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    Tiger Sharks at Tiger Beach – Scuba Diving in Bahamas
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    Tiger Sharks at Tiger Beach – Scuba Diving in Bahamas

    January 26, 2020

    Everybody I would like to introduce you to
    Hook. This is the tiger shark that was with us on
    every dive. So this video is kind of a mini-documentary
    of a week long trip that we did to Tiger Beach, off of Grand Bahama Island in the Bahamas
    with Eli Martinez and the people from Shark Diver Magazine. It’s a trip I have been thinking about doing
    for a really long time. Got a call one day from Eli saying there is
    one spot left, and I just took him up on the offer. So I brought my GoPros and tried to edit this
    movie to kind of show everybody what it was like to not only swim with the tiger sharks,
    but what the entire expedition was like. This was the first time I have ever dove with
    tiger sharks before, I probably have about seven or eight shark dives in the past all
    with Caribbean Reef Sharks and nurse sharks. This expedition was the first time I ever
    dove with lemon sharks or Tiger Sharks. Do us a favor to help promote us, give us
    the thumbs up, share the video with your friends on FaceBook or Twitter, and Instagram and
    make sure you watch the whole thing. So, just got to Florida and we got the boat
    for a week, and we are going out with the guys from Shark Diver Magazine, Eli Martinez
    to go dive with Tiger Sharks all week. I arrived on a Saturday, I got to the boat
    early like around 11 or 12 o’clock. They were still stocking up the boat so I
    went out to an outdoor’s store and bought a couple hammocks, and just chilled while
    everybody else showed up one by one for the week long expedition to The Bahamas. This is my roommate who tried to sleep in
    the hammocks last night, didn’t work out because he got beat up. That’s why I have a face like this. And the group of divers were awesome. We had people from Norway, Hawaii, Mexico,
    United States, Serbia. We all just had so much fun together the entire
    time. This is our top deck area, those are the hammocks
    that my roommate and I bought, he tried to sleep in his last night but he ended up smashing
    into that thing to the right of his hammock so I think he joined the room about 3 o’clock
    last night. After the captain checked us into customs
    in The Bahamas we just turned right back around and headed 4 hours back towards Florida towards
    Tiger Beach which was going to be our dive site for the week. Now we just got to Tiger Beach and instead
    of people freaking out because there are sharks in the water, they are freaking out because
    they want to see the sharks in the water, and they want to go dive with
    them. Yeah, Ha Ha Ha And we’re going swimming in
    ten minutes. Yeah Buddy! So the actual dive site of Tiger Beach they
    really treated as a warm-up dive, there were no Tiger Sharks at this dive site. All the Tiger Sharks were going to be at the
    next dive site called Fish Tales. This was kind of a warm-up dive around a bunch
    of lemon sharks and Reef Sharks with one nurse shark. And of course even after the dive briefing
    said there is probably not going to be Tiger Sharks, the entire time we are down on the
    first dive, all I am doing is turning around left and right looking for tiger sharks behind
    me, around me. The lemon sharks are fun, they are pretty
    cool to deal with. I am constantly scanning behind me looking
    for the Tiger Sharks to come sneaking up behind me just because of all the YouTube videos
    I have seen. But again, at this first dive site and there
    were no tiger sharks, it was all lemon sharks and reef sharks but a lot of fun. The lemon sharks were really, really cool. This was my first time I have ever dove with
    lemon sharks, this was like my first experience with them. But they are every bit of eight or nine feet
    long, which is sizably larger than the reef sharks that I am used to. And you can see their teeth so the first time
    diving with them is a little intimidating because they can get kind of big. I was paying pretty close attention but it
    didn’t take long to get real comfortable with them. Once you just completely lose the fear, they
    were a lot of fun. I was watching one of the guys from Norway
    was interacting with them, petting their nose. Later on in this video I actually stepped
    on a Lemon Shark by accident when I was backing up away from a Tiger Shark, and it didn’t
    do anything. I’m 200 pounds, and I literally stepped on
    a Lemon Sharks head. So it’s, they are very cool sharks and a lot
    of fun to dive with. And I had to include this footage in here,
    Uh the first shark I have ever seen in the ocean was a nurse shark when I was in Belize
    ten or eleven years ago. For whatever reason I just think Nurse Sharks
    are the coolest sharks there are, I had a nice big Nurse Shark feeding off the bait
    box so I just thought I had to include it. Am I going to see anything on here, Oh yeah
    yeah yeah when you turn it on. And this was my first experience on a dive
    boat, and the best way to sum it up is it’s eat, sleep, dive, repeat. And even at night we would just all hang out
    on the back of the boat playing with the sharks with our lights. Just watching them, they are just mesmerizing. Literally just non-stop for a solid week looking
    at sharks all day long. Starting on day three it was Tiger Sharks
    four dives a day. So it’s like 7am on Monday morning and we
    got up early to come visit our friends. Wait, am I really going to do this, there
    are Tiger Sharks down there? And
    there is the first Tiger Shark and I did not even see her. But now I am not going to take my eyes off
    of her. So truth be told I am as scared as I can possibly
    be right now. This is the first time I have ever seen a
    Tiger Shark in the wild, I don’t know what to expect, and I’m nervous. My heart is coming out of my chest right now. I’ve dove with Reef Sharks several times in
    the past and seen Nurse Sharks before, but I have never seen a Tiger Shark until right
    now. This is our first dive with Tiger Sharks and
    the first Tiger Shark to show up is Hook. She is a twelve foot female Tiger Shark. Turns out that all of the Tiger Sharks that
    Eli has ever seen are females, he has never seen a male. But Hook is a twelve footer, and she tends
    to stand up to some of the larger Tiger Sharks that we will see later on in this video, Emma
    and Cinnamon specifically. But Hook, Uh, basically showed up for every
    dive we had. I do believe she was in every single dive,
    all 15 or 16 dives we had with Tiger Sharks throughout the week. I think Hook is in every one of them. This was also kind of exciting, scuba divers
    understand that anytime you go down, when you come back up at 15 feet of water you have
    to do a 3 minute safety stop hanging on the drop line. So this was my first safety stop knowing that
    there is a Tiger Shark in the water, and I am just looking all around. I don’t know exactly what I am supposed to
    do if a Tiger Shark comes up to me at this point and time. And in between dives we would just like to
    play with the sharks right off the back of the boat. I am just putting my GoPro right in the water
    off the back of the boat here. Cheering Background. So we dive with the Tiger Sharks four times
    a day over several days, and after a couple times you start to get pretty comfortable
    with them. As you can tell they do come in pretty close,
    and you can just literally reach out and touch them, or push them away, or whatever. They do, they swim right over you, right behind
    you, right in front of you all the time. As you can tell they are just really not that
    interested in trying to be the mindless killing machines that everybody portrays them to be. They are really just interested in the free
    fish that Eli has for them, that’s all. And this is where Eli sees Emma, the queen
    of Tiger Beach for the first time on our trip. Emma is the biggest shark in the area, she’s
    every bit of 14, 15 feet long. I think I heard Eli say that she is almost
    2,000 pounds. Whereas other sharks, the smaller ones like
    Hook, Princess or New Girl are closer to a thousand pounds. Emma is very pregnant right now, as you can
    see she has a very big belly. But yeah, she is hands down the biggest shark. Cinnamon is probably the second largest shark,
    truth be told I’m not really great at identifying the individual sharks like some of the other
    divers were. They all knew which sharks were there all
    the time. I still after editing this video for hundreds
    of hours can’t really tell the difference between Princess or New Girl. But Emma I can always tell, Cinnamon you can
    tell just because she’s so big, and Hook you can tell because of the jaw, she’s got kind
    of a deformed jaw, I guess from a fisherman. Hello Emma, That’s Emma. This was probably our second or third dive
    with Tiger Sharks at this point and time. And I’m already having a bunch of questions
    in my head about why is it that I was just so scared of Tiger Sharks. I never lost respect for what they could do,
    and I tried really hard not to put myself into harms way. Although I did leave the group one time early
    and had two follow me into open water that kind of scared me. But uh, as long as you follow the rules and
    respect what they can do, and understand it is their domain, I felt relatively safe. I understand they are predators, and they
    are capable of doing a lot of damage but I felt pretty safe the entire time. Ha ha ha not the smartest move hook. Emma would mess you up. And everybody said that once the Tiger Sharks
    came around that you just would lose sight of the Lemon Sharks and the Reef Sharks. As you can see here there is a nine foot Lemon
    Shark hanging out, and nobody see’s her. Nobody pays attention to it. I also hope it is not lost on you as a viewer
    to realize just how calm and crystal clear and beautiful the water was for us during
    this trip. We are literally out in the Gulf of Mexico
    25 miles from the Bahamas and forty miles from Florida and it’s just calm clear and
    cool. Because thats what I want to do in life, I
    don’t want to be like a researcher cutting them up and stuff like that I want to be like
    in the water with them, and see how they are. I thought this was pretty cool when Eli put
    a GoPro camera on a little fin mount onto Hook. I think he said Hook was the only one he trusted
    not to run away with this GoPro camera since she had pretty much been on every dive that
    we had been to so far. He just attached a GoPro to her fin, and you
    will watch later on when he takes it off. That would be some cool footage to have. And this was kind of cool, my dive buddy and
    I switched cameras for this dive. He is a surgeon from Belgium living in France
    as he liked to put it. And that’s me using his camera. Just another example of Hook does not play
    around here, she will bite anybody and she really just holds her own against all the
    Tiger Sharks at Tiger Beach. It took me a few dives to figure out where
    the best spots for all the dives were. I’m not a genius but eventually I figured
    out that if I wanted the best pictures I should probably sit next to Mari and Ramon his wife
    and good friend with cameras who probably had done more diving with him than anybody
    else. So for most of the rest of this video I kind
    of stick close to them to get the best shots. That’s just a really cool shot just to remind
    you just how big some of these Tiger Sharks really are down there. And this is just one more example showing
    how Hook just really holds her own down there. She’s not afraid to nip at all the other Tiger
    Sharks big and small. I don’t know about the other divers but on
    dives where there were multiple Tiger Sharks I am non-stop counting where the Tiger Sharks
    are. So if I know there are four down there, or
    three down there, I am constantly going one, two, three, four…. ok one, two, three, oh
    where is four? and looking for it. Thats pretty much what I am doing the entire
    time there are multiple Tiger’s down there. Just counting where they all are at all times. I thought I would just kind of point out really
    how amazing Eli is down there. I saw him with up to 5 Tiger Sharks at one
    time, and not only is he keeping track of all the Tiger Sharks for his own safety, but
    he is also really doing a fantastic job of watching kind of like the outer rim behind
    all the divers for the Tiger Sharks that might be coming up behind divers and letting people
    know like he just did there. So Eli, just from me, thank you for a wonderful
    experience but also for keeping everybody safe during the entire thing. I’m not affiliated with them in anyway, but
    I am a supporter, so if you are a scuba diver, a fan of sharks, or really just a fan of the
    ocean, consider supporting Project Aware. You can make as little as a twenty five dollar
    donation or even more. Last year we raised several thousand dollars
    for them, I am putting the link up here so if your a fan of the oceans at all just consider
    taking time out of your day and donating a little bit of money to Project Aware to try
    to help save the sharks. And look out, we got a Tiger Shark at the
    surface finally. The Tiger Sharks tend to at the end of the
    feeds to like go and investigate all the divers, they can still smell the fish, they know it’s
    around, so they are just kind of looking all over the place. You can see the boxes are empty back there,
    they don’t like them being empty they can still smell the fish so they are just routing
    around for it. One of the toughest parts of this dive for
    me was paying attention to the Tiger Sharks, especially when we had multiple Tiger Sharks
    that were kind of in what I would refer to as the outer rim. The Tiger Sharks typically approached Eli
    and the box with the bait in it from down the current. They were always swimming up current, cause
    the fish smell was obviously going down the current. After they interact with Eli they would kind
    of branch off and circle back in front of us, or just behind us until they picked up
    the sent again and they would come turn around and head right back to Eli again. But a lot of times when they branched off
    and went behind us they were really really good at heading out to what I would refer
    to as the outer rim. Which is literally just beyond where I could
    see them. Their camouflage was just so good that I couldn’t
    pay attention to or keep track of where they were, and I kind of knew that they were right
    at that spot where I just couldn’t see them anymore. And all of a sudden they would pop back in
    and they are ten feet behind you again. It also got difficult sometimes with multiple
    Tiger Sharks when most of the time they are kind of hanging out on the floor of the ocean
    swimming either in front of you or just behind you or coming up to Eli and interacting and
    going back down current and catching the sent and coming back up. And when they are on the floor of the ocean
    that’s easy, but when they go three dimensional every once in awhile and you have to pay attention
    to above you in the ocean it just becomes a lot more difficult as a diver to keep track
    of all of them. And Eli is really good at rolling these sharks
    and it never gets old to see it each time. Later on in this video towards the end I put
    a bunch of rolls all together that were really close up so make sure you watch towards the
    end thats kind of, I think the best part of the whole video. Right here right off the back of the boat. swimming right under, right here, right here. Look at that, yeah buddy! Eli, Eli, right here. Blood in the water, that’s some potent stuff
    right there. Yeah that freezer died, oh shit, Ramon is
    sitting there like I love it, give me more. It’s the best! You got to see the shit we feed to the bulls. I can only imagine, you are sitting there
    smelling that. Oh my god I’m gonna puke in the water. And this was hands down my favorite moment
    of the entire trip, we are down there and nobody knew it was coming I am guessing except
    for Connor and Eli. Connor is one of the guys who is working on
    the boat and he has been snorkeling for a lot of the dives at the top with KJ, one of
    the other people on the boat. And he just free dived down, no tank of oxygen,
    hung out, waited to feed a Tiger Shark, chilled for a second, then took off. And it was just one of the more impressive
    things I have ever seen in the water.And again this is at the end of the dive when Eli has
    run out of fish and the tiger sharks just going to explore the divers to see who has
    the fish. He is kind of routing around going do you
    have the fish, do you have the fish, do you have the fish? Thats probably the most interaction I personally
    had with a Tiger Shark the entire trip. Just kind of pushing it off, when you are
    pushing it off you really do feel just how strong a thousand pound animal is. This is kind of cool, if you follow Eli on
    Facebook or YouTube, he recently put out a film of a compilation of Tiger Shark rolls
    that he has done. A couple he did from the Tiger Sharks point
    of view. That was one of the rolls that he used in
    that film. And if you are like me and have been watching
    his videos online for several years, That’s Mari his wife, she’s the one who has taken
    all the cool video footage that all of us watch online all the time. This dive I just happened to be right next
    to her so there is a lot of video footage of her catching all the stuff that we normally
    watch online. And again that’s Ramon, Eli’s good friend
    who works at Phantom Divers in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. He hand feeds Bull Sharks all the time. I have not done the dive yet, but you better
    believe, if not just to go visit Ramon again the next time I am in Mexico I’m gonna go
    hit up Phantom Divers at Playa Del Carmen. I think I might have gotten that. So we just completed day four of diving, and
    had four tiger sharks on the last one and it got a little crazy at the end. But everybody survived and we’re all good. I don’t know whats cooler? The fact that we have done 4, 8, 12, 14 dives
    already in 4 days, or just how insanely glass calm the ocean is. We are 25 miles from the Bahamas, and 44 miles
    from Florida, literally out in the middle of the ocean, and it’s been just about this
    calm the entire time. So are all you guys having a good trip so
    far or what? Celebration Happy Birthday, Yeah! T minus 2 minutes till cervezas, Yah! Bad Beat. Not gonna see another sunset. And again, just based on the size of that
    shark and her belly, that’s Emma. In case you really needed a reminder as to
    just how big Emma really is. And I am pretty sure that is Cinnamon there. I got the pleasure of naming Cinnamon, it
    was a new 14 foot female Tiger Shark that Eli had never seen before. She was named after a night of Cinnamon Toast
    Crunch shots the night before. So if you want to know how smart sharks are,
    Eli is no longer feeding, he switched places with Connor from the boat. But the sharks are still coming to Eli looking
    for the fish. The question is does he smell like fish, or
    do they recognize him? Yeah I just loved this dive, not only because
    we had Emma and Cinnamon, the two biggest Tiger Sharks in the entire trip together. But I really liked having the reef right there
    to the right, kind of kept everything a little more closer in, everybody was just a little
    more interactive with the sharks. We really got to see Cinnamon who was kind
    of the quote unquote wilder of all the sharks. She didn’t really know the jist, she hasn’t
    really worked with Eli a whole bunch in the past or some of the other shark feeders. So she was a little more on the wild side. So everybody was kind of obviously paying
    attention to Emma because she is so big, but paying attention to Cinnamon quite a bit more
    because in my head thats what a true wild Tiger Shark acts like. So I thought towards the end of this video
    here that I would just put some of the cooler rolls that Eli did with Tiger Sharks back
    to back, this is what I think is my best footage of the whole trip. And this was cool, on the last day of diving
    Eli let Ramon do some feeding of Tiger Sharks. Like I said Ramon is a bull shark feeder at
    Phantom Divers in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. But it was cool to watch him get a chance
    to feed and interact with Tiger Sharks as well. Is that what I think it is there? Right there. Tiger? I woulnd’t do that! It will come out! Yeah! Great trip, Oh it was awesome. Amazing. Beyond anything I could have imagined. Favorite Memory? When I was naked, at night. Sorry, oh sorry. We pinky swore on that! My favorite memory was Eli on top of Cinnamon
    and riding her like he was in the rodeo, riding a bull again with her thrashing back and forth
    and not moving at all and I was about four feet away from that. That was my memory cause as calm and as smooth
    and as easy as they move, you got to see what one looks like when she is pissed off. I think mine is just, and how crazy Eli is
    because he wouldn’t let go. Mine is just jumping the very first time in
    the water, and all you could see was sharks. That’s it. My favorite memory was a Tiger Shark went
    for me and I didn’t see him. So everything is fine. In the scheme of things thats beautiful. Actually you know what my favorite memory
    is, when I come back the third time.

    5 BEST GALACTIC REPUBLIC ships in Empire at War: Fall of the Republic
    Articles, Blog

    5 BEST GALACTIC REPUBLIC ships in Empire at War: Fall of the Republic

    January 26, 2020

    Hello everybody, my name is Charlie editor and co-host for x2. So with fall of the Republic just released I wanted to make a video on the top 5 ships for skirmish battles. So skirmish has gone through a change Compared to fall in to avenge where there is no longer 5 tech levels. It’s just free So you’re punished far less for taking up throughout the match and you get a lot more ships for your tech level so it’s more viable to tech up whether it be Immediately as you start the game or as you’ve just down a few of your your your asteroids So today I wanted to just explore these five ships from the top fifth to the best ship for Galactic Republic So let’s jump right into it. So number five is the praetor now you’d think the highest cost ship in this faction You just assume that be a lot higher up but unfortunately, not the good thing about a big ship is its fire output and Its general health. However, it isn’t such the case for this faction purely because a ship like this taking on an entire space station would take a lot longer and the Enemy would have a lot of time to build a defense To take this ship out now. It would really come down to how much Money the enemy has to take on the ship They don’t have anything then yet, you know like it’s pretty much a guaranteed loss and if you’re free of these it’s almost impossible to fight back on this just purely because of how much healthier has and How long it’s going to take you to dismantle all free to save your space station? However, these ships are really expensive. They are fifteen thousand credits So free of them is already quite unviable for a win condition. Unless you are just absolutely completely ahead Which to be honest, we’re not looking for ships that you should use when you already really ahead We’re looking at ships that can give you that edge Against the opponent. So the praetor prattled does come v There’s a multitude of reasons again like the health like the the power output like the fact that there is free Hardpoints for its engines which makes it pretty difficult to demobilize it but then again the ship is incredibly slow so it has to go around just purely because it’s such a big ship and again as you can tell it’s very slow and It’s it’s active. It’s active ability is boost weapon power. So there’s nothing here for mobility So that is why the Preto does come in at fifth just because of its Firepower and its health because if it’s large hit points and a few other things Fourth on our list is the appli mater – so the acclimated to is probably one of the better Acclimate us to get off the free so there are people that are new to the Mont Acclimates one is primarily a carrier loadout So something you’d very much see in front Revenge where it has a lot of Fighters spawn in And has a bit of firepower on it on itself Acclimated to as an has a few less carriers but a lot more firepower and acclimate our Assault loadout is just pretty much just a damaged ship. You don’t expect any of any fighters from that so As you can see here we’ve already spawned a fighter We do spawn some more over time, but it’s not as much as they’re the acclimated one now This is situational despite it being the fourth position I am gonna load in the carrier version with the acclimated to because it really just depends on Your situation do you need more fighters than the acclimate? Oh one might help you out there Have they got more capital ships the acclimated to might help you more there – the better thing about acclimated twos though Is that you are able to come in on the sidelines to take out your enemies? Asteroids this is really effective. It’s difficult to pull those ships out after you’ve Destroyed those asteroids. That’s why a lot of people use our cousins or or Gunships took up come in take out the asteroid and speed right out of there But the acclimatise can absolutely secure that if the enemy has some form of defense whether it be satellite Cetera, but for a map like this Both away. There’s not many satellites here to defend the space station. So Bringing in some acclimatise on this side To take out this asteroid is quite effective So with the acclimate irto especially having a damage output active. It’s really good for its money It’s definitely got a lot of power output. It can probably take on a lot of the opponent’s tier two ships without too much trouble so when you drop two or three of these it’s very difficult to fight back unless you’re at like a tech level three or Have a already Secured amount or a secured fleet on your asteroids, so moving along number three on the list number two no, yeah, you know number three number three on the list is the vanity Star Destroyer now the Venator Star Destroyer for 3500 credits is a brilliant ship. It spawns a lot of fighters and I mean a lot like this Is it better than an AK Lemaitre? carrier loadout it so you’ve got a lot of fighter support to protect the ship and the ship deals a lot of damage, so Unfortunately, the AI hasn’t really like thrown in any Capital ships for me to test this out on just purely fighters. But um, But the ship does a lot of damage especially with its power active So you can really hold down any tech level to ship that they may have and the best thing about this is because they are only three thousand five hundred you can bring in a swarm of these and Take out like a Luka Hulk. You could probably even take on a malevolence if you have enough so the you know, it’s a it’s a brilliant brilliant ship to have So I really recommend that if you are playing this faction you Should at least have two or three of these ships in on play They don’t take up a lot in PopCap. They do enormous amounts of damage their great carrier They’re an all-round really productive versatile ship so Again, definitely definitely have to have one of these ships Sorry two or three of these ships in your in your bowel so number two we have artisans ship I Might be pronouncing this wrong. So the artisans like cruiser this ship Does what I mentioned that the acclimate you can do a lot more effectively But you have to have make sure that you have one have enough of them and two you’re in and out, you know if they have defenses like missiles satellites that are surrounding the space station you may struggle especially if you’re trying to take out more than one asteroid the good thing about the ship is that you can literally waypoint yourself all the way in With maybe, two three four of these and Take out the asteroid within seconds and in be right out of there There’s nothing that the opponent can drop in time to counter it unless there’s already a fleet they’re waiting for them or You know, they have a few missile satellites to defend their asteroids. So again, if you feel like they are not fully protected at their space station or any other asteroid that you have knowledge is Not being protected. These guys can do a brilliant in-and-out hit job on any opponents asteroid on top of this the Damage output on these ships are really good for a tech level one. They can definitely take on Like some tech level two ships, they do need to be in bunches though on their own especially in early mid game you need to have a lot of these together, but because they are only I believe that they’re only 1400 credits it’s just worth it. Just spam a few of these down and get the job done. So the artisans voiced by the lovely shack from XP gamers gets the second place spot first place and This ship wins by a long shot is the Karelian gunship at eight hundred credits this ship is Immense the damage output the speed the size everything is In its favor and I would argue that in like a small group They will out damage even the artisans which is almost double the cost of this small ship So why this ship in particular? So at the moment there is Not much that can counter the ship So capital ships will struggle with this because because it is a gunship it’s focused on taking out larger capital ships and although it’s not much of an anti fighter because The amount of fighters and bombers are supposed to counter this That’s its strength because it cut is very costly To have fighters drop in on this ship so since our faction that we’re playing right now Doesn’t have a carrier at Tech level one This is why the ship somewhat exists. We have to take up to tech level two to hit the acclimate Er to start bringing in carriers. So the gunship is what you’d probably primarily use at Tech level one, but There’s just nothing that is viable to counter this you could bring in as many fighters as you want But you’ve already spent three times as much as the enemy that we have building out a fleet of these and It’s gonna take a while for those fighters to take down all of them one by one You need to have a big swarm of Fighters for this and it’s and it’s just frankly not worth the money So in some aspects, yes you are Not effective against these ships. So With the fact that there’s not much of a counter yet on these ships. We come to the firepower the firepower of these ships is just nuts, especially when you have about About eight of them together and you think it’s quite a lot. It’s eight eight hundred credits, you know like Five of these which will already do quite effective amounts of damage you’re looking at let me do my veil Don’t judge me. I’m bringing up the calculator So if you buy five of these already you already spent enough to get you know a Venator and then about five hundred credits more but I guarantee you that five of these will out damage your venator easy what I’m gonna do is show you exactly how the winner game we’ve maybe about ten of these maybe 10 to 15 of these are enough to win a game Yes, they may have build some defense against you. But by then you’ve already got some larger ships like benetiz and Acclimate us to take the hits for you and because this ship was so small. It’s really hard to hear especially for a space station So if I bring in maybe about like let’s go Midway. Let’s go thirteen And bring in like just ah just a few fighters so we’re gonna bring in some fighters and maybe about like 13 of these and I think that will be enough to take on the space station itself now We’ve got 10 here already, let me drop them. So again, like I said, ten fifteen that’s quite a lot, you know you’re talking eight thousand two you know twelve hundred credits that’s Getting to like crate or level level of cost a set cuter for sure So so why but you again eight hundred credits? so even if you’re in a pinch that you can still probably afford them and They build so fast So you can build a fleet of these very very quickly and and so quickly that is gonna take the enemy longer to get even maybe a Decent defense against it which is again a lot of fighters So I’m actually just gonna bring in one two, three, four five six, seven eight nine ten Eleven, I hope that’s lemon So I’m gonna bring these into the space station out, of course, they don’t have any defenses this is easy AI but I will show you just how quickly these guys will melt a space station like this So already you’re seeing the shield’s drop pretty quickly And like I said if you have these ships spread around the Space station and you’ve got a few act layers a few vendors Maybe you’ve got like a an even like a tech to Star Destroyer You’ve got something that takes the brunt of the damage the space station Is struggling to really do any damage to the front line of these core valiant gunships cuz they’re because they are so small so again You know the only way to really counter these Are like scarab bombers? Some some of the carriers that they have but they’re like 1600 Redditt and you’re gonna need a good chunk to them take these guys on and it’s it’s nothing, you know It’s nothing on Me to just keep building more to counter them. And again, they do have some anti fire ability anti fighter abilities So even then yeah a counter they can somewhat counter a little bit So again with ten of these and what the fighters just you know brainlessly running about not attacking while these are They’ve lost their shields Let me let me highlight these guys and let me let me target a full health hardpoint and done There we go fighter bake Done and this is just like we’ve got 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 minute. We’ve got 11 of these guys and I mean that cost me 8800 credits and there’s my wing condition, you know With ships like these it’s it’s very hard to justify Checking up to level 3 because you are better off buying these ships compared to a Texas Star Destroyer a sec youtr a Appraisal, you know like these ships will out gun any of those Because they don’t have the risk of a big ship So, you know you drop in a Star Destroyer you drop that die in wrong. You’ve just lost upwards of 7,500 credits because you’re splitting out the cost to about 5 8 10 13 ships you’re not at much of a risk, you know if you start to realize okay, I’m Not really winning this fight Just pull them back Full speed and you’ve got an effective getaway stardestroyers don’t have that luxury is and you know, depending on how you put them in you see for an all-in or safely shoot from a distance and and You know, you need to have a good fleet to do that With these guys not so much, you know, you can just pull them away and once you feel like you can’t enter back into the battle, you can just drag them back in I Should also mention that this is a turn on switch Actually just figure this out now there is no cooldown for their their boost engine powers, which is nuts to me. Actually the fact that They could just come in a full speed They get ready for the attack and then they can just turn off So they can increase their power after they’ve gotten into position. So these ships are Incredibly strong so, you know if you want to win a Few games against your friends without telling them how open these ships are give it a go The devs are aware of this we have talked to Cory And the team about about the ship In terms of balancing, they might have a bit of a reduction in power. I can’t go and see that I haven’t heard that but the reason they are so strong right now is that they don’t really have much of a Counter which they are going to introduce into skirmish Because you know like you would naturally build guzzanti cruisers against against The Karelian gun ships, but they aren’t really effective enough So that is where I will conclude the video I Hope you enjoyed this. This was really fun to make If you guys want me to cover more about the meta in skirmish for fall of the Republic France revenge I’d love to I don’t think there’s enough coverage of Skirmish personally, and I’d love to get more eyes on it compared to galactic conquest I Just feel like there’s so much To play with on a high speed meta based 1v1 skirmish battle so again, if you want more of these Let me know maybe the next video I can do it on Confederacy class so Yeah again, thank you so much my name is Ben Charlie this has been x2 and I will see you in the next video peace

    Pattern Fishing – Detroit River Walleye
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    Pattern Fishing – Detroit River Walleye

    January 26, 2020

    As a charter and a guide service, you really
    want to have the best fishing we possibly can for our customers. We really try and find patterns within patterns
    where we find fish that haven’t been touched yet. We’re on this stained mudline – we’re not
    in the really muddy water and we’re not in the really clean water. We’ve got pockets of mud and dirty water mixing in with
    that cleaner water. Those walleyes are sitting, and it’s a great
    ambush point for them. I’m never looking for the really, really clear
    water – I want a little bit of color to that water. Those walleyes feel secure down there, they
    feed well – they’re a low-light feeder anyway. It has been red-hot fishing. A lot of times, when you’re on a really hot
    bite, you’ll narrow it down on a drift. It’s kind of the pattern within the pattern. You’ll realize – hey, we caught all our fish
    in a 100 yard stretch or a 150 yard stretch. Sometimes it really pays to either keep
    going if you’re not getting bites or if they’re kind of staggered, but if you realize there’s
    a lot of hot action in one stretch just pull up the trolling motor, run up and make that
    short drift again. Keep refining that pattern and shortening
    and shortening the drift to really stay on top of those fish. We found an area, probably about 150 yards
    long, where we caught 8 fish in a matter of maybe 5 minutes. So, you know there’s definitely a lot of fish
    there. So, we’re going to run back up and hit that
    pod again. If you’re looking for a Captain or a Guide
    in the State of Michigan, please give Sport Fish Michigan a call, or check us out on the
    web at

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    January 26, 2020

    welcome to Miami Beach bienvenidos a la playa de Miami. Today we’re in Miami, a city that’s a melting pot of culture diversity food art and entertainment. Let’s go check it out. They have Art Deco walking tours here at 10:30 a.m. and Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. The architecture is one of the most unique highlights of Miami. Did you know that the Art Deco district in South Beach claims the largest concentration of 1920s and 1930s architecture in the world? Today South Beach is home to over 800 Art Deco structures. So we are walking down Collins Avenue and right here around 10th Street they have some of the most beautiful Art Deco architecture ever. These retro pastel colored buildings give the city its charm and have been featured in numerous movies including Scarface The Birdcage and bad boys 2. Not to be missed are their brightly colored lifeguard towers which you’ll find throughout Miami Beach and South Beach. And of course the highlight of Miami are the beaches which are cosmopolitan and tropical. In fact the water at Miami Beach is warm enough for swimming year-round. And if you love the look of these beaches as much as we do hit the like button down below! This is the Starlight Hotel Boulevard in the Colony Miami is one of the best cities for people-watching – you never know what you’ll find. It might even be the next undiscovered musician. Now we head to downtown Miami’s Museum Park to check out the Perez Art Museum. We are going to the Perez Museum. Miami! The Perez Art museum has a collection of modern and contemporary art as well as a terrace with beautiful Hanging Gardens the museum also houses interactive art works including Venezuelan artist Jesús Rafael Soto’s “penetrable”. This kinetic art piece explores movement in space and invites visitors to walk through and essentially complete the artwork. So we just finished up at the Perez Museum behind me and right here you can see the road that takes you to South Beach and then look at all these beautiful yachts and the cruise ships are right here now we head to the nearby Coconut Grove neighborhood of Miami to visit one of the most elegant old-world estates we have reached the Vizcaya museum and gardens. This is a little bit south of the downtown lush gardens. Vizcaya is a little taste of the Great Gatsby life in Miami it was built between 1914 and 1922 admission tickets $18 for adults so James Deering was the winner of this beautiful house and he lived here during the winter months. In the early 1900s and he made his money producing farming machinery these murals here and then check out the ceiling and the floor Vizcaya is noteworthy for adapting historic European aesthetics to South Florida’s subtropic region and they enclosed this part due to humidity and this museum became public in 1952. So I’m at the Vizcaya right now this is the facade of the building and then behind me you can see the ocean. My favorite part of Vizcaya are these beautiful gardens – look at these turrets and everything you see here they used local coral stone which ages very quickly and creates this really cool antique look. The estate is a total of 50 acres of which 10 acres contain Italian Renaissance formal gardens, The gardens here are one of the most picturesque spots in Miami but be sure to watch out for unexpected showers. It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring. [music] all that rain brought out some of the most unusual critters there’s crab right here on that note we’re out of here but be sure to stay tuned and subscribe because coming up next the Wynwood Walls and little Havana you don’t want to miss it!

    Lunar New Year: New Premium Ships | World of Warships
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    Lunar New Year: New Premium Ships | World of Warships

    January 26, 2020

    When the heroes
    approached the river, and its other side
    couldn’t be seen, Xuanzang said to Sun Wukong
    and Zhu Bajie: You need to find a vessel
    so that we can cross the river. The jolly sorcerer swung
    his nine-tooth rake and said: I’ll head downriver. A river brings everything
    to its estuary. He said this
    because he was lazy, and wanted to travel
    with the river’s flow. The Monkey King answered: I’ll head upstream. Vessels are brought to the river’s estuary
    from its source. So the heroes went
    in opposite directions. Some time had passed
    before Zhu Bajie found a big ship, named her Bajie after himself,
    and returned to Xuanzang with her. Sun Wukong was already waiting for him
    there with his fast ship, Wukong. They argued about
    which ship was better. The sorcerer praised his ship’s
    powerful guns and secondary armament, while the Monkey King bragged about
    his ship’s fast reloading speed and deepwater torpedoes. Xuanzang told them: Head into battle and find out
    which ship is better. So that’s what they did, and they
    have been seeking the answer ever since. Let me check that for myself.

    Progreso (Yucatán) Cruise Port Guide: Public Beach On Your Own
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    Progreso (Yucatán) Cruise Port Guide: Public Beach On Your Own

    January 26, 2020 The city of Progreso is located on the North
    side of Mexico’s Yucatán peninsula. In this video, we’ll show you how to travel
    from your cruise ship to Progreso’s public beach on your own, free of charge. Cruise ships visiting Progreso dock at what
    is touted as the longest pier in the world; a 4-mile stretch of road that was built to
    accommodate the arrival of larger ships. After you exit your ship and walk a short
    distance along the pier, you’ll quickly find a large gift shop and the nearby gathering
    location for cruise passengers taking ship-sponsored excursions. Several excursions are available, including
    visits to the nearby Mayan ruins, adventure sports, food tours, and all-inclusive beach
    experiences. To begin your do-it-yourself beach adventure,
    walk through the large gift shop that is the anchor store for the pier’s sizeable shopping
    area. The area beyond the gift shop features a large
    bar and several shops. Public restrooms are available if you want
    to stop before heading to the beach. The pathway through the shopping area is easy
    to navigate and a number of posted signs help direct you to the pickup area for the free
    shuttle service, which is provided by the local shore excursion company, Autoprogreso
    Tours. There are a good number of shuttles that make
    the trip from the cruise port center into town and back again. Shuttles run every 20 minutes, so if a shuttle
    just left, you might have a bit of a wait. Take note of the last shuttle time, so you
    can plan your beach time accordingly. For our cruise, it was one hour before our
    ship’s departure time. As the shuttle makes the roughly 15-minute
    drive along the pier, you won’t have much of a view due to the large stacks of concrete
    blocks located on the side of the road. However, as the shuttle crosses the bridge
    and approaches the shore, you will be able to see the public beach on the left side and
    we suggest taking a look to help you get your bearings as the shuttle heads into town. The free shuttle trip ends at one of two drop-off
    locations. Our shuttle dropped off at a terminal three
    blocks from the beach, but some of the shuttles drop off at a market located closer to the
    beach. When you arrive at the shuttle drop-off, an
    Autoprogreso Tours representative will provide an overview of the tours the company offers. Among them was a tour of the city of Progreso
    which — at the time of our sailing in the Summer of 2018 — cost $9 per person. The shuttle terminal we were dropped off at
    has a sizeable market adjacent to the terminal and — just outside — a double decker bus
    which also provides tours of the city of Progreso for a fare of $5 per person. After exiting your shuttle drop-off location,
    head toward the beach you saw from the shuttle on the way into town. You’ll find plenty of shopping opportunities
    along the way and around the beach area. The Progreso beach itself features white sand
    and water that stays relatively shallow for a long distance from the shore, which is why
    the pier is so long. There are numerous vendors selling blow-up
    pool toys, fresh fruit, ice cream, hats, clothes, souvenir trinkets, and more. Additionally, during our visit, several vendors
    offered 45-minute massages on the beach for $10. Thatched-roof restaurants and bars are also
    located nearby. It should be noted that Progreso is an economically
    depressed area and many vendors will relentlessly promote the items they have for sale. Though they were generally friendly and politely
    accepted a stern “No, thank you,” the sheer number of times we were approached by
    vendors exceeded anything we’ve ever experienced.

    The Midsize Cruise Ships with “Big” Features
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    The Midsize Cruise Ships with “Big” Features

    January 26, 2020

    You’d be hard-pressed to find a more successful class of ships than Carnival’s Fantasy Class. Carnival Elation was the second-last Fantasy Class ship to set sail back in 1998, and Carnival has recently given it a major makeover … … that even includes the addition of new balcony staterooms. One of the best things about these Fantasy Class ships is that they are big, but easy to navigate. Frequent cruisers will appreciate the lengths that Carnival went to on Elation’s recent refit. Staterooms were completely refreshed with a newer, more modern look … … while public rooms still (for the most part) display their Joe Farcus-designed whimsy. The Cole Porter Club Lounge aft on Deck 9 serves as the venue for Carnival’s popular Punchliner Comedy Club… … while the Jekyll and Hyde Dance Club farther forward is the place to be in the wee hours of the morning. There are a lot of gracious spaces on these early Fun Ships, like Gatsby’s Great Bar, which has a staircase leading into the aft dining room … … making it a convenient place for that pre-dinner cocktail. Passenger corridors were completely-redone … … along with both of the ship’s main dining rooms, the Imagination and Inspiration. Located on Deck 8, these two rooms now have a much more modern look and feel that cruisers will no doubt love. Also worth loving is the vast amount of open deck space on Carnival Elation’s upper decks. Pool decks are fun and comfortably busy throughout the day … … and it is never too hard to find a quiet place to take in the ocean views. With plenty of interesting bars and lounges … … and a recent refit that has left it sparkling like new … … Carnival Elation is a great, midsize cruise ship that won’t break the bank. Another venerable mid-1990s favorite is Holland America Line’s Veendam. Like all Holland America ships, Veendam is perfect for those who like plenty of little nice touches … … and a classic onboard ambiance. Updated since its launch back in 1996, Veendam holds under 1,500 passengers … … meaning there are very few times that you won’t find your favorite seat at the Ocean Bar. The Crow’s Nest is hopping well after midnight … … and the midships Lido Pool is always a hub of activity during the day. Veendam and its sister Maasdam (along with near-sisters Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Volendam and Zaandam) … … have a fantastic amount of open deck space. You can even walk right out onto Veendam’s bow when conditions permit. Inside, Veendam is all class. The ship boasts some new Holland America Line features like the popular America’s Test Kitchen … … which transformed the old theater into a cooking class studio. Veendam still boasts plenty of cool classic cruising staples, like the Crow’s Nest Lounge … … and Holland America’s signature dual-level Rotterdam Dining Room. The main show lounge has a dinner theater quality to it… … while the Pinnacle Grill specialty restaurant has one of the brightest and most commanding locations in the fleet. Veendam is that rare mix of a ship, one that offers great personal space with no shortage of fun things to do. Also in that category is Princess Cruises’ beautiful Coral Princess. Carrying just 2,000 guests, its staterooms and suites are standard Princess … … but its spacious and unique interiors set her apart. At the heart of the ship is a glittering multi-story atrium … … that gives way to inviting and spacious public rooms. It’s no wonder that Coral Princess frequently makes its home in beautiful destinations like Alaska, what with its window-lined public rooms. Crooner’s Bar, right of the atrium, is a popular spot for people-watching … … while the Explorer’s Lounge is a true Princess hallmark of entertainment. The International Café was added a few years back to provide caffeinated delights … … while the Princess Theater puts on Broadway-style revues. The solarium-style Lotus Pool, however, might be among the prettiest in the Princess fleet. Another Princess staple is the Wheelhouse Bar … … perfect for a nightcap. Also refitted a few years ago is the Horizon Court buffet, which on Coral Princess and its sister Island Princess is located all the way forward on Deck 14. Coral Princess, like the other midsized ships shown here, is a great choice for folks who like to have lots and lots of open deck space. It even features Movies Under the Stars … … and has plenty of spots for scenic cruising. Sometimes, the ship has to take a backseat to the scenery outside … … which is why Coral Princess has a full 360-degree wraparound promenade deck. Sadly, Island Princess no longer offers this after a refit removed the aft portion of the deck. This wide, open promenade deck is the perfect place to relax while cruising Alaska’s Inside Passage. Even on a foggy day … … Coral Princess is a ship that doesn’t fail to impress. Our final ship is a veritable “blast from the past,” a ship that was once the largest in the world and is now delightfully midsized. Celestyal Olympia started life in 1982 as Royal Caribbean’s Song of America … … and today it sails happily in the Eastern Mediterranean and Greek Islands. While you won’t find many balconies aboard Celestyal Olympia, it offers a great classic cruise experience on a ship that is still as charming as ever. Celestyal Olympia operates port-intensive itineraries in the Mediterranean … … but that doesn’t mean it’s lacking in the amenities department. Out on deck you’ll find the Thalassa Bar, located just aft of the ship’s radar mast. Another almost open-air space is the Leda buffet on Deck 9 aft, which offers casual breakfast, lunch and dinner. Celestyal Olympia has an unusually large pool deck, which is great for the on-deck buffets that Celestyal frequently hosts. It also has one very distinct feature: when Royal Caribbean sold the ship, they left the original Viking Crown Lounge intact. Today it serves as an observation lounge and remains as popular as ever. Another wonderful holdout from the ship’s Royal Caribbean days is the Argo Bar … … which you might remember as the Schooner Bar. This space was originally part of the Casino when Song of America was built … … and an indoor cinema took the space that is now occupied by the ship’s casino. This room, originally created by Royal Caribbean in the 1990s, still has a sort of whimsical 1980s feel to it that, with the advent of shows like “Stranger Things,” almost seems like an appropriate throwback. Other spaces onboard have a newer, more contemporary look, like the Eclipse Lounge and Bar on Deck 6. The former Oklahoma Lounge is now … … the Selene Lounge and Bar. While Celestyal offers a full menu of drinks, be sure to try out the local Greek specialties that go far beyond ouzo. Another bonus: Some of Celestyal’s cruises even include tiered drink packages. Late night feasts … … accompany earnest performances in the Muses Lounge and Bar. Staterooms are on the basic but comfortable side … … and are actually quite cozy. Throughout the ship, Celestyal’s crew do their best to make everything sparkle … … both inside and out. Celestyal Olympia is a comfortable, excellent midsize ship for those who like their cruises with plenty of character. In fact, the entire Celestyal fleet is composed of older ships that are a great choice for those who don’t feel like sailing with 6,000 other people. Celestyal Olympia is proof that some of the best aspects of cruising really are timeless.

    London River Cruise
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    London River Cruise

    January 26, 2020

    River cruises along the River Thames are popular
    and expensive. Taking a regular blue and white river bus
    and downloading this video guide is a less costly option. Board the boat at Westminster pier which is
    located beside Westminster Bridge just across the road from Big Ben’s clock tower and a
    short distance from Westminster underground station. Across the river, County Hall was home to
    the Greater London Council until disbanded by Margaret Thatcher’s government in 1986.
    The building now houses the London Dungeon and Sea Life Aquarium. Next to it, the other side of the bridge,
    St Thomas’s Hospital, where Florence Nightingale once worked, has been healing the sick since
    the 12th century. The big wheel, known as The London Eye, was
    opened on New Year’s Eve 1999 and rotates about once every thirty minutes. From the
    top it is possible to see 30 miles in all directions on a clear day. The 32 pods represent
    the 32 boroughs of London. Opposite it, on the same side of the river
    as Westminster Pier, The Ministry of Defense building stands on the former site of Whitehall
    Palace, inhabited by the kings and queens of England until most of it it burned down
    in 1698. Happily the wine cellar commissioned by Henry the Eighth is still intact. At the waters edge, the stone pylon topped
    by a golden eagle is a memorial to Royal Air Force wartime casualties. The next building, Whitehall Court, is a favourite
    with photographers. Ahead, Hungerford Bridge carries trains serving
    the South East of England into Charing Cross Station. Footbridges attached to either side are known
    as the Jubilee Bridges. They were opened in 2002, fifty years after Elizabeth the Second
    became queen. Embankment Pier, where the boat usually stops,
    is situated close to the underground station of the same name. The tree lined Embankment makes for a pleasant
    riverside walk. Most of the gardens on the other side of the road reached down to the
    water’s edge until 1865 when it was built. The project involved incorporating a road
    with a railway beneath. In recent years a cycle super highway has been added. Across the river from the pier, where the
    Lion Brewery once stood, the Royal Festival Hall was built for the Festival of Britain
    in 1951. Next to it, along the South Bank, The Queen
    Elizabeth Hall is a typical example of brutalist architecture. It incorporates the smaller
    Purcell Room which serves niche interests such as Chamber Music, Jazz, Poetry Recital
    and Mime. Meanwhile, just along from the Embankment
    Pier, Cleopatra’s Needle, the oldest point of interest on this cruise, was presented
    to the British by the ruler of Egypt in 1819 and shipped to the UK on a pontoon in 1877.
    Delivery was delayed because the British Government, although gracious enough to accept the gift,
    was unwilling to pay for its’ transportation to London. Inland, art deco Shell Mex House, built for
    a petroleum company, lies close to the Savoy Hotel, a bastion of luxury opened in 1889
    and paid for by income gleaned from performances of Gilbert and Sullivan operas staged in London.
    One of it’s first managers, Cesar Ritz later opened his own hotel. Next, Waterloo Bridge, opened in 1817, two
    years after the Battle of Waterloo. It was rebuilt by a predominantly female workforce
    during the 2nd World War and because of this it is sometimes known as the Ladies Bridge. The Tower Lifeboat Station, as with all lifeboat
    stations around Britain, is funded by public donation and manned by volunteers. Across the road beyond it, Somerset House
    occupies the site of a former Tudor Palace commissioned by the Duke of Somerset, brother
    of Henry the eighth’s third wife, Jane Seymour. Unfortunately he was executed at the Tower
    of London before it was completed. Over the river, it’s possible to undertake
    a guided tour of the National Theatre, arguably good value given that there are three permanent
    stages. ITV News is broadcast from the tower block
    beside it. Moored alongside the Embankment, the HMS Wellington,
    which once saw action during the second world war, is now the headquarters of the Honourable
    Company of Master Mariners. Standing almost anonymously on the bank beside
    it, a small arch commemorates the Silver Jubilee of King George V’s reign. As the boat approaches Blackfriars Bridge
    it passes the Oxo Tower, the windows of which were cunningly designed in the form of a company
    logo to overcome a ban on illuminated advertising. Soon after, Sea Containers House is followed
    by the Doggett’s Coat and Badge pub which is named after the world’s oldest rowing race
    held annually on the River Thames. Slightly inland, the tall glassy building,
    Number One Blackfriars, is better known to most Londoners as The Vase. Opposite, a short distance before the Victoria
    Embankment finishes by Blackfriars Bridge, the former City of London School, once a prolific
    producer of Members of Parliament, and Sion College, now converted into offices, are adjacent
    to art deco Unilever House whose curved facade follows the contour of the road. Blackfriars Bridge was opened by Queen Victoria
    in 1869. Just through it the red columns are all that remain of a former rail bridge dismantled
    in 1985. A second railway bridge, built in 1886, is
    now incorporated into Blackfriars station where the platforms extend out over the river. After the bridges, former Bankside power station,
    with it’s tall brick chimney, features on the right bank. Now the Tate Modern, it is
    an extremely popular and free art gallery. Beyond it, the unmissable 92 story high Shard,
    becomes increasingly prominent. The pedestrian Millennium Bridge, the first
    new bridge across the River Thames in London for more than 100 years, was closed a few
    hours after first opening because structural problems resulted in a severe wobble. Since
    then it has been known as the wibbly wobbly bridge. A multi million pound revamp has,
    we are told, rendered it safe. To the left, riverside City of London School
    was, of course, formally located the other side of Blackfriars Bridge. Behind it,
    domed St Paul’s Cathedral, completed in 1710, took 35 years to build. Not far from the Tate Modern, the Globe Theatre,
    modeled on the original used by William Shakespeare in the early 17th century, specialises in
    productions of the great bards works. It’s basically an open air theatre with very little
    roof covering so maybe best avoided on rainy days. Ahead and to the left, the tall buildings
    of London’s financial centre which include the Gherkin and Walkie Talkie will feature
    on the skyline throughout the remainder of this cruise. The journey continues towards Southwark Bridge,
    London’s least used bridge. Just past it, the Anchor Public House, from
    where Samuel Pepys watched the Great Fire of London, was also frequented by William
    Shakespeare and Samuel Johnson, compiler of the first serious English Dictionary. There
    has been a pub here for more than 800 years. Next is a bridge carrying trains into Canon
    Street Station which like Charing Cross Station back by Hungerford Bridge also serves the
    South East of England. After passing beneath it look right to see
    a replica of the Golden Hinde in dry dock. Sir Francis Drake, hailed as a pirate by the
    Spanish, sailed round the world in the original from 1577 to 1580. This replica has completed
    the same feat. The church just beyond, parts of which date
    from the 12th Century, was upgraded to become Southwark Cathedral in 1905. There is no charge
    for admission. London Bridge ahead, although not particularly
    impressive, was the first bridge to span the river into London. Originally constructed
    in 55 AD, it’s been replaced a number of times since. Through it, almost immediately to the left,
    The Monument, built to commemorate the Great Fire of 1666, and St Magnus the Martyr Church,
    which was the entry to the bridge until 1831, can be seen fleetingly between riverside buildings. A little further on the arched facade of Billingsgate,
    once home to the world’s largest fish market which closed in 1982, is followed by the old
    Customs House. The Pool of London, the stretch of water downstream
    from London Bridge, is where most ships unloaded their cargo when London was a thriving port.
    Activity more or less ceased by the 1960’s after the advent of shipping containers and
    the area was redeveloped mainly for residential use. Many of today’s river side apartments
    are actually converted warehouses. There is a hefty charge to visit the viewing
    platform on the 72nd floor of The Shard. Across the river the Walkie Talkie also has a viewing
    platform called the Sky Garden. Not as high but high enough and it’s free. Book a visit
    via the web site. HMS Belfast, a warship which saw active service
    during the second world war, is now a popular floating museum. It was built at the Harland
    and Woolf Shipyard in Belfast. And so was the Titanic. Just beyond, before Tower Bridge, the roundish
    glass building is City Hall. On the opposite bank, construction of the
    more famous Tower of London started around 1078, a few years after the Norman conquest.
    It has been expanded, upgraded and refurbished ever since. Formerly a royal residence, it
    has also been used as a prison, treasury, armoury, zoo and public records office. Now
    one of London’s top tourist attractions where the crown jewels are on display, it is home
    to half a dozen or so ravens and, if rumour is to be believed, several ghosts. Tower Bridge, which some visitors mistakenly
    think is London Bridge, opened 1894 and is the last completely new road bridge to have
    been built across the River Thames in London. It opens about a thousand times each year.
    To know when, consult the timetable on line. This cruise finishes at the Tower Millennium
    Pier near the Tower of London. Some boats continue to Greenwich, a UNESCO
    World Heritage Site, which some passengers may wish to visit. The Old Royal Naval College there, designed
    by Christopher Wren, is free to enter. The Queen’s House, designed by Inigo Jones,
    was completed in 1635. The queen was Anne of Denmark, wife of James I. Again, entry
    is free. There is also no charge to enter the National
    Maritime Museum, the largest of it’s kind in the United Kingdom. Taking a walk up the hill to The Royal Observatory
    is rewarded by some rather nice views over London. For keen shoppers there are a couple of fairly
    decent markets while gastronomes may be interested in visiting one of the few remaining shops
    selling Pie and Mash, once a staple meal of London’s East End. And, of course, unmissable beside the river,
    the famous Cutty Sark was built specifically to bring tea from China. As well as returning from Greenwich by boat,
    it’s also possible to return to central London aboard one of the driverless trains of the
    Docklands Light Railway. Head for Tower Gateway Station which is just across the road from
    the Tower of London.

    Farms under the sea could feed the world in 2050
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    Farms under the sea could feed the world in 2050

    January 26, 2020

    This small mussel farm off the coast of California is a window into the future of feeding the planet. – You can feed a vast majority of the world’s populations on mussels alone. Earth’s population is growing so fast that we’ll need to produce more food in the next 50 years than we’ve raised in the last 10,000. – People are really actively looking towards the ocean for the future. Oceans cover more than two thirds of the earth’s surface. But right now, they produce just 2% of our food. – You can’t take any more fish out of the ocean. You’ve got to grow it. Phil Cruver is part of a new wave of entrepreneurs proving ocean farms can help feed the world without destroying the environment. I’m Erik Olsen. This is Quartz. – This is historic. It will be the first time we’ve had a harvest in U.S. federal waters in the United States in history. Phil Cruver started and sold several tech businesses before deciding to farm the waters off of Los Angeles. – The carrying capacity out here is just enormous. Right now, the mussels caught at the Catalina Sea Ranch are just a tiny 100 acre experiment. – We’re starting off with mussels as our cash crop because they don’t get disease, there’s a lot less risk factors, they grow faster. Currently, almost all the food we eat comes from the land, but that’s resource intensive. – 29% of the Earth’s surface is land and 40% of that arable land, we produce food on. That’s immense amounts of space for something that we could do in a much smaller amount of space in the ocean. Growing food on land is also a dirty business. Worldwide, livestock accounts for about 15% of human induced greenhouse gas emissions. It’s also very inefficient and expensive. – It requires anywhere between six to seven pounds of feed to get out one pound of cow, right. And so that requires an immense amount of water and land and other resources. So many are looking to the sea to help feed the world. But overfishing has left much of the oceans pushed to their biological limits. We are at a point now that scientists call ‘Peak Fish’. – So ‘Peak Fish’ means when did we get to a point where we no longer were able to take more out of the ocean. – But the amount of fish we’re catching is plateauing. The oceans aren’t getting any cleaner. We have enough fishing boats, we have way too many fishing boats out there right now. Most of the fish that’s farmed at the moment are finfish like salmon and carp. They’re fed with a diet of fish lower in the food chain, which means more fishing is needed to feed the fish we eat. Nearly one-third of the global marine fish catch goes to feed farmed fish. – Right now, they’re getting it at as low as one to one. So one pound of feed for one pound of fish. That’s a lot better than land animals, but mussels can do even better. You don’t have to feed them at all. They just filter their food from the water. – Mussels are good to farm for a variety of reasons. First, a lot of the things you associate with bad farming on land — cramped quarters, use of questionable foods, use of different chemicals — you don’t need that for mussels. Mussels like tight spaces, they don’t need a lot of antibiotics, and they don’t need any food. They can also clean up the water. Ryan Bigelow runs operations for Seafood Watch, a Monterey Bay Aquarium program that promotes sustainable seafood. He says aquaculture, especially with shrimp and salmon, has had a bad reputation for pollution spreading disease and other environmental impacts. In some countries, these remain big problems, but new companies are showing it can be done well. – Fish farming is by no means a perfect business. There have been issues in the past with everything from escapes to pollution, to the destruction of mangroves. And some of those things still do happen. But the difference now between aquaculture, even 15, 20 years ago, is that they’re our best performers. And aquaculture has a lot of room to grow in the U.S. – So right now, 90% of all aquaculture happens in Southeast Asia. China is 60% of that production. Norway and Chile are some of the largest finfish producers in the world for Atlantic Salmon. A big reason is regulations. The U.S. hasn’t allowed aquaculture in federal waters. Until now. Phil thinks that means there’s a huge opportunity here. Several companies are already planning to open aquaculture farms in California, waiting to see if he’s successful. Today’s harvest is small, just 1000 pounds. Back at the pier in Los Angeles Harbor the mussels go directly to a seafood distributor and then to fish markets around Southern California, ending up on people’s plates. But for this kind of farming to feed the world, it has to overcome another challenge. – People have to want to eat mussels. And especially in the U.S. they don’t really. – Perception, a lot of people asked they said, “What is it for, bait?” They don’t understand the nutrition and the tastiness of mussels. So it’s gonna be a big branding challenge. We need Leonardo DiCaprio to eat a pizza with mussels on it, rather than sausage, showing the sustainability. But even without Leo, tastes may be changing. – At least in the last I’d say 12 to 14 months, customer requests for mussels, like these, have almost tripled. Mike Ungaro is selling Phil’s mussels at his market. – So we are now seeing a huge increase in the demand, and to have a locally sourced product like this that’s high quality and literally right off the coast, I think customers are going to go crazy for it. Feeding the planet’s next two billion people will mean changing where we farm and how we farm. It will require new technology and better tools, and an open mind to trying new food. Hey, I’m Preeti Varathan with Quartz. So, are you ready to eat more mussels to save the environment? Let us know in the comments, And subscribe to the Quartz channel for more videos like this one.

    Must-Know Tips For Bass Fishing On Riprap Banks | Bass Fishing
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    Must-Know Tips For Bass Fishing On Riprap Banks | Bass Fishing

    January 26, 2020

    Hey folks! Glenn May here at and today
    I’m out here fishing riprap! Why would you think I want to fish a bunch
    of rocks? Well, let me tell you what. Rocks, riprap, can be productive year-round. It’s a simple fact. The rocks…algae collects on the rocks and
    organic material will fall down in between the cracks and crevices of the rocks. This in turn attracts crawdads, insects, bait
    fish. It’s a buffet for the bass. And it’ll happen year-round, even in the winter
    time. You get a few warm, sunny days, it’ll warm
    up these rocks and that’ll get the whole ecosystem going even if the water temp is in the 40s. Okay, so riprap, if you have it in your lake,
    you gotta fish it. As a matter fact, you can find them anywhere. You can find them in dams like this, or you
    can find them along roadbeds. You can find them…homeowners will use riprap
    to prevent erosion of their property. Even marinas and other areas, you’ll find
    riprap pretty much everywhere. So if you find them, stop and fish them. Definitely. The different ways to fish them, I want to
    get in to that. I’m gonna talk about how to fish them effectively
    and how to find the hot spots within riprap. Before I put my boat into the riprap…a little
    bit of waves here coming in. First of all, how are we gonna fish it? The most effective way, or the most common
    way to fish riprap is with crankbaits, deep diving crank baits. What you want is the crankbait to bounce off
    that riprap. You want it to hit it and ricochet off of
    it. What happens is that when that crankbait hits
    it it, stops momentarily, and then fires off in an odd direction before it slows down back
    to its normal speed. That odd behavior, that erratic behavior,
    that’s often what triggers a bite. See bass, they’re pre-programmed by nature
    to attack injured and disoriented bait fish. And that’s exactly what it mimics when you’re
    bouncing it off the rocks. That’s the primary way of fishing riprap. There’s a couple other baits that work really
    well though. Spinnerbaits, for example. Love fishing spinnerbaits on riprap. And here’s the thing, see I’m…like I said,
    I’m standing in 12 feet of water, sure, throw a spinnerbait in 12 feet of water, that works
    fine, but don’t be swayed by that. Look at this, you can see this riprap here
    has sort of a gradual slope to it. Makes total sense if I’m standing in 12 feet
    of water to fish a spinner bait, but don’t be swayed by that. A lot of riprap that I fish also is just straight
    up and down, almost straight up and down. I’ll be standing this far away from the shoreline,
    but I’ll be standing say in 20 or 30 feet of water. Spinnerbaits still work really well for that
    situation. Here’s why. First of all, I throw the spinnerbait right
    up near the rocks as close as I can. You want to though a short underhand cast,
    nice soft presentation. The reason being is bass, so they’re ambush. They like to ambush bait fish and if you can
    get bait fish near the surface of the water, then they can’t escape. So that’s a place where the bass will want
    to go. Well, if the water, where the water meets
    the shoreline, now you’ve got the surface and a physical barrier, now the bait fish
    are trapped. So even if I’m standing in 20, 30 feet of
    water, if I can get that spinnerbait right up to that intersection, often times the bass
    are there, they’re in 6, 8 feet of water, 6, 8 inches of water, excuse me. I’ll cast up there and I’ll get whacked within
    2 to 3 turns of the handle even though I’m standing in deep water. So don’t be afraid to throw spinnerbaits,
    but you got to get them right up near the rocks. Don’t throw overhand casts, because if you
    hit the rocks you’ll be liable to bust up you’re spinnerbait. Nice, soft underhand cast, that’s the presentation
    you want. Now, line. Let’s talk about line for a second. I like to use Seaguar Tatsu fluorocarbon line
    for those types of baits because it’s abrasion resistant. This bait that…the lines gonna be draped
    over the rocks. It’s gonna get nicked and frayed, but with
    fluorocarbon it’s much more apt to withstand all of that abuse. Even in, you know, monofilament, copolymor
    doesn’t stand up as well. Braid on the other hand, sounds like a great
    choice. I wouldn’t use it. Braid is funny. It’s really strong when you’re throwing it
    in vegetation, throwing it around wood and pilings, that sort of thing. But riprap is braid’s kryptonite. Braid tends to get tore up and shredded by
    the riprap, so it’s not a good choice to use. That’s why I’m using fluorocarbon. It’s strong, sensitive, it’s gonna handle
    the abuse. Other baits that are really good to use on
    riprap, top water. Definitely you want to throw top water, especially
    in the warmer months in the low light conditions. Buzz baits, poppers, you know, anything like
    that. Those are the baits you wanna be throwing
    that can be a heck of a lot of fun. You can have a hay day catching fish off top
    water during those times of the year. Let’s talk a little bit about baits that fall. We’ve talked about horizontal baits. They work really well. The vertical baits, that’s a little bit different. Sometimes the bass, they don’t want those
    horizontal baits, but to fish vertical takes a little bit more patience and work in riprap. The easiest one to throw is like a Senko type
    bait or a Savage Gear Armor tube. Those work really well. They’re weightless, they glide across the
    top of the rocks, they’re not going to get hung up in there. But if you’re fishing something with a weight
    on it, say a jig…Texas rig baits is a good example, with that bullet head sinker. I’m telling you what, man, that’s like Velcro
    to rocks. That bullet head, as soon as it touches the
    rocks, it gets wedged in between those crack and crevices and it’s not coming out. You’re going to get really, really frustrated
    fishing those, you know, darter heads, anything with that kind of cone shaped weight to it. Don’t even bother using those in riprap. Even shaky heads can get stuck in the rocks. But football head jigs, those are a little
    bit better. They don’t get hung up as much, but it depends
    on the type of riprap. They get hung up on more types of riprap than
    the other. I find that in the smaller chunk riprap they
    get hung up a lot more than in the bigger boulders like this. You’re just going to have to experiment. But what works really well? There’s a couple of rigs that work really
    well, with weights on them, that I find that don’t get hung up as much. First off is a split shot rig. Split shot rig, by it’s nature, you’re not
    lifting and dropping it down like the other rigs. So it’s not going to settle down into the
    rocks as much. You actually are gliding that along. You’re moving that bait along the top of the
    rocks. And this weight, you see the shape of it? The weight is cylindrical. and it’s between
    you and the bait. So as you’re bringing it across the rocks,
    it’s actually gliding horizontally across the tops of the rocks. That’s what you want. It’s not going to get hung up as much. It will get hung up, but not as much as some
    of the other rigs. Also, another bait that works really well
    is the tube jig, but specifically if you have the tube rigged like this with the jig inside
    the tube. That’s what you want. That doesn’t get hung up as much. I don’t know exactly why. I really can’t tell you why, I don’t know
    for sure but I’ve fished it a lot in the rocks. It gets hung up every now and then but not
    as much as some of those other rigs. Alright, we’ve talked about some of the baits
    to use, some of the rigs to use, now let’s talk about how to find those hot spots in
    riprap. Look at this! Look at how long this is. This is a long, long stretch of riprap. This is only a piece of it! I’m actually fishing on of the largest man-made
    dams in the U.S. It goes for over 3 1/2 miles long. So how do you find the hot spots in a long
    stretch like that? Well, if you take a look, look see, we’re
    not looking 3 1/2 miles down this stretch. It actually turns at some point. Well, that’s the first thing you wanna look
    for. Look for any sort of anomalies where it bends,
    it turns, little points come out, little curves. Those little stretches, those can be hot spots. Also, you know, this isn’t completely even
    all the way across. They bring in these big dump trucks and drop
    all of these rocks into place. So it’s uneven. There are little small points and pockets
    along the way. Those can be hot spots as well. There will also sometimes be big chunk rocks
    intermixed with little ones. So the big rocks, the bass like to sit up
    on those rocks and ambush the prey that I told you about. So if you find anything like that with big
    rocks in there, definitely you want to fish them. Other spots. Sometimes on riprap, not on this one that
    I’m fishing but in other places that I’ve fished, water is on each side, each side of
    the road. Well, the engineers will put culverts in between. Well those culverts, they act just like little
    highways. The bass will sit up on those and they’ll
    ambush the bait fish coming in and out of those culverts. Think about the bottom, too. The bottom contour, it’s not even. Along riprap, this one gets really deep in
    some spots, up to 100 feet deep, but on other areas it’s shallower where actually, where
    the rocks meet where the bottom is. Watch that. Sometimes you’ll see the different shift from,
    say 8 feet to 6 feet or 9 feet to 4 feet. Those bottom shifts, those can be hot spots
    as well. And on the shallower ones, sometimes weeds
    will grow up right up to to the rocks. Now you’ve got an edge. You’ve got a place where the rock meets the
    bottom where the weeds are at. Nice. Okay, you want to fish that. Especially if you’ve got a contour change
    right in with that. Definitely can be a real hot spot. So, how do you find these things? Well, like for example, the culverts like
    I mentioned. You’re not going to see that under water. But sometimes bank fisherman, what they’ll
    do is they’ll take a can of spray paint and they’ll mark the rocks with spray paint, or
    here there’s a road on the top and sometimes what they’ll do is they’ll mark the inside
    of the guard rail with some spray paint or they’ll stick a stick in the ground with maybe
    a coke bottle of top of it, something to mark it. Look for those things, they’re there for a
    reason. If you’ve never fished a stretch before and
    you see that type of thing, well someone marked it there for a reason, so fish that area. But also you’re just going to have to look
    at your depth finder too. And watch for those changes. What I like to do is this. I’ll go fish a stretch of bank like this,
    and when I see anything like I just mentioned, I’ll mark it on my GPS. Also, whenever I catch a fish, I’ll mark that,
    too. The more I keep fishing that stretch over
    and over, I’ll keep hitting way points, and pretty soon what you’ll see on your GPS is
    these little clusters of way points along long stretches of riprap. Those are gonna be your hot spots. Now I know if I wanna go fishing again I just
    hit those hot spots, and I skip all the unproductive water. That way I know that my bait is always gonna
    be in the productive zone, and that’s especially useful when I’m fishing tournaments. I’m going to be very efficient during that
    day. Anyway, that’s how I approach riprap. That’s the way I find all those hot spots. I hope that helps you. For more tips and tricks
    like this, visit