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    Crypto Commandment #9: Risk Management | Ten Commandments of Crypto Trading by Caleb Wright
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    Crypto Commandment #9: Risk Management | Ten Commandments of Crypto Trading by Caleb Wright

    August 19, 2019

    Hello my friend, Caleb Wright here from Bitcoin
    Lifestyles Club, and in this video I’m going to teach you about the 9th commandment of
    crypto trading… Thou Shalt Exercise Proper Risk Management! So many new crypto traders get this one wrong,
    its not even funny. Its so fundamental to your survival in the
    markets, because only half the game is generating profits, the other half is preserving your
    capital. There is nothing worse than having all your
    capital locked up in ongoing trades, so you have nothing to work with if a great trading
    opportunity arises… So the first key to exercising proper risk
    management with your crypto trading, is to find the right position size to use for your
    overall trading budget. Many trader’s like to use around 3-5% of their
    total trading capital per trade. This gives you plenty of room for error and
    an ability to participate in more trading opportunities according to whatever trading
    gameplan you have developed. You want to avoid using too BIG of a position
    size, or going all in on one trade. This is usually a recipe for disaster, because
    you are not going to win every trade even if you are the best trader in the world. And its also going to lock up your capital,
    keeping you from being able to take advantage of any further trading opportunities until
    one of your trade positions comes back into profit. So pick a position size that is sensible for
    your situation, stick with it, and don’t FOMO into coins with overly large positions, no
    matter what you are seeing on the charts! The second key to exercising good risk management
    is to use a Stop Loss. Now you should ALWAYS use a stop loss with
    your trades, unless you are 1000% comfortable with holding for a long period of time…
    because you don’t know what is going to happen with the market, whether you are going to
    go right into profit, or into the red. Many traders like to set their stop loss to
    the maximum amount they are willing to lose on a trade, which is usually anywhere from
    5-20%.. Obviously the larger your stop loss margin,
    the more comfortable you should be with waiting for your coin to jump out of the red, if it
    goes there, and the more confidence you have in your directional bias. And that brings another point, that if you
    aren’t comfortable with your coin being in the red area above your stop loss on a trade,
    then you lack confidence in your analysis and the trading opportunity, meaning you shouldn’t
    be in the trade in the first place. That’s something important to recognize! If you can exercise good risk management by
    having a strategy for your use of position size that fits your situation and by using
    a stop loss to mitigate loss on your shorter term trades, you will be well on your way
    to long term success and profitability as a trader… Trading the crypto markets should not be looked
    at as a sprint or a race to ‘get rich quick’. If you have a get rich quick mindset, you
    should get rid of it as fast as possible, because it’s not going to serve you well in
    the crypto markets, where patience and timing are key. True success with the crypto markets or any
    financial market for that matter is more comparable to a marathon. You take it slowly but surely, exercising
    the proper risk management precautions, so that as you build upon your capital and overall
    wealth, you are also preserving your capital by mitigating loss whenever you can. This is the mindset of a successful and WINNING
    cryptocurrency trader, that is able to not only survive the crypto markets, but thrive
    and be profitable for the long term. And if you follow the principles in this training,
    you will be well on your way to becoming the winning crypto trader you are meant to be…. Caleb Wright here from Bitcoin Lifestyles
    Club, and I hope you got massive value out of today’s 9th Commandment of Crypto Trading
    training and feeling inspired to take your skills to the next level. Watch out for the last segment of the 10 Commandments
    of Crypto Trading, that I have put together just for YOU. Where I’m going to give you the last very
    important piece of advice in this video series, that will help you avoid the costly mistakes
    made by so many unsuspecting crypto noobs who part with their crypto due to bad choices
    made with a get rich quick mindset. And by the way, if you want to fast track
    your way to mastering the crypto markets by developing your skills as a trader, you should
    check out the powerful crypto trading education and mastermind community of WINNING crypto
    traders available on the Bitcoin Lifestyles Club platform that we have put together to
    help you maximise your potential with crypto! Just click the link below this video for more
    information, and start accelerating on your path to crypto wealth and start living a financially
    free lifestyle starting today…

    Verge XVG Coin Analysis πŸ€™πŸ’―XVG $0.06 | BK Crypto Prediction | Best Altcoin Trading Tutorial 2018
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    Verge XVG Coin Analysis πŸ€™πŸ’―XVG $0.06 | BK Crypto Prediction | Best Altcoin Trading Tutorial 2018

    August 16, 2019

    BOSSOFBITCOIN.COM Laughs from the USA helping you get paid every day This is the ghosts of Bitcoin the creased off crypto is your boy BK And if you’re like me you must not like money, thank you for joining me everybody today is February 20th and as we can see Bitcoin is taking up all the money in the market right now Sitting north at eleven thousand dollars as we can see the alt coins are weakening by the day and that is Exactly why I wanted to jump on the air and report this market action to you guys I don’t often like to be the bearer of bad news But somebody’s got to do it I click through all these YouTube videos. They didn’t see nobody speaking about this Correction about to happen to the altcoin so I decided to take it upon myself and empower you guys With a bit a little bit of knowledge and insight into the crypto markets and the charts. There’s your first time tuning in Congratulations, baby. You are now rocking with the best my name is BK You know me as the crypto trader and the boasts of these charts as you will soon find out Every day I grace this microphone with my voice is another day you get the profit as a result today is no exception So go ahead Smash that subscribe button hit that thumbs up button turn your notifications on I’m giving away money to the people Every time I speak into this microphone 23,000 strong and growing every day You know I’m saying if you want to support the community patreon calm at BK crypto trader and boss of Bitcoin calm as well for your crypto trading resources Let’s get somebody paid we’re going into the number one Bitcoin group in the world Had a contest going earlier to share a post. What’s the day two? to zero We go go with four from big Nick for up one two three King Wayne BAM You are the winner of the day I can’t comment on this post big King but shoot me your bitcoin wallet And I will send you a couple bucks and BTC as a token of my appreciation I haven’t seen your face before look like you shining driving to work on a Monday morning. I appreciate the support brother You know any way I could be a service to you guys I try to do it if giving away some money out of my pocket. I make it a cup You know I give away a couple hundred dollars every month you know just to pay it forward and bring people over to the blockchain because I think this is the best chance we have as a people To empower ourselves and change this position it is juxtaposition that we have Within humanity right so here we go Number one Bitcoin group in the world come on in the doors are always open twenty Thousand community members coming together to keep each other empowered and improv it in the marketplace And as we can see you Know if you understand the boss myth that we do fractal harmonics This is this is the the key right here seven and 7703 forty-three It’s only sixteen comments on this post that means it’s not that many options out there Which is another reason? Why I feel like this is the calm before the storm? When you’re struggling to find a safe haven to put your Bitcoin into to accumulate more Bitcoin then Indeed we’re in a flex point in the market, right? And I did do an a video on aetherium not too long ago I think that was like yesterday or something where I said aetherium top will fall to 0.085 BTC So I’m actually gonna do an update to this one right now Right so I said aetherium will fall 0.085 boom boom We hit that and we kept going So now I did not think we were gonna break that line. We really needed to stay in that zone Right, but now that we fail That’s fine. I’m just gonna go in and use that point o85 as a floor and You know this will be our update chart for today. I’ll make one on a oh me see guys They don’t music. Oh not too long ago, but I’ll do a chart on a Mesa go for tomorrow, but I’ll do this Aetherium chart now. It’s like our chart of the day Again my screen name on trade and view is BD Kelly 1203 Follow me on there. I do charts. You know a couple days a week I am also on steam it as well at BK crypto trader And I actually just released a chart for the steam it community Yesterday, which is steam it exclusive release, you know talking about LTC to the BTC So if you want to jump in on that one you can peep some of that knowledge as well right so if you don’t know Now you know this is the boss method is patented intellectual property on exclusively for the rights and Replications a Brandon Kelley LLC if you’re a profit-seeking entity you may not will not ever use it without my express written consent Or else I’m a you know Use some of this crypto money to put my lawyer to work So I don’t want to do that don’t make me do it but you know I Protect what’s valuable and this knowledge is valuable and that’s why I give it to the people for free if you’re a person It’s my gift to you. It works quite well There are two simple rules. We just follow Really, we all we need to do is follow two intersections right to seven which is that white line and the 77? Which is that blue line the 231 kind of gives us the long term money inside a chart, but all we got to do is Know when not seven goes above that 77 just like a deer right there It’s time to get paid right so that’s what we follow when the white goes above you Buy when a white boat goes below? It’s got to go, right? buy it Sell it right and if we would have did that just that easy this is Virg We would have made 2,000 percent in 20 days that’s not too bad, right? You notice right now. We actually have another buy signal on Virg even though. We’re underwater by underwater I mean we’re under The 231 but technically this is a buy down here It still could have made 5% in four days on Bitcoin. That’s not too bad given given the market right

    The FUTURE is NOW πŸŒŽπŸ“‘ Bitcoin Price 7000 Cryptocurrency News New Technology 2017 Blockchain Fintech
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    The FUTURE is NOW πŸŒŽπŸ“‘ Bitcoin Price 7000 Cryptocurrency News New Technology 2017 Blockchain Fintech

    August 16, 2019

    THE BOSS OF BITCOIN! Hello hello you guys should be able to hear me okay? What’s going on, Alexis Shelley? Daddy big crypt up. What up. What up? Not much, man, it’s been running around all day Chong the earth I don’t even know what that means What’s up everybody boss lady all right all right now Boss lady in the building Not much guys just uh Setting up everything let me go ahead and share this video to my people in the Facebook group Go ahead and do that right fast Duh there you go bitcoin gasps oh, yeah, that was probably from the fork Yeah bitcoin carried you might want to hold it now the thing is is more valuable every day Yeah, well I mean everything’s gonna fool that probably next day or so Just to get the market a chance to recover. I mean you know you look at the run Bitcoin that last weekend Pretty crazy so you can expect like a day or two just to come back Come back and uh You know before I can keep going up I Let’s see here All right, let’s uh, we’ve got this done. It’s good. It’s all you need right and Bamm-bamm okay, good make sure you like button if you haven’t done it already um We will be doing our question of the day at the end that are called today 77 people watching live on the air 16 thumbs up hit that thumbs up guys it does help me out With the ranking let’s see here, I’ll give you Um let’s do three minutes so 825 if you get 75 lights For 825 I’ll do two winners and give somebody on before the video pick two winners today So that’s a chance 83 people watching y’all can do it 85 people watching It could happen it could happen Look That’s pretty funny Hey Let’s jump on one chart. I guess I can do that while we’re waiting Somebody want to look at bird, so let’s do that real quick What’s going on some merged concepts in the building xbg We got plenty of time to talk about the fork and the all coins and all that So I’m not gonna be doing that on this call As long as we stay This is just a nice catch, right I was looking at this chart all day today because I got a lot of this I made a lot of money on Bert brought It back down here somewhere um But it’s not broken you guys even though. This is a quick ok Let’s look at the 343 bring above orange buy right um That’s it that’s really all you need to know It’s all you still got a buy on it, it’s not broken the greens going above the orange, right? You’re getting higher lows So you had a low right there a low right there, you can draw a Fibonacci from the two of them Probably figure out where you’re at in this cycle, or where to look to buy it, right? So you got strong support? Right there Which is the top of that fractal line right there? So if anything if this thing goes all the way down to 105 I will be looking to dump a bunch more money in because you’re gonna get at least one bounce Before it did something like that, but I doubt it even goes that low Remember you buy on the down, and you sell on the up so this is actually a buying opportunity given That huge run that it had it’s not done You can even lose something like this right from the top of that green the bottom of that orange throw it back There you go Break down break out so all we’re doing is we’re coming down to The one point two right now. That’s it Litecoin is is not a good coin LifePoint is a about like when will ever break out getting beyond Like this is just it’s not a good coin That this thing you got a better chance of Buying etherion classic and hoping for theory aetherium classic and like mine are basically in the same boat as far as I’m concerned It’s a lot of other places you can look to make money like This thing is catching on the 786, maybe it’ll hold I’m not holding my breath You shouldn’t be looking to buy it until it’s inside that money zone. They don’t look like is. They’ll be there any time soon, so It’s just a honestly. It’s just a garbage coin right now There’s a lot of other coins that’s better than this There you go cool Let’s go ahead and get started hundred in three people Watching live on the air make sure you hit that thumbs up button guys if you haven’t done it already that’s what it looks like just clicking clicking one time I Appreciate it. Also everybody. I do a post all of these videos. I categorize in different playlists for you This one will be going into November 2017 some some of the best videos not only from me But from other channels as well. I put in that playlist and You know so you got that as well so here you go. Let’s go ahead. Oh in a crypt appleís video Trip topless playlist crypto mountains BAM Appreciate it everybody. Let’s get started Ah man, I just killed oh man oh Boy I had all these windows and tabs okay hold on My bad. I just closed my google chrome that had like my whole thing in it I Reopen Oh Hold on one second I Had like my whole Where’s recently close that I Like my whole you know talk on a Google chrome chrome ctrl shift key And then work back All right Okay cool sorry about that We’re back, and we’re back Let’s go y’all ready, I’m ready already. Oh there. What oh? So I got to Go It’s so frustrating There we go sorry about that Let’s go Live from the USA hoping you get paid every day This is the boats a Bitcoin the crystal of crypto is your boy BK And if you’re like me you must not like money is November 6 you guys and as you already know the market is pulling back a little bit, but don’t fear the boy BK is here with some insights and guidance And hopefully it a little bit of crypto knowledge to keep you profitable and prominent in the market place This is your first time tuning in congratulations, baby. You are now rocking with the best. My name is BK my friends Call me the crypto trader, and I am the boasts of these charts as you will soon find out every day I graced this microphone with my voice is another day You get the profit as a result so stay tuned everybody we’re doing our question of the day live on the air at the end Of this video uh and that will be your chance to win some cash money Compliments of the boats so with that being said we’re gonna jump straight into it and introduce ourselves To civilization civilization 2.0 Crypt Dominus where to market cap is Well north of a 1 trillion Bliss you know where all everybody that bought Bitcoin and theorem back in tools to 2017 we just bought the whole building, you know I’m saying and this is our little playground right here Whatever we want we got in that little building right there That’s pretty cool But uh, yeah We are reaching a new day and age everybody. I don’t know if you realize it or not I think you do by listening to these words. I think you know we have an enlightened Group and an informed community, and I’m very fortunate To have such an amazing audience you know And I think everybody does realize that this is indeed a turning point in our Civilization, this is a pivot in our existence For better or for worse it’s happening and It’s with that That creates the opportunity For us to learn what’s happening for us to be aware of what’s happening for us to be Cognizant of the different influences and the different variables in the equation so we can make a better informed Decision as to where we want to place our resources You always have a choice you Always have the power to choose what you wish to do And just by listening to these words right now. You are choosing the path of being informed being empowered and Hopefully this will yield you bountiful fruits of Financial harvest well down the road Today’s video is gonna. Be really talking about how does this new civilization get built? Who are the major players? That are coming in behind the scenes to rebuild Civilization from the inside out or so how can you profit from it? From what’s taking place on the blockchain? so That being said I do have a few pages that we’ll be looking at Anybody can do this you can do this right now? I don’t recommend it because then you won’t be able to listen to me anymore But you know once we get done talking you could go on you know right now Type in city of the future one of the things I like to do I like to click on news Right over there because this kind of just throws like the most populated articles Right this is within the past couple days, and I thought this was interesting This is I heard about this already, but this is an article Talking about Toronto where they want to build almost like a test City if anybody you know knows how these private semi-private Civil engineering projects happen this is one of them where basically a private entity builds out the infrastructure of a Communal place they actually have something like this here in Atlanta right here at a Atlantic Station I believe right there all seventeen to Midtown To where it’s private land you wouldn’t know it you would just be walking around just fine. You know hunky-dory going shopping You don’t even know it’s private land. Everything is you know? designed to be a system right and That’s what they’re building out right now When you walk down the street Right one of the things I like to do when I travel is you know going to Chicago, New York, San Francisco LA Miami Brazil you know is just look at the city start to understand that it’s a system, right understand that the water Doesn’t just sit there and allow people to walk on it That was actually designed that the sewers were designed that the sinks were designed that the lights were designed understand that we are Essentially a part of a system right and so therefore we can understand the variables we can understand the builders We can understand the logic that you and we can better put ourselves in a situation to be Better off in the future, so this is just one quick article that Google is doing this is another one This is the one I actually wanted to talk with you guys about This is boards a little a couple years ago a couple years removed, but I think it’s still relevant Where they talk about cities are the future? What do they look like how do we build them? Notice that is a proactive Communal initiative whether you agree to it or not, it’s already happening So you might as well Make some money as a result. You know they’ll sit back and pout say I don’t want this to happen understand It is happening and better better better than that understand how you can make some money You know now that we know what direction. We’re all headed right and what’s their impact right? So this is what they call smart cities future cities more or less the next step of smart phones Everybody you know put it this way more people Have a smartphone than people That have electricity believe it or not That’s pretty crazy, but More people have access to a smart phone. I’ll say that then people that have access to electricity so essentially this is already in In place right and again. I’m not here to say it’s good. I’m not here to say it’s bad I’m not here to show anybody’s whatsoever all I all you know my sincerest effort is to try to help you guys Understand the transition, that’s taken place in particular how these different industries are coming together and then loop it back into the blockchain and What’s happening right now every day what we see on the charts right so this is just a quick blip of? What this guy put together? Let’s go back to that article just to pull some? qualitative content out of there Notice they already say National Resources Defense Council more or less resources right corn gold oil water land resources Right so already there. They’re clustering communal Terminology together To basically say this is this is already in motion you guys and this is a national initiative between now and the year 2050 right so they have a 50-year plan 30 year plan and works right now Data-driven right that’s a big one Data-driven, what does that mean data-driven as far as I know it to mean is autonomous. It’s basically What the blockchain does better than any other protocol or process ever preceding it? It works right and That’s the simplest way to say it when they say data-driven. They just want to say it works. It works fast It works better, and we don’t have to worry about it They use all these different Quant correlations to more or less build out their existing entities their existing businesses notice This is for occult right Oracle is a huge huge huge huge multi national conglomerate business That’s kind of like one of the backbones of you know a lot of corporate computer software Programs and technology nobody even knows you know what they really do anymore But they’re so big and so old that you know there’s still relevant here in 2014 But essentially what data-driven means to them is how do we make Oracle this company that was founded in? 1948 you know if we look up what I don’t want to I don’t want get distracted But you know they really don’t produce any any strong value anymore. They’re just embedded in all these huge huge huge multinational software protocols So how do we make this company? How do we bring them up to speed well we gotta make them data-driven? We got it? We got a you know what some other tag. Where is you go seeing this thing a student? inspired basically hire Auto broke kids that are a hundred thousand dollars in debt give them about 80 to 120 thousand dollars a year and Have them come work for us. That’s what that means Rocket-powered factor they he was a naughty little buzz words that you know everybody at Ford’s like the read This is what gets them excited like them old dings in the boardroom get hard-on when they see articles like this Yes student inspired stem science technology engineering math yes Right or a call Academy. I can’t even tell you what Oracle does anymore But more than likely them about two or three companies that are doing something so that’s how they’re still relevant Because that’s how these things work, so I’m getting a little bit off topic let’s bring it back essentially Everything is all divided up. Everything is already in process, and this is our civilization as we know it a high-level Diagram of it and this is the civilization that will be recreated where everyone is basically You know little walking beacons connected to one centralized grid of connectivity right your phone talks to the the Internet tower talks to your TV talks to your apartment talks to your alarm clock talks to your refrigerator talks to your car talks to your wallet talks to you know the farmer making ethanol and all this other stuff, right This is what they call smart infrastructure smart civilization basically where where privacy is more Or less mitigated and transparency at least one way transparency. They can look in but we can’t look out One way transparency is completely coherent So that’s their smart world of design right now. How does all of that? Correlate into what’s happening right now. Well as you can see? We have to date 1265 crypto currencies and Once you actually start to get inside them and actually understand You know this is just one of them I just happen to scroll down and saw it and it jumped out but once you Understand that especially the big ones I would say almost every coin in the top 50 And this is number 50, so we’ll cut it off on this one is being built for a specific purpose And That purpose will ultimately contribute To this purpose right and so now let’s look at what this one does black chain plus RFID equals value Internet of Things remember Internet of Things one central node Many many different little pieces Your smartphone is a little piece the taxi is a little piece The grocery store is a little piece, and these guys are essentially looking at making RFID chips, which will be integrated and hardwired into Our Industry and our infrastructure right and this is happening right now, right? This is not you know something some idea that they’re you know Hoping the give get money for they didn’t even need an IC o—- they already had money right they were already funded they just popped up And and you can look on their project plan to understand how this is actually being built out And who are the other big players and partners that are helping them build it. This is why I say this is happening right now So what we can do in the crypto bers is? understand that start to a a Fragment and segment these different industries just the same as bloomberg us so when we say Bloomberg Industry or know let’s say sector analysis Right So Bloomberg has this thing called you know sectors And this is where they basically divide up the entire stock market into about eight different Clusters right information technology for example you click on that you’ll probably see another big big big you know categorization so you can see out of eight Categories now we got information technology, but even inside this we still got what 74 companies, right? Semiconductors, let’s see if we even know recognize any of the names on this screen probably not IT now we’re at First Solar Okay, First Solar six point four billion dollar market cap right. Okay cool So that’s semiconductors so First Solar f SLR is similar to let’s say power ledger on The blockchain and you can see over time as we start to categorize and you know Identify these different sectors we can essentially understand how this whole Civilization is being built out between these twelve hundred and sixty five different crypto currencies, right? And that’s our opportunity. That’s really what I wanted to take the chance to identify with you guys today As that is an initiative that I’m undertaking and inside the text next twelve months I do have plan to have this thing pinned down and I do plan to Understand exactly how this money is moving where it’s moving why it’s moving and how we can profit from it But until then you know I got to look at this list one off one at a time just to get an idea But just know it’s well in the works and so much that uh Just earlier this week your boy released the beta of You know the first of many iterations In this whole saga is called crypto police report is 25 dollars, and it basically gives you a high-level overview Of what we just talked about of uh? You know where these different sectors are coming in and more so Where you should put your money on the blockchain to profit from it right, I told you guys that we are Building a new civilization right they could throw it in one icon And you know make you pay ten thousand dollars a month and give it to all their rich banker friends on Wall Street for free over at goldman sachs team Schwab Ameritrade, and you know Citigroup, but we don’t got that so you got me and imma do a theme right I sat in it I sat in the UH Same same conference room a lot of these a lot of these people I was on the same Conference calls a lot of these people was on you know so I know what they look for And I’m looking for it right now, and I’m identifying it. I’m associating it Relative to the marketplace, and you know as far as I know nobody else is doing this. I think honestly I think it’s one person that has the inside and wherewithal on YouTube to be able to do this, and he’s not doing it right now So until then I’m doing it And I think it’s a great opportunity for you guys not only to get informed but to also get empowered You know this is this is one of the things that we did talk about at the University of Notre Dame was really identifying and understanding How business is built right and and behind the scenes you have all these little bitty pieces? Right and nobody really sees how blackcoin may be connected to Energy coin right, but then once you scale it out and you say well You know black coins is offspring care and energy coin is smart lighting and you know together They’re both under laid by the Oracle platform, which you know has its headquarters in Taiwan But that’s being financed by You know you see you start to build these bridges and understand exactly the correlations and connections between an entire industrial grid a new civilization is being rebuilt right in front of our very eyes and over the next 12 months it will be my due diligence to pinpoint the value and understand how that’s happening more, so how we all can profit from it as a result and There in lies the Opportunity so crypt a police report you guys. I’m pretty proud of this thing It was an amazing collaboration between myself and the mods in our Facebook group. If you don’t know now you know you are Officially a part of history. This is the number one Bitcoin group in the world Typing in on Facebook as mazurkin Buttered I’m sure he know about you know flag about three of my accounts already asking for twelve different photo IDs But it’s called number one Bitcoin group in the world BAM there go come on in the doors are always open Fourteen thousand of my best friends come together seven days a week to help each other make some money You know I’m in this thing almost every day you guys I make it making my due diligence to jump in here And you know this guy was pretty funny right there that made me laugh earlier. Um you know just to keep it positive you know I think I think as people continue to make money that is my goal make as many people as much money as Possible point blank P. You don’t have to pay me one done you gotta pay $9.99 for udemy course I don’t even ask for no money on Parthenon I just say come on in the doors are always open Once you get on put somebody else on each one reach one reach one teach one The less people we got broken desperate the less desperate and broke everybody got to be all together Right, and this is a very easy way to make some real-deal money guys But it takes the knowledge and the insight to really Take two steps back look behind the curtain and see who the major players are what they plan on doing Where they plan on doing it? What what tokens and currencies and cryptos they plan on using and I’m pretty sure I just gave you a fairly good idea Inside of about eighteen and a half minutes of how that’s gonna shake out You know at least as far as the next two or three years is concerned And again boss of Bitcoin calm right this is our question of the day, but before we do that I’m gonna jump over into our chat To see who we got rockin out live on the air with the boss right now shout to country I don’t want to see a kaleidoscope of nations you guys I’m gonna give you about 13 seconds let’s see if we had any question. Oh man auto fix it boss Smith it Thank you for sharing you met with it. Thank you again. I’ve seen you a few times in chat room. Thank you for your support I Do appreciate you know you guys just coming on we are We were on the chat earlier Just doing charts a lot of people you know through I’m not rocking with the best things being what you do Thank you. You know I appreciate you. Thank you guys. I’m real quick one of the ICL’s I am excited about I think that was one of the things I was going to ask you guys earlier but in – comm I think Today is it open today or tomorrow. Let’s see, let’s see, let’s see one day Pre. I see El token distribution starts BAM So if you ain’t registered yet, let me uh i’ma do this in the chat right now I’m going to a copy and paste the link to go ahead and Get set up over there um again. This was the group I was out in Poland for about a week with an amazing amazing team Awesome energy awesome city. I really can’t say enough about it. I don’t want to say too much Because I would get tired of me, but it was legit It was legit, and I’m actually going to be putting some of my hard-earned money in this, ICO Tomorrow so I probably make a video I mean, that’s just so everybody can see how that comes together, so let’s see yeah Um if you’re in the chat we’re yeah well Yeah, so yeah shouts country out people. Let’s go ahead and wrap this thing on up Also Yeah, let’s do that Oh Badger state Michelle eHome down for already white number 9 in the nation on Wisconsin Jersey Australia, Australia, Denmark Poland, Australia and down under three times Early polling was going on. I don’t counted a Cuba, Toronto, Jersey, Texas uh Mel born LA USA Portland is that LA West Coast are LA Louisiana? I think is the west coast Senate cruise Surfs up paint can for me out there NYC Brazil, Phoenix, Utah Massachusetts Canada Southern land gray, Sutherland and tuna Georgia port land and Seattle miss daddy owned it down for Seattle Here we go question of the day. Let’s get somebody paid. This is how it works you guys You need to leave your answer in the comments. I will be picking a winner One week from today, so Monday November that probably should say 13th I forgot to change today Monday November 13 Tell me what year will cryptocurrency break 1 trillion dollars in market cap will it be 2017 2018 2050 never was it gonna. Be let me know leave me a comment in the description right up under this video Again, if you haven’t done it yet make sure you hit that thumbs up button you guys it does help me out a lot with Regards to get in this video you know Distribution and letting everybody in our community see it so again guys. This is exactly how it worked right there You just go down a little bit hit that thumbs up BAM 92 thumbs up right now. I do appreciate that Thank you so much with that being said leave me your question of the day I guess somebody paid is that time of the day signing out this stuff folks? Hey, everybody in the chat make sure you leave it in the comments don’t leave it in the chat I’m not picking a winner now leave it in the comments Signing out this is the folks your boy BK No matter where you stay from Brazil to the bank, California all the way back out dude jerk money. Good night Good morning, and good day. Thank you for joining me. Thank you for your time Make sure you like subscribe and share if you appreciate mine until we meet again stay cryptic off

    Crypto Commandment #8: Learn Market Analysis | Ten Commandments of Crypto Trading by Caleb Wright
    Articles, Blog

    Crypto Commandment #8: Learn Market Analysis | Ten Commandments of Crypto Trading by Caleb Wright

    August 16, 2019

    Hello my friend, Caleb Wright here from Bitcoin
    Lifestyles Club, and in this video I’m going to teach you about the 8th commandment of
    crypto trading… Thou Shalt Learn Crypto Market Analysis! So the key to having a winning gameplan for
    the crypto markets, is to understand and analyse them more deeply on two different levels. Technically and Fundamentally. Technical Analysis is going to 100% be a study
    of the charts and price patterns, and levels of support and resistance over time. All represented on the candlestick charts
    on available crypto charting platforms like Trading View or Coinigy. I personally prefer to use Coinigy, it has
    all the tools and indicators that you would ever need, and the interface is very user
    friendly. When you understand the markets from a technical
    perspective, you will be much so much more grounded in knowing when to buy and sell. You will understand how to identify bullish
    and bearish market cycles, the phases within them, and how these various market conditions
    and trends can be traded for profit. Learning the various methods of technical
    analysis will be invaluable to your overall success in trading cryptocurrencies, because
    it will help you to formulate a game plan you can have confidence in. When you don’t know what you are looking at,
    when you take a look at the charts… it can be extremely difficult to come up with an
    effective gameplan you can count on. This is where the educated trader wins and
    lives to trade another day over the inexperienced trader who lacks the knowledge and enters
    the market at a much higher risk of making fatal trading decisions as a result. But it’s not ALL about the charts, there is
    another side to analyzing the market that we have to take into consideration. And that is Fundamental Analysis. Which is where we are research and learn about
    the coin project, read the whitepaper and familiarize with the technology behind it,
    learn about the developers… and most importantly in regard to trading, you learn about key
    release, launch dates, partnership announcements or other types of news events that could potentially
    have an effect on the price. So all the background info is good for helping
    you decide if the coin project is of actual value with a real world use case… or just
    some worthless vaporware. And if it doesn’t wreak of scam AND ticks
    the marks of a good coin project, then you can have confidence in trading that coin. And once you are paying attention to that
    coin, when you learn about an upcoming launch date or other type of important event that
    can build hype around it… This will be your potential trading opportunity
    to buy the rumor and sell the news on the date of the launch, which is typically what
    happens in the crypto world. If you do your own research on different altcoin
    price spikes, you will find many of these little bull trends end on certain launch dates…
    all you have to do is research what was going on for that coin around the date it began
    a significant correction to learn what was going on that led to the growth in price and
    the correction that followed. Coins will pump right up until key dates,
    and then the smart traders who are in position will take profit at the peak which begins
    the next correction as other traders in the market follow suit. So this is why Fundamental Analysis is also
    important. There are many factors at play between real
    life events and the technical action on the charts, to make up what we get for crypto
    prices on a daily basis. If you take your crypto trading seriously
    and learn how to analyse crypto markets from a technical and fundamental perspective, you
    will be way ahead of the average crypto trader when it comes to your ability to formulate
    a winning game plan and reach your financial goals as a result. Caleb Wright here from Bitcoin Lifestyles
    Club, and I hope you got massive value out of today’s 8th Commandment of Crypto training
    and feeling inspired to take your skills to the next level. Watch out for the rest of the 10 Commandments
    of Crypto Trading, that I have put together just for YOU. Because I want to help you avoid the costly
    mistakes made by so many unsuspecting crypto noobs. In the next training video, Commandment #9,
    I’m going to teach you the number one strategy that winning traders use to preserve their
    capital and not only survive the crypto markets, but thrive for the long term of their crypto
    trading career. And by the way, if you want to fast track
    your way to mastering the crypto markets by developing your skills as a trader, you should
    check out the powerful crypto trading education and 24-7 running mastermind community of WINNING
    crypto traders available on the Bitcoin Lifestyles Club platform that we have put together to
    help you maximise your potential with crypto! Just click the link below this video for more
    information, and start accelerating on your path to crypto wealth and start living a financially
    free lifestyle starting today…

    Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange Overview Guide / Tutorial | Bitcoin Lifestyles Club [FREE TRAINING]
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    Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange Overview Guide / Tutorial | Bitcoin Lifestyles Club [FREE TRAINING]

    August 13, 2019

    Hello my friend, Caleb Wright here from Bitcoin
    Lifestyles Club, and today I’m going to give you a guided overview of the available features
    and functions of the Binance cryptocurrency exchange. So lets get started without further ado. This is the dashboard page you will first
    see when you log in to your newly registered Binance account. The navigation at the top of the screen gives
    you all the available options at Binance. The exchange link will let you access either
    the basic or advanced versions of the exchange. We are currently using the basic layout. The Labs link is a place that cryptocurrency
    and blockchain entrepreneurs can submit their projects and apply for funding from Binance. Launchpad is an area where you can get more
    information about ICO’s that are happening or have happened on Binance. If you are launching an ICO, you can also
    use this page to apply to launch it on Binance. The info link will bring you to a page on
    Binance very similar to which gives you a list of the top 100 cryptocurrencies
    and their market statistics. You can click into any one of them for further
    information and even links to the latest news and developments. The academy page gives you some handy educational
    videos on the general topics of blockchain, security and the Binance exchange. Now on the right hand side of the navigation,
    the funds drop down menu will give you links to access your cryptocurrency balances and
    wallets, it will give you the page where you can view your deposits, and your withdrawals
    and your transaction history. The transaction history in this case will
    be specifically for your deposits and withdrawals to and from the Binance exchange. And you can easily export any of this transactional
    data, from trade history to deposits and withdrawals to CSV files for your records. The orders dropdown will give you options
    to look at your open orders, your order history and your trade history pages. Again all of this information is also exportable
    to CSV. The Join Us link will bring you to an area
    with more information about jobs and careers that are available at Binance. If you need support this link will bring you
    to their support forum, where you can submit a request if needed. News will bring you to a page with all sorts
    of news about developments, updates and things that are happening in general at Binance. If you hover over the person icon it will
    show a quick view of your overall account value in Bitcoins. If you click where it says ‘Account’ it will
    take you to your account options page, which will have the area where you can verify your
    account and setup security settings like two factor authentication. The globe icon that’s right next to it, will
    give you a dropdown of various languages, so you can select whichever is your preference. Underneath the main navigation menu at the
    top of the page you have some ads about different features of the exchange. For example, this one advertises the Trust
    wallet. Which is the mobile wallet that’s recommended
    by Binance. And it works with most of the coins and ERC20
    tokens that are available on Binance. They advertise jobs that are available, in
    case you are looking for some type of employment in the cryptocurrency industry. The Binance Academy Community Content Drive
    is basically an incentive they are providing to exchange members to produce helpful videos
    about how to use different features of the exchange. They actually have a list of video topics
    that they are looking for to be produced, and if you submit a video and they want to
    use it, they will reward you with 50 BNB, which is Binance coin, the official currency
    of Binance. Its handy to have BNB because you can setup
    your account to pay for your trading fees with BNB which can save you money, as you
    get a 25% discount on trading fees that you pay with Binance coin. And then the community coin of the month is
    where you can participate in voting for coins to get on the Binance exchange. You can also submit applications for coins
    to be put up to a community vote to be added. Just click on any of these banners for further
    info if you want to take action with any of it. A little lower on the page it will show some
    featured cryptocurrencies and their stats. And then right below that, you have the main
    list of cryptocurrency trading pairs by type, via the tabs at the top of the list. You have four different markets you can trade
    on Binance, including BNB trading pairs, the Bitcoin trading pairs, which is where we will
    be focusing most of our trading efforts. Ethereum trading pairs and USDT Tether trading
    pairs. Which you can access by clicking any of these
    tabs here, right now we’re focused on the BTC markets here and so as you see here in
    the list we have all the coins that are trading against bitcoin. Which is pretty much all coins that are out
    there, trade against bitcoin. The information they are giving here per trading
    pair will basically be the heading of each column, starting with the actual trading pairs,
    the name of the coin, the last price to occur, the 24 hour change in value percentage, if
    its green its a positive gain, if it’s red it’s negative. The 24 hour high and low prices in bitcoin
    value, otherwise known as satoshi value. And lastly the 24 hour volume of all trading
    for that trading pair. You can click the star next to any trading
    pair from any market, in order to save it as a favorite. And you can access your favorites from the
    leftmost tab. It’s convenient to add all the currencies
    that you are currently trading or interested in, to your favorites for easy future reference. If you have a certain coin you are looking
    to trade, you can just use the search function on the upper right hand side of the trading
    pair lists. You can type in the name of the coin, just
    type in the call letters or the name of the currency to see all the trading pairs that
    are available for whatever market tab you have selected. You can click any of the currencies in the
    list to go to it’s actual page on the exchange where you can place trades. I’m going to click into the ICX/BTC trading
    pair. A currency known as ICON. This is the exchange page for ICON where we
    can trade it against Bitcoin. If you can’t already tell, there is a lot
    going on, on this page. So I’ll help you make sense of it. At the top of the page, it will have some
    stats for the coin. Including price, 24 hour change, high and
    low prices for the 24 hour period, and 24 hour trading volume in bitcoin. There is a small link right underneath the
    call letters, that will take you to a page with more detailed information about the coin. Even including the latest news articles. Below that in the center, you have the candlestick
    price chart complete with moving averages. Each of these lines. In this part underneath represents the overall
    trading volume for each candle. Obviously, the higher the bar the more volume. And if the bar is green, that means the majority
    of the trading volume was buying. And if it was red that means the majority
    of it was selling. And if you scroll your mouse over, you can
    get more detailed info. Just like if you scroll it over any part of
    the charts, as you can see. The part of the chart right underneath the
    trading volume, is the MACD, which is a technical indicator we can use to help us judge when
    its a good time to buy or sell. I’m not going to go into deeper detail about
    all this now however, you will get all the details you need on how to properly read all
    of this and use it to your advantage in the technical analysis section of the course. You can adjust the time frame of the candlestick
    chart using the buttons at the top left of the chart. You have options of Minute long charts, Hourly
    charts, Daily charts, Weekly candlestick charts and Monthly candlestick charts. With the minute and hourly candlestick charts,
    you can click their dropdown menus and you have a full array of expected options of scale
    in time. All the way from 1 hour to 12 hour candlesticks. I tend to use 1, 2 and 4 hour candlesticks
    the most when it comes to hourly timeframe charts. And you have the similar array of options
    for even shorter time frame charts in the minutes category, as you can see here. On the upper right hand corner of the chart,
    you also have the option to view the Trading View version of the chart, and also the Depth
    Chart. Whether you use the standard chart view or
    the Trading View charts is totally up to your preference of whichever one you like the look
    of better. But this depth chart will give you a quick
    look at the support and resistance on the exchange for whatever coin market that your
    looking at. The green part of the chart represents the
    buy orders that are built up for this coin, or the support. The red part of the chart represents the sell
    orders, or the resistance. As we can see from a quick observation, it
    looks like there is greater support currently than resistance. It’s kind of fluctuating a bit. But we have a steeper wall of bid orders here,
    where thtere is a pretty shallow amount of sell orders. The depth chart is just one way to get a quick
    view of the action as it’s happening right now on the exchange. Of course before you make any trading decisions,
    it’s usually best to have at least 3 or 4 different technical reasons why you’d like
    to enter the trade. This is just one thing that you can look at,
    that’s not actually that technical, but it just gives you a handy view. If you click the button with the four outward
    pointing arrows here, you can make the chart go full screen. This can be quite useful if you have a multi
    screen setup, or plan to start using one. Underneath the whole chart area you have the
    forms that will let you buy the market, place bid or sell orders, or set stop limit orders. It will tell you what your trading fees are,
    in the upper right hand corner. The ‘Taker Fee’ percentage is what your charged
    for a fee when you buy or sell the market. The ‘Maker’ percentage is what you are charged
    when you place a bid or sell order and it actually gets filled by the movements of the
    market. The first tab here labeled limit is the one
    we will be using most of the time to setup your bids and sells in advance, according
    to whatever targets you have set via your analysis or goals. Under the buy section, it will show you how
    much BTC you have available to buy the coin, right in this spot right here. And the same conversely for the sell side
    of the form. it will show you how much of the currency
    you have available to sell. I will show you how to use these forms to
    buy and sell the market, setup bid or sell orders in advance and how to setup stop-limit
    orders in upcoming videos focused on each of these aspects specifically. On the lefthand side of the candlestick chart,
    you have the order books. The top part which has all the numbers in
    red is the sell side of the order book. You can see in the leftmost column the satoshi
    prices of the sell orders that are stacked up. How much of the coins that are for sale at
    each of these satoshi prices. For example 1598 ICON coins are for sale at
    1092 satoshis. So basically you get the satoshi price, how
    much coins are for sale at the satoshi price and what that equates to in bitcoin value
    here in the righthand column of this box. And you can simply click any of these prices
    to conveniently auto populate the buying and selling forms, as you can see I clicked 1088
    satoshis up there and now it shows it here under ‘price’ for Buy ICX and Sell ICX. And as you probably expected, the bottom part
    of this form with the green numbers represents the buy orders that are currently stacked
    up on this coin. You can switch the position of the sell orders
    and the buy orders using the button at the top here. For example this one will let you see all
    buy orders, and then you can scroll through deeper into the buy orders than you were able
    to when you could see both of them. Then this next button lets you see all the
    sell orders, and you can scroll deeper up into the sell prices and then to see both
    of them at once with the current bid price in between, in the middle. Just click this left most button here. And on the right side of the price chart,
    you have access to the list of currencies by market. Right here you have the buttons, bitcoin,
    ethereum, BNB and USD Tether. Those are the different markets that we have
    the trading pairs available down in this list. And it even has a handy search function that
    you can use to quickly find the coin market that you are looking for. You can adjust the righthand side of this
    area to display either the 24 hour trading volume, by just clicking this little radio
    button here. It will show the 24 hour trading volume of
    bitcoins in this right column, or if you click the change radio button here, it will show
    you the percentage of change within 24 hours for each currency pair. You can also scroll right through the list
    as well. And you can select coins as your favorites,
    which also you can click the favorite button here, so you can get the list of all your
    favorite currencies displaying only in the box below, just like that. In the box right below this, provides a history
    of all the trades that are happening in this coin market. You can use these buttons at the top to toggle
    between all the trades of the market, or your trades. And underneath that, recent market activity
    is just going to be some randomly relevant cryptocurrency stats that are happening on
    the exchange. Scrolling further down the page, you have
    a list of any open buy or sell orders that you have open on any coins. And then right below that, it will show your
    24 hour order history. Next I’ll show you the page where you can
    view all your cryptocurrency balances and make the deposits or withdrawals. We will just scroll all the way back up to
    get to the navigation, and roll the mouse over ‘Funds’, and then open the dropdown menu
    and select ‘balances’. This will show all of your current cryptocurrency
    balances on Binance. Starting in the order of your largest holdings
    first. Of course you can toggle the order of everything
    by just clicking any of the top columns here. For example if we click total balance, it
    will then show from your lowest holdings first, which is you know all the coins that you don’t
    have any of. So lets click it again. You can also organize the names by alphabetical,
    I’ll just go by total balance again, as it’s easiest right now. And of course you can use the search feature
    on the top left to find any currency you need from the list. The information displayed here is as follows. You have your coin call letters and name of
    the coin in the first two lefthand side columns. If you click the name, it’s a link that will
    bring you to the actual informational page for that coin. Then there is your balance, your available
    balance, meaning coins that are not assigned already to sell orders, and if you do have
    any in sell orders, it will show that amount in the next column under ‘order’. And then last but not least, it displays the
    total bitcoin value of your coin holdings. The buttons on the very right give you your
    ability to deposit or withdraw coins to and from the exchange. And of course if you click the trade button,
    it will bring you to the exchange page specifically for that coin. If you have had your Binance account for a
    while you may have accumulated some very small balances of airdrop coins. Because that happens with Binance. And when you do, if you want to you can use
    the option at the top to ‘Convert to BNB’ and it will bring you to a page where you
    can convert all your coin balances you have that are worth less than .001 bitcoin to Binance
    coin. Which can be quite handy, because you can
    use it to get the discount on your trading fees. So as you can see these are all the balances
    I have that are under .001 in bitcoin value and if I wanted to, I could click this button
    and convert it to 0.27 some odd Binance coin. Now I’m going to show you your account settings
    page. Just scroll over the person icon at the upper
    right hand corner of the website to reveal the dropdown menu and click your ‘account’. This will bring you to your account page. This is where you can work on verifying your
    account for higher withdrawal limits. Depending on which level you have verified
    to already, there will be a link next to the level with further info on how to complete
    verification. For example for a level 3 verification, I
    have to contact Binance. I would suggest that you turn on ‘Using BNB
    to pay for fees’ since you get a 25% discount on trading fees if you do. You can change your login password if you
    need to. I would suggest to set an anti phishing code. You basically choose a number, and it will
    show up in any official emails from Binance. So this way you can know if an email from
    them is authentic or if it’s a phishing scam. API access is something you may use with a
    cointracking program that is keeping track of your portfolio and trading. I would only ever suggest to use API as long
    as you carefully set the API access to only allow it to read data and keep it restricted
    from making trades or withdrawals, so you don’t get hacked. And on the right here, you have the option
    between SMS Authentication for log ins, withdrawals and security modifications… or Google Authentication. I would suggest to bypass the SMS text authentication
    option and only use the Google Authentication option to secure your account. Because SMS authentication has proven to be
    easily hackable, if a hacker were to ever get control of your phone’s sim card and get
    your mobile account active on another phone. Google Authenticator is a free app available
    for download to your phone from the app store. Something else you maybe noticing standing
    out here is that banner advertisement for their referral program. Your account comes with an affiliate link
    you can use to refer friends, family and really anybody to gain 20% commission on all the
    trading fees that they incur on the Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange. And you gain that commission in the form of
    Binance coin. This is an easy way to earn some extra BNB
    to pay for your trading fees, and by the way if you still need to register your Binance
    account, my link is below in the video description and THANK YOU in advance if you take the time
    to use it, I appreciate you! Underneath this you have an option to further
    protect your account by adding a whitelist of wallet addresses that can be withdrawn
    to. This way if your account were to ever get
    hacked, the hacker would only ever be able to withdraw your funds to your wallet for
    you. Pretty funny, and a great idea actually. Looks like I should go about setting it up
    sooner than later, this is actually a newer and quite clever security feature. Then at the bottom of the page here, you have
    information about which devices and IP addresses have been accessing your account on the exchange. A history of crypto airdrops distributions
    you have received. and a login history with dates, locations
    and IP addresses. So last but not least, I still have not show
    you the advanced view of the exchange. So get ready. We will just use the navigation button up
    here at the top, and click advanced. So it basically gives you a much larger view
    of the chart. The options are very similar, and everything
    works basically the same, it just looks different and you get a few more options. Like the ability to toggle all sorts of technical
    indicators, if you click up here in indicators you have all these technical indicators options,
    like you can set your Relative Strength Index for example. They put your orders, order history and other
    infos underneath the chart. And on the righthand side, you have your order
    books right here. And live trading history. And right under that you have your buy order
    and sell order forms. Works just the way it does over on the basic
    side. And you can click the Binance logo to go back
    to the basic view. So at this point, I have shown you all the
    most significant areas of the Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange and I’ve given you a good idea of
    what each part is for and how it works. However, I will have some more focused training
    videos for you next, that will show you exactly how to use certain functions of the exchange. Make sure you checkout my next video, where
    I’m going to show you how to deposit and withdraw funds to and from your Binance account. If you found value in this video today, I
    would certainly appreciate your support if you would take the time to LIKE this video,
    SHARE it with your friends and LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW letting me know how you feel about my
    Binance Exchange Overview video. I would love your feedback and it would certainly
    help me out. And by the way, if you still need to sign
    up for your Binance account, I have put a link in the video description for your convenience,
    if you’d like to give me credit for providing you with this information today. I definitely would appreciate it. And if you need a video guide on how to register
    and secure your account with two factor authentication, I have added a link to it in the video description
    below. In case you need it. And if you really want to get after it with
    cryptocurrency trading, maximise and get the best results possible, you should take a serious
    look at my Cryptocurrency Trading & Mining Mastery Course and 24-7 running Mastermind
    Chat Group on Slack. Of which you can get more information about
    it at my website And if you would like more information, you
    can find a link to my site in the video description below. So Caleb Wright here, signing off from Bitcoin
    Lifestyles Club. I wish you much prosperity and will catch
    you on the next training video.