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    Bali Beaches | Canggu Beach | Seminyak Beach | Kuta Beach | Bali Best Beach Club | Day 5
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    Bali Beaches | Canggu Beach | Seminyak Beach | Kuta Beach | Bali Best Beach Club | Day 5

    December 9, 2019

    Good Afternoon guys Welcome back to my Channel and i am with Demi we are in Canggu Area if you haven’t seen previous videos then go and see now in previous video, yesterday we faced a lot of problem and we have to stay in that area only we can’t finish 2 waterfalls we improvised our plan and today we explored those waterfalls and after that we drove for 2 to 3 hrs and finally we are here today is the 5th and last day in Bali so quickly apply sunscreen on your body because we gonna cover up most beautiful beaches of Bali so let’s gooooo So guys here we are we are in Canggu Beach and this beach is very very big here the water is clean and its very popular as you can do a lot of water activities waves hear are perfect for surfing So guys we are in Seminyak and the 2nd Beach is Seminyak Beach this beach i like the most personally its clean and a lot of space to walk around its all flat surface you can see its clean the water is very clean too not that crowdy i personally like it if the beach is not crowdy that its good as you can enjoy a lot Demi : I like this one so guys we are finally reached Kuta Beach this beach is around 5 to 6 Km long so this fucking huge for parking you have to remember that which place you parked you vehicle because you will find a lot of gates here to enter in the beach and i don’t want that in the end you forget that which gate you parked your vehicle as there a re no gate number as i told you there are a lot of gates to enter crowd will be more and less it depends from which gate you are coming in So guys we are in Azul Beach Club and we are chilling here as our trip is about to be end tonight 1 AM is our flight and here we want to spend at least one hour to two hrs we gonna take massage because our body is in pain because we are traveling non stop from last 5 days North, East, Wast, South we covered most of it you can remember this name Azul Beach Club this place is perfect you can see sunset from here perfect Kuta Beach view from here Its amazing view from here good food and good drinks so lets end this trip and video right here we have to leave to Bangkok from tomorrow i have to do job Demi have to do job but the videos will not gonna stop my travelling will not stop If you like this Bali Series then share it with your friends and family a lot of information is there show it to everyone and if you haven’t seen pervious videos then go and watch and in the end please Subscribe hit he like button and you know guys what to do Stay Awara



    December 9, 2019

    What’s going on guys? This weeks episode we are in Brighton Beach. Deep in the heart of Brooklyn.The Russian Enclave of New York City. Also known as Little Odessa. We’ve got a lot of different communities from the former Soviet Union all living here. And today Alan and I are going to explore. We’re going to check out some authentic food. Some shops. And maybe even have a shot of vodka. So I let Alan talk there. He actually spoke Russian to her. Because some of the employees here don’t speak very much English. This is called Pirozhki. And there’s a lot of different fillings you can get. It’s baked. I went for the potato. And just for a dollar fifty it’s an amazing value. Mmm nice and warm to. You said you didn’t like it. I barely ate this when I was in Russia. I felt like the food in general wasn’t to healthy. And they sold this at like most of the magazines and shops. But yeah this is pretty legit. We’re about to walk into St. Petersburg books which has books, movies, and souvenirs, all from Russia. Let’s go find the most random thing we can. So this is a Russian Matrushka. This would make a great gift for somebody. It’s these little dolls. And you can open one. Then get to another. It keeps going until it becomes really small. If you’re in Brighton Beach. It would be a cool gift to get someone. What trip to Brighton Beach would be complete without actually going to the beach? And we’re on the boardwalk right now. A couple of hundred yards from the Atlantic Ocean. And Alan and I have been amazed at how full the restaurants have been here at about 3 o’clock on a Monday. Yeah, lots of people out. A little bit of an older crowd I would say. I mean. What better way to spend your retirement than chilling by the water. Enjoying some Russian food. Maybe a couple of drinks? Could be worse. You know how you normally have coffee after lunch? Well in Brighton Beach we’re going to go with some Russian Standard Vodka. There’s already people drinking all over the boardwalk. And now Alan is going to explain how to say cheers in Russian. I used to think it was Nos Dorovia. Which is actually a thank you reply if somebody gives you a drink. But the proper way to cheers in Russian is to say Zoz Duh Rovy. Which emans to your health. Let’s do it. It’s strong. Strong stuff. But good. I’ve got some courage for the rest of the day. So for our last stop of this Brighton Beach tour. We decided to go somewhere that really shows the diversity of the neighborhood and what it’s turning into. So went to Cafe your Mother in Law. Which is a Hybrid of Korean Food, Uzbek Food, and Russian food. So I got their most popular dish. Korean soup called Kuksu. It’s cold it’s a mix of salad, meat, and noodles. And i’ve already tried it. It’s amazing. And Alan opted for the Borsch. Which is classic Ukranian Russian. And now he’s going to try it. I’m going to have the sour cream first. You must. Dig that in. A little mix. It’s good. A mix of beets, potato, a little parsley, a little sour cream. Can’t complain. Yeah so in the 19th century a lot of Koreans ended up migrating to Russia. Or places near it during the Stalin movement. So a lot of times that’s how we got the recipes. For the dishes. It’s a Korean/Uzbek fusion. So our native language is actually Russian. Not Korean. So that’s how it came to be. What’s in the Uzbek Plov. Uzbek fried rice, carrots and beef. The meat is beef and a little bit of lamb. Cool. Awesome. Thank you. So i’m working on the Uzbek plov right now . You know Uzbek,Russian food. Kind of some mixtures going on here. They add some asian flavor to it. This is as he said.Fried rice. Beef. What’s the verdict. Guilty of tasting very good. Seriously. This is a nice mixture. I’m enjoying this a lot. And again this is our sort of restaurant. I wouldn’t call it a hole in the wall, but it’s nothing fancy. It’s off the main strip. If you know where to look for places like this. You can find some gems in New York. Their are so many different Russian restaurants and bars in Brighton Beach. You could spend hours here. Just wandering around. Soaking it all in. It’s worth an afternoon trip. Definitely hit the like button below. Subscribe to Here Be Barr Travel Vlogs. We’ve got new episodes weekly. Until next time. As we watch Alan try to kayak for the first time.

    Boom Beach: Creating & Joining a Task Force
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    Boom Beach: Creating & Joining a Task Force

    December 8, 2019

    Have you ever wanted to team up with your fellow commanders? Well with this update, we’ll be introducing: Task Forces! A specially suited crew, with the sole mission of destroying the Blackguards new, devious and highly pollutant power bases. Are your headquarters at level 6? Excellent! Then we can start by creating a Task Force of our own. On the left hand side of your screen, you’ll
    notice a new tab with a star in the middle. This is your “Task Force Command”. Enter the “create” tab,and decide on a cool name. Remember, you won’t be able to change it later! Then, add a description, and edit your Team’s Badge to your liking. That looks intimidating! Good. Then, choose your invite status. Would you like anyone to join? That means any player can join if they would like to. Maybe have them join by request? With this setting, players must request to join your Task Force; only Leaders and Officers can
    approve or decline requests. Keeping your Task Force closed means no one can find, or request to join it. So you should only choose this setting once you feel your Task Force has enough members. Please note, Task Forces come in four different sizes: 5 to begin with, and upgrading the task force can allow 10, 25 and 50 members. After you’re happy with your set up, hit
    the create tab and you’ll be on your way. Please note, you can only create a task force once per week. If you’d like to join a pre-existing Task
    Force, simply enter your Task Force Command, and choose the “find” tab. You’ll be given some recommended Task Forces with players of similar skill, or you can search for a specific one. All task forces have a unique tag, making
    them easy to find. The tag is located in the Task Force Command info summary. Simply type the unique tag into the search function; this will yield the exact Task force you are looking for. I’ll search for my friends Task Force now,
    then request to join. Like any well-equipped military organization, Task Forces need ranks! You will find a leader, officers and members. Leaders have the right to start operations, promote and demote officers and members, as well as accepting, rejecting and kicking out others. Officers are also able to start operations and accept or reject requests to join. Members however, just follow orders! Requests are displayed in the chat log, and
    remember, only leaders and officers can accept or decline requests to join. The task force command has a Global Leaderboard. Here, you’ll find top ranking task forces from all around the world! Check out who is dominating with Force points according to the size of the Task Force. Successfully complete enough operations, and maybe you’ll find your team at the top! The Task Force is an excellent way to keep
    in touch with your fellow commander friends. Not to mention, it will help take your bragging rights to the next level. We hope you like it, Commander. Resume the Boom!

    How To Make Realistic Beaches with Fluxtrance | Modded Tutorial | Cities: Skylines
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    How To Make Realistic Beaches with Fluxtrance | Modded Tutorial | Cities: Skylines

    December 8, 2019

    Hey everyone My name is Fluxtrance and I’m collaborating with Paradox Interactive to bring you a tutorial on how to create a realistic beachfront in city skylines. Whether you’re creating a map set in the tropics or building a city near the beach a nice coastal feature can really bring your build to the next level I’ll cover a variety of techniques used to create beaches in different settings so feel free to mix and match and try to create something unique for your own build. Before we begin keep in mind that a full collection of all the mods and assets I’ll be using will be available in the video description. You can also find them in my global Buildoff collection on the Steam Workshop. None of these are really mandatory but you’ll find you can achieve a better result with a few key mods and a nice selection of custom assets To start we’ll define the basic shape of our coast with the level tool. This is by far the most powerful terraforming tool and if you can master this with the smoothing tool not only will it save you a ton of time but it’ll also give you a lot more control over what you’re doing. With the level tool selected hover over part of a terrain if You not just below the waterline and right-click this is how you select the height of your level tool. Now you can set the strength slider to 1 and create the sand just beneath the water level. Do this again with a height just above water level to create the beach itself. Make sure that you have a great enough height distance between these two surfaces because when we go to smooth this out if that slope where the water meets the sand isn’t steep enough the water will start riding up onto the beach and kind of floating around in little blotches. Use the level tool again to create tiers in the ocean floor that move away from the beach. You’ll also want to create a sharp line right at the grass line to define the edge of your beach adding jagged edges with the level tool like I’m doing here is actually a really nice technique that’s applicable and a lot of places when you want to add little cliffs or noise to your terrain. Now here is where the level tool really shines. Using a smaller brush size match the height of various ocean depths and brush quickly side to side to create noise in your ocean floor. We’ll then switch to the smooth tool to blend this noise into our terrain you can also right click with the smooth tool for a stronger smoothing effect. I like to imagine my smooth tool is like the current of the ocean so I’m allowing little banks of sand to extend out in some areas while I’m also aggressively smoothing out others. Try multiple passes of creating noise and then smoothing it out to get a more realistic look. You can use a similar technique when creating cliffs near natural beachfronts. Make sharp aggressive elements that reach out towards the coast then smooth the crevices for a more realistic look. You can also try using the shift tool here this is the tool that lets you raise and lower terrain and gently pull from the cliff faces and crevices to add surface detail. For our simple beachfront use this tool to create protective foredunes. Next we’re going to want to add some pathways to the beach for our simple beachfront we’ll stick with the straight paths every two to three houses. This is something you often find in beach fronts with lower populations. For our dense beachfront I’m mimicking more of a public beach access area with curvy paths that connect and meet at breaks in the foredunes. For the simple beachfront I’m also going to use the ‘Prop Line Tool’ mod with the fence mode enabled to draw some fences. If you’re using fence props like I am you’ll also need the ‘Find It’ mod to access these props. Now let’s move on to the detailing for this I like to work in passes so we’ll start with the largest and most defining features like rocks and trees and then we’ll work our way down towards the smaller features like bushes and grass Creating clusters of these larger objects rather than just filling the space is the real key on later passes You can expand on these clusters with shorter foliage and bushes. My absolute favorite tip for this foliage pass technique is object clustering with ‘Move It’ So firstly you obviously need the ‘Move It’ mod you’ll also need the ‘Prop and Tree Anarchy’ mod which you want to enable with Shift + P that’ll disable your prop entry collision and then you can get on to actually applying this tip! So first create a cluster of foliage then select the marquee tool with move it highlight your cluster and then press ctrl + C to copy your selection. Now you can just move around rotate the selection and plop down your foliage prefab this will save you a ton of time. Now be careful with this because it is really easy to quickly fill a space with tons of objects and will in turn drop your frame rate. Less really is more when creating these clusters you can always add additional passes and using sparse clusters means you can layer them to hide repetition. I like to save my game after every single pass in case I go too far and I want to roll back. Finally, let’s add some beach props. For the simple beach front I decided I wanted some fences to keep the visitors off the foredunes. I also decided that the simple and dense beach front should probably have some lifeguard towers. The last step is to scatter some towels chairs surfboards and other common beach items along the beach. If you’re filling a large space the ‘Move It’ cluster trick works fantastic for this as well. And that’s it! I hope these tips gave you some ideas on how to design beach fronts in your own projects and if you like the video be sure to subscribe for more tutorials like this one!

    Boom Beach: Warships Developer Update #2
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    Boom Beach: Warships Developer Update #2

    December 7, 2019

    Hi everyone! Welcome to another
    Warship’s developer update video. I’m here with my colleagues
    Valtter and Ayushman. We’ll go a bit more in-depth
    on the Warships feature. What exactly can players expect
    from this second base? The Warship is going to be exclusively focused
    on attacking and defending. So there won’t be
    any resource generation buildings. It’s more about the core of Boom Beach, which is attacking and defending
    and getting to the fun parts. You just go fight and once
    you get enough resources from fighting, you go back and you build your base,
    you upgrade stuff, and you go out and fight again. And we want to keep
    the whole experience all about the base building and the fighting, because in the main island,
    there’s this layer of resource collection and timers and things like that. So here it’s just about fighting. So why didn’t we go for another island? Why are we going for a Warship? The first reason is, it’s really cool. It’s nice.
    It’s a big mechanical island of sorts. It fits well
    with the whole theme of the game. That makes sense. Why would there be
    another island for this Warship that guards your archipelago? That’s what the game needs. A lot of people asked why it’s not just
    a Task force VS Task force feature? Can you give background as to why
    the decision to go with Warships was? A feature that has always been
    in discussion in the Boom Beach team was Task force VS Task force,
    and in the community as well. What we realized is
    that the current Island is not as exciting a space
    to explore meaningful PvP and maybe team versus team PvP. Everyone by now has the same Island and you’ve got the same troops
    and depending on your HQ level the number of weapons you have
    on the island are pretty much the same. It doesn’t create for much of a strategy
    in a real PvP scenario. So we thought the best way
    to go about doing this was to create like a second base, which would be like the center
    for PvP in Boom Beach. So in a sense Warships is going to be
    this really good foundation for us to build upon. The first version
    that comes out early next year is going to be this foundation version which is going to be a lot of fun and eventually bring it to a level where we can have Task forces
    versus Task forces. Where you have many Warships fighting
    many Warships and really cool things like that. It just opens up
    a whole new world for us. Thanks a lot for chatting guys and going through
    the more detailed specifics of Warships. I hope you guys out there enjoyed it and remember to subscribe for
    more Warships developer update videos. See you next time! – Bye bye.
    – Bye bye.

    INCREDIBLY EASY ART Abstract  beach Landscape  🌊   tutorial for REAL beginners
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    INCREDIBLY EASY ART Abstract beach Landscape 🌊 tutorial for REAL beginners

    December 6, 2019

    hey I’m cinnamon Cooney your Art Sherpa
    today I’m going to show you how easy it is to paint a fabulous day at the beach
    get your paint get your brushes come back and meet me the Easel are right now I’m
    going to show you how you can paint this come on let’s go so let’s look at the
    materials we’re going to use today for this incredibly sublimely easy painting
    that you’re going to paint at home I have an eleven by fourteen canvas board
    here this is Pre-gesso’d t it doesn’t need another thing for you to do to
    paint on it over here I have all the colors I need for this magnificent
    painting that’s three colors I have titanium white yellow ochre and phthalo
    blue I’ve got a couple cups of water so I can thin my paint and I’m ready to get
    started so the first thing that I’m going to do is I’m going to grab a big
    wide flat brush see this brush right here I’m going to put in my sky so I’m
    going to dip in the water I’m going to drag this off this brush is synthetic
    elements and it’s not going to over hold water for me so it’s going to put just
    that right amount it’s made for acrylic painting I’m going to just load my brush
    up really well with the white and then I’m going to come in and get just a
    little bit of blue on my brush I’m going to come to my canvas this is the halfway
    mark I’m going to come about oh gosh what three inches below that I’m going
    to go back and forth look at this making this really nice
    light sky if you need some more white paint come over here dip your brush come
    here blowing both sides to Breezy there we go
    very streaking nice day all right here you go up up up up up now I want this
    guy to get darker as I go up so this time i’ma load my white paint but I’m
    going to get some more blue onto it there we go
    I’m going to just blend these two areas as I’m going up
    into each other back and forth this is just about a wide brush and having the
    paint be still wet to get the blend all right pushing the paint out of my brush
    and anytime I get white streaks it starts to feel like clouds which is
    really nice I’m going to come get my brush a little bit wet pull out a little
    more of my blue paint take it over my white I’m going to just make sure the
    top of the painting has a nice sort of very dark sky color to it there we go
    very little just lightly dragging that down and I’m making sure everything is
    horizontal now I’m going to rinse out my brush wipe it off only to the side dry
    my painting and use a really cool trick to make sure that my horizon line is
    level which is the key to this painting so I’m going to come right here let me
    get what is called a t-square and I’m going to line it up to the edge of my
    canvas on the side and I’m going to use my chalk line this is right at just a
    smidge a hair above the halfway point of my canvas if I didn’t have a t-square I
    could use a folded paper towel and line up the corners on the edges here and get
    the same level horizon for my horizon line so there’s a lot of ways to get
    this done that you don’t got to worry about it alright I’m going to take a
    number 10 bright this is a nice big fat bright with a stiff synthetic element
    I’m going to come over here I’m going to get the brush wet drag off the extra
    water I’m going to take a little of my yellow ochre to my white and I’m going
    to make kind of a streaky nice light sand color I’m going to paint the edge
    of my canvas with this light color I’m going to let the streaks happen get my
    brush and water if I need better flow just coming up if I’m going to come to
    about here with this color a little more the goal if you need it
    you want to keep your sand a fairly light color because that way you can
    darken where the wave is going over it it’s going to give you a nice result I’m
    going to rinse out my bright and I’m going to make my faraway water color so
    my faraway water color is a little bit of my yellow ochre in my phthalo blue
    notice how it makes this crazy cool oceanic kind of green all right there we
    go so I’m going to come along the far back edge making sure that I am
    following my mark I have a level far away horizon line that’s really kind of
    the key for me here just carefully doing that before this dries I’m going to get
    a little more blue into it and a little white into my mix you need to add some
    water definitely now I’m going to just brush
    back and forth as I’m going painting in this abstract each day now you might
    need to put out more white so that you have enough as you go down probably even
    a little more than that this is me getting paint all over my hands as per
    the usual and I’m going to just keep adding a little white into that make
    sure and if you need to a little of the blue just blending these areas into each
    other this is the ocean coming forward very marine and that’s what you want is
    a very marine Oshin there we go
    King us a little bit wet grab a little blue add a little white just come in and
    streak these in so this is like the sky reflecting in the trick is try to keep
    these brushstrokes level this is going to be where it’s really important to
    kind of keep it totally together now and then coming into this range of the
    canvas which is a little bit above the halfway point a little more color hair between the edge of my Beach where it
    ends on my canvas and this I’m going to want to get a little more yellow onto my
    brush so it’s almost like a green and if you need to you can even wipe off a
    little the extra pigment and then I’m going to get a lot of white to make my
    up close surf color I’m definitely going to go a little bit at least an inch down
    so see how this is wet and this is wet these blend together when you do that
    when acrylic paint is wet it blends now that I have this two here I need to make
    a little wave story and it’s really interesting how I’m going to make this
    little wave story get a little more paint on your brush and I’m going to
    come right here just below it I’m going to tell a funny little story and it’s
    going to be a little laundry story right so how we do is we wander up we wander
    down and we come up just meander across your own canvas right my little Marine color ends this
    is very very light in three he see how sturdy this is but it’s not white it
    needs to be dark enough with the white will show up on top of it I’m going to
    rinse this out and put this to the side for a second I’m going to get a smaller
    brush this is a number four bright this is a number four bright and I’m going to
    make sure if enough clean white out that I can do this next part alright I’m
    going to get a little white on my brush this number four bright I’m going to
    come into my abstract ocean here I’m going to make some light streaks this is
    sea foam or some distance disturbance in the water these streaks need to be
    different lengths you don’t want to make them all the same length I’m going to
    just have them just placed randomly around as you come up into the white
    come on here make a frothy a little bit of a story along this edge that you sort
    of sketched in the paint should be thick see how that stick on my brush I’m just
    telling that edge of this wave it’s just a little bit rolling into the shore
    isn’t it now you can even take it far out ahead of its friends with the white
    or this little toe of it has pushed into the shore there you go you’re nearly
    done three colors just a few brush strokes
    you can have a whole painting that’s what’s wonderful about art just filling
    in the slip here keeping my brush strokes short so that they’re choppy so
    that it mimics that wave feeling that we like and then let’s make sure we add
    some frothy little story back here just little disturbances right it’s a little
    disturbance right there little disturbances now that that’s all done
    its rinse rinse rinse rinse that out come and get a little of your yellow
    ochre and right along the bottom of this wave make a little shadow dark in the
    sand just a little bit dark in the sand oh yeah Turk can darken dirt you can see
    sometime because yellow ocher is often a little transparent almost working in our
    favor here because it’s acting like a glaze are you coming along hands make
    sure we just tell this little shadow to come along the way shadow the light has hit it all right you can soften this if you want to this
    effect self-admit just don’t pick up the white now I’m going to get the brush I’m
    going to sign with and I’m going to make it even one more shadow this is a number
    zero black pearl round will come here and I’m going to make my paint a little
    more fluid all right here we go you’re doing great see how I’m dipping
    the brush in my water and coming here and finding it out so that makes a
    little bit more like a flow paint and I’m going to come just along this wave
    äj– define the shadow a little bit more
    going to pick up a little the green that’s okay what we want just wandering
    along there if it gets a little defined come in it
    there you saw semantics a little bit of that shadow Google might
    come back with a little of my ogre just make sure push that back a smidge now
    I’m going to find a place to sign my painting and I take my little brush and
    I’m going to get my yellow ochre I think I’m gonna come right under here chef
    before the wave is about to erase it I will write my name in the sand you can
    put your signature anywhere you want to on the beach you can hide things put
    shells it’s really up to you or you can just leave this a lovely abstract piece
    that you can enjoy on your wall today could that have been easier isn’t it
    amazing how easy painting actually is good to yourselves be good to each other
    and I’m going to see you I think you’ll really soon bye bye you

    Tiny Beach House on Wheels is Bright, Functional, and Available for Rent
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    Tiny Beach House on Wheels is Bright, Functional, and Available for Rent

    December 6, 2019

    Hi guys. Jenna here with Tiny House Giant Journey
    and I’m staying at the Tiny Digs Hotel in Portland, Oregon. And right now we’re going to take
    a tour of the beach tiny house. So let’s go ahead and check it out. The tiny houses here at
    tiny digs are 16 feet long, but they have different roof shapes. So
    you can see that there’s actually one, two, three, four, five, six tiny houses here and all of them
    have different roof shapes and different amenities. I’m actually
    staying in this one over here, the barn style one which
    I have another tour for, so make sure you check
    that out on my channel. And this one I wanted to show you because
    it’s so bright and airy on the inside, but it has the traditional
    roof pitch and dormers, “Beach” Okay, so when you come
    inside, flip that focus, you can see how bright it is in here
    because of all the windows and because they’ve chose to paint the walls
    white and use light flooring as well. Another thing you’ll notice right when
    you come inside is that there’s a step down, which is a really clever
    way of hiding the wheel wells. They did build out to the
    maximum width possible, so in order to do that they needed to
    hide the wheel wells in clever ways, which I think is pretty cool. So even
    though these are only 16 feet long, they feel pretty spacious because they’re
    so wide compared to a typical tiny house or at least compared
    to the one I’m used to. You could see my house would
    actually end there width wise, whereas they get the extra spacing. So here’s a shot of one side
    of the beach tiny house. They went with a ship ladder style, which makes it easy to
    climb but also saves space. I really like the lead piping that they
    chose to make the a handrail easy to do. You can find that at home Depot.
    You can also check out my website. I did a similar thing and I did
    a how to, I’m with copper piping. If we go into the great room area, we have the dining area and work desk. It has a some storage on the side.
    This is a Ikea furniture piece, so easy to find. A lot of tiny
    housers use this in their tiny house. Another uh, purchased piece of
    furniture is a futon. This folds out. I’m not sure if this one’s
    from Ikea or somewhere else, but it’s a great way to have
    a downstairs sleep space. And since these are nightly rentals, I’m sure that that’s a big benefit for
    some people who don’t like to climb. Little tiny kitchen with just a
    two burner stove and a small sink, some kitchen storage over here,
    another purchased piece of furniture. You can find furniture and down
    here they have the refrigerator. I can open it up. There we go. Like some of the other tiny houses we’ve
    seen, this one has a sliding barn door. It’s great for saving space. Pocket doors actually need
    to be built into the wall, so they end up taking up a lot
    of space in your tiny house. So one way of still getting that look, but not using as much space as
    doing a outside barn sliding door. And they use that same lead piping to
    create this and keeping with the beach theme, you got a little
    mermaid for your handle. Little details like that really pay off. Speaking of details, one of my favorite parts of this tiny
    house is actually the sink vanity. They put a piece of glass on top of a
    cabinet that I’m assuming they built, but inside the glasses
    like a display case. And since we have a beach theme going
    on here, we got seashells in sand, which is pretty cool.
    And then um, a glass sink glass is not necessarily recommended if
    you’re going to be traveling a lot with your tiny house. Same thing
    with tile and dry wall. Um, but it doesn’t mean you can’t do
    it. I mean you absolutely can, but it is something to think about if
    you’re going to use something that’s like brittle and beautiful like this, maybe if you’re going to travel all
    the time through your tiny house, you’ll have to wrap it or think
    about that a little bit more. I like this light fixture right here
    and I don’t know if you can see this, but this is actually a prism that
    they’ve put in. Nice little detail there. All of these are flush toilets, all six
    of the tiny houses at tiny digs hotel. Um, so they had to get sewer put in here
    and we are in the middle of Portland. So that is pretty cool that
    they were able to do that. But also probably very expensive, include robes and a place to
    hang your clothes if you want. This is the shower. It’s a standard 32 by 32 shower stall pretty high for a shower head
    for a tiny house, which is nice. And then they always provide in
    all of these that I’ve seen so far, the shampoo, conditioner and shower gel. All right, so let’s head upstairs
    to the last part of this tiny house. So we’re going to climb up the ship
    ladder because you can see through the staircase, it actually makes the place feel more
    open and the steps are pretty wide. So easy to climb up in the loft, the roof pitch changes.
    So you get a little bit more head room. Got a queen size bed up
    here, a couple more windows, which makes the space again feel really
    bright and I do like the detail that they’ve put here on the railing,
    gives it that nautical beach theme. Okay guys, let’s go outside and do
    a quick overview of the property. So I’m just standing on the
    porch of the beach right now, but you can see that they
    have a communal area. They also have six tiny
    houses available for rent. So you could easily have a party here, um, for an event like a wedding party could
    stay here or I was told like a book club is going to be staying here soon. They
    have other like artistic pieces as well. Like I really like this wooden globe
    that someone has carved and they have the gate, which is nice, nicely decorated. The whole place is fenced in so you
    feel very safe and each one of the tiny houses has a code that’s
    reprogrammed every time to get in. You can see it here. All right, guys, if you liked this tour, make sure to hit subscribe and check
    out my channel for other tours of tiny houses at the tiny digs
    hotel. See you later.

    Thank You Notes: Hobbs & Shaw, Beach Balls
    Articles, Blog

    Thank You Notes: Hobbs & Shaw, Beach Balls

    December 6, 2019

    -I was running
    a bit behind today, so I thought if you guys
    wouldn’t mind, just want to write out my weekly
    thank you notes right now. James, can I get some thank-you-
    note-writing music, please? ♪♪ -Looks like he just texted
    3-0-3-0. -Thank you Pete Buttigieg
    and Bernie Sanders for looking like the real-life
    version of “Back to the Future.” [ Laughter ]
    [ Applause ] Thank you, Jed, for saying
    you were on “The Bachelorette” just to help your music career. At least now you have plenty of
    material for a break up album. [ Laughter ]
    [ Applause ] -They’re always the best.
    Always good. -Thank you, grill I rarely use. You give me a chance to play
    a fun game of how much rust can I feed my
    friends without them noticing. [ Laughter ]
    [ Applause ] -Full of iron.
    -Had this bad boy for ten years. Thank you, Hobbs and Shaw,
    for sounding less like a “Fast & Furious” spin off
    and more like two injury attorneys you see
    on TV at 3:00 in the morning. [ Serious voice ] Have you been
    hit by a skate boarder? [ Applause ] Thank you, home cooking, for
    being 2% cooking, 2% eating, and 96% doing dishes.
    [ Light laughter ] [ Applause ] Thank you, “The Lion King”
    for teaching us that if you don’t want your kid
    to grow up to be a huge jerk, maybe don’t name him “Scar”. [ Light laughter ]
    [ Applause ] Come on, Scar.
    -Yeah. [ Light laughter ] -Come on.
    -Just give me a second. [ Laughter ]
    -You think about other names kids can be named right?
    -what’s that? -You think about other names
    they should’ve not name their kids?
    -No I’m thinking about this next thank you note,
    I really like it. -It’s your favorite one?
    -It is. But I have a feeling it is not
    going to work. -Oh, really?
    But it’s a good one anyway. -I think it’s good.
    It’s more of thinker. -Does it come from the heart?
    -I didn’t write it but yeah. It comes from —
    [ Laughter ] Comes from someone’s heart.
    -Someone’s heart. Well, then that’s all
    that matters, man. [ Light laughter ] -Thank you, beach balls
    for letting me throw my breath. [ Applause ]
    [ Laughter ] -That was a good one. [ Cheers and applause ] People are still laughing about
    that now. I love that. -I get it. Oh, yeah. -Thank you, ice cream sandwiches
    for lasting three minutes before turning into just
    regular cookies and milk. There you guys have it.
    Those are my “Thank You Notes.”