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    Spyglass – how to use the rangefinder to measure distance (iPhone, iPad, iOS)
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    Spyglass – how to use the rangefinder to measure distance (iPhone, iPad, iOS)

    August 22, 2019

    Just like a reticle in a sniper rifle, the Rangefinder in Spyglass is based on the height of an average human, which is 1.7 m or 5.6 ft, and is used to visually measure the distance to your target. E.g. a person, a deer, some other creature or object of a similar height. So let’s see how it works. The scale shows the distance from 100 to 500 m with a 50-meter step. And we will use a person as an example. Zoom for higher precision. And if the person fits between the rightmost upper and lower marks, the distance to them is 100 m. If they fit between the leftmost upper and lower marks, the distance to them would be 500 m. And everything in between could be easily measured in your mind with the help of 50-meter steps.

    How to Speak like a Boater
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    How to Speak like a Boater

    August 22, 2019

    How to Speak like a Boater. Ahoy, mateys! While modern boaters don’t talk like pirates,
    they do have their own language. We’re going to help you crack the code. You will need Memorization skills and a desire
    to show off. Step 1. Head to the front of the boat and say, “I’ll
    be fore” or “I’ll be in the bow.” All directions are given in relation to the
    position of the boat itself, regardless of which direction the person happens to be facing. Step 2. Switch to the back of the boat and announce
    you’re moving “aft” to sit in the “stern.” Step 3. Proclaim you’ll be “starboard,” then
    go to the side on the right when facing forward to the front of the boat. Or mention you’ll be “port” and sit
    on the left. Step 4. Speak authoritatively about the “leeward”
    side–the side opposite the source of the wind–or “windward”–the side of the boat
    that the wind is coming from. Step 5. If the engine is attached to the outside of
    the boat, comment on the “outboard” (“That’s one fine outboard!”), as opposed to a built-in
    or “inboard” one. “Inboard” and “outboard” can also
    refer to a direction toward or away from the centerline of the boat. Step 6. Ask the captain how many knots you’re going–the
    number of nautical miles per hour that you’re traveling, or, duh, how fast you’re moving. A nautical mile is longer than a mile on land. Step 7. Inquire, “What’s our course?” A “course” is the direction in which a
    boat or ship is sailing. This can be different from the “heading,”
    which is the direction in which a boat is pointing. Step 8. Ask for some of the captain’s best rum. You’ve earned it. Did you know If an aircraft circles your boat
    three times and then heads off in a particular direction, it’s signaling that there is
    a vessel in distress in that direction that needs your help.

    Search goes on for Florida boater off St. Augustine coast
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    Search goes on for Florida boater off St. Augustine coast

    August 22, 2019

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    >>A FLU

    Rescuers warn boaters to use safety equipment after men thrown from boat
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    Rescuers warn boaters to use safety equipment after men thrown from boat

    August 22, 2019



    16 Hewes RedFisher – Walk Around with Paul – Boaters Exchange Central Florida
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    16 Hewes RedFisher – Walk Around with Paul – Boaters Exchange Central Florida

    August 22, 2019

    Hi, it’s Paul with Boater’s Exchange.
    Today we’re going to check out the 16 Hewes Redfisher. It’s one of my favorite boats.
    It’s a legend. A lot of people love these boats. Happens to be made by Maverick Boat
    Company and they’re based in Fort Pierce. So, what’s nice about it is they’re relatively
    close and it’s a great factory to check out. And they’re known for making very quality
    boats. So the 16 Redfisher is the smallest boat that Maverick Boat Company makes and
    of course it’s 16 feet long. One of the nice things about it is this boat will get
    into very shallow water, very skinny water as they say. And it’s great for getting
    trout and redfish, snook and just some of the fish that tend to be in our area. So,
    we’ve got Mosquito Lagoon and that’s just a neat area to go and take a boat like this. So, Just checking it out from the front to
    the back, you can see here that we’ve got the integrated push holder. This is recessed,
    so it’s nice because it creates a semi-flushed deck when it’s folded down. And I love the
    way they’ve come out with these new navigation lights that are LED and they are also integrated
    into the haul side, so they’re not in the way of any kind of fly fishing line or anything
    else that you might have on the deck. As you can see the front deck is very very smooth
    and flush. They use very very good stainless hardware, very robust as you can see this
    is an overbuilt boat. So things like the latch here use a solid stainless steel piece of
    metal for for the latch and also the solid stainless steel gas piston. Some of the competitors
    will actually use non stainless piston or no piston at all. Of course we’ve got through
    bolting. We’ve got what’s called an RTM lid, resin transfer molding, and this lid
    is very very solid, very rigid, great for standing on. Same thing up at the front with
    the pop up cleats – the pop up cleats can be pushed down and again are less apt to snag
    a fishing line or fly fishing line. Same thing with the fuel fill cap. Everything on this
    boat is made flush. Now, Moving back, one of the other great things
    about this boat are the walk boards. Not only are they very wide and create the stability
    that somebody may need for walking from the front to the back. But also the hidden secret
    about walk boards is they enable the boat builder to make a wider deck because the deck
    can go all the way out to the edge of the of the haul side. Coming back you got a real nice console. You’ll
    notice that Hewes doesn’t use the cheap bolt on rod holders they’re using a nice
    piece of metal. It’s a real nice item. Same thing with their grab handle right here. This
    isn’t your cheap piece of stainless or aluminum. This is a nice piece of formed metal that
    is a substantial handhold which is important on a small boat because a wave can really
    make the boat move around so you need to have good hand holds on a boat this size. Same
    thing here, we’ve got more integrated hand holds built into the side so everyone on board
    can feel safe. The helm pad is very simple. It can be installed or removed. This isn’t
    anything too complicated and sometimes on a small fishing boat a simple design is better.
    We’ve got the removable backrest. The backrest can be taken off, this is an option, but the
    neat thing is if your gonna be fishing the boat will seat 3 people, this might be something
    that you leave at home. Of course, coming to the back, again we’ve
    got our pop up cleats. So inside we’ve got really nice rigging – the way this boat is
    wired is impeccable. You can see that every wire is neatly tie wrapped, everything is
    lined up. They’ve done a real clean job on the whole inside of the boat. This is the
    power pole motor. Substantial poling platform, it’s nice and rigid and easy to get up and
    down from. And then over here is one of the two live wells. This live well is unique in
    it’s a full water column replacement system. So, it’s a lot to take in but essential
    all levels of the water column are going to be exchanged with fresh water with the way
    that spillway is designed. We can provide more information if you contact us about how
    that live well is second to none. Over on the far side of the boat is going
    to be a release well. So this could also be used as a live well or what they call a release
    well. That’s great for if you’re in a tournament and they have a catch and release
    option. This would be a way to do catch and release. So we’ve got the Ingle cooler,
    and that’s a great cooler system. It’s a kin to the Yeti, but Ingle has some other
    neat features such as the bottle opener built in, just every bit as good as the Yeti and
    very feature rich. Now, one of the nice things about the Hewes
    Redfisher is that they very wide. So, I can stand out here on the outboard side and I
    know that I am going to have a nice stable platform because of the width of the boat.
    But also gain the walkboards, with these walkboards I can easily transition from the front of
    the boat to the back of the boat. And that’s important when you have two or three people
    on the boat, you need to be able to get around with these without having to step down and
    step up. My son and I tend to fish together, typically he’ll be in the front and I’ll
    be in the back. We tend to rotate by just using the walk boards. One of the most important features of any
    boat is the console. Hewes consoles with Maverick Boat Company are intelligently laid out. I
    love the fact that they’ve got very high quality toggle switches. It’s a positive
    switch mechanism, it’s very very sturdy. I’ve got the new Yamaha Gauge System that’s
    in full color. Room right here for my electronics, if I want to flush mount them or surface mount
    them. I’ve got my very important trim tab switches on the dash just above them the controls
    flats boat trim tabs are everything. And of course I can add a windshield, that’s an
    option for the boat. Not everyone wants a windshield on a small boat like this. Now,
    underneath here is console access. It’s a very clean console inside there and I just
    love everything about the Hewes consoles. So this has been the Hewes 16 Redfisher, I
    think it’s the best flats boat on the market today. You can click the link below for more
    information about it. One of the neatest this boat is the price, it’s very affordable,
    you can contact us for more information, I’m Paul with Boaters Exchange.


    6: Old Sailboat Problems

    August 22, 2019

    Claire here with Marco project in Veneto pressure-washing as you can see she’s a mess one or two what’s up buddy I’ll eat you but I’m allergic these guys we’re gonna throw in gia Washington run this machine like three times at least we made our to-do list with the hopes of getting major things that we’re going to need on the boat to leave the dock and do the small things afterwards but of course as with everything else in life there are unplanned obstacles that get in the way the boat came with a little surprise a really long chain was forgotten in the village for what seemed like decades this is gonna be like a knife yup it rusted so much that it became one solid block yes my uncle gave me a head start by showing me some ways to attack it and the following two days were pretty good struggle so I I remember getting a nice headache from all the hammering okay you’re looking a little bit worse for wear dude what are you going up to I’ve been trying to remove this chain from the bilge of the boat for the best two three days and it’s been quite a journey one thing I was thinking right now is that it can’t get much worse than this look at how solid it looks there’s absolutely no way you can pull out this chain without a hammering like crazy company if you’re working with the beanie bro this beanie is awesome look at this it is ridiculously hooked and muggy where this guy’s working with a beanie on this life alright okay so Tara’s explaining to me what should I do about this these infiltration spots right here the bloat is all leaky and you say you sure we should put pull down the headliners yeah well I mean the first thing is just try and find out obviously where the leaks coming from you can’t do that if you can’t see the top of your boat so there’s basically two two parts to this there’s the headliner which is the board the that was normally put there for visual purposes so it looks nice and then the teller is the actual ceiling which is your fiberglass in this fiberglass top yeah so and wherever there’s bolts coming through those on sealed properly get a good marine sealant and just just put that in a hole all right back to work Oh crazy it’s so beautiful whatever that is we had our list down of the necessary things to live on a sailboat but when it comes to an old boat half the work is removing what’s already there and sitting for ages that’s what we’ve been doing for the last few months so right now trying to clear out as much as I can from the mess around here so that I can have the boat somewhat ready for tomorrow’s visit of surveyor give me a general overview of what can I expect in terms of obstacles and problems to be solved in many projects you know sure there’ll be many so here we go Oh God oh yeah there’s something living in this pose I brush and your way this is for the toilet this is where our poopoo is going to come on um oh my god it’s gusting look at the rest of that chain that disintegrate oh what’s that I’m getting out a gun with my father you have a dance party right yeah we can dance a su cabeza Nova Nova peridot duel teto first dirty twerking we can’t work in here ah okay so we finally got the boat inspected by Dave Huffman the amazing surveyor that has saved my life before he told us you’re pretty much going to start at one end of this boat and go over the others before you’re ready to go sail but if you guys do it as a job that’s not going to take forever so what do you think so far I think that it’s worth everything we paid for it and more you looked at the water maker membrane yeah you ever looked at a piece of fiberglass pipe yeah same thing put water under pressure it goes right through fiberglass either time or pressure yeah and that’s water the liquid to try to stop water the gas and you close this boat up and you walk in here as like wow you know it’s 140 degrees and the water in the air is so thick you feel like you need to swim it’s passing right there if you can’t stop water the liquid you’re never going to stop water the gas right you know it’s like a thousand sighs so I would make sure that you had all of these surfaces that you can get to pull that old thumb out clean it up as good as you can and a good epoxy based like a heavy primer or anything that you can recoat the interior of or originally coat the interior of is going to help you okay and does that include all the way up to the bonding you can get your hands on I would start on the inside of the boat and I wouldn’t bother with the outside until I had some time because I think you’re going to want to stand it mm-hmm until it dries out like right now if you put a moisture meter on this whole side it’s compact yeah it’s wet I mean look at it it’s just blisters I mean if this is more than a half an inch thick you’ve got a core how these things get wet is when this thing was like neglected and tied up and forgotten about for three years and all closed up tight and raining inside every afternoon if you’ve got an area of deck that’s super wet and you can get to the bottom of it you actually drill holes and let the water out find some little cotton wick stick them in the hole don’t sit and drip and then just leave it there for days until it stops dripping as it is you’re pretty much going to start at one end of this boat and go to the other before you ready to go sail but if you guys do it as a job that’s not going to take forever we also realized that most of the wood inside the boat was pretty rotten because of the leaks so most of it has to go as well this wood is bad Oh and we also managed to take out the engine the Westar beast with the help of none less than the man himself Mr Lopez and I think if it wasn’t for him that engine would probably still be sitting there let’s give it anyway I’m pretty sure I could make an episode about each one of these things that I just named and I probably will in the future but right now I just want to bring you to the present where we are right now iein ana are here hopeful and has been working a lot my uncle’s been helping me out a lot and we are developing all kinds of new systems for the boat trying to afford all of it and trying to make it work I’m not aiming to have this boat looking brand new any time soon but definitely functional and livable that’s all I want and if I can get that awesome so stay with us subscribe for more cool videos see you soon open open open that’s gonna become yen

    If You Were a Boat, What Type of Boat Would You Be?
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    If You Were a Boat, What Type of Boat Would You Be?

    August 22, 2019

    (upbeat electronic music) – Welcome to Ear Biscuits, I’m Rhett. – And I’m Link. This week at the round
    table of dim lighting, we’re asking the question
    if you were a boat, what type of boat would you be? – And this might strike
    you as an odd question, maybe you’ve thought about this before. We actually got–
    – I’ve never thought about it. – We got this question
    from Mr. Alex Punch, who has moved onto
    bigger and better things. Still remains good friends,
    he actually stopped by today. He didn’t tell me he was gonna be here. – Mythical crew member emeritus. – Yeah, so–
    – Let’s call him that so we’re happy for Alex as
    he had a great opportunity working for somebody. (scoffs) It’s not me so I, once he
    told me he had an opportunity and we heard about the
    specifics, I was like, oh yeah, okay man. I don’t remember. I’m not gonna promote his company. – Well we wish him well, we wish him well. – We wish him well, we love him. – And we’re using one of
    his ideas for this podcast. He actually, this is an idea
    that he actually pitched for an Ear Biscuit. He said that his mother
    was a child therapist. – He said counselor I
    think, maybe therapist too. – Yeah, something along those lines. And this is a question
    that she gets the children that she works with to ask and answer. – And if we’ve proven anything, if something’s good enough for children, it’s good enough for us.
    – For man children? – Yeah.
    – Good enough for children, good enough for man children. – So really this was, I
    mean it was basically, it was an idea conceived by Alex’s mom, along with Alex conceived
    by his mom by the way. – It’s probably in some
    sort of book or something that she studied.
    – Well. – You think she came up with it? Let’s credit it. – Let’s just say we came up with it. Let’s cut everything we’ve just said. – Okay all right, we came
    up with this question. – We got this idea that
    we think will be good for child counselors and therapists, what kind of boat would
    you be if you could be but because it gives insight
    into how you view your own– – Self.
    – Self, your personhood, your personality. – And we’re gonna answer
    the question for each other. – We’ll get into that.
    – We’re gonna answer the question for each other as well. We’re gonna guess which boat, I’m not trying to guess which boat you described yourself as, I’m just describing, my thought
    was to describe what boat I thought you were and
    you may or may not agree. Then you can tell me what
    boat you are and vice versa. – I know what boat I think I am and I know what boat I think you are which I incidentally think is the boat that you think you are. – And I would be, but we are gonna talk about the different types of boats and so my answers may change,
    but as it stands right now, just with my limited knowledge
    of boats coming into this, I’m not a boat master. I like to think of myself as a waterman, but I’ve only been in a few boats. – What is a waterman? – It’s just a man of the water. – And you think of yourself that way? You think of yourself
    as a man of the water? – Yeah like my heritage, you know, those– – Oh. – The Scots up on the lochs. You know, crossing the lochs
    and swimming and boating and Vikings, pillaging villages. – I get it. – But not really doing that personally ’cause I get a little seasick, you know. – I think of myself as a soilman. – Yeah.
    – Like a man of the soil. – And I think that your last name, we’ve talked about this at some point, I think that your name
    Neal means to like kneel and plant a seed. (chuckles) – It doesn’t. – A man who kneels.
    – I don’t know what it means but that ain’t it.
    – And caresses the soil. I think it’s a farming thing, I do think it is a farming thing. – Yeah. – You know a man of the
    soil, a man of the water. Water’s gotta have soil,
    it’s always gotta have water, so you have mud. That’s why we’re the muddy boys. – We’re the muddied boys, okay so we’re– – No not muddied boys,
    it’s the muddy boys. – But we should talk about yesterday ’cause yesterday was
    technically a work day, yet– – Speaking of child therapy. – We didn’t, took advantage of, took advantage of time that we rarely have to not come into the
    office and also red alert, not really work that much. Last, like coming back
    from Thanksgiving break, I looked at the whole
    calendar year for 2019 and I was like, I wanna go
    ahead and put all the stuff on the calendar that we know about, like we’re doing a lot of touring stuff, we’re shooting a lot of GMM of course. I wanna know every day in 2019
    that we’re shooting anything and obligated to stuff and
    I wanna put blackout dates, like the credit card
    companies do or Disney does when you buy an annual pass. – Right.
    – So Jenna and I worked very hard on this calendar. – Oh so that blacked out
    Monday was months old? – That’s Thanksgiving of last year, yeah. – Oh wow.
    – I guess I didn’t tell you. – You didn’t tell me
    ’cause it was Sunday night, my wife was with you and Christy– – I was hanging out
    with, yeah, with Jessie, she was hanging out with us.
    – She said, “Are you working tomorrow?” I was like, “Yeah.” And she’s like, “Well Link’s not.” – And she was with me and she was like, I was like listen, please don’t– – You gotta tell me these things. – Don’t put me in the middle of this. It’s on the calendar.
    – Yeah but it’s– – It’s on the special
    Link and Jenna calendar– – But it’s a Monday–
    – That you were invited to. – It’s a Monday though, see I mean– – Yeah but after tour, I’m, anyway– – No I’m glad, I’m glad I didn’t come in. – ‘Cause watch out
    buying that annual pass. Look at the blackout dates first. – You show up to Disney and you’re like– – And they turn you away.
    – What, no. – You have to pay, you have to drop 1,000 quid to get in there. – So we had a day with our, I mean I had a day with
    Shepherd, my youngest. You had a day with–
    – Well me and Christy hung out and then–
    – Your middle. – Well I mean Christy
    and I were gonna hang out and do some stuff and the
    mail had really piled up, but then Lily was sick. She called and had to
    come home from school. I was like well, now you gotta go get her and now I gotta figure
    this out and I gotta, I’m gonna do a little bit of work. But then I picked up Lando
    and then I picked up Lincoln from school, it’s just like
    whoa, that just feels great to pick up a kid from school, feels like I’m dadding so hard. Look at me drivin’ up,
    get in the car, kid. I’m gonna be bangin’ some Chicago. Blastin’ Chicago. I’m not bangin’ Chicago. Sounds like I’m having
    sex with the band Chicago. – Yeah.
    – Which I’ve never been given that opportunity so I
    can’t say what I would do. – Or the city of Chicago. I’m sure there’s a place,
    there’s an area you could find. (laughs) – Blasting (chuckles). – Did you blast it for real?
    – I blasted it, yes. – So with the windows rolled down? So you were trying to embarrass your kids? – Not with the windows rolled down but when he opened the door to
    get in, it just spilled out, Chicago just blew out like the windy city. – And what, was there a–
    (Link blows air) Dad, Dad. A quick shut of the door, was
    there an embarrassment factor? – Lincoln doesn’t do that,
    Lily’s the one to do that and Lando for totally different reasons. I won’t get into that but
    they both have their reasons but the middle child, he
    just goes with the flow, man, whatevs.
    – Mm. – And he gets in the car and he’s like, oh you got the bikes on the back. I’m using your bike rack
    a lot, thank you for that. – Yeah you haven’t brought it back. – I keep using it. Somebody’s gotta use it. – Well I would–
    – I bought Lincoln a mountain bike–
    – Like to use it. – Bought Link a, well just call me. – (sputters) That’s not how it works. – Just call me if you need it. I really need it.
    – Bring it back to my house and then, or get your own. – Well, I already have yours. I really didn’t wanna talk about this ’cause I didn’t want it
    to come to this but– – ‘Cause you knew that it would. – It’s mine now. – No it’s not.
    – That bike rack’s mine. It’s, you made a good choice in buying it ’cause it works great–
    – Yeah it’s a good bike rack. – So I like how it works.
    – It’s the best. Highest rated. – You should get another
    one for your house. – And then I’ll sell it to you
    for the price of a new one. – I already have one. – Yeah, you’re gonna buy me a new one. – So I actually bought myself a new bike and I gave Lincoln my old bike
    ’cause I got a bigger one. And– – You got a new mountain bike?
    – I did, yeah. – When did this happen? – I got a 29er. When I borrowed the thing
    from you like two months ago. – You got shocks in the
    front and back, dual? – No, I only got ’em in the
    front because my old bike, which Lincoln was going
    to ride is a hard tail and I didn’t want him looking at my bike and have any excuse for why
    he doesn’t wanna ride with me. – Oh, okay.
    – So mine’s a hard tail. And so he’s like oh you
    got the bikes in the back? I was like yeah remember I told
    you I was gonna pick you up from school, we’re gonna go biking. He knows, I can’t tell
    if Lincoln’s into it yet or if he knows that I’m
    so into it that he’s just being very polite so he
    doesn’t put up a fight. So we went and we were
    bikin’ on this single track and it’s, I picked something
    that wasn’t too ambitious. ‘Cause I don’t wanna burn him. The thing is, the last
    couple times we’ve been out I’ve taken Lando too and
    I was very delinquent in teaching Lando to ride
    a bike, like literally, I taught him to ride a
    bike three months ago. He’s nine years old.
    – You’re not gonna go up and down any hills with that situation. – But then that bike was
    too small so then I had to buy him a bike and
    the only place in town had these, they were like mountain bikes and I was like, so he went
    from learning to ride a bike to a week later riding a mountain bike. But he, that’s the key. Don’t try to teach, parents out there, don’t try to teach your kids
    at a young age to do anything. Wait until they can basically
    figure it out on their own and then take all the credit. – That’s not good advice.
    – My son learned how to ride a bike in 10
    minutes and two weeks later, he was on a mountain bike
    in the woods because of me. Waiting until he was way too
    old to learn how to do it. That goes for reading, that goes for math, that goes for– – This is questionable on many levels. – It goes for like relationships. Don’t have open
    communication with your kids about anything until
    it’s basically too late and then you can take all
    the credit for how they’re– – Screwing them up?
    – Doing everything perfectly. Yeah this is kinda fizzling out. – Yeah.
    – I’m a soil man, it’s, you know, it’s different
    for me than most people. But I will say we get
    out on the single track and I was like Lincoln,
    you go in front of me that way you can set the pace,
    I can keep an eye on you, I can bark orders to you. Like shift down, shift
    up, like just coaching. – Oh coaching you call it. – You gotta learn how to
    mountain bike from the back. – Whew.
    – If you’re in the front and you’re yelling, you can’t be heard, ’cause all of the sound
    fires forward down the trail. There’s horses on this trail,
    I wanted him to go first in case he was gonna run up
    in the tuchus of a horse. ‘Cause that ain’t gonna be me. Get a handlebar in a horse tuchus? – So is he, what kinda, we’re not talking going up and down a steep grade? – A little bit, yeah.
    – And he’s fine with this. – He’s afraid. What I was saying was I
    took Lando out on this trail a few days earlier. I always get so ambitious
    and I scare my kids off and Lando’s like basically
    huffin’ and puffin’ and breakin’ down in tears and saying, “Dad, you lied to me! “You said this was gonna be flat!” And I’m like, I’m like,
    “Lando, you’re right. “I’m sorry. “We can turn around right now.” I’m just trying to patch it up because I don’t wanna turn him off from just my passion. – Mountain biking is your passion? – It was my passion, I lost it
    and I’m trying to regain it. – Okay. – With my boys, with my children. With Lily too but she’s just not into it. She’s not up for it.
    – Mm-hmm. – So we had to turn around and I’m like, Lincoln, we’re gonna
    come back just me and you and we’re gonna blaze
    this trail without that, the loser kid. (chuckles) And all I mean by loser kid is
    the one that we kept losing. – Okay. (chuckles) – I love him, he’s not a
    loser, but we kept losin’ him so doesn’t that make him a loser? That makes me a loser. – On two levels. – That’s true. So we went back and we’re on this trail and Lincoln’s going ahead of
    me and I just, I had a moment that I was like, a
    moment of dad gratitude, da-gratitude and I was like, this is a dream come true. Like literally I’d
    been, well not dreaming, but I’ve been daydreaming
    about this moment where I’m like mountain
    biking on a single track with my own progeny. – [Rhett] What specifically happened? – Nothing, we just rode the bikes. – Oh.
    – It was special. It was special.
    – I thought like his, like his helmet got in front
    of the sun or something. – You thought I was
    building up to a story? – (chuckles) Yeah. (Link laughs) – I thought something specific happened. – That happened, man. A moment of gratitude, like, I mean just you and your
    boy doing something. – Yeah I had a crepe with my boy. – You had a crepe?
    (Rhett chuckles) Did you have a da-gratitude
    moment with a crepe? – I had an excellent day
    with Shepherd, I mean, we really had a good time. We got lunch together. He has a crepe problem. If there’s a crepe on the
    menu, he will order it. – How’s that a problem? – Well I would say it’s
    a borderline addiction to crepes.
    – Oh wow. – But there’s a lot worse
    things to be addicted to. – Is he stealing money from
    your wallet, you’re like, what are you doing? You bust in the room and he’s like– – I learned it from you, Dad! I saw you eat a thin pancake! – I’m scrapin’ together
    scratch for a crepe! – Well we split the crepe. We each had a sandwich,
    we split the crepe, we’re having a great discussion. We’ve each got a–
    – Were you in Paris? – No, just, they serve crepes
    at U.S. establishments. – Oh cool.
    – Although this was a French bakery and then we went to a park that has just all kinds of things going on and so we each took a book and I was like, “Shepherd,
    do you have a book “that you could read?” Because it was a beautiful day,
    we were gonna walk around– – Beautiful day, wasn’t it?
    – We’re gonna find a bench. – Wasn’t it a perfect day? – Yeah and do some bench reading. Screw mountain biking when
    you can read on a bench. – A bench is like a mountain bike– – That doesn’t move. Can’t get hurt on a bench. – I can prove you wrong there. – But so we go and we,
    and Shepherd has in mind, this is a large area and
    there’s all kinds of stuff at this place and he has a
    map and I’m letting him lead and he’s like, you know,
    he’s having a lot of fun. And he’s like, we need
    to find a desolate bench. I was like I’m on team desolate bench. – He said desolate bench?
    – I’m completely on board. He said there’s a lot of people– – He’s 11 years old right? – 10, he’s like–
    – He’s 10. – There’s a lot of people here. – Desolate bench.
    – And we need to find a desolate, we need to go
    to the most desolate place. So we go to a desolate
    place and I’m like okay, this is cool, we’re talking,
    we’re making observations about the natural world. We begin reading and then
    as soon as we get down, we read like two pages of our books and then Shepherd’s like,
    I got to get some water. And he’s like, “Dad, will
    you let me use the map “to map to a water fountain
    and then come back?” – This is quite a park,
    it’s got its own map. – And I was like, “Yeah, go for it.” Independence, I value that,
    I’m a proponent of it. He goes and then really the
    idea wasn’t to get water, it was to go away and then
    try to sneak up on me. – Oh. – He wanted, and so–
    – He’s got that gene. – Yeah and so I’m sittin’–
    – He got the waterman gene. – There reading and I’m like– – And just what I mean by
    that is Rhett would do that a lot to me as children.
    – Where is, where is Shepherd and I just kinda looked and he was like 10 feet
    behind me sneaking up on me. He’s like, “Aw, Dad!” – (laughs) Just in the open? – Yeah and then repeatedly he would leave and then continue to sneak up on me. (Link laughs) And I caught him every time. – Why you gotta catch him every time? – And he was like–
    – Gotta let him slip up once. – Can you hear me?
    (Link chuckles) And I was like Shepherd, I know where you’re at at all times. – Oh you’re playing that.
    – This is an opportunity to make him feel like–
    – It’s a mind game. – He’s, he can’t escape my watch. – This is, this is, this is givin’ him the God complex. – But then one of the
    things, he’s like, “Dad, “there is a,” he says,
    “Look at these secret,” in the little map, he was
    like, “Find our hidden spot.” This is a large, multi-acre situation. And he was like, “Find our hidden spots. “There is a Fib-o-nakki,”
    he couldn’t say it, he was like, “There is a
    Fibonacci spiral of rock “somewhere in this particular forest. “Let’s go find it.”
    – Mm-hmm. That’s cool. – So we start looking
    for the Fibonacci spiral, and we didn’t find it because and ironically, we
    probably should have done a Fibonacci sequence
    search pattern in order to find the Fibonacci sequence but we didn’t do that
    and we ran out of time, we had to go pick up
    Locke from school, anyway, had an incredible time with Shepherd. – Still undiscovered.
    – He kept saying, “I’m having so much fun.” – Aw, he kept saying that? – “This is great. “We’re on an adventure.”
    – That’s awesome. – So I had a dadda, a
    dada-gra, a dadditude? No I didn’t have a dadditude.
    – Da-gratitude. – Da-gratitude, but lemme say
    just one little thing here. – Say it. – And I’m a little bit
    embarrassed by this. As someone who has an engineering degree and has a lot of mathematical experience, I could have picked out
    a Fibonacci sequence and if you gave me like four images, I could have picked the one
    that was a Fibonacci sequence probably because like Brandon Tart got it tattooed on his forearm. And other people–
    – It looks like a snail shell. – Yeah.
    – Right? – Right but I did not,
    I could have not defined what a Fibonacci sequence is. And maybe you’re in the same boat, speaking of transitions to what
    we’re gonna talk about next. But a Fibonacci sequence,
    it’s this fascinating thing. In fact I actually think, I actually ordered a book all about it because I’m so fascinated by it and I’d heard about it, people
    talk about the golden ratio but I was always like I don’t
    really know what that is and I’m not gonna look it up. But essentially Fibonacci
    sequence is staring from the number zero and
    one and then continuing in a sequence where the
    next number is the sum of the previous two numbers,
    so you got zero and then one and the next number is
    zero plus one which is one, the next number is one
    plus one which is two. And then two plus one which is three, and then five and then eight and then 13 and then 21 and it continues
    to add up like that. And then, if you take, the
    way you get that pattern is if you take squares
    that the length of the side of the squares is the number
    in the Fibonacci sequence and you continue to connect
    the corners of the squares with the next biggest
    one, it goes out like this and it creates like a snail pattern. – A spiral. – A spiral that’s very
    recognizable pattern. But then if you take any two numbers in the Fibonacci sequence, the number and then the number before it and you divide the number before
    it by the number after it, you get this number called Phi which we know Pi is a very
    popular mathematical number but Phi is like 1.618 something and that’s the–
    – A constant. – That’s the golden ratio
    and you see it all the time in nature but also there’s
    many people who make sculptures who were like, I want the
    proportions of someone’s face, the proportions of the length
    and the width of their face to be Phi and you see it in, Hank Green’s got an old side
    show video where he kinda, in like three minutes kind of explains it and talks about the patterns
    and how you see these numbers and the sequence show up
    in nature all the time, like flowers are usually
    have petals of you know, three, five, eight, 13, 21 and it shows up in all these places in
    nature and it seems like some magic thing but really it’s just, it’s the most efficient way to pack things into different pattern,
    anyway, super exciting. – You should talk to
    my wife more about that ’cause she’s really into it. You know she was a math major.
    – She was. – She was also told as she was in high school
    that whatever she did with her boyfriend that her grandma up in heaven was watching her. – Was her grandma Fibonacci? – No it was just kinda
    like when you told Shepherd that you’re always watching
    him so he stays in line. – But I’m super excited
    to talk to Shepherd about it now because it’s like– – Now my wife’s grandma watches me. – Is watching us.
    – Watching me. No not us.
    – She’s sitting right here. – No, whenever I’m with Christy. – No whenever–
    – She’s watching us. – No whenever you’re
    with the band Chicago. That’s–
    – No I can– – That’s when she’s watching you. – My grandmas are still
    living so they only watch me when I’m there or video chat. – But I’m legitimately, I’m like now– – It’s pretty crazy.
    – I’m ready to go back and A, find it. – I’m talking about the sequence. – Yeah but B, explain to Shepherd like, this is actually this really cool concept that shows up and I just felt, you know what it made me
    think, it made me think that like I feel like
    I’ve been missing out. I was like why have I never,
    I’ve heard people talk about this and why have I
    let it just wash over me? 41 years old, consider
    myself pretty curious. Why have I let the reality
    of the Fibonacci sequence to just wash over me
    without ever just taking, literally the 30 seconds
    to look at the Wiki to figure out what it is. – I understand the sentiment
    but I’ll just counter that by saying also don’t let,
    don’t let that wash over you but also don’t let and
    I’m sure you didn’t, let the fact that Shepherd told you especially more than once that
    he was having a good time. – It was awesome.
    – Because the dad, I mean we’ve talked
    about this a lot, like, the goal of dadding we
    operate under a lot of times seems to be like I’m conducting this thing and I want acknowledgement and so the fact that you got that, that’s a big deal. And I actually think if you didn’t, you should tell him something
    similar to what I told Lincoln ’cause I sat Lincoln down
    at, when we were comin’ back from our ride, we’re almost
    done, we sat down on the rocks and finished our water bottles and I said, I told Lincoln what I
    just told you, I was like, you know when we first starting riding, you were riding ahead
    of me, I was thinking this is like a dream come true for me. I’ve been thinking about
    us being able to ride mountain bikes together
    for months and you know, a lot of logistics that had to line up and this is very special,
    and I just said that. And then we took a picture
    and I left it at that. I wasn’t asking for a response or anything but the fact that Shepherd did
    that, saying something like, you know, when you said you
    were having a great time, that made me feel like I just discovered the Fibonacci sequence.
    (Rhett chuckles) – Right. – That’s what it’s all about, man. – Also rabbits.
    – That’s the boat you wanna get in.
    – Also rabbits mate in Fibonacci numbers. I’m gonna teach him about that. – Mate or reproduce? – Well the results of mating.
    – Okay. – I’m gonna teach him
    about sex with Fibonacci. – We’re gonna get into boats in a second. But first, we’re gonna talk about merch. – I’ve got some merch on,
    you’ve got some merch on. We actually have the same Happy Chomper. I’ve got the Happy Chomper
    on the striped black and white tee, Link has the Happy Chomper on the handkerchief. – I actually forgot this was merch. I’m just now, I thought you
    would have already called me out on this but–
    – Well you’ve been, I saw you made a choice in Nashville that you were gonna be a
    guy who wears handkerchiefs around your neck–
    (Link chuckles) Like some sort of outlaw,
    I mean that’s cool, I mean, I was like you know what–
    – At least I like that interpretation, the
    outlaw interpretation. Bandana, what did he call it? Handkerchief, yeah it’s a bandana. – Well I would use it as a handkerchief. I would blow my nose into it. – I do, I am fully
    prepared to defend myself but you never went for
    it, so yeah, be like me, wear this–
    – Do you use it as a– – Everything.
    – Like a way to like not get germs?
    – I wipe everything with it. – No I’m saying like you
    can pull it up over your, you can do like the people do in– – Bandits, like a bandit.
    – In the airports. – Yeah like a bandit at
    the airport yeah which is totally cool.
    – Or like that rapper, what’s the rapper? – Tupac?
    – No. – I don’t wear it like Tupac. – The guy that’s popular
    now that wears the thing over his face all the time. – Oh I know who you’re talking about but I don’t know his name. Get your handkerchief on. – Lil’ something.
    – Your bandana., get all types of stuff. We’re just trying to keep
    you happy and surprised and reppin’ your boys. – Okay boats. So Link, you apparently have
    a list of different types of boats.
    – Yeah I assembled a list and then of every type
    of boat in existence and then I uploaded it to a
    brand spankin’ new Wiki page called list of boat types. – That’s very thoughtful of you. – This is entirely my work. In alphabetical order. So here’s the deal. – Good gracious there’s a lot of boats. – As I read through, I’m
    not gonna read ’em all but I’m just thinking dear Ear Biscuiteer, maybe one of these boats
    will resonate with you so that you’ll be able
    to answer this question and this is a good
    conversation for you to have with people that you
    wanna get to know better. Like say you’re on a
    third date, you’re like, “Hey baby, what kinda boat would you be “if you were a boat?” – This is a good, I mean
    I think this is first or second date material,
    those kinda of questions, those kinds of introspective
    questions, the third date– – I think it’s a little
    forced for a first date. It’s kinda weird unless
    you are a therapist. – I mean I’m a proponent of getting into– – Get weird early?
    – To those kinds of conversations because here’s the thing, obviously I’m not in the dating pool. If I were and I asked
    that question to someone and they were like (sighing), I don’t know.
    – Dump ’em. – I’d be like okay there’s
    not gonna be a second date. – It’s over, yeah you’re right. That’s a good test.
    – I can’t stand that kind of answer.
    – All right so– – I want somebody to have a
    frickin’ answer for something. – All right that’s good, so
    this is a first date question. You’re right.
    – Yeah. – Hey if you could be a boat–
    – This is how you weed somebody out.
    – What kinda boat would you, if you could be a weed, what
    kinda weed would you be? – If they say I don’t know and that’s it, if they say, “I don’t know, “well what kinda boats are
    there,” well okay that’s fine. – Yeah that’s fine.
    – But if they say I don’t know and then essentially saying I don’t wanna talk about this. – If they poo poo the question. – I mean I’m not gonna
    go on a second date. – Right, you can’t poo poo
    fun, esoteric questions on a first date.
    – And if they say the wrong kind of boat there’s not gonna
    be a second date. (chuckles) – Yeah you learn a lot. Air boat, auxiliary ship, banana boat, brig, bass boat. I’m like a bass boat,
    and you can’t just say, ’cause I’m a redneck, no,
    ’cause I’m a fisherman, no. – It’s the functionality of the boat. – I’m flat. I’m shallow, bass boats are shallow. – Oh really, you’re getting
    in, oh you’re doing– – So if you wanna say well I’m shallow so I’m a bass boat, I’ve got, I don’t know, what else
    would it mean about you if you’re a bass boat? – Limited capacity. I think first of all–
    – Yeah? – I think you should go
    through the boat types because I think the way that you– – Canoe.
    – Interpret the boats, like you just said shallow– – It’s up to you.
    – That’s your thing. For me I wasn’t–
    – I’m not shallow. – Thinking in terms of
    shallowness but you can bring, I think that’s the point of the question. – There’s no wrong answer. – Professor Punch, if she were here, she would be able to tell
    us, but I think it’s just, it is what you make it. – I wish she worked for us. – Maybe that’s how it
    works, once you leave, your parents come and work for us. (Link chuckles) – Canoe.
    – Uh-huh. – Chundan vallam. – Not familiar.
    – Crash rescue boat. This is somebody who likes to swoop in and save the day or
    whenever they’re needed. – Yeah.
    – You know they’re there. I’m not reading every single
    boat that I wrote on this Wiki, just whichever hits me. A dinghy. (Rhett softly chuckles) Let’s see, ferry. So again this is more
    of like a facilitator– – Yeah, right.
    – Somebody who likes to help people get from point A to point B and that could be emotionally,
    it could me metaphysically, it could be physically if
    you’re like a bus driver. – And that would be someone
    who was, in my interpretation, stuck in a pattern of only helping people because a ferry just goes back and forth, back and forth.
    – So on a first date– – Like a codependency kinda thing. – Your date’s like, “I think I’m a ferry “because I’m stuck in a
    rut of helping people.” – Yeah I’d be like, ah,
    no second date for you. Are you a dinghy? (both chuckle) – Friendship sloop. – Okay well I didn’t know that was a boat. But I’m definitely that. – Garbage scow. I think I know what that is. It’s a boat that carries
    garbage, garbage scow. – Uh-huh. – Hydrofoil, ooh this is
    technologically advanced. It reaches a speed and then
    it floats above the water. Well not floats, it ascends. So this is like, I don’t
    know what kinda person that would be, maybe if you’re like, if your head’s always in the clouds. I’m stretching here. – I think that’s, I think
    a hydrofoil might be a little bit of a show-off. – Oh, yeah. ♪ Here I am up above the water ♪ – You just can’t, you can’t
    settle for just floating. You’ve gotta levitate. – You always gotta be movin’ too. – Inflatable boat. – Oh, mm-hmm. Reliant upon the hot air of other people. – Oh. (chuckles) I think that’s you, man. I just– – I’ve got all my own hot air. – I blow a lot of smoke, you
    just, you inflate with it. Actually you blow a lot,
    maybe I’m the inflatable boat ’cause you blowin’ smoke all the time. I’m talkin’ BS here, man.
    – Blowin’ smoke, no I’m–
    – Blowin’ smoke up a skirt. – Full of hot air might be
    which is still the same thing. Okay keep going ’cause we–
    – Air bag, man. – We gotta talk about these. – Kayak, jet boat. Life boat, long boat, log boat. I’m skipping one that’s
    gonna be my answer for later. – Really, okay, I’m not looking. – Motorboat. Naval ship, like a big battleship. If you’re like, if you’re combatant. There’s a boat called an
    optimist which is kinda cheaty. If you’re like oh well I
    like to think of myself as a, if I’m a boat, I’m an optimist. That ain’t a boat.
    – Yeah. No second date. – You’re short circuiting the exercise. Actually I’m not, optimist is a boat and it’s–
    – It’s a dinghy. – Also known as the bath tub, it’s a small single-handed sailing dinghy. – Yeah. – What else we got? – The optimist is an optimistic way to call yourself a dinghy. – Oh, P, we’ve got patrol boat. Pirogue or pleasure barge which
    is how my wife thinks of me. (chuckles) When your grandma’s not looking. – Oh gosh, your grandma’s always looking. – Pleasure craft, pontoon, powerboat. I don’t know what a punt
    is, it’s a type of– – Oh I know what a punt
    is because I’m looking at doing that when I’m in England. It’s like a canoe basically, a rowboat and then you stand in
    it with a large stick and propel yourself along a creek. – Oh really so–
    – You can go punting in England.
    – So instead of rowing, you’re pushing off the bottom. – Mm-hmm, well–
    – Okay. – I looked at one picture and
    that was my interpretation. – R, we got a river boat. Oh you got the big wheel in the back. – Steam boat. – Rodney boat which if
    your name is Rodney, that’s also kind of
    short-circuiting the exercise here. Schooner, sea kayak. Ship’s tender, skiff, skipjack, sloop. ♪ Come on Sloop John B ♪ Summarine. I don’t consider, is a summarine a boat? – How do you say it?
    – A summarine. – Where’s the B? – It’s under water. (chuckles) – I was like is this a
    boat that I’ve never– – You ever tried to talk underwater? – Summarine.
    – Try to say words with Bs underwater, you won’t get far. – You mean a submarine? Yeah I’ve heard of that and
    when it’s on the surface, it’s a boat. – If you saw a submarine
    out there floating, would you say, hey look at that boat? – Well they called the
    German submarines U-boats and that was a boat. I think it’s a boat, it floats. – Torpedo boat, trawler, tugboat. Tugboat, I mean that’s a– – Always helpin’ people in a jam. – I feel like I’m that around you a lot. Come on, let’s do it. Let’s get going man, no,
    I don’t feel that way. I feel like I might need to be tugged. – Oh. (laughs)
    – What? What you laughin’ at? Like creatively.
    – Your grandmother-in-law is watching, man. – I’m just sayin’. (chuckles) Like sometimes I’m not motivated at work, just give me a tug. – I know you didn’t mean
    that as an innuendo. I know that you did not. No, he did not mean it.
    – The only boat term– – He did not mean it.
    – Under V is Very Slender Vessel. – Okay well dang that’s
    what I picked for myself. (Link laughs) – Well what are we doing here? I think we should devote an entire podcast to just reading Wikipedia lists. – Yeah that’d be fun.
    – And riffing on it, and the only one for Z is Zille, Zille.
    – Zille. – Okay so what do you
    wanna do at this point? Do you want, you wanna tell
    me what you think I am? And then I’ll tell you
    what I think you are. – Yeah and then we’ll go into the thing. – Okay. Go first.
    – Well– – I’m not gonna be offended by anything. – Well first of all–
    – I’m an open, I have an open heart. – Let me say a couple things, and just– – You don’t have to apologize. – In laying the runway for this. I didn’t think about
    this a lot. (chuckles) – Okay.
    – No actually what I learned pretty quickly is that if
    you imagine a boat type, almost like a horoscope, you
    can pretty quickly find a way to make it match a person.
    – Uh-huh. – But I think I got
    something that I think is– – Well like a Jet Ski and a pontoon boat are so different and they, and those– – Okay, this is actually
    remarkable that you said, you said both of those. – Okay. – It’s remarkable that we
    haven’t talked about this at all and you just said those two things. Here’s what I would say– – I am pretty remarkable. Thank you. – I think that someone who
    doesn’t know you well– – Okay. – And maybe who just
    watches you on the internet might be like Link’s a Jet Ski, man. – (chuckles) A Jet Ski, yeah, okay. – But I actually think
    you’re a pontoon boat. (both laugh) – Really?
    – Yeah, that’s– – That’s what you were thinking? – It’s hilarious that you mentioned that. I was thinking that
    you were a pontoon boat and here, let me explain why. – Those are like polar opposites. – You might be like, Link’s a Jet Ski, you never know what,
    he’s nimble, he’s quick, you never know where he’s
    gonna be, and boom he’s there and boom he’s there and
    he’s a little flashy. – He’s always squirting
    a tiny stream of water directly into the air. – Right, exactly.
    – They all do that right? WaveRunners and whatnot. – But I think that that’s actually… The reason I don’t think you’re a Jet Ski is because Jet Skis change
    course very quickly. You never know where they’re going to be. They’re constantly changing
    direction, changing course. – You’ll change course and
    then it’ll take a right and you won’t.
    – Right. And that is not your personality at all. – Mm-mm. – You’re much more grounded than I think most people understand. – I’m a soil man. – Now let me say a couple
    things about a pontoon boat that I think apply to you. Pontoon boats, they exist, they exist so people can have a good time. – Oh. At your service. – What is, I mean, think about it. You got a pontoon boat,
    it’s like no one looks at a pontoon boat and is like, if people look at a pontoon
    boat and they’re like, well, we’re gonna have a
    good time on that boat. – Yeah. – The purpose of that boat–
    – Slowly. – Is to get on the boat and have a party. – We’re gonna slowly have a good time. – And I think a lot of people
    can be accommodated by that. There’s a few things
    also about a pontoon boat and that it’s actually remarkably stable. However– – It’s got those two big
    barrels underneath it. – However, when and it
    happens every so often and you hear it on the news. – Yeah?
    – When there is a pontoon boat accident–
    – What? – It’s bad.
    – Oh gosh. – And the, it isn’t like a
    sailboat that you knock it down and then it comes back,
    a pontoon boat goes under and everyone dies. (laughs) – What does that mean about me? I don’t know what you’re saying. You’re saying if something happened to me, a lot of people would die? – No no I am saying that you are, you’re actually, you’re way
    more flexible than you were when we were kids. But and I actually think
    that this point in your life, you might actually be more
    flexible than the average person. – Are you about to take credit for that? – No, but I do think being
    married for a long period of time and also being
    in a close friendship, business partnership–
    – Absolutely, yeah– – For a long time.
    – Definitely. – Makes people flexible and so, but you, like a pontoon boat, is typically, it’s on a lake. You know what I’m saying,
    it’s like, I’m on a lake and I am, this is where the fun is at and I am happy to be here and you could potentially,
    I could turn on the motor and I could get out there into the river and go into the ocean. But you’re gonna have to–
    – Not really. – You’re gonna have to
    convince me to do that. – But practically speaking, a pontoon boat, its home is a territory. It’s typically a lake. – You know–
    – You can take ’em on a sound or something.
    – You know what makes you– – You’re not gonna go out onto the surf. – And I’m not, and again,
    this isn’t a perfect analogy, because I’m also not saying
    that you’re not adventurous. But your general disposition
    tends to be like, you know what, if I can
    stay at home this weekend and clean my garage,
    that’s what I’m gonna do. – I don’t wanna react too much because I have a different answer but
    there is a lot of overlap. And so I’d like to come
    back to the pontoon boat and see how it works with what I think, what my answer for myself is. – Okay. – I think my answer for you
    is the answer that you have in your own brain for yourself right now. – Okay. – I think that you are
    thinking and I too am thinking of you as a sailboat. – Mm. – Now I think first of all, just ’cause whenever you are thinking about boats, I think the first thing you’re gonna think about is a sailboat. You have this imagined
    aspirational love affair with the idea of sailing. – True.
    – We’ve talked about this. – Right. – You may have even, we may
    have even established it as a what you call a layer and I call a phase which
    we have discussed at length at an earlier Ear Biscuit
    that you can go back and listen to if you want to. I mean, if you pass a sailing book,
    you’re gonna pick it up, if you pass a sailing channel on YouTube, you’re gonna watch it.
    – True. – So I think that’s the
    first thing you thought and then you’re motivated
    to make that describe you because again like you said
    it could describe anything. – Interesting. – But then if I’m gonna, I
    actually think this could work because a sailboat is, you think of like, adventurous, new thing. I think… There’s like, you have to put in the work when you’re sailing. You just can’t lay back and troll around. You can’t just crank it up and steer. That’s my understanding. There’s a sail involved.
    – Right. – A lot of work and a lot of research. The fact that you would
    research the Fibonacci sequence and then be angry at yourself that you hadn’t done it before now. You felt the need to state publicly that you’re embarrassed by that, is I think this dynamic
    of, you wanna be able to, okay, being an accomplished
    sailor requires something. I think I’m, by the way I think
    I’m just making an argument for why you wanna be a sailor,
    not what your personality is. – Right, it’s about the boat, man. – Someone who sails needs
    to put in a lot of work and then the fruits of that labor is that they can experience something new. And I do think that the work
    that you put into things is always motivated by
    experiencing something new. And I think it’s
    well-documented that the work that I put into things is
    to make something better or to make a situation better
    or to make the situation, in contrast, more secure, more right. – Right.
    – Yours is to, to achieve or experience something new. So sailing is like what’s the next harbor? – Right.
    – What’s the next, what’s the next adventure,
    what’s around the next peninsula? So and there’s also a lot of wood. You like wood.
    – Yeah I got wood. – You like it. A lot of wood in a sailboat. So again, I’m making more of an argument that you really like
    sailboats but I do think that it could apply
    and I think that’s what you’re gonna build on when you say that your answer is a sailboat. – Okay, so do you want
    to respond to what I said about you first?
    – I kinda wanna, I kinda wanna just go with it. Just say sailboat. – Okay. – Am I right? – You’re not, you’re half right. Here’s why you’re half right. – What’s half a sailboat? – A boat that is sinking. (chuckles playfully) – Oh gosh. – My first thought was sailboat. – Of course, yeah, so
    I’m right about that. – And then upon further review, I thought I want to be a sailboat, but I actually don’t
    think that I quite am. – Mm-hmm. – Now let me explain. So what you said about,
    you know, and I tend to embrace new adventure, travel, I’m using this as an analogy
    like move into something new and unknown and going through unknown, potentially uncharted
    dangerous waters to get there, like that’s my life blood,
    like I absolutely love that. – And it implies achievement. That’s the other part. – Yeah.
    – Which I think drives you. – And that is, yeah, I’m, you
    know, we’ve talked about it. We haven’t done the podcast yet
    but I am an Enneagram three. And so I’m a performer, I’m an achiever, and I’m largely driven by accomplishment to my benefit and to my demise at times. But the one thing that I
    don’t think applies to me with the sailboat is that a sailboat is… Well and I also tend to think, I think of myself as pretty resilient, like being able to right
    myself and that kind of thing, in storms and that kinda thing. But a sailboat is very reliant, by definition it is not self-propelled. It is, you gotta get, the
    wind’s gotta come along. And I actually think that I’m actually a little bit less
    resilient than a sailboat and I’m significantly more
    self-propelled than a sailboat. I actually think I’m a, I’m gonna use the qualifier
    cheap yacht. (chuckles) And this is why I say that. So in some ways, like a
    yacht, like a powerboat that’s made to go long distances. So embraces adventure. It can get you to the same
    places that a sailboat can, not quite as sure of a thing as a sailboat because again, you’re
    under your own power. Not quite, it doesn’t
    have the same ability to right itself. Yachts seem to be a
    little bit depending on, and I say cheap because you know you go to like a seaside town
    and you go to the harbor and you see everybody’s got their boats and they’ve got their yachts
    and there’s big yachts, there’s little yachts,
    there’s yachts in between and you’ve got like the CEO
    yacht which is this really expensive, magnificent
    yacht that’s got like a helicopter pad on it. I’m not that, I’m like the guy who just got together money and went
    in debt to get this boat that kinda, it looks like it could belong in a harbor but it’s posing a little bit. – Okay. – But I think that the
    self-propelled nature of it– – So you’re a self-reliant poser. – Well just because,
    you know, and it’s funny because it’s interesting,
    you talked about your kids and I look at my kids
    and you see qualities from yourself in your kids and
    qualities from your partner in your kids. And like, Locke is really just self-motivated, right, like
    once he got in his mind that he wanted to play
    basketball or make good grades or, he’s learning a language in school and he’s learning a language on his own and he’s like, ’cause
    learning a language is like so good for your brain. I hear myself–
    – Yeah. – When he goes into these
    explanations but it’s almost like it’s intensified ’cause Jessie’s
    also very self-motivated so it’s almost like it’s
    very intensified in him and you kinda like
    reflect back on yourself, but and again I think
    that I don’t always think this is a good thing, I
    think that like you said, I shouldn’t feel any
    shame or embarrassment, embarrassment for not knowing
    what the Fibonacci numbers are but I have a dual
    motivation for knowing that. It’s part a genuine interest
    and a genuine curiosity because it’s like this
    is a reality that exists in our universe that is
    this fundamental thing that can be observed in
    all these different ways and it’s like, it feels significant and it feels like I’d be missing out if I didn’t understand it. But then the other half is, I wanna be able to talk about it. I wanna be able to tell someone about it so that I will seem smart. You know, I have to fight
    against that tendency. – Kinda like when a
    cheap yacht pulls up next to like a pontoon.
    – Exactly, exactly. – It starts filling his ear full of stuff. – Well and that’s the constant
    battle of the Enneagram three is there’s a lot of
    good that come come from that personality but then
    you can actually get very caught up in your own stuff, you know, and believe your own, what is the phrase? Smell your own, or something. What is it? – I never heard that. I’ve done it but I’ve never heard it. – You know what I’m saying. So anyway I think I’m a cheap yacht. – Cheap yacht because
    you’re self-motivated and you still like to go a lot of places. – And I suffer from imposter syndrome, I think that’s where
    the cheap yacht comes in is that I do, we do a
    lot of different things, we have the privilege of doing
    a lot of different things. We talked about it a little
    bit, like playing at the Ryman, like there’s many times
    that we get to do things and I suffer from heavy
    doses of imposter syndrome where I’m like I shouldn’t be here, like I’m not, I’m just a dude
    that can write a funny song and convince people that
    I’ve got some talent. – We got way too many
    balls jokes to be at this– – Right. Yeah so I think that’s where
    the cheap part comes in. – The high church of country music. – Yeah.
    – That’s what I call it, the high church of country music, that’s not what it’s actually called. What’s it called?
    – The mother church. – The mother church. (sighs) Okay. Who am I to critique that, you know, there’s no wrong answers. – Right, yeah. – That’s cool insight that
    if we were on our first date, I’d be like oh, no second date here. (Rhett chuckles) Okay. Shall I talk about–
    – You shall. – My boat. Well, you know I did think of, well, the backdrop to my
    thought process is Christy and I were talking about one
    of the contributing factors to the health of our marriage 19 years in and I was like, you know,
    I just think for us, the compatibility, like the
    core compatibility that we had, it’s like we’ve changed a lot, and yeah, we’ve changed together
    even though at every turn, you don’t have to, you know. Who knows how, you can’t control exactly the person you become. We’re very fortunate that we’ve changed in a parallel path.
    – Mm-hmm. – But I think a lot of it has to do with that core compatibility
    which I kinda boil down to we both really place a high
    value on comfort and security. Like there’s a, and so
    it motivates us so much that yeah you’re exactly right, when I say, when I’m given
    an opportunity of like, you wanna travel anywhere
    on the globe next weekend. Or you wanna just stay at
    home and re-clean your garage. (Rhett snorts) And that’s not an easy decision. I’m not saying it’s
    automatic but I’m saying that’s a difficult
    decision for me and Christy and it’s like that could
    be a big source of conflict if somebody never wants
    to re-clean their garage. – Right.
    – So we have like, we got the same instinct when it comes to those things and so, that conversation is
    kinda coloring my boatage and so yeah I definitely
    thought about a pontoon boat because I was thinking about it, Jet Ski versus a pontoon
    boat and how Jet Ski’s like all about fun! But a pontoon boat is still
    about, there’s still fun. – Yeah.
    – It’s a party boat. But it’s very, it’s very,
    it’s a controlled fun. There is a control element
    to like I have a vision for how I think things should be and my motivation is
    usually pretty pure in like, oh I wanna have fun,
    want people to have fun, want people to enjoy
    themselves, experience love. Be themselves, that type of stuff. And then I moved onto well, I don’t know if I’m a pontoon boat. I think I might be, I place such a value on things being like my space being nested and like the way that I want it. My home is such a haven to me. I’m like I think I might be a houseboat. – Mm, okay. – And like I was kinda
    curious because you know, Jessie has such a vision
    for how she wants your house to look and I feel like it’s much, that’s weighted much more towards her and it is for me and Christy too, like, she’s very talented at
    decorating and does our house and stuff, and all that stuff. But I’m very much involved in
    everything because I want it to be how I want it to be
    from a practical standpoint. Like I take so much joy in
    knowing that everything’s where I want it to be
    in the garage or like our backyard works in this
    way or I wanna be able to sit here and see this while doing this and listening to this
    music and like put a lot of work into that into my house. So that’s when I started to think I could be a houseboat
    but I think I’m a yacht. (both laugh) And I actually, I settled on,
    in the exhale brief amount of time that I thought about this, I actually settled on,
    and I ain’t even talking about like a two-bit yacht, we both have said yachts for ourselves. My answer is freakin’ yacht. And I went all the way
    to like helicopter pad and everything because
    I place an over-emphasis on my environment being
    exactly how I want it to be and as luxurious as it could be. (laughs) Like I want my life to be engineered, not from a pleasure alone but for my comfort and security, you know,
    so that’s when I thought about a yacht, I guess, but
    maybe it’s a pontoon yacht. I do like to go places and I
    like to experience adventure but it has to be much more on my terms than I think yours would be. I didn’t think about like being, am I self-motivated, that didn’t enter in my equation or anything. – I can see that. – Comfort and security. I want a yacht with a chef and like– – Well maybe you’re like a yacht– – A security detail.
    – You’re a yacht on like the Great Lakes. You know what I’m saying, the Great Lakes, you can’t see the other side. – Are there yachts on the Great Lakes? – Heck yeah. You see how big they are? Look at a map, man. They’re massive. – Yeah, I’ve just never
    looked at the Great Lakes. – You can get caught in the
    squall on the Great Lakes too. – Chicago, I’ve seen the
    Great Lake at Chicago. – Yeah I don’t– – Open the door and it just blasts. – And also a yacht is a pretty broad, incidentally, very broad term. I mean like I don’t know
    what the technical definition of it is but it does, it is
    one of the more flexible terms for boats so it doesn’t surprise me that for different reasons we ended up there. I mean I think that… (sighs) – I could probably just go
    back to settling on houseboat ’cause I think that does,
    I’ve never been on a houseboat but I imagine–
    – I spent an evening on one. – Really?
    – A weekend. – Well I imagine them being,
    if you’re gonna live there, they better be how you
    wanted them to be, you know? – Yeah. – As opposed to, I can endure this for, until we get to, if we
    get through the squall and I can get back to the mainland. – It’s interesting and
    this is another show I wanna do, I was talking
    to you about this. ‘Cause you talk about
    making these decisions and getting things the way that you want. And the way that I relate
    to that, because we’re also, we’re basically redoing our homes, similar amounts of change, like, you guys have done more already but like, I’m redoing my whole backyard this summer. And we’ve done, there’s a bathroom inside, you guys just finished a bathroom. There’s renovations, we redid
    our kitchen, that kinda thing. And my involvement is very much like aesthetically, I care, but I also know that if Jessie narrows it down to five different options for tile– – They’re all gonna be awesome. – They’re all gonna be great, so it’s like she’s showing them to me,
    they’ve already gotten through so many levels of
    discretion that I’m just like, just make the decision,
    like, I’m not particular. I want it to be cool and
    I want it to look good but I know that it will be if you do it and so I’m not particular
    so I’m not gonna, what I do is I say I care about
    like a few practical things, not to the level of detail,
    anywhere close to the level of detail that you do but I’m like okay, where’s the grill gonna go? Okay I’m gonna go out
    there, this is important, I’m gonna use this thing, I’m
    gonna be the man at the grill. I wanna think about what
    kinda grill it’s gonna be and I’ll get really excited
    about the specific type of grill and where it is but then it’s not gonna
    go much deeper than that. And I think about, I think, oh, what I wanted to say is that the episode that I wanted to do was, is we’re both in the market
    to get a new vehicle. – You can get a boat that
    drives on land I think. – And I’m fascinated with
    differences in the way that we make that decision. – Oh. – So you’re talking about
    surrounding yourself with luxury and getting
    things the way you want, but the decision to get a
    new car has been one that has (chuckles), I mean, I’m
    not gonna get into it because I think there’s
    a whole episode there. – Okay well we can save that. – But it’s interesting because– – So we gonna have a boat
    episode and a car episode? – Well but at least–
    – The transportation series– – But at least–
    – Ear Biscuits. – The boat episode is
    not like what kinda boat am I gonna buy ’cause that’s
    like next level douche. – Yeah, okay. – But if it’s just like what
    kinda car am I gonna buy? – Which kinda private
    plane am I going to– – We could get into some
    douchiness in that conversation but I just, I think it’s,
    again, it’s very revealing about the nature of our personalities and the way that we make decisions about those kinds of things. But the way that we both ended
    up kinda landing on yacht. (chuckles) – That’s funny, I think
    that means that we can, we should go in on a yacht. – Oh. – With I guess like 100 other people. How many people, I mean–
    – A yacht share? – Yeah can you do that? I’m much more interested
    in gettin’ a yacht than I am about more
    introspection at this point. So let’s continue our
    own conversation that way but I’ll open it up,
    #EarBiscuits, let us know what boat you think you are. And if you’re on a first date
    and you’re listening to this, don’t listen to us during the first date. I mean–
    – Yeah that would be weird. – But I do recommend that you recommend us to anyone you’re dating. – But if somebody–
    – And listen separately so we get twice the listens. – If somebody asks you
    to listen to a podcast on the first date, that is a red flag. Even if it’s this one. – Yeah, but let’s make
    an exception for ours. – Maybe a portion of a podcast. – Any other podcast.
    – But a podcast is like typically like an hour of just listening to other people talk.
    – How’s that different than going to a movie? All right let’s save that too. We got another whole
    episode about first dates. – You shouldn’t go to a
    movie on the first date. That’s a red flag.
    – There you go. – What you gonna learn about
    somebody sittin’ next to ’em looking at a screen? Nothing. – If you watch them.
    – I mean if you watch the movie and you talk about it. I don’t know, man. – Yeah you’re, that’s a hot
    take, that’s harsh take. – Okay.
    – #EarBiscuits, let us know what kind of boat you are and why or what kinda boat someone you’re dating said they were and why. Let’s make a recommendation,
    is it my turn? – Yep. – I gotta go back to music
    because here’s the thing. Nothing is more exhilarating than, well probably is, I
    gotta back track already but I love the exhilaration associated with discovering an artist and then realizing they got
    a whole back log of material. So it’s not like the
    Horses in the Back guy. You look at him on Spotify
    and that’s the only song he’s got, well, you got the
    remix with Billy Ray Cyrus. – Yeah, pretty limited. – I’m not recommending that. I’m not panning it either though. But when you look on Spotify,
    you find something somewhere and then you’re like whoa, there’s albums. Like I could deep dive. Let’s do it. And then when you like the
    song and then you click over to the Wiki because you
    like knowing a little bit about the backstory and you
    realize that this artist is described as a virtuoso violinist who then is also well-known as a whistler. – What? – He’s a virtuoso
    violinist and a virtuostic, virtuostistic? – Mm-hmm. – Whistler. (whistles melodically) – At the same time? – Could be, yeah, he can
    sing and play the violin at the same time. And he’s got a number
    of instrumental albums. – How did you find–
    – One is called Canyon and one is called River
    and I think at least with the Canyon one, maybe with both, he would take his violin and he would play in that location. – What’s his name?
    – In Utah, I ain’t tellin’ you yet
    man, I’m building it up. – Oh.
    – See you want it so bad. (Rhett scoffs) But you can’t get it yet.
    – Oh I wouldn’t say I want it that bad. (chuckles) – And he takes his violin
    and he does these looping and layering parts and it’s amazing. But that’s just instrumental stuff. And then his brand new
    album that just came out, I’m like, this sounds like
    the guy who Father John Misty has been impersonating. I mean he’s got that sound. So I’m just joking, I’m not,
    I’m sorry Father John, I, I’d like to be your friend, I’m
    not saying you impersonate– – So he sings as well?
    – He sings. – Oh it’s not all whistling. ‘Cause that would get old.
    – Right. So he is a lyricist and a
    vocalist and a touring musician. And his name is Andrew Bird. Dude is awesome.
    – Andrew Bird. – Yeah, shout out to Andrew Bird. Check out his song Sisyphus. He’s got a whistling part
    in that and it’s one thing to hear the whistle but
    then it’s another thing to watch him on his
    Instagram perform it live and he just effortlessly goes
    into this immaculate whistle. (chuckles) – I’d give a lot to whistle,
    well I can’t whistle, man. – You can’t whistle at all. – You can make yourself
    an instrument at any time. (whistles melodically) I can hit like two notes. – Too airy. I can whistle like this too. (both whistling) – That’s as high as I can get. – That’s a tongue whistle. – I can go– (chuckles) (whistles softly) – That sucks, man. (whistles flatly) – I’m like a teakettle. You know what I’m sayin’, I
    got one, I got a limited range. – Now I can’t, you took away my whistle. – Yeah.
    – I can’t do the fingers in the mouth whistle. That’s a big dad play. – Yeah.
    – We gotta work on that. So there it is, Andrew
    Bird, check him out. Shout out to the man with the whistle. With the golden whistle. – Okay.
    – All right. Let’s start searching up some yachts, man. Let’s see how much it–
    – Maybe we should just– – I mean let’s just rent a yacht. – Maybe we should just go
    on a pontoon boat first. – Like Chase said he went to a wedding this past weekend on a yacht. – Well you remember I wanted
    to have my birthday party on a yacht and got the yacht rock band and then I looked into the price. – Yeah and that’s an indication you will not be purchasing a yacht. (Rhett chuckles) To watch more Ear Biscuits, click on the playlist on the right. – [Rhett] To watch the previous
    episode of Ear Biscuits, click on the playlist to the left. – [Link] And don’t forget to click on the circular icon to subscribe. – [Rhett] If you prefer
    to listen to this podcast, it’s available on all your
    favorite podcast platforms. Thanks for being your Mythical best. (electronic music)

    What safety equipment do I need for my boat? | With Andrew Hart & Nick Duigan
    Articles, Blog

    What safety equipment do I need for my boat? | With Andrew Hart & Nick Duigan

    August 21, 2019

    For an enjoyable day out on the water, you
    need to make sure you’ve got a few essential things checked off. A great day never hurts. The fish being on the chew. And some ice in the esky. Little bit of fuel in the tank never
    hurts either, but just as essential as those things are, you also need to make sure that
    you’ve got the correct safety gear and it’s at hand and ready to go. It’s often the last thing we think of when planning a day out on the water, but a full set of serviceable
    safety equipment is a vital part of your boat. The list of requirements ranges from things
    as simple as a bucket and lanyard up to a GPS-enabled EPIRB, if you’re heading into offshore waters. So the safety equipment requirements form the minimum safety equipment that you’re required to go boating. These minimum requirements
    change depending on the type of waterway that you’re operating in.
    For powered vessels operating in enclosed and coastal waterways, the minimum safety
    standards require an approved fire extinguisher, a set of handheld smoke flares, anchor and
    line, bilge pump or bailer, bucket and lanyard, a paddle or paddles, depending on the size
    of the boat, and a lifejacket for everyone on board. Another required, but sometime overlooked
    item is a waterproof and buoyant torch. Now, there’s no point in having all this safety
    equipment if you can’t get at it when there’s an emergency. I mean let’s face it, if you’re
    gonna need to use it, it’s not gonna be flat calm like this and they’ll be a bit of panic.
    So I want my EPIRB here within easy reach. Fire extinguisher is a really good case in
    point of that. What you don’t want is your fire extinguisher back where your source of
    ignition is. Typically in a boat like this, that’ll be the battery and electrical system.
    You also don’t want it near the fuel. So, in this boat, up here away from those things
    is a good spot for these. For other loose items, a safety grab bag keeps things together
    and within easy reach. It also helps protect your equipment from the elements. Flares are
    another item which require special attention. They’re a pyrotechnic which degrades overtime
    and soggy out-of-date flares don’t cut it. They do have a three-year expiry, so you need
    to keep on top of the expiry dates. Three years is probably just long enough for people
    to forget about them. We recommend that people write down the expiry dates of their flares
    where they keep their keys, so the moment that they pick up their keys, they go, “Oh, I’ve got another 12 months on my flares”. But remember, minimum requirements are just
    that – minimum requirements. We’re in a 4.8 metre boat, within two miles of the shore,
    which means by the letter of the law, we don’t have to carry some safety equipment. For example,
    this is a GPS-enabled 406 EPIRB. Now, in this boat, in this situation, we don’t need it,
    but why wouldn’t you have it? For $300 you push the button on this and within the hour,
    somebody is hovering over the top to pick you up. I can’t think of any situation where
    this isn’t a good idea. The Victorian Recreational Boating Safety Handbook contains a full list
    of requirements for all types and sizes of vessels in all Victorian waterways and the
    information is also easily accessed via the Maritime Safety Victoria website and it’s
    the skipper’s responsibility to make sure everything is on board and in good working
    order. Maritime Safety Victoria safety officers make regular visits to boat ramps and waterways
    across the state, so it pays to comply. “We’d just like to do a safety check on your
    boat.” “Yeah. No worries.”
    And then there’s our coastal waters. A great place to come and explore, but remember, the
    sea can be a nasty place. Not a place to be trifled with, Andrew. Once
    you are two nautical miles from the coast, you are officially into offshore waters and
    there are a couple of pieces of equipment that you need to add to your safety arsenal
    to be compliant out there. These off shore items include at least one
    parachute distress flare, a marine radio, registered EPIRB and a working compass.
    Yeah. As you can see, it’s pretty quiet out here, so if something happens, you’re pretty
    much on your own. So you need those things to try and communicate with other people to
    get some help. And of course, no set of safety equipment
    is complete without a lifejacket for every person on board the vessel. So remember, wear
    your lifejacket or others will wear the consequences.

    [ENG] MERCURY Pro XS 115 hp – 4k Resolution – The Boat Show
    Articles, Blog

    [ENG] MERCURY Pro XS 115 hp – 4k Resolution – The Boat Show

    August 21, 2019

    – [Translator] Let’s suppose you have decided to have fun with a speedboat or an inflatable raft of about six meters. When you find the model right for you, you can focus on the engine choice. The manufacturer provides
    indications on the power. Here for example, let’s
    say that you can install a maximum of 150 horsepower, but this is only if you travel at full load. In normal use it takes only two 115. But not all engines are the same. For example, the U.S. manufacturer Mercury has units of 115
    horsepower, both brand new. Mercury is only concerned
    with marine engines, and of course the equipment
    and tools dedicated to them, and completely focused on the
    desires of those who use them. It is from this attitude
    that the idea of another 115 horsepower has sprung,
    a rather special engine. Why is it special? Do you want a practical demonstration? This engine is perfect for those who want to fly on water. It is ideal for Americans who compete in fishing tournaments
    with the best boats, or even for us Italians
    with a sporting heart. This model is the Mercury four stroke 115 Pro XS. Also, other Mercury marine engines have the initials Pro XS,
    and all are characterized by a certain aggressiveness. The roar itself shows
    that, even at low speeds, it has an engine made to fly on water, because just think, it
    weighs eight kilograms less than its two stroke predecessor, and about nine kilograms less
    than other four strokes with the same power. This engine has the highest displacement in its category, but it’s light because it has a very simple architecture, a single cam shaft in
    the head with two valves per cylinder, 165 kilograms. Before putting it to
    the test, I want to show an accessory of Mercury marine, the active trim that allows
    it to automatically correct the trim itself. It is a typical functionality
    that is usually found only in supercars or
    in certain sportsbikes. Changing the dynamic trim of a craft is rather complex. Basically, it means to modify
    the sailing characteristics as the speed slightly changes, and on a boat, this is paramount. If you follow our tests, you know that I stress the use of the trim. A bit higher, a bit lower,
    a bit up, a bit down. Because it’s important. It’s needed to optimize
    all the performances. From speed, to consumption, to comfort. Now though, on a boat,
    we don’t always need to be racing pilots, sometimes we use it to have a ride, to go
    swimming with friends or family, and to forget about everything, even the trim. And that’s why Mercury
    decided to implement this new system, the active trim, which also is pretty cheap. The price right now is about 600 euros. Now I slow down and focus on
    the functions of this tool. While sailing at minimum regime, with the hull completely
    flat on the water, to enjoy the landscape and
    have a low fuel consumption, the propeller has to give
    thrust in a direction parallel to the water surface. In this way, it’s possible
    to have a maximum efficiency. When instead we give gas to
    bring the hull into planing, and avoids that’s the bow raises too much, we have to reduce the trim, or trim in, which means to bring the
    propeller close to the transom. And in short, the trim
    in its lowest position. Then once the cruising
    speed has been reached, the trim is to be increased, or trim out, because in this way, we raise the hull, making it less adherent to the surface. Its resistance increases, and it allows us to go faster, and have
    a lower consumption. Well, all this is done
    automatically by the system. And it’s activated, just
    pressing here on the switch. If instead you want to do
    all the work by yourself, well, just turn it off. This tool in reality is
    smart, and beyond the speed of 50 knots, turns
    itself off automatically. Also, it turns off every time you set the manual control
    on the command lever. The active trim can be
    used on every kind of boat, because it’s compatible
    with all the Mercury engines equipped with smart craft,
    which means the output powers from 40 to 1,650 horsepower. Now though I would like
    to go back to the engine, that has some peculiar features. We have seen that its
    acceleration is impressive. Why? It all depends on the propeller. In fact, on this overboard engine, it’s possible to fit a
    short pitch propeller. That is like driving
    your car with a low gear. Naturally, with the first,
    second, or third gear, the acceleration is greater. The same thing happens when you have a short pitch propeller, giving us this lightning speed. Yes, but we know that when driving a car, say in third gear, it’s not possible to reach the maximum
    speed, and it’s necessary to clutch the fourth,
    fifth, and sixth gear. Well how do you go fast with
    a short pitch propeller? Yes, because this is a feature in contrast with the maximum performance. Simple, you just increase
    the RPM of the engine. That’s what Mercury did,
    bringing this maximum speed to 6,300 RPM, to go faster. Now you may wonder, if this engine has these excellent characteristics, why do you not always choose this? Because Mercury has two
    models to match to each boat with the perfect engine. This is suitable for light or fast boats, and other models for bigger sized boats. Even on small boats like
    this, the electronic has an increasingly important role. The console is full of features. Others may be added, other
    electrical services onboard. But how to feed them all? It takes a lot of power. Well this outboard engine is capable of delivering a large amount of power, even while idling, and
    then it can automatically detect if the battery is running low, and raises the charging current, slightly increasing the RPM. A couple of more features,
    this outboard engine is also available with a long stem, and a command thrust foot,
    which is what you need to push really heavy boats, and finally, they have improved the
    corrosion protection system, and the warranty is
    extended up to three years. Well you can relax, you
    can put your mind at rest, or just go crazy. This way. (rock music) I understand why they
    built this other version. Can you hear it? It’s really aggressive, really awesome. It recalls a lot the two strokes version. And it also goes perfectly
    with a sport boat like this, the Valiant 630. Then, the maximum cruising
    speed could be this, 4,800 revs a minute. We are around 30 knots, not bad. Now let’s bring it to the limit. Then I switch on the active trim. Let’s see where it takes us. Oh yes, the speed increases. Yes, but now I take over. I like it better, all the trim out. All the hull out of the water. Here we are, 38, 39, 39 knots. What a determination.

    Tooley’s Historic Boat Yard on the Oxford Canal | Through The Hedge #5
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    Tooley’s Historic Boat Yard on the Oxford Canal | Through The Hedge #5

    August 21, 2019

    hi welcome to today’s episode we have
    Matt hello Or Matthew he said I could call him Matt absolutely he’s our best
    friend now and sorry about that to our other best friends we are going through
    the hedge today to see Tooley’s boat yard so come with us one of the reasons
    the boat yards really famous is obviously the Tooleys that you know are
    very famous on their own but one of the reasons why everybody knows about the
    boat yard is because there’s a chap called Tom Rolt he had he was basically
    a mechanic and he was an engineer and he specialized and had built built cars and
    he had a garage but he didn’t like the way cars being mass-produced so he sold
    his share the garage and he bought a boat which used to belong to his
    uncle called cressie and he knew the Tooley’s and he bought his boat here to
    have it restored he wants to become a writer so he wrote he came here started
    writing about the toolies and what they were doing to his boat and restoring it
    and the boat is thought was a bit odd to see he was pitting a bow he was first of
    all converting a a narrow boat into a livaboard and which is an odd thing to
    do anyway but then to to to make it even worse he put a boat a bath on it as well
    for his wife which the boaters thought was absolutely you know completely
    extravagant thing to do is like have a pool or something you know they thought
    was completely extravagant then he wrote all the characters and all the work they
    did in the dry dock and the plesters in the Forge and his journey when the
    waterways and the state of the canals and this became
    catalyst for setting up the Inland waterways Association which obviously
    campaigned for saving the canals and reopening them so the reason why we’ve
    got a network now to cruise on is because of Tom Rolt and his book and it
    all started here with them bringing their boat to the Tooley’s so that all
    happened in the dry dock here that’s where it started if that something
    interests you there is so much more here and there’s so much in you know
    interested in the boatyard and there’s so much history and we’ve got lots of
    really interesting facts and information and my personal story of running this
    yard I’ve put into a book called forging ahead the history of Tooley’s
    boatyard and that covers the complete history from the the canal arriving at Banbury through to modern times here and it talks about the characters and the Tooley’s, Rolt and the personal stories as well now this workshop here it’s
    dated in 1930s and it’s all made out boat hulls you look in there that’s all
    budworm from the bottom of the boats where they were sitting in the water the
    toolies took over the yard in 1900 they were farmers. Basically Emmanuel Tooley took
    over the bought some boats and he became what was called a number one which is a
    sole trader which owned their own boats and they got paid per load they
    delivered and they delivered coal and oh no they didn’t they delivered pig iron between Coventry
    and Sammerson’s foundries So they would delivery pig iron to Coventry and they’d bring sand back to the foundry and then George Tooley took over the yard around 1900 this is the paint state from basically the nineteen well
    the workshops of the 1930s but basically it’s paint really from 1950s all the
    white leads and red leads and all the good stuff you can’t use these days but one
    of the interesting things is this door this door was made of planks of a boat
    called a fair trader and came into the dry dock to have the back cabin replaced
    and they recently reused the wood to make this door one of the interesting
    things is is that if you look at the door itself this is where they’ve been cleaning
    the brushes and there’s a layer of paint on the door there which is about two and
    a half inches thick so that was a Tooleys door for cleaning their brushes and this
    is belt of machinery shop and this is where they used to make all the metal
    parts of the boat so the machinery dates from about 1890 so it was secondhand to
    the Tooleys. we’ve got a lot of volunteers who’ve been helping us and it’s actually
    the Banbury model engineering society who actually stripped all these machines
    down and restored them all so they’ll worn and working order working slowly
    but we’ve just fitting motors to them so we’re gonna be running full speed and
    using them as well the way this works is over in the corner it takes a belt up to the ceiling and then from the ceiling it
    turns this wheel and then the wheel comes turns across your head this
    bearings at the top and holds the top it turns that wheel at the top and that
    comes down to this rather there’s bench and there’s a rather impressive circular
    saw which is on this bench which is least used for actually cutting the
    planks This is the dry dock it dates to 1788 well actually no
    doesn’t because we changed our mind we said it was 1788 but we changed our mind
    to 1778 and again you have to find out from the book if you interested in that
    one basically it’s a dry dock and it’s very
    unusual for dry docks to be dry and if you look at the floor it is actually
    bone dry docks or works extreme very very well the way it works is that at
    northern end there are three heavy wooden planks might hold back the water
    we lift the top plank the water comes into the dry dock and it fills up in
    about five minutes we’re going to replace the rest of the
    planks take this planks out and we then bring a boat in and we put it into the
    dock and tie it off with ropes we then replace the planks and we pull
    the plug and the plug is a drainage sloose in the corner of the drydock which
    takes the water off to about two and a half three hundred meters away
    once it’s outs we wash the floor we wash the boat and we generally do hull
    blackings in the last 15 years we’ve done one and a half thousand boats for the
    dry docks that’s around a hundred a year so on average about one every three days
    this boat here is in for a complete paint job it’s in for six weeks and
    that’s a stripped back to bare metal and a full repaint of the boat the other thing I wanted to ask about is
    the old wooden boat that we’ve been moored up next to Yes we can talk about that Do you want to go inside it this boat here was
    called Hardy and it’s a boat built in 1940 by nurses so it was probably built
    for the war we don’t have things like moorings which bring income in like the
    other larger yards as a commercial yard is very very small and we’ve also got
    the element of the general public as well so that has also adds pressure to
    us which isn’t very profitable as it was so but we still want to do all that side
    of it and it’s really important to show everybody the boatyard so one things we
    want to do is to hark back to the days of the Tooleys and they were they ran a boat
    yard which was famous for wooden boats and restoring wooden boats so we would
    like Tooleys to go back and start looking at wooden boats and working on them more
    and we are actually have plans to actually build the outside of Tooleys
    will be building brand-new wooden hulls on the site there are boats around like
    this like Hardy around the system now we wanted to get a an old boat to restore
    and we wanted to boat with some ties to Tooley’s but we couldn’t really find one
    in the time frame we had and we found about this boat Hardy up
    at Braunson it was sunk and had been there for 4 years and it was in danger of being
    broken up so we went up and we raised it we’ve we got off the canal bed floated it, patched up all the holes and decided we’re going to have the boats and we we
    salvaged it pretty much and we brought it back to Tooleys where we’re actually
    restoring it in the meantime we just so happened find out that actually Hardy is
    a local boat and they used to deliver coal to banbury and actually which is
    absolutely amazing and I’ve got photographs of a moored outside the dry
    dock and it’s rather bizzare so it’s really really crazy one of the reasons
    for lifting this boat up was to actually say to everybody look there’s these
    historic boats all the way around the country which are sinking or sunk they
    are falling apart and they’re being broken up and this is our history and we
    should not that this happened so we should do something about it and so by
    raising Hardy we would like to bring some publicity and some attention to the
    fact that this is happening and we’d like the future of Tooleys to actually
    address this and to try and rescue some of these boats which are being destroyed Due to the interest in the boat yard we get a lot of people asking questions actually part of our remit is that
    we show this to the general public so recently we’ve actually come up with the
    idea of actually doing an open day in fact that we are actually opened mornings from
    10 o’clock until 12:30 and that’s on every Saturday and it’s free and you can
    come along and you can come into the boatyard see areas of the boatyard you
    wouldn’t see normally you can go to the dry dock and you can have a look at the
    boat in there you can go into the forge you can see a blacksmith and some of the
    volunteer blacksmiths as well doing demonstrations and we also have a guided
    tour and we’re for guided tours we do that for donations as well and then you
    can be shown around the boatyard and be told the history of the site but if you
    don’t want to have a guided tour you can just wander around and chat to many of the
    volunteers which are here and he will tell you all about the site anyway and
    you go to the belt room and the carpenter store and we also have boat
    trips as well as well so that we’ve got to be charged for those ones as well all
    the money we make on the day of the working museum is actually goes back
    into the working museum itself so if that all happens and hopefully shortly
    we’ll also have our tea room set up here as well we don’t actually get any funding on the
    site at all and I never had received any money actually working with a lot of
    volunteers and we’ve got a great supporter of volunteers but about twenty
    volunteers now who are learning to be blacksmiths who are learning how to
    handle boats and also doing guided tours as well We also are all looking for
    volunteers so if anybody would like to come along and help out then that would
    be fantastic we could really do in fact where we were a network of friends of
    Tooley’s where you can come along and and sign up to be a friend of Tooleys so that
    that would be a really good thing to do okay literally
    here is the gate that Matthews gonna close on us
    Thanks for everything Thank you for rescuing us and
    for looking at our boat and for showing us around the yard and also for being an
    awesome historian that’s kind of what you are isn’t it yeah so and we’re gonna
    put those links to the book below we’re gonna put the links to or everything in
    the description below so watch that don’t forget give us a like subscribe
    and come back next time for more episodes