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    How to Add an LED Navigation Light to the Bow of Your Boat | BoatUS
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    How to Add an LED Navigation Light to the Bow of Your Boat | BoatUS

    August 18, 2019

    Do any boating at night or in poor visibility,
    you’ve really got to have good navigation lights This boat is somewhat old, and we’ve got cracked
    and crazed lenses on this, and this light really isn’t up to snuff, so we’re going to replace it. Things have moved on a bit since this light
    was fitted. I’m going to fit a modern LED light. If you look in here you can see there’s an
    LED array. There’s no bulb to blow. It’s almost a fit and forget item. Some people might think that you can just
    replace the existing bulb in this light with an LED light, but that you can’t do because
    it’s unlikely to comply with the U.S. Coast Guard regulations. A navigation light has to have 2-mile visibility. Just replacing the bulb isn’t going to work. You’ve really got to replace the whole fitting. So before I actually start doing any electrical
    work, I’m going to make sure that the battery is switched off. I’ve previously turned that off, so now I
    can go ahead and remove the old light. So, I’ve removed the old light, I’ve cut the
    cables. Here’s the new light. I’m just going to connect it up now. I’ve made one connection for the negative. I’m going to make up the positive connection
    now. So, with the two connections made, now what
    I’m going to do is feed them back down below the deck and then mount the lamp in position. Place the new light on the boat. I’ve drilled the holes for the screws, and
    now I’m going to put in the first screw. The first screw goes through the center of
    the light so that I can screw that down onto the boat, and then we can make sure the light
    is directly fore and aft so that we’re not showing the wrong sectors. I’ve lined it up and I’m just putting in the
    final screw now. I want it to be tight but not too tight. We don’t want to crack the casing. And then with that, we can snap the cover
    on. So there you have it. The project took me about half an hour, I
    got rid of the old junky light, replaced it with a new LED light. I never have to worry about replacing the
    bulbs ever again. Looks good, looks classy. Looking forward to using the boat. We’ll see you on the water.

    How to Pick the Right Fishing Boat | Saltwater Fishing
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    How to Pick the Right Fishing Boat | Saltwater Fishing

    August 18, 2019

    “Hi, my name is Captain Layne Wagner of Hawk
    One Charters. I’ve been a captain for over 40 years. I’ve fished all over the world and now I’m
    up here in Long Island, New York. You can find me online at Hawk One Charters, I’ll be talking to you today about saltwater
    fishing. The saltwater fishing there are three basic
    boats that I’m gonna discuss right now. One is an inshore, bay flats boat, one is
    an offshore, near shore fishing boat and one is a deep sea fishing boat. Now these boats can be interchangeable, but
    they each have their specific use. The inshore bay flats boat goes in shore,
    shallow water fishing, back bays. Then there’s the near off shore which goes
    in deeper water, it’s a little larger, a little stouter a little sturdier, able to take rougher
    water. Then you have your deep sea boat, thirty or
    more feet, tuna, sail fish, sword fish, deep sea fish. So that’s the basic three types of boats there
    are. ”

    How to Sail – SH Pontoon Launch: Part 2 of 4: Launching Common Mistakes & Key Learning Points
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    How to Sail – SH Pontoon Launch: Part 2 of 4: Launching Common Mistakes & Key Learning Points

    August 18, 2019

    Tying the boat to the pontoon broadside to
    the wind, this will make it difficult to hoist the sails as the boat won’t be lying head
    to wind. Tying an unsuitable knot. The boat could either
    break free and float away, or the knot could be difficult to untie. Key learning points for launching Understand where the wind is blowing from,
    and how that affects where you need to position your boat on the pontoon. Only use the downwind or leeward side of the
    pontoon. Look out for slip or trip hazards on the slipway
    prior to launching. Secure the boat to the pontoon itself with
    a suitable knot. Try to be as close as possible to the end
    of the pontoon. When manoeuvring your boat be careful not
    to trap your fingers between the side of the boat and the pontoon. When stepping into the boat make sure you
    are as close as you can be to the centreline. Never step on the side tanks as the boat could
    tip over. Sail away from the pontoon on a close reach
    point of sailing.

    How to Clean a Sailboat : How to Clean a Sailboat Engine
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    How to Clean a Sailboat : How to Clean a Sailboat Engine

    August 18, 2019

    Hi, I’m Ches Rainier, welcome to Expert Village.
    Today we’re going to be talking about some techniques used to clean a fiberglass boat.
    So one thing you really want to have is a clean engine compartment. You want to get
    rid of all, any grease from when you changed the oil, and any diesel fuel that may have
    spilled on your diesel engine. If you have a clean engine, it really helps you spot problems
    early with a fuel system or oil leaks before it becomes a big problem, because you don’t
    want to pollute the marine environment. So, if you’ve got a clean area, then you know
    if any oil’s dripping out. I like to use Simple Green. It works pretty well; it’s a good degreaser.
    Just squirt a little Simple Green on the engine and then wipe it clean.

    Floating Tiny Cabin is Perfect for Glamping on the Water
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    Floating Tiny Cabin is Perfect for Glamping on the Water

    August 18, 2019

    >>MAT: Hey everyone in this video we’re gonna
    take a look at this extremely minimalist floating micro cabin. It was all built
    with locally milled timber it has a metal sloping roof and it was also built
    on pontoons that allow the cabin to be in the water year-round because they’re
    designed to freeze into the ice. The floating cabin was designed by our
    friend Bonnie and the idea behind this was to create a really simple space
    where people could come and enjoy nature and the water and experience spending
    time in a space with just the basic necessities. And so she calls it The
    River Zen. We actually met Bonnie two years ago when she gave us a tour of her
    incredible houseboat and now she’s just finished working on this project and
    she’s going to show us around. [Inspiring Music Playing] So welcome to The River Zen, this is my
    new boat. [Taps Gong] Come on in. This boat is a lot smaller
    than The River Den, those of you know The River Den. It’s a 8′ by 10′ cabin. This is
    it, what you see is what you get! So it’s a small space it’s really designed for
    for someone who wants to be on retreat or just spend the night here. It’s fully
    insulated, it has four four inches of foam insulation on the floor, and the
    roof, and all the walls. The framing is done in a post and beam structure and
    all the framing and the rafters are cedar, rough cedar, and the trim is
    douglas fir, the floor is cherry, and all the wall is pine tongue and groove
    with a special oil that I used for finishing, it has citrus in it, it’s
    a natural oil and so that was really… it smelled really good. And all these
    shelves are live-edge cedar as well. The wood all came from the sawmill up in
    Lac Ste. Marie where I work, yeah so these are 2 inch cedar rafters and they
    were…it was like a curved tree that was milled, and an amazing builder
    helped me put the structure of this together and then I did a lot of the finishing work with my friends. [Ambient water sounds from the river] When I was designing the
    layout of the furniture, it was a… kind of a bit of a puzzle to figure out
    how we were gonna make a bed that was gonna be like retractable and all these
    special features. When I closed my eyes and imagined the perfect space
    there was nothing in it, so I was like Okay well this is my project and I can do
    whatever I want so I decided to make it a minimalist space and have the least
    amount of stuff possible. And it’s also an experience for someone to go
    stay somewhere where there’s not a bunch of stuff I think people are seeking that
    out more and more and they want to live more simply so this is an opportunity
    this is a place where they can have a little taste of that and see what they
    really need actually. So there’s a few shelves pretty much there’s not much in
    here there’s a few towels and blankets. This is a propane heater so it’s a
    direct vent propane furnace and it’s super easy to light, I have two propane
    tanks on the back with a double regulator so when one tank runs out it
    just switches to the other tank I have a special little table feature
    here that I custom-built. The people I was working with on the
    boat they really wanted to have a table and chairs and I was like, no I want to
    sit on the ground, we need to sit on the ground. So this is the little table
    design for that. The leg comes out and then it just hooks up. So during the daytime there can be these…
    these are Thai yoga massage mats. They’re really comfy. So these mats can be out and then at nighttime the table can go up and the mattress is just bungee strapped
    to the wall and it comes down. The bed is just like with a bungee system so there’s just screws and hooks with two bungees and then it’s just…
    it’s just a four inch foam so it’s really…it’s really comfy. It’s a dense
    foam. I’ve slept in here lots and I find it so comfortable. [Ambient Electronic Music Playing] It’s completely off
    grid, there’s no electricity or solar there’s this like little solar lights,
    there’s a little gas stove to cook outside with a butane fuel.
    There’s just battery-operated lights and some solar lights but that’s about it
    there’s there’s no running water either it’s completely off grid. So it is quite
    a challenge to stay here for a couple days like one night it’s pretty cool, you
    know people go to restaurants, but if you stay here a couple days you really
    get a taste of what it’s like to live without power and all these amenities
    that we’re used to. Here we just have a custom shelf and this is a little kind of pirate chest custom thing that I made. This is my first box. So in here there’s utensils and this is
    the little gas stove. It’s not the best setup to have dishes outside because there’s animals and stuff but for now, it is what it is, and it
    might be that I build something inside to store dishes and have a little
    cooking station for the winter. This is the bathroom, the way we’re using this sawdust composting system is that there’s one
    bucket for liquids, so pee in one bucket and one bucket for solids with a bag and
    sawdust. So poo and toilet paper goes in the bag with sawdust and that’s
    composted and then the pee we bring it and we flush it down the toilet.
    Something I haven’t finished yet is putting a canvas over here so that’s
    like a curtain so it deflects the wind and the rain and the snow in the winter. Inside of the cabin is 8′ by 10′ and then there’s 6′ of deck that’s
    covered by the roof and then there’s 2.5′ on each side to walk around
    which the overhang pretty much protects. This is an extra floating dock
    that I’ve tied on to the front it’s just uh it’s just an extra deck space and
    it’ll stay here all winter long, too. It’s a real dream come true to be able to do this. I feel so lucky to be in a position
    where I can conceive an idea, and then work with people to bring it to life, and then offer it for rent and invite people to stay here. It’s such an amazing feeling…yeah I feel
    really lucky. [Music Playing]>>MAT: I hope you enjoyed this video.
    If you want to check out this boat we’ll put a link to it in the description of the video.
    If you want to see more alternative living stories and spaces, subscribe to our
    channel, we post a new video every single week.
    Thanks for watching, see you next time.

    Boat in distress–turns out it was stolen
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    Boat in distress–turns out it was stolen

    August 18, 2019


    Security on Sailboats – Sailboat Burglar Alarms DIY (Theft Defense) Patrick Childress Sailing #10
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    Security on Sailboats – Sailboat Burglar Alarms DIY (Theft Defense) Patrick Childress Sailing #10

    August 18, 2019

    years ago we had just dropped anchor in
    the capital of a coral atoll we were there to leave our sailboat Brickhouse
    for two months while we came back to the US the problem is we had just heard that
    eight other boats cruising boats had recently been broken into so what to do
    we had to set up deterrence one thing that we do on a daily basis anyway is to
    leave sandals on the side deck that always makes it look like somebody’s at
    home and if something decided to take these sandals they can have them that’s
    a donation the other thing is to hang laundry up as though it’s drying the
    third thing that we did was to leave a bright LED light burning inside the
    cabin as though somebody’s home it would be burning all 24 hours a day but those
    lights use as much energy is probably the ship’s cat Lily right Lily hey hey
    wake up the fourth thing that we did the fourth thing that we did was turn let’s
    turn on the stereo oh hey quick bite my foot we turned it on to the local
    station and turn the volume way up so you could hear it well off of the boat I
    mean doesn’t everybody turn their stereo off and they leave the boat so at least
    it made it sound like somebody was at home on the stern arch we have a
    360-degree anchor light and when we left to return to the US we had removed the
    cockpit awning so that this light not only spread across the boat but also
    into the cockpit along with this photosensitive light actually
    unfortunately these aren’t available anymore the company went out of business
    light underneath the shines down into the cockpit so at night the boat was
    well illuminated we left this anchor light on and the one at the top of the
    mast they use such little energy that the
    solar panels had no problem at all keeping up with the energy demands of
    these anchor lights and the stereo running 24 hours a day so when we went
    away we took off our heavy locks and put on these little luggage locks other
    boats that were broken into were pry bar depart they destroyed the forward
    hatches lifting them up so that the dogs were broken and so we figured if
    somebody’s gonna break into this boat I want to slow them down but I don’t want
    them tearing the boat apart so we’ve just put on these little luggage locks
    not only on the main hatch but on the two cockpit lockers fortunately we never
    had a problem they never got that far to start breaking in they figured that they
    were going to just lift up the dinging these people were experienced they’d
    broken into at least eight boats they could lift up the dinghy and they knew
    the hatch underneath would be open for ventilation and that’s what stopped them that even hurts my ears
    but I’m just finishing up the installation of this alarm I’ll mount it
    up here somehow and put an awning over it to help keep the water off this is
    replacing this alarm which was mounted higher up just below the radar dome and
    that alarm saved us they kept burglars off of our boat scared the heck out of
    me but this is the material just some Sunbrella that I just draped over it I
    think you know it doesn’t look factory finished and that’s for the better it’s
    nice and camouflaged it’ll help to shed the water away from the horn even though
    that horn is supposed to be waterproof they never last that long so we’re good
    to go on that one this is the mousetrap that protected
    brick house from the biggest rats the thieves that were trying to break into
    our boat you can see here there is an electric line attached to the wood part
    of the trap and another connecting line which is soldered to the wire frame when
    that trap is tripped it closes makes the connection and sounds off the alarm we
    had three of these one was in the Ford peak and the trip line right here was
    attached to the hatch in case that was opened we had another one set in the
    main saloon and the trip line would go up through the main hatch and attach to
    the handle of the dinghy which was turned upside down and stowed there then
    we had this one in the aft just sitting on the companionway steps and this line
    went up and attached to a screw in the upper slat so somebody pulled it would
    set off the trap me alarm would go off the alarm was so loud and woke up the
    whole Anchorage the waterfront and another a mooring area about a mile
    north all of those boats heard it 20 of the thieves jumped in the water our
    cruising friends jumped in their dinghy at 2:30 in the morning and the guys
    disappeared but in any case our boat was saved this is our latest burglar alarm
    this is a hundred and ten decibel alarm it’s powered by a 9-volt battery that
    sits in this case here it’s very effective very loud this is the trip
    mechanism pull that makes the contact of those two screws and it’ll scare the
    heck out of any thief I’ll set this up in the top of the Coach roof hook this
    in somewhere put a rag over it this stretches across to the lifeline or any
    place else that a thief might go when he passes through it sounds such a big
    alarm it’ll scare the sandals off of them too often when you go to a store to
    buy some kind of burglar alarm those things aren’t any louder than a
    frightened canary these are effective one problem is soldering these wires
    onto the top of that screw it’s very difficult I end up melting half the time
    the whole clothes pin assembly and I have to start all over again a better
    way is to just go ahead and put your screws in make them adjust long enough
    so you can put a nut on the top put ring terminals on the end of your wires and
    you’re done except for of course all of the hot gluing of the rest of the parts
    well hopefully some of these idea will help to protect your own boat while
    you’re out cruising if so please give us a thumbs up and a subscribe and we hope
    to see you soon

    2016 Bennington 21 SLX
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    2016 Bennington 21 SLX

    August 18, 2019

    Last January during boat show season Yamaha
    introduced a new line of VMAX SHO outboards, so this week on Power Profile, we finally
    have an opportunity to test Yamaha’s new VF150 VMAX SHO on this Bennington 21 SLX. The Bennington
    SLX is an attractive pontoon decked out in Regatta Blue with Smokey Granite accents.
    The layou is classic, with two radius lounges forward and a wrap-around port side lounge
    with table aft. The aft sun pad lifts revealing a massive storage area. The upholstery, Java
    Soft-Touch, is elegant and should prove to be durable. At the helm the optional G-series
    reclining captain’s chair has twin arm rests and is adjustable and quite comfortable. The
    helm console is stylish and well equipped with great space for safety gear. Powering
    the Bennington was Yamaha’s all new VMAX SHO 150 X-shaft. This new model sports a 5 inch
    longer 25 inch shaft making it ideal for pontoons or multi-species fish boats. The VMAX 150
    is a 2.8L inline four cylinder that is compact and light weight, tipping the scales 222 kg
    or 489 lbs. When Yamaha started the development of their new VF150 VMAX SHO they set themselves
    some really solid benchmarks. They were looking for a motor that was quieter, smoother, more
    fuel efficient, had a better hole shot, and solid mid-range acceleration and high top
    speed. So let’s head out on the water and see if they’ve been able to address all of
    those goals. Lightly loaded, the Yamaha VMAX had the 2385 pound SLX up and running with
    only part throttle. At cruising speeds the VMAX 150 SHO was smooth and quite, aided by
    the engine’s counter balance shafts. At a cruise setting of 4,000 rpm, running at 25.1
    mph, the sound level was a very respectable 84 dB at the helm. The 150 employs variable
    cam shaft timing, or vct on the intake cam shaft to increase power and throttle response
    at low and mid range rpm. As promised the hole shot, 20mph, clocked in at 5.5 seconds
    and 7.6 seconds to 30. Mid range acceleration was excellent with the VMAX 150 SHO powering
    the Bennington from 20-30 mph in 4.5 seconds. Upgraded to the sports performance package
    the 21 SLX has triple 25 inch tubes, with lifting strakes, performance foils on the
    outer tubes, under deck wave shield and Seastar hydraulic steering. It’s an affordable package
    that offers improved performance, handling, and effortless steering control. Our test
    platform for the Yamaha VF150 VMAX SHO has been this Bennington 21 SLX triple pontoon.
    Excellent match up between the engine and the pontoon. We’ve had great acceleration
    numbers from 0-20 and 0-30 and very impressive mid range 20-30 mph acceleration runs. Overall
    you can tell the engine is very smooth, very quiet, we’re sitting here at idle and it just
    purrs away. So whatever boat you’re looking to purchase or to re-power, this is an engine
    that Yamaha’s done a first class job with that you really should be looking at.

    Boating in Singapore – Kairos Boats
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    Boating in Singapore – Kairos Boats

    August 18, 2019

    It’s more for my family and also for some of my business friends, you know, when they come by. This is
    a boat that has a huge fly bridge. That means, on top of the
    boat itself, you can sit 10 person comfortably. If you look at the lower saloon itself, there are
    two rooms. One V-berth as well as two bedrooms on the other side. In terms of having all this space we have also put in a LED TV and karaoke for the kids to sing and on the top, I’ve got my fly bridge where I can do
    a lot of entertainment up there. This boat carries three water toys. Basically the kayak boat, the sit on-top kayak boat as well as an
    inflatable surfboard so my kids can enjoy. When we go boating, when we reach
    our place of destination. All these toys are down and my friends enjoy or my family enjoy these water toys you see.

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    August 18, 2019

    All we wanted was to go out as a family and enjoy my dad’s first boat But as you can see from this intro, it went horribly wrong at some point So let’s go back to the beginning so you can have a bit more context. time to take a deuce help someone call 911 for what Martin look! I found the perfect—- For what? To open up the lake? *gasp* that’s what I was thinking! Wait, what did he say? bruh I need to read the bible you shall not pass b r u h Six and a half hours later Aye aye captain *something* despacito despacito despacito *titanic music with a horrid flute* How do you feel? How do I do it? this is stiff AHHHHHHH ♫ catch the rains down in africa ♫ africa by toto Little did I know that the rains in Africa, as told by Toto in this song, was actually a foreshadowing of the rains that were to fall upon us in the following moments dude, it’s gonna rain And the rain is right there, we’re gonna go right into it. Oh my gosh. this is our few last hours I was trying to be emotional dad Alright mates, this is called Storm Hunters, alright. So what we got here, we out here in the Atlantic ocean (no we’re not) Look here mate, we got a bunch of clouds, alright? We have to go through the storm in order to go back to the car so what we need you to do is to smash that like button smash the subscribe Or else we’re gonna die, and it’s gonna be all your fault. Do you want that blood on your hands? I don’t think so. So—— oh my gosh so as you can see mates, it’s pretty harsh out here oh my gosh my butt’s getting wet *arthur theme song* So much for a nice family boat trip What did you think of our first boat ride as a family, mom? I don’t know, it was nice, except the part where we died mom. Did you forget that? After being stranded in the ocean for seven months, looking back It was kind of fun and we made lots of memories. Will we be doing this again? Hell no, but it was nice while it lasted