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    Fishing For Salmon With Alaska’s Brown Bears
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    Fishing For Salmon With Alaska’s Brown Bears

    November 13, 2019

    COMM: Home to the world’s largest concentration of wild brown bears, the 200 square mile McNeal
    River area is a protected wildlife sanctuary. COMM: Between June and August, bears of all ages congregate in the area to feed on the
    salmon travelling upstream to spawn. COMM: Photographer Daniel Wise spent eight hours a day surrounded by bears, often fighting
    over fishing territory. But to visit the sanctuary and get this close, you must apply through
    a lottery system, as no more than 10 individuals at a time are allowed at the viewing locations.
    Daniel applied twice before he could take the trip, travelling by floatplane from Homer, Alaska. COMM: All five species of pacific salmon can be found in the McNeil River, but it is chum
    or dog salmon that primarily lure these bears into the waters. COMM: Although it may look dangerous, no visitor to the reserve has ever been injured by the
    bears, as all activities are respectful of the brown bears’ home.

    In Search of Fossil Fish
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    In Search of Fossil Fish

    November 11, 2019

    Welcome to Fossil Lake! The area I’m standing in right now is the largest and most complete representation of early Eocene life in the world, about 52 million years old. This area, during the early Eocene, was a lot like what modern Florida is today. You had crocodilians, you had paddlefish, all different kinds of turtles, shrimp, crustaceans, and we even had insects, and bats, and a tiny three-toed horse that was only, like, 2 and a half feet tall at the shoulder. Not only do we have the actual animals preserved, but we have their behaviors, we have their feces, which are coprolites. We can tell what they were eating, we have leaves that have insects next to them and you can see the little insect bites in the leaves. It’s an amazing representation of the biodiversity, and there’s nothing else like it in the world today. So, we’re on an expedition with the Field Museum, who’s brought along a group of students to learn the trade and to help with the heavy lifting. We’re gonna go fishing for some 52 million year old fossils. Woo! – Hi!
    – Hi, we got our tools now. – Yeah, these are your tools. This is your shim. This is one of the most important tools that we use out here. We use this for dividing up the limestone layers. Hold it.
    – So it’s like a wedge. – It’s like a wedge! Exactly.
    – It’s got a sharpened end. – Yeah, one end’s sharp and one end’s used for hammering. And this is your other tool.
    – A hammer. – And that’s all there is.
    – That seems pretty self-explanatory. – It seems to be, from my impression, that there’s kind of a sweet spot in all the sediment. Like, you’re not consistently finding animals all the way down, like 500 feet. – Right, it’s a pretty thick member of rock. But there’s a very, very thin layer where you have the most fossils. It’s called the 18 inch layer. – Is that because it’s 18 inches?
    – Yeah. Above and below the 18 inch layer are what’s called oil capping layers, and this helped to preserve the fossils in-between those two layers. So that’s the sweet spot. That’s what we’re looking for. And once we hit the oil capping layer, we know that we’re at the 18 inch layer. So we peel that away first, and then we get to the fossil bearing beds underneath it. – It’s like taking a sandwich and picking it apart, essentially. – Yeah, take off the bread, what do you have? Lettuce. Then you got tomatoes, then you have cucumbers— I don’t know, I’m not at Subway or anything, but let’s see what we got here. Well that’s pretty cool, and then you can see, like, stuff that’s on the bottom of this 18 inch layer, which doesn’t seem like significant enough. You know, it doesn’t seem like that would cover thousands of years of time. – It’s amazing. Yeah, it’s pretty compact, fairly compact limestone. But this 18 inch layer only represents several hundred or severl thousand years of this lake system’s 15 million year lifespan.
    – That’s crazy! – This was a very long-lived lake system. And this is only a tiny slice of that ecosystem. – Because the conditions typically aren’t ideal for fossilization.
    – Typically aren’t ideal for fossilization, yeah. In this time period, the conditions were ideal, so everything and anything that fell into this lake and sank to the bottom and got buried, was fossilized. Everything from microscopic bacteria, all the way to mammals, birds, reptiles. – That’s crazy. So we don’t even know what we’re going to find here today. – We don’t know. Typically we find fish, but every so often we get surprised by something else. That’s what keeps us coming out here, year after year, for these unusual, rare fossils that you don’t find every day. But it’s still fun finding a fish, ’cause it’s like a fishing trip. – It’s like a 52 million year old fish.
    – Unbelievable. So shall we get in our boat and go fishing?
    – Yeah, let’s go fishing. – Ready?
    – Yeah. – Canoe.
    – Here we go. Woo, woo, woo, woo! – So if you want to tap away some of that. And the trick is to tap and pull back. Tap and pull back. Get a nice rhythm going. Oh, look! We found a fish already!
    – Really? – Yeah.
    – Where? Oh there it is! – Can you see him?
    – Yeah! – It’s a Cockerellites.
    – How can you tell so quickly? – Okay, we call these things football fishes.
    – Okay. – Because their bodies are shaped like footballs.
    – Well that would kind of make sense. – I know. Not a soccer ball though, American football.
    – American football, okay. – So there’s a backbone.
    – Yeah. – And there’s a football shape, right there.
    – Gotcha. – The tail’s somewhere here. So the skull is still underneath that rock.
    – Oh, okay. – Alright, do you have your shim ready?
    – Yep, I do. – Do you have your hammer ready?
    – Yup. – Do you have a name for your shim?
    – No. – You should name your shim.
    – It’s Jim the Shim. – Jimbo. – So we have a crack started on this side already.
    – Yeah. – And I’m gonna start it, get a little bit thicker, then you can put your shim next to it.
    – Okay. – You see how one side’s flat?
    – Yeah. – One side’s beveled?
    – Yup. – Always have the flat side down because that’ll help push the slab up.
    – Oh, okay. – Wow. – So there’s the crack.
    – Sure. – And you’re gonna put yours in right about there. So hold it with one hand, hammer with the other hand. – Like there?
    – Just like that. – Nice and flat. – And next thing we do, we go up to the larger tools.
    – Oh. – This is basically a shovel that has a sharpened end on it. So it’s a giant shim.
    – I see. – And we’re gonna use two shovels.
    – Okay. – This will help separate it now, even more.
    – Alright. – And we’re gonna slide the shovels into the crack that we made. So take your shovel. – Got it. Like right in here?
    – Right in there. Ready? Count it out: up, down. – Okay. Up, down, up, down, up, down, up, down. – Kay, now stop. Put your shovel in deeper. Kay, count it out. – Kay. Up, down, up, down. – Now, you see the crack at the end?
    – Yeah. – We’ve broken free. So now we can actually life it up and see if there’s any fossils in there. – Oh, nice! Okay. So take this?
    – So, you do it by yourself, – What?
    – I’m gonna be on the other side, and we’re going to lift it up and point it to the sun so we can see the fossil. – Alright.
    – So lift. – Well, there’s some trace thing. What is that? – That’s a branch, actually.
    – Oh, alright. – So we have plant matter in here. That’s a part and counterpart of that. Alright, so we just removed the plate and cleaned up around it, so we have a nice, fresh surface here. And now we’re going to move to the left. The whole goal of all this is to remove all the rock from around this plate. And you see these mystery feet here? – Yes, it’s hard to ignore the mystery feet. – Those are very important mystery feet.
    – Okay. – So as we’re removing material around this plate that contains fish, if we remove a layer that’s underneath that plate, it’ll pull the plate up and break the fish.
    – Oh, okay. – So he’s there to hold it down.
    – Alright. – So keep your foot down.
    – Yeah, don’t move. So, there’s one last piece to get around this fish. Go parallel with the crack.
    – So here? Or… – These cracks.
    – These cracks. – Just like that.
    – Okay. – So now start tapping in.
    – Well, woah! Alright. – Wow, that was easy.
    – Well. And then I just lift it up? – Just lift it up.
    – That was uncommonly easy.
    – That was uncommonly easy. So we worked all the rock away from around this plate, so your job now is to go underneath the plate to remove the fossils. – And just right here? – Right here for now, but you’re always watching for a crack. Hit it one more time. Oh, you’re there. You see how it’s moving? The whole thing is moving?
    – Yeah. – It’s free.
    – It’s free? – It’s free.
    – It’s already done? – So all you need to do is grab one end at a time and just lift it up. – Let’s see. Oh, man, pressure’s on.
    – Pressure is on. – And here. That’s it! – Hold it up to the sunlight so we can see ’em really well. – Oh you can see ’em, yeah! There’s one here. There’s one right here. There they are! What kind of fish are they? – Those are both Knightia’s. Those are the most common types of fish that we find out here. And so now we’re gonna put it into The Field Museum pile and take it back for our collection. – Coooool! – We did it! There you go. Fishes. – We’re gonna put it on the pile with all the other fishes. – Let’s set it right there. Yeah!

    Fishing Kittens See Water For the First Time
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    Fishing Kittens See Water For the First Time

    November 9, 2019

    This is the first time they’ve seen water. It’s natural to be nervous, but these kittens are born water babies. It’s time to show them the real reason they’ve
    been brought here. Long whiskers detect vibrations from fish
    moving in the shallows helping to gauge the exact striking distance. Then it’s the kitten’s turn. For now, it’s only water-plants that need
    to be afraid. This could take some time!

    How a Fish Might Grow Your Next Salad | Decoder
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    How a Fish Might Grow Your Next Salad | Decoder

    November 8, 2019

    This is a seed. It doesn’t look like much
    right now, but if you … put it in the ground, give it some water, fight off invaders, and wait a little while… After a few weeks with a little luck, you might end up with a head of lettuce. That’s a lot of work for a hundred calories. But what if we had an easier way of doing things… One that didn’t require any soil, used much less water, and grew faster? One where food could actually grow itself? By 2050, the world’s population is expected
    to reach almost 10 billion people. That’s a lot more mouths to feed. But, only 11 percent of land is even suitable for agriculture. So, farmers will have to turn to innovative and more efficient farming practices for a
    solution. One of the most promising is a method called aquaponics, which doesn’t require any soil, and involves raising fish and
    plants together in a contained system. There are several different setups you
    can use, but here’s how the most popular method works. The process begins at the
    fish rearing tank. Here, highly adaptable fish like tilapia, are given plenty of fish food, which also leads to plenty of waste. The solid waste is filtered out by
    flowing water, but the water—which is still full of ammonia from the fish excrement—is mixed with special plastic pieces. Naturally occurring bacteria grow
    on these surfaces, which helps convert the toxic ammonium in
    the water into nitrites and then nitrates. Nitrates are basically plant food. So, the nutrient-rich water flows out into the growing area, where seedlings on floating rafts can absorb the food directly through their roots. No soil required. Above them, energy-efficient LED lights are adjusted to provide the optimal color spectrum. All of this comes together, helping the plants grow up to twice as fast as land crops. And because the plant roots purify the water,
    the cycle can start all over again. Commercial systems can yield up to 12
    times as much produce per square foot as traditional farming methods. Leafy greens like lettuce are the easiest crops to grow, but they often focus on more valuable herbs like basil and mint. Aquaponics is one of the most
    sustainable agricultural systems, but it still has a long way to go before becoming a go-to farming method. New developments are continuing to make the process more customizable, automated, and efficient than ever. Who knows, in the future your salad
    might even be grown by a fish! What food would you grow in your
    aquaponic system? Let us know in the comments below.


    I Tried Ordering Live Fish in the Mail

    November 7, 2019

    hey howdy hey and welcome back…. toooo the……
    day…? *crickets* the sun is setting right when I start filming really? really Sun? come
    back. I think a cloud might have just gone over the Sun or something. I don’t
    think it’s setting yet. it’s not quite time. *clicks tongue* dangit! the light was so good! and all I got
    with those five seconds of good lighting is “hey howdy hey welcome to the day” *in a distorted voice*
    hey howdy hey and welcome back to the day! okay! so,
    today is a cool day I did a um *clears throat* I did a poll, on twitter about which video
    you’d like to see the most, I am gonna be doing all the ones I listed, but, out of
    the three I listed which was.. Snake tubs vs. cages uhh *crashing noises* (kitty make light go boom) taylor: just watches it happen bc why not *sighs* oh…. *sadly* be right back… (laughing) nothing happened! ooooh the sun’s coming back! cool! so! asked you guys, out of the three… 1. what prey size to feed your snakes 2. snake tubs versus snake cages and
    3. buying fish online and seeing how it goes out of the three, you guys were most
    interested in getting fish in the mail so I am starting off with that one, but I
    am gonna be filming all three. [asking ghost] what kind of fish do you want? so we’re gonna open
    up my laptop and look at a few websites I think we’re gonna order from like
    maybe two or three websites. and this isn’t sponsored, so I’m not gonna be
    praising any particular one. I got this idea, actually, because I used to order some of my fish in the mail, and when I ordered them online like 90% of the time
    they’d come DEAD. (rip fishy bros) uh, when Zazu passed away I wanted to get another dwarf lionfish.
    he’s a dwarf fuzzy lionfish and it just wasn’t the season that they were “in”, like
    at fish stores and stuff. so I went online and I ordered one, and it arrived dead (rip) so they gave me a refund, and I ordered another one and it arrived dead (rip rip) so they gave me a refund and I ordered another one and it arrived dead (rip rip rip) and then
    I never have ordered a fish online again because that pissed me off, like, they’re
    just throwing away these fish lives but they swore “that’s not a usual thing” and
    bla bla bla, but anyway! because of that I’ve been very…. curious to do a video
    where I report how many of my fish come alive, if it, you know, seemed like a good
    process if it’s something I would recommend cause right now I don’t
    recommend it at all I have gotten fish in the mail another time it went really
    really well, I got them from… uhm *clicks tongue* where did i get them from?? that really well-known aquarium place that used to be on tanked [tv show] I don’t- I don’t remember their name.. I’m sorry guys, they literally gave me free
    fish, so, that’s their name [points to on screen caption] I forgot what it was but, they were really cool, and all
    the fish arrived and we’re all great and they’re still all alive almost three
    years later, so… 10/10! liked that one. but when I tried it again
    it didn’t go too well and I did not order from that same company they don’t really
    do online orders that was like a special occasion. they’re really a wholesale
    company, they like- they sell to fish stores, they don’t really sell to people-
    from a people to people basis it’s kind of a special thing. so anyway, let me open u- [my voice on my computer] “i’m like freaking the hell out” (me to myself on the computer) shut up crying taylor!! I don’t want to hear the heroin
    story again (3 months sober now woot woot) so let’s open up my screen recorder πŸ™‚ [talking to self]… screen recording… what’s that noise? oh.. ghost is playing with… my light! because that’s great πŸ™‚ alright… okay so now it’s
    screen recording uhm, please ignore the fact that I’m watching the Minecraft series nothing to see here!!!! it’s not like I watched his entire Minecraft series in
    two days or anything PFFFT and it’s not like I downloaded minecraft myself and tied to make cheese and failed so I never played it again after that…. BUT I’m still watching him play it I mean I’m not watching it because minecraft is silly…. [whispers]
    I really like it… it’s really funny okay so the first website I’m gonna do is the
    most well-known one that I know of uhmmm [trying to remember the name]
    aq–ua?? uhhhh bluhualallalalhuuala I forgot the name of all these websites
    it’s been a minute since I’ve done any fish orders… oh well let’s just try this [typing on google]
    “order fish online” oh? not GrubHub… nope that’s not what I’m talking about- live aquaria! there we go!! alright πŸ™‚ [reading the website]
    arrive alive, stay alive! risk free guarantee alrighty let’s give this a go I like shopping from the divers den because
    it’s actual pictures of the fish you’ll get, and not just a picture of the
    species of the fish that you’re getting but the actual particular fish so, this is the main website I kind of want to get from, but maybe we’ll do another one I don’t know! um, we’re doing marine fish cause i no longer have any freshwater tanks and, when it comes to the fish, I need reef-friendly fish so, non-aggressive
    reef friendly fish I’m gonna look in here and see if there’s anything that I
    particularly have been wanting to get. I know I do need- like these are super
    simple and super cheap and I could get them from the store… like down the street
    a lot cheaper than shipping them here BUT since I’m testing this FOR the video gotta do it for the video πŸ˜‰ can’t say do it for the vine cause Vine is dead (rip) -it’s just cardinalfish just [in weird voice]
    plain ol’ cardinalfish! but um….. striped ones πŸ™‚ is that freaking- oh I thought that was an octopus that’s pretty cool though only…. a thousand dollars nope! not happening today these guys are cool they’re blue…. and they’re cool… they’re 80 bucks for three of them yeah that’s what
    I thought, they’re reef friendly Do I have any blue fish? I’m trying to add some more color to my tank. it’s between these guys annnnnnnnnd these guys these guys might be a little cooler yeah, these guys are cool, how many? all right let’s get these guys! oh, nope, not view cart continue shopping! *in high pitched voice*
    CONTINUE SHOPPING! I do wanna get some corals, so maybe I’ll get some corals from here too so if I see any banggai cardinalfish i do need those ohhhhh this is a fish I’ve wanted for so freaking long it was the very first, before I- -before I got my big reef tank it was like the fish I talk about like
    “now that I have this 150 gallon I’m- gonna get a gem tang” and I still haven’t
    gotten it…. cuz they’re $800 but (laughs) I really think they’re beautiful but I never got one, and I’m not buying one today- oh my god I want one so bad!! I just don’t have the tank for it!!! oh my God look how stupid it looks!! oh my god its reef friendly?!?! *angels singing* oh my god I want it so bad!!! oh my god nothing to see here! [laughing] I can’t believe I’m getting that! please watch my ads on this video i just bought a $270- $280 fish
    that is literally three and a half inches and looks like an idiot please watch the ads thank you :))) if it arrives dead I’m telling you…. I will fight
    someone! that thing deserves to never die- it’s not a thing, I’m sorry! that
    BEAUTIFUL beautiful HANDSOME gentleman deserves to live so if it arrive- if it arrives dead I’m throwing some hands! aw this is cute! oh I can’t get it, I already have too many clownfish… all right -well I have TWO, but, my two own the tank. they would
    be very mad if I brought another one in there. I’m already way over the limit I wanted
    to spend BUT IT’S FINE- let’s just also get a $650 basslet! it’s fine! no, let’s not. let’s not do that ummmmmmm these aren’t reef friendly, or they just wouldn’t go with my particular fish oh that’s so cuuuuute -SEVEN – *is speechless* on sale!?!? [laughing awkwardly]
    no…. not happenin…. I’ve never gotten an anthias but, they just, they need to be fed like three times a day
    kind of like how cheese needed to be fed three times a day.. actually honestly I
    still probably feed my fish three times a day most of the time BUT they like to
    swim a lot, and I believe they are top dwelling fish and they swim on the top a
    lot in the surf- like they like to be on the surface, and, I know they’re jumpers
    too… but I have a lid… BUT! I already have one fish that likes to swim a lot- which
    is my naso tang, and he’s already so big in that tank I don’t think I want
    to put any more fish that like to swim long distances in the tank, if that makes
    sense…? pretty sure it does make sense! another gem tang??? *blows raspberry*
    waaah, i want it : what about hawkfish? those are reef friendly. well not all of them, well maybe, no…yes? no? I don’t know oh my god!! y’all got the coral crouchers!! have y’all seen the videos of them??? they’re SOOO cute!!!! oh my god :O this is the one I want. I want it to look like this! I want it to be spotted. out of stock?? pfft PFFT okay. I’m gonna… I’m waiting he’s not spotted, and I’m gonna wait till I find a
    spotted one. next! oh my god this guy comes with the shrim- three hundred dollars-never mind!!! aw that’s all of them? waaaaaaa okay let’s look at corals then, and
    I actually need to get some more crabs like cleaner crabs like for bubble algae and stuff?? not for…. not hermit crabs but like… crabby crabs… like the… *imitates crab movements* crabs you know what I mean you know what I mean! awww a little anemone crabs! cute… what’s a medusa worm??? it’s not something i’ve heard EEWwwwwwWwhh oh it’s like Medusa!!! it has all the little snakes coming out of its head oh it eats detritus just- – it’s not
    venomous but it’s poisonous when stressed or dies me. that’s really cool
    but I don’t know anything about it so I don’t want to get it yet I’m gonna look into it though. wish I could bring this down lower.. oh maybe I can.. so i can be chill- oh wh- what!?? I could have been filming at this level this whole time?? god I’m stupid : this guy’s pretty cool! I don’t think I have any new red one’s it’s eighty dollars though, so, debatable, this guy’s cool. I like. let’s buy. this guy’s cool too… buy. oh shoot that was just one section of the corals. Wow, maybe this is the only website we’ll
    be buying from today ladies and gentlemen we’ll just be reviewing this one website and
    if it works I cannot justify ordering from any more websites or spending any
    more money than this because.. the shipping on top of this, is… at least
    $100 so, yeah, let’s let’s just review this one website :)(: what’re purple star polyps? I’ve only ever heard of green star polyps. that’d be a cool mix, if they
    grow as much as green star polyps, that’d be cool to mix in there. I’m gonna get one and see if I can grow it, cuz I would love to grow it and mix it in, like with my green ones, because I have a lot of green ones, so, adding some purple would be pretty. dang. cool. if you ask me *clicks tongue* I don’t want a green one I have so many green corals I want a freakin!!! red goniopora *pouts* that one’s purple. feel like my cart MIGHT be full enough I feel like I MiiiGHT have enough but… mmm..nope still going. still going strong actually if I’m gonna keep going, let’s go in the like the… the generic sawp- *ehfghdgd* (word vomit) if I’m gonna keep getting anything, let’s go in the generic shopping area where it’s not like an actual picture of, -what I’m gonna get, annnnnd let’s get some cardinalfish (thinking to myself)
    …cardinal fis- *GASPS* *a god appears* I still cry over that fish thank you
    very much. I am not over that. by the way I will talk about this really fast in
    this video. um, let me pause the- camera- um okay I keep getting questions about if the results ever came back for cheese, they did a long time ago, the reason I never talked about them is because they were inconclusive. they basically said that he had severe tissue damage, but, that that is because he was so- dead for so long that the … flesh deteriorated before I got
    him in. so….. I did keep him for like a day because I was having a literal…. crisis like literal existential crisis, meltdown whatever my brain was not okay, the day he died. and I could not even bear to part with his dead body so I had to have some weird funeral to even cope….. yeah so it took me a while to get him to the vet I paid ’em to have the necropsy done but um it just was inconclusive. it said he had a lot of tissue damage but it was literally from deteriorating after being
    dead.. so, that’s why I never talked about it. cause I never really got any definitive answer-
    [accidentally jumps ahead]
    so okay let’s go back to screen recording okay sorry
    okay sorry I was just seeing that picture of a cowfish…. sent me I couldn’t handle it. so let’s go ahead and wrap this cart up, and then we will wait for
    the stuff to arrive! what if i just got an octopus? I would love an octopus,
    they’re so smart and so intelligent, but I just- I don’t have a tank for him, I don’t-I don’t have the time for one. so emerald crabs live off of bubble algae, so if you don’t have bubble algae, I don’t recommend… buying them, because they will die. um….I’m gonna get three πŸ™‚ clams are super cool but nope. awww a little tiny carpet anemone so cute BUT IT’S GREEN- *angrily*
    no more green [mumbling]
    I’m so tired of green you don’t understand… I have so many green corals let’s get, like I said
    the bangaii’s, and I think we’ll be good after that. they literally don’t have the
    bangaii cardi- but where are the cardinals??? there they are. and they’re captive-bred! heEEllL yEAHhAAAH that dottyback is cute, I like it alright, that’s plenty let’s see what our total is shall we??? I’m scared…. scroll to the bottom… *sees total*
    OH SHOo- I- I might- I might make that a little smaller… I’m trying to not be so… reckless with my money, so, let’s see how we could… fix this. I’m getting that angler I don’t
    care what y’all say! goooooodbye, Tonga coral okay, 490. I guess we’re doing 490. oh my – shipping is free?? oh HELL yeah it just said shipping was free?? ….oh taxes?? what the fu-
    [how dARE they make me pay taxes] add notes for this order um,,,,….,.,. pls bring cheese back 2 life alright. your order has been placed! alrighty ladies and gents, I guess we will wait it’s a one-day… it’s an overnight delivery I ordered it at 6:00 p.m. though, so I don’t know if it’s gonna come tomo- if it’s gonna be sent out tonight I don’t think it will, so I think it’ll probably
    come…. Wednesday. yeah it says right there Wednesday, September 4th. I’m super excited to get the fish, I hope they arrive all alive! if my anglerfish arrives dead, I will be fighting someone just saying *blooper sound* ***HAVENT FINISHED EDITING CAPTIONS YET, THE REST ARE AUTO-GENERATED AND MAY BE INCORRECT* all right so where’s the one box one box
    is here one of the boxes have arrived and then the other box is over there
    already so I’m gonna carry this over near the fish tank we’re gonna
    investigate all of them see if they’re you know alive how the bags look all
    that and then we’re gonna float them in the tank so they can get adjusted to the
    temperature difference from their bag to my tank that’s the first step to
    acclimating them for their new tank the first box is the smaller one we’re gonna
    open that one first and then go to the big one so this first one is the
    Cardinal fish to be friends with the one little guy that’s alone and some of the
    emerald crabs normally yeah the top always has some codes coupons that’s the
    word I’m looking for and acclimation guide no just telling
    you not to release fish into ponds and lakes and to put them in tiny bowls like
    that No so basically telling you to protect the wetlands by not throwing
    your fish into wild lakes and ponds and streams and that stuff yeah and then
    this is the acclimation guide so if you guys aren’t familiar with how to
    properly slowly acclimate a fish this is your first time ordering fish online or
    whatever this is a step by step guide personally I think you need to acclimate
    fish even if you go buy them from the mean you know the fish store down the
    street so hopefully you do know how to do this
    if you own fish but if you don’t there’s a guy what is this and why is it what a
    really weird package and it’s wet so concerning I think they’re I think these
    are cool packs keep the thing cool all right
    first I thought they put the fish in a paper bag and I was very concerned all
    right here we have the crabs and they are all alive
    there’s three of them they’re all alive just wondering why the heck they’re in a
    little bag probably so what we’re gonna do is while the lights are off we’re
    gonna float them up here okay next up we have the cardinal fish see if they’re
    all alive or not always did I start it by like
    anticipating them to not all be alive but oh I see – maybe they put the third
    one in a different bag because there’s only two in here yeah so there’s only
    supposed to be two in here maybe I only ordered two
    I might have only ordered two but as you can see they’re super super light
    colored I don’t know if you can actually see yeah they get really light colored
    they’re actually much darker color than this but when they’re stressed they lose
    their coloring and when it’s dark they lose their coloring so they might not
    necessarily be stressed they might just a bit in the dark so we’re gonna flip
    them in the tank now so far so good everything is hold on so far on to the
    next box because this one only have those two things all right so this
    should have all the other stuff in it I’ve been really excited about okay this
    one should have my scissortail trio my purple star polyps my pipe organ a pimp
    picked me to be to beYOU could – you’re cute – Buick you’re light both Hubble
    huh it’s that pygmy angler alright discount
    things and another acclimation guide let’s see how these guys are doing do
    you think well this is a lot of the times with things that can be stressed
    easily they black out the sides so it’s a little less stressful for them to be
    transferred so I can’t really tell you what’s in here normally when they’re
    wrapped in this they’re wrapped in two different bags and the top bag is one
    with the black on it so I’m gonna try to get that one off and leave the other one
    so we can actually see what we have going here
    open I was wrong because the one underneath it is the one with the black
    on it all right oh no it comes off it comes off I got
    this one open and there’s one little scissortail fish right at the top
    swimming around so now that I got the dart part off you can acclimate to the
    new tank all right I have a feeling this will be a very long process next one
    okay these look like the purple star polyps which I’m gonna try to grow with
    the green star polyps they’re closed up right now so you really can’t see
    anything I’m gonna attempt to grow them with the green star polyps so we could
    have a mix of purple and green in here instead of just the green let me go take
    the top layer off so it can acclimate properly all right and now in another
    bag underneath that oh my goodness okay wait gotta go take the bag off one more
    time Jesus so it was in a bag in a bag in a bag turn this right side up Leakey
    so now I could actually acclimate properly because it’s the closest back
    to the actual water so it can warm up appropriately instead of having to go
    through a million layers to do it okay so this is another blacked-out one I
    don’t know what’s in it um let’s go over to the sink and take the black off and
    then we could see what it is all right this one is a coral it looks like well
    maybe this is the Paula’s yeah these look like the purple star polyps so the
    other one must have been to Coral somehow and I didn’t notice all right
    now I got another layer off so we’ll stop there I never know sometimes if
    they double layer it if it’s because there’s a hole in the first bag so I
    don’t like to go all the way to the bottom bag sometimes it kind of freaks
    me out mostly I can do it but that one looked
    like it might be leaking so I didn’t want to cut to the back the bottom bag
    another big one this probably is another dark fish and this one is a Dartfish
    yep there’s another little dark fish I’m gonna check on my sump and make sure
    it’s not too full cuz I float this stuff it brings the water level up which then
    brings the sump level up but it looks okay
    probably another Dartfish dark fish it freaks me out about my water level it’s
    been a little higher but I could fit one last one in there alright we’re down to
    the last one which is the little angler fish like I said in the intro if this
    one arrives dead I’m gonna be very mad and fight someone let’s go get the
    little black off and see if he’s cute oh they have it black on both sides top and
    bottom so he could be extra extra chill if this top layer off
    don’t worry mr. Engler you’re gonna have a big home now for your tiny little body
    I like you please be alive if it arrives yet I’m telling you I will fight someone – he’s alive he’s so cute
    oh my God he’s so cute you can’t really see right now hold on is it focusing can
    you see him so cute he’s a little blob oh my god he’s a little more I love him
    – get this one last layer off how’d it get y’all guys to see him perfectly oh
    my god I think it’s focusing look at his little body he looks like a frog I love him you can eat my finger he’s up
    pygmy angler so he tiny okay now we’re just gonna let them all float for like
    another 30 minutes and then we’re gonna slowly start putting my tank water in
    their bag there’s also another way you can do it for fish super prone
    distressed you can get a bucket I did this with my other arrival of fish that
    I did a long time ago I’ll put it in the card section I got a bucket and I slowly
    dripped my water into the bucket so the levels would slowly shift but I don’t
    think any of these are that sensitive other than maybe the angler but I’m
    gonna spend the next thirty minutes kind of googling it and deciding basically what you’re gonna do first is
    take your fish and put it in a bucket now the important thing to do is when
    you’re going to release the fish into the bucket you want to put the water
    slowly into the point where when the fish goes in it has enough water to be
    fully submerged so if a bucket this deep is going to be too deep to fully
    submerge your fish get a smaller bucket don’t make them flop around in the
    bottom of the water okay one hopefully your fish bag won’t be tied with a hair
    tie and two hopefully your fish your saltwater fish won’t be from Petco I’m
    sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry pet Schmo and we’re gonna slowly release the water until it’s deep enough for your fish to
    go in peacefully slowly add the water from your tank to this now the way we do
    this is called a drip acclimation system first thing you’re gonna need is an air
    pump does not have to be a nice one it could be any kind of air pump about five
    feet of airline tubing this is like 10 feet but five feet of airline tubing
    should be it plenty now you’re gonna cut up the airline tubing where you have
    five feet for the drip system and then a little bit left for the air pump now
    first thing I’m gonna do is I’m gonna add some oxygen to this water because as
    we start drip acclimating the fish the fish may get stressed and we want to
    make sure they have plenty of oxygen during this time next we’re gonna start
    drip acclimate I’m gonna put this frog rack in my tank and this is just gonna
    be something that’s gonna hold on to my airline tubing you don’t have to use a
    frog rack you do plant weights anything just to make sure that the airline
    tubing stays in your tank so what we’re gonna do next is get the airline tubing
    you could tell that’s it even though it’s out of focus and you’re gonna put
    one side in the tank make sure it’s safe the next thing you’re gonna do is you’re
    gonna start the siphoning effect you’re probably gonna have to put your mouths
    on this and I’m trying to make this sound as normal as possible put your
    mouth on this like a straw and it’ll start the siphoning effect okay now once
    you start it you’re gonna see the water is gonna come out really fast this is
    not dripping this is too fast so what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna tie a
    knot in your airline tubing now it’s dripping now if the drips are still too
    fast you can do another knot and now you’re literally gonna leave it in there
    dripping until the at least doubles and then check it see
    if the salinity matches your tank and then you can not you won’t pick your
    fish up like this but you know pick your fish up and put him in there he’s dead
    remember that video I made years ago about apt Asia yeah I got one back one
    has returned it’s right there but it’s not focusing focusing on the fish behind
    him but it’s there I promise you the Irwin be ready for new friends that the
    angler oh my god he’s so dumb I love him well yes oh my god oh my god
    so dumb hey I’m gonna release the dart fish that have been acclimating and they
    all found each other it won’t focus yeah they’re all right there they all found
    each other there now you can see them appropriately
    they’re cute I like them the new scissortail guys they’re right out here
    they’re not scared at all but when I put the bank guys in there they just
    disappeared they’re hiding somewhere but they’ll come out when they’re ready okay
    now we just got to get this guy right here we just gotta get him comfy and
    then when he’s comfy he’s trying to swim down he’s trying to do that method from
    Nemo where they all swim down it’s not working for him but he’s trying a for
    effort but anyway I’m gonna give him a little
    longer and then we will let him free and hope for the best because I’m really
    rooting for him I’m rooting for a little frogman him down oh look that’s my
    original one and look the other ones are below him and he’s not killing a home
    I’m so proud you know the glasses algae I gotta clean it okay I don’t know if
    you guys can see him me lower this I’m gonna release him and we’re gonna see
    how this goes and I don’t even want to touch him so
    I’m just gonna let all the water filling swim down buddy
    yeah you swim down okay I’m gonna clean up all this mess and then try to look at
    him and admire him I cleaned up the glass a little bit so you guys can see
    it but I haven’t really deep cleaned it yet so the tank is a little messy but
    just a little update on how everyone’s doing I’m gonna take this off the stand
    in a second but here’s the overall view of the tank the corals have not opened
    yet my anglerfish who I have not named yet
    it is a boy because he doesn’t have the little weird protruding thing on his
    head that looks like a lamp he’s right there and I really don’t want to bother
    him right now because he’s just getting adjusted but maybe when it’s feeding
    time he’ll come out a little more but he’s so dang cute and little and Irwin
    doesn’t care about him Darwin probably thinks he’s a rock and doesn’t even know
    he’s there my cardinalfish is by himself again he’s a loner he’s rejected his
    other friends which isn’t very cool where is your friend
    where did he go why is there only two of you where your friend go why are you
    looking in the reflection that is not you I just wanted to show you guys that
    the pipe organs at least came out okay so my camera is having a really hard
    time focusing for some reason and of course our ones getting right in the way
    but the pipe organs are opening the job and this is where my camera falls to the
    floor and hits the tile and shatters and breaks so for the rest of this video I
    will be using my phone or my mom’s camera and the audio kind of sucks so
    for the most part I’m just gonna be playing music over it
    luckily I did film my outro though before my camera fell so there will be
    an outro anyways I need a new camera please watch my ads hi and you even say to sit you’re so
    good you’re so good going to see hi Kim Kim Thank You Kim okay guys so that concludes the video I
    hope you guys enjoy it I hope you guys had fun watching some fish come in the
    mail it’s a fun experience I’m so far everyone’s doing really really well
    still can’t find my angler fish she’s hiding somewhere but my mom said that
    she saw him earlier so he’s definitely in there somewhere yeah he’s gonna be
    hiding he’s gonna be hiding for quite some time
    cool little thing to end the video on today I am three months sober clean and
    serene for 90 days yeah so I plan to do a video on my second channel about how
    my recovery is coming along in a little video about it if you’d like to keep up
    with my recovery in between and just me in general in between you can check out
    my Twitter and my Instagram I’ll put the links in the description and my at is
    right here so that’s all I hope you guys enjoyed and I will see you guys next
    time in the comment section good bye super excited about these I so
    happy about that so now I’m just gonna stand here awkwardly and give you the
    option to click on my last video I made before this and click on this video if
    you’d like to see the story behind beast and subscribe if you’d like to subscribe
    and now I’m just gonna awkwardly stand here and let you guys decide what if you
    want to click anything you clickin why aren’t you clicking
    click away

    The Loudest Underwater Sound Ever Recorded Has No Scientific Explanation
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    The Loudest Underwater Sound Ever Recorded Has No Scientific Explanation

    November 6, 2019

    Even though I’m mostly from Tennessee,
    which is landlocked, As a kid, my grandparents owned a little cottage on the Jersey Shore and I used to spend six weeks every summer there. So maybe that’s what got me into the business of listening to the
    waves at night. I’d be happy to give you the story! It’s a good one. Back in the 1980s, most of the work that had been done in underwater acoustic surveillance had been done classified within the
    military. We hooked in the Navy’s system in August of ’91. We had a laboratory that was collecting these signals from the Navy’s underwater listening systems We had these blue and red colorful
    spectrograms streaming screens and routinely marking into a
    logbook. “Here’s a whale.” “Here’s this, here’s that.” But, occasionally, there were sounds that we just could not identify. I remember one sound in particular. We called it The Bloop, because when you listen to it, it
    sounds like, “bloop!” It’s captivating because we don’t know what it was and it doesn’t recur. It lasted about a minute. It’s heard simultaneously on hydrophones that are thousands of km apart Heard 5,000 miles away, so very, very
    loud. And of course, it’s very, very low. It’s a long, rising sound. Within 10 minutes, you had everybody in the whole team gathered around trying to think of explanations and trying to think of ways that we could enhance it It was like a detective work. I took it to the very classified innards of the U.S. Navy intelligence to see if they thought it might actually be a some sort of a military system that I wasn’t familiar with. They said, “Nope. It’s not ours.” It didn’t seem to be man man-made. We considered very possibility, including
    animal origins. Other things in nature that make that sound are blue whales, but we very quickly we understood that when we looked at the volume of sound, certainly it is much louder than the loudest animal
    sound that we are aware of. It’s many times more powerful than a blue whale, and of course they’re the largest animal ever. To produce a low frequency, you
    have to be something big. You get off of to some really
    far-fetched things that go outside of the scientific realm. The Bloop seems to have captured the imagination of everyone. If someone wants to
    say, “There’s a gigantic monster out there,” I won’t join that conversation. But when you have sounds that you don’t know what the phenomenon is, maybe it’s like visually seeing something through the fog. There are still mysteries on earth and
    in the universe. For the time being, it’s just an interesting observation that we made that we really can’t figure out. Is it bothersome that this thing has been carried beyond scientific rigor? Yes and no. It doesn’t bother me. I’m glad there’s still some mysteries out there.

    Flat Earth vs. Round Earth | Explorer
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    Flat Earth vs. Round Earth | Explorer

    November 4, 2019

    you think that with the beautiful
    photographs that we have of our round blue planet it would convince any
    doubters but there are still some who insist that the world is flat
    correspondent Mariana van Zeller discovers more about this fast growing
    movement in California I’m Mariana van Zeller and I’m in Southern California to
    look into a growing movement in America people who claim the earth is flat they
    call themselves the flat earthers and we’re here to try to understand what’s
    behind this unconventional view and how it can affect the rest of us so what’s happening here today why are
    you here this matters to me flattered that shows you that you are
    not a mistake and you were created and so you have meaning in matter – we’re
    not monkeys floating through space on the false maxim that testable it’s not
    measurable it’s not provable it’s not real how old are you guys just out of
    curiosity do you think it’s a growing movement yes and we’re networking and
    getting stronger people are realizing it it’s coming out in the media you’re
    hearing the term flatter this is becoming more normal people are more
    open-minded to it he’s not wrong a recent survey of Americans found that
    two percent believe the earth is flat for the US population as a whole
    that works out to be over 6.5 million people
    even high profile artists and athletes are getting on board I want to try to find Mart sergeant
    who’s one of the leaders of the Flat Earth community
    nice to see you man mark used to design video games and run software trainings
    now he devotes himself full-time to promoting the Flat Earth with all the
    attention that you must be Mark Sargent I am Mark Sargent
    thanks for meeting us here it’s a pleasure to be here so tell me what is
    this movement all about this movement is about changing the world literally you
    think for the longest time that you live here but what if it wasn’t this what if
    this was just the illusion yeah we’re gonna open this thing up and the reality
    look something like this in a nutshell you have North Pole at the centre the
    continents splayed out organically on the sides
    Antarctica is stretched around the entire outer edge like an ice ball the
    Sun in the morning are very very small and the stars are just lights in the sky
    a giant planet area which means is built by somebody someone bigger than us
    someone better than us do you think it was a god not my place to say your
    belief in the earth being flat flies in the face hundreds of the world not only
    that we have satellite imagery we have photos from space and nobody here
    believes any of that anymore so you don’t believe that people travel in
    space no oh it’s much worse than you know meaning the only reason NASA was
    founded in 1958 was to keep this thing under wraps as best they could be big
    think of the shockwaves if all of a sudden you’re telling a civilization
    that this model this is an it anymore flatters is the last conspiracy anyone
    ever looks at mark and his fellow flat earther seem to be pretty convinced that
    the earth is flat and that we’ve all been lied to for all these years but I’m
    interested in knowing what impact this might have not only for science but for
    society at large so we’re heading to meet with an astrophysicist that we hope
    can answer some of these questions the universe began about fourteen billion
    years ago an event that we call the Big Bang james bullock is a professor of
    physics and astronomy at the University of California Irvine he specializes in
    how galaxies formed did you ever think a few years ago that you’d be having this
    discussion for National Geographic it’s frankly shocking we’ve known for 2,000
    years based on observations you can make with your own eyes that the world is
    round they have all the evidence right in
    front of them and they still choose not to believe in it you know who knows what
    motivates people from the inside to believe these things but science is
    important science is valuable science saves lives it makes our lives better
    and more comfortable and it enriches us intellectually and to question what
    scientists are saying and suggested they’re part of some massive
    international global conspiracy it’s really scary are they a threat to the
    work that you do as a scientist if say government stop funding science the
    cause of some kind of anti science anti intellectual feedback they’re getting
    from the populace that’s when it really starts getting dangerous for our
    civilization and as the war on science heats up some Americans are fighting
    back we’re heading to the largest lake in California to meet the independent
    investigations group which is a group that essentially debunks paranormal
    claims and they want to do a round earth task may that be a test that will prove
    that the earth is not flat but that it is round let’s go we’re ready to launch
    you ready Craig ok so what’s happening here right now okay this is the boat
    base target it’s horizontal stripes we’re gonna launch a small boat out into
    the water here with a striped target and as it gets farther and farther out
    you’ll start to lose the stripes one way that Aristotle proved 2,000 years ago
    that the earth is a sphere was with a boat’s test very similar to this one as
    a boat approaches the horizon it appears to slowly dip down into the water before
    disappearing completely that’s got everything to do with the curvature of
    the earth if the planet was flat the entire boat would remain visible so
    it’ll be a very visual depiction of the curvature of the earth and what’s really
    interesting is that some of the flat earthers including mark sergeant’s are
    actually going to be here for this test they want to see it for themselves what
    do you think is gonna happen here today I appreciate the scientific group coming
    out and trying to do this test great appreciate the enthusiasm but cannot
    work can’t work yeah okay so the test is starting the test it’s starting right
    now at first all the stripes are clearly visible but sure enough as the boat
    reaches the horizon the stripes begin to disappear one by one it’s pretty amazing
    you can actually see it really clearly with this camera here and you see that
    the red stripe cuz that was at the bottom has completely disappeared and
    it’s now getting closer to sort of the middle
    Green we’ve lost about one and a half stripes so this can only happen white
    because of the curvature of the earth but mark Sargent and the other
    flat-earthers have a very different interpretation of
    the results so you don’t think that what we’re seeing is actually real you think
    it’s because oh yeah here in flat earth believe it’s a globe mister
    demonstration that doesn’t change anyone Korea Lord no mark do you really believe
    this stuff tell me the truth I’m serious right absolutely 100%
    believe we are not on a globe we are part of a giant studio set all the
    world’s a stage and you’re on it I still don’t understand that like who’s gaining
    from all this from this larger exclusive the highest authority higher than
    presidents this super-rich people that are behind the scenes remember the first
    rule of powers stay hidden so this is for me where I think it gets really
    dangerous because we’re going back into the dark ages all right you’re
    essentially perpetuating ignorance by denying science you know there’s a
    real-life implication in all of this science has had its chance and they
    aren’t putting up a defense I think that the flat earth could potentially uh sure
    in a new golden age or it could assure in an age of chaos it’s easy to dismiss this as just a
    silly theory and unimportant but the problem is that is a growing movement in
    America more and more young people seem to believe that the world is flat and
    you know it’s more than just distrust and government it’s this notion that
    thousands of years of empirical scientific evidence is now being
    dismissed as a mere conspiracy and that’s where I think it really starts
    getting dangerous for all of us

    TOP 5 NANO FISH  Small Fish Tank Series NANO Aquarium FISH
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    TOP 5 NANO FISH Small Fish Tank Series NANO Aquarium FISH

    November 4, 2019

    – What’s up Fishtank
    People, Dustin’s Fishtank bringing
    it to you on a Sunday, baby. How’s everybody doing? I hope you’re doing well. So we’re deep in the Small Tank series. I gotta tell ya, I’m
    having an absolute blast. First we set up a five gallon, then we set up a 10 gallon. Tried to set up a 15 gallon, but every pet store in town
    has given me runaround. None of them have them in stock, so we set up another 10 gallon. So now I’ve got one, two, three tanks with absolutely no fish in ’em. But you gotta creep on it, folks. You gotta take your time when adding fish, but it’s about time to add some fish. So here, it’s your Sunday. It’s your species Sun-, then we’re gonna bring you
    my one, two, three, four, I got five on it, top five nano fish. ♪ I got five on it ♪ ♪ Grab yo 40, let’s get keyed. ♪ That’s right folks, I got five on it. Grab your tanks, let’s get keyed. Talkin’ about my number five nano fish. Now this is a fish that I’ve
    never actually kept before, but I have caught them in the wild Peru. Yes folks, we’re talking
    about the dwarf pea puffer. Now the reason we’re
    talking about this fish, I’ve never actually kept this fish, but I feel like the Lion
    King 10 gallon right here is actually screaming
    for a dwarf pea puffer. Dwarf pea puffers come from India. They’re aggressive, puffers in general, fresh, salt, brackish, whatever
    have amazing personalities. So I really think that just
    a sweet little puffer fish swimming around in here
    would be absolutely amazing. One of the things to note
    about puffer fish is that they are aggressive,
    and are not easy to keep with a lot of other fish which fine, because it’s gonna be a
    10 gallon species only dwarf puffer fish tank. Now, the puffer fish
    that we’re talkin about is actually coming from India and stays small and is true fresh water. However, yours truly has actually caught freshwater puffers as well in the Amazon. You can click the links around to see where I did catch a wild caught puffer. Truly awesome. What I’ve been told is that the puffers, they eat so much snail matter that they need something to
    kind of wear their teeth down. So if you don’t consistently feed them a ridiculous amount of snails, you’re have to go in and do dental surgery on them and trim their teeth up. So, dwarf puffers, my number five, thinking about putting a little bit of a puffer fish in here. Let me know your thoughts, if
    I should puffer this thing. I think it’d be ridiculous. Let me know. (hip hop music) My number four nano fish, we’re talking about a
    apistagrammas, folks. That’s right. Dwarf cichlid from South America, in your face. Loving the apistagrammas. I fell in love in love with these fish way back in the day ’cause they’re great for a planted tank. They are a cichlid, but
    they don’t tear stuff up. Like the puffer fish, these
    were collected in Peru, however these were collected
    on the Nanay River, a lower pH river, where we caught a slew of apistagramma
    bitaeniata down there. You can click the link
    and actually see a video I took while I was collecting these suckers in a puddle in Peru. Totally and amazing time. I’ve talked about ’em before. You can’t say Amazon and just think of one river where everything is from. The Amazon is made up of
    thousands and thousands of different tributaries, pathways, tiny little rivers little bit
    of cut off lakes, whatever. Which bring you all kinds
    of species variation. This is great because this is
    where apistagrammas come from. That’s why there’s so many
    different varieties of pistos. They’re on their own little tributaries and the separate bodies of water produce unique types of apistagrammas. Additionally, apistagrammas
    are easy to breed, and, generally speaking,
    when a fish is easy to breed it’s easy to get a lot of
    sweet variations of them. Enter apistograma cacatuoides triple red. As if the name apistograma
    cacatuoides isn’t cool enough, check out this fish. Love the long fins, love the red, just a totally cool variation
    that’s been developed because these fish are easy to breed. Note, apistos do like the lower pH though. That’s something you’re
    gonna wanna watch out for. Another thing to think
    about with apistos, however, is they are kind of a shyer fish. They do know they’re roll, so to speak, and I kept them in a 220 with rainbows. The rainbows were big rambunctious, like black lab dogs, if you will. Just all over the place. And they kind of out competed
    the apistos for food. The apistos were a little too shy. So definitely a great nano fish ’cause you wanna keep ’em in
    a small or more chill setting. A little bit lower pH. Where I collected them from,
    it looked like basically mud. So, something to consider when you are thinking
    about keeping apisto. Too many types of apistos to list, to do this species any sort of justice. Another one I’m fond of is
    the apistogramma panduro. I actually collected
    these, a few of these, while we were in the wild, as well. I also visited a wholesaler in Iquitos ran by Edward Panduro, who
    this fish was named after. A couple other varieties
    we’re checking out is the cacatuoides blue and the trifasciata, as well. Drop me a comment on your
    favorite type of apistos. There are tons of them. Apistogrammas, my number
    4 favorite nano fish. (hiphop music) My number three, my top five nano fish, totally switching gears from apistos. Don’t knock it till you try it, folks. We’re talking about fancy guppies. That’s right, folks,
    guppies, come on, guppies. Super easy to breed, hearty, they come in every single
    freakin’ color of the rainbow, it seems, and all kinds
    of variations all around. The only issue that I even
    remotely have with guppies, is sometimes if they’re over bred so much they have over long tails
    and they can’t swim, and I just feel sorry for those fish. That said, this kind of breeding has produced some really insane fish. Guppies, you can get as fancy as you want. Spend a bunch of money, get some really crazy varieties
    that have been bred a bunch. Or you can be that kid at the pet store that makes the person pick
    out the feeder guppies that have a little bit
    of fanciness on ’em, so you can get some cool
    fish for only 10 cents. Keeping guppies is super easy. I found they like to be kept in just a little bit harder water, but they can live without a heater, they can handle the abuse that
    a beginner might give ’em. They can handle big water changes. Like I said, they breed like crazy. I like to breed them with floating plants. I found a lot of floating plants really seems to help
    guppies just get after it, for lack of a better term. So, totally having fun with some guppies. And I think that guppies would
    look kinda sweet in here. I don’t know, let me know what you think. Couple guppies swimming around here, sitting on my desk, staring right at me, swimming all around. So, guppies, my number three
    of my top five nano fish. (hop hop music) My number two of my top five nano fish, you gotta roll with the classics, folks, you gotta roll with neon tetras. Look, I been down to Peru, as I’ve said. I’ve collected fish in the wild. There’s a bajillion types
    of different tetras. Neon tetras are one of the
    top most colorful tetras. There are other colorful varieties. And I know, I hear what the
    cardinal people are saying right now, “I like cardinals
    more than I like neons.” Look, do what works for you. I will say this. Neon tetras, generally speaking, are easier to keep than cardinals. Cardinals require a warmer temperature. Neons can handle a little
    bit of lower temps. They also like a little bit of higher pH, unlike cardinals, which like the lower pH. Generally speaking, most people have more harder water than soft. Me, I have harder water than I do soft. I do not try to battle my water. My water comes out a little bit harder and I run my tanks a little bit colder. Neon tetras are for me. They’re fantastic schoolers. Rachel and I talked
    about this the other day. When you get neons,
    folks, get a ton of ’em. Add slowly, but get a ton of ’em ’cause you’ll get this
    really crazy little behavior. You can click the links around. I did a video on community fish behavior. But basically, when you
    have a ridiculous amount of neon tetras together, the behavior is totally different. They can kinda like spread
    out and be all over the place and have these tiny little
    schools battling back and forth. Just super awesome. I kep them in college. Totally love ’em. Neon tetras, fantastic beginner fish. You can keep ’em in a small tank. Like I said, no heater. The only problem with neons is
    when they go, they go quick. And speaking of not battling
    your water, this tank, at one point, had about
    100 of ’em in there until my wonderful county
    decided to raise the chlorine levels after a big rain storm. That’s a big tip, too. If it rains hard, your
    city might be adding more chlorine than you know to your water. I didn’t triple down my
    De-Chlor and I lost ton of ’em. They went fast, folks. I miss my neons. Neon tetras, my number two
    of my top five nano fish. (hop hop music) And my number one, my top
    five, my top nano fish. Number one nano fish is a betta fish. Betta fish, Dustin? Yes. Betta fish, Dustin is saying. And here’s why. Fist and foremost, I was a history major. I love the history of
    these little betta fish. They’re named after the betta clan in, like clan in the front,
    ♪ Clan in the front, ♪ let your feet stomp.
    ♪ let your feet stomp. ♪ They’re named after a fierce warrior clan. How cool is that? Don’t kid yourself. That’s awesome. Also, they were so popular with the fighting and battling and
    breeding of these things, that the King of Siam, himself, actually taxed and regulated
    the sale of betta fish, and the fighting, which
    I think is pretty cool. Now look, I don’t think that
    keeping male betta’s together and watching ’em is even remotely cool. Okay? And obviously, as you know, if you keep two male bettas together, they will fight and battle,
    presumably to the death. That said, that breeding
    and that popularity of the fish is probably why we have so many of them readily available today. They’re so easy to breed. Betta fish, you can keep
    ’em in a small container. The one thing with betta fish, and I’ve lost some because of this, is they do like a little
    bit of warmer water. They like their water
    above 75, if you will. I’ve seen ’em pound little
    critters out in the greenhouse. This guy was actually out
    in the greenhouse with me. So, betta fish, I’m lovin’ ’em. You can keep ’em in those little vases. They prefer, at least two, three gallons. They can almost run out of water, as long as they stay moist they can live. They’re actually labyrinth breathers, so they can breathe air. So they can handle the
    abuse of of a beginner. The only thing I really question with them is just you gotta keep your
    temps just a little bit higher. Obviously, don’t mix males together. But, betta fish, I love ’em. And the thing that I love
    most about betta fish, and it’s the same thing I
    love about koi, is this: You can get betta fish in
    any single variety you want. Now I’m not saying you have
    to like all betta fish, but I could see myself being that creepy old man when I’m older, where I just have a bunch of
    different varieties all around. Because they’ve been bred so much, you can get any color rainbow. Same with koi, right? Every betta fish could
    be unique, you know? You could pick out that specific one. Like this is the exact fish
    that I want for this reason. I picked him out because
    that’s the style I want. You can pick out a white one if you want, you can pick out a pink one if you want. They come in all different varieties. So betta fish are my number one favorite, top five nano fish. (hip hop music) And you can see the clip here
    of me letting this guy go, of course he’s shy on
    camera the first time. But I’m pumped to finally
    get a fish in here. Note, this might not be the
    final spot for this guy. I might swap him out if I do find my hands on some dwarf puffer fish. Do me a favor folks, let me know your favorite
    nano fish and why. Maybe I’m overlooking something. I haven’t really creatively been around what to put in these tanks yet. I’ve got the betta fish in here. But he might move. I also got the five gallon over here. Not really sure, thinking the guppies, maybe the black live births. So I’d love to get your
    feedback, your comments. Maybe like, “Yo dude, have
    you thought of these?” And I’m totally missing something. Yeah, get excited. I got a lotta fun stuff ahead. I got a couple colabs comin’ up. I’ve also got a fantastic
    fish room or village. I didn’t have enough time
    to spend at a while back. So, if you like what I’m doing, subscribe. Bottom right somewhere. Everybody, have a fabulous freakin’ week. And tank on. Later. (hip hop music)



    October 9, 2019

    You guys ready for this? Hahaha, Today, we stock the 375 gallon planted aquarium with those 200 Rainbow fish. I must admit though, it’s actually over 200 red, uh, 200 Rainbow fish. About 235. A few extras were shipped which is a good thing with over 200 fish coming. I’m probably going to have a few dead. These are coming all the way from Bangkok, so they had a really long trip. I really got to get these guys out of the bags however for right now, I will just be floating them, for the time being, to temperature acclimate them to the tank and then we’re going to get them out. Now these guys aren’t going to be incredibly colorful right now. They’re stressed out. They had a very long trip here. But man do we ever have a really nice home for them to live in, let’s take a closer look? So again their colors aren’t showing right now, but these are Red Rainbows, 235 of them. Well their scientific name anyways is Glossolepis Incisus, I believe it’s how you pronounce it. You know guys know I’m never good with those. Red Irian Rainbow or Red Rainbow, very popular fish. These guys get like 4 to 6 inches, really big. And again, I got 235 in here. You know there’s about six bags of them all floating with maybe 50 or 60 in each bag. Oh,
    and by the way all of these fish, and you can probably assume that all the fish and all the plants moving forward, and what I’ve already gotten came from Jeff at One Fish Two Fish, my local fish store in Dartmouth. I’ll leave a link to his website down below for any Canadians looking for plants and whatnot. OK, these guys are ready to rock and roll. Now, they are jumpers however what I think I’m going to do is I think I’m going to remove them all from the, or, add a little bit of the tank water to a bucket, remove— separate the fish from the water that’s in these bags. I don’t want that water in my tank. I’m going to net the fish and put them in the bucket of tank water. And once I have them all in we’ll dump them all in at once. You know and truly the main focus is just to get them out of these bags as fast as possible. See, what happens in these bags during shipping and, what a lot of hobbyists don’t talk about— Oh wow these guys are beautiful. Oh wait till you guys see where you’re gonna go. What happens during shipping, especially during the very long trips that these guys went through, is as they deplete the oxygen in the bag, the pH of the water drops. And while these guys are in the bag, they’re still breathing, they’re still producing ammonia but in lower pH’s that ammonia isn’t that toxic. However once we pop this bag open and release all oxygen into it, gas exchange occurs within the water the pH is going to shoot right back up. And at alkaline levels, ammonia is much more deadlier, which is going to cause a problem. So you never want to open the bag and float them or anything like that. You float them in a sealed bag, temperature acclimate them then get them out of this water as fast as possible and back into the proper tank. Hopefully this technique works with this many fish. I have a feeling that a few of them are going to want to jump around and jump out of this net but we’ll see what happens here. Probably use a bigger net. Oh I have a bigger net. Having a 2,000 gallon aquarium comes in handy. I forgot all about this. We’re laughing now. Let me see here. I wish I had another set of hands here. Aww, look at them. They kind of look like sardines. Look at that. Isn’t that crazy? They look like they’re already darkening up from above. Now, the males will be really red and the females will be more silvery. Looks like we have a nice mix. You don’t want all males, even though they look better, because if they don’t have females they won’t display to those females, so they’ll always you know look kind of drab. I can’t wait to see them in the tank. Let’s do it. You guys ready for this? Hahahaha, oh man. Here we go. Oh boy, this is insane. I love it. I mean look at them, they’re all throughout the entire tank kind of ideal. It’s exactly what I wanted to happen. It almost feels like there’s too many. I mean on camera, I don’t know if it’s capturing the sheer volume of fish in this tank. But let me remind you of two things: one, these guys aren’t colored up yet clearly they’re still a little bit silvery in color which is fine for like a female for example, but the males are going to turn a dark red. Go ahead and look up Red Rainbow Fish on Google after you’re done watching this video, and you’ll see what I mean these guys are absolutely stunning. I mean these guys are only about two inches, two and a half inches something along those lines and they grow to four to six inches long so I mean clearly I probably have too many in here, but again, I could always dwindle the pack down a little bit and you know once these guys settle. I mean this tank is going to be absolutely amazing and the plants start growing in. Dare I say, do we even need anything else on the bottom? Do we need any other fish? I mean, there’s already over 200 of these guys. Oh look at this, a couple of them are starting to kind of color up. You see this guy right here. You know, I love Rays and Arowana, Discus and you know all types of big monster fish, but I can see this tank quickly becoming my favorite. Absolutely stunning. Don’t let the color of them right now, you know, depict what you think they’re going to look like long-term. Especially, I’ll switch lenses eventually once we get some color in them, and you’ll see what they’re actually going to look like. Again they’re just kind of silvery right now. You know some iridescence to them and whatnot but they are swimming throughout the entire aquarium. They’re picking around and enjoying it. Some are over in the Val earlier. They kind of do follow me around though. But I’ll show you something extremely interesting that I was just playing around with a minute ago. This is going to be a…I don’t know, coincidental? Or just plain interesting? Watch this stuff. Okay, so you guys know I can control all of the equipment on this tank through this the Ecosmart Live app as well as my desktop, but you know that’s not what we’re going to get into. I have all of my lights as well as pumps connected. That’s the 2000 gallon tank. Here’s the 375, watch this. Now again, I was only kind of messing around with this earlier. So right now everything’s at 100% and it’s kind of bright. Notice the fish okay? Nothing’s changing. I’m going to go ahead and turn down the blue. Nothing changing in the fish. I’m go ahead and turn down the cool white. Go ahead and turn off the green. Now we’re left with red, hyper red and warm white. Now watch this. This is just insane. See how they’re all just throughout the tank? There watch. Watch this. Just red. Watch what they do. They all school together and go to the end of the tank. I’m not doing anything differently. Look. They’re all over there. Now watch this, turn the green back on, give it some white and blues. Isn’t that insane? I don’t know why they do that, with the red coincidentally because they’re Red Rainbows. We’re still about midday with these guys though so I think I’ll probably end up turning the lights down quite a bit just to let them acclimate to the tank. No sense in having a too bright. I’ll probably turn them back up here in a second just to capture some more video, but oh we should feed them. That’s what we should do. I don’t know if they’re going to eat, but I’m certainly going to try. This tank is certainly going to become one of my favorites, but I think that’s going to be an ongoing theme. Me saying that, we still have 10 big tanks to go. I can only imagine what we’re going to come up with. I hope you guys like this. I hope, I hope you’re as excited about this tank as I am. This….I can’t be the only one. This is absolutely amazing. I love it. I love it. I love little fish again.

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    October 8, 2019

    – Number five: the Pea Puffer. Now, it’s a little controversial, but I think you can do at
    least one per three gallons. I wouldn’t put two in a five-and-a-half, but three in a 10 could work,
    one in a five could work. Yeah, they need frozen food, so pretty much never convert to dry foods, but if you want an action-packed personality fish in your
    plant-safe tank, a Pea Puffer, and anyone who sees it
    will fall in love with it. You will instantly become cooler the minute you own a Pea Puffer, not only to you, but
    everyone that ever sees you will be like, “Are you the person “that owns that Pea Puffer?” Yes, yes I am. They don’t get too big, they get to about the size
    of a pea, hence the name. They are a hardcore carnivore, so they wanna eat frozen bloodworms and they don’t have any teeth problems, so they can eat that their whole life. It’s good to vary it up with maybe some brine shrimp and some
    mysis and some snails, they will eat snails and
    usually they’ll harass shrimp, even though they’re
    not harassing this one. I think that one is just
    the Chuck Norris of shrimp, he’s fightin’ him off left and right. I don’t know why, but it works, so we let him hang out there and he’s, you know, kung fu master, but Pea Puffers, number five. I do love ’em, a lotta personality and everyone will love you for owning one. Number four: the
    Exclamation Point Rasbora. Another Rasbora, micro, and gets about inch, inch and a half. They’ve got a dot on
    their tail with a line, hence the exclamation point. They get a nice little orange hue to them, real nice, subtle in a small tank against a backdrop of some live plants. Keep ’em in a group of six
    or more, not too expensive, like, three, two, three bucks a piece and, you know, really get yourself some. It’s a nice fish and it
    really sets the scale and that’s what you’re
    trying to do a lot of times in the nano tank or at least in nano fish. If it’s a big tank, if
    you want that scaled down, this is a great group
    to have a bunch of fish, even if you only had, like, a 20 long, you could put, like,
    30-40 of these in there and it’d look amazing. So, number four,
    Exclamation Point Rasbora. So, my number three
    fish, the Pygmy Corydora, besides the snail, the best
    clean up crew you could have and these guys are so personable, you could have even just a
    group of them in your nano tank and they’ll perch on top
    of your sponge filter or your plant, that type of thing and they’re just super personable. I like ’em and they only get
    about inch-and-a-half or so and they don’t have a
    mean bone in their body. They’re not colorful, they’re not flashy, but if you’re, you
    could have ’em on a desk and you’re working, you’ll
    fall in love with them. I love ’em so much. You can combine them with
    any of the other nano fish, if you get a catfish, it’s
    not gonna harm anything and, you know, keep ’em
    in a group of six or more. I don’t that’s a bit of a stretch when they’re a clean
    up crew for other fish, but they really like to be a group, they’re really social
    and they’re just so cute. Love ’em, love ’em, love ’em. Number three. Number two! The Golden White Cloud. Now, I know, I know what you’re saying, “That’s not super nano.” I do realize that, but it
    does really well in nano tanks ’cause they’re crazy hearty,
    they have a lot of color and you can breed them in
    a relatively small tank, they don’t have a mean bone in their body. They are plant-safe and they
    don’t have to be heated. That’s the only option I
    think I put on the table today that doesn’t have to be heated and so White Clouds and nano tanks, they’re a match made in
    heaven in my opinion. I would say, at least five gallons, but in my opinion, all aquariums should be
    at least five gallons. You go much smaller than that,
    you really gotta be careful. But these guys will handle
    temperature fluctuations, they’ll eat almost anything,
    they’re really cheap. You can buy ’em even as feeders sometimes. And I just think they’re an unsung hero in this hobby altogether and I don’t know if I’ve ever met someone that’s honestly, seriously kept White Clouds
    for any length of time that wasn’t like, “Yeah,
    White Clouds are awesome, “I don’t know why more
    people don’t love them.” They’re an awesome fish, that’s
    why they’re my number two. So my number one favorite nano fish is the Brigittae Rasbora, also
    known as the Chili Rasbora. They get super bright red. They only get, they’re one of the smallest
    fish we’ve shown today. They do great in a five
    gallon, maybe even less, but really I don’t like anything
    less than a five gallon. They’re super cool. Keep ’em in groups of six or more. Schooling fish, relatively cheap. You know, you might pick ’em
    between three and four bucks, but it’s a nano tank and so,
    what’s 20 bucks on fish anyway? And, like, right now they’re
    just kinda schooling around, you can see one moving. These aren’t even fully colored up yet, we just got ’em in the
    store in the display tank, we got 100 of ’em. This is the 33 long, but
    you can still do nano fish even in tanks that
    aren’t necessarily small. They look really cool, it
    just puts scale to everything and, but yeah, number
    one, Brigittae Rasbora. Get yourself some. You’ll love ’em, I promise ya.