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    Papermill Lake Beach Park
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    Papermill Lake Beach Park

    December 6, 2019

    Hi guys welcome to this week’s My Halifax. My name is Adam Cooper if you’re new to our YouTube channel we make videos
    all about the fun and cool things you can do in and around Halifax. This week since we are finished with the donut wars we’ve actually come out to a very small
    but very cool and very pretty park this is Papermill Lake Beach Park which is
    right in Bedford it’s not the biggest park but it is one of those hidden gems
    I think is super cool and we really wanted to share it with you guys so we are kind of in that weird
    time between autumn and winter like they’re calling for snow on Friday so it does feel
    very dark but the sun’s kind of bursting through every now and again so it’s kind of a cool time to be out it is pretty cold but Gina and I still like to go and explore
    parks when it’s kind of crossover period like I said before just
    because it’s fun to see the leaves and everything changing as winter rolls in. what I really like about this place and this again is our first time here is as you
    come through this trail there’s the lake one side and there’s another lake the other side
    it just feels very majestic as you walk through and you know often when we look at parks and places we try to find big ones that a lot of people go to but it’s also
    fun to find the small ones where you can find something like this and like I said earlier
    it’s kind of a hidden gem and this really is turning out to be quite the
    gem. so we’re not that far along the trail and we
    found a down tree now we did have a hurricane Dorian come through here which we made a video about I think this tree’s been down for a while it doesn’t look like it’s fresh
    and but it’s still kinda cool remember if you do come and you’re looking at trees
    always stay safe it’s really close to the water but let’s go look at it. so the thing I always love about the
    fall especially in Halifax in Nova Scotia is the color of the leaves that
    you’ll see they’re so beautiful like I never saw colors like that when I was in
    England and it’s one of the reasons a lot of people come visit Nova Scotia in the fall
    and I know we’re getting into what feels like the winter but there’s still
    lots of beauty and lots of color and nature out there so get exploring get
    out look around because it’s we live in a beautiful province and sometimes you
    know we get to the winter and we forget to go look what’s on our very outside
    our front door steps so that’s the end of this week’s My Halifax once again we’re at
    Papermill Lake Beach Park which was a surprisingly quaint and was actually a real
    surprise for us because we knew coming down here that it was going to be small
    but it was actually bigger than we thought and had lots of cool hidden little
    pathways secret lakes and definitely a place people should check out probably in
    the summer because it’s going to be more pretty but this is a great way to spend a Sunday so thank you for watching this week’s video don’t
    forget to like comment and subscribe to our youtube channel we’ll see you next week and very pretty park called Papermay…. paper..mill..lake..beach… Gina: paper mill beach
    lake? Okay Gina: I forget what it’s called big round subscribe button so you never miss one Squirrel: SQUEAK!!! of our cool episodes… there’s a squirrel that squeaked right in my ear Gina: I saw him through my
    peripheral vision thank you for making it
    all the way to the end of this week’s video make sure you hit the big round subscribe
    button so you never miss one of our cool videos it would really help our channel
    grow follow us on all our social media linked below and there’s a couple of
    videos here we’ve talked about like to watch

    North Beach Skatepark | Rollerworld – Ep. 02
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    North Beach Skatepark | Rollerworld – Ep. 02

    December 2, 2019

    After many failed attempts at going to a skatepark I think that finally the weather cleared enough for us to go. [All black clothing]
    So we’re gonna give it a shot and
    go to the first skatepark of this segment. So turns up that I went out and it was
    really hot outside so I changed the black clothing for
    this one and now I look like the Icecream man
    all in white… there’s sun here, over there at the end of the world.
    modror’s that way and a cloud it’s about to rain down on me hope I can beat the cloud to it, I’ll try and hopefully in the skatepark that’s about
    2miles from here, it’s a nice day. WE MADE IT!!!! we are at collings and 82nd St. it’s the first skatepark, one of the smallest
    we are going to visit. It’s packed with kids, I wanted to come before
    they left school, but thats too early and I’m on vacation. so I was just changing the frame from
    the 80mm to the aggressives. and something magical happens!!!
    Everyone left. alright now we’re ready to ride in the
    North beach skatepark It’s public (free) not many of those here.
    In Buenos Aires we are all used to that most of them are public, but here is the
    other way around, they’re mostly pay’d. I was happy that no one was here but then realized
    if something happens, it’s not that great It suddenly became cloudy, but the weather
    is holding! That’s good, but now there’s a lot a people again. ok, now it started raining a bit harder
    enough to start filling the skatepark with water unfortunately we won’t be able to skate anymore, for today. it got really slippery now,
    so I’ve got my backpack [the guy just wanted to keep going]
    and we’re leaving cause i’m not that nuts to do things while
    it’s raining and everything is so wet. anyway I will come back, cause
    I still wanna try some things here I’m gonna go look for some shelter under some roof hopefully not get shot, or kicked out I didn’t have time to change the frame and skating
    with aggressive wheels on wet it’s really hard. that’s because they are way harder and as you saw on my
    tutorials, the harder the wheel, less grip. skating with wheels so small they tend to get stuck everywhere here’s a spot to stay, it’s nice… It’s a garage, I don’t think anyone will complain. this skatepark was a bit small, but to have it close by
    it’s really great! it’s a nice option… it’s cute. this is the end of this episode, don’t miss the next one
    that we are going to the haulover park that’s a bit more to the north. I’ll see you on the next episode…
    I’ll see you, on wheels!

    JAPAN’s Best SUMMER VACATION, OKINAWA: Beaches & Babes
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    JAPAN’s Best SUMMER VACATION, OKINAWA: Beaches & Babes

    November 27, 2019

    So we just rented our car and we’re starting our adventure in Okinawa! Yay!!!! We’re here with Odigo, there are like 8 of us So it’s going to be a party. Or a lot of sightseeing probably actually. We rented two cars and we’re in the Pokemon car We got Jun and Rachel here And Kim, who is the master Pokemon fetcher Though I’m looking at Google maps instead Here’s the rest of our group Chris Okano, Chris Broad over there Bin, and Millie This sun is cancerous Kimono taiken Kimono experience That’s going to be a big hairdo This is a fake bun covering my real hair I can’t see myself but I’m pretty sure I look Japanese I look more like a 1950s girl on a Hawaiian vacation than like this chick Whoa, Millie, you look more Japanese than five minutes ago The mission is to take my socks off Nice socks They’re so cute Welcome to…. Okinawa! Oh…. These type of experience places are located next to popular Japanese tourist destinations like castles And usually you can put the kimono on and go out for some photos But it’s 33 degrees out today so we will not be doing that We were not trying on kimonos, we were trying on a more Okinawa specific outfit called ryusou Okinawa was a whole separate country from Japan before and this castle, Castle Shujiro is from those times So it looks very different from Japanese castles It’s a lot more red, it’s bigger, the grounds are bigger and uses a lot more dragons That’s one way to kind of tell the difference It’s so pretty This palace is much more influenced by Chinese palaces and castles of the time rather than by Japanese I lost everyone and it’s way too hot to be losing people I just need some water. It’s really hot. It’s like 33 degrees, pretty humid, really beautiful and sunny, but hooot Duck, duck, duck, duck, duck Oh that’s a really cute duck Blue Seal is an ice cream brand that is really popular in Okinawa, and I got Okinawan Salt Cookies and it tastes like salty and sweet biscuits So delicious Dehydrated Yeah, dehydrated, tired, we’re a very jolly bunch right now This sunset that we’re seeing right now is so amazing It’s turning all the buildings pink around us We just arrived at our AirBnB This place is huge for Japan It’s so big So big, omg there’s a hammock This is my room This is your bed, right Kasia? That’s my bed, over there. Babies bed. Cradle. Kim and Millie are over here Living room, kitchen, dining room and our neighbor is Winben in the Japanese style room and more bedrooms Bad news is that there is only one bathing room for all 8 of us Bin’s on the TV and Jun’s on the knife sharpening Win, what are we doing for dinner? Pizza Okinawa delicacy, deshou Is this it? M****F***** did they forget? They can’t because we paid extra for it. It was like 5 dollars extra. Cheeky m****f******. Chris paid 500 yen extra for a cheesy crust and there is no cheesy crust. Can I put a queen down if I have a queen? It has to be a king or higher. We’re playing some Japanese or Chinese game, I don’t even know But this is what I got The only thing a person can play is a Joker But if they passed previously, they cannot play now Day 2 in Okinawa, it’s about 7:30 in the morning I’m eating a yogurt And Okano and Winben are starting with some healthy exercise in the morning We’re going to, what is it called? We’re going to… Makishi Public Market Yeah Best ice cream ever It looks like a sweet Japanese tamale Is it supposed to be this sticky? Mine is like that too Super sticky mochi Excuse me, one of these, please Thank you How much? 60 yen This is pineapple bread, something like that It’s dense like a scone but I got a pineapple flavor So it’s like a dense, scone-y, pineapple-flavored bread Umibudou=ocean grape It has the texture of caviar Fish cakes Whoa, it’s just a pig’s face Imagine if your face was just sold like that I hope it tastes good 1,500 yen Cow innards Wow, look at the colors on some of these fish I fell asleep hard in the car but I woke up at the…. at the beach! Let’s test this ocean out Oh shit, my underwear came down Edit that out I think this way is shorter This is the most relaxed I’ve felt in a while This lady is waving goodbye to the sun It’s very sweet, it’s a nice sentiment Sun went down, time to finish my beer It’s about 11 in the evening and we’re all home Kim and Rachel are doing the social medias or uploading files We’re on our way to an island off of Okinawa and we’re on the ferry now which is packed So my seat is this stairwell There’s a ton of a people sitting on the floor They really over packed this thing I don’t really know anything about this island. I know that we’re going snor… I can’t say snorkeling in an American accent Snorkeling We’re on one of the Kerama Islands and we’re on Tokashiku beach Switched into sunglasses and contacts so that I can fly the drone and actually see it Maguro don for lunch You’re so good at your video making. Stop making us look bad. Everyone changed into their bathing suits. We have about 40 minutes until our snorkeling tour starts so… drone time I found an awesome longboard out here I’m going to test it out Hopefully I don’t wipe out I had one similar to this when I was like twelve Snorkeling time Kim, your glasses are so fabulous The Kerama islands are a group of about 22 islands They’re all decently close to Okinawa They’re known for whale watching in the winter time This one takes about an hour and a half to get to I would recommend staying overnight The way we came, we only have about 4.5 hours I actually have to head off now They do have hotels here, it’s a small island You can basically get around the whole thing on scooter if you wanted to I have about 10 minutes to get back to the beach house change and get on the bus It’s 3:19, I even managed to squeeze a shower into those ten minutes Everyone’s done, freshly showered, Rachel and Millie are still in their towels Bye bye beautiful beach We didn’t manage to get any seats again so we’re sitting on the floor like peasants Dinner time What did you guys get? Burritos and quesadillas We got Chris Okano on the alcohols I like it shaken, not stirred What does everyone always have to make fun of me for my alcohol liking, come on I got a strawberry daiquiri, Kanpai Kanpai The lure has been put down Chris and I finished our awesome burritos a few other people are still waiting for their food but we found that there is a Blue Seal nearby, so that is where we are going Okinawan Salt Cookie We just arrived home I need to wash my hair, but I think we’re going to do a challenge video You’re really low in that hammock. We’re going to quickly record something for Odigo While drinking alcohol I don’t think it’s related though Last five hours on Okinawa, GO! How do you do hip-hop dancing? We’re spending our last few hours in Okinawa on Kokusai-dori It’s kind of a tourist street with shopping, food, tourist traps like hand reading Shop with Hawaiian shirts or Okinawan shirts I’m probably just going to eat ice cream Blue seal again Blue Seal has a few flavors that are original to Okinawa like beni-imo, Okinawan Salt Cookie, Ube And then it also has traditional flavors like chocolate, vanilla I got another one It’s delicious Snake alcohol is supposed to strengthen you especially in bed You got so shy and walked off It’s supposed to make you better in bed It gives you strength in bed the snake alcohol I’m single ladies, on Chris’ channel Okinawan food is different from mainland food because it’s influenced by Chinese food, Japanese food, even American food So the flavors are unique here That was so good I’m getting this miso marinated pork because it’s so freakin’ delicious All you have to do is throw this in water And I want to get Kris a shirt That’s the one We’re on the rooftop. We’re on the 7th floor of a building and look at this wicked tree up here It’s so tropical looking We got a flight of Okinawan alcohol There’s snake sake called Habu sake It’s very, very strong, stronger than other sakes in Japan Well this one is 45%, the snake one Oh really? This lunch is all Okinawan things So alcohol, food, it’s all Okinawan This is rafute which is soy sauce marinated pork It’s very fatty on top Very good Soo good Kris has a goya plate It is pretty bitter, but I think with the combinations of the eggs and the onions it decreases the bitterness Then my main dish is champuru which is like a stir-fry I got some pork in here, onions, carrots, cabbage We’re headed to the airport now Are you excited to be going back home? A little sad but yeah I guess so I’m at the airport, last thing before I leave I found spam….. sushi? It tastes like cheap luncheon meat on rice It’s growing on me with every bite I’m liking it much more than in the beginning Mine’s good Are we good? And that’s a wrap for us in Okinawa If you want to see more videos of Japan 47 prefectures make sure to check out Odigo’s YouTube channel, the link is down below And you can also check out the Odigo homepage which includes a ton of different trip options, different places you can visit in the different prefectures. It’s a great website to check out. See ya guys next time!

    Okinawa DAY 3 💮 Aharen Beach!
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    Okinawa DAY 3 💮 Aharen Beach!

    November 21, 2019

    That’s a great shirt. Thank you. Everyone has such great cameras. They’re for our jobs. Work?? Are you a cameraman? We make videos. Wow. Can I see anything of yours on YouTube? A ton! How can I look you up? We’re all under different things- This is Aharen, and this is the main street. This is the conbini. Family Mart hasn’t made it here yet. If you want to eat lunch… We want to eat soon.
    Soon? What do you want to eat? Okinawan food. This restaurant serves tasty Okinawan soba. Do they have sea grapes?
    Not here. You ate a ton yesterday. What does “mensore” mean? I think it’s similar to “irrashaimase” (welcome). Thank you. Do you use it often? I’m from Hyogo so I don’t really. But I think it probably means “Welcome to Okinawa”. That or taco rice. But probably maguro don. The rice looks good.

    Not the beach day we were expecting
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    Not the beach day we were expecting

    November 21, 2019

    Good morning… WORLD It’s a Saturday morning. We have friends coming over soon and we’re going to have a meal here
    and then go to the BEACH. And Jun is making me a smoothie
    right now. I was letting the Roomba clean the floor but I’m gonna send the Roomba home and then
    just finish vacuuming myself. Okay. Go home. Roomba: BE BOO BIP Go back. Okay, so… wanted to give you guys a quick- Agh my god It’s so heavy for one hand. -a quick update on our roomba. This thing has been ripped off. It came with an extra one of these that we can replace it with. We really love having a roomba BUT I really REALLY really really strongly dislike items that are built… to make you continuously purchase
    new parts for it. So this has lasted, what? It’s only lasted 4 months.
    That’s insane. The filters are messed up. It definitely wants us to buy a new
    filter in there already. And I say no.
    We just keep emptying it out. Jun: The smoothie blender stopped working. Rachel: NOOOOO NOOO MY SMOOTHIE Jun: There’s a bunch of chunk of ice in it Rachel: WHAT ARE WE GOING TO
    HAVE FOR BREAKFAST Jun: It stopped Rachel: NOOO But even all that said, I really really
    love this roomba because it has, like… Literally, I used to vacuum every single day,
    detailed vacuum because there was so much cat hair. And then Nagi was eating so much of it that
    he was throwing up every day at the point where we left for America. But we run this once or twice a day and it collects all the cat hair for us all the roaming cat hair,
    and most of the cat litter. We don’t have to do anything.
    It’s been amazing. Also… here, let me open this and show you. Because, as you guys know, I have long hair. I am a long haired woman. And normally with vacuums, when my hair
    gets caught on stuff I have to like get in there with scissors. With this you literally just slide it off the edge. Look at this. Look how easy this is. All right, come here. Jun: OH, RACHEL Rachel: What? Jun: Did you hear that? Rachel: Good job! Jun: There’s an instruction that says if it stops
    do this, and I followed that and I just pressed the button
    and it started working again. Rachel: Amazing. Jun: Amazing. This is one of the cheapest ones.
    Rachel: Look at all this hair. So anyway despite the downsides and the crazy, wasteful nature of such a machine where they want you to
    continuously purchase new parts… We’re attempting to find ways to make it work
    without purchasing new parts and it has been very useful and
    we like it anyway. Jun: I think it’s done.
    Rachel: Okay. Excellent. Also, we don’t have much time
    until our friends get here today but look at this sexy face.
    Look at it. Look at this.
    Look at this. Look at this. Look at Jun’s amazing face/ Jun Jun! Jun!! Jun: What? What?? Rachel: Jun hi Jun: I just finished making you a smoothie.
    I’m busy! Rachel: Thank you Jun: One cup? Which one? Rachel: Oh, you cut your beard really short today. Jun: I did that yesterday. Jun: Is this fine?
    Rachel: Sure. Rachel: Jun is growing a beard.
    And he has short hair. Now we can see his entire beautiful face and it’s wonderful and I think he’s super sexy
    and I love it. Jun: Here you go. Morning. Rachel: Good morning Rachel: I very very much like Jun’s face. Jun. Jun! Jun. (whispers) I like your face. (now kith) Rachel: All right guys,
    I gotta drink my smoothie. Hiii Hakuuuu Haku adores this tube so much. NO it’s another Rachel hair ball!
    I didn’t get them all. Got it. How’s my cuddle buddy? Hi pretty baby. Oop, oop
    You gotta sniff All right.
    I will see you guys in just a minute. Even though I should probably be
    doing other things right now I’m going to help Jun with his video. He has a new vlog video that he uploaded yesterday and this is the thumbnail he chose in which you can’t see his face or really that it’s him. It’s really not clear that this is a Jun’s Kitchen
    vlog video at all. From the first place, I feel like he should have
    something on his vlog video thumbnails to separate them from his main channel so people know that they’re his vlog videos because a lot of people don’t quite understand
    that when you read the comments. But that’s something he can work on later. For now I’m gonna help him make a new thumbnail
    really quick. All right… so I think what I’m going to do it use these 4 screenshots and make a
    before and after shot And then take this Jun and…
    I don’t know and then photoshop him into- even though you can’t see his hair… maybe you can somewhat tell this is Jun so at least he’s in the video and then people know what we’re doing,
    which is a before and… after sort of thing. I don’t know. I’ll see if I can make it work. I can’t hold the camera and do this
    at the same time. I could set up a tripod… I don’t have time for that. I’ll just show you guys the end result. All right, it’s been about 10 minutes. This is what I have. It’s not beautiful, it’s not amazing.
    I’m not great at photoshop. But I think this is maybe a little bit
    better than before. Anyway, let’s upload it. Last time we were in America I went through literally all of my old things. Like literally everything I owned. And got rid of 99% of it. But I brought my beach ball back to Japan for just this sort of occasion today at the beach. I don’t know if this still holds air. This is like… 15- no, maybe 20 years old? Look at Haku’s face. He’s staring. Jun: Nagi’s curious. Jun: He’s behind you. Rachel: He’s so scared. I don’t have the same kind of lung capacity
    that I had as a child. Jun: Haku’s watching. Rachel: This is tiring. Jun: Hmm? Jun: Wanna play? Jun: I mean, why did you do it now? Rachel: To see if it held air.
    Jun: It takes more spac- Jun: Ahh, you wanted to check. Rachel: Because if it doesn’t, no point in taking it. Jun: Guess it’s working?
    Rachel: It works! Rachel: This is so exciting!
    We got a beach ball. Nagi is very alarmed. All right. We are going to go meet our friends
    at the supermarket to pick up lunch stuff. And we will be back here. Micaela: Look at them being cute. Micaela: And then here’s me and
    Sonnie being domestic. Micaela: We’re so domestic. Rachel: Nice. Joe: So your lighter fluid definitely didn’t
    explode all over me. Micaela: Well that’s good. Micaela: Because that wouldn’t be very nice. Joe: This one? (door to bathroom)
    Rachel: Yes. Joe: The BBQ has evolved into cooking indoors. Micaela: Oh those are fat ones. Jun: We decided to eat BBQ and it
    just became my kitchen anyway. Rachel: Good luck, Jun.
    Micaela: The BBQ is taking too long. Rachel: So we just made it to Luigans,
    which is like a resort. And they have a movie night for free, which is what
    we’re going to be watching later. We got a spot. I don’t know if there’s actually a beach we can use. I’ll see when we get there. This is like the tiniest little beach area. Sonnie: What’s that in the water? Is that
    a plastic bag, dude? Micaela: Where? Sonnie: Right straight- wait, what is that? Rachel: Oh my god. Rachel: It’s beautiful. Rachel: ♪ What a lovely resort paradise city ♪ Rachel: Oh man. [beach ball escaping]
    Rachel: At the movie place they got donuts. Joe: Do we have to pay for ___?
    Rachel: No, I think it’s free. Rachel: Uh oh! Micaela: I got it! Rachel: Beach ball! It wants to-
    oh my god Micaela: No! There’s sand everywhere.
    That was a terrible idea. Micaela: I regret it. Micaela: Okay, wait. Hold on. Rachel: It’s very much trying to go out to sea. Rachel: Okay. All right. Joe: I dug a hole. It fits perfectly. Rachel: We’ll just have to keep an eye on it
    as it continuously tries to escape. Rachel: All right, I guess I should look
    at the water, if we’re here. Rachel: I don’t know if I wanna touch it. Rachel: Hi Rachel: oh gosh Rachel: Chilly chilly
    Micaela: It’s not cold at all, hey? Rachel: It’s not that bad. Rachel: Oh! Oh! Omg! There’s like…
    Micaela: Bugs on… Rachel: Nooo there’s like living things all over?? Ew.
    Micaela: Yeah. Micaela: Are they like shrimp or something?
    Rachel: What? Oh my god. Micaela: You’re like “Don’t step on the beetles!”
    Rachel: What did I do?! Micaela: You’re like “Don’t step on the beetles! Omg”
    And then you’re like “Ew there’s bugs on my feet!” Rachel: Eww! Rachel: Ahh they’re everywhere! Rachel: Micaela, this is not what I was expecting. Micaela: Honestly this is not what
    I was expecting, either. Micaela: Omg. Look at- omg holy shit
    they’re everywhere. Rachel: I know! That’s what I said!
    Micaela: Are they crabs? Micaela: What are they? Rachel: Eww what is it? Omg. Rachel: What’s going on?
    Micaela: Oh, weird. Micaela: That’s so weird.
    Rachel: I’m getting away from the water. Rachel: Did you see the things in the water?
    Sonnie: No. Sonnie: No, are they like crustaceans? Rachel: No they’re like little, tiny-
    They’re so tiny. Sonnie: Oh.
    Rachel: Here, this thing. Rachel: See that thing moving on there? Sonnie: Yeah yeah yeah
    Rachel: It was literally all over. Sonnie: Yeah, no. It’s a baby crustacean. Rachel: Baby crustacean. Welp, I don’t
    want it on my foot. Sonnie: Look, you can see the little-
    It’s like a baby shrimp or something. Sonnie: See its little… what are they called? Sonnie: The like finger things.
    They’re feathery and that’s Rachel: Flagella?
    Sonnie: -propels them. Sonnie: Yeah, that’s what I was going
    to say but it sounded wrong to me. Rachel: Next time we’ll just go to Itoshima. Jesse: Yeah?
    Rachel: Yeaaaah. Rachel: But like a real beach area. Sonnie: I think the kid just threw a pine cone. Rachel: Jun- Jun: I’m very sad.
    He threw at me a pine cone. Rachel: Oh no! Rachel: Who threw a pine cone? Jun: That boy. Rachel: A kid threw a pine cone AT you?! Jun: Maybe he wanted to play catch with me. Rachel: Aww Jun, play catch with him. Jun: He’s already…
    Rachel: Oh no. [Sonnie smacks something] Rachel: Fight it.
    Sonnie: Something bit me. Rachel: Fight it.
    Sonnie: I should bite it back. Rachel: Fight it! Sonnie: It was a wee little insect dude. Rachel: A wee little insect? Sonnie: It was a wee little flying thing. Joe: I don’t wanna get crabs or shrimpies
    all up my pants. Sonnie: No. Rachel: You’re gonna get crabs, Joe.
    Joe: I know. Jun: I just can’t believe there was nothing
    but this, millions of years ago. Rachel: Yeah.
    Jun: Isn’t it crazy? Rachel: But I mean, millions of years ago they wouldn’t
    have had all that plastic trash on the beach, either. Rachel: Omg you would have been
    crawling with sea crabs. Micaela: All of my crevices. Micaela: I can’t wait. Jesse: Yeah, crabs in any context,
    not so good. Micaela: Title your video “All my crevices” Rachel: “Crabs up in all my crevices” Sonnie: I miss Australia, man.
    It was great. Joe: Australian MEN? Sonnie: Australia, MAN! Jesse: I miss Australian men, totally. Sonnie: I miss me some of that Australian man. Jun: Boat. Look, Rachel. Rachel: What?
    Jun: Boat. Rachel: Boat! And a plane. Sonnie: Listen. All I’m saying is the boat over there
    is literally called “Pirates”. Sonnie: So it’s just asking to be stolen, right? Rachel: It IS called Pirates.
    Sonnie: Commandeered, as it were. Joe: Is there a place we can go like eat? Micaela: Yep.
    Rachel: There’s donuts! Rachel: I wonder if those girls have
    discovered the crabs yet. Sonnie: I don’t think so, otherwise
    they wouldn’t be in the water. Rachel: I mean, I want those girls to
    have a really great time today. But also, it would make my year if at some point when they walk
    out of the water they just start screaming. Joe: Oh! Oh! She found them, she found them! Rachel: Did she? Omg Rachel: Ope ope ope, lots of kids in the water. Rachel: Gonna wait. Boy: “Feet!!” Micaela: I’m gonna head over.
    Let’s go look at the donuts. Rachel: Yesss [totally indecipherable Japanese announcement] Rachel: It’s hard enough for me to understand
    announcements in English. Rachel: I can’t understand an echoing
    Japanese announcement. Jun (yelling): He’s going to make a great catch! Rachel: Okay! Rachel: Gonna make a great catch. [bird of prey screeches] [bird of prey SCREECHES LOUDER] Rachel: It’s okay! Try again! Micaela: Jesse! Micaela: What’s wrong? Jesse: It’s on camera! I get shy! Micaela: Oh, you’re not going get THAT! Micaela: Damn, Jun can throw. Rachel: He used to be a pitcher. Micaela: AHHHhhhh… Micaela: Ahhhh…
    Rachel: It’s his secret specialty. Rachel: Along with all of his other specialties. Micaela: Imagine if he was throwing knives. Rachel: That’s the next one. Jun: So are we going to get donuts?
    Everyone: Yes. Jun: Should we wait for Sonnie and Joe or just go? Rachel: Are they coming back?
    No, they’re still on the beach. Jun: Okay. Rachel: I didn’t show you what we’re watching today. Rachel: Lost World.
    Maybe the second one. Micaela: Luigans curry. Micaela: There’s nachos. Rachel: Ooooh! Well, no,
    they’re not usually good nachos. Rachel: Japan doesn’t do good nachos. Rachel: They don’t!
    Micaela: Okay. Rachel: Cinnamon maple… Rachel: It all looks amazing. Rachel: I might get a hot dog later. Rachel: Yeah, I want a donut now
    and maybe later I’ll get a hot dog. Jun: Do they have drinks here? Jun: Two maple cinnamon donuts, please. Worker: 2, okay. Rachel: This donut… does not look AS amazing as the photo. But lets give it a try. Joe: Is it covered in like mochi powder? Rachel: This one’s cinnamon maple. Not bad. Jun: That means this is very good
    for a lot of people. Rachel: The donut itself is dry. The glaze and flavoring is really good. Worker: Here’s your hot dog. Rachel: Hopefully this isn’t terrible. Jesse: An attempt was made. Rachel: Check out my $8 hot dog. Sonnie: How tf is that nachos? Rachel: I know. I mean, it’s Japan nachos. Rachel: They don’t know how to do this
    kind of stuff. Rachel: Micaela gave me a lime for my hot dog. Micaela: I don’t know, I thought maybe you
    would want some zest or something. Jesse: Might work. Rachel: This is like a $3 hot dog at most. Rachel: Definitely not worth $8. Micaela: Well, I don’t know-
    What hot dog is, really. Rachel: True. Micaela: If you’re paying more than $3 for
    a hot dog then you’re paying too much. Rachel: I’ll accept the cost as the price
    of watching this movie and fireworks. Rachel: They have started the commericals. [Japanese audience claps] Jun: Yay
    Rachel: Yaaay Rachel: I can’t clap; I’m holding the camera.
    Clap for me, Jun. Rachel: The movie’s starting. Joe: I couldn’t stretch my legs all the way out
    the entire time. Rachel: I can’t watch dinosaur movies
    as an adult. Micaela: Why? Rachel: I just feel sad. Even when
    the bad dinosaurs get hurt. Micaela: None of them are real. Rachel: I knoooow. But…
    I have feelings. Micaela: I think about the editing
    and like the sound artists. I imagine people like crunching a carrot
    close to a mic to get like the human noises and stuff. And I’m like “This is clever.” Rachel: The most enjoyable part of events is uhhh waiting in line to leave. All right. See you guys later [cheesy 90’s movie style zoom]

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    November 16, 2019

    Buenos Días Tangerineys! It is our
    final full day here in Playa del Carmen. Before we head out for breakfast we’re
    just enjoying some coffee at the hotel Which I find just delightful not having
    to make coffee in the morning, [Laughter] just having it be there. So we’ve bought our
    tickets for the ferry ride over to Cozumel. They are 420 pesos each and we’re riding in first class. And that’s for round-trip. So we’re on the UltraMar Ferry. The boat
    has one section downstairs that’s supposed to be for first class only but
    it’s not roped off or anything, so it seems like anyone just goes there and
    takes up all the seats. We did find a more exclusive spot that was roped off
    so we came upstairs. Now we have a table, nice seats, and more room! It’s great! I get seasick really easily so I was
    really nervous for this ride but I learned a trick put your finger right
    here on your wrist. It helped me so much! You’re welcome by the way. Oh. I was the
    person who told you that. Thank you! Alright, so we just showed up here in Cozumel. I honestly have no idea what’s on this island to do. Well, I’ve seen two stores so far, A Cartier store and a Rolex store, so hopefully it gets a little bit cheaper than that! [Laughter] Otherwise, we have to get right back on that boat! Yep, we’re going home. [Laughter] We’ve been on this island for
    approximately 15 minutes now and the vendors are a little bit outrageous.
    Don’t take no for an answer. I feel rude because I’m just like trying
    to stare at the ground and not make eye contact. What do you think this water?
    It’s pretty! I want to get in it, I’m hot! This looks so cool! Well, this place, their menu
    was totally in US Dollars and we asked for a menu in pesos and they didn’t
    have one. The margaritas were ridiculously expensive. We’re going to try to find somewhere else. We are now at Tequila Beach Club, in Cozumel. Cozumel. This is pretty nice! The day has been nothing short of aggravating up to this point.
    They tried to overcharge us at this previous restaurant that we went to
    adding other stuff on the bill. The margarita sucked and they still charged us for it even though I didn’t drink it. But So far this is going great! We have
    some nice chairs with the waves crashing in front of us. Something that looks like
    a play structure in the water which I’m definitely going to get in on! We might
    do some snorkeling, I want to do that for sure! The water feels so nice! How do you feel about the wristband
    though? We got the basic package which was 306 pesos per person to get in. And
    on it it says “exactly what you deserve – basic” Really guys? [Laughter] The drinks are a little
    over a hundred pesos a piece, but we have happy hour coming up from 4:00 to
    6:00 where they’ll be 2×1, so that’ll be nice! And the waves
    aren’t very big on this side of Cozumel and there’s no seaweed, which is awesome! So I’m excited to hang out for a bit! Yeah, me too! I’m taking it out. Okay, we made it up! I don’t get what this thing is. Pretzel? I don’t get it either. Now I’m going on to this really shaky
    platform, so I’m gonna have to put you guys away again. Okay, here we go. [Laughter] How does it feel to look like a huge dork? I don’t know why you have to put this on camera. [Laughter] I wanna go snorkeling! All right, let’s go! Before coming to Mexico I called up my
    friend who has a sunglass company. It’s these ones I’m wearing they’re SOL
    like I was like “Hey I need to buy a bunch of pairs of
    sunglasses from you.” Well-priced, they’re also good quality, great lenses. We’ll put a link in the description, use the code “tangerine” for a little bit of a special
    friend discount. I have been snorkeling for the past like,
    I don’t know, for probably like an hour and a half straight. I don’t think I’ve ever snorkeled
    before really, except for maybe the very first time I came to Mexico when I was
    like six. What we have behind us right now is one of the most beautiful sunsets
    I’ve ever seen in my life I think! Unfortunately, in Playa del Carmen you
    don’t get beach sunsets, you only get beach sunrises so you have to take the
    ferry on over here to Cozumel if you want a beach sunset. Man, is it worth it! Wow, yeah! I was super annoyed by all the vendors and all the people trying to
    scam us, and what seemed like gonna be another one terrible thing after another
    adding stuff onto the bill and stuff like that. However this Beach Club in
    particular I thought was very worth the money. We got a nice chair on the beach,
    we could snorkel, play on all this great equipment. The random beach playground over here, and all the snorkeling gear was included in the price of the entry
    fee. I could not believe how many tropical fish I saw! I’ve never in my
    life been like in the water with this many fish! And I saw a stingray, like a
    white stingray! And we may have seen a barracuda! You guys, this is the fish,
    correct us if we’re wrong. If that’s not a barracuda, I don’t know. I freaked out, I
    thought it was gonna like attack me [Laughter] Instead I attacked it. Well, I chased it. This was way too much fun! I would specifically come back to this beach
    club. I don’t know about any of the others, honestly. But this one is very
    close to the ferry in terms of the, I mean Cozumel’s is a big island! This one
    was only three kilometers away from the ferry. It cost us 70 pesos? 70 pesos cab ride – like a four-minute. With some negotiating involved there. But wow, this was our last day here, a great wrap up to this trip. I will be honest, Playa del Carmen is not on my
    list of places in Mexico that I will return to because of all the tourist
    traps, scammy things that happened. Playa del Carmen and Cozumel have a lot going for
    them but in our experience there were people trying to screw us over
    repeatedly. Restaurants adding stuff onto the bill, charging us a hundred and
    sixty pesos for glasses of water. Just stuff like that, one after another. It
    happened way too many times for it to be coincidence. And if you’re one of the
    people trying to screw tourists over, shame on you! Shame on you. Because this is the only time a lot of people, a lot of tourists see Mexico. And if this is their only
    experience, that’s going to be a put a pretty bad taste in their mouth for
    Mexico. I mean, you guys, Mexico has a bad reputation from the media anyway. So then
    you have people trying to screw tourists over just to get a few bucks. I mean that
    shitty! And that’s probably going to be their only Mexico experience ever
    because they’ll be like “I’m never coming back!” We’ve had so many great experiences in Mexico, it’s a shame to come here and see one place trying to screw you after
    another. Mexico is a beautiful place, a wonderful place with many wonderful,
    generous, honest people, but this is not a good representation of that! Enough of this rant! This is not a drill! We’re trying to make the boat! This is seriously not, the ferry leaves in like two minutes! The tickets. Oh my gosh, by some miracle we made it! We had to hurry, but I’m glad we
    didn’t have to wait another hour! Buenos Días! We are on the ADO bus headed to the Cancun Airport now. This is way to go! Air conditioning is really nice. I think it’s gonna take like an hour and a half to
    get there. The tickets were how much? 198 pesos each. Much less expensive than our 1400 peso cab ride
    here. Plus tip. Plus tip. We are inside the airport now. It was a really smooth bus ride. This
    trip has been a lot of fun but I’m not gonna lie, I’m super exhausted and I just
    want to be back. So we’re on the plane now. It ended up
    being delayed by four hours because of the hurricane that’s going on and various
    weather conditions across the country. It’s weirdly foggy on this plane right now, like steamy with the air-conditioning. I’ve never seen anything like this before. (Over the speaker) “If you have any questions, please let us know. Thank you for your attention and enjoy the flight.” Alrighty, so we are back at the
    Guadalajara Airport. A safe flight. Reflecting on our first time with a
    Mexican airline, I’d say this particular airline wasn’t… Ugg, this guy with a whistle! The Uber’s right here. Oh. One moment please! Alrighty, so we just arrived back in Ajijic. We were gonna record something in the cab but we actually ended up getting into
    some really nice conversation in Spanish and so we always like to take that
    practice. Now, we are hopping in the car and going to get Laska. So we were going
    to tell you guys what we thought about the airline Volaris. I would say that it
    wasn’t like a terrible experience like we’d never do it again, but we’re
    definitely gonna want to try Interjet. Because a lot of people recommended that one. Yeah, I mean, I think our Volaris experience is better than our Viva Aerobus experience because that company canceled our flight without any
    notification whatsoever. Seats were less than desirably comfortable. My butt is so
    sore! My ass is like super sore from sitting in those like non padded seats.
    I’m a little pissed that because of the weight thing that they have we had to
    pay 500 pesos extra, but as you pointed out, they are very upfront about that so
    it’s not like a sneaky charge that they try to add on there. But it’s still kind
    of irritating because we could have just paid that extra money and gone with a
    nicer airline, so that’s just what we’re gonna do next time. Hi there! Oh, hi! [Laughter] Have you been having lots of fun with Laska? Wanna give me some kisses? Thank you! Laska! Oh, hi! Wahh! Okay, hi! Oh wow, this is the quietest you’ve ever
    been when we picked you up! She’s like “hey they’re mine!” Oh hi! Thanks fo the kiss! Well you look happy! If you liked this video, give it a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel so you
    see more videos that we have coming up! But one more thing GONG THAT BELL! So you get notified when we put out these new videos and we’ll see you there! [Laughter]

    Trip to Puuveneen Vuoksi 2019, Lake Saimaa Wooden Boat Meet pt. 1 – Tyrsky Ep. 41
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    Trip to Puuveneen Vuoksi 2019, Lake Saimaa Wooden Boat Meet pt. 1 – Tyrsky Ep. 41

    October 18, 2019

    hello and welcome to another episode of Tyrsky
    on this episode I’m gonna travel into the wooden boat meeting as I
    did last year Puuveneen Vuoksi, it is now Wednesday evening it’s quite late well relatively late but after
    10:00 in the evening and I mean I’m at Liittokivenselkä, that’s Liittokivi over there I left my home home Harbor something
    like two and a half hours ago and I am going into Värrätsaari island which
    is over there and I’m gonna spend the night over there
    so uh welcome welcome welcome to follow my trip into town of Joutseno, Puuvenen Vuoksi
    event is over there this year and before I head to Joutseno we’re gonna
    meet with some of the boaters in Satamosaari Island quite near Joutseno it’s quite pretty over here. Or
    it’s very pretty over here it’s a nice evening it’s the lake is calm and it’s
    relatively warm and seems like it gets warmer through the weekend so it’s good
    to be here right now but yeah that’s it I’m gonna show you
    – evening shots and then I’m gonna hit the sack and see you tomorrow say hello to Värrätsaari island I can’t make up my mind where i want to park I choose that one I don’t have to take
    my socks off if it’s not too warm anymore so here I am you still take the rowboat
    over there but otherwise I’m pretty much done for the day it’s quiet not a single sound why don’t
    ii I’m gonna turn off the stabilizer and the autofocus so no no you can hear it
    too absolutely nothing so a very good morning I just woke up
    here in Värrätsaari had some breakfast and the weather is really nice there
    haven’t been many of this sunny and warm days this summer but now it seems like
    like it’s gonna be a bit warmer for the next week or so so um yeah I just had my
    breakfast and uh as much as I would like to stay in here in Värrätsaari it’s nice and calm here and nobody else around but I need to I need to go
    I’m heading to Satamosaari Island next is some 40 50 kilometres that way and
    it’s a good weather for driving it’s not too windy so it’s nice and calm to do go
    there we will stay like this also so yeah
    that’s it I’m gonna I’m gonna go on I will probably waster one better precious
    battery of mine to create a time-lapse out of them driving they’re so into the
    time so we are here in Satamosaari is nearby
    Joutseno that we are going tomorrow there’s already 10 wooden boats over
    here starting from there into the end of this peer over here quite a lot of boats here
    and uh there was some light rain showers during the trip here you might notice
    them by small moments in the in in the time-lapse before where I took the
    camera inside but yeah nothing major it was quite nice trip here so no it’s just
    hanging around with wooden boat people for this evening and maybe some sound on
    good food yeah that’s it and I’m gonna give you a small tour here
    in Satamosaari also but I’m gonna eat first so a little draw around the island this isn’t that great
    Big Island at all that’s that little they behind me where we are moored place
    it for something like 20 25 30 boats there’s a sauna real for us all that
    stuff it’s quite near near to the Lappeenranta and Imatra and your
    Joutseno so this what a lot of boats also over here so exactly one of my favorite
    places of course this is the first time around here but yeah I like
    I like my privacy more but it looks like a quite nice place so uh I’m gonna walk
    around the island and uh I’m gonna hook you up if I see anything interesting so in the daytime I came from somewhere
    over there I believe Puumala parrish
    some 50 kilometers that way and Värrät- saari where are left is some 50
    kilometres that way Lappeenranta somewhere over there
    behind me and obviously we’re in in the East and parts of the greater Saimaa of
    this not too long way to the border Finnish Russian border maybe 10 15
    kilometers maybe 20 yeah well yeah it’s a pretty place over here
    I believe that sunset today is going to be pretty awesome because the clouds are
    clouds going away hopefully and we’re gonna get them like later in the yep
    it’s pretty and this also this small one bigger
    reaches or way over there I’m uh I believe that this is also part of the
    well I don’t believe well it is part of the Salpausselkä bar ridge is it could it be the
    second Salpausselkä that has formed ha after or during the
    ice ages which separates the sea from the lake Saimaa and also the lake Saimaa
    from the lake Päijänne so they they are quite big ridges across Finland yeah
    this is part of that the area also that’s a stove for a soda just needs
    tent so we are no only I believe this is the southern tip of the island I believe that’s Imatra over there
    smoke out of the factory pipes over there I believe thats Kaukopää over there Joutseno and Lappeenranta you probably cant see but yeah it’s a nice
    beach not a “beach” beach got this small pebble all the way
    but its pretty so there’s our boats
    that’s one pier there’s another one there
    you’re swimming or a dock and there’s more spots for boats quite a lot
    of them in here that’s the entrance to the bay and again
    our boats are over there and the other pier is over there and I’m not sure but
    is there to saunas in here one over there one over there I’m not sure that sure
    looks like a sauna I’m gonna have to go there and check it out there’s a map for
    the island so our boats over there right now over
    here by these these boats over here and yes indeed this one sauna out there and
    one sauna over there hmm and on a larger scale map Satamosaari island
    is over there and that’s the distance I traveled today I started from there
    from there to there and tomorrow we are heading over there so
    that’s not too big of a distance over there yep like that and of course
    firewood and it’s not cats this is ona quite heavy used so there’s
    lots of those over there and toilets of course so that was a
    small tour of the Satamosaari Island over and no it is quite
    well-equipped if you can say so Island there’s lots of spots for boats and of
    course there’s lots of barbecue places Saunas toilets everything everything this
    this seems like a p lace for a lots of people are at the same time so if you
    like that dude I necessarily don’t like it I just don’t but uh it’s a nice place
    it’s a nice place you

    Norfolk Broads: Trees, Leaks & Epoxy – Boat Vlog Ep 75
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    Norfolk Broads: Trees, Leaks & Epoxy – Boat Vlog Ep 75

    September 11, 2019

    well what do you know it’s snowing yes
    cold tonight oh how exciting winter boating snowing
    freezing your nuts off this is fantastic got a parcel how’s that shop frontage
    hey we gotta get out of there now some frozen and muddy and last time you saw
    one of those tree what they say about life having no mercy moment I need
    moment I leave Sun comes out it’s lovely and more I’ve just been freezing since
    Friday there you go got the good east so we’re gonna have a little trip down to buxom get showered up and then we’re
    going down to Barton broad put my mouse tough thing that’s why they call it
    cracked Miller so I’ve been told I mentioned in one of my videos I’m
    stuck on the other side of the bridges floods about trees coming down so you
    can see this one here it’s quite a common sight actually but you really
    wouldn’t want to be in your eye when that happens not at all not at all some ol bucket is more up down there oh you gotta watch out for these cheese
    man I don’t know I pawned the water that goes to find out hey have you gone
    through one problem that’s how I changed them with the very sound of water not
    the middle of the winter I can assure you not good it was so windy the other
    night every night unaware he came for just sunny turned up a tow and
    knew like crazy and then it’s gone and even myself down in the town I pulled
    out blue tarp a tree there’s no real solution for it really because these
    trees up here I forget most of our now but did you see they grow like weeds and the ground just lifts up like carpet so
    it’s not going thing I mean if it wasn’t for brought authority and the
    Environment Agency or whoever is responsible for digging them how this
    river would come to a standstill put it down quickly and once the river stopped flowing then
    it starts flooding everywhere so it’s a crucial it should brew shall bit of
    river this to keep clear and it’s not only about navigation when flooding if
    you can see that little Robin dispensary I want to beautiful day to be on the
    roads but you often wild Lauren’s but as a
    perfect example that’s a big-ass tree as well perfect
    example of why Maureen excellent sweets there’s not such a great idea there’s another one there all of their
    aware if you you learn be careful sure awesome vehicle pump
    these out there okay here is your urgent report there
    isn’t there’s enough loss bone snapping the
    tree see I’ve never seen this anywhere before mmm that looks a bit more like it
    that’s going in the furling the further these are the compression fittings the
    wedges no sorry let me start that again these are the wedges that go in the
    compression fittings someone called stay lock so I’m gonna
    called Norseman and this son called hi Maude which I like because they separate
    the strands better but there seem to be a lot more expensive this is 20 quid
    worth here believe it or not so you know bursting certainly isn’t cheap but once
    these are done if they’re done properly they’re supposed to be stronger than the
    actual rope itself can’t quite figure how that works from the ego so we’re
    getting there and now we just need a day like today
    now we can start get it all put back together yeah if you look familiar with
    these it’s pronounced stay on the right side of winter now I wonder if you can
    see their rainbow one of those lovely winter days today
    and it’s come right after very wet previous day so I know I’ve got a leak
    so I’ve got my hatch apart take the wood off I’m gonna get a brand new piece in
    there I’m gonna pops you the hell out of it make sure this baby is there’s
    nothing more irritating and having a leak on a boat especially in the winter
    one is tricky to fix you know nothing will go off and set misses a day like
    this but also the fact that I’ve come to realize that when you have a leak on the
    boat it can actually ruin your boat you can do so much damage you can destroy
    your bulkheads ultimately so we’re quite anal when it comes to leaks now that’s
    just a tip and I’m gonna get it fixed so lovely sunny day we’re busy I’m working
    on the boat I wonder if you can see that seeing on the hatch that’s right where’s
    gonna drop down done what we can do cordelia rigging at the moment so we’re
    going the library work on the forum so over today and I hope it’s nice and
    sunny where you are this hatch is in the process of being restored that’s why it
    looks like it’s all being bleached and you know it does it’s actually beatboxing up in nice and sexy it’s
    windy as hell folks the weather but it’s not all doom and gloom because if you
    hadn’t chucked down I wouldn’t have discovered a leak here looking a bit
    messy at the moment but this is the early stages here I built up some layers
    of marine fly here and there all the process of being a pop seed and the idea
    is and the water comes down here to stop it from getting too far down years ago a
    hole in the to the wood that’s in here all right
    keepers trouble for tonight I think nearly there
    almost water type very pleased with that it’s nice for job comes together right
    come in the market for a new jib or a couple of spare ones I’ve had a quote
    for new jib and it ranges anywhere from about 800 to
    1,200 pounds so costly that happening for a while I can see online you can buy
    secondhand ones I thought might be best to go online and ask us somebody watch
    it might know somewhere what’s got to be 13 what’s the longest bit enough with
    the leech I think the laugh is 35 inches 28 30 yes
    the foot is 13 the Meech is 28 and the left/right interested and it makes perfect sense
    almost well it’s very moral early evening but I decided because it’s the
    end of the week I want to go out on the broad have some peace and serenity
    tonight find it a little bit difficult trying to get stuff done on the boat
    when I’m on the war into this high temperatures all day the people walking
    past and the minute sunny turn into hours of the next thing you know you
    spent about three hours talking to people and I do a lot of in the summer
    thing is I’m doing so I thought maybe if I come out here I live here to get
    something down but we’re making progress we’re getting some stuff done so I’m
    quite chuffed and yeah we have a nice night on the corner and shut up so happy
    days I will say there’s some chap who watches these videos I think he said
    he’s an appellate of Australia and I’m pretty sure he saves in the forties out
    there at the moment that’s really nice to hear because before the booze in my
    cabin last night so thanks for those comments they really help
    but seriously this is great this is wonderful it’s nobody a peaceful anybody
    wants me Wow broad tonight over now good week tonight you can see do the tight squeeze
    getting in here how’s that so let’s get the Kevlar its upload a video okay so
    I’m gonna sign out for this week because I’m really not gonna get anything done
    today however stay tuned thank you for
    watching and thanks again to my viewers subscribers patrons on patreon and if
    you like the videos make sure you subscribe like and all that sort of jazz
    and if you don’t what I like to subscribe just turn them on when you’re
    ready cuz they’ll be going up every week so that’s me for today so I’m gonna sign
    out and see you next week

    Norfolk Broads: The Beast From The East – Boat Vlog Ep 80
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    Norfolk Broads: The Beast From The East – Boat Vlog Ep 80

    September 11, 2019

    You can feel it now in the air like that
    horrible icy feeling to it I’m in two minds whether to stay here the another
    night or move because I’ve got a strong feeling that tomorrow I’m gonna be
    frozen in so if I’m gonna be frozen in do I be here or do I be around the
    corner tricky decision to share that sunset I decided to move because there is some
    freezing coming gonna freeze and I’m stuck down here
    there’s no shops it’s not evenly deals at the moment so we go to the next place
    we stop by the supermarket it’s definitely going to free I’m not going
    to put the boat through the ice again this is coming out a couple monthly
    amount of damage didn’t ask it so how’s that for a beautiful beautiful sunset
    see this is what the winter is all about it is as I can show you can appreciate
    bloody freezing but it’s just so worth it on a day like today credible I love it I love it probably
    did this for years though I’m almost and alright just is awesome
    I know it’s not for everybody but I think even tower by the tone of my voice
    just how much I’ve enjoyed this this is what it’s all about it’s incredible
    I love it beautiful if you’re wondering why I enjoy this so
    much is because when you first come out of your comfort zone initially it’s a
    shock and it could be traumatic to some people but after a while it becomes
    invigorating be grating because you feel alive you know you may think old cold
    hands and stuff like that isn’t very pleasant it isn’t very pleasant but
    that’s the whole point you can’t have pleasure without pain so when you have
    days like today where it’s freezing cold and it’s snowing you you counter-effect
    you like today I’m working inside the boat and I’m keeping busy and I’m
    soaring and I’m drilling and bla bla bla bla and I’m not feeling it at all but my
    face is cold my hands are cold and in a funny sort of way it’s exciting it’s you
    feel alive and this is what it’s all about this is why we do it
    now obviously I’m on the Norfolk Broads if I was at sea now I probably freeze to
    death so there are some advantages to being on inland waterways I’m moving the
    boat now from one location to another would be a bit painful but there are
    moments when you just feel absolutely totally at home and at harmony with what
    you’re doing and it’s moments like this that you you know if you’re laying on
    your deathbed it’d be times like this that you think about you’d want to go
    stand in the rain one last time when it’s chucking down in a storm you know
    it just reminds you of what it’s like to be alive and you know we’re not here
    forever so this is why we do it you do it because we love it you do it because
    we enjoy being alive if I wasn’t doing this I would probably be sat at my
    computer at home with the radiators on full blast mind-numbing TV going on in
    the background and I’d be slowly convincing myself right must do this
    must do this must do this must do this got to pay the bills got to pay the
    bills bollocks and it’s a good I Sonya
    Australia well as you can see the beast from the east anyway as you can see it’s
    all frozen maybe where we’re going anywhere
    fact I believe it’s gonna get colder now for a few more days so it’s probably
    gonna get worse I should probably get some more coal I think fortunately for
    me I have a supermarket around the corner and I can get diesel just there
    so well then enjoy it while it’s here I don’t really know what more to say
    really rather then it’s cold in Norfolk