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    Watch These Cunning Snails Stab and Swallow Fish Whole | Deep Look
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    Watch These Cunning Snails Stab and Swallow Fish Whole | Deep Look

    November 11, 2019

    Big news. You can now support Deep Look on Patreon. More after the show. Cone snails are striking … in more ways
    than one. They lurk in the sand around coral reefs. And wait til you see what’s under the hood. That pretty veneer is hiding an impressive
    array of tools … and weapons. A cone snail’s breathing tube, called a
    siphon, is actually more like a sheet of muscle rolled into a snorkel. Besides drawing water to gills deep in its
    shell, the siphon also can pick up the scent of unsuspecting prey. That’s when the cone snail goes spearfishing. Its extendible proboscis is packing a concealed
    weapon. A tiny, hollow harpoon made of chitin, the
    same tough stuff in a lobster shell. And the end of the proboscis is tricked out
    with receptors. Taste buds. That help it close in on its target. When it strikes, the snail’s pace jumps
    to light speed. The embedded harpoon doubles as a hypodermic
    needle to inject the victim with paralyzing venom. As it reels in the catch, the cone snail uses
    another covert tool called a rostrum. It opens up to swallow the fish whole. Some cone snails hunt more familiar prey. Other snails. The smaller snail digs down to hide its shell
    opening. The predator looks for a way in. When it finds it, the hunter hits its prey
    with more than one shot of venom. A lot is going on in the fifth of a second
    before the snail fires that harpoon. So let’s rewind and break it down. First the proboscis flexes as the muscles
    inside prepare for the strike. Then the venom floods into the proboscis,
    but stops just short of the harpoon. A round muscle holds the lethal fluid in check,
    like a kink in a hose, building even more pressure. Then, everything blows, and propels the venom
    into the harpoon, the harpoon into the prey. What has scientists interested in cone snails
    is that their venom varies not only from species to species but also from individual to individual,
    and even from shot to shot. In fact they seem to mix their venom cocktail
    on the fly from thousands of unique ingredients, each with its own purpose. All this variety means a world of new drugs
    could lie under that shell. Novel ways to treat things like chronic pain,
    Alzheimer’s, and diabetes. Most cone snail strikes hurt as much as a
    bee sting. A few can kill you though, like this geography
    cone, it has the most venomous sting in the world. Here’s a tip: Don’t go gathering these
    shells when you’re snorkeling in Australia. Matt O’Dowd: Or as they say down under,
    if it’s a cone, leave it alone. Laura: It’s Matt O’Dowd from Space Time! Matt: Good’ay Laura. Laura: Matt spends as much time thinking about
    very big things, like the universe, as we do thinking about very small things. Matt: That’s right, but if you want really
    small, you check out our quantum mechanics playlist. Laura: Nice. You can support both Deep Look and Space Time
    on Patreon. Follow the links here and in the description
    to learn more. Thanks for watching. Matt: Catch you later.

    Swimming with Whale Sharks: The Biggest Fish in the Sea
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    Swimming with Whale Sharks: The Biggest Fish in the Sea

    November 9, 2019

    So we’re here in Cancun, Mexico ready to head
    out on the boat and go swim with whale sharks. I hope we see lots of them, I’m ready for
    it. We’re here! When they say go go go, jump now, don’t hesitate
    because you’ll miss them, they swim fast. Going in, good to go, Whale Shark Time! This is an amazing experience Yeah Baby That was amazing! What a trip And that was swimming with whale sharks in Cancun Mexico.


    How To Make A Fishing Game

    October 7, 2019

    Gone fishing…. not working…. Sam, are you singing about fishing? Or am I just hearing things? Perhaps, fishing. Perhaps, singing. Or perhaps not… What are these pictures? I found them in some old box. And the memories came flooding in… Just imagine: smooth water surface… intense look… waiting… Suddenly the hook starts jumping… And you get this… this big… This big? Hmmm…. there… and there… Veeery big! Oh! But more often I got boots. Boots… and… and pans with holes… and… tyres! Oh! This is a completely different kind of fishing. Guys, have you ever fished strange objects out of the water? Write in the comments. But remember, you should never throw any trash into rivers lakes or seas. I heard this from the Tibidabo wisemen That’s right. So tell me Sammy. Did you catch a lot of fish? Fish? Uh…it’s not the results that matter but the process. Oh, I see. I only eat fruit fish anyway. But why did you go fishing then? Fishing comes with mosquitoes and water and you can get wet at any time Well, yes, these aren’t the most pleasant aspects of fishing. But… I LOVE fishing! That’s it! I can’t take it anymore! What, Sammy? I really want to go fishing! Think of something, pleeeease! Or I’ll leave and… and… Sammy, please, wait… I haven’t even said hi to our viewers. Hi guys! Right. Hi. So? So what? What are you going to do? Hmm… How about fishing right on this table? Uh? Whaaa? You’ll be able to fish right on our table and no mosquitoes. Oh, yeah, that’s a fine approach! Hmm, let me check my sewing basket. Felt, beads, threads, stuffing. Oh, and I’ll also need sticks Drumsticks? No, chopsticks. Here look. Well. I wish they like drumsticks. I’d drum away ran away… And scare all the fish away? It should be quiet when you fish. As if I don’t know. I am such an experienced fisher-slime! Wait here, I’ll show you something. Sam left and hasn’t come back yet. Fine, I won’t wait for him. I’ll start making sea creatures. I’ve prepared this template in advance. I’ll place it on the felt and…[gasp] Ugh… here! Er, Sam? Why have you brought this? Don’t you know that candy wrappers make amazing Bait? Bait? Oh I see! Well, I don’t know… This fishing won’t need it. Super bait is necessary for any fishing! Believe an experienced fisher-slime! Still let me set them aside. …and outline the seahorse on the felt. Be very ,very slow so you can make sure you get it, right Oh, well done. Here, a candy for you! Uhhh, thanks? Aha, gotcha! And you say I don’t need bait. Oh, it’s really just a candy wrapper! Oh, Sammy, I’m not a fish! I’ll cut out the outline dshape with scissors. Remember to be very careful with them. Hmm Right, I’ll need two of these. But the seahorse will also need eyes and fins. I’ve used felt to make them. Right, I need to sew the eyes and the fins to the body, [gasp] Sam! Yes? What are you doing? I’m checking out different type of bait. Huh? I see, return all the stolen bait back into the basket! Humph fine! Bait?! From thread?! That slime! Guys, be very careful when working with a needle. Like this. Very carefully. We’ll poke some holes in and out. And pull tightly. It’s a good idea to use cookies as bait. You can snack and feed the fish Cookies?! I can imagine that. Right, the small parts are sewn on So now I need to connect the big ones. I’ll sew all along the edges with this pretty stitch Sewing can be kind of complicated but once you get it it is so fun. And you can sew all kinds of different things Listen, why is your cotton candy so weird? What cotton… Sammy! That’s just polyester stuffing! Stuffing? Are you making fish with stuffing? You could say that. Look, I’ll put some stuffing inside, like this. And I’ll also place this metal spacer inside That’s some weird stuffing. Well fine. Continue. I have things to do Let’s see…. hmmm… Aha! Here we go! Almost ready! Oooh yeah! Bam dum bam dam bam dum dum! Whoa, Sammy! What’s ll this noise? I’ve told you these aren’t drumsticks But they make great sound! Right… It’s a good thing our sea creatures aren’t afraid of noise. Oh, so pretty, I feel bad about fishing them! By the way, where will I fish them? I feel bad but the process… There’s a special pond for that… Here! What’s in here? Ooooh…. I need to… Oh, Sue! What’s the matter? There’s no fishing rod! Oh, really? Well, you took the base for the rod. Wh-what base? This base? But… I didn’t meant to… Fine, fine. I had more of those, so I made a rod for you. Here, take it. Thanks, Susie! I’ll join you, too! [gasp] Oh! Allllright! Yes! Aha! No, mine! Aw, man! I’m the winner! Guys, give a thumbs up if you liked today’s video. And don’t forget to subscribe to the channel to know all about Sam’s hobbies Bye. Bye Oh, a big one! C’mere, c’mere! Yahooo! Yes! Hey guys! Please share this video with your friends. Help Sam get even more viewers for his channel. He works really hard on each episode. Thanks!

    WORST LIFE EVER -Top 5 Aquarium Fish with the most horrible lives
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    WORST LIFE EVER -Top 5 Aquarium Fish with the most horrible lives

    September 2, 2019

    what’s up fish tank people dustin’s fishtanks bring it to you on a downer note today today
    we’re gonna be talking about my top 5 aquarium fish with the absolute worst
    lives ever look there’s lots of aquarium fish that have miserable lives these are
    my top 5 aquarium fish with the worst lives ever glofish how did this happen
    mother nature didn’t approve this whoever created this fish should be
    forced to drink water from the tanks of death Kota these over stocked fish are
    kept and sold this is ridiculous this fish drives me crazy think about if you
    had this fish’s life you could never be rested because your
    entire body is glowing 24/7 365 then you live in a tiny overstocked aquarium and
    death Co all of a sudden some kid comes up and he starts beating on the glass
    waiting to pick you out then he picks you out you get stuffed in a bag you get
    taken home what happens you’re putting a tank as for the tank has tank has a pink
    growl now you’re in a tank with pink gravel you’re already eyes hurt you’re
    never rested and then you’re overfed by the kid who’s constantly beating on the
    glass is Rory on edge because you’ve never resting as your body is glowing
    glofish miserable life goldfish my number 5 fish with the worst life ever before
    aquarium fish with the most miserable life ever we’re going from a tiny
    glowing fish to a monster fish we’re going to the old dirty bastard of
    aquarium fish because there’s no father to his style we’re talking about Oscar
    fish now look I’m not saying there are people that aren’t keeping it oscars
    properly but they’re probably few and far between usually what ends up with
    the demise of this wonderful fish you’re not sitting there you’re wagging your
    tail you get home life’s pretty good you get fed all the time all of a sudden you
    outgrow a tank I know a guy who had a 29 gallon tank with two 8-inch Oscars in it
    way over stocked you could treat it like a king for a
    while not really if you’re lucky to get fed pellets let’s be honest people who
    buy Oscars generally buy them to keep them and watch them eat other fish so
    you get fed feeder fish all the time you know disease-ridden the feeder fish
    probably our life is good until Johnny random fish tank punk leaves and goes
    off to college he leaves you at home with his parents his parents don’t know
    what to do it here there’s a take him back to the pet store or be and probably
    worse yet they bring you down to Johnny rain and fish tank punk down in college
    where you’re forced to live in an aquarium that periodically gets beer
    spilled in until your ultimate demise when the cigarette butt is put on your
    aquarium ask the fish my number four fish were the most miserable fish tank
    life ever my number three fish with the worst
    aquarium life ever I’m talking about the pocket that’s right think about a pocket
    of a miserable existence they grow up their entire lives in the shadow of the
    other sweet predator cousin that eats meat only they don’t eat meat they have
    the same life was an asshole they don’t hunt they just eat vegetables I sit and
    grow and grow and grow and grow and grow until finally one day they’re too big
    for their tank with either died from too much weighs in their tank or worse
    they’re sent to the zoo where they’re forced to sit around all day and listen
    to other monster fish that were donated there’s new talking about their glory
    days in the past pocket I feel sorry for this fish they shouldn’t be sold in the
    hobby pocket my number three fish with the worst life ever my number two grand
    fish with the worst life ever we’re talking about the bubble aye goldfish
    who bred this fish how did this happen this fish is a real-life example of
    something based on the creepy doctor from South Park that made a bunch of
    different animals of four asses only it’s worse than that because these
    things don’t look like behinds look your this fish you can never see any
    direction but up you’re always trying to swim around but you’re immediately
    slowed down by these big giant sacks hanging off in the front of your face
    your hamper and you decide your head instead you swim around in fear while
    your sex getting sucked in the filter bringing you to your ultimate demise
    forget the bubbles for a second okay imagine how funky your long-term
    existence is with this kind of genetic makeup have you ever seen these fish
    swim half of them can’t even swim in a straight line to keep floating up to the
    top you spent your entire life swimming around in fear popping one of these
    liquid nutsack looking sacs attached to your face Bubba like goldfish oh my lord
    my number two fish were the most miserable life ever and my number one
    fish absolutely worst aquarium fish life ever it’s gotta be hands down
    Warren without any hope of growing over an inch long you’re stuffed into
    overcrowded conditions where you look over you see your buddy Frank who dies
    from God knows what sucked into the filter every now and then a fat frickin
    fish tank freak kid walks past you with the container of foobie never bothers
    throwing even your tank one day scoops up 50 of you and your friend some freak
    who hops out in the service wagon and takes you in periodically you get put in
    a tiny little ball where you get a little bit of solitude for just a second
    till all of a sudden you’re getting ping-pong balls belt it at you one day
    you get lucky in a ping pong ball hits you on the top of the dorsal fin you get
    taken home with some kid who put you in a tiny little fishbowl only this kid
    doesn’t know how to take care of fish you never changes the water but feed you
    three times a day because fish need to be
    fed three times a day because humans you three times a day right all of a sudden
    you end up dying in your own waste meter goldfish by far and away have the worst
    life of any fish ever Peter goldfish my number one fish with
    the worst life ever and those are my top five fish with the worst lives ever do
    me a favor folks let me know what you think what fish have the worst lives
    ever maybe I’m missing some fish I don’t know John hit comment on what you think
    about these I had fun making this video also not every fish has the worst life
    ever check out this random comic goldfish that I have little $0.15 for
    your fish that lives with my koi cuz I can’t get them out of the pond stay
    tuned for an awesome fish room coming up if you like what I’m doing subscribe and
    take on everybody later

    Ozzy Man Reviews: Puffer Fish Builder
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    Ozzy Man Reviews: Puffer Fish Builder

    August 19, 2019

    All righty, here we go. The day has come. I’m finally building my own home. Boosh boosh boosh Haha Haa. I’m doing it myself. I don’t need financing, or a building company. Boosh boosh boosh boosh boosh , boosh boosh boosh. With all their bloody hidden costs. This is easy. Easy peasy lemon squeezy, and I can do whatever I like. What do I want? 28 bedrooms and 57 bathrooms? No worries! Nah better not. Maybe three bedrooms and one bathroom, definitely a theater room. All right. Let me just fuckin put a slab down… Boosh boosh boosh boosh, boosh boosh boosh boosh Haha I can use my dick to cut the floor as well. Foooshshshsh How good is it, having a razor-sharp COCK? I don’t need any tools. I also need furniture so I’ll take this. I’m not gonna buy it. I can collect it off my neighbor’s lawn. Who would throw this out?! This is in mint condition. Look at that! Just a fresh coat of paint, and I can turn it into a chair. I might make big wardrobes, cause I wouldn’t mind if a Sheila wanted to move in. Woooo There we go. There’s a shoe rack. Yeah, I wouldn’t mind if a Sheila wanted to, to move into the home, because, I’m a bit lonely. So if there’s any Sheila’s out there anyone? any… any sheila’s out there? Okay yeah nah no no no no no no… NOT YET! That’s okay. I should be patient. Umm I should finish the job. I’ll finish the house, and then we’ll see. Boosh boosh boosh boosh Boosh boosh boosh boosh boosh boosh Boosh boosh boosh boosh boosh Boosh boosh boosh Phhffrrrttt-phhreeeeeee… Yeah I should clean up now. I can use my mouth as a vacuum cleaner. (Gulp) No worries. Oh shit! There’s a nail over here (Gulp) Yup nah, I got that. There’s some more debris. (Gulp) I have done a fair dinkum great job. (Gulp) The place is looking bonza. (Gulp) I mean yeah it is a bit bigger than what I thought it would be. (Gulp) But if a Sheila moves in soon (Gulp) then we might have some kids. So we need the extra space. We need it. I did do 57 bathrooms in the end, Boosh boosh boosh boosh Boosh boosh boosh boosh boosh I just wanted to change that wall. I might put a pool in… somewhere. I think that would be good, because the ocean is getting warmer some summers so… a pool could be a really good feature, maybe with a little fountain. The plumbing is great in this house. I’ve done a great job with the plumbing. The whole thing is awesome. So if there’s any Sheila’s out there, then umm yeah, come on! come on in! You don’t have to stay… on the first night. You can just visit, and ah we keep getting to know each other, and then eventually you can move in boosh boosh boosh boosh. Boosh boosh boosh boosh boosh boosh boosh boosh Just a quick reno, just a few quick renovations. Nah it’s good. Okay. I’m gonna… I’m gonna take a nap, after all that work. I deserve it. I definitely deserve a big fuckin sleep.

    Animals Worth a Ton of Money
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    Animals Worth a Ton of Money

    August 18, 2019

    In no particular order, here are animals worth
    a ton of money! Wait until you find out why that liquid in
    the thumbnail is so valuable! 10 – Bear
    Bear Gallbladder?! Wait what! Yes, we’re in the same boat as you. We had no idea bear gallbladders are expensive. In places such as Korea, they were at one
    point selling for $15,000 dollars. In 2009, the market price for legally sold
    gallbladders in Hong Kong had risen to between $30,000 and $50,000 per kilogram! So why are gallbladders from bears in high
    demand? Unsurprisingly, it’s for medicinal benefits
    that science kinda backs up. Inside of a bear’s gallbladder is a whole
    lot of ursodeoxycholic acid, which breaks down molecules containing cholesterol. Apparently, this is an effective non surgical
    treatment for gallstones in humans. It also has shown promise in the treatment
    of Alzheimer’s disease. It’s kinda a big deal, but the thing is,
    it can be made synthetically. So people don’t need to harvest it from
    bears. And honestly, it’s way easier than getting
    it from a bear. 9 – Ambergris
    While we’re talking about waxy substances, let’s talk about Ambergris. Would this whale waste ever cross your mind? Probably not! The highest-quality ambergris is sold for
    a whopping Twenty thousand dollars per kilogram! Sperm whales produce an intestinal waste that
    bobs around the ocean for a while. Then it hardens, floats to the surface and
    some of it ends up on shore. This rock like substance it’s actually a
    super important part of the fragrance industry. High end brands such as Chanel use this substance
    to help make their fragrances. In the U.S, Ambergris is banned in the fragrance
    industry because Sperm Whales are endangered, but other countries such as France seem to
    be cool with it. Fresh ambergris is useless. Fresh ambergris is jet black in color, and
    it has a pliable, sticky texture. That and it basically smells like manure? So why would anyone want this in their fragrance?! Well, it lightens and smells better with age
    because of oxidation from the salt water in the ocean. Well, the smell is subjective, but hey, experts
    at Chanel think so. And that’s why, the lighter the color, the
    more valuable it becomes! 8 – Pangolin
    Before we get into how much the scales of a Pangolin cost, let’s talk about what a
    Pangolin is. Found in parts of Africa and Asia, they hold
    the distinction as the only mammals in the world with scales! And those scales are surprisingly valuable. Or maybe not surprisingly, because people
    will always want to grind something rare into a powder, cross their fingers, and hope it
    works for whatever problem they have! Pangolins are one of the most trafficked animals
    in the world because of the demand for their scales, which go for roughly $600 per kilogram. Some people believe their scales contain healing
    powers. Do we need to tell you guys that pangolin
    scales work about as good as healing crystals do? In some countries such as China, and Vietnam,
    they’re considered a delicacy. In southern China, a whole pangolin can go
    for up to $1,000 in restaurants! While most countries ban the Pangolin trade
    in an effort to conserve their shrinking population, it’s a tough task. Their scales look similar to fish and snakes,
    and the scales are often packaged with them for disguise. 7 – Cobra
    As one of the world’s most dangerous snakes, Cobras have some of the most toxic venom in
    the world. And the theme seems to be, the more venomous,
    the more valuable! And that’s totally true of the Cobra. Cobra venom is used to make life saving anti-venom. Making this anti-venom can be complicated. Typically it involves using a donor animal
    such as a horse or sheep. These donor animals get injected with the
    venom, and then their bodies produce antibodies. And that’s what’s given to someone that’s
    been bitten by well, a snake! So with that in mind, Cobra venom can cost
    roughly $153,000 per gallon. Of course, no snake is producing anywhere
    near that amount. We’re talking milligrams at a time! Aside from producing anti-venom, many different
    types of snake venom have a variety of different applications. For example, cobra venom has a compound that
    can be used to make a pain reducing medicine roughly 20 times more powerful than the strongest
    ones available on the market! 6 – Stag Beetle
    We bet you didn’t know that there used to be a Stag beetle price bubble! Back in 1999, a Japanese man paid NINETY THOUSAND
    dollars for an unusually large stag beetle! Of course, the bubble burst on the stag beetle
    market and nowadays, stag beetles don’t nearly go anywhere for that much. However, in Japan, there’s a Stag Beetle
    named Spike that’s extremely valuable. And it’s not for his size! It’s because he makes art that his owner
    sells! Spike’s art can sell for more than $1,100
    a pop. He even has his own twitter following, with
    more than 120 thousand followers! Spike lives with his owners in Japan and can
    hold all kinds of objects with his mandibles. This includes pens and markers, which he uses
    to draw. Now, this isn’t exactly Monet or Van Gogh
    level work here. But considering that it’s a stag Beetle,
    people are willing to cough up some cash for his work! Spike’s owner is an English teacher named
    Mandy. She first learned of Spike’s abilities when
    she was playing around with him one day by giving him various objects to hold onto. When she gave him a marker, to her surprise,
    he began drawing patterns! So she went on Twitter to tell her story,
    and soon after, Spike began gaining a following! Before you know it, he’s selling his own
    artwork. Whose with us on starting a Stag Beetle art
    factory?! 5 – Rhinoceros
    Rhinoceros are in high demand, and to be specific, it’s Rhino horns that people really want. Rhino horn can go for up to $60,000 per kilogram! The South African government placed a ban
    on the trade of rhino horns back in 2009 but that hasn’t stopped anything. Rhino horns have been sold on the global black
    market for years. One interesting little tidbit about these
    horns is that they’re made of keratin, which is the same material as human fingernails,
    so there’s no real use. But what’s driving the demand? Medicinal and recreational use of rhino horn
    comes mostly from Vietnam. Even if it’s just the same stuff as fingernails! The South African government lifted the ban
    on trade in 2017 in an attempt to reduce poaching and help save the rhino population. There are actually huge stockpiles of legally
    harvested horns. Some of these come from conservationists who
    have dehorned Rhinos to protect them. Plus, the government has confiscated a whole
    lot of horns from poachers that might as well be sold anyway. Aside from government regulations, there have
    been plenty of campaigns in Vietnam trying to stop the belief that rhino horn does anything. 4 – Totoaba Fish
    The Totoaba fish bladder is a delicacy in China! The bladder averages about 20 thousand dollars
    a kilogram! Found in the Gulf of California in Mexico,
    the Totoaba can grow up to six and a half feet long and weigh up to 220 pounds! Their meat is sold on the black market and
    can also be used to make soups. This market is partially driven by the false
    belief that bladders can cure skin, circulatory, cholesterol and fertility problems. In reality, it does none of these things. Since 1975, there’ve been laws against fishing
    Totoaba. In recent years, the Mexican government has
    been proactive in protecting these fish. But because it’s extremely expensive, only
    super rich people buy it. Enforcement is very weak because the issue
    isn’t a top priority to China and probably because it involves such rich and powerful
    people. The hunt for Totoabas has practically driven
    another species extinct. The vaquita is a rare porpoise that keeps
    getting caught in nets intended for totoabas! Watch our rarest animals video to find out
    more. 3 – Deathstalker Scorpion
    Generally speaking, Scorpion venom seems like a good thing to avoid. But it’s actually extremely valuable! So much so that scorpion venom can cost $39
    million dollars a gallon?! We’re supposed to believe that?! Well…….maybe. Say hello to the Deathstalker scorpion. Native to desert regions in North Africa to
    the Middle East, it’s considered to be one of the most venomous and most dangerous scorpions
    in the world. So why’s their venom so valuable? Their venom contains some compounds that are
    helping scientists develop breakthrough medicines. Chlorotoxins in the venom, for example, can
    be used to identify the size and locations of tumors. Also, the venom is rich in Kaliotoxins, which
    may help cure bone diseases. So that $39 million price tag we were talking
    about really isn’t relevant nor practical. A single scorpion produces just two milligrams
    of venom at a time. No one is exactly selling the stuff by the
    gallon, because to get the venom, the scorpions have to milked by hand. $130 will get your a droplet smaller than
    a grain of sugar! 2 – Horseshoe Crab
    Did you know Horseshoe Crab Blood is blue? That’s because of high levels of copper
    in their blood. And as weird as that is, it’s not even the
    most interesting fact! It can be used to detect bacterial contamination
    in small quantities, making it vitally important for the FDA! So how expensive is it? Try 60 grand a gallon expensive. It’s used to make a gel called LAL, which
    is used to detect bacteria. Before horseshoe crab blood, scientists had
    no easy way of knowing whether a vaccine or medical tool was contaminated with bacteria. However, drop a minuscule amount of LAL on
    a medical device or vaccine, and the LAL will encase any gram-negative bacteria in a jelly
    cocoon. While it can’t do anything to bacteria,
    it basically sets off an alarm alerting scientists to the presence of them! An estimated 600,000 Horseshoe crabs are caught
    each year and have about 30 percent of their blue blood drained. 1 – Elephant We’re pretty sure you guys aren’t surprised
    that Elephant ivory are in high demand. Demand has been consistently rising for illegal
    ivory. Poachers risk punishment in order to cash
    in on ivory for about $1,500 per pound. And a single tusk can weigh over 200 pounds
    for the largest examples. It’s estimated that poachers took out nearly
    a third of the African elephant population between 2007 and 2014. Historically, many cultures have prized ivory. It’s up there with gold in some cases. People make ornaments, jewelry and art out
    of ivory. In the US there’s already pretty much a
    complete ban on ivory. But other countries haven’t exactly followed
    suit. For example, although it’s technically illegal
    in China, ivory is still culturally valued and the black market is rampant. Politicians have promised to crack down on
    illegal trade, but we don’t think anyone is exactly holding their breath for that promise. Existing bans just aren’t enough to stop
    the poachers. Watch this next video to find out about facts
    you had no clue about rattlesnakes!

    Mutant Fish Taking Over Waters Around the World
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    Mutant Fish Taking Over Waters Around the World

    August 18, 2019

    – [Narrator] Behind
    running, fishing is the most popular outdoor activity
    for adults aged 25 and up. It’s largely a totally innocent,
    wacky-event-free venture, even being described as relaxing or fun. But all around the world, bizarre creatures are being reeled in, and it’s doubtful that their captors would describe their catches
    as normal or relaxing. Here are 10 mutant fish taking
    over waters around the world. Number 10, cyclops shark. A bizarre discovery was
    made in La Paz, Mexico, in the Sea of Cortez. A pregnant bull shark was
    caught, and its fetuses removed. One of them was an albino with one eye. Pictures of the cyclops
    shark were posted online, and some experts thought it was a hoax. Filipe Galvan, a well-respected
    Mexican scientist, inspected the shark and
    wrote a paper about it, which is under review. Lending further merit to the
    authenticity of the incident, Tracy Ehrenberg, the general
    manager of Pisces Sportfishing, conducted an interview with the fisherman who made the discovery. The man said that the pregnant shark was dead when they pulled it up, and that during the process
    of filleting the shark they found ten fetuses. The other nine fetuses were fairly normal, both in color and the amount of eyes. And, although it’s sad to think that someone still fishes for sharks, even though many species are endangered, and that they caught a pregnant one, this little albino cyclops
    shark is almost cute enough to star in his own Disney adventures. Number nine, mutated two-headed dolphin. A two-headed, mutant dolphin washed up on the shore of Ismire on
    the west coast of Turkey. It’s believed to have only been around a year old when it died, as it was only a meter long. It was discovered by a schoolteacher, who watched in horror
    as the mutant dolphin washed up on the shore. He then called the police, who took the dolphin’s
    body away for testing. Preliminary eyewitness reports said that the eyes and blow hole of one of the heads weren’t open, which may mean that there were further deformations in the creature, other than the glaringly obvious one, which could have contributed to its death. No one knows whether this is a
    rare case of conjoined twins, a natural type of deformation, or deformation caused by contaminants. Another incident of a
    two-headed dolphin-like creature was reported in the Netherlands. They reported the first ever case of conjoined harbor porpoises. It was thrown back into the ocean because the fishermen
    thought it might be illegal to have it in their possession and generally thought it was
    a good idea not to risk it. They did take pictures before
    throwing it back, however. There are a lot of things that indicate that the creature died
    shortly after birth. It’s tail had not stiffened, which is something that
    porpoises need in order to swim, its dorsal fin had not
    become vertical yet, and it still had hairs on its upper lip, which porpoises shed after birth. Conjoined twins are rare, even in humans. But they’re even more rare in cetaceans, a group of animals that include porpoises, dolphins, whales, and
    other similar creatures. In fact, the porpoise was only the 10th conjoined cetacean case at
    the time of this writing. Many people have a soft spot
    for dolphins and porpoises, so the thought of having two times the fun of a dolphin-like creature
    in one animal is exciting. It’s very unfortunate that this story turned out the way it did, instead of resulting in one
    of the coolest animals ever. Number eight, pug nose striped bass. This mutation is fairly
    common in striped bass. They’re called pug-nosed
    because the mutation causes them to have a large, lumpy head. One recent incident involves
    one being caught in Maryland. The mutation doesn’t affect
    whether you can eat it or not, and doesn’t have any
    harmful effects on the fish, other than making it look really weird. Number seven, fish with horns. A fisherman in Siberia was stunned when he reeled in two pike that had horns on the tops of their heads. He referred to them as underwater dragons because of their appearance. The fish, which were identified as pike, had been pulled from the
    River Irtysh in Russia. Locals blamed nuclear debris from Russian missile launch
    experiments for the mutations. The fisherman dried and preserved the fish’s heads and keeps them in his garage, which is probably a good thing because the last thing we need is horned, nuclear dragon fish swimming about. Number six, mutant fish in Russia. A gigantic fish had been
    terrorizing locals in Siberia for months before it was finally caught. It had been attacking and trying to bite anyone who came near it. With a giant head, piranha-like teeth and a broad tail that resembled an oar, it’s not surprising that
    the locals were freaked out. However, It didn’t turn
    out to be a mutant. Experts say it was a wolffish, a type of endangered
    bottom-feeding predator. But, with the amount of attacks, its appearance and just
    the fact that a giant, massively aggressive fish was attacking anything that came near the water, it’s really no surprise
    that locals thought this was either some sort of
    mutant or monster fish. Before I reveal the next example, you should subscribe if
    you’re enjoying the video. We upload amazing fact
    filled list videos daily. Also, make sure to click that
    bell icon to stay updated, or you’ll regret missing out
    on some amazing knowledge that could have filled your brain. Now let’s get back to it. Number five, giant fluorescent blue fish. Residents in Gaston
    County, North Carolina, are trying to figure out
    what this huge fish is and where the video was taken. It was uploaded on Disclose
    Screen’s YouTube channel and simply said that the fish was from a lake in Gaston County,
    but not which one. The fish appears to be
    around four feet long and Disclose says it’s around 30 lbs. Many are speculating that
    it’s some sort of carp, but they have no explanation for its fluorescent blue coloration. About one in a million
    times a rainbow trout will be blue to due to
    a rare genetic variant, but that occurs in approximately
    one in a million cases. If this is what the fishermen saw here, they stumbled across an
    extremely rare creature. Still, its a pretty large fish, and although its coloration
    makes it appear to be some sort of wild Pokémon
    that’s appeared in the lake, it’s most likely not. So, don’t go wasting balls on it. Number four, Russian fish with two mouths. This fish is simply terrifying! It has one mouth on its face, one on its neck, and a bizarre tail. It has a weirdly round body
    that shouldn’t belong to a fish. But even more creepy is the
    fact that it has an odd, bulbous protrusion that appears to be filled with some sort of liquid. The fisherman who caught it speculated that the liquid could be eggs, meaning that there was the possibility of more of these creatures. This isn’t the first fish of
    its kind to be caught though. A Reddit user posted a video that appeared to show a two-headed fish. For a bit, speculation
    was all over the internet about what it was and
    how it had come to be. It wasn’t a conjoined twin, and it hadn’t grown up
    near a nuclear plant, as neat as that would be. Experts said it was a grass
    carp that had been deformed. The second mouth was
    actually a large hole formed because the gill arches
    weren’t connected to its mouth. There was also a fish caught in Australia that had two mouths. Garry Warwick, the fisherman
    who landed this bizarre catch, caught the fish in Lake
    Bonney, South Australia. He told ABC “Both mouths are
    actually joined together. “The top one opens and closes, “but the bottom one
    looks permanently open.” Although he’s been a commercial
    fisherman for over 30 years, he says he’s never seen
    anything like this. Facial deformities in which
    the creature or person has more than one of a
    particular facial feature, in this case two mouths,
    is called diprosopus. It’s commonly associated
    with conjoined twins, although it’s not the result
    of two embryos fusing together, nor is it the result of
    them not fully separating. It’s caused when facial
    patterning acts abnormally. Unfortunately, creatures
    with two faces don’t usually survive because they
    usually have some degree of deformation in their
    internal organs as well. Number three, fish with human teeth. An emperor fish was
    caught by a schoolteacher in the West Papu region of Indonesia. The teacher was astounded
    to find that the fish had flat, molar-like
    teeth that looked human. He gave the fish to a student, who took it home to his family. They were all equally shocked when they discovered its teeth. Rather than eat the fish, they decided to freeze and preserve it. That’s probably a good thing because whatever unholy alliance
    that was forged in order to create this fish is probably
    not safe for ingestion. Number two, the monsterous
    fish from Thailand. A Thai fisherman was out fishing and hoping to catch
    something worthy of a meal. Instead, he pulled in something
    that is pure nightmare fuel. This fish has a long body
    that looks a bit like an oar, a giant mouth filled
    with sharp-looking teeth, and, probably most notably,
    it doesn’t seem to have eyes. No one knows quite what it is. But, the bigger mystery here is where are its eyes and how does it see? Number one, bird fish. This bizarre fish was recently
    caught in a river in Guizhou. It looks like a completely
    normal fish on the bottom half, but the head is where things get mad. Some people say that it looks a bit like the face of a pigeon. Others say it looks like
    the face of a dolphin. What it definitely does not look like is the ordinary head of a
    carp that matches its body. Some people blame its apparent deformation on water contaminants. Others think that this is
    some sort of hybrid creature, but those in favor of the hybrid theory are not in agreement with what animals parented this bizarre creature. Unfortunately, testing cannot be done to shed light on its parentage, either, as the fish was released back
    into its natural habitat. What exactly is a bird fish’s
    natural habitat anyway? Did it fly away or swim? Most of the entries on this list died, either before or after discovery, which makes for an alarming mystery. What entry did you think
    was the most interesting? Let me know in the comments down below, and thanks for watching.