today so just swim
    fins again if you want you can use booties my booties are more worn out
    than my gloves so I don’t use booties anymore and up here where the water’s
    dirtier I do like to put on a hoodie as well with a mask just any any mask I
    don’t use the snorkel at all because again I’m gonna be holding my breath
    cleaning the bottom of the boat and coming back up and you’ll see that
    demonstration in a little bit so again you don’t need a lot of a lot of tooling
    a minute ago you saw we set up our tank so we don’t have to worry about a BC a
    buoyancy control jacket or a weight belt even you’ll have enough with the suction
    cups to be able to take care of that so you’ll eliminate a lot of gear a lot of
    maintenance without the BC jacket so just a tank, a tank and long hose in the middle of
    the boat or you keep it your dinghy in the middle of the boat and I’ll just
    need that really for cleaning anything off the prop or the bottom of the keel
    so with that we’ll get suited up and see you in the water
    okay so I’m all suited up with my stickems – my suction cups…and hopefully I’ll get
    away with just my sponge type and I leave my other scrubby and my my putty
    knife near me so I could reach it when I’m in the water so just go in make sure
    you hold your mask okay we are in the water I generally
    like to start at the bow you see just okay so you could see the contrast where
    it was already cleaned and where it’s not and basically it’s my suction cups
    in one hand and I’m right-handed so I have this scrubby in the other and I’m
    just doing wipe wipe I hold my breath as I go down get to the middle of the
    bottom of the boat then work my way up the other side and I just continue that
    and that way I can do probably 90% of the boat without the having to use the
    tank or the regulator so it saves you from using a lot of air so when I was
    commercial diving I could do eight or ten bottoms with one tank so I wouldn’t have
    to make as many runs to do it and again if you’re out cruising around you don’t
    have to go and get your bottle filled as often. They do sell smaller pony bottles
    which you could probably do the whole boat bottom with just a small five or
    ten-minute pony bottle because again you only need it for your keel and for
    your your running gear your prop and your shaft if you have any barnacles
    there so it’s really just hold my breath wipe wipe….. and i come up again…work on down, more wipe wipe I don’t even have to hold my breath on
    the top. And I head back down. And i just keep going, all the way around. Probably once every 2 month if you’re not racing if you are racing then you
    might want to do it before each race. Very simple.
    okay so I’ve cleaned 80% – 90% of the bottom I have my regulator set up
    25-foot hose connected to the tank on deck. It could be on your Dinghy I just pull the
    hose down now because I’m ready to clean the bottom of the keel then I’ll get the
    putty knife and I’ll go ahead and clean the the strut, the prop, and the
    shaft and then we’re all done so I only need this for the last part of the last
    part of the cleaning the bottom. Thank You Hank I hope this video was
    worthwhile for you if it was please give it a thumbs up and also click on the
    subscribe button if you haven’t already also there is a link to the tip jar in
    the video description if you don’t mind helping out in that
    direction now here’s some of those scenes from when we were anchored for
    three months in Sri Lanka (cleaning the hull, cleaning the chain, cleaning the prop on the bottom of our sailboat Brick House) Propspeed from Oceanmax worked great for 2 years, so it made cleaning our bottom a lot easier than before. After 2 years, we are applying it again (hauled out now for Coppercoat, Propspeed and more)

    Burning Ghost Ship of The Northumberland Strait | Maritime Mysteries #2
    Articles, Blog

    Burning Ghost Ship of The Northumberland Strait | Maritime Mysteries #2

    December 9, 2019

    Throughout the ages, since ships have been
    lost at sea, there have been tales of ghost ships from around the world, and the Maritimes
    is home to one of the most famous. For over 200 years there have been numerous
    group sightings of a burning ghost ship in the Northumberland Strait. The details are generally consistent, with
    sightings year round, though most often in the month of October, particularly just before
    one of the regions Nor’easter storms blows in. Booming sounds, like cannons, are heard first,
    followed by a large ball of flame visible from both shores, that resolves itself into
    a three masted schooner sailing fast and engulfed in flames, with men running about the deck
    in a panic. So realistic is the phantom, that many have
    rushed out after her to rescue survivors in their fishing boats, row boats, and even the
    inter-provincial car ferry, but the ship and her crew disappear as they draw close. No one knows the origin of the phantom, though
    some suggest it’s a pirate ship hunted and sunk by the British Navy in the early 1800’s,
    or it may be the ghost of several vessels which have been lost to these treacherous
    waters and storms. Skeptics have a variety of theories as well,
    such as an atmospheric mirage, or undersea gases igniting as they bubble to the surface.
    However even a study by the United States Geological Survey was inconclusive, and the
    mystery of the burning ship of the Northumberland Strait remains.

    Cruise Ship News Carnival Sunshine Tilts at Sea! Venice Floods! Navigator of the Seas Emergency!
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    Cruise Ship News Carnival Sunshine Tilts at Sea! Venice Floods! Navigator of the Seas Emergency!

    December 9, 2019

    buddy it’s Bruce here with traveling
    with Bruce normally when you think about going on a cruise this is what you think
    about calm seas beautiful weather picturesque moments everything just
    perfect you’ve saved your money you’re going on a cruise how about going on a
    cruise to Venice Italy to st. Mark’s Square only to find out when you get
    there oh no the worst flooding since the 1960s
    yep this week Venice is flooded and it is bad the merchants and the city
    fathers are doing the best they can to accommodate the visitors who are coming
    in and a lot of these folks are cruise ship visitors who are just coming in for
    the day hoping to get the perfect shot maybe enjoy a cup of coffee in st.
    Mark’s Square and enjoy the views uh-uh not happening this isn’t the only place
    in the North Atlantic this week this kind of weather hit and it affected a
    number of ships but the one that was affected the most was navigator of the
    Seas Royal Caribbean ‘he’s big ship they had to bring her in on an emergency run
    into VGO a 10-day cruise with six or seven stops is now a 10-day cruise with
    three stops the ship had to be pumped out it was flooded in the lower decks
    they had a whole puncture on their hull because of a stabilizer issue it’s been
    repaired but people are shaken up meanwhile in Lafitte Zia in Italy the
    winds are so bad even in port the carnot via a celebrity cruise ship with the X
    on the funnel they’re broke away from her moorings and she bumped into a
    Kostas ship before three tugboats could be brought in to get her back to where
    she belongs the winds were just horrific the very bad news this week a de Nova
    the big cruise ship she had been set on fire on purpose there’s arson on board
    she is in port in I’m shaven in the Netherlands
    two cabins were set on fire millions of dollars in damage or promotional cruises
    have been canceled sea trials have been canceled police are investigating arson
    we’re talking millions in delays and the story is still developing Wilkie stay on
    top of that over on Carnival the sunshine crucial
    had an eventful week first had engine problems the one crews had had to cancel
    a port stop came back to Miami turned around went out to sea and it started
    listing unexpectedly this is what a ship looks like when it lists not fun scary
    people were praying in the aisles hoping it would stop they corrected it but the
    ship was for a while and capacitated all kinds of issues this week storms winds
    floods what’s going on out there join me monday to friday five o’clock
    Eastern on travelling with Bruce we talk cruise ships every day including
    Saturdays at do see you soon

    Seabourn Encore Ship Tour and Review : 7 Things You Need To Know
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    Seabourn Encore Ship Tour and Review : 7 Things You Need To Know

    December 9, 2019

    You’re about to discover the seven
    things you absolutely need to know about Seabourn Encore.
    I’m Gary Bembridge, and this is another of my tips for travellers. I’m currently on
    board Seabourn Encore, and I thought it would
    be a great opportunity to tell you seven things that I think you need to know
    about the ship. Seabourn Encore is the first of two
    ships that were a new class of ship for Seabourn. They have the Odyssey class of three ships and now they have the new Encore class. Seabourn Encore being the first one and Seabourn Ovation the second. These ships are quite a
    bit bigger than the Odyssey class. The Odyssey class take 458 guests, and Encore
    take 600 passengers, so it’s over 30% more passengers. Being a bigger
    ship, the Encore has more space, more facilities and more choice.
    Let’s talk about that in a bit more detail. There’s a lot of dining options
    on board Seabourn Encore. The Restaurant is the main dining room, and it is open for dinner, it’s a waiter service and it has multi-course meals, and of
    course vegetarian options. It’s also open sometimes for breakfast and
    lunch, which varies based on the itinerary. One of the most popular
    venues is The Colonnade. The Colonnade is the more informal dining venue. Breakfast
    and lunch are always a buffet, with lots of stations and really good food, and in the evenings it’s normally a sit-down served meal. These are normally themed
    around different countries. Some evenings it will be more buffet style,
    so for example on the Indian evening that was a self-service. The patio is
    also incredibly popular up by the pool. At lunchtime they serve
    informal stuff like hot dogs and hamburgers and in the evening
    it becomes a little bit more formal with a waiter service menu and a wide range of good food. One of my favourite places is Sushi. This is a
    relatively small space and when I was on Encore, it was staffed
    entirely by Japanese. Incredible sushi and sashimi as you would expect by the name.
    You can go as often as you like. It’s open most days for lunch and dinner, and
    it’s included within the fare. If you are ever on it on board, I
    recommend you go early in the cruise because it is really good and
    you’re probably will want to go back. The Grill by Thomas Keller, who is a
    celebrity chef in the United States, is their main speciality restaurant. It’s modelled on a 50s / 60s steakhouse. You can expect things like Lobster
    Thermidor and steaks. It’s all served with a little bit of theatre. A really
    great venue. You’re allowed to go once per cruise and Seabourn
    recommend that you book it before you go on the cruise to make sure you get the
    day and time you want. In terms of other dining options, there’s complimentary
    room service which has breakfast and lunch, and in the
    evenings you can order from the restaurant menu and have it served
    in your cabin. Afternoon tea, which is a great experience, is served up in the Observation Bar with sandwiches, cakes and scones. The next
    thing you need to know about Seabourn Encore is some of the
    big flagship facilities they offer, and there are probably two of
    these that are worth noting. The first of which is called Seabourn Square. This is
    something that all Seabourn ships have and it’s something that they’re very
    proud of. Seabourn Square is a large space on Encore, and it’s really the hub and
    the heart of the ship. In here you have Guest Services, Shore
    Excursions, Future Sales and a coffee shop in here.
    There is small library with guide books and newspapers printed
    out from all around the world and also available on electronic devices where you can
    read the papers. It’s a popular venue. It’s a place that people head to during the day, as places to sit both inside and
    outside. It’s a nice space with a really good feel and if you want to know what’s going on and to meet, greet and see
    passengers, then Seabourn Square is definitely the place to be. The other big thing that
    Seabourn are very proud of is The Retreat. The Retreat you do have to pay
    for. It has 15 cabanas with a television and a
    refrigerator stocked with beverages. The Retreat can hold up to 30
    guests and, at the time of recording, it was $149 dollars on a port day and
    $249 on a sea day. What’s important about that price is the price is per suite and two
    of you are included within that price. The next thing I’d like to talk about are
    bars and lounges. Premium drinks, soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, wines
    and champagnes are included within the fare.The main places to go are The
    Club which is, as the name would suggest, an evening spot and this is kind of the late-night place on board. There is often dancing before
    and after dinner, and you’ll often find live music played in here. This
    is also where the casino is. It’s not a massive casino, but you have a
    few machines and a couple of tables. Probably the nicest bar, in my view, is
    the Observation Bar right up on the top of the ship on deck 11,
    right in the front of the ship. You have great views as you’re sailing along,
    and it has a circular bar, great seating and it’s a really nice space. This is
    where they have Afternoon Tea. On the pool deck you also have a bar there on
    deck 9 and there’s also another bar a little bit up on deck 10 as well. So, a selection
    of bars and lounges spread across the ship. The next thing I think you need to
    understand is all about wellness and Spa and fitness. What facilities do
    they have on board? There is a pool, a pretty decent sized pool. up on Deck 9.
    This is the main pool and you also have another smaller pool on deck five. This
    is a real find, it’s just behind The Club. A lot of people forget it’s there.
    It’s great on sea days because you’re at the back of
    the ship sailing. It’s a really nice space. I really like the pool on
    Deck 5. There is a Spa, it’s a pretty big Spa with a salon, barbershop and, of course, the treatment rooms. You have a fitness centre with a space outside
    where people often stretch after they’ve done their workout classes. They also offer
    classes, which are normally included within the fare. In terms of activities and fitness,
    there’s also a marina which is opened based on where you’re
    sailing in the world where they’re able to open it in port. From the
    Marina you can do various water activities off the back of the ship. The
    next thing I’d like to talk about is what is there to do on board?
    What is there to do in terms of entertainment and activities? First
    of all, the key venue is known as the Grand Salon. This is where the shows are
    held every evening. Each evening you’ll have the Seabourn Vocalists
    perform a show or have various guest artists on board. Every
    evening there will be some sort of entertainment in the Grand Salon, and
    around the ship in the key venues like in the Observation Bar and in The Club you’ll have live musicians playing.
    If you like to play cards there is a large Card Room. Like on many cruises, you’ll have a range of activities that the
    entertainment team run. So, that might be a golf putting competitions, trivia quizzes,
    competitions and the usual kind of stuff that you would normally find on board a
    cruise. There’s also things like the Captain’s Welcome
    Party, on one of the days you’ll have a caviar evening, for example on the
    cruise we were on we had a Caviar and Champagne Evening also you have, weather permitting, a party out on the deck.
    There’s normally a series of parties and events happening across the
    cruise. The next thing you need to know about are the cabins, or suites
    a Seabourn calls them. They call their ships “all-
    suite ships” and on Seabourn Encore 100% of the Suites have a balcony or veranda
    (depending on which what you want to call it). The Suites themselves are
    pretty big and certainly when I posted pictures when I was on board, a lot of
    people commented about the size. I was in a pretty mid-range cabin, one of the veranda suites and that’s one I want to talk about because that’s what the bulk
    of the Suites are on board. These suites are pretty big, they’re
    very comfortable and plush, because it’s a premium ship the
    quality of things, like the bedding, is high. The bathroom is fantastic with twin basins, and I had a bath and separate shower,
    and there are Molson brown toiletries. There is a big interactive
    television with movies on demand. You have a minibar, which can be stocked
    pretty much with anything that you want, because drink is included within
    the fare. Seabourn Encore does have,
    although it didn’t actually have one when it left the shipyard, is a guest laundry.
    You can send your stuff away to be laundered, but there is a
    guest laundry that was installed not long after the ship set sail on its
    maiden voyage. Seabourn Encore is a beautiful ship. It
    holds 600 passengers and if you’re looking for luxury with lots of choice,
    take a look at Seabourn Encore or its sister ship,
    Seabourn Ovation, because you have a relatively small ship but choices on board. I
    have many more videos about cruising and about Seabourn, so why don’t you watch
    another one of those right now?

    What’s Inside A Puffer Fish?
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    What’s Inside A Puffer Fish?

    December 9, 2019

    If there’s one thing you
    know about puffer fish, it’s that they can do this. When aggravated by a predator, they, you know, puff up. Some puffers, like the porcupine fish, become a bona fide spike ball, moving through the water
    seemingly out of control. But if you peer inside a puffer, you’ll learn that puffing
    up isn’t the only trait that makes these fish one of the most threatening creatures in the sea. Contrary to what it looks like, puffer fish are not like balloons. Because what’s normally
    inside them isn’t air. It’s water. Elizabeth Brainerd: What
    they do is they actually take water into their mouths
    in a big mouthful of water, and then they pump it
    down into their stomach. Narrator: That’s Elizabeth Brainerd, a biologist and puffer fish
    expert at Brown University. Brainerd: And they do that
    anywhere 10 or 15 times, pump, pump, pump, pump, pump, pump, until they inflate completely, and then they hold it and they’ll just be a big, spiny ball. Narrator: And as you might expect, this requires some pretty
    sophisticated biology, starting with the stomach. It’s made of dozens of tiny folds, kind of like an accordion. These folds are important because when the stomach fills up with water, it can expand without rupturing. And puffer fish expand a lot. Up to three times their size. That’s like if an average human
    man could inflate his waist to a circumference of 3 meters. But there is a drawback
    to these amazing skills. Brainerd suspects that
    puffer fish stomachs have actually lost the
    ability to digest food, which means their intestines
    have to do all the work. Brainerd: You know, given
    the apparent importance of this defense mechanism, they’ve given up the
    advantages of having a stomach where some digestion can start. Narrator: But the stomach? It’s just one of many bizarre
    features inside a puffer. For example, they have specialized muscles that you won’t find in most other fish. Some in their mouth, which pump all that
    water into their stomach; some in their esophagus,
    to seal off their stomach like a drain plug once it’s full; and some in the base of their bellies, which contract to squeeze out water when they’re ready to deflate. But what you won’t find
    inside is even more bizarre. Brainerd: There are a couple characters that are really helpful in
    their ability to puff up, and one of those is that
    they don’t have any ribs, and another one is they
    don’t have any pelvis. Narrator: In other words,
    puffers are essentially missing bones. And that’s a good thing, because otherwise they’d
    get in the way of inflation. In fact, according to Brainerd, if it weren’t for these missing bones, puffer fish would probably have never evolved this way in the first place. And that would be a shame, since puffing up really is a good defense. Consider one old study in which researchers
    watched birds go fishing. The birds caught 11 puffer fish, but they dropped nearly half of them because the fish started to inflate. But what’s more surprising is that the birds left with empty beaks might have been the lucky ones. Because puffers have another, more potent defense up their sleeves. Their bodies are laced with a neurotoxin called tetrodotoxin. It’s up to 1,200 times more poisonous than cyanide. So poisonous that one puffer fish can kill 30 adult humans. So poisonous that puffers are reportedly the second most poisonous
    vertebrate in the world, which is why it’s also surprising that us humans? We actually eat them. That’s right. In Japan, puffer fish is
    actually a delicacy called fugu, which only trained chefs can prepare. And considering that these
    fish are basically spike balls filled with poison and we’re still serving
    them in restaurants, they must be seriously delicious.

    Norwegian Encore Tour – Norwegian Cruise Line
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    Norwegian Encore Tour – Norwegian Cruise Line

    December 9, 2019

    Galaxy Pavilion it’s one of the big new features in the Norwegian Encore It’s an area dedicated to virtual reality games One of the most fun is this car that you drive with the VR googles and it have two big fans to let you feel the wind. It’s really fun! Le Bistro is the french gastronomy restaurant onboard, and it is, without doubt, the most stylish option The Mandara Spa has one of the most roomy and nice thermal suites afloat One of the strenghs of Norwegian Cruise Line is gastronomy, even in the buffet there is almost once a week, seafood The Haven is the private area for suites. It has it’s own indoor pool, lounge bar, restaurant and panoramic lounge It’s a paradise inside the ship Another feature of Norwegian Cruise Line is the great variety of restaurants onboard free or for a price Now we will see Los Lobos, that is a mexican restaurante and Cagney’s, that is an amazing meat and fish grill Splash Academy is one of the largest child clubs onboard a ship

    In Europe, business booms when cruise ships arrive — but is it worth the bother?
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    In Europe, business booms when cruise ships arrive — but is it worth the bother?

    December 9, 2019

    JUDY WOODRUFF: Some of Europe’s most beautiful
    waterfront cities are joining forces to try to reduce the impact of cruise ships. Venice will ban larger ships from entering
    the city’s historic center, a result of citizens’ protests, after a cruise liner crashed into
    a pier earlier this summer. Restrictions are being imposed in Belgium,
    Croatia, and Greece, in places that are overwhelmed when liners sends thousands of passengers
    into their picturesque streets. Special correspondent Malcolm Brabant has
    been to some of the most popular destinations, and he starts his report in Southern England. MALCOLM BRABANT: It’s departure day in Southampton,
    one of the world’s main cruise ship bases. Thus begins a voyage of indulgence for the
    multitudes on board, and gritted teeth for many in their ports of call. Business is booming, thanks to commercials
    like these: NARRATOR: Land ahoy, and our Mediterranean
    adventure begins, but, first, of course, the full English. Ancient history and cultural treasures abound. ACTOR: We’re lucky to get a seat. NARRATOR: But we don’t overdo it. MALCOLM BRABANT: Not overdoing it? Many Europeans beg to differ. The welcome in Europe is becoming increasingly
    frosty. A growing number of prime destinations are
    questioning the value of hosting cruise ships, among them, Barcelona in Spain, Venice in
    Italy, Dubrovnik in Croatia, Bruges in Belgium. Medieval Bruges is swamped daily by up to
    50,000 visitors. But the influx is being curtailed to prevent
    this UNESCO World Heritage City from morphing into Disneyland. DIRK DE FAUW, Mayor of Bruges, Belgium: We
    don’t want to be a park, a tourist park, no. MALCOLM BRABANT: Dirk De fauw is the newly
    elected mayor of Bruges. DIRK DE FAUW: When we let everything free,
    and you can do what you want, then there will be no inhabitants in Bruges. It will all be like a museum, a large museum. You must work and you must live and you must
    create things in the city. It’s not only a city for amusement. MALCOLM BRABANT: Last year, 8.3 million people
    visited Bruges. Most were half-day trippers. Six million stayed less than three hours. Many came from cruise ships. At peak times, Bruges residents can be outnumbered
    3-1. Not all citizens applaud the mayor’s initiative. At this emporium, assistant Katja Debecker
    says Bruges is only just recovering from a drop in visitor numbers after terrorist attacks
    in Paris and Brussels more than three years ago. KATJA DEBECKER, Souvenir Store Worker: It
    used to be packed in all the streets. Not anymore, no. So, what is he complaining about? Maybe some of the people that live in the
    center of Bruges — I do, five minutes from here. I don’t care. In the evening, 6:00, everybody’s gone. So? I’m happy the place is full with people buying
    my stuff. MALCOLM BRABANT: This is a glimpse of Bruges’
    local port that will become familiar in the future. No cruise ships. Under the new edict, a maximum of two liners
    will be allowed to dock each day. Next year, the number of arrivals will fall
    by about 30 percent. That’s a hit the mayor is willing to take. One of his major gripes, shared by other European
    destinations, is that, with their all-you-can-eat buffets, the liners discourage passengers
    from spending ashore. DIRK DE FAUW: They are not spending any euro,
    maybe a little bit of chocolate, a little bit of beer. But they do not go to restaurants. No, they must be as quick as possible again,
    on the ship, because all is included on the ship. MALCOLM BRABANT: The cruise business is caught
    in a vortex of conflicting forces, struggling to meet the demand for birds at sea, but embattled
    across Europe. TOM BOARDLEY, Secretary-General, Cruise Lines
    International Association: We’re really concerned. And we want to understand what’s causing it. MALCOLM BRABANT: Tom Boardley is the industry’s
    point man in London, where a projected new terminal is facing opposition from local residents
    who share the Pan-European objections. TOM BOARDLEY: We have got to try and address
    those, and, in some cases, if necessary, modify the way we operate in order to satisfy those
    complaints. MALCOLM BRABANT: Which means staggering arrival
    times to avoid crushes like this at the Acropolis, when several cruise groups rocked up at the
    same time. Tourists were treated like cattle as Greek
    Culture Ministry guards wrangled the lines. MAN: You’re fine. You’re fine. MAN: Don’t stop there. Don’t stop there. MALCOLM BRABANT: Pollution is another battleground. A recent European study lamented the large
    amounts of noxious particles emitted by ships’ engines in port. Such pollutants increase the risk of cancer
    and cardiovascular disease. In Copenhagen, the Queen Elizabeth’s funnel
    looked benign. Her owners boast she’s equipped with the latest
    exhaust gas cleaning system, but the environmental group Friends of the Earth claims her air
    pollution record is poor. SIMON CALDER, Travel Expert: It is down to
    the global community to start saying, OK, well, let’s start properly taxing the emissions
    that these ships are producing. MALCOLM BRABANT: Travel expert Simon Calder
    believes Amsterdam has started an important trend by imposing a $9-a-head levy on cruise
    passengers. But he prescribes even tougher action. SIMON CALDER: It’s up to these individual
    cities to say, OK, if you going to moor a cruise ship here, then we’re going to start
    charging you port taxes of maybe $50 per person, something which is really going to benefit
    the city. And, furthermore, it will disincentivize some
    cruises, which is probably, in the long run, a good thing. MALCOLM BRABANT: The industry argues such
    taxes will merely force ships to find friendlier destinations. Tom Boardley insists it’s striving to be green. TOM BOARDLEY: We need to move to hydrogen
    or biofuel or some other solution. In terms — our solutions will be those that
    the world finds. MALCOLM BRABANT: Cruising may be increasingly
    controversial, but newly engaged primary school teacher Robyn Murphy is a huge fan. ROBYN MURPHY, Teacher: You don’t have any
    luggage restrictions. I can take as much clothes and shoes as I
    like. And I love the fact that you can wake up in
    a new city every day. So, you wake up, explore the city, go back
    to the boat, enjoy the food. They have got theaters on there, shows on
    there. And then you go to bed and wake up in a new
    city again. So, I like the ease of being able to visit
    different countries. SIMON CALDER: I can construct an intellectual
    argument which says that we are quite close to a tipping point, where the passengers are
    going to say, we don’t want to pay anymore. We don’t want to have the miserable experience
    of being the third cruise ship in town on a Wednesday in Dubrovnik. NARRATOR: The walled city of Dubrovnik is
    one of Europe’s jewels. SIMON CALDER: And basically being unable to
    get into the old city because there are simply too many cruise passengers, and we’re going
    to take a different kind of vacation. However, all the evidence is that the demand
    is insatiable. NARRATOR: Ah, Carnival’s new ship, the Carnival
    Horizon. MALCOLM BRABANT: The growth of the industry
    is capped at about 56 percent a year, because shipyards around the world can’t build them
    quickly enough to cope with the lure of pleasure at sea. But if European destinations are hoping that
    demand might wane and they can experience some relief, here’s an informed prediction. TOM BOARDLEY: Both the USA and Europe are
    beginning to understand that not only is tourism a major contributor to GDP, but it’s also
    going to create quite a few social problems over the next few years, particularly in areas
    where people want to go and visit. There’s a vast new middle class in Asia, particularly
    in India and China, that is just beginning to travel, and they have only just begun to
    whet their appetite. So the question is, how do we accommodate
    more tourism in an environmentally friendly way? MALCOLM BRABANT: As the industry is guaranteed
    a vast untapped market, more maritime conflict may be steaming over the horizon in the future. For the “PBS NewsHour,” I’m Malcolm Brabant
    in Southampton.

    Bali Beaches | Canggu Beach | Seminyak Beach | Kuta Beach | Bali Best Beach Club | Day 5
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    Bali Beaches | Canggu Beach | Seminyak Beach | Kuta Beach | Bali Best Beach Club | Day 5

    December 9, 2019

    Good Afternoon guys Welcome back to my Channel and i am with Demi we are in Canggu Area if you haven’t seen previous videos then go and see now in previous video, yesterday we faced a lot of problem and we have to stay in that area only we can’t finish 2 waterfalls we improvised our plan and today we explored those waterfalls and after that we drove for 2 to 3 hrs and finally we are here today is the 5th and last day in Bali so quickly apply sunscreen on your body because we gonna cover up most beautiful beaches of Bali so let’s gooooo So guys here we are we are in Canggu Beach and this beach is very very big here the water is clean and its very popular as you can do a lot of water activities waves hear are perfect for surfing So guys we are in Seminyak and the 2nd Beach is Seminyak Beach this beach i like the most personally its clean and a lot of space to walk around its all flat surface you can see its clean the water is very clean too not that crowdy i personally like it if the beach is not crowdy that its good as you can enjoy a lot Demi : I like this one so guys we are finally reached Kuta Beach this beach is around 5 to 6 Km long so this fucking huge for parking you have to remember that which place you parked you vehicle because you will find a lot of gates here to enter in the beach and i don’t want that in the end you forget that which gate you parked your vehicle as there a re no gate number as i told you there are a lot of gates to enter crowd will be more and less it depends from which gate you are coming in So guys we are in Azul Beach Club and we are chilling here as our trip is about to be end tonight 1 AM is our flight and here we want to spend at least one hour to two hrs we gonna take massage because our body is in pain because we are traveling non stop from last 5 days North, East, Wast, South we covered most of it you can remember this name Azul Beach Club this place is perfect you can see sunset from here perfect Kuta Beach view from here Its amazing view from here good food and good drinks so lets end this trip and video right here we have to leave to Bangkok from tomorrow i have to do job Demi have to do job but the videos will not gonna stop my travelling will not stop If you like this Bali Series then share it with your friends and family a lot of information is there show it to everyone and if you haven’t seen pervious videos then go and watch and in the end please Subscribe hit he like button and you know guys what to do Stay Awara



    December 9, 2019

    What’s going on guys? This weeks episode we are in Brighton Beach. Deep in the heart of Brooklyn.The Russian Enclave of New York City. Also known as Little Odessa. We’ve got a lot of different communities from the former Soviet Union all living here. And today Alan and I are going to explore. We’re going to check out some authentic food. Some shops. And maybe even have a shot of vodka. So I let Alan talk there. He actually spoke Russian to her. Because some of the employees here don’t speak very much English. This is called Pirozhki. And there’s a lot of different fillings you can get. It’s baked. I went for the potato. And just for a dollar fifty it’s an amazing value. Mmm nice and warm to. You said you didn’t like it. I barely ate this when I was in Russia. I felt like the food in general wasn’t to healthy. And they sold this at like most of the magazines and shops. But yeah this is pretty legit. We’re about to walk into St. Petersburg books which has books, movies, and souvenirs, all from Russia. Let’s go find the most random thing we can. So this is a Russian Matrushka. This would make a great gift for somebody. It’s these little dolls. And you can open one. Then get to another. It keeps going until it becomes really small. If you’re in Brighton Beach. It would be a cool gift to get someone. What trip to Brighton Beach would be complete without actually going to the beach? And we’re on the boardwalk right now. A couple of hundred yards from the Atlantic Ocean. And Alan and I have been amazed at how full the restaurants have been here at about 3 o’clock on a Monday. Yeah, lots of people out. A little bit of an older crowd I would say. I mean. What better way to spend your retirement than chilling by the water. Enjoying some Russian food. Maybe a couple of drinks? Could be worse. You know how you normally have coffee after lunch? Well in Brighton Beach we’re going to go with some Russian Standard Vodka. There’s already people drinking all over the boardwalk. And now Alan is going to explain how to say cheers in Russian. I used to think it was Nos Dorovia. Which is actually a thank you reply if somebody gives you a drink. But the proper way to cheers in Russian is to say Zoz Duh Rovy. Which emans to your health. Let’s do it. It’s strong. Strong stuff. But good. I’ve got some courage for the rest of the day. So for our last stop of this Brighton Beach tour. We decided to go somewhere that really shows the diversity of the neighborhood and what it’s turning into. So went to Cafe your Mother in Law. Which is a Hybrid of Korean Food, Uzbek Food, and Russian food. So I got their most popular dish. Korean soup called Kuksu. It’s cold it’s a mix of salad, meat, and noodles. And i’ve already tried it. It’s amazing. And Alan opted for the Borsch. Which is classic Ukranian Russian. And now he’s going to try it. I’m going to have the sour cream first. You must. Dig that in. A little mix. It’s good. A mix of beets, potato, a little parsley, a little sour cream. Can’t complain. Yeah so in the 19th century a lot of Koreans ended up migrating to Russia. Or places near it during the Stalin movement. So a lot of times that’s how we got the recipes. For the dishes. It’s a Korean/Uzbek fusion. So our native language is actually Russian. Not Korean. So that’s how it came to be. What’s in the Uzbek Plov. Uzbek fried rice, carrots and beef. The meat is beef and a little bit of lamb. Cool. Awesome. Thank you. So i’m working on the Uzbek plov right now . You know Uzbek,Russian food. Kind of some mixtures going on here. They add some asian flavor to it. This is as he said.Fried rice. Beef. What’s the verdict. Guilty of tasting very good. Seriously. This is a nice mixture. I’m enjoying this a lot. And again this is our sort of restaurant. I wouldn’t call it a hole in the wall, but it’s nothing fancy. It’s off the main strip. If you know where to look for places like this. You can find some gems in New York. Their are so many different Russian restaurants and bars in Brighton Beach. You could spend hours here. Just wandering around. Soaking it all in. It’s worth an afternoon trip. Definitely hit the like button below. Subscribe to Here Be Barr Travel Vlogs. We’ve got new episodes weekly. Until next time. As we watch Alan try to kayak for the first time.