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    November 7, 2019

    so here we are in Portugal to be hunt
    stands right now being a lute and if I return to the right here that’s where
    everybody’s giving their votes measured and then here are some of the Team GB
    boats Ivan’s Steve from French and been working really hard this morning getting
    them all rigged and ready for everybody the launching of their Liberty there’s a
    little bit difference here because of the type of the marina and the way it’s
    built so Portuguese have got a great group of people who are rolling the
    liberties along this pontoon and then they sort of drop them into the water
    which is slightly unusual but it works and they take them by rib around this
    lovely marina around to the far side here and you can see in the distance
    that’s where all the liberties and the 303’s and two point three is four GB are
    all Mordor so we are waiting for wind this is quite often what happens at
    sailing events unfortunately throughout some people have come to visit us on the
    RHIB to say hello and really from sitting around in the Sun the Racing’s been abandoned today
    some of our sailors back – marina they can act quite a long time
    in sunshine everyone get hot and bothered so we’re gonna get in and get
    everyone cooled down this is day one of racing here Portimao
    I think we’re all ready for it we just wait for some wind to come in it’s a
    little bit lights at the moment hoping it’s gonna build and have a good day out
    there so we just just following our liberties
    back into the marina and we’ve discovered that they’ve um I’ve been assaulted test you’ve got a
    sardine so the 303 double racing has finished
    with today unfortunately they couldn’t get a third race because of lack of wind
    so nothing how did you get on fantastic which is okay get is where we need to be
    but so Chris you’re in the literature class in the Liberty fleet can you tell
    us a little bit about how you got on yesterday and what your plans are for
    today I learned quite a bit yesterday compared with the water this Israel
    proper racing and all the rules and regulations and I missed one of the
    basic ones are flag to perspiring I didn’t see it so I was reprimanded and
    in fact were disqualified from the second race my BOB but I learned from it
    and we’ve got plenty more races to make her main is what kind of day we are
    Brett fantastic day was it really good amazing did we really enjoy ourselves
    out on the red there’s a few of the team enjoying mijitos unfortunately Oh so unfortunately we’re hanging around
    it’s about I don’t know whatever time it is and we’re waiting for protests
    there’s 14 protests in and about half of them and cheeping Steel is protesting
    each other so it’s gonna be a long night this is what we do out on the river we
    do pitching basically we’re looking up at everybody here as well but we’ve got
    bright clear our super duper coach so we come out early and we try and get hold
    of all of our sailors getting along side for the minutes and then one talks to
    them about where the marks have been laid and in pressure ships that you seen
    any holes in and also most back tides which is a lot of our sailors it’s been amazing occurrence it’s fascinating
    in command here week sailing nine races all people from the UK all the people
    not too much wind a couple days because any blow up
    we had three races what did you finish nothing heads up second it was a really tough
    way it was really ugly but it’s a great path at a really brilliant week and the
    team a team came second to say the whole team that’s really pretty so I guess you’re pretty exhausted now
    after all that hard sailing so what’s the plan for tonight thanks for watching more videos are
    below like and subscribe and I’ll see on the next head to win

    I BETRAY The SPY NINJAS and SNEAK INTO The SAFE HOUSE! Project Zorgo Challenge In Real Life Vlog
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    I BETRAY The SPY NINJAS and SNEAK INTO The SAFE HOUSE! Project Zorgo Challenge In Real Life Vlog

    November 5, 2019

    – Hi Spy… Project Zorgo Members. I just want to let you know that I’m about to get promoted into a higher level of Project Zorgo. I did pay $10,000 to
    get to the higher level and this is what they gave me. This box here. Whoa! It’s a safe! It says Project Zorgo on it. Inside this safe is a key to get to the top of the black pyramid. Once I get there, I’m going to be one of the most powerful
    Project Zorgo members. Project Zorgo’s making
    me finish 3 challenges before they give me key to the safe. The first challenge that
    Project Zorgo gave me is that I have to go to
    the Spy Ninja safe house and take things from them. (door creaking) (door slam) – Hey did you see this? Look what I found on the street. They’re looking for a new
    Spy Ninja to replace you. – Wait, what? They’re already replacing
    me with another Spy Ninja? – What do you care? You don’t need to be
    with those losers anyway. You left them, remember? – I mean, it’s going to
    be hard for us PZ members if they have more Spy Ninjas. – Hey, why don’t we call this number and play a prank on them? Hello, Spy Ninjas? Why did the chicken cross the road? To take down the Spy Ninjas! Ah ha ha ha. – That was really funny
    PZ member … so funny. – I thought so. All right enough of this, it’s time for your first challenge. You need to go into the safe house. You gotta get the stun stars from Chad, the lie detector from Daniel, and place security cameras
    all over the safe house so Project Zorgo can always
    be watching the safe house. – Got it, got it! – Well get out of here, go! – Before I start the mission, I’m going to give this
    number a call right here and see what the Spy Ninjas
    are up to without me. That’s me! They block out my face! This could be you? No one can replace me. I’m going to leave them a voicemail now. Hey, my name is John. My skills are sleeping in late, I like to lie down and eat a lot, and I like to sleep. Can’t tie my shoes, I trip a lot. Oh, that kind of sounds like Regina. I can’t work computers really well. Okay call me back, bye. Let’s make our way to
    the safe house, guys. All right guys, I’m
    back at the safe house. My old door, welcome home! My former home. It’s kind of bittersweet being back here. Luckily, I have a key. Wait, this doesn’t fit? What the heck? My key doesn’t fit anymore! Did they really change the lock? I’m one of the original Spy Ninjas. I can’t believe they moved on already. It’s only been like a week. It really is over, isn’t it? But you know what? I’m still a spy and a good
    spy knows how to pick locks. Here’s my lock picking kit. I got in! I’m in you guys, I don’t see Daniel, Chad or Regina right now. I gotta go set up my … (dropping sound) No one heard me. They must be sleeping. In the day, though. Okay, I got to go set up my first camera. I see there’s still
    dirty dishes in the sink. Regina, Daniel and Chad, they don’t know how to do anything. See this plant is almost dying. No one’s been watering it. (footsteps) They’re here! I’m going to hide in this cupboard. – Guys, we need to talk about tomorrow. It’s Spy Ninja tryouts. – Did they say Spy Ninja tryouts? They’ve already found some
    candidates to replace me? – We’ve got three candidates coming. They left voicemails and a phone number. – We know who they are now? – Yes, I know who they are. We’ve gotta have some
    good challenges for them to really test them out. – Yeah we can probably do
    like a lie detector thing. – We gotta test their ninja moves. – And maybe we’ll do like
    a tiny Spy Ninja challenge. – Yeah.
    – Yeah. ’cause they’re replacing Vy, we need a new tiny Spy Ninja. – They’re going to have
    them do challenges? Whoever they found, I just know they’re not going to pass it. They can’t replace me! I’m irreplaceable. Look at all of them. Chad’s backpack is wide open. Regina, her shoes are untied. And Daniel, his shirt’s clearly dirty. – Have any of you guys
    seen my CWC wristband? – Uh…no, you need it? – I would like it but I’ll look for it. – Let’s just all get ready for
    Spy Ninja training tomorrow everyone do their thing. – Let’s do it!
    – I’ll look for my wristband. – Chad’s coming this way. – All right, my wristband. – He’s looking for his wristband? It must be the CWC wristband that’s in the Spy Ninja Essential Kits. He’s always misplacing things. He can’t find anything without me. – Hey Vy, where’s my … Oh nevermind. She always knows where I put my stuff. – I think he’s getting closer. I hope he doesn’t open this one. It’s gonna be kind of awkward. (dramatic music) – No, no, no, no … No, no, no, no Wait, I don’t hear him anymore. Maybe Chad left? His backpack’s open. That’s where he keeps his Stun Stars. That’s what I need to get. I think the coast is clear. I’m able to get the Stun
    Stars out of Chad’s pocket, I think I need to climb up into the vents I’m going to get to
    higher grounds, look down, and get a string, reel it up. I need to get to the vents
    inside of the laundry room. (gasp) I think that’s Daniel. – Is this a door? Oh … – He’s doing his laundry. I don’t think he knows how to do it because I always do his laundry for him. – Take this off. Ummmm. – Did I just see him put
    his white lie detector shirt mixed in with all the colors? I told him, you need
    to separate the colors from the whites. – Hello? Hello! Regina! Regina! I need help! – I don’t know if she’s going to know. I did her laundry also. – What, Daniel? I don’t know how to turn
    the washing machine on. Aw, this is the dishwasher. – No, Daniel, this is the washing machine. I think you just need to put it on, press this button, and then that button. – You’re messing up! It didn’t! Nothing happened, Regina. – I don’t know, I’ve
    never done the laundry. – I know, Vy always used to do it. I feel like a complete dweeb. – Well, I don’t know, I
    don’t know how to help you. – You’re going to have to help eventually. I don’t know, I just don’t know. – They’re leaving, I got
    to go get to the vents. Wait, this is my Spy Ninja backpack. I’m going to take my Spy
    Ninja backpack with me. It’s the shirt that Daniel always wears when he uses the lie detector test. Project Zorgo wanted the whole entire kit so I gotta take this with me. He left his phone in the washer! How’d Daniel miss this
    start button right here? I’m just going to help him out and start the load for him. Okay, got to put this down. The vents are up here. 3 … 2 … 1 … (screams) Back to these vents again. I gotta get those stun stars. Oh he’s not in this room. Wait, there’s Chad. Oh he’s practicing his ninja moves. He’s definitely the best
    ninja out of the group but not very good at closing things because his backpack is still open. – This used to be Vy’s. – The extendable will staff, that’s mine! Maybe he misses me! – She’d go hi-yah! – I’m going to lower this down. – Like that, I see. Little bit of this! Little bit of that! Little bit of hey Project Zorgo! Whack! – To the left a little bit… – Whack! Whack! – He needs to stop
    practicing his ninja moves. Yes, yes, good thing. The ninja stars are magnetic, so my magnetic end is going
    to attach the ninja stars. So I just need to be
    really precise about this. (dramatic music) Lift this baby up. Yes, got it! (ninja fighting sounds) All right guys, got the ninja stars. Mission is complete. Let’s get out of the vents. Let’s get out of here quietly and safely. – Hey Mister Bear, time to get your leg back together. Time to do surgery on you, Mister Bear. We’re going to be okay
    with Vy’s sewing kit. We’re going to get you back to life, bud. – She’s trying to sew Mister
    Bear back with my sewing kit. I left it for her so she
    can work on Mister Bear. – There’s nothing … ow! I don’t know really what to do with it. – But it doesn’t really seem
    like she knows how to do it. – Tomato? Why does she need a tomato? I don’t get it! – She thought it was a tomato! It’s actually a push pin, you know you can put your needles in it. – Maybe I’ll just do
    something with the needle. Just poke a hole or something? It’s working, it’s working! – (groan) that’s not how sewing works. You need some thread, not just needles. I mean, I sewed back his head last time and now he’s missing a leg. Mister Bear’s been through some battles. While Regina’s doing that, look where I’m at. It’s her secret room. The room that nobody knows how to get in. And nobody’s still asking her. I don’t know why they wouldn’t let me keep my secret alone. I’m gonna try and find out
    what’s in her secret room. – [Recorded Voice] Get out of my stuff! – Oh my gosh! What was that? – [Regina] Who’s over here? Hello? Chad? Daniel? I know one of you guys tried
    to get into my secret room. Hello? – Mister Bear, you poor thing. You’re still injured. Regina hasn’t taken care of you. I’ll take care of you Mister Bear. All right guys, I still need to set up this last camera here at the safe house. I gotta find a good place to do it. (camera drops) Luckily, no one’s in here right now. I’m in the bathroom. I’m going to place this up on top of the doorway in the bathroom
    looking outside of course not in the bathroom, gross. While I’m in the bathroom,
    I know where Chad usually puts his little wristband. Yeah, here it is. Wait, shh… I hear someone. It’s Daniel. He’s by the laptop. I can’t tell if he has his lie
    detecting kit with him or not I gotta get a little closer here. – Hey Spy Ninjas, it’s me Daniel, I am trying to upgrade my lie detector. Just in case I have to
    put the newest Spy Ninja member through a lie detector test, I want to make sure it’s
    working better than ever before. It’s that the lie detector? That’s what I need to get from him. He’s wearing it in his hand right now. That’s going to be really difficult to get it off of him. – You know what, I have
    an interesting idea here. In fact, maybe it’s an amazing idea. I think I can get the lie detector to predict the future. Watch this, you ready? – Did he say he’s turning his lie detector into a fortune teller? That’s impossible! That’s ridiculous, Daniel! You can’t do that! – I am going to have $5
    million dollars one day. False? Must not be working. Let’s try another question. – Five million dollars? I hope you get that one day Daniel, just work hard, keep
    uploading YouTube videos, I think you’ll get there. – One day, I’m going
    to be the strongest boy in all of Las Vegas. – Oh geez, he’s asking another question? He’s probably going to
    have like a laundry list of questions. Gotta come up with a plan here. What does he like? Oh, I know … Fortnite. I still have Daniel’s phone. He left it in the washing machine. So I’m going to request
    to play a game with him. Request sent. – Let’s see what the lie detector said. (beep) Oh, what’s this? Multiplayer request for Fortnite. Someone wants to play with me on Fortnite. I guess I can hold off on this for now. I’m always down for a Fortnite battle. Let’s accept request. I’ll resume lie detector test later. Fortnite battle royale, no problem. – Ready? Okay, where’s Daniel. There he is, I’m going to take him down. Yes! It was so easy you guys! – I didn’t say I was ready yet! Ugh! I practice every day
    and I’m still not good. – He’s rage quitting right now. Look at him pouting around. – You know, I’m just too good in real life in battle royale. That’s why I didn’t do good
    in Fortnite battle royale. (buzzer) The washing machine is on? The dryer’s on too. What? – He’s leaving, he’s leaving. Okay this is my chance. I gotta go get that lie detector. Gonna take the whole laptop with me here. Okay, I’m going to give
    Daniel his phone back, I don’t need it. I have everything I need now. So it’s time to leave quietly
    and sneakily out of here. – Ohhhh … what? – Daniel. – It’s clean. Someone did the laundry for me. Chad! Hey Chad, Regina! Regina, did you? Look … it smells amazing! The laundry started
    working all of a sudden. Did you do it? – I didn’t do it, I
    wouldn’t do the laundry. Wait, wait! I just remembered something. Did you do this? – What? – Stay there! (door slams) Did you sew Mister Bear’s leg back? I mean, you didn’t do a great job but it’s back, it’s attached! – What the heck? I didn’t sew his leg back. – I didn’t do any of this. Maybe Chad did it? – Chad! – Chad! – Yeah! – Did you do the laundry? – No, I didn’t do the laundry. – Did you sew Mister Bear’s leg back? – No, it wasn’t me. Well speaking of finding things, did you find my wristband? Cause someone put it up there, and it wasn’t there before. – No I didn’t do that. – Nope, me neither. – That’s odd. Prepare for the Spy Ninja test. – Yes, I’ll get on it. – Everyone’s gone. I think I have everything I need. So it’s time to exit. Goodbye safe house. Goodbye Spy Ninja’s, it’s been real. I’m back at the basement in headquarters. I have everything they wanted. I’m ready to present it. Here! Everything you need is in that backpack. – Everything’s in there. – Yes. – Let’s check this out. PZ700, congratulations! You have completed a first challenge. For your second challenge. Go down the hall, take a right, and then your second left, go into the elevator, and go
    all the way up to the top. There you will reach, the next highest level of Project Zorgo. Okay, all right, I’ll do it. Guys here is the elevator right here. I hope Project Zorgo is not lying to me and this elevator is
    actually going to take me to the top of the black pyramid. (ding) It’s opening! It’s open! (ding) The elevator, it’s just going up! It’s going up! It’s actually going up! Oh my gosh, I can’t believe it! We’re going to the top you guys! – [Male Voice] Vy
    Qwaint, are you ready for your next challenge? Your 72 hours stuck in
    an elevator starts now. – What? I’m here by myself?


    Everything You Need To Know About Llamas! | Minecraft 1.11 Gameplay Tutorial

    October 13, 2019

    what is up guys move here back with another minecraft video and today we’re going to be looking at the newest mob in Minecraft 1.7 and that is the llama so these are the four different kinds of llamas and we’re going to look at everything you could need to know that’s been added about them so first thing over here they are a passive mob but will attack a player if they are hit so let’s test this out really quick i’m going to go into survival mode and just going to give all these guys a quick little love tap and as you can see hey they will attack you back so there are four different skins of the wool color depends on which by him there in at the moment they spawn naturally in extreme Hills and Savannah biomes so these again are the four different looks so they have 22 health which is 11 hearts and they do one damage which is half a heart and use the spinning attack what you saw earlier we’re going to show you one more time so you can see him actually do with the projectile yeah so that’s actually the infamous llama spit that you can see right there so they also drop 02 leather and any other items that were they were holding a planned out so let’s kill these guys quickly and see how much we got them so that one drop some weather there that looks like oops get these guys first name account the loot afterwards one more that’s putting up a fight there we go so 20 1 and 1 so this pretty much is a good representative value all right next up wolves are afraid of llamas and will run away from them llamas leaves are spinning attack on them as well let me go actual stay in a stay in survival mode so let’s take a walk over here and a couple llamas so let’s put him down right over here wolf LA and you see here will start running away and the level approaches you get spit attack off looks like the wolf is a little bit too far away you guys get the idea they are not friends all right next up llamas can be tamed with hay bales and melted a player can control movement when riding them even when tamed right so let’s grab alarm over here and some pay bills so let’s put one down right over here head let’s give them some hay and you can see he’s taking it but let’s try to write them you’ll see he won’t let me guide them anywhere i can’t really do anything even if he was fully tamed it does give me up please give me that backwards over just kind of funny actually all right let’s get to the next part they will follow a player with the lead attached and they can form a caravan of up to ten llamas following this is actually really cool so let’s put down a whole tunnel was over here alright let’s grab one with the lead so can I put down like 21 but let me just go in a circle so i can get as many as possible and you’ll see the village they’re going to form a perfect line i think it behind me so let’s see how many i got here let’s go back a little bit further 123 even the babies follow kate 123456789 10 and you see these other ones over here they want problems coming just wandering around but i do have a caravan of 10 let me just only this guy there we go all right let’s get back to the next part alright they can Juan mess that one up they can be equipped with team Blom’s can be equipped with different of 16 different carpet colors alright so I’m going to grab a bunch of them actually go into creating more once again let’s get rid of all this stuff over here and grab some of these carpet colors you can see all the different types there are 16 and there we go so here’s just a generic problem oops get out always make sure to shift and then right-click them so now i can see it has an inventory space over here let’s put the sign competent and you can see he now has a different look let’s go to them again let’s put the purple carpet instead there we go you see once again he has a different look so i put a bunch of llamas over here with the no way I tag and you can see there is a different variety for every single different type of wall as well as carpet and i’m going to go over some of them in specifics because some of them have really unique looks that I think are worth mentioning again the orange no nothing too fancy the white nothing too fancy purple is kind of interesting you’ll also notice that some of them have different up these looks like they have scarfs while there were some of them might have like a looks like a big balls and blue is kinda cool yellow is this see where the call this one has some polka dots I’ll show you some of my favorites over here so this one over here at the at the dark grey wool he has like a like a bandit mask which is really cool and also this one over here the the light Grable it has like things around his ankles one of the only one that hasn’t I think there’s one other mistaken or this might be the only one actually looks like that is the only one see how this one has the purple and has an Enderman on it on it’s a back really cool and the green one has a creeper again really really cool and there’s a lot of variety without what you can do so if you want to design your base for like a certain color aesthetic you can definitely pull some cool stuff off all right next up if given an item they don’t like if given item they don’t accept they’ll make a funny noise let’s put these carpets away and let’s grab some some Lana is over here let’s get an oak sapling and a lab is block so let’s put this down over here so I don’t keep hearing all that noise over there alright so let me just make sure I get an adult 30 i’m going to try to get a little sapling and listen to what happens it makes a really funny doors and again not to be withholding right click down it doesn’t every single time you click else i’ll do a little bit slowly against avery with lapis block so yeah they don’t respond well to things they don’t like all right next up they can be equipped with the chest and function as a beast of burden so this is their main function so let’s grab against some more spontaneous get rid of that stuff let’s put these in a pile of some chest and a lead alright so let’s put down a one over here let’s put down an adult and I think I have to get the team first let’s grab some hay bales so there we go see how much you can take all right let’s see if we can put one on yet no he’s not responding well your instructor more i’m gonna go to this one over here since these are automatic contain but let’s try to put a chest on them see there we go so you can see it just like that you can now use HSN if I right click on the file right-click on him again he has three inventory spaces so there’s a little bit of there’s some specifics about how that actually functions were to set the time today very quickly so each Lama has a strength value between 1 and 5 they can hold three items for every point they have in strength so each llama head so each Lama has between three to fifteen inventory space when chested so this one I showed you over here that has three inventory spaces has a strength value of one that’s why it’s only one times three so a full-time llama caravan can have a maximum inventory of a hundred and fifty can wall a full ten mama caravan can have a maximum of 150 inventory slots that’s because with a maximum strength of five can have 15 inventory spaces 15 times 10 is 150 also when breeding there is a three percent chance that the offspring will have a strength score one higher than the stronger parent that still means that there’s a maximum of five so it’s going to take awhile to breathe maximum strength llamas but it is possible again it’s going to just take a lot of repetition anyway guys that’s just this video this is pretty much everything that you need to know about Mama’s i’ll throw in a couple extra commands of the description so if you guys want to spawn some of them add that are here you can do that as well anyway guys I hope you enjoyed the video please leave a like if you did as it does help me out a lot and subscribe if you wanna see video similar to this one in the future my name is smooth and I’ll see you later take it easy guys


    Build A Boat Battle | Dude Perfect

    October 11, 2019

    Dude Perfect, what’s up guys were Dude Perfect and welcome to the very first ever build a boat battle. Woah boys. Lets go get some supplies, Whoo! Build A Boat Challenge The rules for this battle are simple, build a homemade boat, stay within the budget, and get to the other side of the pond Fastest time is the winner Howdy partners captain Ty(Tyler) here captain of the stealth floater I decided to go with the Handy PVC pipe welcome to the plastic bottle boat Captain Cody checking into the game I will be going with the catamaran sailboat. Ladies and gentlemen these guys clearly have not watched enough television. Welcome to the as-seen-on-TV boat face is made out of some storage containers. This is the stability part of the boat I know it doesn’t look like a boat right now looks like a pile of plastic bottles That’s because you’re here now and not once it looks like a boat I don’t know why I made this, but I think this is on sailboats basically I’m trying to make a little contraption right now to just kind of churn butter really Water in this case I am going to take mesh made of metal. I’m going to spray a sealant on it I Went straight through the boat, I’m sinking with that situation, but I’ve just activated the back-up plan tape I love building boats, man It is a great day There’s a lot of excitement in the air right now Christopher Columbus himself Inspired me to create our own boats my main means of acceleration is the wind I think it might sail on land if I’m not careful ladies and gentlemen I honestly could not be more proud I almost wore a suit and tie today because how confident I am that I’m not getting wet I just want to direct your attention to the double jet propulsion in the back. I feel like I’m gonna fly No, not sure. She’ll float she’s kind of heavy at least this will be considered a brutal forearm workout I switched from the spray-on sealant to the Sealed tape my ore I literally think I can win ladies and gentlemen This is the stealth floater the rear side of the ship. It’s powered by a weed eater. I attached a metal fan blade By now you’ve seen all the boat designs comment below who you think is gonna win He’s off boys Oh no his rudder came off oh no in an epic failure the only way to steer his
    ship is gone Hey ty what do you call somebody who sails a Salesman oh nice dude Under five minutes under five minute crossing I think Christopher would be proud of that turns out I’m not a great sailor But I’m just glad I’m not underwater. Here’s a deal the boat floats when you put weight on it the boat does not flow Oh, No Don’t think I’m moving boys. Alright is it officially over Garr? It’s sinking. That’s all we needed to hear Good try again. I’m proud of you It’s just like jet ski meets hovercraft meets, Coby cruise into his second ever victory good luck, sir This is so funny Three minutes and 59 seconds we have a new leader jetskis still going That is a recyclable jetski that’s amazing all right Cory. You got to beat 3:59 How do you feel my new boat renamed the tape me to victory? He’s gonna. Take me all the way across Go Cor go. faster he took a metal mesh and sealed it with tape and is Absolutely destroying the competition right now. It is paying off tremendously folks This is gonna be close, go Cory Go into the seaweed powers through Already come ashore ladies and gentlemen with a time of 3 minutes and 5 seconds yeah (celebration! good job Cory) Yeah only Ty can dethrone him up at this point folks Guys I’m so tired, but I’m so happy right now I just made a canoe out of tape alright folks it all comes down to this Oh Oh my word. he’s in the mud boys. Cory’s feeling good right now This might be the worst design of them all Oh My god. I did not see that coming. It was such a good design Was it it’s the face of a defeated man? I was outsmarted today little over engineered the thought was good didn’t account for the weeds in the pond Ladies and gentlemen if we’ve learned anything today, it’s that you were an impressive, man Christopher Columbus, man My boat wouldn’t have gone out of the harbor. We lost one right off the bat, Cory It is not my honor, but it is certainly my duty to present you with the Mayflower. Golden ship guys I’m so happy wanna say thanks to Chris you really taught me a lot, and I appreciate it as Chris Columbus You don’t miss out on any new DP videos make sure you click down here to subscribe You want to see the last video click right here you want some awesome DP Merch click right here sign it off for now pound it now again Walk slowly buddy yeah, and I’m gonna go get my boat Might save this for airplane battle few modifications. I’ll be in good shape


    Real Life MINECRAFT Box Fort! 24 Hour Challenge DAY 7 – Building A Nether Portal

    September 23, 2019

    welcome back to real life minecraft
    where we survived and realized using only minecraft items and oh my gosh Jake
    that’s an Enderman in today’s adventure we finally built our own nether portal
    we construct a workshop on the second story of our house go fishing and I farm
    and eat a delicious watermelon what’s going on everyone yes Papa Jake and we
    are back with another day of real-life minecraft and we are back with day 70 of
    real-life minecraft day 7 j7 yellow tune it will be day 70
    but guys this of course is the series where we survive in real life using only
    minecraft items and every time a video gets 50,000 likes we survive another
    night and we have been out here now for officially one whole week wait wait wait
    what are the calculations on this Jake guys 300,000 lights that’s a whole lot
    of lights that’s enough likes to fill in the Grand Canyon that made no sense
    anyways the more likes we get the longer we live in Minecraft and of course we
    have been living with our amazing a Minecraft base which today we are gonna
    be upgrading and making even more epic but Before we jump into that guys I do
    want to remind you in all of these videos at the end we give a huge shout
    out to one of our awesome squad members if you want to be a part of the squad
    it’s really easy all you got to do is subscribe hit the bell button and
    comment hashtag squad okay that’s not how you do a brother you need to get
    into it you need to get your feet down and your mind in the game and yell
    hashtag skull at the top of your lungs and for y’all you guys are home
    that means comment hashtag spot but guys before we start upgrading and doing some
    more crafting today of course we need to do some resource gathering but I wanted
    to show you guys what we have so far and what we’ve been working on so right here
    is our Minecraft port it’s two stories of Awesomeness we’ve got an activated
    piston here with fires out Jake actually built this all
    himself with my two bare hands and a lot of wood we’ve got an activated piston
    here which when you step on the pressure plate it will shoot out an arrow it’s
    any enemy that comes at us and then when you come on inside the fort it’s a
    little messy Logan I do apologize welcome to the board we got over here a
    crafting table we’ve got a furnace these are probably my two favorite parts of
    the fort we got the armor stand over here and we have a secret door right
    here now we don’t tell anyone about it so if you guys tell anyone about my
    secret door I’m gonna be really mad okay now when you pull this like this the
    secret door opens and that’s where we have our chests with
    all of our diamonds in all our goodies so today’s mission is actually pretty
    intense we are going to the nether well before we go to the nether though we do
    need to make some additions to the base we are gonna make a bigger second-story
    so we have a full second story that I’m gonna turn into a workshop and we do
    need to get some food because we’ve been out here for a while only eating
    Minecraft food and I’m kind of hungry so maybe we build like a smoker so we can
    smoke our food and get some yum yum Yum’s
    or a Jake we could just a little cheat meal you know go down the street oh well
    the restaurant for real guys in real life we sleep here we live here we eat
    here and if it’s not in Minecraft we don’t get to eat it I’ve been living on
    apples and bread the past week and I feel great Logan you need to go gather
    some resources with the equipment that we have because we are kind of low on
    stuff while you’re gathering the resources I think I’m gonna start
    working on the workshop so we can get a ton of your stuff made speaking a new
    stuff Logan we got a creeper coming this way Jake I’ll get him with the sword no
    no let them get the pistol we’re gonna be
    a-okay right we’re not okay move move move piston didn’t work nice your
    redstone piston machine doesn’t work we got gunpowder maybe I should add the
    gunpowder to the piston Sheen and shoot out TNT we make a TNT cannon Jake that
    might be a little dangerous I mean it’s dangerous but it’s better than a piston
    that shoots arrows okay all right well that that can come later okay you go
    gather your resources I’m gonna start panning the fort and making the second
    story did a little bit of upgrading inside the fort cleaned it up a little
    bit made it a little bit more liveable so now we got the bed moved over here I
    also have my armor stand which looks super sick behind the LEDs I big that
    looks awesome so any new armor I grab I can put on the armor staff just like you
    would do in Minecraft I also had to move the crafting table over here kind of
    close to my secret door but I think it makes a more secretive time to start
    binding some material so we can build our awesome workshop what something just shoot me no guys
    it’s a skeleton okay you’re going down mr. skeleton you don’t mess with the
    Logan aider I got the best sword skills in the game and I think I’m ready for
    the nether check you know we got the dog right here can you team you blue for the
    dog you are now officially my minecraft dog I don’t any bones for you but if I
    did I would give you all the bones in the world so your your mind now you
    don’t opens you’re not Logan’s before we have a mission today and that is to get
    some water from the ocean using my steel pail let’s grab our water and head back
    to the farm so we’re back at the farm and first things first we need to make
    sure that we take out a little section for our water so we can fertilize the
    crops I’m also growing some nice flowers too
    so you know maybe we can make some dye guys we should grab some flowers and
    make an awesome banner using the loom I can grab dye and then we could dye the
    banners and have our own individual banners like the Papa Jake house all
    right now time for our one watermelon seed place you there in fertilizer just
    like in Minecraft you need a nice block the water beside wherever you’re farming
    that’s how you grow food nice and fast probably how real farmers do it is I’m a
    real farmer tomorrow morning we should have a fresh watermelon
    we are converting this minecraft paste into a Minecraft mansion we got this
    entire section of the four on two stories there’ll be a back entrance into
    this second storey and we’ll have a nice handy-dandy workshop up here with all
    the new Minecraft updates so check this out guys we actually made
    the entrance to the second storey outside so you come out the back door
    here and then you open up this door here so check it out guys we’ve got the
    second storey workshop so you come up like so and we are now on the second
    story it has a ton of room to add all of our new stuff I’m thinking we add the
    loom we add the blast furnace I also want to add a smoker to make some good
    food I was thinking today we could go fishing and get some fish and then smoke
    it in the smoker and then I got some nice fish also my favorite part about
    this is the fact that you can see outside and it’s got such a sweet and
    nice view know you do you want to join up for it oh don’t leave me come back
    Jake what are you doing Jake what do you mean it’s not jake is looking absolutely
    incredible except for that what is that Jake that’s our chimney where the smoke
    comes up okay Jake but dude this has to be on par with some
    of our biggest box foots of all time it is getting huge and it’s only day seven
    it is a box for a mansion dude if you get 50,000 likes and we go to day 400
    the whole world is of Oxford next we got to build an island an island obvious we
    got an island minecraft box bore but Logan I wanted to show you some of the
    cool inside stuff because now that we have your resources we can finally put
    them inside the workshop and start building some new cool stuff Jake that
    weird guy is back ah that’s friendly Phil yes friendly Phil
    what do you want every time you come here something bad happens so it better
    be good we have friendly Phil but we’re minecraft pro so we’ve rebuilt the whole
    thing in like it kind of took a long time Suns
    actually like the creepers yeah friendly Phil I think we can handle some
    skeletons and creepers okay no we’re not sick minecraft I just took out a
    skeleton the viewers are destroying that like button again fifty thousand likes a
    video pulse were about to go to the nether okay alright friendly friendly
    Phil careful with family fell it’s I’m being careful okay we want to go to the
    nether we’re going to the nether friendly feeling there’s nothing you can
    do about it I mean I’m just trying to be freeing the pill it’s dangerous I mean I
    think we spent enough time in Minecraft to go of another but I mean Jake what if
    he’s right okay he’s not right okay I don’t know what friendly feels up to but
    every time he sees me he tells me to stop going there stop doing this I think
    he might not be so friendly I don’t know guys what do you think personally I
    think friendly fills up to something gives me the creeps
    no I mean he did warn you about that cave and look what happened yeah but
    r-cubed that was his cave that he set up for me do we ignore friendly Phil for
    now please get back to the real business at hand inside his building my legit
    workshop this is how we use those materials you gathered and build some
    awesome new items at our crafting table so Logan I think first things first
    what’s one new item I want to use oh I know what it is the blast furnace
    everyone needs a blast furnace to smell through or faster oh there we go we got
    ourselves hoodoo that’s heavy furnace this is going in here into the
    workshop next item I want to crap is oh I know we’ll do the loom because we’re
    gonna be making our very own banners today this is the loom this is how we’re
    gonna be crafting our banners and giving them some sweet designs we’re actually
    doing a lot of work on the workshop today which I like but we are still
    going to the nether guys alright next up I think we’re gonna need a stone cutter
    for our brand-new workshops so mr. crafting table I’m gonna give you the
    resources you’re gonna give me a stone cutter in brand-new stone cutter that’s
    dangerous this is going in the workshop Jake you’re using all of our resources
    that we just mined I know I know but it’s important that we build the
    workshop because then we can expand the base with anything last item we’re gonna
    make today is one of my favorites and something we’re gonna be using for
    dinner it’s called the smoker here we go in three two brand-new smoker that we’re
    gonna be using for cooking some fish tonight because I thought we could build
    a fishing rod and try some fishing I mean I am working on some watermelons
    but we’re out of chicken and breads been getting old and I’m kind of tired of
    apples so why not fish cheek that’s a great idea except you’re not very good
    at fishing Oh Logan I’m the best fisherman you’ve ever seen okay when I
    put my fishing rod in the water all the fish come by cuz they’re like what’s up
    proper Jake can I get an autograph cuz you cool hey Jake the Sun is going
    down we need to get cooking first before we go catch some fish and build a
    fishing rod why don’t we check out the brand-new workshop that is my passion
    project oh the workshops actually looking pretty good oh dude this is
    awesome and it’s on the second story which is sweet we got our stone cutter
    our furnace our loom and our smoker it’s not too shabby not too shabby plus we
    have another room that we can build under here so we can keep expanding the
    base unlimited possibilities that’s why I
    keep telling you guys if you have anything you think we should add on to
    this bass be sure to comment down below but before we get into using some of
    this stuff and building our banners I think you’re right Logan I think we need
    to go crab fishing rod and do a little bit of fishing ok locum ball in order to
    make a fishing rod we need some sticks and luckily I have some in my secret
    hidden chest so why don’t we open up this bad boy here diamonds that’s a
    steal not bad move slime slime in here ah sticks okay now we’ll use these to
    craft got my sticks and my strength and all we need to do is use the magic
    powers of the crafting table to build a one outside before we check it out our
    very own minecraft fishing rod check it out the Sun is going down it’s the
    perfect time to fish because they’re all sitting down for their dinner and I’m
    about to serve them up so I’m chef Pappas yo Jake be careful with that Papa
    Papa Papa Jake all right here we go cast it out and now we wait although can
    I got a big one here hold on he’s fighting me brother where to go where’s the fish Jake that’s
    not how you do it we gotta finish time to take this fish to the smoker make
    some dinner now I’m officially inside the workshop and it’s time to cook some
    fish Logan’s back down there Logan why just saying hi
    but anyway we’re gonna be using our nice little smoker here to cook our fish so I
    already put it in close up the lid here and we’re gonna let it cook for about
    one two three and it should be ready get up pull this down yeah I think I see
    some nice fresh fish check it out we got some smoked and cooked fish Jake that
    actually looks really good time in the Papa Jake minecraft for it it’s pretty
    good I’m gonna do a really good job making this slow cooker what happens
    well Papa Jake and lo dinners stealin minecraft while they’re still in
    Minecraft I was gonna destroy their base but they came back anyways I think
    everything is a grave everybody they haven’t left long video in Minecraft the
    more likely they are to find me you are very far away who in their right mind
    look for a big dragon Lea you stop Papa Jake we are back inside a fort after
    eating a nice yummy yum dinner it is currently uh well it’s getting
    kind of dark out we’ve spent a lot of the day building we got a lot of stuff
    upgraded inside the four guys check out my bedroom it’s on the second story it’s
    kind of better than Jake’s better and that’s for sure and we have my bedroom
    where we get to see the nice beautiful ocean
    oh my gosh gee that’s an Enderman Jake there’s an unnerving outsider for no
    this is all over again where’s mushrooms I want to make sure he’s okay moobs get
    over here come here boy no endermans getting you this time I’ll
    open what you need to do is I’m gonna go to sleep while I sleep you fight off the
    Internet Jake come on now’s our chance we can get
    him all right but I’m doing it for mr. Rochelle’s it comes in handy
    cuz I’m doing this for you you stay here hey guys I’ll grab my sword he’s done
    yeah Bannerman’s got where did he go no Jake he was right here maybe you got
    scared away from my kung fu powers crisis averted Papa Jake saved the day
    once again guys we are safe to head back in the fall how many at least it wasn’t
    an under man alright well that’s a find mean is a nighttime lobster spawning
    he’s probably Scout since creepers all around but it’s okay maybe we just lock
    our doors tonight and go to bed lock the doors we go to Logan another skeleton dude where are these skeletons coming
    from inside our base and chill all we want but if there’s a ton this is
    spawning how does spark you so close to our base
    we’ve been all around this place we’ve never seen a spawner we gotta get this
    thing out of here hope all right let’s get rid of this and fast we got lucky we
    found a spawner get over on the entire house as far as I can public we’ve been
    around this entire place I mean we’ve scavenged the entire area for resources
    we would have seen a skill at this corner there that means somebody placed
    it yeah I guess that is kind of suspicious but who would have done that
    man help feed or whatever his name was you mean friendly fella just friendly
    Phil okay but not so friendly dude someone put it there look I think first
    thing in the morning we need to set for another portal and get into the nether
    maybe we can find some more information in there tomorrow is another portal so
    get some rest Logan we don’t know what’s gonna be on the other side of that thing
    see you in the morning and we are back and it is days I don’t even know what
    day it is but I had a great sleep last night we need to wake Logan get up I
    sleep up there I actually realize Logan has a little bit of advantage because
    last night I kept getting ants crawling in my bed which is not fun so you’re
    actually sleeping up there probably got a lot less than you so that’s nice and
    today is an extremely special day because it is the day we finally get to
    build our nether portal and go to the nether before we do that Jake I think I
    need to eat breakfast while Logan I’m glad you mentioned that because today’s
    breakfast I got something extra special you see last night while you were out
    gathering resources I actually went ahead and planted some
    watermelon we’ve got a fully grown watermelon I knew it was gonna work
    oh now that that’s breakfast that is breakfast look at this it’s fresh it’s
    grown straight from the farm what more can you ask for when you’re living in
    real life minecraft guys I am looking forward to this sweet watermelon now the
    key to a good watermelon cut is you get your ax
    put it right in the middle and you just give her a good swing like that and we
    got watermelon I don’t think that’s how you eat a
    watermelon oh you to warm up huh you’re dripping everywhere the map warm Oh hmm
    all right guys now that we’re all filled up on our watermelon I think it’s time
    we head back inside because we got a lot of planning to do before we head to the
    nether and we actually had a really awesome idea suggested to us by one of
    you guys huge shout out to short clips for suggesting that we use our brand-new
    loom to make some awesome banners we’re back inside the workshop and time to use
    the brand new glue takes time we put this bad boy to the test Logan Jake I’m
    going first here we go all right do tons of a banner inside and here we go oh
    that is sick check it out mom got her custom banners all right let’s go put
    these on the front of the fort oh yeah don’t mess with the owl squad okay looks
    pretty cool but I think I’m gonna put mine here hanging off the roof the nice
    Papa Jay banner it can flap in the wind it looks cool I think our base is
    starting to look pretty awesome well in order to build our nether portal we’re
    gonna need a bunch of obsidian and my flint and steel then once we’re done we
    just strike it with the flint and steel and boom we have another portal yeah I
    got my diamond armor my diamond helmet my diamond sword Jake I don’t have any
    armor Oh you got a diamond sword oh okay I have
    an idea I have an idea why don’t you build the new shield let’s build that
    shielding Oh guys check out this shield all right Logan while while you were
    making your shield I set up the nether portal
    before we go inside and activate the nether portal I do want to remind you
    guys that if you guys want us to stay another night and go into the nether
    where you’re gonna need 50,000 likes on this video just in case whatever happens
    Logan I think we should do the shout out right now huge shout out to Logan Jones
    for being a member of the squad squad thank you so very much Logan for being
    an amazing member and as always guys if you see you down below in the comments
    give him a big thumbs up give him a nice little comment thank you so very much
    but guys I think it is time to activate this nether portal good thing I have my
    foot and steel are you ready for this Logan my first never never been so ready
    in my life Jake here we go in three two one

    FORTNITE IN REAL LIFE BOX FORT BASE!! 📦⛏ WORKING Fortnite Traps, Launch Pad & More!
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    FORTNITE IN REAL LIFE BOX FORT BASE!! 📦⛏ WORKING Fortnite Traps, Launch Pad & More!

    August 31, 2019

    We just installed the fortnite trap and as you guys can see it looks Deadly now the way that this works is let’s say we have an intruder enter the base just like in fortnight It’s gonna set up the trap and while the intruders going bye-bye so to demonstrate Yeah, I was gonna throw this man, okay, yeah, okay, here we go ready three two one That is crazy Heyo What’s going on guys its papa jake here from team epiphany and we are back with a brand new video and today Guys we are doing another fortnite themed boxfort for video. That’s right today. We are gonna be building our very own real life Fortnite box fort fort base fort fort that’s also a fort regardless of that all right We’re gonna be trying our best and using our extreme boxfort building skills to make a real life Fortnite fort I got to stop saying fort There’s too. There’s gonna be too many forts in this video We’re making it completely as you would in the game using well Cardboard and instead of wood because what’s heavy, and its bulky now I don’t like what it gives me splinters on my fingers, so we’re not using wood But we are gonna be using cardboard, and it’s gonna have everything that a normal fortnite for I guess I’m saying fort everything that a fort would normally have we’re gonna have a trap we’re gonna Have a launch pad a campfire a ton of really cool stuff like doors And then we’re gonna put it to the test we’re gonna get a bunch of nerf guns and see if we can assault this fort And see if it stands up at the same way that a fortnight fort would But wait a second where’s logan LOGAN Check it out it is looking pretty. Oh. Yeah, dude this new merch is awesome guys if you missed our last video We just dropped new merch in the brand new Papa Jakes store If you guys haven’t checked it out yet and grab a pair of merch definitely need to there’s a link in the description down below As well as on my channel and if you guys do get new merch be sure to tweet me tag me on instagram at papa jake te I want you guys wearing this I’ll give you guys to follow backs cuz we just dropped these there’s a bunch of other stuff coming this way But let me know what you guys think down below in the comments but yo Logan today. We are building a fortnite game Oh, man, I’m so excited to build our first fortnite boxfort but like legit this time, okay We should make a rule we can’t stay forward too much in this video, otherwise. It’s gonna be non-stop fort video I keep I keep doing it. Oh and guys Before. We jump into actually building. There is one more really cool announcement I have for you guys I just launched my brand-new Papa Jake mobile app available In the App Store as well as the Google Play Store if you guys want to go grab it There’ll be a link down below. You got to go check it out It is a really cool app where I get to connect with you guys It’s like an awesome social media app But for behind the scenes you guys can see behind the scenes of us building our forts Traveling around going to cool events meeting you guys and the cool thing is you can actually ask me questions in the app Directly and I’ll respond to you guys I already have a bunch of questions in from you guys And I’ve been having so much fun talking back and forth with you guys You can also help us decide on future video ideas. It’s really fun You definitely need it, and it’s a great way to stay up-to-date with all the cool stuff We’re doing so go check it out Link is down below, but we have a job to do today Which is build this fort so I think we need to grab our cardboard grab our supplies? Mine some wood and start building this thing time to grab ourselves some wood for building this fort I could do that all day, okay, that should be enough to start and also guys if you are wondering or asking yourself Where is part two of our real life fortnite box fort nerf war video it will be coming out next week So do not worry, but if you like these videos you like it’s doing real life fortnite. Let’s try and crush 50,000 likes on this video that would be sweet, but all right, let’s take this upstairs and start building It looks sweet this thing looks like a legit fortnite base. We got ramps We’ve got all sorts of different things in here, and I think I might see a chest not too far from here Which means we might be able to find some cool additions to our base like traps launch pads cool stuff like that But like I said guys We have to put this base to the test after we have to make sure that if we were in a legit fortnite battle It could sustain which is why we’re gonna have a battle after it’s completely built so we got to keep moving here But resource-wise everything’s going well as you guys got here We’re gonna make like a wall here with a lookout window also back here We have a secondary ramp that you can look out on the back side and then on the inside We’re gonna add some reinforcements as well as some other cool kind of like safe areas I’m not sure about a roof like we’re thinking about should we do a roof or not? I mean guided missiles are definitely an issue We don’t want people guiding missiles down into our base, so we might need to do a roof But I guess we’ll see how that turns out alright guys check it out the fortnite base It’s complete and as you guys see We’ve got all of our cool fortnite stuff out front as well as a fully functioning fortnite base to defend against all of our enemies Guys check this out so around the corner you come over here, and you can see the entire thing It’s all new protective. You can’t get it this is from guys Alright, so inside the base it is fully decked out like a real This might be the first time. We’ve ever had a full-size door check it out. It’s like it’s like a normal I’ll have to bend. I love that. Yeah guys look inside, so we’ve got a fortnite base here. We’ve got our ramps we’ve got extra places for weapons as well as Thanks your support like what and we got a ton of really cool fortnite to deck it out with and the cool thing about This guys is let’s say someone’s out front, right Let’s see we hear some footsteps all you have to do is to kind of walk up the ramp here And then you run up look out over the base And take out anyone who’s trying to attack us this thing is sweet Trap launchpad And a campfire. This is everything we need to make this base the ultimate fortnite base this makes extra ammo for me Cuz I’m always wasting our ammo alright. Let’s bring all this stuff back to the base guys Let’s set up our base and make it a 100% best fortnite base and then I think we’re gonna need to put it to a test we’re gonna have some enemies try and attack us and see if We can survive in this fortnite base so check You know we just installed a fortnite trap and as you guys can see It’s deadly now the way that this works is let’s say we have an intruder enter the face just like in fortnite It’s gonna set up the trap and while the intruders going bye-bye so to demonstrate though. You might want some Yeah, I was gonna throw this man Okay, yeah, okay here we go ready three two one That is crazy and guys check this out over here. We have a cozy campfire, which one we can cuddle up to in case we Definitely need one of these in our fortnite box fort and on top of that We installed the launch pad so if you go outside Check this out guys come outside like so you know maybe run away from your enemies, or you gotta. Go assault the base It’s right here and then three two one Dude that was awesome Wait Jake do you hear that? I think there’s a guy coming? Yeah, dude? I do alright get inside close the door All right, let me get up on the ramp oh He’s out there he’s out there watch out He’s right out there I have an idea okay cover me, I’m gonna take a shot three two one I Shot me it’s a good thing we have this campfire. I’m healing right now. Do I get this guy here we go three two one Got’em he’s down alright It looks like there’s more guys coming our way come on get in position and get ready We got to take them all out in the space Who’s that? Oh? Just came in where’s it coming from? Look a shot wait Up top jake suppress him. I’m gonna take the launch pad. Okay sounds good All right Jake we got him nice you got him, but Logan we have bigger issues There’s the guy heading this way, and I’m all out of ammo oh no no no he’s gonna be here any second He sees me all right hold on. I’ve got an idea all right when you grab my gun and put it here What are you doing looking? No one can resist the gold gun come on hide over here with me It’s gonna fall right into our trap. Now we wait Dude. We got him Yo That trap was insane Well, that’s one way to get out of a bind when you’re out of ammo dude that was crazy look at it Man, well, I think we did what we came here to do make the best fortnite base We took on three different guys no problem. That was awesome So guys, I think this is where we’re gonna end off the video for today I hope you guys enjoyed our amazing homemade fortnite base. If you guys did make sure to slap a like on this video Let’s try and crush 50,000 likes you guys have been so savage on our fortnite videos So it makes us want to do more and more more and guys make sure to comment your boxfort ideas down below yea guys let Us know if you have more ideas down below it even if there are fortnite videos that would be awesome and of course do not forget to go check out my brand new app and Check out some of this new awesome, sweet Papa Jake merch, but we will see all of you next time for another awesome video


    Model Rocket Battle | Dude Perfect

    August 23, 2019

    Hey! Good news! It did not kill a cow! [rock music] 3-2-1! ANNOUNCER: Dude Perfect The rules of this battle are simple. Whoever’s rocket travels the highest is the winner. Oh, and by the way, you get to add 300 feet to your height if you catch it. Ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourself for a metaphorical mind grenade. The Silver Bullet. May I present to you… Cody’s Traffic Cone. The Bumblebee. I’d like to introduce you to the Aerodactyl. Oh, I’m sorry. Could you guys already see it, because it’s absolutely enormous? Welcome to the Bounty Hunter. This thing is built for speed. It’s light, it’s fast. Wings on either side for extra velocity. The guys don’t really know this, there’s two engines in here. Silver Bullet. *Blast off sound* You gonna see a lot of that. [Music Continues] Here we go boys! 3! 2! 1! It’s so high! Oh! Oh my gosh! I think I need to go back! *Screaming in joy* Hey! I just caught it. You got the 300 feet catch bonus. This is called a altimeter. It measures the height and speed. Garrett : Take a guess. Ty: Let’s say 400 feet, something like that. Gar: It went… 565 feet! Yes!!!!! Nice!!! Cody: My friend, you’re in first place. Ty: All right, team Codes! Time for the Bumblebee to fly. Basically, I have to make a catch now. Ty set the bar really high with a… 565 plus a 300 catch bonus. Come on, Bumblebee. 3, 2, 1! Dude, that was huge! Oh gosh, Cor! I couldn’t tell what’s popping out of this guy. That thing almost impaled me. He almost got stung by the bumblebee! This thing is buried! First of all I just like to say, I’m, I’m happy to be alive. I would agree. Altitude height was 600 feet. Wow! So bittersweet, because it was better than Ty’s launch without the three hundred bonus. The bumblebee went a hundred and fifteen miles an hour. Wow! Almost straight through me. WOW! But you didn’t see it coming down. WE ALMOST LOST YOU! Thank you! I’m just over here running behind my twin, and there’s missiles falling out of the sky! Who knew?!? It is officially time for the traffic cone to make his debut. We’re gonna launch this sucker, sky-high. 3-2-1! I’m gonna be honest. I don’t know what happened there. I clearly did something wrong in the construction of my rocket. There’s a spark at the base. I gotta say, thank you, kind sir. You made my job easy. You went zero feet. But how about the catch? Yeah, technically I got to give it to him Catch bonus for Cody. 300 feet! Stakes are high here, guys. Ty is still in first place. The Bounty Hunter is ready to overtake them. Let’s do this thing, Bounty Hunter. 3-2-1! Good news! It did not kill a cow! After a while a man can only take so much and that is why, that is the epitome of why I left team Coby and joined team Cody, because team Cody doesn’t do that kind of stuff to me. After Cor’s fiasco, I decided to go back to my truck, get my safety helmet out, just in case the parachute doesn’t deploy. Like I said earlier, this has two engines. It’s gonna launch, then launch again. You guys should have just bought the one that said “Can hold two engines”. So, that’s on you guys. 3-2-1! LET’S GO! I might have to go climb a fence. THAT IS INSANE! COME ON, GARRETT! COME ON! YEAH! I think it launched so high, but it went just as far!!!!!!! I legitimately think he ran a mile, to go get that. I want to be more excited for you guys. The official height for Garrett Hilbert, the Purple Hoser with an altitude of 1,513 feet! FIRST PLACE! CONGRATULATIONS! Look, Purple Hoser nation, all right, I guarantee you a third place finisher above. Sometimes I treat you to a nice first. I want you guys to go out and join our sweet tea on me. Not really on me, for me and Hey, love you guys! All of ya! Ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor and privilege to present Garrett Hilbert with the golden rocket trophy. Well done! Next time, we’ll put some parameters on the whole two engine versus one, you know. Anyways, special shout out to these people over here who won our last giveaway. You guys seem to enjoy that, so I think we’ll do it again. If you share this video and you’re a subscriber, I say we pick five people and give them the sweatshirt. I gotta wash it. We won’t give them this exact sweatshirt. Thanks for that clarification. Also, if you don’t wanna miss out on any new DP videos, click down here. If you want to see the last video, Real Life Trick Shots 2 (great video) click right here. If you want some DP merch, click right here. Signing off for now. Pound it, Noggin, see ya!

    The Man Trapped Papa Jake! Prison Escape Room Challenge (TOP SECRET  Mystery Battle Royale Game)
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    The Man Trapped Papa Jake! Prison Escape Room Challenge (TOP SECRET  Mystery Battle Royale Game)

    August 21, 2019

    hey what’s going on Papa Jake fam if
    you’re just tuning in in our last video we were captured and locked up in some
    sort of prison after putting a dark web USB inside our computer yeah guys put
    the USB in and must have joined some weird game and we end up here in this
    prison cell on the USB there was a video of someone who’s calling himself the man
    and apparently he’s running a dark Legion and those are the guys wearing
    the creepy masks who have locked us up here it looks like we’re part of some
    online game and we even have ranks and numbers on a leaderboard we were able to
    find a key and get out of the handcuffs after that we found a code that opened
    up the cell door and led us into here however whoever put us up to this is
    watching us with cameras and the only way out of here is to beat the game and
    what’s a bit more time testing is we’d have 11 minutes to do so yeah we need to
    get out of here in 11 minutes so in order to do that we need to open this
    door okay well I was able to open up this laptop here that they left now
    looking through it it doesn’t seem like there’s any internet connection there’s
    no way for me to get out of here it completely closed down the entire
    internet so there’s no way for us to call for help but what I did find was
    this phone message a phone message yeah you think I should play it yeah here
    goes nothing 47 I don’t know but I know I have to beat it game okay
    guys it looks like from what we can gather we are players and we are being
    ranked in this internet game we don’t know what’s on the line we do we don’t
    know what happens if you lose but what I do know is that there were definitely
    other players here in our last video we found nametags from other players that
    were left inside that cell and what we think may have been their clothing okay
    look all we can do right now is get out of here we can try and figure this out
    later whoever these people are whatever they want we’re collecting on this
    camera we’re gonna need your guy’s help solid we have five minutes and
    okay quickly we got to figure out how to get out of here it’s gotta be a way to
    get out of the game to leave the game we don’t want to play this we never should
    have ordered that mr. box in the first place ah Jake we should have never gone
    to that SUV Logan I got something looks like it’s a note I cannot be felt seen
    or touched yet I can be found in everybody yet I have my own style of
    music what am i guys do you know what that means it’s some sort of riddle guys
    if you know what that means comment down below let us know in the comments if you
    have any idea what this could be hear that take a really loud train yeah
    it’s definitely a train it’s coming from above us okay well okay well maybe that
    gives us some information as to where we’re locked up it could be some sort of
    compound may be under railroad tracks I had no idea where we could be guys but
    that’s half the mystery is finding out where we are some sort of box over here
    and there’s a light and a piece of paper inside we’ve got four minutes there’s blocks here they make some sort
    of puzzle well maybe it has some sort of information as to the combination to
    that lock the lock requires a four-letter word guys which means this
    puzzle should be able to give us a four-letter word it’s up Chapter seven
    now it’s kind of hard to make out what this puzzle was it’s all broken down and
    old but I think this might be a picture of a bird guys do have to let me know in
    the comments what you think but that’s a bird all right well let’s go try it
    got it G come on there’s only two minutes left
    all right looks like it’s some sort of medical cabinet okay there’s a
    flashlight in here a book of the world with a city highlighted okay it’s a key hold on
    come on come on boy what’s going on look the lights went off I think we go
    through here come on follow me so we beat the game huh hello if we beat
    your game we go we got out of the prison look at the screen screen please no the
    screen Oh Papa Jake congratulations on completing your first task you have
    proven yourself and increased your rank in this challenge you will be given
    another chance to do so you see our dear friend in front of you has lost his
    necklace and needs have returned completing this challenge will award you
    with all right points but remember the game’s law the game is tough and in the
    end the game winners necklace we have to return a necklace to take whoever’s in
    there why would anyone want us to do this look we can escape from this right
    now guys we can get ourselves out of here but this isn’t going to stop as
    long as we’re on that leaderboard as long as we’re players in this game
    they’re gonna keep coming back for us to figure it out the first things first
    let’s find this necklace let’s get out of here cheap do you think it’s real
    I have no idea guys listen only call me I think this
    thing’s real but I hope you’re honest with you I don’t want to open it and
    find out something already gives me the creeps meaning maybe we could dial out
    of here that’s the county Bell yeah it’s a it’s an old-fashioned phone I might be
    able to get it to work on we’ll check the other side here guys with this I
    think you can make it call yeah look look there’s numbers here 110 120 way
    there should be here police okay let’s get ready dial up to
    police maybe I can alert them as to what’s going on do you hear anything
    yeah yes this is done 9-1-1 look we’ve been trapped inside some sort of a
    prisoner or something we put a USB inside a computer and we were here
    abducted we were abducted inside some sort of black van and we woke up inside
    a prison cell and we had to escape and there’s someone talking to us can you
    trace this call I’m sorry I can’t help you wait no no no Jacob I don’t know if that was the
    police I think this phone might be rigged again
    longer they’d be performing here for us to find looks like you’ll never getting
    out of here is but finding the madness for our pile here my guess is we gotta
    go through this door way to get it open check this out look there’s some sort of
    wire attached to the wall here it leads down into this bookcase bingo this is a
    mag lock it’s connected to that door so we do need a combination to get out of
    here only question is a combination could be anywhere I’m gonna start
    searching around wait look at the console thing looks like a with a
    flashlight and telescope okay all right there’s some paper in here check this
    out just give me goosebumps man I want to get out of here I want to now and
    guys if you see anything let us know down in the comments cuz we need your
    help if there’s anything related between this and any information you have as to
    who could be doing this to us let me know we need all the help we can get
    so I saw this chest over here and I thought it was locked but when I came
    over there’s actually no lock on it so I think it’s just budged I can’t really
    get it open but look at maybe with your help oh nice what is it there’s like a lot of
    stuff in there there is a lot of stuff in here looks like there’s a key here
    okay well we’re looking for a door combination lock but that might come in
    handy in the future toast birthday it’s got a code on the
    back down at the bottom to 1:06 if you think that’s the code it might be let’s
    try it worked it turned green try the door quickly nice fun it great
    so we made it to another room whoa G what is this like a big pyramid
    with this blue thing on it that’s sure that what was that that was a lot click
    guys I think this might be a massive block like a like a locker lock that you
    see at school the ones you turn we should be able to base it on the clicks
    start turning about quickly I still should be full rotation and listen for
    the click okay did you hear that clicked again okay now we just got to
    rotate it back so this is the last room okay we’re look we’re looking for a
    necklace we need to find a necklace and put it on whatever that mummy is and if
    we do that we beat the game and then maybe we’ll be allowed to leave this
    place check the drawers so you can buy nothing in there radio here I don’t know
    guys what was that guys listen to this tell us if you can hear something maybe that’s the people who’ve walked
    Sun here maybe who’s ever in charge whoever put us in this game maybe these
    are the people from the dark web Logan guys you need to tell us in the comments
    below what you think you heard I couldn’t make out anything but maybe you
    guys are able to hear it better than us let us know down below we’ve been in
    here for hours let me give us any food or anything to
    almost eat that painting painting look dude that’d be the necklace maybe looks
    like here’s a small lock here Jake did you have it pink so yeah have him nice
    pass it here we go let’s get this open come on get us out of here here we go
    got it

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    August 18, 2019

    politics this long green card day no no
    no no no no red bird knows where you give opportunity I want yourself it
    because why I am coming for you I have a need you and Ari will be at
    your doorstep 30 days I will have your channel I will take your YouTube and I
    will leave you with nothing the Red Baron is coming get me oh good more
    eternity right now we have a problem now like what is it man
    okay have you seen this do you want what’s going on get over you right now
    you know how couple weeks ago my address with me yeah I mean like there’s been
    like a lot of kids around the house lately but well what’s up this guy on
    YouTube known as the Red Baron made a video saying he’s coming to take us down
    and steal our channel it’s probably just a troll man because he wants our channel
    Logan he wants to propagate cancer you can’t have it you can’t have I think
    you’re overreacting man again it’s probably just a troll no this is much
    why no problem Logan’s not 12 look for yourself the Red Baron is coming good
    she’s here I’m saying Logan alright this is real this is real Logan he’s coming
    and we’re not even prepared look at all the nerf guns we’ve collected Jake we
    are ready to fight the Red Baron I don’t know if we are Logan I don’t know if we
    are we don’t any time you just won dishonest he said he’s coming he said
    he’s coming for us soon what does that means I mean tonight’s
    moral next week what’s sown for the right Baron I’ll just chase the chances
    other did you hear did you hear that check the cameras check the cameras dude
    you could be here lock the doors oh god oh god oh god do you don’t think
    he’s here you don’t think you’re here do you can resolve fine come on turn on
    turn on turn on oh god oh god oh god he’s here he’s here someone’s at the
    front door somebody’s literally at the front door – dude what do we do what do
    we do he’s gonna break in he’s gonna break in we gotta get to the Arsenal and
    gear up if there’s one there’s going to be more let’s go
    we got a gear up and assign your house Logan is not getting my channels there’s
    no one I think you should take sniper your best hybrid
    can you gun all right let’s gear up we’re going to defend this place we’re
    going to need arts a lot of ducks oh-ho yeah that’s one source the bigger
    way out into the hallway suppressants can be in here in no time they are crazy
    food is nothing soft god damn I shot you alright now go in the front door this
    war coming it came down the street look we got split up alright
    you think we’re top of the sniper take him out I’ll hold the front door as long
    as I hand alright let’s do this let’s go oh here we go don’t look it hung up there I don’t know
    how much longer I can hold the Mothman they keep coming
    yeah thank you alright move up George best left hands well I’m already out of
    and we’ll both my guns will focus the mega turret
    hopefully I can pull them but I don’t know much Boulevard we go I’ll move them
    off as long as I can look we can’t decide with you
    I’m calling operation Bravo we gotta get out of here I’ve got me a channel on USP
    we mean the garage got a plan that you care most about the front door
    but this object coming with you I can’t hold it off much you throw the roof but
    and usual gamos them but man they just started coming in so fast all right I
    got a plan we need to get out of here – channel I’m USB only way out this
    operation Brava operation Bravo I know I know it’s
    dangerous good but I brought the Rhino five let’s do that one utility the Red Baron is coming get away no I’m
    the nerf got a bit nerf god I’m combing nurse got ya
    take a rest man then reloaded it nothing full I checked under the back and nurse
    died I’m the nurse yeah nurse doctor coming nerf gun what represent your guns
    in the shed help me man towards the rough forget now
    again father Jake

    Deep Sea Fishing Battle | Dude Perfect
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    Deep Sea Fishing Battle | Dude Perfect

    August 16, 2019

    What’s up guys, we’re Dude Perfect. Welcome to Deep Sea Fishing Battle. Here we go! The rules for this battle are simple. Catch a fish, add up the points. The two guys with the most points move on to the big fish finale. What up gang, Cody here. I feel like I’ve got a bit of an unfair advantage. I’m the only on in the group that owns a boat. Hey, you gotta believe, guys. Last time you saw us fishing, Ty and I were going absolutely shark for shark. I feel pretty good, you know. Coming off a big land. Let’s get it done, baby. Whabam! I think Cory is gonna do it this time. Even though he doesn’t fish much, the fish just like him. Cody is now in the game, got a fish on. I’m focused right now. We got a wahoo on, boys. Nice! There you go! Yeah! Barracuda, baby! Yeah! Fish on! Broke the ice, fish on the board. Here we go. 20 points for Cody Jones! There’s the wahoo. That’s a big point fish right there. Catch an release, and, for the folks at home, I am a fish kisser. Kind of a thing. Never seen a reel run this fast. I’m throwing a harness on. This thing’s really pulling! Think this is why they say don’t skip leg day. Hoping for something good after all this wait. New prediction: 300-pound blue fin. Shark. Oh, my gosh. Oh my gosh. Guys, that thing is huge! Let’s go! Let’s go! Oh my gosh. That was amazing. What an adrenaline rush. I am a shark feeder, apparently. You guys may notice Garrett’s missing today. Garrett’s at home because he’s having a new baby. Not him personally, his wife. We are going for yellow-tail snapper right now. Not a ton of points, but let’s see what we can do. The cameraman has a fishing pole! Yeah! There we go. I’ll hold you rod. He just looks like he’s got a hand behind him Shark right below. Hurry! Wow. Isn’t this the luckiest fish in the world? I mean it just dodged that shark. Couldn’t have been less than six inches. Taking a quick fishing break, swimming with sharks. We’re swimming with sharks? Well, I’m not. Cory’s not. Our professional underwater cameraman is swimming with sharks. I already told him there’s some huge sharks in the water. It’s probably a terrible idea. Are you nervous? No, I’ve done this before. Well, good luck! Take a look at this! There’s like 50 sharks in the water! We’ve been told it’s a shark. Fish on! It’s no shark. But it’s pretty cool. It’s gonna be a skipjack king, baby. Hey, guys, what do you know. It’s not a skipjack. I got me a Coby fish, a skippy! Who knew in fishing a palace is as good a a treasure chest? Haha! Let’s go! Look at those teeth! Fly of the day! Got a Yellowfin, buddy! Add Mackerel to the list. 15 points. Nice fishy! What is that, Codes? That’s a horse eye! Fish kisser! Fun part about this, I have no idea what you’re seeing. Hope there’s not a shark nearby! Good news and bad news. Good news: the tiny fish love me. The bad news? The tiny fish love me. They’re all worth 15 points. He ain’t gonna do it. I’m out. Well played, Cor! All right. And we are nearing the end of day 2. Last chance of Coby to make a move on the leaderboard. He’s gotta have the top 3 fish in order to pass Codes and have a chance in the finale. Gotta have someting big from the Cobester. All right, what have we got, Codes? I got a good feeling about this! Unless it’s a baby marlin! Oh and that will do it! That a baby marlin! A blue runner. New species bonus, but folks, that will do it for the end of day 2. The finale is sealed. Ty vs. Cody. Congratulations, boys. Headed to Florida. Good luck to you, my man! Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the championship round. Codes, congratulations. Thank you. Biggest fish wins. That’s all that matters, those are the only rules. Good luck to you, Codes. Good luck to you, Ty. Bang! Let’s do it! Birds feed little fish, little fish feed big fish, baby! Yes! Sailfish on, baby. Cody, sailfish on! First fish of the day, folks. First fish of the finale, for that matter. First sailfish, baby! Good finale start, folks. Ty, you’re up, buddy! Nice start. Let’s get it back in the water. First fish in the boat. Codes, 78 incher. Not bad! Looking for number 2. Think I could pull out a victory, maybe with a little bit bigger one, we’ll see. All right, we’re on. We’re on in the finale, baby! We’re hoping, guys. Coming down to the wire! Folks, you can not make this stuff up. Full-body workout today. Ty. That’s a giant, bro. An 80 pounder. Full body length is 88. It’s a giant, people. Hard to complain. Tyler brought home a beautiful fish to take home the golden hook. Let’s head to a trophy celebration. It pains me to do this, but if you had this, you might have caught a bigger fish. Ty, you deserve the golden lure. What a treat! Might use that in the next deep sea fishing battle. Thanks for watching, guys. If you’re not already a Dude Perfect subscriber, click down here so you don’t miss out on any new videos. Next video: Overtime 3. It’s a good one. Hey, purple hoser fans, Gar’s back! Ho! What a treat! Anyways, special thanks to our friends at Old Bahama Bay for making this video possible. Click here to check out their resort and yacht harbor. Special thanks you our buddy, Josh, for helping us out. If you want to see more fishing videos from him, click down here. If you want to see the last video, click over here. Signing off for now. Pound it! Noggin! See ya!