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    FORAGE Making the Most of What We Have (Spearfishing and Fish Head Soup) – Free Range Sailing Ep 115
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    FORAGE Making the Most of What We Have (Spearfishing and Fish Head Soup) – Free Range Sailing Ep 115

    January 18, 2020

    (oysters cracking) – Having a boom trial. – [Troy] There’s been no loud cracks yet? – [Pascale] No. The frames of those two red Morwong and we’re just gonna
    make a soup out of them. Mmm, that’s nice. (relaxing music) – [Pascale] Welcome to Free Range Sailing – [Troy] Join us as we
    sail around Australia visiting its wild places in our 30 foot 50 year old sailing boat, Mirrool. – [Pascale] Living off the land and sea while sailing yacht that
    costs less than a new car. – [Troy] We show that it’s
    possible to have big adventures with a sea worthy boat
    on a very modest budget. (relaxing music) – [Casey] It’s gonna be a wild day, I’ll have my whole wet weather gear on. See you guys. – [Troy] Catch. – [Pascale] Bye. That was pretty awesome, one of my little brother’s friends, Casey, he came and visited us. He’s coming up the east coast
    in his little Hobie Cat. That’s pretty minimal. I thought we were minimal
    but that is minimal. (boat engine roars) (relaxing music) (water splashing) – [Troy] Hey, what’s happening? – I just put a stinky mullet
    in the pot and chucked it. It’s up there. – [Troy] (laughing) – His meat is over there. It’s out of the nave channel – [Troy] Pasce the pro fisherman. (relaxing music) – Am I driving? – [Troy] Yup. (upbeat music) ♪ When I die, ♪ ♪ Don’t you cry ♪ ♪ I just have to fly up ♪ ♪ In the sky ♪ ♪ Don’t you worry a bit ♪ – [Troy] (laughing) – [Pascale Voiceover] With
    nothing in the crab pot, we went and got some fat
    looking oysters off the pier. ♪ Well, all my life I never walk with ♪ ♪ someone standing by my side. ♪ – [Pascale] I’m just shucking the oysters that we collected at
    Shoulder Point yesterday. And my hair is wet cause
    I went in for a swim. It actually motivated me to
    shuck these oysters though. I was feeling a bit moochy. Now I am feeling motivated
    after getting in the cold water. Pry it. Got it. I think I’m okay at this. ♪ Close my eyes and sleep for a while ♪ ♪ There is something that goes round ♪ ♪ And round in my mind. ♪ – [Pascale] I’m set, wine and oysters. [Pascale Voiceover] Last
    week we broke our boom and carried out a temporary repair so we could continue
    our travels southwards. With the fiberglass cured, it was time to reattach the main sail, say goodbye to Port Stephens and take our boat out for a trial run. (upbeat music) With the sail back on we rigged up the raking lines
    and we were ready to go. ♪ When I die ♪ ♪ Don’t you cry ♪ ♪ I just have to fly up ♪ ♪ in the sky ♪ – You just watched us
    head out of Port Stephens. And it was pretty spectacular coming out of that entrance there. The rocks are pretty amazing and we’re having a boom trial How’s she holding up skipper? – [Troy] There’s been no loud cracks yet. – [Pascale] (laughs) No. We’re heading out to Broughton Island which is about ten nautical
    miles from the entrance of Port Stephens. We’re gonna have a look there
    and maybe go for a dive. ♪ Well all my life ♪ ♪ I’ll never work with
    someone standing by my side ♪ – [Pascale] We’re here. – We’re not here yet. – [Pascale] So there’s quite a large swirl invading into the spot that
    we had all marked to anchor in so we’re gonna go look around
    the other side of the island. Fingers crossed we find somewhere to go. (relaxing music) – Yeah well, we might
    just go and have a look just where the waves are
    washing over those rocks and where they trickle down off the back. We’re going to have a look at that. It should be something
    completely different to what we normally look at. – [Pascale] Yeah, it’s gonna be cool. – So, I’m out of my element now that we’re out of the
    tropics but I don’t know. We’ll just, we’ll just
    start with water movement. How about that? – [Pascale] Yeap. – [Pascale Voiceover] Not
    being familiar with this area we just started by looking
    for areas with current and wave motion in order to find fish. ♪ You think that everything ♪ ♪ You don’t know is a lie ♪ ♪ You think that
    everything I say is wrong ♪ ♪ Is wrong ♪ ♪ You feel little ♪ ♪ I feel little ♪ ♪ Floating around ♪ – [Pascale Voiceover] Diving down to check on the dinghy’s anchor,
    we immediately discovered a little group of Port Jackson Sharks. ♪ No sound ♪ ♪ No sound ♪ ♪ You’re a non-believer ♪ ♪ But I’ve seen it with my own eyes ♪ ♪ You’re a non-believer ♪ ♪ But I’ve seen it with my own eyes ♪ ♪ And I’m never surprised and no ♪ ♪ Nothing phases me ♪ ♪ No I’m never surprised and no ♪ ♪ Nothing phases me ♪ ♪ No sound ♪ ♪ No sound ♪ ♪ No sound ♪ ♪ You’re a non-believer ♪ ♪ But I’ve seen it with my own eyes ♪ ♪ You’re a non-believer ♪ ♪ But I’ve seen it with my own eyes ♪ ♪ And I’m never surprised and no ♪ ♪ Nothing phases me ♪ ♪ No I’m never surprised and no ♪ ♪ Nothing phases me ♪ (relaxing music) – We’ve got the frames
    of those two red Morwong Moro– morons (laughing). We’ve got the frames of
    those two red Morwong that Troy shot this morning and we’re just gonna
    make a soup out of them. We do this a lot in our pressure cooker and it’s really easy. We just chuck the frames in
    that Troy has scrubbed down with a brush to get rid of all the slime and a bit of the scale. Um, so yeah we just got
    the fish head in there, gutted, and the frames. Cause we’ve already put
    the filets in the fridge. So, I’m just gonna make
    like a tai style one. I’m just gonna put a
    little bit of sea water in, bit of fresh water, some
    ginger and some fish sauce and some chili. And that’s it. And then we’re just gonna
    bring it to pressure and cook it for about ten minutes. (upbeat music) (seagull chirping) We’ve got some pesky seagulls out there. Alright, so that’s on. The soups on and we’ll just leave it until it comes to pressure and
    then leave it for ten minutes and then we’re just gonna
    leave it on the stove and later tonight I’ll make a soup with it and I’ll show you what I’m gonna make. (seagull chirping) (fan blowing) – [Pascale] I’ve put you to work. – (laugh) never stopped. There’s not a lot to recover. Like it wasn’t too bad a fileting job but in between the bones
    there’s still enough flesh to make it worthwhile. Just, just to recover and we’ll just get these clean bones off. – [Pascale] Just a quick job. We’ve got really beautiful stock. I think we’ll add another filet in. (inaudible) There’s the stock and
    Troy picked the meat out and we put the meat in and
    we’ve added like a little bit of Brussels sprouts. Mmm, that’s nice. Something about cream corn and fish stock. They go really well together. The last of the coriander, very last. That’s a big bowl of soup. It’s good. It’s boiling hot but it’s good. (upbeat music) – [Pascale] Come on, stear boat. – Where’s the wind coming from? – [Pascale] It’s fine, we
    just, we rode down a wave and the wind came behind us so its uh. – [Troy] We’re flying along here. We’re going on a beam reach. So what that means, for
    any of you non-sailors, is the wind is coming straight
    onto the side of the boat and actually as a wave
    hits us on the nose, we scoot down uh have a bit of a surf when wind comes from behind
    us before the autopilot takes us back. So you might think that when
    the wind, and everything else, is right on the side of the boat that would be the roughest
    time for you to sail but it’s not actually the case. When we’re reaching like this,
    when the winds on our beam, it’s actually not too bad because the sails set
    out from the boat, ah. And except for the roll of the waves, the winds not pushing you over. When you’re close on the
    wind, when your close hauled, so if the wind is quite close
    to the front of your bow, that’s when your actually leaned over more but like this, it’s not too bad. The only thing giving us a
    bit of trouble at the moment is that uh sloppy meter,
    meter and a half sea. So yeah, it’s sort of rolling us around cause it’s hitting us exactly sideways but other than that it feels
    quite sedate, you know. Cruising down, um probably got about 15, sometimes gusting up to
    20 knots at the moment. So that’s, ya know, pretty
    neither here nor there. Percy’s out there making
    funny whoop noises. So, sounds like she’s getting excited. She’s been watching whales, for
    sorts of thing been going on it’s been pretty eventful coming down the new South Wales coast. I didn’t know what to expect
    but its been pretty fun. – There’s so many whales. You can look out along the coastline and you can just see
    spurts, they’re spurts like, blowing in the wind but
    you see a puff of water. They all seem to hug the coast. ♪ I made it through the eye of grace ♪ – Whoo! (laugh) – [Pascale] (laugh) – Come here Pasce. – I had to um, save some of the things. The pepper shaker went flying. – Ah man, so we’ve
    jolliped, we’ve come down and through the wind
    so we’re heading down. We’re going pretty much
    straight down weather now. What do you think about this? – Pretty good. I think we’re going like
    seven and a half knots still. – But it feels sedate. – Does feel much better. – We’ve shut down the wind generator and we’ve gone a bit lower and
    it feels a lot more gentle. Once you’re up on deck it’s, and particularly with the
    wind generator howling it just seems a little bit crazy. – Yeah it does. – Hmm, alright well this is um, hopefully this is our line til– – [Pascale] Til Newcastle – [Troy] For the next three hours. – Whoopa! Are we gonna get there too early again? – Yeah. – (laughing) – But we’ll have wind
    to go into the harbor. – Yeah, so we might be
    pushing a little bit of tide. – Yeah but sometimes what can happen is you’ll have tide coming out
    and if there’s a bit of waves coming into the harbor and stand it up. Make it more exciting. So its cut to 17 meters for
    big ships so there’s no bar. – Yeah. – But it doesn’t mean it can’t still be just a little bit uncomfortable going in. – Yeah. (upbeat music) – So this is uh, this
    is a pretty sedate way. – Oh, you put the camera on. – So this is a pretty sedate way to do six or seven knots really. Ahh, Pasce’s just doing
    some comic relief there. – There isn’t it rock and roll. – She’s just showing that it
    is actually on a, sailing boat at the moment. There’s no crash, there’s no splash. It’s not very dramatic. We’re making great time. – Do you want um, what sort of Tabasco do you
    want with your salt eggs, Smoked Chipotle or normal? – Yes. – Smoked? – I think Smoked Chipotle
    would have to be the winner. – You get the big tin. – Yes. – Oh sh– ship. – (laugh) (techno music) – You would have seen us coming into Newcastle the other night and the reason why we came here is because we’re picking up a new fridge lid and a new fridge basket
    for the rusty old angle. – This fridge lids been through a bit. We even had to custom make
    out of some scrap wood a timber handle but
    then I have this new one so this ones been repaired
    and renovated a few times but it’s actually starting
    to crack and come apart so. On a boat, there’s so much to do. I can see people now, why
    don’t you just fix it up again? But you really have to pick your battles. – [Pascale] Yes. – So making another
    fridge lid is not a battle I wanted to take on. Because as Pasce brightly
    pointed out to me, when I was talking about making a new one, she’s like I think there’s
    more important things to take care of. She’s right. Look at that. Your gonna be chipping a nail on there. – [Pascale] You’ll have
    to put the new basket in. It’s too rusty that one. New rust free basket. Just show them that its
    made the new plastic. – It’s got good plastic coating but I guess I don’t know. After time it starts to flakes and crack – [Pascale] Bye, rusty basket. Do you need the sponge? Is there lots of water in there? – Sure is. – [Pascale] Oh, am I ever
    gonna be able to get in? – [Troy] Try pushing down on it. – [Pascale] Tada! This is like a new fridge. Are you happy? – Not as happy as you are. I’m happy cause you’re happy. – [Pascale Voiceover] Make
    sure you join us next week as we encounter our
    strongest winds yet up sail. – Turn off the wind gene–. We’re only sinking a little bit. – [Pascale Voiceover] Thanks
    for watching this week and if you enjoyed the video, don’t forget to hit that thumbs up button. Also, when subscribing
    to Free Range Sailing, make sure you hit the bell button so that you stay notified of
    all our upcoming releases. (relaxing music)

    Bıçak Sırtı Sahil Kimdir? (Anuj Sachdeva)
    Articles, Blog

    Bıçak Sırtı Sahil Kimdir? (Anuj Sachdeva)

    January 18, 2020

    First name: Anuj Sachdeva
    Profession: Actor, Dancer, Model, Theater Artist,
    Length: 1.80 cm Weight: 75 kg
    First Film: Delhii Heights (2007) MTV Roads (2005)
    Date of Birth: October 5, 1984 Age: based on 2020
    Place of Birth: Delhi, India Horoscope: Libra
    Education: Jindal Public School, New Delhi University / Delhi College of Arts and
    Commerce • Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute,
    Religious: Hinduism Hobbies: Gardening, Dancing, Traveling, Biking
    Marital Status: Single Ex-lover: Urvashi Dholakia
    Favorite Foods: Dal-Makhani ve Paranthe, Tiramisu, Chocolate
    Favorite Drinks: Tea Favorite Actors: Shah Rukh Khan, Kamal Haasan
    Favorite Color: Black Place of destination: Egypt
    The player smokes. He was born and raised in Delhi. Anuj is also a shoe designer and helps his
    father’s shoe business. Anuj is a trained martial artist and Taekwondo
    has a black belt. He also entered the YMCA and won a gold medal
    for three years. He also studied professionally in the style
    of hip-hop dance. and can play bongo drums. Anuj Sachdeva loves animals and is actively
    involved in associations that work for the welfare of animals. Working to protect Indian wildlife and protect
    its habitat, the NGO is part of Wildlife SOS Anuj is also a member of the Elephant Rehabilitation
    Wing. In 2017, on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi,
    the Elephant Care and Conservation Center established the Living Ganesha Initiative
    to raise awareness and raise funds for Mathura. The player is also a travel buff. In 2019, she made headlines when she appeared
    on the dance reality show “Nach Baliye 9 ile with her ex-girlfriend Urvashi Dholakia.

    Texas Lake LBJ | Hill Country Fishing at its Best
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    Texas Lake LBJ | Hill Country Fishing at its Best

    January 18, 2020

    we’re at lake lyndon b johnson this is
    one of seven lakes that run from austin to about 85 miles northwest one of the many
    beautiful places to go in central Texas this particular lake
    about 6,500 acres and gets to about 90 feet deep it’s a really good fishing
    spot for largemouth bass crappie sunfish catfish vinegar with it I apparently
    don’t have a thing against vinegar Rich and Maxine served me a bottle of vinegar one time and I thought it was
    good grab a drink in my life all right we’re running down here to the lake
    we’re gonna check the line see if we’ve got any made a loop in the line looping
    this line I joined together double but you’re right we’re just hand-lining
    these guys on the end of a rope putting a good circle hook on there
    Mustad thank you we got five lines out we’re hanging out
    fishing lake LBJ and we are gunning for catfish right now hoping to be able to
    eat tomorrow or tonight if we’re any good at what we do throwing rocks
    the nylon cord in the lake there you go if we can get one on with that rod is
    going to be an absolute blast I don’t know if the drag could handle a 30 pound
    catfish all right the baits have been out a little bit so we’re gonna check
    them for round two here so if we don’t have some fish on oh and we got the
    light on in the lake yeah we’re gonna take a shot at that that light back
    there we’re looking forward to taking her throwing some lures over there hey
    hazel you want to get the catfish guts and bring them here to do it right
    the mission is to go get the fish guts bring that body down here the tail the whole
    all of its guts we want backbone guts and fins and there might be some whiskey by it yeah there’s whiskey in it for you when
    you’re done okay so we’ve had a couple of drinks
    down here to check the line and the neighbor has this awesome light right up
    to the dock but we’re not seeing anything on our lines but we are seeing
    some shadows on the neighbors light so we’re gonna take a shot and see if there
    aren’t any bass hanging around here at night my dad is absolutely armed to the
    teeth that’s the most insane fishing rod you’ve ever seen my wife bought it for me for $5 at a gas station which means he has to catch at least ten dollars worth of fish now about two o’clock in the morning checking the lines one more time all right no fish tonight we can go
    ahead and sleep off the whisky and we will… well good morning and welcome to lake
    lyndon b johnson up in central texas we have had lines out all night long
    looking for some catfish because we know they’re here
    woke up had a cup of coffee and we’re going to take a look at them see
    if we had any luck last oh it’s moving funny water just staying on there, nothing so far daddy
    you can have two yeah we’ll keep plugging away at it so
    we’re gonna get something out of this lake well we I have to go tonight or we got a
    nice bait I’ll edit this part out Peter but if we don’t catch anything
    we’ll go to the store and buy filets to put on the end of the line to make it look like we caught a fish so that we could keep an eye on our
    lines while we’re sitting at the house and enjoying coffee up on the porch and
    stuff we went ahead and put these sticks wedged into the pier and put our lines
    across them that way if we get something on the line they’ll end up breaking the
    twig we just see that from upstairs and then we know when we need to come down
    here and pull up some fish not having a whole lot of luck out here on
    the lake at the moment so while we got those baits hanging out and we’re gonna
    sneak out onto the golf course right over here and see if they don’t have
    some bass in some of their duck ponds tying on the lures now we have had just
    enough whiskey to sneak out onto that pond long enough to catch bass just enough
    whiskey to make it to San juan so we have finally managed to wipe off
    that freshwater skunk that has been haunting us for the last two years it got
    close it’s right here at the end of 2019 but we managed to get ourselves a nice
    largemouth bass complements of my dad now my dad grew up eating this stuff
    when he was younger he’d pull those things out of ponds all the time so we
    decided to go ahead and keep this guy I’m curious it has been about 15 years
    since I’ve eaten bass I don’t remember anything about it so I have master chef
    Peter cooking it up with a very special resin run we’re going to
    take a crack at largemouth bass see what Peter – Oh Peter can manage to
    do with the fillets we’ll show you what’s up here so dad congratulations on catching the
    catch of the trip very good I put it up there with
    catfish these guys are already here they just
    casted out I show up in about 10 minutes later we get what we estimate to
    be about a 57 pound catfish something like that
    he was about this long but really fat obviously we had just pulled up and that
    didn’t happen on camera so we did have catfish dinner last night but since it wasn’t on camera it didn’t happen that is not bad I can taste that little hint of pond but I don’t know why people have issues with eating bass it’s
    really good it’s a fish happy new year we will see you guys in the next video

    Mexico: See how fish skin is used to make boots, handbags and more
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    Mexico: See how fish skin is used to make boots, handbags and more

    January 18, 2020

    The skin is stronger than cow hide, for it’s thick, it’s advantages are it’s aesthetics and that it is attractive, that is what highlights and lends itself to make colorful and good designs. [Fish] Leather shoes I feel are a little softer and more comfortable. Somehow if you walk effectively you don’t feel the same feeling on the skin for example with cow or pig skin which is used in some shoes.

    TOP 10 Things to do in DA NANG | Vietnam Beach City 2020
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    TOP 10 Things to do in DA NANG | Vietnam Beach City 2020

    January 18, 2020

    Hi and welcome back to the channel. If you’re new here, my name is Megan, and I’ve lived and worked from dozens
    of countries all around the world, but Da Nang is the one place
    that I always find myself going back to. In today’s video, I’ll be sharing
    my top 10 favorite things to do in and around Da Nang, Vietnam. (Music) First up on the list is the Hoi An
    Full Moon Lantern Festival. The ancient city of Hoi An is located about
    a 30-minute drive outside of Da Nang, and every single month,
    they host a lantern festival. It’s quite touristy and quite busy, but it is totally worth it
    to go at least once. There’ll be vendors lined up
    all along the river in Hoi An and they’ll be selling paper boats
    with candles inside of them. They’ll light the candle for you, then you make a wish
    as you release it into the river. Even if you don’t have
    a candle lit and make a wish, it’s still absolutely beautiful
    to see the entire river lit up with these floating candles. A local bus runs from Da Nang to Hoi An
    several times an hour during the day, and that ride will take you about an hour. The bus fare is less than $1, and it’s a real experience
    because, well, it’s the local bus. While this bus runs
    frequently back and forth from Da Nang to Hoi An throughout the day, it stops running in the early evening. So, if you plan to go down
    for the lantern festival, definitely book some accommodation
    in advance and plan to stay the night or you can do what I usually do, which is book a Grab back to Da Nang. My second favorite thing to do in Da Nang
    is to have clothing tailor-made. Having clothing tailor-made is an absolute
    luxury in most Western countries, but it’s just a way of life in Vietnam. There are plenty
    of tailor shops in Da Nang, but again, this is something I would
    recommend that you go to Hoi An for. I swear every other shop
    in Hoi An is a tailor shop. The store fronts have mannequins
    that are displayed with gorgeous outfits, dresses and even tuxedos, but they also have
    books available on display that you can browse through literally
    hundreds of different outfits that you could have made for you. I also have girl friends
    that will go Lookbook or Pinterest, and they’ll just pick out any dress,
    any design that they want, bring that photo to the tailor,
    and have it made. It’s honestly amazing what they can do. Once you’ve decided
    on what you’d like to have made, you then go and you pick the fabric
    and the pattern that you’d like, the seamstress will take
    your measurements, and then they will ask
    for a 50% deposit up front. I’ve had two dresses made, but of the came to a total of USD 15, and they were both ready
    within a couple of hours. And for the guys out there,
    don’t dismiss this one. If you have any weddings or funerals,
    or other formal events where you’ll need a suit or a tuxedo, this is a great opportunity
    to have one custom-made for you at a fraction of the cost
    of what it would be in a Western country. Something else I love to do
    when I’m in Da Nang, which is almost the daily thing, is to enjoy My Khe beach. This beach is one
    of my favorite in the world. The Da Nang coastline
    is absolutely spotless. It’s a gorgeous, clean beach
    that stretches on for miles. The water is warm, the waves are gentle… and if you go to the more popular areas, there’s also coast guards
    that will be on duty. The beach is pretty empty during the day,
    but then fills up with Vietnamese families kind of around 4 o’clock, 5 o’clock,
    when they’re getting off work, and then on the weekends as well. It can get very busy, and if it does,
    just walk to the south of My Khe beach and it’s probably going to be pretty empty. My absolute favorite way to start
    the day when I’m living in Da Nang is to jump in the ocean for a quick swim and then take a nice, long walk along
    the beach to the south, where it’s empty, with a good podcast. Love it. My next suggestion
    also involves My Khe beach: It’s to go parasailing. Now, even if you’ve
    already been parasailing, I still recommend that you do it here; the views are going to be
    unlike anything you have ever seen. I went at dusk, so the city was lit up
    with all the lights of the night, but it was still light enough out
    where I could see the bridges, the city and the mountains. I kind of got the best
    of the day and the night. (Music) Another place that you definitely
    have to check out is Asia Park. Asia Park is this beautiful, clean,
    state-of-the-art amusement park. But every time I go there,
    I think it’s closed. You pay around USD 20 to get in and then you have access
    to the entire park and all of the rides. They have music, lights,
    entertainment on stage, rides running, and… no people. (Music) The place is empty, it’s almost a little bit spooky. But if you can get past that, you get
    to enjoy the entertainment, the music, and at least five big thrill rides with no wait times. Even if you don’t like rides,
    the park is just beautiful to walk around. Definitely stay into the evening
    and take the sundial ferris wheel. It’s massive and completely
    enclosed with big windows that give incredible views
    of the city all lit up at night. A couple other signature,
    popular touristy attractions in Da Nang would be Ba Na Hills
    and then Marble Mountains. I’m saying Asia Park over these two, and these two are
    actually not on my list at all… I’m not saying don’t go to them;
    some people like them. I just found them to be
    a little bit too touristy. For example, Ba Na Hills is known
    as the Disneyland of Da Nang. A lot of people,
    quite a bit more expensive, but it is the spot that has that golden
    bridge with the hands holding it up, so you may still want to check it out. Again, not on this list,
    but definitely something to consider. Another spot you should definitely
    check out is the Bac My An market. This is my favorite
    least touristy local market. You can literally find everything here, from suitcases to avocado ice cream,
    to plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. I keep saying “least touristy”
    and I am a tourist, it’s such a… hypocrite. We’re all hypocrites. It’s a cool spot to check out
    and do some people watching, even if you aren’t intending
    on buying anything. However, if you do decide
    to buy something, try to see what the locals are paying, ’cause you’re probably going to be charged
    around three times the local price, which you can’t do much about, but also know that they are
    expecting you to negotiate. Also wear closed-toed shoes; the ground is usually wet
    with… various… substances. An absolute can’t-miss,
    must-see is the Dragon Bridge. So it’s also called the Son Tra Bridge and, almost all the time,
    it’s used as a regular bridge for pedestrians
    walking over or driving over. It’s one of the three
    main ones that connects the beach side to the city side. However, on Friday
    and Saturday nights, at 9 p.m., the bridge is closed down
    because the dragon’s head… breathes fire. Yes, you heard that correctly, the bridge breathes fire. I highly recommend you get as close
    to the head of the dragon as you can. It’s locate on the beach
    side of the bridge. There’s no tickets,
    no entrance fee, nothing like that. Just try to show up around 8:30 or earlier
    so you can get a good spot. It’s going to be very busy; a lot of locals will come out
    with their families for this, as well as tourists. I won’t tell you what happens
    after the dragon stops breathing fire because I didn’t know it was coming
    and it was a total surprise, and it made it so much better. Don’t look it up, just go. You’ll love it. Next on the list is to really take time
    to explore the food scene. Some people say
    that Vietnamese food is bland and they don’t enjoy it that much,
    but I feel the opposite. It’s one of my favorite cuisines
    around the world. Things are fresh, it’s a lot less heavy than, say, the thick
    curries that you’ll find around Thailand. And when I say fresh, I mean fresh. I once tried to order
    a bowl of chicken soup and I asked for it as a rushed order. The server came back, literally holding
    a live chicken in her hand, and said, “Not possible.” I guess I’m waiting for my chicken soup. If you have a quick look on TripAdvisor, you’ll see plenty
    of restaurant recommendations where you can try
    some of the local dishes. My personal favorite is Chicken Pho… Pha? So good. If you’re on the beach side of Da Nang,
    which is where I recommend you stay, there’s also massive seafood restaurants
    that are lining the coast, okay? You go and you pick live
    your fish, or your shellfish, and they will cook it right for you there. It’s quite an experience
    and it’s absolutely delicious, If you go to a local spot, you’ll find the locals sitting there
    around these tiny, little plastic tables, either on these little chairs
    or these tiny little stools. It’s quite funny to see
    because it’s grown men on little stools. It’s so random, and, as a foreigner,
    it just looks so funny to me. There are plenty of beautiful
    cafés that are set up, where you can go, curl up,
    read a book for a few hours, or work on your laptop. If you decide you like the local food, another thing to try
    is doing a cooking class. The ones that are in Da Nang
    will likely take you to a market first, so you’ll get to do shopping with a local
    and then go back to their kitchen and cook the food and, of course,
    eat it when you’re finished. This next one is an absolute must-do. If you do anything on this list – no, do all of them. But this one is amazing. Drive the Hai Van Pass by motorbike. The Hai Van Pass is a scenic mountain road
    that was featured on Top Gear as one of the most beautiful
    motorbike rides in the world. It’s located just outside of Da Nang,
    in the direction of Hue. There are many guides and maps online. If you do plan to drive it, just do
    a quick google and you’ll be all set. You can rent a motorbike
    and then self-drive the pass, but do know that it’s very hilly,
    very windy roads. So please, if you’re not licensed, or you’re not an experienced
    and confident driver, don’t try to drive it yourself. This is not the kind of drive
    you learn to drive a motorbike on. If you’re like me and not confident in
    driving a motorbike on the Hai Van Pass, but still want that experience, I highly recommend you check out
    a tour service, Easy Riders. A Vietnamese driver will take you on
    the pass on the back of their motorbike. The driver will pick you up
    at your hotel, give you a helmet, then you hop on the back, enjoy the pass
    as well as a few other stops, a quick break for lunch, and then they will take you back
    to your hotel at the end of the trip. The whole experience,
    from pick up to drop off, lasts about four hours. I’ve done this two different times,
    and it’s great to do with friends as well. You’ll all drive together, but each of you on the back
    of a separate motorbike, of course. Even if you have zero
    experience on a motorbike, I still recommend that
    you consider taking this trip. My parents came
    and visited me in Da Nang, and my dad was dead set
    on not taking this trip. He did not want to get on a motorbike. I ended up convincing him. Him and my mom went, and when he came back
    he was so excited, he loved it so much. The first thing he said to me was,
    “When we get back to Canada, I think I’m going to look
    into getting my motorbike license.” I love my dad. I’d say it’s a great trip
    for anyone that is 14 years or older that can hold on on the back of a bike. The driver is going to be very respectful,
    they will go slow for you, and it’s just a wonderful experience. Last, but not least, is number 10, which is the perfect end to any day, or the beginning of a day
    or the middle of a day, or any… time in any day. Massage. Go for a massage. I go for a massage probably three times
    a week when I’m living in Da Nang. I highly recommend
    you give four-hands a try, which is essentially a Swedish massage that you’d be used to
    back in a Western country, except they have two therapists
    working on you at the same time to the rhythm of music. I don’t even know how to explain it,
    but it’s a very cool experience. This massage will cost you
    a little bit more, but the four-hands is
    very famous and it’s so worth it. There are spas offering massage
    on every block in Da Nang, so you’ll have plenty to pick from. The problem is that the quality
    can kind of be a bit of a hit-and-miss. I did a whole video,
    which I’ll link below, on my favorite spots
    that were clean and well equipped with beautifully designed rooms,
    comfortable tables, and wonderful therapists. All of the therapists
    that I’ve had speak English and understand
    if you want stronger, softer… so you can have a massage
    exactly how you like it. It’s something I highly recommend, and one of the most
    relaxing things you can do for your brain and for your body. Those are my top 10
    favorite things to do in Da Nang, but, honestly, there is so much more. If you’re considering a trip, either for a short vacation
    or a long term stay, I highly recommend it. I’d love to know in the comments down
    below if you’ve ever been to Da Nang, or if you’re planning a trip there, also happy to answer
    any questions you may have. Don’t forget to give this video
    a thumbs up if you enjoyed it, and then subscribe, because I would love
    to see you back here again for another video next week. I’ll see you then. Happy travels. Bye!

    River Voyager Cruise Ship Tour – Vantage Deluxe World Travel
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    River Voyager Cruise Ship Tour – Vantage Deluxe World Travel

    January 18, 2020

    Vantage Deluxe World Travel’s River Voyager, docked on a misty morning in Mainz, Germany. The company’s newest river cruise ship, River Voyager holds 176 guests and a crew of 45. Welcome aboard! Upon first entering the River Voyager, guests are greeted by the lower floor of the two-story atrium lobby. A grand staircase leads to the Navigator Deck, or down to Odyssey Deck. The atrium is bright, open and airy. It also serves as the jumping-off point to the ship’s public areas and accommodations. The entry lobby also houses a glass-walled elevator that traverses three passenger decks, along with the Cruise Director’s Desk and Reception area. Like the rest of the ship, passenger corridors reflect the River Voyager’s jazz music theme. Corridor carpeting features music notes that run attractively down the hallway. The jazz theme continues in the ship’s Deluxe Suite staterooms, each of which is named for a great jazz legend. Deluxe Suites feature superb bathrooms, clad with marble and featuring.. dual vanity sinks. These bathrooms also have some of the best storage space on the rivers of Europe, with four large drawers for storage. Deluxe Suite bathrooms also feature a “night light” that turns on automatically when the bathroom lights are off. Of course, toiletries by L’Occitane don’t hurt either. Deluxe Suite bathrooms include a jetted soaker tub … … and a separate, glass-enclosed shower with a rainforest showerhead and six different water jets. These suites measure 250 square feet … … and include a whole host of amenities. Bottled drinking water is complimentary, and replenished daily. An iPod docking station is included … … and your stateroom attendant is there to attend to anything you might need on your river cruise. Deluxe Suites also include an in-room coffee maker, plus a collection of teas. Teas, manufactured by German brand Messmer, are housed in an attractive little wooden box. China throughout the ship is manufactured by Villeroy & Boch. In-room coffee is the perfect thing to start your day off right … a surprisingly simple luxury. Of course, luxury takes on other forms, too. Like the included Pillow Menus. Deluxe and Owner’s suites also feature a unique feature … … fully positionable beds, operated via remote control. Deluxe Suites, like nearly every stateroom onboard River Voyager, feature French balconies. These are great for allowing you to take in the sights and sounds of Europe … … and Vantage has designed some of the easiest-to-use balcony locks on the rivers of Europe. This suite, 411, is the Dinah Washington Suite. A book on the famous songstress is included in the suite, as is a flat-panel television featuring English-language TV channels and complimentary on-demand movies. We recommend “National Lampoon’s European Vacation.” If you’re lost for ideas. You don’t have to worry about putting any signs out: the “Make Up Room” and “Do Not Disturb” features are electronically controlled. Push a button … … and a colored indicator light pops up on your stateroom number in the corridor. Turndown service is a nice touch that every suite gets. Standard French Balcony staterooms measure 165 square feet, and are well-designed for two travelers. River Voyager also features single-occupancy staterooms measuring 125 square feet. Heading up to the Navigator Deck … … we come to the Blue Note Lounge. This small corner of the lounge, on the starboard side, has been designated as a pseudo-library. It features great views … … and whimsical décor that adheres to the jazz motif running throughout the ship. In fact, spotting these little pieces of jazz décor becomes something of a game after a while. Can you spot them all? The jazz theme is a nice touch that helps to set Vantage apart from its competition. The Blue Note Lounge features plenty of cozy seating options … … along with a coffee station, situated on the port side of the lounge. Specialty coffees and tea are provided here on a complimentary basis around the clock. A light continental breakfast is also served here most days. The Blue Note Lounge also features an unusually large dance floor near the forward end of the room. The 180-degree windows make this the undisputed social hub of the ship. The excellent bar menu doesn’t hurt, either. European beers are available, as are wines, cocktails, martinis and soft drinks. These all carry an additional charge on Vantage. Admiring the color scheme in the Blue Note Lounge. Even the colors eem to recall the jazz age, with plenty of vibrant shades and patterns. Murals have also been cleverly introduced as wall coverings in some sections. Forward of the Blue Note Lounge is an outdoor seating area. Overlooking the bow of the ship, this seating area offers a great place to relax and admire the passing scenery of Europe. It’s also covered, so it can be enjoyed in inclement weather as well. You can access this outdoor seating area via a door on the port side of the Blue Note Lounge, or by a staircase that leads … … up to the Sun Deck! The Sun Deck features a jogging track … Seating is also offered here … … that runs around the area forward of the ship’s wheelhouse. … along with some great views overlooking the bow. River Voyager’s Sun Deck runs for almost the entire length of the ship. All the way aft, on Navigator Deck, is the Cotton Club Lounge. This lounge features both outdoor and indoor seating … … and offers up casual light lunches and light dinners, complimentary. The roof also retracts when weather allows. Making your way through the River Voyager … … you might notice that there are two attractive public bathrooms placed just outside the Blue Note Lounge on Navigator Deck. These feature some great toiletries by Rituals. Down on Odyssey Deck … … we come to a small vestibule that serves as the entryway to the lowest staterooms … … along with the onboard fitness center. This was surprisingly well-utilized on our sailing, and is a great addition to the ship. Moving around River Voyager is quite easy, thanks to excellent signage. Of course, most river cruisers can always find the dining room. The Bourbon Street Bistro is River Voyager’s main dining room. Offering up open seating and great views … … the vast majority of tables here are tables for six, encouraging socialization. Dining room layout is very good, with a decent amount of space between tables, and a mixture of circular and rectangular tables. The way Vantage handles allergies aboard River Voyager is also highly commendable. Allergens are listed on the front page, with correlating numbers. Those numbers are then listed on the menu next to the dish … … and that’s good news for those with dietary restrictions. The Bourbon Street Bistro practically encourages guests to linger … … and the excellent desserts demand it. With plenty of outdoor deck spaces for viewing passing cities like Cologne, Germany … … and French Balconies in nearly every stateroom to watch arrival into places like Amsterdam … River Voyager is sure to be one of Vantage’s most popular newbuilds to-date. She manages to hold her own in a sea of river cruise ships that are offering increasingly more elaborate features. River Voyager begins her maiden season in Europe after officially being handed over in Basel, Switzerland, and inaugurated in Amsterdam in March of this year.

    Go Further: Captain Armando Alejo with the Evinrude E-TEC G2 115 H.O.
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    Go Further: Captain Armando Alejo with the Evinrude E-TEC G2 115 H.O.

    January 18, 2020

    On a typical week, I am starting my work
    week on a Monday ending my work week on a Friday. Friday when that bell rings I’m
    still an educator, except I’m not educating children. I’m preparing my boat
    for the weekend trips. I like to hitch up the boat ahead of time,
    so I’ll hitch up the boat I’ll get gassed up and I’m getting ready
    for my charters on most weekends that includes Saturday and Sunday. Taking a client to an area and showing him or her the techniques that I know and finding a
    fish for them is an absolute thrill for me. I am Captain Armando Alejo of
    A-Squared Charters. I am a local fishing guide here out of South Florida. On the career side I am a school administrator
    and I am an assistant principal. My boat is a technical poling skiff
    currently powered by a 115 G2 Evinrude It is the ultimate light tackle
    fishing machine. Prior to running the G2,
    I was running a Yamaha 115 SHO *moves inferior product to garage* The most significant difference in power
    from the Yamaha 115 SHO to the G2 is the mid-range power is really just
    overwhelming The engines mid-range power and the
    scope of the power in that mid-range is the most impressive experience I’ve ever
    had in any outward. There’s one particular fishing area that
    I fish in the Flamingo Everglades it is 22 miles from the boat dock. In using my
    G2 as opposed to using my Yamaha what I’m noticing is I’m getting there a lot
    faster, I’m able to save on average 20% to 30% of the fuel
    that it would take me to commute from point A to point B The engine requires absolutely no dealer
    services for the first 500 hours Essentially I add two-stroke oil when
    needed. I’m essentially working seven days a week. I have absolutely zero time
    to maintain my boat. I need a product that I can just hitch and fish with. I’m running a G2 two-stroke engine that
    I never really think about. When I start my G2 from 5:00 a.m. that I splash the boat to 5:00 p.m. that I pick up the boat I don’t think about its reliability. I know the engine is going to start. I know the engine is going to be fuel-efficient and I most certainly know that the engine is going
    to be powerful. I am Captain Armando Alejo and I am
    a proud owner of an Evinrude G2

    Faster & Stronger: C.A. Richardson with the Evinrude E-TEC G2 140 HP.
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    Faster & Stronger: C.A. Richardson with the Evinrude E-TEC G2 140 HP.

    January 18, 2020

    I was a kid from Pinellas County that
    was a pier rat that matured into a tournament angler and at this point my life, I’m a fishing coach full-time and I’ve done all this
    in just 12 inches of water I am captain C.A. Richardson the host of Flats Class TV and I run an Evinrude G2 140 the best policy always is let it be the fish’s idea I have no idea I say cool stuff all the time The definition of a shallow water technical poling skiff is a boat that will enter the environment, the shallow water environment we’re talking two feet or less if you can make a cast that far we’re gonna be just fine So over time there’s always been this
    game of nip and tuck with professional shallow-water guides with balancing weight with power and I’ve been around a lot of different skiffs I’ve been around a lot of different power that you can hang on the back of the boat and typically once you get to that 115 – 150 class motor you’re stuck with a
    4-cylinder engine So as a tournament angler you want the speed but you hate the weight and as a guide you need the lightweight of a 90 but you can’t get there fast enough So it’s always this conflict with the new 140 G2 now I have an inline 3-cylinder that not only saves the weight but gives me the power and speed that I’ve always desired with 2 stroke power, every stroke is a power stroke if I’m in the boat I’ve got two guys in the boat that are as big as me and I need to be able to get that boat to get up in shallow water
    there’s no equal to that. Period. And the reality is – is if the plane does not take off in that 15-footer trough guess what? You’re up on the mud now. So right now I’ve got a boat that will
    still allow me to float in less than 10 inches of water with a 140 on the back of it. I need range. I need fuel economy. I need reliability. The bonus is –
    is I’ve got all the power and torque I want now. I’ve got way more speed than I deserve.
    I’m telling you that. I’m C.A. Richardson
    and I’m the proud owner of a G2 140

    New Water: Bass Fishing with the Rapala Mystery Box Challenge at Longbow Lake, Ontario
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    New Water: Bass Fishing with the Rapala Mystery Box Challenge at Longbow Lake, Ontario

    January 18, 2020

    We’re on the water today at Longbow Lake in
    northwestern Ontario. Steve Sasaki is joining me as a guest host
    today. Steve fished with us last season in Saskatchewan
    at Boundary Dam Reservoir for largemouth bass. Today we’re going to look for both smallmouth and largemouth. We have Josh and Hunter with us from the Fishin’
    Hole Winnipeg store. We’re going to put these guys to the test
    with a lake they haven’t been on before and some baits sent to us by our friends at Rapala. Rapala has provided us with a box of mystery
    baits. We have no idea what’s in the box. The goal is to have two boats compete in a
    tournament for the four biggest bass. There’s no time to prepare, there’s no prefishing
    done, because you don’t know what you’re getting sent in the box. It kind of really levels the playing field. It’s going to be fun. It might not be much, but it’s a largemouth. First fish of the day. How’s that feel? That’s awesome. That’s my personal best largemouth. Bigger than mine was? Just a touch. On top water no less. I just saw some weeds over there, so I just
    tossed it in there, gave it the old one-two-popperoo, and she smashed it. What kind of weight have you got? I’ve got 3.30. Beauty. Very nice. I’m going to throw a frog for my first little
    bait action. See if we can get one really quick. Terminator has offered us the option to go
    to a spinner bait. What’s really cool is we also have the Storm
    360 GTs, so I am actually going to take a tail from the Storm 360 and put it on as a
    trailer to the spinner bait. Which should add as a nice supplement. Nice frickin’ fish dude. It’s not a big one. But it will do. 2.77. Alright Hunter, we’ve caught some bass, and
    you’ve got one really nice one. What have we learned fishing this shoreline
    here that we can try to replicate elsewhere on the lake? All of our bass have been off of topwater—except
    for this one here. We’ve been catching them mostly on weeds and
    top water. But unfortunately, the wind picked up a little
    bit, so we had to switch to something under the surface. We’re definitely going to be looking for more
    weedbeds and hopefully bigger bass to upgrade. Up there guys, that’s every frog fisherman’s
    dream. We’re both going to be tossing some frogs
    right up in that cabbage. Hey Steve? What do you think? That was my third cast with that thing, and
    I just landed a nice largie. Sweet. That’s two on the board. 2.22. Nice. Finally a smallmouth in the boat. Finally a smallmouth. I got it on a Storm 360 GT. It’s an upgrade, which is nice. Steve and I are trying to go for some smallies
    now. We’re calling the 360 our finesse bait. It’s really the only plastic we got in this
    mystery box. Big bass. We’re good. Yes! Smallie. On the Storm 360, and that thing just annihilated
    it. Hey, that’s four fish. (ha ha) How many pike do you think that makes today? Too many. Well, the tourny is over. We’re calling it. I think we came out on top, but we’re going
    to get their final numbers. We only boated one big fish today, 3.30, this
    guy—it was one of our early fish today. In the morning, it was pretty tough. We were fishing a lot of pads, trying to get
    largies and we had to figure out that they were definitely not on the pads, but the pike
    were. Around 9:30, Steve got a really nice largie. We ended off with nine pounds, three ounces. Nope—9.30 pounds. We had to work pretty hard for the smallmouth
    today, hey? The smallies seemed to fire up when the wind
    came. Sounds like walleye fishing. I caught a walleye.

    Best Rigs For Scuplin Fishing
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    Best Rigs For Scuplin Fishing

    January 18, 2020

    This week on the Tackle Box
    we’re gonna talk to you guys a little bit about
    what we’re doing today. We’re fishing for
    sculpin basically on this twilight trip. And a really easy rig
    to use for sculpin is the double dropper loop rig. And all that is is
    taking two buck tails, space them far enough apart
    in case you catch a big fish, and that way if you
    get one big fish it doesn’t cover
    both buck tails. So you wanna spread
    them far enough apart so you catch two big fish on
    the two separate buck tails. On the bottom you’re gonna
    be using a large sinker, anywhere from 10 ounces,
    maybe even 12 ounces, depending on the current. I’d make sure you have
    everything with you from 6 to 12 ounces
    just in case, because like I said, you
    never know in the depth you guys are fishing
    and the current. Now if you wanna
    target one big fish or one big sculpin,
    then go up to six ounce or four ounce B52 buck tail. Just put some dead
    squid on the back of it right on the bottom, and
    that’ll work out good too. As far as rod and reels,
    something like this works out nice,
    something kinda light. I have 65-pound spectra, and on top of that I
    have 25 to 30-pound mono. Don’t use fluorocarbon
    because you’re gonna fish right on the bottom,
    especially at night. So save the money
    on the fluorocarbon, just use straight mono. But something light like
    this will work out fine. This is all you need
    for sculpin fishing or twilight fishing. Let’s get back on the water and show you more
    exciting action right here on Sport Fishing.