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    How to Clean the Bottom of a Sailboat Underwater! (Tips from the Pros #4 /Patrick Childress #55)
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    How to Clean the Bottom of a Sailboat Underwater! (Tips from the Pros #4 /Patrick Childress #55)

    January 13, 2020

    your boat doesn’t have to come out of
    the water looking like this on sailboat ‘Brick House’ we’ll show you how we clean
    our bottom and then we’ll go to Hank Schmitt from Offshore Passage Opportunities to give his tips from the pros number four how to keep your bottom
    clean. Hello I’m Patrick Childress in over twelve years of living on our
    sailboat Brick house Rebecca and I have never found a bottom paint that does
    what it’s supposed to do what the advertising says that it will do
    we’ve always ended up having to scrub the bottom much sooner than ever expected so we
    normally use a hookah and up here we’ll put a link to video number 12 which
    shows how we use the hookah for scrubbing the bottom especially after
    we’ve been sitting for several months in one harbor and the marine growth really
    does accumulate and at the end of this video will show you some underwater
    scenes from that video but Hank Schmitt from offshore passage opportunities has
    a very good system for using a scuba tank which you don’t have to strap to
    your back and be so encumbered under the water so he’s going to show us how to
    start with scrubbing the waterline and then go deeper using the scuba tank and
    not wear it into the water okay so we’re getting set up to go ahead and clean the
    bottom of the boat I’ve been cleaning bottoms for about the last 25 or 30 years
    and at first we’d set up like most divers with a BC jacket and and
    regulator and all the weight belts and everything but I found it was much
    easier just to have a tank and a long 25-30 foot hose which I’ll set up right
    here in the middle of the boat and if you have a dinghy you could also put it
    in your dinghy but this keeps you from having to get a BC jacket and the weight
    belt when it’s time to clean your bottom and you’ll see how we can actually clean
    most of the bottom and we’ll demonstrate that in a little bit just by
    having the tank set up in the middle of the boat. we open it up so it’s
    ready for us we all the way open and back a little bit and I’ll just leave it
    right here in the middle I’ll go ahead and get set up to enter the water and as
    you’ll see I can clean most of the boat without having to use the tank and I
    just have that ready for me when I need it so I’ll go in the water and it’s all
    set to go when I need that for cleaning the prop for the bottom of the keel
    maybe the bottom of the rudder we’re gonna go ahead and get in the water now
    and we’ll show you how you can clean your boat pretty much about as big as
    forty forty five feet without using a tank if you didn’t have a tank if you
    weren’t certified but of course having a tank makes it certainly easier for
    cleaning off your prop or the bottom of your keel but really to clean the bottom of your boat
    the water isn’t that cold you don’t need a wetsuit or anything you just need a
    few things so we’re gonna go in with our swim fins
    a scraper of course for getting any barnacles or anything if you have
    barnacles on the bottom of your boat or anything then you really should you just
    be hauling the boat out and painting it a diver is not to keep from having to
    paint your boat once a year or once every two years for scrubbies they’re
    actually three different grades of scrubby’s one is like a sponge almost
    and that’s when you’re racing or you keep it clean a lot then the red want a
    little bit more abrasive and then you might be familiar with the black ones
    which are really for cleaning your barbeque grill and if you have to use a
    black one again I would usually just tell the owner of the boat save the
    money that I would charge you for diving and putting it towards a short haul so
    you shouldn’t have to be taking barnacles off the bottom of your boat if
    you have barnacles on the bottom you vote you need to paint but I know our
    bottom is not that bad so I’ll be able to use the lightest grade scrubby you
    can you don’t want to use anything more abrasive because then you’re taking the
    bottom paint off and again bottom paint as you know is very expensive 250 to 400
    dollars a gallon so the idea isn’t to put it on and then scrape it all off so
    again you want to use the the lightest scrub you can also very important are
    the suction cups because again imagine you’re in the water and as you’re
    cleaning the boat you’re pushing yourself away so they sell these at your
    marine supply stores also any glazier windows they also have suction cups for
    moving big pieces of glass so you want suction cups I put a line on there so I
    don’t lose that and then I’ll just have the scrubby on the other side I do use
    gloves again for barnacles you don’t want to scrape your hands if it’s really
    cold water you’d want to use a wetsuit but it’s not too cold today so just swim
    fins again if you want you can use booties my booties are more worn out
    than my gloves so I don’t use booties anymore and up here where the water’s
    dirtier I do like to put on a hoodie as well with a mask just any any mask I
    don’t use the snorkel at all because again I’m gonna be holding my breath
    cleaning the bottom of the boat and coming back up and you’ll see that
    demonstration in a little bit so again you don’t need a lot of a lot of tooling
    a minute ago you saw we set up our tank so we don’t have to worry about a BC a
    buoyancy control jacket or a weight belt even you’ll have enough with the suction
    cups to be able to take care of that so you’ll eliminate a lot of gear a lot of
    maintenance without the BC jacket so just a tank, a tank and long hose in the middle of
    the boat or you keep it your dinghy in the middle of the boat and I’ll just
    need that really for cleaning anything off the prop or the bottom of the keel
    so with that we’ll get suited up and see you in the water
    okay so I’m all suited up with my stickems – my suction cups…and hopefully I’ll get
    away with just my sponge type and I leave my other scrubby and my my putty
    knife near me so I could reach it when I’m in the water so just go in make sure
    you hold your mask okay we are in the water I generally
    like to start at the bow you see just okay so you could see the contrast where
    it was already cleaned and where it’s not and basically it’s my suction cups
    in one hand and I’m right-handed so I have this scrubby in the other and I’m
    just doing wipe wipe I hold my breath as I go down get to the middle of the
    bottom of the boat then work my way up the other side and I just continue that
    and that way I can do probably 90% of the boat without the having to use the
    tank or the regulator so it saves you from using a lot of air so when I was
    commercial diving I could do eight or ten bottoms with one tank so I wouldn’t have
    to make as many runs to do it and again if you’re out cruising around you don’t
    have to go and get your bottle filled as often. They do sell smaller pony bottles
    which you could probably do the whole boat bottom with just a small five or
    ten-minute pony bottle because again you only need it for your keel and for
    your your running gear your prop and your shaft if you have any barnacles
    there so it’s really just hold my breath wipe wipe….. and i come up again…work on down, more wipe wipe I don’t even have to hold my breath on
    the top. And I head back down. And i just keep going, all the way around. Probably once every 2 month if you’re not racing if you are racing then you
    might want to do it before each race. Very simple.
    okay so I’ve cleaned 80% – 90% of the bottom I have my regulator set up
    25-foot hose connected to the tank on deck. It could be on your Dinghy I just pull the
    hose down now because I’m ready to clean the bottom of the keel then I’ll get the
    putty knife and I’ll go ahead and clean the the strut, the prop, and the
    shaft and then we’re all done so I only need this for the last part of the last
    part of the cleaning the bottom. Thank You Hank I hope this video was
    worthwhile for you if it was please give it a thumbs up and also click on the
    subscribe button if you haven’t already also there is a link to the tip jar in
    the video description if you don’t mind helping out in that
    direction now here’s some of those scenes from when we were anchored for
    three months in Sri Lanka (cleaning the hull, cleaning the chain, cleaning the prop on the bottom of our sailboat Brick House) Propspeed from Oceanmax worked great for 2 years, so it made cleaning our bottom a lot easier than before. After 2 years, we are applying it again (hauled out now for Coppercoat, Propspeed and more)

    🇮🇹 Italian Riviera – Portofino: top beaches and attractions | Italy Guide: cosmopolitan paradise
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    🇮🇹 Italian Riviera – Portofino: top beaches and attractions | Italy Guide: cosmopolitan paradise

    January 12, 2020

    blue romantic and irresistible… this is not south of California… this is not southern France or Spain… this is Italy Portofino, Liguria – Italy. Welcome to the heart of the italian riviera. This fishing port is famous for the
    picturesque harbour and the high-class visitors, like celebrities and artists.
    Dalida was right I found my love in Portofino! Located 45 minutes east of
    Genoa and about two hours south of Milan. During the Roman times the area was
    called Portus Delphini. This splendid A class sea resort has a bright
    mediterranean personality. live your dreams! The Piazzetta, meeting-up point for the international
    jet set, is the symbol of Portofino, while the port is the icon and the pride of
    the locals for their centuries lasting maritime tradition. The charm of the place, the fine Ligurian cuisine and the innumerable cultural and nature itineraries make this corner of Italy an ideal destination any time of year. Top attractions Portofino’s lighthouse. One kilometer
    south of Portofino. Situated on punta del capo, imposing itself over the entire Bay. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy cold and refreshing drinks at the lounge bar La
    Portofinese. The views here will remain unforgettable. San Giorgio church five minutes walking from Portofino. Portofino’s patron, a construction from the 12th century. Inside are relics brought back by sailors after the Crusades. The breathtaking panorama from the churchyard is ideal for photo shooting. Castello Brown. Ten minutes walking from the harbour. The Brown castle is a fortress in the middle of a hanging garden, characterized by partitions with lovely bas-relief, and architectonic embellishments in marble and slate Luxury experience! Christ of the abyss: located between Camogli and Portofino, was placed under water on August 1954 top beaches: Paraggi beach: 1.5 kilometers
    north of Portofino Pedale beach: 3 kilometers north of
    Portofino Rapallo Rapallo is a municipality in the
    metropolitan city of Genoa and has 30,000 inhabitants. This beautiful area
    is part of the regional Natural park of Portofino. Friedrich Nietzsche wrote that the ideas for Zarathustra first came to him while walking on two roads surrounding Rapallo. During the 16th century it was attacked and sacked by the Ottomans and Barbary pirates. To help defend the village against such attacks a castle was built on the seafront. Top attractions Basilica of San Gervasio e Protasio. Consecrated in 1113 and has a leaning bell tower. Torre Civica: marks the skyline of Rapallo. Castello sul Mare: it
    was erected on 1551. Every July, Rapallo holds a magnificent celebration. Besides offering delicious food based on Ligurian traditional and fish dishes, breathtaking views of the stunning Mediterranean Sea while strolling along the promenade from July 1st to 3rd, Rapallo also proposes unique religious traditions accompanied by secular folklore with spectacular fireworks. Santa Margherita
    Liguria – Italy The resort of Santa Margherita Ligure is
    one of the most attractive and charming in the Riviera di Levante, the eastern
    half of the Ligurian Coast in Northwest Italy. Start your visit with a stroll along the promenade pausing for a coffee or an ice cream along the way. The seafront is the main attraction here, with its beach and lively harbour. Useful tips. Do it like the Italians rent a Fiat 500 convertible: small, fast, stylish and convenient. Prefer an accommodation in Rapallo, a cheaper alternative while it’s a fun and vibrant city. elegant Parking in Italy. In portofino’s main
    parking you will pay 11 and a half euro for two hours. In Rapallo there is a free zone parking at the marina otherwise there are plenty of parking meters and private parking spaces. Autostrada toll fees. Using the main motorways means paying toll. From Genoa to Rapallo the cost is about 13E. where to eat Restaurants: Portofino: trattoria Tripoli,
    trattoria Concordia, Paraggi: Capo Nord Rapallo: Oltremare, Sapore di Mare. Santa Margherita: Ristorante Beppe Achilli Portofino a heaven to fall in love with Accommodation Hotels: Portofino Hotel Nazionale, 8 hotel. Paraggi: Hotel Argentina. Rapallo: Hotel Astoria
    Grand Hotel Bristol. Santa Margarita: Hotel Minerva like this video.
    tell us your opinion write a comment. share! Runnismos travel Guru.
    Contact us: [email protected] Thanks for watching and subscribe for more videos

    Boarding our ships – Ferry travel to France & Spain | Brittany Ferries
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    Boarding our ships – Ferry travel to France & Spain | Brittany Ferries

    January 12, 2020

    Brittany Ferries carry around one
    million vehicles every year from vintage cars to 45 tonne
    lorries and fitting them all on board can be
    quite a lengthy and complex process. It is important that we leave virtually full and there are lots of different sorts of vehicles to fit on, that they’re put in the
    right place on board the ship, weighted in the proper
    way. A loading plan is drawn up before the ship arrives the first officer and second most senior
    person on board goes through that plan and determines where the vehicles will go
    according to their height, length and weight. It’s a bit like putting
    together a giant jigsaw puzzle. Loading is completely different on all the ship’s of the company and also on the same ship it is different if we are loading from England or if we are loading from France. With an average time in port of only one
    and a half hours everything has to be carefully planned has passengers and vehicles and
    disembarking a whole army of people come on board to clean the ship and the cabins. Stores are
    replenished and food is prepared for the next
    sailing on high-speed ferry services time in port is even shorter. Turnaround is forty-five
    minutes for 250 cars and 850 passengers. The large vehicles especially camping cars and sometimes we got caravans also they have to be loaded in reverse mode and
    it’s not so simple sometimes. Some vehicles
    and passengers who travel with us have special requirements for example disabled passengers have to
    be placed near the left with sufficient room for wheelchairs on
    sailings to France where pets remain in cars they’re placed in a
    ventilated area at the garage motorbikes and bicycles need to be
    secured in designated areas refrigerated lorries require easy
    access to power supplies to maintain correct temperatures the car
    decks are under constant video surveillance for security purposes one of the challenges for us when the
    reasons people get understand be upset when they first
    arrive and last on is communication and as you’ll see in
    this port here today a communication with passengers in their
    cars is very difficult we have matrix signs up there, we have tannoys, but if you have sitting there listening to
    the radio with the windows up you’re not going to be listening to anybody. It’s important to be clear about your
    vehicle details. Whilst we make every effort to accommodate last-minute
    changes drivers who advised the wrong dimensions or perhaps decide to add a trailer all roof box without
    telling us risk being unable to board the ship we have to say
    to our passengers waiting at the berth to be patient because the loading is very complicated we will do our best to offer our passenger good disembarkation
    on the other side of the crossing.

    Norwegian Cruise Line – Norwegian Breakaway Cruise Ship Tour
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    Norwegian Cruise Line – Norwegian Breakaway Cruise Ship Tour

    January 12, 2020

    Norwegian Cruise Line, the 4.028 passenger Norwegian Breakaway, set sail with passengers for the first time on April 26, 2013. Built at the Meyer Werft shipyard in Papenburg, Germany, the 146,600 ton Norwegian Breakway is the largest cruise ship ever built in the country. At 1,062 feet, it’s longer than three football fields, and it has 18 decks. The hub of the Norwegian Breakaway’s top deck areas is the Aqua Park, a family-friendly fun zone that is home to five multi-story waterslides. Located on Deck 15, the Aqua Park also has a SpongeBob-themed watery play area for smaller children. Norwegian Breakaway’s Aqua Park has two pools and four hot tubs. A close-up of one of the two pool areas atop the Norwegian Breakaway. The five water slides at the Norwegian Breakaway’s Aqua Park include the Whip, a pair of side-by-side twister slides. More areas for lounging atop the Norwegian Breakaway can be found on Deck 17 near the front of the ship. Another lounge area is located at the very front of the ship, overlooking the bow, on Deck 17. Vibe Beach Club on Deck 16 is an extra-charge, adults-only oasis with its own hot tub, lounge chairs and full-service bar. Located near the pool area, the Uptown Bar & Grill serves burgers, hot dogs and other quick bites. Norwegian Breakaway’s top deck also is home to a rock-climbing wall. Located at the back of the ship, Spice H20 is an adult-only lounge area by day and an outdoor dance club by night. It boasts two hot tubs, a waterfall, full-service bar and a giant video screen. A three-story sports complex located just behind the ship’s main funnel includes the line’s first outdoor ropes course. Norwegian Breakaway’s ropes course is the largest at sea. The multi-level structure features more than 40 elements, including a zip track. The ropes course extends from one side of the ship to the other and includes The Plank, a platform that extends eight feet over the vessel’s edge. Norwegian Breakaway offers more than a dozen restaurants, including Brazilian-style steakhouse Moderno Churrascaria. The $20 a person eatery’s specialty is grilled and slow-roasted meats that are carved tableside by passadors. Adjacent to Moderno Churrascaria on Deck 8 is Cagney’s Steakhouse, a Norwegian signature that costs $30 per person. Located between Cagney’s and Moderno is the circular Prime Meridian Bar. Deck 8 also is home to a small shopping area with jewelry, clothing and Norwegian Cruise Line-related items. A circular opening provides a visual connection — and stairway access — between the restaurants and nightspots of Decks 6, 7 and 8. The Shaker’s martini lounge. Like other Norwegian Cruise Line ships, Norwegian Breakaway has a sushi eatery called Wasabi. Prices are a la carte. New on Norwegian Breakaway is Ocean Blue, a seafood eatery run by Food Network star Geoffrey Zakarian. More than 50 electronic screens around the ship allow passengers to make bookings for restaurants and shows — a first in the industry. The screens also offer general information about venues around the ship as well as easy-to-follow directions. Located on Deck 8, La Cucina serves Tuscany-inspired Italian dishes. It costs $15 per person. In addition to interior seating, La Cucina has an outdoor seating area along the ship’s the Deck 8 “Waterfront.” The Deck 8 Waterfront features outdoor seating areas for a number of restaurants and bars, including Shaker’s. Designed with New York supper clubs in mind, The Manhattan Room on Deck 7 features a large dance floor as a focal point and is the site of live music and dancing during meals. Among the entertainment in The Manhattan Room is a ‘Burn the Floor’ ballroom dancing show. Norwegian Breakaway has a stylish, contemporary decor that extends to the ship’s hallways, including elevator areas. The Breakaway Casino on Deck 7 is home to more than 300 slot machines and 26 gaming tables offering poker, black jack, roulette and craps. O’Sheehan’s, a pub-like sports bar and grill that first debuted on Norwegian Epic in 2010, is back in a similar form on Norwegian Breakaway. It serves fish and chips, burgers and other classic pub food. Amusements include miniature bowling, pool and air hockey tables, and interactive arcade games. Norwegian Breakaway’s Breakaway Theater is home to the five-time Tony Award nominated Broadway show ‘Rock of Ages.’ Like Norwegian Epic, Norwegian Breakaway also houses a circus tent-like space for a circus-style dinner show. Called the Spiegel Tent, the venue is home to ‘Cirque Dreams: Jungle Fantasy,’ a traveling circus show that has played in more than 200 cities. The show costs $29.99 for general seating and $39.99 for premium seating. The shore excursions desk, located on Deck 6. A bar at the base of the atrium. A large open seating area on Deck 6 faces a giant screen that is used to show live sporting events and other entertainment. The Atrium Cafe features baked goods from “Cake Boss” star Buddy Valastro’s Carlo’s Bakery. An art gallery area is an element of Deck 6. Le Bistro, Norwegian’s signature French restaurant, is back on Norwegian Breakaway with indoor seating as well as “Atrium Al Fresco” seating outside the restaurant at the base of the ship’s central atrium. It costs $20 per person. Located in the ship’s atrium on Deck 6, Savor offers traditional cuisine with a contemporary flair. There is no extra charge to dine. Touch screens around the ship show the seating availability at restaurants. The Norwegian Breakaway’s fitness center is located high atop the ship on Deck 15. The fitness center has dozens of weight and cardio machines as well as free weights. The Entourage teen club is a dedicated fun zone for 13- to 17-year-olds. The most luxurious of the 2,014 cabins on Norwegian Breakaway are the 42 suites found inside The Haven, a private enclave at the top of the ship. Here, the living area of an Owner’s Suite. Owner’s Suites feature a bedroom with a king-size bed, a separate living room with dining area, and a large modern bathroom with separate shower and tub. Among the many amenities found in Owner’s Suites are specialty coffee machines. Owner’s Suites also come with concierge and butler service. Owner’s Suite bathrooms have double sinks as well as walk-in showers and large tubs. Owner’s Suites also feature a large amount of storage space, including walk-in closets. The cabins can sleep up to four. Even larger than Owner’s Suites are the ship’s two Deluxe Owner’s Suites, which measure 936 square feet and sleep up to four. Bedrooms in the two Deluxe Owner’s Suites feature king-size beds that face floor-to-ceiling windows and an extra-spacious wraparound private balcony. Each of the Deluxe Owner’s Suites can be joined with an Owner’s Suite to create a grand suite that sleeps up to eight people. Deluxe Owner’s Suite bathrooms have an oversized bath tub, two modern vanity sinks and a large shower. The tub area in a Deluxe Owner’s Suite bathroom. Deluxe Owner’s Suites have large walk-in closet areas. A Deluxe Owner’s Suite balcony. The Haven also is home to 18 Haven Courtyard Penthouses. At 334 square feet, they are smaller than Owner’s Suites but still significantly larger than standard cabins. Located near the Haven’s private courtyard, the Haven Courtyard Penthouses have bedrooms with king-size beds, and a living and dining area. A Haven Courtyard Penthouse balcony. A Haven Courtyard Penthouse bathroom. The closet found in a Haven Courtyard Penthouse. Another high-end option on the Norwegian Breakaway are its 20 Haven Family Villas, which have two bedrooms and two bathrooms. They measure 559 square feet and sleep up to six people. The Haven Family Villa’s master bath has a large shower, an oversized oval tub that looks out to the sea and two modern vanity sinks. Haven Family Villas have a separate living room and dining area that includes a pull-out sofa bed, writing desk and bar. The balcony of a Haven Family Villa. The second bedrooms in Haven Family Villas have a double pull-out sofa bed that is connected to its own bathroom. The second bathroom of a Haven Family Villa. Like all Haven cabins, the villas come with a private concierge and 24-hour butler. The most common category of cabin on the Norwegian Breakaway are its Balcony Staterooms, of which there are 960. The 204 square foot Balcony Staterooms have queen beds that can be converted into two twin beds and feature a clean, contemporary design. Balcony Staterooms have large, streamlined bathrooms with plenty of lighting. Balcony Stateroom bathrooms have a shower but no tub. Enclosed vanities in Balcony Stateroom bathrooms hide a trash bin as well as storage space. More storage is available in large drawers under the sofas in Balcony Staterooms. The streamlined, built-in desk and storage area of a Balcony Stateroom features a television, mini-bar and coffee maker. The desk area of a Balcony Stateroom has four electrical outlets, two on a U.S. standard and two on a European standard. All cabin categories – including Balcony Staterooms, shown here – come with a mini-bar. The balconies for Balcony Staterooms have two chairs and a small table. Balcony Staterooms have large closets that feature areas for hanging clothes, shelves and a safe. A look inside the closet of a Balcony Stateroom. Norwegian Breakaway has 449 windowless inside cabins that have two twin beds that can be converted into a queen. Many of the inside cabins have pull-down bunks and can sleep up to four people. They have small desk areas and televisions, and measure 151 square feet. Inside cabin bathrooms are similar to those found in balcony cabins. Norwegian Breakaway also has 120 oceanview cabins that have windows but no balconies. Here, what’s billed as a Family Oceanview Stateroom. The Family Oceanview Staterooms measure 161 square feet and have two twin beds that can convert into a queen. The twelve Haven Penthouses measure 505 square feet and have a bedroom with king-size bed and a separate living room. The cabin category is different than the Haven Courtyard Penthouse. The living room of a Haven Penthouse has a double sofa bed, writing desk and dining area. Haven Penthouse bathrooms have two bowl sinks, a curved oval bathtub and separate shower. A Haven Penthouse balcony. There are 248 Mini Suites on the Norwegian Breakaway. The 236 square foot cabins are slightly larger than standard Balcony Staterooms. Mini Suites have a king-size bed that can be separated to form two smaller beds, a large closet, a sofa bed with additional storage and a built-in desk area. Like standard Balcony Staterooms, Mini Suites have coffee makers. The biggest difference between a Mini Suite and a Balcony Stateroom is that Mini Suites have bigger and more elaborate bathrooms. Mini Suite bathrooms have a large double sink with two faucets set against a mosaic glass-tile backsplash, additional storage space under the sink and a larger shower than Balcony Staterooms. The showers in Mini Suite bathrooms feature rain-shower heads and multiple body spray jets. Mini Suite balconies have two chairs and a small table.