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    Mervillas Beach Resort (Easter Sunday w/ Family)
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    Mervillas Beach Resort (Easter Sunday w/ Family)

    March 13, 2020

    Good Morning!!! Where are you right now? Where? Mervillas Beach Resort swimming? What is the date today? 20 April twent… ohh, 21 April 21 We’re here at Mervillas Mervillas Beach Resort We are here because of….. Ahhh… What is that called? Easter Sunday What is Easter Sunday? What is Sugat (Easter Sunday)? What? Don’t be shy We don’t know what to say Let’s go We’re going to the beach We wanna see the view of the sea But we already went there Let’s go This is an old Beach Resort So, this is it here Let’s go near the water I came here with my Family This is My Mother That’s my Mother Auntie Johnna Ma, done already Where are my sandals? it’s Gone Why

    Kapu beach and lighthouse – Udupi tourism
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    Kapu beach and lighthouse – Udupi tourism

    March 12, 2020

    Beautiful sunset at Kapu ( Kaup ) Beach, Udupi Welcome to another vlog Today is day 2 of our trip of Udupi – Goa We are on our way to kapu (Kaup) beach Kapu beach is known as one of the cleanest beaches of Udupi Famous for its sunset view also So let’s get going to experience this Reached our destination Surround view of the place So there is the famous kapu beach lighthouse One needs to climb up 30-35 steps to get to the lighthouse. If you want to go to the top of the lighthouse, it would be more than 100 steps However, we didn’t climb the lighthouse as it was already late The surround view from the top Few pics of the place Experience the beautiful sunset “When the sun has set, no candle can replace it.”
    ― George R.R. Martin See the Time-laps If you like this video, please do like and share and subscribe to our channel for more such videos. Thank you for watching.

    Bang Saray Beach & Attractions near Pattaya (4K)
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    Bang Saray Beach & Attractions near Pattaya (4K)

    March 12, 2020

    Bang Saray 10-15 Minutes away from Pattaya Places to enjoy Lovely beaches Nice markets Beautiful temples And gardens Nearby attractions And enjoyable nature Bang Saray Beach Sai Kaew Beach Military beach Bang Saray Beach, southside With a coffee shop Wat Khao Khanthamat temple Wat Songmettawanaram temple

    Airplane Beach: We Tried to Touch Flying Plane in Phuket ✈️
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    Airplane Beach: We Tried to Touch Flying Plane in Phuket ✈️

    March 12, 2020

    Hello guys, welcome to Love Live
    Discover Channel. My name is Jay Jay in this video we will explore Mai Khao beach in
    Phuket so without further ado let’s start the video with Thailand intro.
    Welcome to Love Live Discover Thailand series. I have traveled all over Thailand for
    12 months and in this Thailand Travel Guide series we will feed monkeys,
    swim with sharks and of course will get to know the elephants, enjoy the beaches,
    hike mountains we will also join the biggest water fight in the world. if you
    want to see all these and more make sure you subscribe now and ring the bell
    to discover all about Thailand for free We’re on the way to Mai Khao Beach to
    check out the planes arriving to the airport apparently, they pass
    really close but on the way there we see this river. we decide to stop and
    take some pictures and check out around What do you think about the river Julia? it’s nice but a bit dirty Right now we arrived to Mai Khao Beach.
    Mai Khao is a beautiful long beach and it’s locates right next to the Phuket
    Airport planes passes so close to the beach here so we’ve come
    to record this and share it with you that’s incredible guys, airplanes passes so close you can even feel the vibration with your body Mai Khao Beach is 11 kilometers long
    which makes it the longest beach in Phuket while we were waiting for the next
    airplane we decided to relax on the sand on the way here we bought a kite
    so now it’s time to try it out right now the Sun is setting
    so I’m going to finish the video here I hope you guys enjoy this vlog if you are new
    to my channel make sure you subscribe and hope to see in next video bye bye

    How to get to Lover’s Beach, St. Martin – Secret Beach
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    How to get to Lover’s Beach, St. Martin – Secret Beach

    March 12, 2020

    Hey everyone and welcome to Phil Phriday
    I am standing in the middle of nowhere in st. Martin that is uh apparently a
    hard place to find it took me a few tries but right over here is the gate that
    apparently leads to lovers Beach which is a beach meant for two it’s so small
    that apparently only about two people can really be on there at a time
    so I’m gonna go find out exactly where this is because I’ve heard about it I’ve
    never seen it let’s go since I have no real idea where I’m
    going just kind of following this path hoping for the best there are some cows
    out here hopefully they’re friendly starting to think I may have gone too
    far I don’t think lover’s beach would be next
    to these ships and stuff go a little further I had read that
    there are views of Anguilla so if you can no longer see Anguilla while you’re
    walking you’re probably not going to the right spot I have no idea if I’m in the
    right spot or not they make it work for a little bit beats… Beach just like your
    lover would I have a feeling it’s on that side of that rock I don’t really
    know I’m gonna have to go back up and over. all right. so back over to these
    rocks. you see this you’ve gone too far so turn back around but stay on the path
    and turn back around all right I’m sorry to think that lovers
    Beach doesn’t reveal itself to you if you’re not with a lover. okay so if you
    want to get to lovers Beach you wanna be able to see that rocky beach. if you
    can’t see that rocky beach you’ve gone too far. I think it’s down there
    maybe down there it either way I know it’s down here because I can tell
    recognizing things so here we go all right path has cleared out a little
    bit I can still see the stone beach I’m seeing kind of a new path guys all right guys I found it that’s it
    lovers beach I think there’s more rocks on it than usual
    maybe the hurricane brought some in because it’s not quite as sandy as I
    seen the pictures but there it is I walked so much further than I needed to success! I found lover’s beach I didn’t
    step on it though it’s not with my lover that’s bad luck
    I just made that up. Beuler? anyone know all right everyone I’m gonna take you
    back words now since now I know how to get here and you can watch it in Reverse
    I guess okay here’s lovers Beach flip you around
    now here’s a path rocks Stone Beach go up this path see it’s really not as far
    as people made me think it was okay so this is what the path looks like so when
    it starts to kind of go back uphill that’s when you say no no you don’t want
    to walk uphill so you start uphill flattens out a little starts going back
    up the hill that’s where you’re gonna take your right down that hill
    all right let’s keep going besides that this path is pretty easy to
    walk in really not very long it’s really preparing for the worst people talk
    about how much of a mystery this place is and while I struggled a little in the
    beginning it was only because I assumed it was harder to find than when everyone
    had said now it is a little hard to find once you get there and probably when
    it’s not dry season and this is all lush grass but don’t go too far that’s my
    biggest note it’s not as far as you think
    remember Stone Beach if you can’t see it anymore you’ve gone too far
    okay there’s my car really not all that bad stone Beach already here all they’ve
    been recording for three minutes so just remember that it’s probably a two
    minute hike to lovers beach. all right everyone so you want to go
    check out lovers Beach with your lover sometime just hope they’re the
    adventurous type that likes the hike likes to explore likes to climb likes a
    walk through grass if it’s a certain time the year because they’re gonna have
    to what a might be worth it and might not be as beachy as it once was but
    still amazing lovers Beach everyone thanks for watching Phil Phriday see
    y’all next Phriday

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    March 10, 2020

    today I’m gonna tell you 10 fun facts
    about Wrightsville Beach North Carolina and why you should check it. Hi everyone
    this is a Erwina with exp reality and real coastal life. welcome back to my
    channel hi how are you? fact number one Wrightsville Beach is one of the most favorite
    Beach in North Carolina it is a 4.5 mile-long barrier island located in New
    Hanover County North Carolina perfect location for getaway vacation
    family-friendly good for surfing fishing and boating. fact number two the weather in
    wrightsville beach is awesome over the course of the year the
    temperature typically varies from 39 to 87 and is rarely below 27 or above 93
    The winter are cold, short and windy where summer Is long, can be hot and humid
    especially during July and August but the rest of the time is just gorgeous
    water temperatures in the summer from June to early October are
    practically Bathtub tropical making this beach perfect for swimming and
    surfing fact number 3 Wrightsville beach it has a great school district a perfect place to
    raise your family fact number four crazy views. Wrightsville Beach has gorgeous views
    almost everywhere as well as boasting some of the best sunset vistas in the
    region. number five, the jetty at south and of wrightsville beach is a place that not a
    lot of people are actually familiar with or go to. Located at the farthest southeast portion of the island that you could possibly go. number six
    Killer Restaurant! oceanic restaurant has its own pier
    Blue water has a dock so you can moor right there while you enjoy your meal and
    views. Now I’m getting hungry. we even boast our own brewery, wrightsville beach
    brewery although it is just of the island it’s
    well worth a visit as they have brewery tours live music and wait for it
    Brewery yoga! fact number seven The Loop! The world-famous walking and running trail
    two and a half miles of path that encircles the heart of wrightsville beach. fact number eight
    wrightsville beach have a great outdoor park! the big benefit is that there is a free
    parking for two hours so if you want to go to the beach but cannot find parking
    space this is a great alternative. Fact number nine public boat ramp free to
    use five lane ramp with 68 parking spaces for vehicles with trailers. fact number
    10 the famous Johnnie Mercers fishing pier but of course there is no sort of
    perfect time and here are some bad things about wrightsville beach. number one
    during the summer parking is difficult it’s quite hard to find a spot during
    summer break it is a lot busier sometimes the traffic
    can really bad. number two, the Real Estate! the house price in wrightsville beach is so
    expensive. Although the house price is quite high,
    surprisingly, the cost of living in here is not more than the surrounding area if
    you’re looking for more affordable housing option then check out the North
    End of wrightsville beach, there are many condos and apartments available.
    number three the additional flood insured because it is close to the water
    you might need additional flood insurance especially if you buy house
    with a loan. the lender may want you to buy the flood insurance. there you go now
    you know that wrightsville beach actually have more the good things than the bad if you
    are interested in learning more about this area or have any question please
    feel free to give me a call or text me as always I’m happy to help
    don’t forget to download my free relocation guide at the link below, I also
    included some helpful links to the houses for sale in this area if you are
    thinking of moving alright everyone I hope you enjoyed this
    video please don’t forget to Like share and leave comment below and press that
    subscribe button thank you for watching until next time
    xoxo Erwina

    Goa Day-2 Evening | Dolphin tour, honeymoon beach, butterfly island, boat ride, Palolem Sunset
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    Goa Day-2 Evening | Dolphin tour, honeymoon beach, butterfly island, boat ride, Palolem Sunset

    March 10, 2020

    This is our boat, in which we are going to watch butterfly and honeymoon beach i saw dolphins once if you missed dolphins, then try again by watching in center of video after the dolphin tour, now we are heading toward honeymoon beach this journey was about 25 minutes come on, come on, come on this is honeymoon beach guys, we showed you honeymoon beach, now we will take you to butterfly beach from their we will head back to palolem beach now we are going to butterfly beach it is very thrilling experience, you must try this just look at the views, they are amazing you can see the butterfly shape here it is palolem beach lots are activities are going on you can see the crowd

    How to Crochet A ⛱️ Beach Cover Up: XS – 5 XL
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    How to Crochet A ⛱️ Beach Cover Up: XS – 5 XL

    March 10, 2020

    In today’s tutorial we’re going to do the Beachy Keen Cover Up. An item at the beach that gives you a bit of privacy. Welcome back to The Crochet Crowd as well as I’m you host Mikey. Today we’re going to do this Beachy Keen Cover Up using the new Bernat Maker Fashion yarn. I’m gonna tell you about that in a moment. This is a very easy cover up. I actually have to say that this is only two panels to do and I did half of a panel just sitting at the hairdresser. This is gonna go extremely fast and I think you’ll love the feel of this yarn as well. Let me tell you a little bit about the yarn and then we’ll dive back into the project and give you the details on being able to be successful with this pattern. The Beachy Keen Cover is made with Bernat Maker Fashion yarn. Now we have been working with Bernat Maker Home Dec yarn. What is the difference between these two yarns? Absolutely nothing. There is no difference other than packaging and the styling. So it’s like Bernat Blanket in many ways. Is that there’s baby version and then Home Dec. There’s different color palettes available depending on which one you’re choosing. So the Maker Fashion is more fashion oriented and the one for Maker Home Dec is more home dec oriented. However, you know what I like to be versatile so I can see the Aqua being a nice really cool idea for a Beachy Keen Cover-up as well. You can decide. This yarn is very much like a crowd. It does stretch and it’s extremely soft made of 72% cotton and then the other part is polyester. This is a perfect item for the beach. It’s almost like a little tube shape. It’s extremely soft and it will drape beautifully once you’re wearing it. So this is a little bit about this yarn. So wether you’re gonna choose the Maker Home Dec or the Bernat Maker Fashion, that’s completely up to you. You should know that the Maker Home Dec is available in larger balls than the Maker Fashion. So if you’re going to substitute the Maker Home Dec with something in the Fashion line then you just have to look at the amount of yards and make the measurements in order to do the conversion. That’s completely up to you. So without further ado let’s go back to the pattern and determine what we need to do today. We’re now back on the pattern and you’re gonna be looking at her outfit and her outfit is extremely simple. I would classify this as a beginner as well because it is that simple. So there are two panels. One in the front and one in the back and then it’s sewn right directly under her arm all the way down and then sewn at the top to leave room at her neck space. So it’s really quite easy to do. But there is a slight difference between the front one and the back one and I’ll explain that in a moment. So what you’re gonna be is you got like these square holes. So here is an example. I’ve already done one of the panels here. I’m about to do the second one. Just start it live on on camera. And then I’ll finish it, both panels together here in a little bit. So what we have here is that you can see it’s going up with these gaps. These particular posts are not directly in line with each other. So one, they’re over more that the other and then it comes back. So there’s actually a total of four different rows in order to complete, to create that kind of idea. And what we need to do is that we need to be able to finish this off perfectly so that we can end this perfectly at the top. So what I would recommend is the following. So back to the pattern. We have the amount of balls that you’re going to need in order to complete the outfit. It’s extra small to medium, large to extra large, and then 2 to 5 extra large and there is all the ball counts that you’re going to need. Now what you have to be conscious of this is that the length is very consistent with the different sizes. There is three different lengths. But let me show you here on my little homemade diagram. So on the extra small to medium it’s gonna be 29″ from this line going all the way to the bottom. We’re gonna start at the bottom and go all the way to to the top to this line and we’re gonna do both panels exactly identical stopping at the same inch mark. So if it’s large/extra large it’s gonna be 31″ and then if it’s 2 to 5 extra large it’s gonna be 33″. The top remainder from this point forward on both sides are slightly different from each other and in fact the front one here has a little bit of neck shaping so it kinda goes up over the shoulders and attaches to the back area. So we just have to be conscious of this and then we’re going to uh, start in this particular tutorial at the bottom. If it were me and I were you I would do both of these panels going to the 29″ mark or 31 or 33 and stop. make sure they’re both identical and then I would come back and do both of the top panels area at the same time. That’s what I would do. So in today’s tutorial I’m gonna get you started and then we’re gonna come back later in this tutorial where I’m going to show you how to finish the back and then how to finish the front. On camera today I will be demonstrating the extra small to medium size because the reality is, is that once I get started it’s actually really quite easy. It’s a very easy pattern. The repeat is really quite um, just a amount of stitches between each stitch is identical to each other. The only difference is, is that we’re gonna start off with with a different chain. So the extra small to medium will be starting off with 54 chains and then the next size large to extra large is 64 and then we have the 2 to 5 extra large is starting with 80 chains. So regardless of how many chains you start with The rest of this pattern will completely fall in line so that you get the look as you see right over here. So let’s get started. We’re gonna create an extra long tail. You’ll need an 8 mm, size ‘L’ crochet hook for this. This is a big hook, big yarn, it’s gonna be a fast project. So here we go. Let’s create a skip knot and remember what I just commented to. So if its an extra small to medium its chain 54. Large, Extra Large chain 64 and then if its 2 to 5 Extra Large you’re chaining 80. So just chain, so 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, go all the way to the size that you wanna go and then I’ll meet you back here in just a moment. So now just 254. Yours could be longer so I wanna go second chain from the hook now for row number one and I wanna turn it and get to the back loop of that chain only. It’s just one strand, just the back loop. Once you get the first one the rest of the back loops will appear and we’re just going to single crochet ourself all the way down the chain. Okay, just single crochet all the way down the chain for row number one and then row number two we’re going to do the same thing and then we’re going to start the the repeat pattern that goes all the up to the height that you need to go. So please, for row number one single crochet all the way across your chain. I’m coming up all the way to the end of the row and uh, the end of the chain and I have only one chain left. Okay, so that concludes the first row. Okay, so I have no more stitches left. Let’s turn our work and let’s go for row number two. So we all, all of them have to do this. Okay, so this is row number two. We have not started the repeat pattern and I will get into what that is when we get there. So we’re gonna chain up one going into the same stitch right underneath you are going to put another single crochet there and then one single crochet into each one of the stitches going all the way back across. So one single crochet in each stitch all the way across. I’ll see you back here. We’re gonna start reviewing what the repeat pattern is because now it just gets easier from this point. So I’m going up all the way across and I only have three stitches left and go into all, single crochet into all of them and now what I’m gonna do is that I’m gonna pull back the other sample that I’m working on because I’m doing, I’ve already done the back side. It doesn’t matter which one I’ve done because the reality is I’m waiting until I get both sides to my 29 inches before I finish the top for each of the front and the back. So here’s what it looks like at this point and let’s move along. Let me show you the repeat pattern next. So here’s a look at the repeat pattern for this particular project. So in the one we’re about to start is that we’re going to start with a single crochet. So we’re gonna do another row of single crochet and then we’re going to do these trebles, and you notice that there’s a space in here. Okay so we’re gonna be chaining up five, skipping the first single crochet and then trebling into the next, chaining one, skipping one and treble into the next. So you’re gonna go all the way across. You’re then gonna single crochet yourself all the way back and then the next row you will notice that there’s a chain of four and a treble is directly into the next one then chain one and skip. This is going to cause these to jump over and then when we go to do the next one you see that you have on the outside here the gap is there. So no matter where you are in this project, so one side will have um, sorry, one line will have two trebles side by side and then a gap and the next line will have a treble and then a gap and then it will continue to start. So as long as you keep maintaining that so when you see it like this on this side it’s identically the same on the other side. So if you’re follow that across, let me follow that, it’s the same thing over here. Okay, so as long as you keep these in balance it all completely works out. So this is row one of the repeat pattern. Okay, so it says proceed in pattern as follows. This is row number one. There’s four rows. So you’ll have to do this every time you hit this one. So you chain up one and it’s going to be one single crochet into each one of the stitches going across. Okay, so that is repeat row number one. Okay, so after you get all the way to number four again you’ll come back to this spot and you will do it. The only difference is, is that below the next time you hit it there will be trebles underneath but you’re still single crocheting into every stitch going across. Okay, so please do this for repeat row number one all the way across, single crochet. So I’m coming up to the end of the row of repeat row, of the repeat pattern number one. So it’s just single crochet all the way to the last one. Okay, so there’s one more left and that’s it. So let’s turn our work and we’re going to go to the repeat pattern row number two. So this one here we’re going to start now creating those gapping spaces that you see the model wearing. So the first time we ever do it is that we’re going to chain up five. So wait. In the rules of crochet when trebles are done you chain up four. Why is it asking you to chain five? Because the treble is going to count and then there’s gonna be a chain one. So 1, 2, 3, 4, here’s your treble, chain one more which is 5. That’s your chain one space and it will make sense then when we come back on this row um, in the next one. So you’re gonna skip one stitch okay, so just follow it down, skip the next stitch and treble into the next, wrap that hook twice okay, so you’re skipping one going to the second one over, pull through, pull through two, two and two. Look at the height of the stitch compared to my hand, it’s substantial. This project is gonna fly fast. Once you’ve got that done chain one, skip one stitch, go to the second and treble again. That’s all you have to do for this round, or this row. Just treble and then chain one. So trebling again, skip one and go to the next one. Treble, chain one, trebling again, skip one, second one over. So you’re creating these beautiful gapping spaces just like you see here. So I want you to do that all the across on this row which is row number two of of the repeat pattern and then we’ll come back at the end of this row and I’ll show you what to do next. So I’m coming up to the end of the row. I wanna show you something. So you’re going to notice that you have these beautiful gaps. They all should look consistent with each other just like you see here and I’m gonna chain one and I’m going, I have two stitches left. Now, in this row, row number two, if you end up with the last stitch of not having a gap in-between you know that you’re wrong. So you’re gonna chain one and your very final stitch will be right into the last stitch. So every, uh, so we’re gonna do this like that. Okay, so it’s only on row number four that you’re going to have it so that they’re side by side but then there’s a gap. Okay, so row number two you know your count is off and you should backtrack now if, if both of these, if you ended up on the second to the last one and you didn’t have room to chain one and skip one more. So that’s an indication to you that something is wrong. I have to say I did that twice I think on the main sample is I got to the end and I realized I miss counted. I put two side by side. So that’s what it looks like at this moment. Let’s move on to row number three of the repeat pattern. So row number three, the repeat pattern is just simply single crochet but watch. We’re gonna chain up one, we’re gonna come in to the top of the treble and add a single crochet there, okay, and the next one is a chain one space so just go into the space and just single crochet. That’s it. Okay, so the treble is the next one so go right into the stitch. The next one is right into the space. So in row number three that’s all you’re going to do. So remember when I kinda said back here when the repeat pattern, row number one I said you’d have trebles underneath. This will be what it will look like underneath you’ll be going into the spaces just like you see. So please for row number three just single crochet either into a stitch or into a space. Depending on where you are. So please do that all the way down the line. So I’m coming up all the way to the end. Now remember how I told you when we did this treble we chained up five instead of four like a typical treble would be. So it’s a treble plus a chain one space so we cannot forget that that’s there. So we’re just going to single crochet ourselves across and here’s the treble right before this chain five space. You’re going to go into that. This is, the top one is considered a chain one space so go into the gap and then the next one over which is the fourth spot from the chain. You’re gonna go right into the chain not to the gap space and finish it off with a single crochet. If you go into a gap space it’s not gonna sit pretty and it’s not gonna look right. So this is what it looks like now, row number three and we’re now going to go with row number four and row number four we’re going to be changing where these trebles are by shifting them over and we do that right at the beginning of the line. Let me show you how to do that. Let’s turn our work and go repeat pattern or row number four. So we’re going to this time, last time we chained up five. This time in row number four you only chain up four. So 1, 2, 3 4. So there’s your treble. So in this row, row number four, you’re gonna go directly into the next stitch and treble in and this is gonna cause the gapping spaces to shift. So now you’re going to chain up one, skip one and then treble into the next. So these one here when you go to do it. Wait until I pull my hands back, you’ll see that it’s directly in the middle of what is in these two here. So chain one, skip one and treble into the next. So I’m gonna, just continue now to do that all the way across and I’ll meet you at the end because the end is gonna end slightly different because of the way that we started. And that’s just really easy so don’t fret about it and I’ll see you back there in just a moment. So I’m coming up near to the end of row number four and I’ve been just skipping my stitches I’m exactly where I need to be but then the ending is slightly different. So we’re just gonna chain up one we have three stitches left. We’re gonna skip one as normal and we’re just gonna treble into the next which is the one right before the end. So that’s one and then we treble directly into the next one. So that’s all it is. So we started that way on th is particular row and we finished that way and by just shifting over the very first time it allows you to have the luxury. So one of them will have a big gap right here, the other one will be slightly pulled in and this allows for these to be in sync. So you’re gonna turn your work and you’re gonna go back to row number one. So what I’m gonna do now is that I’m gonna create two blocks that are identical to each other so just two panels. Mine’s gonna be 29 inches high for my extra small to medium, 31 inches high for large to extra large and 33 inches high for two to five extra large. So this red line is exactly where this is and then what we’re gonna do then is that in the next part of this tutorial I’m gonna, I physically have to do these samples so I’m gonna meet you back up up. We gonna do the back first because that’s so simple and then I’ll show you how to do the front which has a little bit of shaping but nothing serious to worry about so it’s all pretty good. So let’s take a break here and when I come back probably in a day or so I will have this done for you of course it’s gonna be right here on the same tutorial. So just stay tuned here it comes. So I’ve now finished both of my panels up to the 29 inches where I’m going to start then doing the back and the front of each of the panels. So what I’m gonna do is that when you are working your way up would’ve had loose ends. So you would’ve, you can’t use one ball to go all the way to the top. There’s not enough yarn in the ball. So to get rid of those loose ends, because it’s thicker yarn you could try weaving it into the stitches but the chances are it’s not gonna hold because it’s a really beautiful yarn. It’s not one of those type of yarns where they plies can split. Using a sharp, um darning needle I need you to work your way carefully through the stitch work and this will actually separate the plies. It’ll go right through and drag these loose ends right through and if you go back and forth three times, it’s gonna be a little bit difficult to get them through because it’s gonna be nice and thick which is perfect. It’s what you want. You don’t want things falling out. I want you to go back and forth. You can probably just probably do two of them with this particular yarn instead of going three but you know if you’re already here you might as well do the three and just go back and forth three times. Just be very careful not to poke yourself with the sharp needle and then here’s my third time going across. So any of the loose ends that you dealt with including the bottom that you started with. I would recommend that you probably just do this with a darning needle. Just take your time and then get it in and stretch everything out. Once you have that gone in three time all you can just do then is just trim right down to the project and you will barely see where you stopped and started. So continue to do that with all the loose ends. I’ll see you back here and we’re gonna start the top part of the back panel first. So let’s begin to do the top of the back panel. So the back panel and the front panel are a little bit different from each other. The back panel is really quite straight forward. It’s just three rows I believe of just single crochet and we’re just gonna go back and forth so that’s what we’re gonna do here and then we’re going to pull up the other one. So both of them at the 29 inch mark for the extra small to medium that I’m doing will be exactly identical until this point. I’ve suggested to you that you get yourself to this. So I have a yarn ball attached to each one of the panels so that I can continue and what I’m gonna do now the back panel we’re just gonna continue along with that. Also what we have here is the 8 inch mark so once we get these panels done what we’re going to do it then measure up from the bottom and we’re going to create the um, stitch marker because we’re gonna sew from this point all the way to a designated point so the sides for the arm holes depending on the size whether it’s extra small, large or 2 to 5 extra large it’s either 10 inches, 11 or 12. So it’s just gonna be measuring down but we need to put those together before we even take that measurement. So let’s begin to do the back panel next. So when I last left you both of the panels were identical to each other. I laid them down on the table to make sure right amount of spaces and now I’m ready to completely finish this panel. So we should be stopped right here. There should not be a single crochet line at all at this moment. So we gonna apply that now and both of the panels will be looking exactly identical to this right now. So you’re going to just chain up one and then one single crochet into the top of the treble and then one single crochet into the chain one space. Okay, as you work your way across. So what I want you to do, I’ve already shown you how to single crochet on the tutorial so just go back and forth three times in order to create this and then I want you to fasten off and I want you to weave in your ends completely, put this panel aside and then pull up the front panel. So just single crochet for this row, one more row and one after that. So just a total of three rows and you’re done with this particular panel. So I’ve now just finished the top. What you’re gonna notice here is that the top, when we did the bottom band you’ll see see how there’s an extra row of single crochet so if you’re getting confused of which is top and which is bottom. The bottom has more of the band than the top, okay. So what I want you to do on this particular panel um, I want you to measure up 8 inches and then from the bottom and mark it with a stitch marker so this is the bottom. So if you notice on the model this, she is not sown all the way down. So what you’re going to do is that what I would recommend is put these on a table side by side, measure up 8 inches and you’ll get it and all you just gotta do is just follow this line all the way across to the other side and you’ll be able to mark the other side here. So, see, so it’s over here, just follow the line over there. And if you lie them side by side because it’s such great yarn is that you won’t, you’ll only have to measure once and then you can just get the 8 inches that’s on both of the panels. So let’s move along to doing the front panel and then we’re gonna do the assembly next. So we’re now about to start doing the top. So what I have here for red line is not indicating you should go all the way across. This is just a visual. So if I was just to tell you just to stop right there, okay. So what we’re going to do is that we’re gonna create these that go over the top of the model’s shoulders. So what you’re going to notice is that there’s gonna be amount of stitches that you’re going to start. So you’re just gonna pick up the yarn where you left off and you are just gonna single crochet yourself over and if it’s a small size it’s uh, 16 stitches. If it’s the large it is um, 20 and the one is 27. So what we’re just gonna do is that we’re gonna chain up one and just go for those particular dimensions and then turn around and come back we’re only gonna do three rows like we did over here. Then what you’re going to do is that we’re going to fasten that off and that’s done. Now here’s the thing. You cannot turn around this project and then start the sixteen here. It says to count over so many stitches. I wouldn’t recommend that. I’d recommend coming and counting from the other side and coming back in. But, because we’re starting here, okay, the stitches are gonna go up, over and up. If you start on the outside its gonna come up over, over, over and what is the difference is that crochet on the good side and the bad side look completely different of each other so if you start this side and go this way and you start this side going this way this line here is going to look upside down its not gonna look like its the same. And so this strap then will look wrong. So you’re gonna start here go boom, boom, boom, finish off and the next one you start here. So what I recommend is that what ever we’re gonna count across. In my case it will be 16. I’m gonna count back at 16 and then start here and then boom, boom, boom and both of these straps will look completely identical. So let’s begin the top of the first strap. So this is the strand that was still attached to the panel and that’s the strand that I wanna work with. So I’m gonna chain up one and we’re gonna do one single crochet into each stitch plus chain one space. Now for this size I’m doing a small. It’s 16 stitches across. So we’re count, if it’s bigger is gonna be 20 and then the biggest size 27. So you wanna count those physically as you go so you get it right. So let’s just start in the very first treble on the very top. So this is 1 and I’m gonna count out loud and 2, is the space, 3 is the treble, 4, 5, 6 and 7, 8, half way there, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16. I got my sixteen in there, I’m satisfied there is the length of the top shoulder so now I wanna turn my work and I want to do up the other side so we gonna turn our work and just chain one. Put our hook back in, so chain one and then one single crochet into each. So I don’t need to count any more I can just go right to the end. So I can speed up so this is row number two. So this is row number two coming all the way to the end. This is the last stitch and let’s turn our work one more time and go up for a third row. So chain one, one single crochet into each. So once we get all the way across in this row we’re gonna completely um, um, fasten off. But what I would strongly recommend is that because this is the second panel that we’re doing leave an extra long strand maybe about, hum, maybe about two feet of yarn onto your project and what you can just do instead of actually having to just feed new yarn you can use that yarn to be able to create the sewing in order to bring the back and the front panel together. So I’m now almost to the end. Okay so there’s my end and so I’m just finishing here but I’m gonna cut about two feet of yarn. It’s probably a little bit too long but that’s okay and I’m going to wrap the hook and pull through and I’m gonna pull through that and I’m gonna leave that on here and I’m use that as my strand then to attach it to the back panel. So let’s move along to the next part of our project. So here’s where you should be looking at. This is the way we started. It was on this side of the project. So we are just going to shift to the other side and let me show you what to do. In the instructions it says to count from where you left off the amount of stitches and over. But the fact is, is that if you screwed up in any way and you’re off by one stitch here you’re neckline is not going to be centered. So what I recommend is coming from the other side and counting back. So in my case remember it it was sixteen. It could be the other sizes that you had which was 20 and or 27 I believe. Is that what it was, yes 16, 20 or 27. So let me just count back and I’m gonna count from the edge so I’m just gonna count by two’s because it’s a treble plus a chain one so 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16 and that sixteen is including the gapping space. So what I want to do is in this gapping space I want to join on my new yarn. So I’m now gonna attach the yarn and I’m just gonna create a loop and I’m gonna use a darning needle to sew this in on the other side. So just creat a loop over so there’s no ties on it let the straggler just fall down in front and chain one and single crochet into the same space. So I’m gonna use a darning needle to hide this in later. So that was in a space so all I’m just gonna do is work my way down. You can also just hide your loose ends by just going right over top of it as well. So just so it looks like it’s on top of the line and that’s a great way to bury it in as well. So you’re gonna go all the way to the edge of the shoulder and I have a really long tail there. That’s kinda convenient. This yarn is kinda really interesting. It’s impossible to split the plys on it because of the way that it’s made. So I think that this is a very durable project um, I think it would be a great learning yarn if you ask me. So um, here we’re coming to the end. So this is row number one of three that we have to do. Make sure that you go into the final space and then to the fourth chain, okay. Remember there was a chaining of five there to create that. So let’s turn our work. Go for row number two so here is our shoulder right here, chain one, okay and we have one single crochet into each just until we get across the shoulder area. Okay, so this is the last one here, this is row number two again turn our work chain one and one single crochet into each. Once you get all the way to the other side I want you to fasten off but I want you to leave an extra long tail. Maybe about two feet long again and that will be the yarn strand that we’re gonna use to put the shoulders together at the top. Okay, I’m now at the very end and this is it so I’m gonna cut about two feet of yarn, and then I’m just gonna pull it through the loop and I’m gonna use that string later then to attach. So both now I have the strapping at the top for both and now we’re ready to start attaching it to the other panel. So both panels are now in front of me and I have the one that is uh, that the stand is in and then I have the other one right in front of me. So what I want to do is that I wanna match the stitches together so each stitch equals each other. So I’m gonna come straight directly across to the first stitch and then back into the original stitch. You don’t need to go between the plys you can go right into the stitches itself. This is called the whip stitch where we just jump right over top and we’re just gonna pull everything together. Once you have that stitch together just advance to the next set of stitches so there would be a jet right across. Just sandwich it together and just whip stitch across. Now you don’t wanna pull too tight because then it’ll make the top of the shoulder buckle. So you just wanna be generous with it. You wanna be firm but you don’t wanna be like you’re tying down something like a boat or something to a dock where it cannot move. So you just wanna be a little bit gentle about it but you wanna be firm. And what we’re going to do then is that once I’ve committed now that this is my whip stitching side I’m going to whip stitch again. Just follow it across, whip stitch the other side and when I whip stitch I’m gonna keep these together as well and then when we’re done this we’re gonna flip the project inside right or outside right [chuckles]. This is the inside of the project that we’re currently working on so we wanna flip it the other way and then these seam lines will be then underneath the clothing on the, on the facing the model instead of actually facing us, the public. So just continuing to whip stitch across and I’ll show you how to weave in these ends at the end. Um, I’m only gonna show this one time so you’re gonna do this exactly for the other shoulder as well again, because your stitch counts are right and because it’s so easy to tell with this yarn you just gotta match you stitches as you go. I am going to demonstrate on how to put the sides together because you gotta make sure you watch the sides because they’re not as clean cut as these stitches here at the top. So I’m now coming up to the very final stitch right here because it’s the final here on the strap on the other side and all I just wanna do then is I wanna just tie this, so just feed it back through. Kinda create a tie, this stuff is gonna be amazing for you and what I would recommend is that we’re going to go in and out of the project. So just going in a different path and just gliding it along. Do not go to the other side of the project. This is the inside of the project when the model’s wearing it so you don’t want any loose ends hanging out on the front end. Just gliding it across, just take your time this stuff is pretty uh, this stuff is gonna be amazing once you’re done. It’s nice and firm to work with. You wanna make sure that before you get everything done just kinds pull things out or just like make sure everything’s relaxed before you go in the other way and then again you’re gonna go back the third time to be able to get that end in. So it doesn’t bother me that that’s really stiff to get it through, again a sharp darning needle is really recommended in this case. So I’m gonna show you how to start the other shoulder in just a moment and then I’m gonna demonstrate the side and then I’m gonna leave the rest for you and then what we can do is then just finalize everything together. Now we’re gonna start the other side. Now the other side of the strand when we finished was actually here in the center point. And that makes sense because the other one was right on the edge. So what we have to do is that we have to be very careful here. Because remember we had sixteen stitches when we counted. You could have 20 or 27. What I wanna do on this side is I wanna count back so I want to count to sixteen on this side. So 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16. That is the matching partner for this stitch on the other side. So I’m gonna go into that stitch and then back over to the original. So that’s my starting point. All I can do now is just like what I did before just advance one stitch at a time in whip stitching directly across and I want you to do that all to the end then fasten off and weave in your ends and that should be good to go. So it’s a great way to be able to find the matching partner without just eyeing it up but physically counting it so that you know you’re sure. So when we come back then I will have this done and then I’ll to weave up or how to sew in one of the sides. Now just sewing the top and this is the whip stitch side so the other side is the good side. When the model is wearing it you can see it’s pretty much an invisible item. So want we want to do is we want to take a tape measure, now it’s folded in half and what I want to measure down is ten inches from the top of the seam down. Now this is for the small size so if you have a next size up it’s eleven and the up is twelve. So taking your tape measure, just measure down and this is such an easy going project. You don’t wanna like stretch it crazy you just wanna let it stay in the relaxed position because when the model’s wearing it or when you’re going to wear it you’re going to have it stretch automatically on it’s own. So I’m determining the ten inch mark is right there so I’m taking a crochet hook and I’m going to mark it with a stitch marker and I’m gonna match it to the other panel on the other side and that’s where the arm hole is going to start and then work it’s way down to the bottom. So this is going to be he space for the arm hole right where that ten inches was. Okay, so here’s the armhole right here and then what we want to do if you haven’t already done it from the bottom measure eight inches up and then mark it. So this area here all the way here is just gonna be where it’s gonna be sewn together. Now you gotta do the same on the other side but here’s a trick. You’ve already done one. This yarn is so thick just follow it across just follow, follow, follow, follow it across and you’re going to get to the other side. So I wanna make sure that we’re gonna match it at the right spot right here. So you know you could measure by why not eye it up when you have opportunity right, you can save time. So mark these two, put them together so that you can start together and then now both sides have now been marked and this is the arm hole for the other side. So this um, here is a really great way, now there is back and front to this. So you’re looking at the back right now and I can tell because the seam is here, it’s going all the way and the other side is just slightly coming in so this shows that it’s the front side on the other side. Let me show you how sew up on the sides. So starting at the eight inch mark coming from the bottom I’m gonna start here and I marked them both and the eight inch mark was right in this big chain space. So what I recommend is just move to the next single crochet, it just makes sense and then just put your yarn through and just match it to the other single crochet on the other panel right directly back and what I want you to do is I want you to put a slip knot on the other side of the string that is attached to your darning needle and when you get it close like I’m about to, feed that yarn thing through and what you can just do is tie it or just pull it and it will tie itself shut and then you can use a darning needle to hide that in. So all you’re gonna do is work your way and match, you can be a little bit generous you don’t have to be too um, like every stitch has to have something. Um, you can be a little bit flexible with that. Make sure that when you go to sew this together that you’re not going to create any tension meaning that you’re gonna pull it too tight. Okay, you want it nicely draped like the rest of the project. So you just kinda wanna be firm but you don’t wanna be like you’re reefing down on it. So just continue to go across. You can go into gapping spaes or you can go into the fibers itself. Again, that’s kinds of your personal choice on what you wanna do and just completely pull it around like this. So what I want you to do is that I want you to completely work your way up and because you know you can be a little loose now but you can just pull on it a little be later and it will tighten things up as you go and this is how you’re going to put it together. You wanna do this side and this side and once you can then take it uh, you can take it and put a steamer on it and get the stitches to relax and then this project is good to go. So I’m gonna leave the rest of this project for you to be able to finish and please enjoy and just to the other seam just like you just saw this one being done . It’s supposed to be identical to each other and this is a great little project in order to complete and I think that you can enjoy it uh, wearing it at the same time. So until next time I’m Mikey on behalf of The Crochet Crowd as well as Let me how you a photograph of my finished item and have a great day and we’ll see you again real soon. Bye, bye 👋

    Beautiful Beach Sunset – FPV chill style
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    Beautiful Beach Sunset – FPV chill style

    March 9, 2020

    I’m here to have fun, man. And try and not loose a quad I just wall planted a cliff. That was awesome. I did some 3D stuff on the waters that I
    was sketched out to do like I was getting super close. Go big or go home
    right that hand I have fun I didn’t lose a quad.
    yeah I had a good time. I just like skimming the cliffs trying to get nice and close.
    Did you see that there’s a hole below the… like I wanted to ride that rail all the way down. The rail was fun to play with. I did that a couple times as well. It was beautiful. Doing 3D around
    active waves and getting really close. Oh you did 3D? you mind oh yeah oh geez I can see that
    and I like the wall plan on a left side yeah this was awesome, just so last minute to. Like, should we fly there? It’s always these last second flights which are usually the most fun because everyone’s relaxed we just want
    to have fun and fly and it turns out to be like really fun yeah more fun than we
    thought it would be. yeah a lot of fun rip all the things