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    Betfair trading software for an Apple Mac – Bet Angel
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    Betfair trading software for an Apple Mac – Bet Angel

    September 11, 2019

    if you want instant access to new videos
    as they’re uploaded then please click on the subscribe button also don’t forget
    to comment on the videos and if you’re interested in learning more about boat
    angel’ visit betangel comm today and download a free trial so if you look
    here I’m trading as you would typically expect and having a poke around but the
    interesting thing about this video is what you’re actually doing is you’re
    watching this on an Apple Mac so I will prove this to you by putting the lid
    down and you can see on their Apple Mac and how are we doing this how are we
    recording and doing our trading on an Apple Mac when when potential is not
    compatible with a Mac well the answer is we’re using a remote desktop to connect
    and we’re using it via a VPS 5 sporting servers and let me talk to you and show
    you a little bit about how to achieve that on rec but it’s perfectly possible
    if you want to trade on a Mac to be able to do it all you need to do you’ve got
    several options to be honest this is the easiest one but there are several ways
    of doing it so let’s have a look so if you want to run bet angel on a Mac one
    option you have is to use boot camp and the boot camp assistance allows you to
    install Microsoft Windows on your Mac so basically you would find boot camp
    assistant and then you would get a copy of Windows and install that on your Mac
    and what will happen is when you start up your Mac you’ll get the choice to use
    it as either a Windows machine or a Mac but you’d have to make that decision and
    then trade off of your Mac in that manner from that point onwards so you
    can’t run Windows on your Mac at exactly the same time you would have to choose
    which way you want to go so that’s not necessarily a nice solution for
    everybody but also you have to buy a copy of Windows as well which you may
    not want to do but boot camp assistant will allow you to configure and
    partition your Mac so it can either be a Mac or a Windows PC so that’s an option
    that you have if you Ron wants to run Windows software like vet angel on a Mac there are other ways of doing it though
    and if you don’t want to install an operating system or dual boot your Mac
    then another option that you do have available is something like VirtualBox
    from Oracle or parallels and what this allows you to do is to actually run a
    new operating system with inside your Mac environment so if you wanted to
    create a new operating system and run that in the background or run it as an
    application then you can do that you may get performance issues when you do this
    though because it won’t run as well as if you run it natively so you don’t have
    to boot it up as a Windows machine you can actually run it in the background as
    a separate task and then you can switch between your Mac and between this
    virtual machine to allow you to run betangel like that again you’ll require
    a Windows license to be able to do this so you will have to purchase Windows
    license in order to run the virtual box or parallels but nonetheless this is a
    different way and a more integrative way of running PC software like a better
    angel on your Mac so that’s another option that you have but the best way to
    connect to Bette angel on a Mac is to use a VPS why would you do that well you
    can see from the screen here that it looks exactly the same as if you were
    using on a PC but you’re obviously using it on a Mac but also you can switch
    backwards and forwards between your Mac applications and whatever you’re doing
    on your Mac and on betangel also you don’t need to pay anything for the
    Windows license we pay that for you on the VPS but also the advantage you’ve
    got is that you can actually use bet angel on any internet-enabled device
    anywhere in the world so that means you can connect to vet angel and use it from
    an iPhone from your Mac from somebody else’s PC anywhere basically that has an
    internet connection that can use from a desktop software and that is most
    devices regardless of whether they’re a Mac PC or whatever and obviously the
    advantage you’ve got here as well as that you can actually
    disconnect from your VPS and let it run automatically for you in the background
    so you don’t need to be connected for it to be running automated tasks for
    example it can do all of this in the background for you even if you’re not
    connected to the remote desktop but if you do have the remote desktop connected
    then it appears on your Mac and looks exactly the same way as if you had it
    running natively on your operating system so a VPS means that you can do
    all of that you don’t have to pay a license the cost of the VPS is separate
    to the software so you do have to buy the VPS and use it but you can install
    whatever Windows software you want on the VPS so if there is other windows
    software that you wanted to use you can use that on the VPS you’re not limited
    to just bet angel it’s any PC software so effectively you can sort of buy a PC
    and use it when you wish but still have all of the benefits of keeping your Mac
    and using your Mac in exactly the way that it was intended so yeah I would
    recommend using a VPS because it’s quick simple you don’t have to install
    anything there’s no technical knowledge particularly required and it looks and
    runs beautifully on here as though you were just using it like a normal PC so
    that’s what I’d recommend is using a PPS if you’re interested in learning more
    about that angel visit betangel comm and download a free trial today

    Betfair Exchange – How to PROFIT from trading tales of the unexpected
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    Betfair Exchange – How to PROFIT from trading tales of the unexpected

    August 31, 2019

    so profiting from Betfair trading is
    quite a simple process you have to lay at a lower price than you’re back at and
    most of the trading strategies that you’ve seen are quite clearly definable
    however you can profit from tales of the unexpected if you’re interested in learning to
    trade on Betfair then visit the BET Angel Academy where you have detailed
    structured Betfair trading courses or why not visit our website where you can
    download a free trial of BET angel professional but also visit the forum
    where you can get detailed images examples and downloadable files and
    don’t forget to subscribe to our You Tube channel and click on the bell icon
    if you want notification of new videos as they’re released so there are many
    different ways of trading and some of them are intuitive some of them are
    counter intuitive but they all sort of rely upon you making more when you win
    than you would do when those inevitable losses occur and there’s actually a
    great video that I did which explains this in a lot more depth and gives you a
    structure to the way that you should trade and it involves potential wins the
    amount that you lose and a strike rate which links all of those things together
    so the potential for profitable trading is always there now you just have to
    sort of play around with those metrics sometimes you know you could have a
    really high winning rate but then face potentially large losses but the two
    could balance out or you could just win little bits very frequently and have
    little losses there are many ways of actively trading but what all I talked
    to you about today is a method of trading that’s sort of a bit
    counterintuitive and it makes you look a fool very regularly which is why I like
    it because sometimes the most popular strategies the stuff that you do most
    frequently that you’re attempting to really push forward on sometimes sort of
    lead you down the wrong path because everybody loves to win don’t they I mean
    they do at the end of the day but sometimes the strategies that win
    regularly don’t deliver long-term profits so the strategy that I’m going
    to talk to you about today is about trading the unexpected it’s about tales
    of the unexpected tales of unusual things it’s about stuff
    that happens that you perhaps wouldn’t think would happen that it difficult to
    price that you may not have within your model so it’s a it’s a common myth that
    you have to understand value to be able to trade effectively so the way that
    most people trade is they sort of say well the prices here I think it should
    be there and therefore I’ll wait for the to get there and that’s very often how
    people will trade but sometimes you know that the price in the market is a bit
    ambiguous it’s difficult to pinpoint have a look at the political markets
    because there’s no definable measure of where the price should be on a political
    market you could find that it changes overnight or there’s a resignation or
    something happens that radically changes that market and to be able to discount
    that accurately it’s really really hard so when you’re actually trading you know
    that the price could be here and then end here but in between it could go all
    over the place and you know as far as the market is concerned it’s efficient
    because it’s ended up at the same price that it started or achieved some sort of
    value but you’re not actually trading that most of the time you’re trading
    that movement that occurs in and around all of that activity so it’s always
    important to bear that in mind and to understand that’s primarily what your
    objective is as a trader you know price and activity occurs volatility occurs
    underlying circumstances change and your trading that and probably what you’re
    doing is going into the market for a set period of time and you’re looking to
    take advantage of that so you know if you look at a range of sports you can
    sort of understand how this can occur so I’ll give you some examples a tennis
    player is you know two sets up on a breakup or as they’re set up on a
    breakup and they’re serving for the match perhaps and then they don’t you
    know they they mess it up certainly their confidence goes and then so the
    price at that particular point within the market was probably correct but that
    turning point was ambiguous it was difficult to identify you know you
    couldn’t price that into the market because at that score line at that point
    in the match at that particular moment the odds were correct however it didn’t
    tell the path of what could happen in the future probably the best example I
    could give you on tennis was Andy Murray camera board heroes was in the final of
    the Australian Open and he went to serve and his rhythm was completely broken
    when a feather fluttered down from above him and like he saw it and he waited to
    do the serve and then he removed it from the surf from the playing surface and
    that was actually the turning point within
    match so a rain break could create a turning point in a tennis match there
    are many points and which everything changes in football it tends to
    typically be the halftime break but it could be any number of other things that
    are Co within the match perhaps a fluky goal or ascending off or something
    unusual that happens that just breaks the flow so you’ll often find in
    professional sports people at opponents are trying to break the flow of their
    people are playing against or the team they’re up against in order to get them
    out of that particular zone and if they can get them out of the zone then the
    opportunity is created but at that point within the market at which they’re doing
    that is perfectly priced you know there is no particular value there but as a
    tradie and not necessarily looking for the right price you’re looking for that
    movement that occurs as opposed to whether the price is correct or not so
    yeah if we look at football I mean that’s probably the best example is when
    I Liverpool won the Champions League and there were three kneel down at halftime
    that had a sort of fortuitous routes to the final
    although deserved obviously but in the final they were given no chance in their
    three inhale down at halftime and everybody just wrote them off completely
    however you know you go in at halftime you get the opportunity to change things
    around and that little window of opportunity at the beginning of the
    second half can change the match completely so very often I’ll scan the
    halftime scores look at the circumstances within a match and then
    take a position based upon something perhaps happening earlier and if that
    early goal comes the match can turn around because the team that was in the
    lead starts to get a little bit panicky and worried worried about the potential
    for not winning the match easily and suddenly everything can change and
    you’ve got no ability to change tactics easily once you’re into that second half
    but this is why it can make you look a fool as well because if you’re trading
    an event and you take a position and like the team is three or four nil up I
    knew something while here is my opportunity I’m going to do this they
    could still go on and win the match easily and you just it just may never
    happen so this strategy tends to be characterized by lots of small losses
    and then the occasional big win but of course when you get the big win
    everybody will just say that you’re lucky but no it’s a tactic you’re
    looking for an opportunity another example I could give you here
    was when the Olympics were a trio they had the 60 kilometre bike race and you
    know I pay attention to everything that’s going on in front of me to try
    and understand if an opportunity could be created but when you look at that
    particular race it wasn’t a very treacherous course so I looked at that
    and you know they’re a couple of riders had fallen but I didn’t pay that much
    attention to it until it started to rain and at that point I just thought I’m
    gonna get in there and I’m gonna start looking to lay the leader on the hope in
    his hands it sounds horrible set on the hope that they fall but you understand
    where I’m coming from here that there would be an opportunity at some point
    from a trading perspective didn’t know how to price the market couldn’t
    particularly understand you know what that price should be but I just went in
    there on the basis that something may happen and sure enough it did so that’s
    how you’re positioning these types of trades you’re basically slightly
    speculative but you’re saying something has happened that has changed the
    underlying circumstances here and therefore I’m going to put a trade into
    the market and you know the potential for a payoff is there put that potential
    you know maybe two or three efforts down the line in order for you to get your
    potential payoff but typically it’s something that’s done at low odds where
    you think that there’s a situation that’s developing that is presenting
    itself to a potentially profitable trade and that’s why you’re doing it but
    you’ve got to have some level of insight if you just go into the market and do
    this on every single market it will all average out because at that particular
    point within the market everything was priced perfectly based upon those
    circumstances but what it didn’t price was the uncertainty that was going to
    take place within the future so this brings me round to where I sort of it
    and why I did this video this weekend because this weekend as I’m recording
    this video it’s the London Marathon and this produced one of those strange
    payoffs that you wouldn’t particularly expect and there are some coincidences
    that come in which show you the benefit of being able to take part in a sport
    and understand a sport well so the London Marathon I used to do a lot of
    running and I ran the London Marathon twice I’m trying remember the years that
    I ran it in eighty-three and ninety-six I think were
    the years that I ran it in and one of the I used to enjoy doing all sorts of
    different types of road races and eventually as I got better and better
    and I could do longer distance races I suddenly had my eyes on doing the London
    Marathon so originally I did it quite seriously and then you know as I started
    stepping up to marathon distance I found that I just didn’t really get on with it
    very well you know what would happen was you know I’d run the first half marathon
    about typical half marathon pace I’d run for about another seven miles I’d get to
    about 20 miles and then everything would go wrong basically I just couldn’t push
    on and people who’ve done the marathon will know exactly what I’ve done I’ve
    just hit the wall and I’m really struggled to get over the wall and
    therefore the marathon wasn’t my favourite distance so what relevance
    does this have to bet fair trading well there is a market for the London
    Marathon and curiosity overwhelms me on every market so if I’m watching a sports
    event whether it’s the Boat Race and marathon athletics football tennis any
    sport I notice Betfair listed surfing recently I have no idea how that markets
    gonna go but I will probably have a look at it at some point and on this
    particular year when I did this trade it was the London Marathon market that I
    was looking at and having run the London Marathon in the past I sort of thought
    it would be worth a look just to see how the market was priced didn’t wasn’t
    expecting to do any trade and it just seemed like a sensible thing to happen
    to to have a look at the market understand what was going on in there
    so on this particular year the favorite was Paula Radcliffe and she aged broken
    the world record which still stands in 2003 which is a hell of an achievement
    but she was running again in 2005 and she was expected to do pretty well and
    indeed she did do well she dominated the race pretty much from starts to finish
    but when I was watching the race and looking at the Betfair markets as she
    came up to that critical period around the 20-mile mark I was thinking I wonder
    what price she is so I went on to bear fair had a look at the market hello and
    behold she was 101 to Lane basically they were saying that she had won it but
    there were still six miles or so left to run on the marathon so I just thought
    well you know she does look as though she’s sort of pretty much in control
    there are a few people a little bit further back but I just put in a
    speculative order to lay at 101 and just thought well when she goes through this
    tougher period maybe she’ll begin to slow down her split times will begin to
    decrease having been through this experience myself and then maybe the
    market will start to reprice it so I was looking for just like a little bump of
    maybe five or six ticks or something like that
    based upon what could actually happen and as she got towards the 21st mile lo
    and behold she stopped so all of a sudden it was like panicking back onto
    my laptop again to see what had happened and our price went all the way from one
    I want out to 1.5 now the market at that point and probably other people knew
    like me that that was a tricky part of the race to actually run through so as a
    consequence when I saw this happening I did wonder exactly what was going on but
    basically a price went from 101 to 150 because she stopped little did we
    realize at the time is she stopped for a toilet break so this is one of the
    things that were talking about here that is unexpected how could you possibly
    price that into a market there was no mathematician out there that could have
    discounted into the price the fact that that was going to happen so yeah this
    was one of the things that paula radcliffe probably regrets she wouldn’t
    regret it cuz she won the race eventually but one of the things that
    probably gets dragged out repeatedly for Paula is this moment that she stopped
    live on TV in a 2005 run a marathon to go to the toilet but nonetheless what
    happened in the market was that dramatic move and by the time I realized what was
    going on because if you have run as well you would have experienced that too not
    only going through the wall but sometimes you stomach cramps up and
    there’s nothing that you can do about it apart from stop and go for a week or
    whatever funny subject to be talking about but that’s what happened so I
    instantly figured out what’s going on waited a couple of seconds to see if
    she’s going to continue running and sure enough she did so yeah for just
    a few seconds work a few minutes work which all occurred within a few seconds
    price rocketed out because everybody thought she was pulling out at the race
    but it was absolutely fine and sure enough she returned to 101 went on to
    win the race easily so when you look at this type of trade this these are the
    sort of things you’re looking for there’s no way you could have possibly
    predicted that and I was in the market for another reason but you’re looking at
    moments within the market where you possibly could be seeing a turning point
    that you have to assume that the markets pretty efficient most of the time it’s
    not always but it’s pretty efficient most of the time but it’s only based
    upon what has happened to that point not necessarily what’s going to happen in
    the future yes a little bit of the future can be discounted there’ll be a
    little bit of variability but the sort of positions that we’re taking here are
    basically saying what has happened before
    isn’t what’s going to happen in the future there’s a critical point at which
    we’re reaching here where the price could change and I’m going to take
    advantage of that by trading now I had no idea that Paula Radcliffe was going
    to do that I was in the market for it somewhat slightly different reason but
    you’ll be amazed how often these unusual things happens it could be in a football
    match where a goal happens accidentally or there’s some strange decision that
    takes place are just some freaky event on tennis it could be a rain break or it
    could be the shadow moving across the course one of these things if you’ve got
    some insight into a sport and you’re looking for a little opportunity you’ll
    probably be able to get into the market at a reasonable time and then the
    potential for the payoff is there the thing to remember is that payoff isn’t
    going to be spectacular all of the time it’s more likely that you’ll have loads
    of little losses along the way and then you’ll get that eventual the big payoff
    so you’ve got to be prepared to put in little bits of money look foolish
    frequently and then eventually get that big payoff and this is one of the
    reasons people don’t do this too often and especially if you sort of try and
    tweet out about something that you’ve trying to do you’ll look like a fool on
    a regular basis and when you win people will just say oh you just got lucky
    there but in fact it’s actually quite a nice little tactic there’s something
    slightly unusual but I thought it was worth bringing up this weekend simply
    because we’ve got the London Marathon coming and that’s always one great
    example of this particular strategy that I’ll remember you