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    Fishing Big Jungle Jacks on foot Andysfishing Andy’s Fish Video EP.266
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    Fishing Big Jungle Jacks on foot Andysfishing Andy’s Fish Video EP.266

    October 19, 2019

    Hi everyone, Andy here. And I’m back in the jungle. It’s warming up and I haven’t been in for a long time. I will try to fish a spot where I caught my biggest Barramundi. I have camped the night and I think it’s just after 7am. Lets see if we can catch some Barramundi or Mangrove Jack. It can be hard to get down to the water. Keep looking and you will find a spot. I’m fishing with the Shakesphere 5pc travel rod and Sienna 1000 reel. Yes, oh, dropped him. Try again. I started fishing with a Lively Lure, but now, Ive gone to a Zman grub.
    I started fishing with a Lively Lure, but now, Ive gone to a Zman grub. With a weedless worm hook. It is very shallow and lots of weed, hard to see anything. This is my go to style of lure in this situation. It’s very shallow. It will be a bit tough today. Yes, I just got taken. Oh, yes. I will have to go over there. He has taken me a long way into that snag. It could be a Barramundi or Mangrove Jack. I didn’t quite expect that. I knew they would be here some place. It’s over knee deep in here. Lets see if we can find that fish, he is stuck now. Yep, he is still there. Where does the line come out… I’ll hand line him in. He is wrapped around everything. That’s one. Oh, he is still on there. Pass the rod under the tree. He is still going, still pulling. Under this one. Where from here? He as gone under everything! Ok, he is out. It is a nice Mangrove Jack. Right back under my feet. Into the snag. Rod under another tree. He is around my foot. Stick my hand in there. There he is, nice. Look at that Mangrove Jack. Wow look at that. He is almost 50cm long. No wonder he got me into the tree. Lets see. 51cm long even. Beautiful fish.
    51cm long even. Beautiful fish. A beautiful Mangrove Snapper. This is the biggest I have caught in the jungle at 51cm long. Hard going and low water, but an amazing fish. He is right to go, off you go. Beautiful. I’m just fishing this hole, and this is a natural disaster… The cane toad is a very bad pest here. I will now help the environment! Get them both out. Find some nice big rocks. To dispatch them. I was just fumbling around.. Dealing with the toads and… And there is a Barramundi sitting right there. You might see it, I can. Drop my lure in front of him. They haven’t been bitting hard today. Yep, got him! That is my kind of fishing. Ahh, love it, love it! Only a small fish, but sight cast, that is cool. So much fun. And a really golden colour too. That makes my day. The Jack was cool, but that was special. Look at the colour on this fish. Beautiful colours, look at that. He will be about 52cm long. They aren’t as heavy fish as a Jack or Snapper. But they grow very quick and fast. The Zman worked. Oh, hello, look at this fish. Release this fish very gently. Oh, no, I just scared the big fish. Damn!
    Oh, no, I just scared the big fish. Damn! I will fish here a bit longer now. I think he heard the other fish. Oh, here is another Jack! Right neat him. Caught him straight away, how good is this! Aww, no need to stop filming, cool. Nice, he is out. Lets see if the big Barra comes back. When I knelt down I scared the big Barra. We will fish here a bit longer, I like this spot. That is so cool, Sight cast Barramundi and Sight cast Mangrove Jack. The other Barramundi was huge, around 80cm long. For a spot this small, that is very good. Come on in, and another good fish. He is around the 50cm again. Look at that! He is about 47cm long. Tine to let Mr Jack go. Yep, no good bye, just gone. Wow that was cool, very cool. Here’s todays tip. The wind has come up and it’s a bit after lunch. It feels like the fish are not going to eat any more. When you think you should stop fishing… That’s the time to stop fishing. I have fished on many times and not caught anything. Time to go home.

    Cooking a Big Fish in My Village – Big Fish Kulambu – Trying to cook a 9 KG fish in a Single Piece
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    Cooking a Big Fish in My Village – Big Fish Kulambu – Trying to cook a 9 KG fish in a Single Piece

    October 6, 2019

    Bought a 9 KG bluefin trevally Removed the guts, etc. Washing the fish thoroughly and cutting the fins. Frying the spices without oil. Adding gingelly oil. Adding mustard seeds to the hot oil. Adding curry leaves. Adding chopped onions. Adding chopped tomatoes. Adding green chilies. Adding crystal salt. Adding grounded shallot mixed with grounded spices. Adding grounded coriander seeds. Adding red chili flakes. Adding ginger and garlic paste. Adding grounded mint and curry leaves Adding grounded pepper and sesame seeds. Adding water. Adding turmeric powder. Adding more water. Adding coriander leaves. As the fish was too big, we chopped them into two pieces. One big and one small. cook the fish for 10 minutes on each side. Thanks for watching.


    Groupers and Big Fish – Reef Life of the Andaman – Part 10

    September 27, 2019

    [Music] the Andaman Sea is home to a large variety of groupers smaller species such as this black tip grouper or the slightly larger long fin grouper look nervous when approached but show little effort to make an escape in comparison to many larger species one of the biggest bony fishes in our area is the brown marbled grouper individuals of over 1 metre in length are often observed at richly a rock [Music] [Applause] this disused and broken fish trap provides temporary protection for one particularly large individual [Music] the potato grouper or potato cod grows even larger encounters in the Enderman are a rarity but Silvertip Bank is home to one particularly tame and curious individual nicknamed Freddie when visiting divers feed sharks here Freddie invariably shows up to get a piece of the action [Music] the expectancy of food is undoubtedly his main motive for approaching divers but he does seem to enjoy contact with humans [Music] [Music] on a similar scale to the potato cod is the humphead wrasse the largest of all wrasses this species can grow up to 2 meters and as it matures it develops a protruding hump on its forehead this individual was seen at shark fin reef another speciality of shark fin reef and nearby Boulder City is the humphead parrotfish the protruding lump of bone on the forehead is used for head-butting rivals during combat [Music] the teeth are fused together into a parrot-like beak which is strong enough to bite through even the hardest corals [Music] several species of Barracuda inhabit the Andaman unlike other species the great barracuda prefers to stay alone or in loose associations with other individuals here at Silvertip Bank one or two great barracudas are commonly found around the mooring line [Music] the Barracuda possesses enormous speed and a razor-sharp set of teeth which makes it one of the reefs top level predators the barracuda preys on small fishes and on occasions shiny jewelry worn by divers has been mistaken as prey with unfortunate results for the diver this giant trevally is another very fast predator trevallies are often referred to as jacks unlike the great barracuda they prey on small fishes these are bluefin trevally ‘he’s thriving on the currents around the giant boulders at Rocky Point and these are young golden trevallies in the depths that reach lea rock back down on the reef we find the most common of the pufferfish family the black spotted puffer [Music]

    PREDATOR POND FISHING!!! | Feeding attempt
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    PREDATOR POND FISHING!!! | Feeding attempt

    September 21, 2019

    Okay, so the peacock bass have been here For about three weeks now I’ve actually taken you guys along for every step of the way from getting them adding them that’s happening to feed them Preparing the tank, etc. Everything that you guys seen is on this tank is the only thing I’ve done so far today I’m gonna try a new method of trying to get them to eat prepared foods but you’ve seen this before the saltwater aquarium with the black volatile lionfish or Volunteen how do you say that? I don’t know anyways, this guy is a wild caught fish He’s never had a feeder in my care. He is only ever had prepared foods even eats from my hands and I’ve had to try to convince him to eat certain foods doing certain different methods one was of course buying a little piece of shrimp To some sewing thread and dragging it through the water simulating some live prey it worked And I think you know where this video is going We’re probably gonna end up fishing in the 1200 gallon tank But I kind of want to feed some of my harder to eat fish first Which we’ve done before but those that don’t know, this is Bruce Did you just look at the camera what I said your name? Let’s try that again for those that don’t know. This is Bruce You’re such a disappointment ok ok ok you hungary little royian come get it little fella get it its right there its right on your head There’s he’s coming up to the gallery soon. I miss him. The Asian Arowana used to be the similar tough to get eating at time same with freshwater rays, but These guys at one point the guys remember buddy I had to at one point feed him with a sewing thread and pull it through the water as well These guys never really had much of a problem They’re really great eaters watch this I always got to feed a pound. Oh great This is always a pretty nerve-racking because they will jump out of the water. Try to eat it it on my hands Let’s try a bit of a handful at once Which the Rays go nuts Or at least one did you feel it hit there they go they could taste it in the water you know, no no no no a Little bit more This method of convincing your fish to eat prepared foods works use it on a multitude of fish Hi if he’s a shrimp Did some thread that you can’t see it’s there. I Know a lot of people out there eat each shrimp delicious Just want to make sure you’ve only tied it to the very tip of it here so it can easily be pulled off Oh, by the way The baby peacock bass are wild caught as well Originally when I got them the seller had mentioned like you’re gonna have to feed them live foods And I thought no I’ve got so many of them that they’re going to entice each other to eat whatever hits the aquarium’s water and that’s a real benefit to having multiples as the the Competitive nature will kick in we’re gonna give them a clump of some shrimp here. See what happens No problem You have to grow me trying to get some it’s over on the other side girl Oh get the bye sir down there Everybody’s out today Yeah, so they eat. No problem Everybody in here is still doing okay when I got them they had some really nice size to them really healthy So I’m not too worried about them not eating for a few weeks. It’s almost completely normal for them. Not to Again, not to too worried. I hope you guys can see under there, but it’s been three weeks. So I mean worst case scenario I’m going to have to feed them live foods. I’m not a huge fan of it I’ve explained twice why making specific videos about them just the risks associated with feeding life However, again, worst case scenario. I’ll have to pick up some feeders quarantine them got load them get them ready to actually be fed Yeah, but we’ll see what happens here. I’m pretty confident. I get them to eat I’m just gonna see if I can bring up a little fishing pole here just so I can get The food into the center of the tank, but it’s stretching over too much I have a good feeling about this check out my fishing pole All right here goes one two three Are they interested? Don’t see any coming Maybe I should turn the flow of the water off Kind of cheating through the water a little bit I’m gonna take the lids off over here Cast my net a little bit further or cast my fishing rod a little bit further where they go Over that corner now, all right Guys, please Might take a while I’m gonna shut off the flow of the water See they’re all over there do you see them? We’re all bunched up into the corner there. I do see a catfish underneath this wood, and he’s pretty big like really big I Wonder if he’s gonna come out You guys see him under there a beast yeah, they’re just all huddled over there probably little scared No response to it at all Did we get the catfish interested? Okay, so there goes the shrimp Catfish is underneath. Where’d he go? What’s under there? Oh there he intercedes tail. All right, so who chewed whiskers? Oh my god, no biggie god, oh He’s so big Look how big he is. I wonder what the other one is He’s in there somewhere We’ll get home How Biggie’s garden oh My god, he tastes it catfish have such good taste receptors. Those whiskers are for feeling and tasting. Oh He’s hungry, where’s the other one did you eat the other one? Is that why you’re so big? Come get it teach the bass to eat You can feel the movement see that It’s gotta be able to feel that movement there He’s getting a little excited He’s looking it’s over here, bro I’ll go throw it to you good He’s over there tasting the bass They’re not food they’re friends Circling all the other one. I think I see is whispers serious he’s in the corner when the glare is killing it, but I Think the other one is actually quite bigger Well, I think I’m gonna wait another week or so try a few more little things but They are getting kind of skinny It looks like I might have to transition them to two prepared foods with live foods We’ll see what happens. I’ve got a few more tricks up my sleeve. I’m gonna try But if you haven’t watched my video on feeding live foods, this is just you watch it Just you can get a full picture of where I’m coming from link is in the description. Oh you want Everybody getting shrimp, but you is that your problem you want some? Right into the gut oh, there you go you get it good stuff here Come on hook it up If I feed hook I gotta feed Frank and Francine Hey you lovebirds Frank. You want a big piece? You Brooke that’s eating uh something a little smaller Lady find you oh, man Silly girl. Hey go get it. Yeah, see I said sexy Frank. You still eatin that scene was good Here’s one some more of course you do Oh Francine, that’s way too big for you. Sorry. Okay. So that’s about as much as I could deal with the Peacock bass for today I’ve over the past couple weeks at pump the temperature or past week I bumped the temperature up did some water changes, etc these things will typically increase their metabolism make them hungrier, but IIIi think I’m just gonna have to resort to feeders Quarantine them properly gut load them and go from there I’ve tried worms as well worms did work and a few different types of insects just gonna have to use something that’s Got crafts their attention a little easier. I’m guessing Maybe they’re just eating off camera They want to be covered up and have some privacy while they eat or something like that. Maybe I have some self-conscious fish They feel like I’m fat shaming them when I like em, huh, who knows


    Big Fish (5/8) Movie CLIP – Time Stands Still (2003) HD

    September 14, 2019

    Ladies and gentlemans, boys and girls, thank you all for coming! Drive home safely, everyone! thank you for coming! It was on that night, Karl met his destiny. And I met mine, almost. They say when you meet the love of your life, time stops. and that’s true. What they don’t tell you, it’s that once time starts again… it moves extra fast to catch up.


    Fly fishing Tuna Whitsunday Islands Australia Andy’s Fish Video EP.279

    September 10, 2019

    Andy’s fishing Hi, every one Andy here today I’m going on
    some Tuna it’s reasonably early you can probably tell by the fog on the windows
    and the main reason is to get out there nice and early before it gets rough tuna
    feet all day there’s been a few around actually so head down to shute harbor and
    see if we can’t get a couple stay tuned so I’m all rigged up there’s no need to
    go too fast I’m just heading out of the bay and looking for bird, birds uh how
    you find tuna if they’re down low that means the Fisher need the surface and if
    the birds are up high the the Fisher down a bit deeper the birds can’t see
    them really well so they get up higher preferably I’d like to find a school
    that stays up for a while there’s no point just chasing birds you need fish
    to be like busting up on the surface yeah we’ll see how they go pretty
    excited I’d like I’d like to get a bluefin tuna
    I still have next you got a whole one of those I’ve dropped the couple and I’ve
    got half of one of the boat which was a shark a that one so plenty of Mack tuna
    but for no bluefin yet so here’s hoping what you don’t want to do is actually
    drive through the school you want to get in your position where they’re coming
    towards you or you drift beside them do not want to go through the school now
    they’re actually going this way so I’m just going to go here and stop if you
    drive through a tuna school obviously they get put down so don’t wreck it for other
    people don’t wreck it for yourself just going around them oh yeah coming
    straight up and out and that cast is good hopefully they staff a bit alright
    fly fishing to these things can be a real challenge hour behind me because
    you can’t just rip out 70 meter cast instantly you’ve got to do a few Falls
    cast get that line out there so I’m noticing the birds are constantly moving
    to the right here so I’m just going to try and get in front
    here we go me yep they constantly gallon gun right and I’m hoping the fish will
    come across me I might even just stop here it might
    work still a bit far away and I’m glad to
    come always watching the bird just getting ready yeah
    look at that nice nice one cast and the fish don’t seem to be staying up this
    morning that’s alright I’ll just keep persisting I can actually see them
    swimming around that yes buddy ah all saw that take oh yeah it’s just an
    accurate way but these things go hard Oh spare my 10th cast this morning and
    actually sorry made it oh oh I’m gonna put a bit more hurt on this guy he’s put
    it out five six kilo ah forgot what these things are like such strong fish and he still is staying
    with the skill still you need at least 200 meters of line on the back in here
    to get even even a 5 kilo Mack tuna how cool is that and I have a lot of time to make
    episodes at the moment so if I can come in here in a couple hours
    making up the side then I’m also at a lotta weight on that that line now pump
    and wine pumping line and try and get these guys in fairly quick because they
    do tend it just kill themselves a young they run so hard so long and they just
    build up like all their as you I just build up so much lactic acid that
    they’re young often you get them back to the boat they’re dead and they’re
    actually pretty bad eating it just full of blood and it actually tastes like a
    really bad steak nothing like a nice fish so hopefully later on if I can find
    another school I’m going to go for the the blue fin tuna here though they are
    they’re busting out right next to me look at that that’s a bluefin there
    that’s nice and that’s what happens you get your hookup to look up to one I just
    start feeding all around you can see swell straight ahead there as well when
    he’s doing up there’s one right there right next to the boat this guys doing
    cheering circles under the boat it’s probably about 30 meters down I haven’t
    seen a fly line yet there’s a flight line just enough line now see that the
    bend in that right and I do I really like these TFA’s
    they’ve probably got the second best warranty of any rod you can buy in
    Australia best one in my mind is uh Gavin Hurley’s stalker fly fishing range oh there he
    goes again hold on here do a video another time
    about what sort of fly gear I like to use and what’s the best value for money
    just too many value for money that’s what it’s all about and there’s actually not much I can do
    right this minute he is under the boat and just going down let me try and turn
    you turn your head I’m really getting some line on him now actually he’s not dead yet he’s still
    kicking but they do fight to the last little secondaries he’s swimming up
    towards me here and I tell you what having a fighting
    but a little bit bigger than just the end of a like a trout a rod is so good
    in these situations I’ve just been digging that right into my stomach and
    even with the fighting but it’s standeth get a little bit salt please
    you guys going just let done alright you okay fly rod I didn’t rod up in the lead a
    nap team I reckon I think you ready just watch any shocks all right good yes always about I’m gonna say that’s five
    kilos time maybe a tiny bit over five get that slant I’ll show you that in a
    second okay yeah imagine and as I said these are terrible eating so just going
    to throw him back you go give you a closer look very chrome looking mack tuna. off you go fish there yes it’s good to
    go so the fly I’m using is just a really basic little bait fish pattern
    a bit of craft yarn and a bit of sparkle flash and just thread to tie it off and
    it’s on a number to get magatsu SL 12 fishing 20-pound leader and just yeah 40
    and 20 so just just two sections on the humble eater pretty simple just got to
    get in front of them moving nice and fast all right yeah a little bit closer on
    the guy might go down yeah out and in there we go yes
    straight off top me off you go lost my fly yep
    just pushed him too hard that one okay here they are again let’s do it come on
    fishy see all around tuna fall on it I didn’t get it
    oh he’s looking looking cutting yes oh is it not going through guys and it’s
    still feeding oh look at this you lazy swimming around this is great hooked up and they’re just
    everywhere still nice you might need it real sit it’s a bit noisy there there’s
    a few more tips while I’m reeling this guy in it’s going to take a little while
    if you’re going to go after pelagics especially tuna and mackerel and
    billfish you want a large area like the school needs to be quite big not small
    like a trout reel and you want a couple hundred meters of backing I think I
    already mention that before you also want to reel with a young a good drag
    like a disc drag or yeah like a cork good cork drag cheat reels only have
    clickers you want to stay away from clickers you just you end up just lying
    down everywhere and getting tangled you don’t have to have the most expensive
    reel but it should have a reasonable drag on it here’s my not coming up this
    actually happens very often when you tuna fishing your line tangled and
    shoots up as a knot that’s actually a fairly simple one the I’ve had some
    really big big knots go go down my line it’s amazing how they end up going
    through all the guides I still haven’t broken a rod with it which is good but
    hey I’m gonna have to untie that before I get it in a little bit of slack there
    we go taking my slack this is where the second person on the
    boat would come in quite handy to be real careful of that break break my fly rod
    when he takes off hopefully it’s not too tight holding down the mouse is steady
    okay that’s untangled pretty easy yet all right keep tension on it make sure
    it’s not twisted and we’re back in the game I can see that into my flow on and
    there’s a little bit of color in the water that there is would really like a
    bluefin tuna but there’s a lot more of these Mac tuna around and bluefin tuna so you
    just have to get what you get I guess and I think we’ve got him straightaway
    that’s pretty good got it yes and I’m mocking around just
    get that hook out one little look at him and off you go fish you take photos of
    them you end up killing them so have someone either ready with a camera or
    we’ll have a camera going but yeah you don’t want to kill those things they’re
    food for Milan selfish and yeah terrible eating basically so this is the fly I’ve
    been using I actually cut the tail off because they’re on really small bait
    but that’s the one that’s doing it so yeah just really basic very easy to tie
    and now here very effective not even here do a little video on how to tie one
    of these the truth is I could really catch those things all day long but it’s
    kind of boring after that vertical come on say I’ll keep an eye out if
    there’s some bluefin tuna I’d really like a bluefin but the tip
    for the day is these fish you really need to approach them with we technique
    you can’t run straight over the top of them you you can’t use a big motor for
    strokes or small small two strokes work the Flies got to be just right
    and if you want to catch them on fly you definitely can just them can’t take a
    little more sometimes if you want to see more of my videos
    click one of the links you see up here or if you want to subscribe click the
    link here you’ll get my vit latest videos straight away if you want to
    contribute have a look at patreon down here you can donate any amount you want
    above three dollars isn’t taxed so harshly
    you can stop anytime you want and yeah that way you can support me and making
    bigger better and more interesting videos thanks for watching bye

    How is it like to buy Koi in Japan for your fish pond?
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    How is it like to buy Koi in Japan for your fish pond?

    August 29, 2019

    Hidden away in the mountains of a Japanese prefecture lies a small village called Yamakoshi When the autumn makes his entry.. Hundreds of people from all over the world travel to Japan to find that one specific potential champion Each of those treasure hunters are hoping to buy that one extraordinary Unique and one-of-a-kind, swimming juwels.. But finding and buying that one specific koi Isn’t quite easy. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the hardest of most excited things that belong to our hobby Sometimes it takes years before you see the difference in quality well, where should you pay attention to as a hobbyist.. And what is it like to buy a potential champion? I recently returned from my fifth Koi trip to Japan and this year I’ve learned more than ever before. In this movie I take you with me on a journey to the Land of the Rising Sun Japan.. But first we need to get to Japan Doing business in Japan is different than in the rest of the world Flying to Japan with a big bag of money and buying the best koi is not how to japanese breeders do business In fact, they attach a lot of value to a strong and long relationship One of the advantages associated with a good relationship is the hospitality of the breeders We start a first day at the Yagenji koi farm Located high in Yamakoshi Mountains where we are invited to join a two-year-old koi harvest Each breeder has his own mud ponds in the mountains Some larger breeders have more than hundreds of those ponds a mud pond is a natural pond full of minerals and natural nutrients for the koi By allowing the fish to swim in a mud pond during this summer. They grow big by natural way Well, the breeder is watching Dominique from Koi Zanmai has a privilege to help with this harvest One by one the breeder is bringing in their two-year-old Koi It’s quite dangerous because the edges of the mud pondare really slippery Yagenji counts the koi one by one to ensure that no fish was left behind From Yagenji to Torazo a quick ride through the mountains to get on time for the next harvest Torazzo is known for his very high quality, Kohaku His koi farm has been around for more than hundred years and he and his family has already won several big prizes Back at the greenhouse Torazo and his daughter Yuki Kawakami checks the quality and the length of the fish. This Kohaku is about 93 cm big No, I used here for breeding this spring.. The breeders moves the fish with the greatest possible care Winning the first prize on a Koi show is something special, owning that fish is even more special.. the best fish of the show gets the title Grand Champion a great honor for both the breeder and the owner.. Before we continue our journey.. I need to introduce you to my friends Part of this trip are John from the United States Johan and Dominic from Belgian All our professional hobbyists and especially John is looking for potential champion during this trip if you don’t know Johan and Dominic yet, please take a look at their Facebook page Koi Zanmai A champion koi excels in all parts not only in the body shape or size but also the skin quality Judging the skin quality is probably the hardest thing to judge on a koi Skinny quality is assessed on for example the depth of colors, balance, pattern and condition of the skin About 30 years ago his family developed the Matsunoske Sanke by breeding with among others the Magoi bloodline What makes this bloodline so special is the size of the koi but especially the breathtaking skin quality The first thing you notice about this bloodline is the thickness and volume of the Sumi As if a jar of black ink has fallen over and ended up on the fish by accident This bloodline is also known for showing her true face only at a later age At a younger age it is slightly softer in color and the sumi (black) is often not easily visible But after a few years you can see the real quality of the koi Carefully the breeder lifts the fish into the tank on the truck one more check to see is it air filled and after that everyone is ready to leave to the greenhouse.. Breeder doesn’t final check before he puts the koi into the greenhouses Back at Torazo John and I decide before we drive back to the hotel to see some more Koi John has quickly seen two Kohaku’s that he would like to see closer Both Kohaku’s are of very high-quality John tries to get as much information as possible from the breeder before he makes a decision.. I wish it was a little bit, you know bigger, but that’s very important. This is very important So if people see this do you think yes something you say? Okay, the beni (red) will open there? Things don’t open up. They’re gonna be the same, now as the fish grow.. it would appear a little bit better or it could even grow any.. I don’t think it’s gonna grow in He is already touching. Maybe he can actually You can actually do a little thing there. Yeah, but you have Sashi.. In front that is reaching in to this. So the Sashi is not too strong. This Sashi is stretched on here.. Skin quality of all those koi well, there’s your top top the great top the rest of the best So now you have a very balanced smaller koi yeah, right, but still he’s going to be big. Yeah, because but very balanced with Sashi no problem? Sashi? Yeah, no problem. Yeah, we make white stronger future. Yeah Their future this Sashi is the very sharp have little be sharp. Yeah. Yeah So no problem? Future no problem. It will be little bit more sharp.. Can you explain Sashi for the viewers? Sashi is the red scale covered with a white scale, yeah, so when every scale where it starts.. Where it stops it has the red right and then on the top it’s the white Yeah So if the red goes too deep maybe and bury the top of there on the white it’s the Sashi So you want one scale deep? Maybe one and a half. You don’t want to have it two- or three scales deep.. Potential come up and interfere with the sharpness, you know, and you want it to be even everywhere I like them both… They are nice, well the other one not seen but the pattern is very beautiful Proportion equal maybe not a big Koi, but still very even Maybe small-sized row Okay John decides to purchase both Koi What a great start of the day, the Ichiban or better called the number one harvest with Torazo The fish stays in the mud pond from may to October, during the warm summer months the fish grow the fastest in the mud pond. This summer, it was so hot and dry that some of the breeders had to empty there mud ponds already in September John is looking for specific Kohaku and calls in the breeders help If it turns out that after seeing the fish is not what is looking for we decide to go further to our next destination Our next stop is Choguro Koi Farm. We received a tip that some very high-quality Matsukawabake would swim around here Choguro is known for its platinum Ogon or also called Purachina The Matsukawabake is the scaly variant of the Kumonryu. Kumonryu are known as real magic balls, and are often called dragon fish Almost shiny like a diamond… Balanced very well.. Changes in sumi occur through the growth and aging of the fish, but also changes in water temperature and conditions. John also asked for the other matsukawabake so he can compare which of the 2 is good enough to buy Matsukawabake; but it is a GinRin Matsukawabake. Matsukawabake is a doitsu version of the Komonryu. So what you have is a whitefish with With the skin yeah black coming and changing it comes up and comes down It can have actually different patterns. So it’s like… ever-changing white skin Difficult to breed because that could be a very good fish and it could be all white. Yeah and all of a sudden you got a fish with all black.. These changes all the time as a matter of fact, she already got gray in the bowl.. Yeah, she was much brighter and it got already grey. So Matsukawabake change instantly So please, okay this one back. Put her back.. Yeah, okay John buys one of the two Matsukawabake and decide to look at another fish.. I have very hard water, right? What I’m predicting is over here is grey, right and.. on the eyes.. all Matsuba’s always have black in there eyes a little bit, right so under the eyes and here I’m expecting to be darker right now looks olive, like grey olives on there, which is very destructive the two sides have very destructive, you know not struck this disturbing, you know… But I think… That in my water will get realy dark black as well as the Matsuba part is gonna get darker. See right now.. It’s gray. I believe is gonna get darker black.. So when this is black.. Four years old, 67 cm good-sized. I predicted this gonna get darker.. ..and that the reason of everything is pure metallic the shine the metallic or a very very white Skin, and the metallic is really really shiny. So that will make a great contrast with darker scales This is gonna unfortunately get dark but I expecting this and that to get also darker and when he gets is that gonna be addressing? Look, she just cleaned her gills… That was inside Today is a special day. The number one harvest of Marudo koi farm an occasion where you only can be invited Thanks to my friends. Johan, Dominique and John I can be present as the special harvest Only the very best fish of the breeder swims in this pond Pay attention because in this pond also swims Grand Champion of the koi show later that week The Marudo Koi farm is a large farm with six full-time three part-time employees.. With five different establishments in Niigata, Marudo is one of the larger Koi Breeders in Japan.. It is a great experience to be here and I enjoy every single moment of it One Koi is even bigger than the other one, but overall they’re from very high quality The breeder makes a final count to ensure that all the fish have come out of the mud pond.. Back at the greenhouse the fish are quickly unloaded for measuring and the Associated inspections An event like this attracts a lot of people When we returned at the greenhouse, there were about 20 people waiting to see the new fish This Showa is one of my favorite Koi, the quality of the skin is excellent and the shape of the body is great.. We are Marudo’s second Koi house, we’re gonna see some three year old Kohaku.. This was actually very interesting it’s missing the spot, but I don’t care about that or the absence of the odome.. But I think this is a little bit more It doesn’t drive the same strong strong strong body, but there doesn’t carry the strength in the back To me this is till three quaters of the Koi very impressive. I Think she has a weak tail… But especially once she swimms, even upon when she was chasing her, this breaks too much here eventually that’s gonna develop strong and not gonna I like big Koi. That’s was the reason I think she has the potential to be very big She is a little nervous… beautiful beni (red).. Back; the back part of the body was a little stronger because If it was the same side, but the front was a little smaller then he would match right now There’s strong strong in the front and weaker in the back So, I don’t know She has a nice flow of the body… Judge select one special prize from adult fish and one price from young fish… The fish becomes a champion of his class.. After a number of voting rounds the grand champion has been announced. The Sanke of NND has emerged as the big winner. Buying or breeding the potential champion start with the selection of good parent animals We are at the Yagenji koi farm to select a number male koi.. When selecting the two-year-old male koi fish We focus on the quality of the skin the depth of the colors instead of the size and the pattern of the koi Together with the breeder John is selecting two bowls with male Koi.. Okay, okay This is good GinRin, Metallic, Doitsu and Kujaku.. This is for a friends that is a backyard breeder and it’s all my guess This one is female.. Male Good male. So when you’re selecting GinRin Showa.. What is the first thing to look at? GinRin! GinRin and the shiroji (white).. this one The GinRin is okay. That’s good.. But the beni (red) is amazing… So and the sumi (black) is really good too. unfortunately The GinRin is okay.. But the color is so bright in this one. So size and body shape doesn’t always necessarily means that.. you’re gonna get a good Koi.. Nice female GinRin very good… Beni is not the number 1 this is number one male.. So maybe you can explain the viewers how you select those Koi? Backyard breeding Right, so they wanted male Koi fish mostly How do you sex them? They are females and male except this one a male. And how do you do it? The way he’s running water through here, right, so if it’s smooth running I think that’s female but also the anus, yeah, if it’s soft en protruding its female if it’s hard and in goes in flat, thats a male. and then also, right now is not the right season but in a spring you will have like a.. ..brush here and this and that, so like for example this one I thought he was gonna be.. I love the body shape and also look at the the quality of the of the sumi (black) right? But whatever its up is there then it’s got plenty of black here. It’s got the the black here if Monteguru is starting Yeah, it’s not the greatest here, but it’s starting and both sides equal starting, and you see the shadow here. When you have Monteguru, if it was a little stronger you guarantee that this cannot walk here and here up. Than you got a.. ..nice line here that goes on the other side So you have a nice pattern here. You’re gonna be a little empty here and that’s a chance Because we need a little bit more so you got underlined here and here, but if the Monteguru comes with a little luck Then we’ll you will have something here. It doesn’t have to go all the way up But here you see black and it’s I don’t know if you can see the camera You can see a little bit underneath the scale also look at the mouth The problem is when you look at the mouth and it’s clean inside. It’s not so good for the sumi on the head.. See the breeding is all the GinRin, you have to have strong GinRin. So this is the gift for this one is the beni. So this one has the wildcard So I think this male they will pass good genes into the new generation Koi.. this is very good to Male to… strong strong and I want you to see that the Sumi is shining here right But it’s also shining on the white because if you were shining here and darker here and nothing here It wouldn’t that means it wouldn’t be so This one has totally female body and it’s most likely It’s female, sorry, it’s female.. Okay, so we have a mixture of female and male so for them to grow.. Being a tourist now looking at a different fish, I mean here’s some unique fishing here, so I’m looking out I’m looking to work in in one specific Specific fish that I like here. Tell me your tactics. Well wear him down. Yeah because we we go back, you know, so He starts over here and then I go down there and then he goes that you know, one second because we’re doing the line Oh Or both, male and female.. Okay We stopped at the Maruhiro Koi farm for some quick chats with the breeder Where we are there hundreds of new koi are coming back from the mud pond to the greenhouse We don’t have a lot of time because we have an appointment next at Torazo koi farm We are at the Torazo koi farm to select a number of male koi fish The breeder checks the sex on ce more and John is already looking for a potential fish to buy.. What is called koshi.. Right the right is in the middle Rather and then later around Out of the water, yeah Again the Kiwa is very important and also the body shape.. This is different beni as the Koshi. Then the beni is more red in the center and then more lighter it’s because The fish grew but the true beni is the center. remember that we had the yellow around? so the both high-class skin now there the white is a bit yellow because they are just back from the mud pond and the other thing is the sleeping stuff.. And that’s the reason that’s a little bit off the white now, it’s a pretty good fish! Each one has a strong body shape Don’t you see that bone structure you see that protruding up? Yeah. I mean it’s gonna put even more volume later on It’s gonna grow and it’s gonna carry their weight same thing here.. Bless you! Same thing here. Like a little like a mini U, and it carries it all the way up. That is it all the way back here. That is it That means that the fish still have gone larger and is gonna the bone structure has a bone structure for the height But when you have height then you can carry a larger volume We are invited to the annual auction event of the NND Koi Farm. A few days ago they won the highest prize at the Nagaoka Koi Show with a beautiful Sanke. One of the fish that will be sold is the sister of this grand champion that you saw earlier in this movie. While one of the breeders is making the final preparations, the dealers enter the event one by one. During the event, the dealers can buy various loose fish and even whole bowls full of Koi. The NND Koi Farm is known for its high quality Sanke and Shiro Utsuri. Thank you very much again for participating hope you a really good event together with us. And you find your fish and write your name and the fish number down.. And put in the slip and if there’s more than two people or three people The breeder explains once more what the rules are for this auction. In the meantime, John is busy selecting the fish he might want to buy. Take your pick, from poule B please. Let me see your hands You have many choices but Number two gets the first pick.. Understand. Yes Don’t you said number 2? Two in the box. How many in the box? 2? Skinny, but we’ll see. Yeah very good No, actually I picked up the AI Gromo. Thank you very much I made a boo-boo again. Bought another fish.. Beni is not good. It is excellent. Want you to see that quality because the waters dirty. And the bone structure is pretty strong, you know, right here is the bone structure on it. Yeah, you see it on the top I think he’s gonna pick it up for us so you can see it closely Really and totally two years old, by the way Nice arch in the body. Yeah, so strong. So, two years old exactly 18 months old Very good pattern for future when he fills up its gonna Rapping his dissent in the first and the second step. I think is gonna be a very good fish It wasn’t a cheap fish, but it’s a good fish What what helps me to hope for that? it’s the thickness of the beni the thicker the beni that more is gonna not allow the Black from the surface up so much right. Congratulations. Thank you It’s one of my last days in Japan Today we are to harvest from a breeder who has his mud ponds in Niigata prefecture But his Koi farm located in Tokyo The fish that swim here are 2 years old and have the predicate “Tategoi”. It means “unfinished future koi,” most of the breeders don’t sell there tategoi at this stage. A good friend of the breeder Conjiro is Torazo and likes to judge the fish with his own eyes. Even the breeder himself is very positive about the results this year After everything is cleaned up, the breeder is ready for his long journey back to Tokyo. I have one more stop before I finish my journey to Japan Every Friday the local Koi action take place. A busy event where it’s always fun to look around Local breeders and hobbyists can auction their fish here. Dealers who do not live in Japan cannot participate in this auction The fish are brought in and checked throughout the morning before they go floating auction house My trip for this year ends here. Buying a potential champion is a journey that starts at an early stage. Selecting a potential champion is a true art that is not reserved for many people. I I hope that this film gives a bit more insight into the selection process of a good fish. We will see how the fish will develop next year I have one more small surprise There will be another film shortly published after this movie and it contains a movie about the Koi Breeders in the south of Japan Thanks for watching please subscribe and share and like this video so I can make more videos like this in the future Thank you or as the Japanese people say arigato gozaimasu Special thanks to the breeders Johan and Dominic from Koi Zanmai and John from the United States

    10 Biggest Fish Catches In The World
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    10 Biggest Fish Catches In The World

    August 21, 2019

    Fakten schlechter präsentiert zehn größte Fische Fänge in der Welt Nummer eins Hummer 44 Pfund sechs Unzen der durchschnittliche erwachsene Hummer wiegt zwischen ein und zwei Pfund der größte Hummer jemals gefangen wurde im Februar 1977 in Nova Scotia Kanada es wog 44 Pfund sechs Unzen und es war über 44 Zoll lang die zweite größter Hummer wurde 2012 in gefangen
    Maine wog 27 Pfund der Fischer Wer es gefangen hat, tat es versehentlich als Sie versuchten, Garnelen zu fangen endete damit, es wieder in die Ozean Nummer zwei Forellenbarsch 22 Pfund 4 Unzen, wenn Sie ein Fischer sind in Nordamerika Sie wissen, dass das Finden eines Forellenbarsch ist der Fisch zu fangen und je größer desto besser im Jahr 1932 ein Mann genannter George Perry fing das größte Forellenbarsch wog es 22 Pfund vier Unzen im Juli 2009 dies Rekord wurde gefesselt, als ein Mann in Japan namens Manu Bou Corita fing einen der gleiche Größe nur um sicher zu sein, er war nicht Lügen wurde er einen Lügendetektortest gegeben und passierte Nummer drei Schwertfisch 1182 Pfund Im Mai 1953 wurde ein Mann namens Lu Marin Angeln im Norden Chiles und er fing ein Schwertfisch, der 1182 Pfund wog und war über hundert siebzig inches lange nach Berichten dauerte es zwei Stunden um diesen riesigen Fisch zu fangen ist es der schwerste Fisch, der jemals eingeholt wurde auf einer einfachen Angelrute hat er heute stellte den Fisch wieder her und montierte ihn International Game Fish Association Fischerei Hall of Fame Museum das ist eins wirklich große Fische haben diesen Tag Fischer auf der ganzen Welt hoffen nur, dass Sie können einen Schwertfisch Pappas groß einholen
    Nummer für Wels die Größe eines Grizzly Bär eine Gruppe von Fischern war in Nordthailand taumelten sie in der der größte Wels, der jemals gefangen wurde, ist auch der größte jemals gefangene Süßwasserfisch der Wels war 9 Fuß lang wog über sechshundertvierzig Pfund Berichten zufolge war der Wels der Größe eines durchschnittlichen Grizzlybären da diese Fischart gefährdet ist in der Gegend die Dorfbewohner und Fischer versuchte es am Leben zu halten, aber leider waren nicht erfolgreich Nummer fünf Stingray 770 Pfund a Britischer Mann namens Ian Welch war Angeln in den Gewässern von Thailand, als er gefangen ein Rekord-Rochen war es 7 Fuß lang und 7 Fuß breit und gewogen 770 Pfund, es war so groß, dass es 90 dauerte
    Minuten, um die Monster Fische in und zu rollen
    es zog ihn fast über Bord, wenn sie zog es an Bord, um es zu markieren entdeckte, dass es einen 10-Fuß-Stinger hatte und es war schwanger, nachdem Fotos gemacht wurden die Männer führten es ins Wasser zurück nahm insgesamt 13 Männer, um diesen Fisch zu bekommen auf dem Boot Nummer 6 Lachs 83,3 Pfund im Jahr 2012 eine Frau namens Deborah Wittman Perry war neu im Angeln und sie machte eine geführte Exkursion bei Good Hope cannery resorts in Kanada sie zog einen riesigen Lachs ein, der gewogen wurde 83,3 Pfund war es der größte Lachs in einem Jahrzehnt in dieser Region gefangen und es wurde der größte gefangene Lachs zu allen Zeiten nach dem International Game Fish Association Nachdem sie es aufgedreht hatte, entschied sie sich lass es in die wilde Nummer 7 Tintenfisch gehen
    1089 Pfund im Jahr 2008 ein Fischer in der Antarktische Gewässer haben versehentlich ein Tintenfisch das war 1089 Pfund und war 26 Füße lange nach dem Monster Tintenfisch war gefangene Wissenschaftler wollten es so studieren dass sie untersuchen könnten, wie es lebt heute ist es ausgestopft und montiert und Es ist auf dem Display im Tate Papa Tongarewa das ist Neuseelands National Museum es wird angenommen, dass die größter Tintenfisch, der jemals gefangen wurde Nummer 8 Pacific Blue Marlin 1656 Pfund Im Laufe der Jahre gab es reichlich Geschichten von Menschen, die sich in großen Mengen tummeln Pacific Blue Marlins im Jahr 1984 ein britischer Mann fischte in Kona Hawaii nach einem Fangstunde taumelte er 1656 Pfund Pacific Blue Marlin war es 17 Fuß lang dauerte es mehr als zwei Stunden für der Mann, um in diesen riesigen Fisch die Fisch, der der zweitgrößte war gefangen in Brasilien im Jahr 1992 von einem Mann namens Kevin Gardner seine Freundinh wog 1.400 Pfund Nummer neun großer weißer Hai über 4000 Pfund nach dem Kanadisches Hai-Forschungszentrum größter weißer Hai, der jemals war gefangen wurde 1988 in der Nähe von Prinz Edward Insel in Kanada der Mann, der die gefangen hat
    Fisch war David Mackendrick der Hai war über 4.000 Pfund und 20 Fuß lang in allgemeine weiße Haie in Gefangenschaft wachsen, um nur 10 Fuß lang zu sein, sind viele noch kleiner angesichts dieses Hais war doppelt so groß war es ziemlich toll Fang viele Leute denken, dass groß, weiß Haie diese Größe gibt es nur in der Filme, aber klar, das ist nicht wahr Nummer 10 groß Fang die Art von Fisch in Dieses Bild ist jedoch nicht bekannt verdient sicherlich einen Halt auf der 10 größte Fischfang der Welt massiver Fisch schien das nicht zu erschrecken Dorfbewohner, wie sie gesehen werden können den Fisch fangen, es ist nicht bekannt, wie sie erwartet, den Fisch auf diese Weise oder zu fangen
    was sie mit dem Fisch machen wollten Wenn sie es endlich geschafft haben, abonnieren Sie für mehr [Musik] du [Musik]