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    Micro Jigging Technique Slow Jigging Reef Fish Australia Andy’s Fishing Video EP.278
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    Micro Jigging Technique Slow Jigging Reef Fish Australia Andy’s Fishing Video EP.278

    January 18, 2020

    It’s Andys fishing Hi, everyone Andy here, I’m just heading out to try some of those micro jigs that I made it’s also going to be cool
    slow jigging the micro jigs I’m going to get a fish fairly slowly so whether it’s
    micro jigging or slow jigging in your call it but yeah going to try to find some reef
    edges drop offs and see what we can get it’s the first time I’ve tried it pretty
    excited and yeah brand-new jigs like I’ve never never used use these jigs
    before I actually made them so those people follow me on Instagram they would
    have seen that you’re not on Instagram follow me there you get to see what I’m
    up to before the videos come out so fingers crossed today as you can see I’m
    in about ten meters of water and just back on the ledge there there was a
    school of fish so we’ll try and target those so they’re in about seven meters
    of water so these are the three jigs I’ve got a slightly different style I might
    try the orange one first I don’t really have a favorite I’ll put a sort of a
    note here see what people reckon on Instagram like I put the message up on
    Instagram and people have said which ones I reckon I work so before I add it
    this video all I’m telling score and yeah give each one a bit of a score
    rating and then yeah at the end of the video hopefully we’ll see which one work
    best the real I’m using is the Sienna 2500
    that’s about 20 pound braid and yes silver sorry silstar Evo Graph rod
    you know this is the first one that’s gone down these these these are either
    sliding it or micro jigging the average weight of these is about 20, 25 grams so
    they’re quite small and you Albie I’ll be jigging quite slow first drop if
    you use this little before there we go get all the way to the bottom nice and
    quick what yep that’s a fish well I had first one on the micro jig is any tiny
    look at that there we go little Cod say one on the orange yeah a little bit
    surprised there because I’ve been doing it for a while haven’t got anything okay
    go see you buddy and like I said I’ve never done this before so I’m a little
    bit hesitant about explaining how I’m doing it because I’m just trying
    different things and seeing what works but the main thing is you get it down
    the bottom like that and then what I’m doing is just just really slowly just
    just working a couple of meters off the bottom oh that’s a good hit it’s only the next
    one after the Cod let’s go back down there again yeah I’m just
    yes going that’s a bit better that’s definitely better than the Cod tell you
    what took me a little while to figure out what sort of area should be going in
    and we have a coral trout look at that and a beautiful little fish I’ll just
    show them to you and it’s going back yeah
    beautiful little call trout mate they seem I love that orange I’m gonna get a
    couple more on the orange and then let’s see what other species off you go
    he’s good to go oh yes yeah that’s a good one Oh another Coral Trout, baby one
    but he’s really read that one look at that it’s not okay
    beautiful little fish look at the eyes red eyes let him go to get bite see
    yeah this is definitely working and all I’m doing is see that that slight bit of
    coming up off the bottom there that’s all I’m looking for just just some bait
    fish that’s all you need you don’t need big bait balls or anything like that and
    just it’s just a bit of Sholay ground here it’s not not even too much coral reef
    well do another drop here all that was a touch that was a touch go
    back down again yes got it oh that is a better fish that is
    always taking me oh I’ve got a bit waiting this one let’s see what we’ve
    got sweet lit fish, maybe another coral
    trout not oh nice Venus tusk fish nice nice
    never corner these oh maybe on bait yeah On bait I have, but not on lure or micr jig. what a beautiful out
    what a beautiful fish that’s a Venus tusk ever look at the markings on the
    front of his head we’ll let you go buddy I’ll tell you what fishing these micro
    jigs I can tell is going to be a fish lottery you’re just going to get all
    different species and my jig is like go that’s all right in and out of it and
    picture the side buddy off you go good to go
    well we’ve caught a bunch of fish on that one and it’s actually mine not that
    let go so we’ll just change colors and try again I think we got four fish on
    the orange one so now try the red one Coral Trout, coral trout, tusk fish and
    Cod so yeah not not a bad selection that will give this guy run and I did
    watch a bunch of videos and they don’t seem to do this little tap tap that I do
    but I can’t help myself we’ve got a little tap tap of them as I’m bringing
    it up so then if that’s helping or hurting but I’m just going to keep doing
    what works yes yeah that’s a little one please tell
    any day let’s have a look what we’ve got yep not a little Cod well here you go
    orange and red is fish the fish so far Cod, cod let’s see what the next species
    there you go guy time little guy yeah he’s good to go and straight back in the
    water so I was just fishing second ago and I thought I had the camera guy and
    turns out I didn’t so that red and white one just caught a Turrum about this
    bigger Gold spot trevally or Turum. so I have to add that to the tally of
    the red and white one silly me it was a recording yes that might have
    even been on the drop I think that was on the drop when we got home I’d Damselfish my Sergeant major that is he
    doesn’t have a mouth big enough to eat my hook that is that is wicked a little
    bit foul hooked but I reckon he had a go at it after you everybody oh wow look up yes oh that’s pretty cool
    oh I’m telling you these yes you’re just amazing that is a rest I’ll have to look
    up what sort of Wrasse that is but check out the colors in there Hey look at that
    that is just amazing and like yeah most of these species you never get on lures
    or even on fly rod playing go oh I’m going to read the little purple dots
    they’re a cool fish look at our eyes Wow. Scarlet Breasted Maori Wrasse. like a half you go buddy he’s good
    Aquarium fish won i won haha so I’ve caught a few fish on the
    other two now it’s the green or yellow and blue one little Fusilier color
    we’ll give that one a run so it’s going to be really hard to pick a winner out
    of all these but yeah this one runs that was a good tap Oh got him yes Oh totally different from
    other sort of fishing Oh another one of those little Oh little one this time so
    yellow blue still get you, Scarlet Breasted Maori Wrasse. I don’t know letting go okay off you go
    see ya yes oh yeah oh just got to the bottom
    and then when I when we got pretty small and another different fish yeah that’s
    some sort of some sort of parrotfish all yeah like to look that one up too it
    could be a juvenile Venus Tusk Fish for the mouth is a bit small yeah I’ve never
    cut my nose again as well either let’s just wicked the number of new species on
    this little jig yes straight away just touched the bottom
    a little bit more head shaking last one what do we got a bit of a card there we
    go why netting call it had to happen hey these guys are pretty common I’m
    surprised I didn’t get one before I want to on me hmm
    pretty little fish wait you go what you, Birdwire Cod or Honey comb Cod. get
    yep he’s good oh yes just as soon as it touches the
    bottom another Cod well I think all three of them work really well doesn’t
    matter what color it is I I reckon yeah her colors not that big a deal
    as long as you get it down near the bottom give a little twitch some of you
    don’t need to twitch sometimes just just on it straight away that’s pretty cool
    like I said never done this before oh oh other one we’re gonna have to go and try
    get a couple of bigger ones I think ease off yes that’s a bit a little bit better
    just changed the removing the electric to help me in this spot and I nice sweet
    lip very nice sweet lip he would almost be legal sighs look at that grassy
    Sweet lips fish out got me go nice little grassy sweet lip
    let him go off you go buddy he’s gone yes yeah twelve meters of water that’s
    pretty good your 13 meter let’s go straight back
    down that means blow off a bit for some
    problems straight away oh I’m not as big as the last one what have we got this
    time Stripey Fish, there we go we’re just getting the species today Spanish flag
    or Stripy very good nice a pretty little fish again there you go buddy these are
    related to Lutjanus family the mangrove Jack’s and snapper and
    fingermark fishes. yeah thank thank Oh quite as big but
    yeah still still a nice pretty fish off you go buddy yep oh yes Oh too bad it’s not huge
    again just just letting it sit there and then you just grab it leering another
    Cod I might try the orange one again because I’m getting a heap of Cod and
    other fish let’s see if color gets the trap gone because trout love stripeys
    yeah let him go so let’s change it to an orange one there you go we’ll put this
    this orange one on it’s it’s a fair bit bigger a little bit heavier and I made a
    mess of the painting but I don’t think it’s going to make a difference now give
    this guy run some quick arches on the sound of this right near the bottom yes amazing out how quickly the fish will
    jump on this Jig. well another wrasse beautiful look at
    the tile on that one look at that nice at ease fish such variety – like that. Yellow Dotted Maori Wrasse. hey you got a little buddy hey okay he’s good well the liberal yes
    like Oh lost him I don’t know if he broke something or just didn’t hang on
    to hard enough not go back again I felt like he maybe had the yeah the jig in
    his mouth that was a fairly good good hit that one, oh this is a good
    fish yep ah came off that was the best fish
    for the day so far okay were on the bottom that was a good
    one too yes that’s a decent fish oh all right going off the bottom, that’s it
    then I what do you got a bit of weight on could be Coral trout nice sweet lips fish. what oh my god yeah a nice sweetlip fish very nice sweetly if you look at that that is a
    definite legal sweet lip see no big ears settle down buddy I did pulling that a
    little bit green he is 35 centimeters so do that Hey yes buddy gosh yeah pull
    pull nice and hard that one just in the mouth it and you’ll be right you off you go yeah wow that’s good real good I’m going to finish the day on the red
    and white one I just lost the the orange one so I’ve got a bit of reef and I
    don’t think we’ve given the red one another run so I think we’ve given all
    them two runs this will be the red ones second run so yeah they’ve all caught
    fish some very interesting fish different different species to what I
    normally catch yeah it makes it funny so let’s see what this guy can do before we
    head home come on little red jig that’s where they
    made us deep here Oh straight away not a very big fish but as soon as it hit the
    bottom another Cod you go buddy okey good there
    you go let’s see what other fish you down there, is usually a whole bunch in the
    same spot nice move look at that look how cute he
    is that is a baby Coral Trout, and that’s on the
    orangey looking one again so it’s so tiny I let you go buddy
    have a look at this there’s a trout the palm of my hand
    laughs together buddy hey good oh yes what’s better fish oh yeah nice trap
    nice coral trout not legal size but a good fish nonetheless yeah yeah nice dark
    Coral trout he’s probably ah 30, 32 centimeters it
    needs to to grow a bit before you can get taken but I will throwing straight
    back and looks like the hoop on the sounder which let’s see if we can get a
    nice straightaway and yes oh yeah that’s a nice fish too
    oh I knew I could get another one just there’s a lot of fish on the sound of
    their and check this guy there’s another different species this is a Pink Eared
    Emperor I believe I don’t catch a lot of these but you can see that’s a Pink Eared
    Emperor there so okay just want to give you nice a good look at him
    probably and go but yeah I’m sure that’s a pink eared emperor off you guys oh yes I’ll just let that one drop back
    down oh you know me Oh another trout okay
    that orange is definitely the Coral Trout color look at that that is cool
    a mr. trout he’s actually I think he’s a bar cheeked coral trout because he’s got that big big thing there anyway why don’t you go okay tiny bit of blood then he’ll be
    fine I’ll forget yep he’s good oh good ear
    come on yes what are we got here another trap
    all right orange equals trout Wow that’s pretty cool let’s try it back
    down again if you want to see more of my videos
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    that way you can support me in making bigger better and more interesting
    videos thanks for watching bye

    Huge Hooksets for Prehistoric Fish – Fishing for Bowfin in Kingston Ontario
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    Huge Hooksets for Prehistoric Fish – Fishing for Bowfin in Kingston Ontario

    January 17, 2020

    …then let it go tight again. Wait until you feel your pole twitching. Now?
    No, until you feel it. Till you feel it. How’s it going, welcome back to another episode.
    Super excited, we’re actually down here with Luke from Limestone City Angler, another
    Kingstonian youtuber and Benny. I’m actually just about to go and meet them
    right now. We’re going for bowfin and we’ve got some cut bait we got some minnows we
    got something. We’ll hopefully catch something too. so I was showing him so without pulling
    your bait along the bottom you have to go like this you’ll be able to feel the
    stretch in there so you guys want to cast here you can. Oh yeah I got a bow
    fin on boys and girls oh he let go he let go, he let go We just had a big one on but I lost it. That might be weeds No, Oh yeah! Oh No it’s weeds. Oh, that had me excited dude Could they still bite right now? Luke he – Oh Luke’s got ’em? Oh yeah.OH YES!
    Hey boys! Come here! Come here! nice Luke Yes Is that a bowfin? Yeah! Nice one Luke. Hhahaha, Yep. and I got a shower. Yeah you did. They’re prehistoric. The oldest living fish in our waters are here very sharp teeth you
    can’t put your hand on their mouth. This is what we’ve been trying for all night
    is this kind of fish yeah. Actually, my last video I just posted is on how to catch these.
    Has a list of the materials in the bottom in the link and where I got my
    bait here in town … right off of Lake Ontario you could end up with a muskie channel cat it could be you know a monster drum – like
    the biggest you’ve ever seen Okay, that’s enough, tighten up. Just wait, just wait.
    Reel in, let it go tight again. let it go tight and wait until you feel your pole touch it until it touches. Don’t – just let it be. Now?
    Nope. Until you feel it. When you feel it. yep
    yep got another one boys Cool man this is what we’re here for man
    Oh pump oh man he’s pulling hard. Oh he’s coming towards me oh oh You got him Luke? Heyoooo! Thank you Luke! Oh No!
    I got him! We’re on again. Benny hookset it like it’s the last hookset you’re ever gonna do buddy. Ya walk down further so
    can give him a little slack then you can feel him tighten that line. He took it again? Oh he’s got him! Oh No!
    I felt the weeds at first. You know what happened? When that line went out and he felt the tightness he turned around and started swimming
    forward that’s what happened there. He came to you. Alright that was an awesome night on the water Benny got a fish, Luke got a fish, I
    missed a hook set but you gotta miss a hookset every once a while, that’s a huge spider on me. That’s gonna go outside okay now that we got rid of that
    hitchhiker it was a great night make sure you check out Limestone City Angler
    he really knows his stuff you can definitely tell by watching his videos
    he gets into the fish he shows ya how to do it too
    his link will be in the description below anyways smash that like button if you
    care to do so and be sure to subscribe catch you later

    Big Fish (1/8) Movie CLIP – The Witch’s Eye (2003) HD
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    Big Fish (1/8) Movie CLIP – The Witch’s Eye (2003) HD

    January 12, 2020

    Yet of all the witches in Alabama there was one who was said to be the most feared. For she had one glass eye, which was said to contain mystical powers. I heard if you looked right at it, you’ll see how you’re going to die That’s bull-S-H-I-T, that is. She’s not even a real witch. You’re so sure. Why don’t you go in and get that eye? I heard she keeps it in a box on her night table. Or… are you too scared? I’ll go in right now and get that eye. Then do it! Fine, I will! Fine, you do it! Fine, I’m doin’ it! Edward! Don’t! She’ll make soap out of you! That’s what she does… She makes soap out of people… Ma’am, my name’s Edward Bloom, and there’s folks that’d like to see your eye. You get the eye? I brought it. Let’s see it. I saw how I was gonna die.

    Cast Net Fishing | Catching Big Fish By Cast Net | Fishing with beautiful nature # 58
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    Cast Net Fishing | Catching Big Fish By Cast Net | Fishing with beautiful nature # 58

    December 24, 2019

    Yes, if you are ready went to a beautiful place As if he was hitting
    fishing cast net Look Look Look Fish Shoot Net Great Great Muhdi brother Yes Habeş Brother Hopefully the fish won’t go Friends freezing in water The water is cold even though I’m here I feel a lot of coldness Habeş brother what are you looking down You are looking for fish Yeah, here’s a nice big fish. great If you want to get out of the water our fish Open the net … I opened the net Yeah Muhdi brother are you waiting for an invitation is that so 🙂 … Fish hiding under the rocks
    i’m waiting for Yes, we count the small fish If I find out where she is(dişil) there is a fish on the bottom I think the fish has escaped yes we release the smallest Yes friends Habeş Brother Shoot now number 10 🙂 Jersey Number 10 james rodriguez Does the fish shoot
    Brother… I don’t feel the discharge exists Yes There is current I wish everything was like this if flat