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    Peeing Off a Boat … How to Use a Sailboat Toilet /Head (Pro Tips #2/Patrick Childress Sailing 51)

    January 6, 2020

    if you’re ever offshore and you fall
    overboard lesson number one is the first thing you do is zip up your fly that way
    your friends won’t laugh at you at your funeral HI Im Patrick Childress, and we will get back with Hank
    Smith in just a few minutes I wanted to tell you back in 1980 I was crossing the
    Pacific I was into the second year of a three-year solo circumnavigation on a 27
    foot sailboat on a pleasant day with the wind off the port quarter and sailing
    along and I was taking a pee off the back side of the boat which was nothing
    unusual but just as I had been warned the boat took a sudden very unexpected
    lurch and I was on my way over the back it took all of my strength and effort to
    Teeter myself back up onto the cockpit and from that day forward I never peed
    over the side of the boat while at sea again I always used the head and sat down.
    Checking with some other people… I first met John Neal in Papeete Tahiti in 1980
    John was sailing on his 26 foot Mahina it’s been 30 years now that he and his
    wife Amanda have been operating offshore expeditions most recently on their sailboat
    Mahina Tiare and I asked John if it’s addressed in their crew manual about
    peeing over the side he said no but it IS in their crew orientation and nobody
    pees over the side off of his boat while at sea and even men sit down while they
    use the head checking with another source yet was Andrew Burton who lives
    in newport rhode island he has been sailing most of his life professionally
    delivering sail boats across oceans operating private sailboats and charter
    boats worked as a magazine editor and he has the same policy
    nobody pees over the side of the boat while at sea and men sit down using the
    marine head .so this is what the pros do how they approach the safety of keeping
    people on the deck of their boat Hank Schmitt who operates offshore passage
    opportunities it is in his crew manual that nobody pees over the side and men
    sit down on the marine head well let’s get back with hank he’s going to give us a
    little more information and show us how to use a marine head, how to make sure that it’s
    flushed properly so the whole crew comes out smelling good we were having a little fun with you up
    on deck but it is serious business about taking a leak offshore and you really
    want to be careful so we really recommend not to do that offshore and
    again almost kidding aside but you really do want to make sure your your
    fly is zipped up if you do fall overboard but while we’re on the subject we
    thought we would talk about using the marine head it’s a thing that a lot of
    people are reluctant to ask questions on because it seems like such a simple
    thing but so many people do not use a marine head correctly well you have to understand
    about using the head and again some people call it the head I call it the
    gym because that’s where we do get a lot of our exercise. once you put something
    into the toilet we have our bottle to demonstrate it goes in and you’ll see
    that we have on the side just for flush which water goes out it’s actually dry
    Bowl and then there’s another saying for flush so you want to evacuate the bowl
    first with it on dry and then you have to envision what’s going on everything
    is going into the toilet through hoses and it has to go up a hose through what
    they call a vented loop then down to the hose and either into your holding tank
    or offshore we’re going to talk about just using it offshore where we are
    pumping everything over the side so you want to make sure first that everything
    disappears from your bowl so now there’s nothing there it’s empty but then you
    switch it over to the wet side and as you pump you get your exercise and water
    comes in and what we’re doing is that water is forcing everything in the hoses
    several feet into the hose up over the vented loop down and then back over the
    side and then after you’ve pumped it 10-15 times you want to go back to the
    dry Bowl and a marine head. unlike at home, you want to leave it empty so there
    is no water if there is any back flush what happens is because of that hose if
    it does back flush a little bit it’s gonna back flush with clean sea water
    and you’re not going to smell up your head if you don’t pump enough any back
    flush might still be contaminated water and your heads gonna start stinking a
    lot so you really want to make sure you pump a lot so it’s the big hose at the
    bottom which is the evacuation hose so you want to make sure you pump a whole
    lot to move everything the big hose underneath you’ll see it
    goes behind the toilet behind the bulkhead and let it go goes head and
    travels up through the big loop to your Y valve where you set for it to go
    either to a holding tank or overboard dockside of course we’re where we are
    now on holding tank once we get offshore in the ocean switch it over seacock and
    then when it’s seacock of course pump it a whole bunch of times make sure you
    get rid of everything dockside either try and use the facilities at the marina
    or don’t pump as much so you don’t fill up your holding tanks now if you’re
    doing number two of course you don’t want to start with a dry bowl so you
    might want to go to your head put it on wet put some water in there and then
    some boats really don’t like you to throw anything even toilet paper down
    the toilet you can use toilet paper as long as you don’t use too much toilet
    paper I like to say is compromise between poor angelina jolie that got
    vilified for saying that you only needed one piece of toilet paper and then
    that’s a little extreme on one end and on the other end try not to do it my
    oldest daughter did and make a catchers mitt it way too much so as long as you
    use smaller pieces put them in it really isn’t a problem
    you’re not going to clog your toilet but again only toilet paper and then again
    you need to put it on dry first if you keep it on wet you’re just going to keep
    circulating not emptying the bowl but you put it on dry to evacuate once it
    all disappears it’s just sitting right at the beginning of your your hoses so
    you put it on wet and then you get your exercise in the gym pump a good 10-15
    times move everything along the lines gets over that vented loop and down over
    the side and overboard and then back to the dry position and we tried to get rid
    of everything and that’s how you’d leave it in the course of your trip
    if water’s coming back and it’s still smelling you’re not pumping enough so
    you just have to pump more and that again is the nice way to keep your
    marine head not smelling too bad, and not worrying about any clogs and you keep everybody very happy without
    any any problems. there are no plumbers at sea…the captains usually drafted and he doesn’t like
    that! I hope the information in this video was worthwhile for you if so
    please click on the thumbs up button and if you haven’t already on the subscribe
    thanks again for watching and we’ll see you soon

    BOX FORT PIRATE SHIP BATTLE! 📦⛵️Nerf War, Box Fort Boat & More!
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    BOX FORT PIRATE SHIP BATTLE! 📦⛵️Nerf War, Box Fort Boat & More!

    January 5, 2020

    alright I’m back and I’m ready for this
    box for pirate ship battle check it out guys I got the full-on pirates – look
    Jake oh good I didn’t know we were going this all out I got the pirate flag on I
    guess I’ve got the floppy arms maybe not this thing alright guys it’s time to set
    sail with our ship here I’m naming her the SS Papa oh look at that
    beautiful ship sails just like she should and we are back video and today
    guys the Sun is blonde John is very blinding
    today the Sun is blinding but guys today we are doing something
    amazing we’re becoming pirates that’s right guys we’re going and we’re sailing
    the seven seas we’re looting for plunder we’re getting
    pet parents I don’t have a pet pair I have a pet dog oh they see you man a
    parrot because we’re becoming pirates and we are having an all-out pirate
    battle because me looking up debating I’ve been saying the Pirates need to
    have big ships with big cannons so that they can take on all their opponents and
    get all the plunder to feel it in their halls but but I actually disagree I
    think to be a smart pirate you gotta build small and fast so you can escape
    with the treasure I don’t know guys that’s exactly what we’re putting to the
    test today alright we are gonna be having a pirate ship battle between me
    and Logan Logan is gonna be making its small boats my ship which is very small
    and you know probably ineffective well I’m gonna be making that actually lower
    got across the pool really fast except on my side I’m making this into a
    massive pirate ship I don’t have side cannons I don’t have a plank that I can
    make people walk then I can make him walk the plank when they when they do
    bad things I want to have enough place to store all of my treasure and the only
    way to decide who officially is the best pirate would be best ship is to have a
    pirate ship battle on this ocean aka my pool so to kick things off guys we’re
    gonna split up with equal amounts of resources we’re gonna split up our nerf
    guns we’re gonna split up our supplies and then our imagination is the only
    limit once everything is completed we’re gonna set sail and the last man standing
    wins hashtag team Logan if you think my boats
    gonna be better hashtag Papa Jake if you think my boats gonna be
    and of course if you have any brand new channel do not forget to shoot that
    subscribe button down below as well as hit that Bell button so you never miss a
    video guys don’t forget if you don’t hit the
    felt button you’re not gonna see all of our videos and you don’t want to miss
    out on some really amazing summer content if you guys think we should
    combine their boat building skills and build one massive pirate ship let’s try
    and get thirty thousand lights all right see more like 40,000 likes because I’m a
    pirate I wouldn’t find golden mermaids and I want to sail on a dolphin and when
    I get tuna do a X I’m gonna dig it up and find a big old treasure alright I
    think Jase can a little bit get a little bit too piratey up in here so eyes if
    you like if you like Papa Jake’s pirate voice but a hashtag pirate voice from
    now on and it’ll only do videos in a pirate voice does not matter alright
    Jake I think I think we should start building now I like the word build in
    pirate voice for a little while now and it is looking amazing I’m not sure what
    what’s going on over in Logan land all the way over there with that tiny little
    ship that he’s got going on but definitely love what you do back come
    over here don’t you be looking at my ship okay look at it I mean I barely see
    it’s so tiny over there like I said guys it might be small but it can go very
    fast and it’s a work in progress okay well my ship which is the big ship and
    probably the best ship is looking amazing so check it out guys we’ve got
    the ship here and as you guys can see it’s up here on the floaties for maximum
    buoyancy and if we look over we’ve got a bunch of room inside here for building I
    also went ahead and equip the front with a cool little like ship looking point
    feature here which I think looks awesome so I’m gonna have a few cannibal huell’s
    here I’m also gonna have the entrance on the side and I need ports for using my
    nerf guns my water balloons and a couple more secrets I’m not gonna tell Logan
    about I also got a really cool flag we got to put on it so I gotta get back to
    building but so far this thing is looking sweet I’m excited to set sail
    all right guys the Sun is going down which means we’re running out of time to
    build these things here’s my boats so far it’s a work in progress not quite
    done it’s super compact gonna be really fast we have two shelving compartments
    and some room underneath for storage to keep like nerf guns and some awesome
    tricks up our sleeves to attack Jake’s boat still some work to go
    Jake’s boats looking a little bit more intimidating than mine but I’m still
    gonna be adding some stuff to this and it’s gonna look way better than that
    boom there she is decked out in pink it is looking awesome all we have to do now
    is gear up the insides put lots of fun things you know like some big missile
    launchers some water balloons slam gun tomorrow’s battle is gonna be a fire
    right guys we have a both of our pirate ships are ready and they are looking
    amazing mostly mine but Logan I know I’m this started out and all looking too
    good but now it looks actually little spooky yeah
    don’t know what the pink color though not very like scary you know it’s got
    that kind of friendly look to it well who said pirates have to be scary
    I mean arrr arrr that’s true but guys check this out our ships got the Jolly
    Roger on the back we’ve got multiple ports for firing cannons out of on both
    sides of ship and the only on this time check this out dual cam and fiery I mean
    look and your she’s not even big enough for one cannon not only that but check
    that we’ve got a plank so when I’m done with Logan I can make you walk the plank
    straight into the water to swim with the fishes that is pretty awesome but but
    still not as awesome as mine but guys I guess the only way to find out who truly
    is the best pirate is to come back and have our ultimate box for a pirate ship
    battle now the Sun is it’s set over there so we cannot do it tonight but
    that gives us time to get ready it gives us time to get our Nerf blasters ready
    our cannonballs ready and most importantly get our awesome pirate gear
    on because we are gonna have an all-out box for pirate battle tomorrow at noon
    so we’ll see you scallywags tomorrow alright we’re back for day two and we
    are here to have our pirate ship a battle that is right Logan are you ready
    to sail this time I got in the play I got a new plaque on her I’ve got the
    flag down here this is the scariest ship you could possibly see in the sea and
    I’ve got my pirate comrade Blackbeard but first guys before we can have our
    awesome pirate ship battle we need to get our pirate here on which means we’ve
    got a suit up get our pirate gear on and then we can choose our pirate weapons
    for the ship alright I’m back and I’m ready for this box port pirate ship
    battle check it out guys oh good I didn’t know we are going this all out
    I just got a t-shirt look at the pirate patch I guess I’ve got the floppy arms I
    know this thing does you look you look like a pirate alright it’s really hot in
    here when you’re wearing a t-shirt I thought this was all I was gonna need
    well I guess it’s time to pick our pirate weapons and head to the seven
    seas and have our all up higher ship battle this might slow me down a little
    bit and I’m one eye less for seeing but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna lose this
    pirate match so for our pirate ship weapons we’ve got tons of options here
    you’ll both get to choose a mixture of pirate weapons we have for example the
    pirate crossbow the pirate sniper these are pirate grenades aka water balloons
    over here we’ve got our pirate weapons for sore battling and then of course a
    pirate grenade launcher for firing blunderbuss now Logan you get to choose
    your weapons and I choose mine I’m getting the water gun oh that’s not a
    water gun son that’s a pirate flamethrower
    what okay sure whatever you say Jake guys he’s taking this thing really
    seriously so I’ll be getting the pirate Cosmo Blackbeard
    what do you want ah she’ll get it later okay so I’ve got my crossbow and I get
    to choose the next weapon well I’m gonna definitely a pirate axe we’re battling
    okay I guess I’ll take a pirate axe as well alright well if you’re doing that
    then I’m taking the pirate grenade launcher oh then I’m getting the pirate
    sniper well I’m out of hands but if I had some I would take a pirate grenade
    alright guys I think we’re all geared up let’s set sail and have a pirate battle
    yeah I guess have our pirate battle alright guys it’s time to set sail with
    our ship here I’m naming her the SS Papa let’s get her inside
    don’t want the plank to fall down here there we are
    alright let’s put her in oh there she goes oh look at that beautiful ship
    sails just like she should walk on inside here without it exploding alright
    here we go we’re sailing the seven seas in our pirate ship now where is our
    competitor Jake seems to be taking this thing really seriously so it’ll be
    really funny if we knock them off as both alright and we’re ready to go
    oh boy Susan as stable as I thought looks like we have another ship ship off
    the starboard side seems we have another pirate afoot and he’s in the water we’ve
    got another pirate attacking us in his small ship he’s already falling in so we
    know he’s probably not that good next up is the crossbow what do you got
    on us the waves are acting up here sigh he’s hitting us with a wave attack we’ve
    got to reinforce let’s get down below deck it looks like our opponent is
    moving in on us he’s got a small boat okay that was the second time I vote Ted
    it looks like I made some wrong calculations guys it looks like you
    Logan’s are moving in on us this small boat is fast but it also doesn’t look
    like he’s working and he’s a really bad pirate he’s always falling over like
    three times let’s try and hit him out this candy port here ready cross bugs
    raised bar direct hit we’ve hit this ship alright time to get ready got here
    hey what a good time to throw the water grenade ah he’s retaliating with the
    flamethrower oh we’ve gotta have something in here we can use the
    grenades on tradies then stop hitting me with the flamethrower
    putting cannon through whore a few guys we’re taking on a lot of
    water but here we go I’m gonna load up Opie that’ll do
    something all right let’s get him to these looks like he’s over there he’s mounting
    an offense if I didn’t tell I’ve got my blunderbuss loaded it’s time to attack
    hey Logan oh hey the motive a moan the blunderbuss oh these Susan the flames
    are oh we got it we’re gonna hit him with always I’ve got an idea I’m gonna
    load up the grenade alright goodnight lunch is ready Dora I’m out of ammo my grenade launcher
    I’ve got one more Sheldon that crossbow I hit him again to weaken him and then
    I’ll take him out with my sword alright let’s fire again where is he I don’t see
    him okay I lost my eye patch oh hi guys this ship is really rickety I think I’m
    still banning ship let’s take a look over the starboard side wait he’s not in if he surrenders then what shall we do
    all right guys is up to you in the comments shall we spare him Cheryl we
    make him join our crew or shall we make him walk the plank
    comment down below walk the plank spare him or join the crew let’s see
    what you make him do I love it it looks like y’all wanna make him walk the plank
    and that’s exactly what we’ll do my ship didn’t exactly work alright didn’t in
    fact it did the opposite of work it failed miserably I did and I accept I’ll
    walk the play alright alright walk the plank it down into Stevie Jordans
    lockers where you go I’ll walk the plank and I’ll see you guys next time but guys
    I think this is where we’re gonna end off the video for today if you guys did
    enjoy it smack that like button down below let’s try and crush 50,000 likes
    for more awesome videos like this any of you guys have a suggestion for the next
    video we should do leave a comment down below we’re always taking awesome ideas
    from you guys and do not forget we are working up to an amazing 24 hour
    floating box for it like this in the middle of the ocean if you guys want to
    see that happen comment down below and destroy that like button but guys this
    has been Papa Jake and I will see you guys next time for another awesome video

    Classic Accessories Stellex Boat Cover
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    Classic Accessories Stellex Boat Cover

    January 4, 2020

    This Video Review Is Based On :
    Price, quality, performance, warranty, brand trust, after sales & service, reusability,
    familiarity and easy to operate. One of my best boat covers and for a good
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    it.Classic Stellex All Season Boat Covers ideally should be very tough and durable.
    Boats come under attack from the weather and also from other outside influences. The cover
    should be able to keep the boat from experiencing any wear and tear. It should itself also be
    one that will keep for long periods of time without getting spoilt. The edges especially
    will come under severe pressure and must be protected well. This cover ticks all these
    boxes and more. It is durable and tough. The materials making it are also those that will
    allow the exchange of air thus promoting breathability. The cover is also a well-tailored fit. There
    will be no gaping holes that are uncovered. This cover does the whole boat perfectly.
    It is simply one of the best covers out there. And you get a free storage bag with this. Kindly See the Description for This Product
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    Simple Strategies for Catfish Fishing
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    Simple Strategies for Catfish Fishing

    December 30, 2019

    a few subscribers asked about catfish
    fishing so let’s talk about three tricks today. number one I found this point with
    the drop off to its left BIG catfish loves hanging out there
    this photo shows this spot even better the water is deep nearby, so I use that
    Asian style fishing pole for its sensitivity number two I fished a rock pile on the point, as rocks are fish magnet the catfish weighted more than 14 pounds and it brought me a surprising award for the month I used a two hook setup, the dough bait
    on the bottom attracts fish better while the worm on top triggers more bites. this setup has been explained in detail in a previous video
    titled “simple fishing technique for bigger fish”

    Корабль за горизонт Точный Опыт Плоская Земля
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    Корабль за горизонт Точный Опыт Плоская Земля

    December 30, 2019

    All good to you in touch Alexander
    I did not have time to upload a video with a boat with experience as showered a lot
    comments a lot of questions I planned to make one video so
    immediately everyone understands it didn’t work out and I had to explain a lot of explanations
    the main question is question number one where is the horizon on the first video link in
    description now she jumped out there the ship goes and is not even visible it became
    because the camera was looking a little up I made a very long experiment
    table and now the table is visible when the boats the table rides itself is visible and therefore did not believe
    what is the true experience I specified without specifying not how i wanted one experience
    I had to do 2 all the questions I’m in squeezed the second experiment and answered shortly took off
    all videos to make it clear to everyone was the first question, the second question, and how
    without a lens the camera sees, I took out the camera it seemed that without a camera lens it sees
    the same thing is that the lens gives lensing without a lens and naturally sees it differently
    but it is visible on one table and then it was just that you need a distance to
    horizon that is, from the shore a lens pushed away from the camera and the camera is looking at
    me in the second experiment her a little bit up a straight parallel straight
    this significant refinement was still such here is the question and constant write what
    need to be removed through the top not not through the bottom but
    if you stand ashore and look at the sea is not a bird’s eye
    look, you look from the shore and in this experience you look the same
    coast and vapor density it is higher near the surface of the water
    therefore, just the same, and you need to look through the bottom of the linins this
    completely wrong setting question and manipulation of facts then
    I removed this manipulation you need to look through the bottom of the Lens naturally we look and this will happen 3 I drew a line along
    which the ship is traveling along one line and 4 i have level the level that the table shows
    flat but not quite flat but so or otherwise, more or less
    the picture will be like that, even when direct table level will be something like this
    show the boat itself there is now a white boat i used
    and 1 more significant refinement as the camera will show without a magnifying glass and I
    made from the opposite if the earth spherical as the camera will show
    and what the observer will see when from the shore and looking through a telescope I, too
    removed and I want to show you all this more one question where is the horizon myself
    horizon used what the horizon is what we can maximum
    see it somewhere 5,000 kilometers into the distance see into the distance
    and the horizon itself is this nebula beyond horizon we see no horizon
    stars as I said once there are no stars Earth means flat if it was higher
    back on the horizon would be visible stars but we never see them there
    you can check and now I want to show experience I them
    spent a few pieces and I will explain what is there and how and how I wrote I rent the whole table
    entirely or rather all connected tables show the whole table because
    wrote that the experience is not accurate if you show the table is not entirely why I do not know time
    asked I will show all that I showed like this
    looks from all sides from all angles under the table there are nothing tables and nowhere are they
    tilted further level shows that level
    shows that the table is not tilted anywhere set the level from a different angle and the same
    the most the level showed that the table is nowhere
    tilt the line along which the boat is traveling straight drawn in pencil on myself
    we set the boat clearly on line two the camera on the top right removes I decided
    immediately combine the video because the video so long get here is the second camera
    I look under the table level 1 on the right laptop visible now level 2 cameras look level
    the table became even visible and the table and boat and now the boat starts to go I this
    I shoot everything from two cameras at the same time 1st line strictly coasts the boat and
    you can see how the boat sinks sinks the hold, the deck and the stern we’re driving back
    all the way around the boat pops up now the sides are the same as
    first experience but this experience is more accurate in that here the observers are on
    offshore and looking I’m directly removing the magnifier
    it can be seen that the ship is on the table for those who did not believe this
    showing a more accurate boat experience I take the boat starts to sink it’s the same
    the most that we see through a telescope or through some kind of optics when we look at a ship at sea and backwards I drive a boat and I show I remove the magnifying glass it is visible that the boat is on the table I put the magnifying glass through the magnifying glass too visible table
    the camera looks parallel this time boat start to take the boat
    starts to sink I push the boat
    on a laptop you see the same thing as shows the second camera now sideways it is a side view I made a straight side view from different angles so that you see and make sure that what I showed the first time coincides with the fact that I showed the second time no fakes show how on the same plane this happens the table has always been level you in this
    made sure he is not tilted anywhere and now to infinity the sight of the boat and it is prospectively reduced to a point which is not observed at sea because lensing is present at sea lens effect I decided to still show you what the second camera was shooting in close-up because what she shot very well here I am
    I push the level I put the boat on the line and now move this camera to the right to the left down I look under the table now showing level two
    the camera almost in the middle not quite in the middle but
    and it’s clear that there is no tilt and now I move the boat
    the camera sees ships sinking I move the boat back the boat pops up I put the boat on the sides and you see that a table is visible through a magnifying glass that is, the surface itself on which the ship is traveling tidy up the magnifier the table is all the same
    and I show you this is a good proof around the ship table you this
    see now the boat is sinking we are we see and the boat pops up the first camera shows that the boat is moving forward and back now back to front the same thing we remove the magnifier the boat is on the table the camera is looking straight at him put the magnifier back move the boat forward you can watch it on the laptop and in the magnifier the ships are sinking We move the boat back the boat
    pops up and sides again because it the boat sinks very beautifully and the boat pops up on the same plane remove the magnifier
    the boat was standing on the table now on the contrary what if the earth
    spherical let’s check how the boat goes beyond the horizon for the curvature of the earth for curved water here is a boat and now it’s not just
    straight line and he stands on some bend and also shoot from two cameras, what if everything is wrong and the boat is just goes beyond the curvature of the earth let’s
    let’s see here I put two cameras I don’t want to show separately what
    shows the first camera that 2 at once I’m leading a boat from the top right and what we see is a hold and the deck rises and the mast is at an angle if you
    ever looked through a telescope or in optics at sea then you could
    make sure this never happens and the video that is being thrown off
    the ship which goes into a storm right then left sways at an angle but
    there’s never such a picture if the ship sways in a storm he certainly
    will be at an angle but it is at an angle neither one side
    and left and right, but here the boat in one side at an angle once again conduct an experiment
    here is a boat you can go to the laptop
    right up look and hoban hold and deck up and mother what’s at an angle so
    you need to shoot yourself if you do not they will say that the experience was not carried out by me a laptop and now a more accurate experience with the horizon between two sticks I started the horizon
    the level shows that the table is right on just in case lit a light on the other end
    the table here we put the horizon under another the same angle
    the table is not tilted through the group the table is visible that is itself
    surface on which the boat is traveling Now we move the second camera, it can be seen that the level has become direct nowhere not bent visible laptop visible i
    that is, I show 360 degrees and boat behind a magnifying glass is not a straight line along
    which the ship is traveling many showed show the horizon as the ship goes beyond the horizon and I showing you the horizon that is pulled
    between the two sticks this blue line that is, the level indicates that the level
    became this one straight line one plane, that is, the ship travels along
    one straight line that I drew she bends nowhere no bend here I show the level from different angles
    tables are just tables here is the level table now starting to move the boat blue
    the line is the horizon boat begins to sink over the horizon moving back ships pops up for
    I turn the horizon at an angle put away the magnifying glass is the same boat more precisely nowhere and now the boat goes beyond the horizon return the boat pops up backwards moving in one plane the level saw the boat sinking You see the second camera behind a magnifying glass. A boat is on the table. I’m not making anything up. just take it off as it’s moving back the boat pops up slowly slowly but he pops up
    this is how we see ships at sea through optics everything happens in one
    plane see moving forward ship and who is not just in one
    moving plane back pops up Thus, I showed that the boat goes beyond the horizon showing you the horizon yourself with
    level I showed that this is one plane in this experiment, a table is visible through the lens
    also the fact that I removed the lens and showed that the ship is on the same table
    shows that this experience is much more accurate using the semicircle i
    showed that the boat does not go beyond the curvature of the Earth he goes for lensing if he went beyond the curvature of the earth
    then the lower part would rise sails would look at an angle but this does not happen when you look through binoculars at sea can check all the arguments that
    brought to expose Flat Earth with the help of a ship this my experience is broken everything happens in one plane with this one video I covered all the issues with the ship going beyond the horizon of the earth thereby showing how this actually happens share this video on facebook
    contact Twitter and Reddit and tell about him help people learn the truth first

    Southampton Boat Show: 21 hours to see it all! | ⛵ Sailing Britaly ⛵
    Articles, Blog

    Southampton Boat Show: 21 hours to see it all! | ⛵ Sailing Britaly ⛵

    December 28, 2019

    Good Morning! We are going to the
    Southampton Boat Show and I’m late for my train so let’s get going. I’m gonna make
    my way to the station on this little thing that I bought when I got here,
    because our car is in Italy, so I’ve got a little folding bike for the boat
    super-handy weighs 13 kilos it was nice and cheap as well – from Argos in the
    UK if anybody’s interested. Well that was a nice early-morning
    workout the roads were they’re quiet really nice to cycle here there’s the
    castle, and cathedral, and I’m just waiting for the late train to go into London with all the
    commuters has probably gonna be very busy. I like travelling on trains actually, when I was in the R.A.F. I used to travel a lot on the
    trains, and I really enjoyed it, and I’m gonna be trying to sort out a kind of
    chartplotter system on the train today. I bought a cheap Android tablet and I’m gonna
    be downloading OpenCPN and get myself a little cheap plotter set up. I absolutely love London. This is where Rossella and I met so it’s very special to us. And there’s such an
    amazing energy in this city, I really do enjoy visiting. Emma look. Hi! This is good isn’t it?
    Daddy’s with you in the bath even though I’m in a different country. Yes darling, I’m on the train. I’m on the train, and you’re in the bath. Well I’ve only been
    here maybe 15 minutes and I’m already really impressed. Really impressed!
    There are some really interesting things here. Halyards and different lines in there half
    price – that’s not an inflated price then price it’s a kind of, you know, a decent
    price and you only pay half, so that’s good for us because we need new lines on
    Britaly. SUPs. We’ve got an SUP there £225,
    that’s a good price and there’s something else that I’ve seen that I’ve
    never seen before, so I’ll show you now. Despite the fact that
    I used to be a boat dealer and we sold trailerable boats, and trailers, I’ve
    never seen this before… Stainless steel boat trailers. I haven’t aksed prices or anything like that, I’m sure they’re gonna be expensive as you would
    expect but yeah really quite innovative of course it’s nice to be able to dunk
    the trailer and with galvanized trailers that’s
    doable but no doubt, in the longer term stainless steel trailers are probably a great
    option, again I don’t know the price – I’ve just never seen it, so I thought I’d show you. I was just walking past the
    Coast Guard stand here and I saw something that I recognized the NautiNav Buoys we had them recently in a giveaway and we’ve given away five
    sets of those to people. This is a very large boat show there are
    over 600 boats here and about a hundred thousand visitors during the course of
    the show. It’s not just boats though there are
    other things: here’s a trailer… I’m always tempted by that sort of thing whether it
    be building a teardrop trailer or doing a campervan conversion it’d be nice to
    have options for extra accommodation like for example now while with while
    I’m working on the boat it’d be really nice to have somewhere where Rossela and
    Emma could stay, and yeah something like that
    or a camper that would be very handy. Well that was cool,
    I’ve just met Dan from Sailing Uma I didn’t get the camera out because I wanted to say
    hello to him, you know “Oh hi, here’s a camera in your face!” So yeah it’s
    really nice to meet him and hear a little bit about their plans as well.
    Now time is marching on and in 12 minutes I’ve got to be at the Guinness Bar, because that’s where I said I was gonna be from 12 till 3 so
    it’s time for me to get off the pontoons and go and have a Guinness I mean one
    Guinness, I’m only having one, but it’ll be really nice to stay there – I put word out
    so hopefully somebody will be there, some of our viewers and I can meet them and say hello! I was just walking over to the Guinness bar
    and I bumped into Dan again and Kika this time. Well, that was
    £5.50… Cheers guys! You will notice the lack of crowd. I am
    here on my own, twiddling my thumbs. Hopefully someone’s gonna say hello soon, but
    if they don’t that’s alright, I’ve got you guys. Well the first person who’s been to say
    hello – Nick cheers Nick, so yeah I’ve not been a
    complete Billy no-mates but I’ve only been here about 15 minutes and
    there’s a really nice atmosphere: a glorious sunny day it’s about 23 degrees C today
    which is just fantastic for the end of September that’s just wonderful Well it’s been a bit of a whirlwind I’ve
    not been on camera for a while because there’s been lots going on: Brian from S/V
    Delos was here as well and he gave a really interesting talk about there
    they’re cruising, and yeah it’s just been nice to see some of the people who understand
    what it’s like to be the other side of the editing screen – they are really
    inspirational people as well. So let’s go and have a look around. There are boats here to suit all tastes: motor
    boats, sailing boats, very big and very small and the fact that it’s here on the
    water it feels a lot less like a static display it’s more of a live event, and it
    feels more real. Okay guys it’s time for some dreaming
    here we’re gonna have a look at a Hallberg-Rassy 57, there are the stats
    Swedish boat of course very nice area there for all your toys – it’s like a garage isn’t it of a house, men
    always want to see what the garage is like and on a boat your lazarettes and
    storage areas are what we want to see. [Boat tour: Hallberg-Rassy 57] Hello there, can I
    just stick my camera in there as well… Wow! Very nice
    gigantic Cummins generator, and this is the aft cabin – I’m selling the house! There’s a Hallberg-Rassy 340 as well
    which for me feels a little bit more realistic: that kind of size boat, the 57
    that’s just so far outside my comfort zone that it almost feels unbelievable I
    don’t know if you kind of catch my drift anybody who’s maybe been on a really
    large boat like that might understand a little bit of what I mean but a 34-foot
    for example that feels a lot more manageable / achievable /
    possible. Wow! Beautiful classic design.. Ok there’s the world premiere of the Oyster
    565 but again these kind of boats for me are
    so far removed from reality that my brain can’t really process them.They are
    beautiful, absolutely beautiful… Let’s go and have a look at something a little bit
    smaller shall we? There’s Uma, a 1972 Pearson 36. Dan & Kika, a lovely couple, they’ve have put a lot of work into this boat and they deserve all the success in
    the world. Kittiwake 14, that’s a pretty boat isn’t it?
    This has been out in the bay taking people sailing. This is interesting to me because I saw this
    earlier on and I was imagining what it might be like to sail it and here we
    have someone doing just that. So this is a new brand new product, which is gonna
    be sold in Decathlon which is just a kind of a sports store that has branches
    around Europe. It’s an inflatable sailing boat which fits in a car. It’s kind of
    like a a very large SUP almost in design with a couple of detachable keels in a
    kind of bilge keel configuration underneath, and it actually seems to sail
    pretty well. So these are all children out here sailing, there’s a safety boat there
    of course, and the little boy in charge of that Decathlon – what does it say Triboard 5S – he’s probably around nine years old I would say. He’s doing a grand job Seek and ye shall find: I posed question earlier,
    and the universe has just answered it Very tidy little boat, quarter berth there
    centreboard, nice shallow-draft for getting up all the little creaks
    and nooks and crannies, you can explore pretty much anywhere in a boat like this. A very tidy British made boat. Solid
    traditional rudder design there. There’s a 21 ft Cornish Shrimper here you see on both of these boats how the
    mast folds down, both for trailering and also also for going under bridges potentially. This show runs for around ten days.
    I think I could spend ten days here and still not really see all the things that I want to
    see. However, life is busy I’m only here for the day I had a three-hour train ride to get here three hours back – that doesn’t leave me
    long in the middle, but I’m doing my best for you That’s heartwarming to see: a little girl
    on a SUP picking up a plastic bottle out of the water. Let’s go and have a look around on this tall
    ship then shall we! For me this is a bloke’s dream, a beautiful vessel. I would absolutely love to go sailing on a ship like this, it’s very, very nice. The rigging on this is absolutely
    beautiful. It’s fabulous that these skills are
    being kept alive. The human race has probably lost a lot of knowledge over
    the past couple centuries you know, we’ve gained a lot, but when it
    comes to seamanship and carpentry skills I don’t know how much progress we’ve
    made to be honest, perhaps we’ve even gone backwards in some respects. Big capstan: they would have put long
    levers into these holes and then you would had a bunch of guys pushing around
    to rotate the capstan to bring up the chain or whatever it was that they
    wanted to put under tension. They’ve got these latches at the bottom, which can go in one direction or the other, and they
    stop it from slipping backwards. Simple, beautiful and very functional. Well it’s time to buy some stuff just
    before the show closes. As you know Britaly is in a bit of a state: all
    the running rigging is very very old very dirty, some of it is damaged.
    I’ve been inspecting it you’ve got an external cover and then within that
    you’ve got the strength most of the strength is in the core and
    I’ve seen on some of our halyards they’ve thinned out so you can see by
    the diameter of the line it comes down and then it gets thinner and then it goes
    out again so lines like that must be replaced, so I’ve come here with a bit of
    a list and I’ve got myself a whole bunch of new halyard lines. I’ve never
    heard of this company before rotamarine the prices here are really
    interesting. I think I mentioned it before but basically just pick up a line
    at random 12 mm, 20 metres £64, but at the boat show you only pay half the
    price that’s displayed on the lights so it’s really interesting, they’ve got moring
    lines all kinds of different lines you know they’ve got a bit of everything including
    Dyneema. I’m going to be replacing our lifelines with Dyneema
    I believe. In that case this will be what I need I’m going to contact the guys and
    make an order further down the line when I’ve got all my measurements and
    everything. So there we are thought I’d point out because I’ve never heard of
    them and it’s quite interesting company. Well I just got off the phone to Rossella
    and she asked me when I ate and it just dawned on me I haven’t eaten for
    12 hours 20 minutes. I had two Egg & Cress sandwiches – two packets so it
    was like four sandwiches – at 09:30 this morning and I’ve not even since, so I’m gonna
    go and get some food now to give me the energy to cycle for half an hour with
    this monster on my back. It’s 00:40 in the morning, I’ve got my little backpack on
    which is digging in quite nicely into my shoulders I’ve got about 30 minutes on the bicycle
    now. I’m looking forward to going to bed! Not exactly convenient: it’s kind of like
    having two tourniquets, one on each shoulder but there we are, I’ll
    survive. I’ve re-jigged my jacket to pad out my shoulders, that’s a bit better, I could do without these hills though! I don’t mind going downhill it’s uphill that’s the struggle. Okay it’s 01:25 in the morning and I’ve been
    on the go since yesterday morning at 04:00 so it’s been a long day but, very
    enjoyable, very memorable and I’m really glad that I went there. As I came through
    the security barrier there I was handed a little envelope but I didn’t really
    know what it was – from Germany – I thought “What is that? I don’t remember ordering that.” It is a anti-glare screen protector, so before if
    you were watching this video looking at the little plotter thing and thinking
    “Ooohh, it’s a bit shiny Chris, you’re not going to be able to see much of that in
    the Sun” Yeah, this should hopefully help a little bit with that. It will probably
    need to Sun cover as well to be honest you know to give you some shade to see
    it really well – when it’s really bright sunshine – not that that’s too much of a problem over the next few weeks, because it’s forecast to be very wet and windy.
    Speaking of which, I’ve got to get up early tomorrow and crack on and fit
    these halyards before all hell breaks loose with the weather, so that’s enough
    blabbering from me. See you next time! Ciao! you